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Wrong Number, Right Call (Part 1)

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun x Reader

Synopsis: A wrong number leads to a series of texts between strangers…

Warnings: This part contains spoilers for the movie, “The Princess Bride”. Also, the POV shifts back and forth a couple times, but I couldn’t find a way to make the story work without it.

Author’s Note: So… here’s some Tabi fluff that I wrote to comfort my hormonal self. (instead of working on what I should have been doing… *sigh*) This will most likely be at least three parts in all. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


It all began because Seung Hyun was too drunk to handle his smartphone.

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anonymous asked:

OMG I absolutely love the spam you just did about that night when KD were super intimate with each other. Could you please do one on the kolon sport incident where we heard the conversation between the two of them. That was the same time when JI got caught caressing KS's ear and then got really self conscious and stopped. I love this moment and would love to hear what you say about it. Thanks ^^

Thank you for liking the spam I did previously ;-;

(credit to gif/pic owners, some of the gifs are mine) 

ok so *cracks knuckles* I’m happy you asked about this moment, cuz it’s one of my faves!!

so first the vid.. 

I talked about this in a previous spam BUT, basically, this vid has gained attention due to the fact that nini is obviously being flirty with soo (and soo is loving the attention fyi, his eyes are all *__*). Nini switches from formal to informal language, back and forth, throughout the vid which is considered to be flirty (guys tend to do this when they’re trying to pick someone up and ppl have commented saying that just bros do not act like this or speak like this) 

nini was wearing the ring in the “wrong” way, according to soo, so he decided to be cute and “scold” him for it~ 

NOW THIS!! The way soo calls nini babo (stupid) is SO cute!!! And nini reacts very cutely to it and goes all flirtybear mode on soo. cuz he’s all like “i’m stupid??” and you really need to watch the vid to understand fully, cuz he says it in such a flirty way T____T

you should hear the way soo giggles in the vid *cries a river* he’s SO loving the attention from nini!! (I’m screeching at this point)

Happy!soo now that nini puts on the ring right xD (intriguing how the placement of a ring can be SO INTERESTING to discuss ;))

a closer look. see the way nini looks at him? he’s tilting his head and giving those eyes…. and soo is giggling I repeat GIGGLING!!!

after some time, the photographer actually scolds them for not focusing so they have to stop flirting talking, and nini becomes super pouty cuz he wanna talk more with his baero

look at the way nini looks at him.. he just wanna talk to soo again ;;;;; 

I think soo kinda feels bad for being scolded while working, so he ignores nini a bit, which makes nini go “PLS LOOK AT ME IM A SAD HEARTBROKEN PUPPY” x1000 

let’s talk about ba-ek xD

ba-ek observing the flirting couple beside him (poor ba-ek tbh)

idk this guy looks a little concerned to me

not to sound too delulu (might be too late tho?), but.. ba-ek notices a camera and does look a little worried.. perhaps..maybe..yes..i..think..so..

ok so, at the same shoot, we got kaisoo chilling together once again (ofc)

Nini is rubbing soo’s ear (highly intimate), and soo’s got his arm lazily resting on nini’s leg. they look comfortable AF tbh. 

BUT then they notices that a camera is filming them O__O, so suddenly they change positions to look a little less intimate, cuz now they realize that they can’t be all carefree and chill with each other.. 

backview.. while they were chilling by the fence you can see that nini was stroking soo’s wrist/hand (cries) at one point

I rest my case tbh :)

Wizard World 2016

Ok, so for funsies, and because I need this documented for future reference for when I conveniently forget what it was like to interact with/touch Gillian, I’m going to write down my ENTIRE experience of that day.  The day.  The big day that I died and went to x-phile heaven.  I’m taking note from @2momsmakearight and including pictures, because why not?  WARNING:  I tend to swear a lot.  

I had to be up at 2:45am to be out the door by 4am.  Why didn’t we (my husband and I) just leave Friday?  Because work and other lame ass adult responsibilities had forbidden us from an earlier departure.  Plus, I needed *some* sleep before one of the longest days of my life. 

I wake up at 2:45am on the freaking dot, and begin the long task of getting ready on 2 hours of sleep.  I was so fucking excited the night before that I couldn’t get myself to pass out.  Anyways, cup of coffee number one to the rescue, and I was ready at 3:45am.  I forgot to check the weather for MY location the day before, and color me surprised when the 96% humidity I walked out into completely ruined my hair.  Surprisingly, I didn’t care.  I was just ready to get to Chicago.

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Prince Harry: A Year In Review

*I don’t think this one is as funny as my essay so don’t get mad at me for not being clever.  Sorry I put it together really quick.  I’ll be funnier next time, I promise.

To commemorate our favorite British ginger love muffin cupcake cutie cute (apologies to Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint but…I don’t see their castles anywhere, amiright?) turning the big 3-0, let’s take a look back at how he spent 29.

*These are my personal faves, which, believe me, were very hard to pick and choose from, since pretty much every time he leaves his front door I freak out.  Feel free to add your own :)  

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Luke Hemmings Imagine Requested by Anon

Sorry Sir, We’re Closed.

Another Friday night wasted left cleaning up everyone else’s messes from throughout the day. It’s not like you really had anything better at home, except maybe go on tumblr. You just finished wiping down the counter tops, when you took a look around to see how much more you had to do. The floors, were the last thing on the list- minus closing up and everything.

You already pulled out the broom and begin getting the job done. You were extremely bored and creeped out by the quietness, so you began humming. Eventually, the humming turned into actually singing. You couldn’t get Y/F/S (your favorite song) out of your head so why not start singing it? Once you finished sweeping you put it back in the supplies closet and grabbed the mop. You dipped it in the already ready floor cleaner and begin mopping. 

You were just beginning when you thought you heard the main door open. Maybe your mind was just playing tricks on you. You turned around just to make sure, and sure enough there stood a tall, really handsome guy, about your age. Boy he looked familiar. “Uhm- sorry sir, but we’re closed…” you said awkwardly, talking to the customers was not your cup of tea.

“Oh, sorry. I know your closed and all but do you think I could hide here for a bit? I’ll help you clean. Please!” he begged. You were very hesitant, what if he’s running from the police? Or worse! What if you boss finds out? But theres that something about him that makes you think he couldn’t ever do something like that, but that lip piercing is a thought changer. “Only if you tell me why.” you said, trying not to sound like you were afraid. 

He sighed and looked down at the ground, putting one of his feet on top of the other. “I GOT IT!”, you gasped. He looked at you in shock. “I know who you are! Go ahead have a seat. I’ll make sure the door is locked this time.” You said, grabbing the keys off your beat lop and walked over to the door. “Your not gonna….do anything crazy, right?” he asked shyly. “Of course not! I may be a fan, but i know your human and im pretty sure I know how to treat a human.” you laughed locking the front but making sure of it this time.

You make you way back over to the mop leaned up on the wall and slowly grabbed it. Boy this got awkward fast. You thought maybe the fact he knew you were a fan made the situation worse. This is not how you ever expected to meet your idols, or at least on of them. You wanted something either surprised, sort of like this, or an actual meet and greet. You wanted to tell him how much you love him. How much you care for him. How much he means to you. And not just him either, the others too.

“So- uh, need help with anything….Y/N?” he asked sweetly coming over to you and sitting on the bar chair closest to you. “Uh naw, I’m just about done and th- wait. How do you know my name?” you asked curiously. It’s a good thing he couldn’t see instead your head right now because, wow its a bloody mess.

“It’s on your name tag sweety.” he chuckled. You quickly looked down at your shirt and looked at you name tag. You pointed at it,“Oh, right. Duh.” you laughed and looked to the floor in embarrassment. It became awkward once again, you wanted to mop the floor but you were to awkward to move. Guess that could be blamed on your anxiety. 

You looked up and noticed he was on his phone, most likely scrolling through twitter. You quietly laughed to yourself and began mopping again. You had your back facing Luke, so you really had no idea what he was doing at the moment. You gave yourself a mental reminder to get a picture with him before he leaves.

You finished up moping and returned the mop to the original place. When you came back you found Luke no where to be found. You scanned around the booths and everything, but there was nothing. He must have left. You looked down, disappointed. You walked over to the stool he previously sat in and put your head in your hands. You wanted to cry, but that had to wait till you got home.

You found that it would be a good idea to just wait there for a minute, and try to calm down. “Hey, what’s wrong Y/N?!” you hear and look over to see Luke coming from the direction of the bathrooms.

“I thought you left and I didn’t even get to say good bye to you.” you admitted and looked down, laughing. “I would never leave a fan without saying goodbye. Not even if security made me.” he laughed and sat down next you. “Daww, that’s sweet.” you spoke looking at him. He gave his adorable little awkward taco smile. The room filled in with awkwardness once again. You looked at the clock over the counter and saw it was almost midnight!

“Hey uh- Luke…do you think that uh- maybe i could get a picture with you, if it’s not to much to ask…?” you ask awkwardly. He laughs and shakes his head, “Of course not! How do you wanna pose?” he asks politely. 

You told him what you wanted and he did it. That was only one of many selfies though.

“Thanks for letting me hide here for a while. I’m glad i got to meet you.” Luke thanked you as you locked up the shop ready to go home. “No problem. Thanks for taking pictures with me and being amazing.” you thanked him and he laughed. He gave you a tight hug afterwards. 

“Uh- I- don’t want this to be the last time we see each other… do you think maybe I could, i don’t know, get your number?” he asked sweetly scratching the back of his head. You felt your heart race as you nodded your head. “Uh- sure, got a pen?” “I do, actually.” he chuckled and gave it to you. You grabbed his hand and slowly wrote down your number so you could enjoy holding his hand.

“Thanks Y/N. I’ll text ya.” he winked, kissed you on the cheek and then walked off into the darkness. 

Best. Night. Ever.

A/N- im sorry this sucks fucking balls, but im in a super bad mood, not that anyone cares. i know its late as fuck to but….i got big issues (not really im just a failure) but thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. not my pic or edit.

part 2 maybe?

REQUEST ANYTHING PLEASE. Please make sure its person and situation though, thanks! <3