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Hey, it's that Anon who wrote in on the Antarctopelta. Totally understand the situation, hope you guys get better! Sorry about being an Anon, I haven't gotten a tumblr account yet and I'm waiting till I get my computer back from the repair shop. I'll speak again when I have a face. :)

That’s fair; though I would like to say that you didn’t really have to call the art “nauseous.” My team puts in a lot of work on the pieces and even though it was wrong, I mean, it’s a fragmentary taxon, and they have to draw dinosaurs every single day; mistakes are going to slip through the cracks. You can point out those mistakes and still be polite in doing so :/

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You head canons give me LIFE

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  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always read to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”

This is something….. Basically it’s me wanting to write an AU where Jack never kissed Bitty and went on with his life and how they still found their way back to each other. I’ve been taking bits and pieces of this fic and putting them in different fics so there are a ton of holes but I keep thinking about it. 

The context for this is if Jack went up to visit his parents over the summer and he invited the team up because why the hell not????? It’s a WIP. I don’t have it all figured out yet. 

Ransom and Holster jump at the same time and the splash it creates reaches Alicia on the patio chair. She sighs and stands.

“I’m so happy you brought the boys with you,” she says dryly but she ruffles Jack’s hair as she goes by.

Jack waits a moment and follows her.

He closes the door behind him and she looks up with a smile from where she’s pouring more chips into a bowl.

“I’m glad Eric could come. Your father mentioned the two of you had some issues? Is that all worked out now? He seems pretty comfortable around you.”

“I think I could be in love with him.”

There’s dead air in the kitchen but beyond the sliding doors the world rages on.

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So the players were in a Town and trying to make the Cleric look like a poor old man to catch some bandits. The Paladin and Barbarian are trying to convince an old dude to give them the clothes of his back.

Barbarian: Look I’ve only got 3 gold left

Old man: That’s not enough, how much does your companion have?

Barbarian: I don’t keep my hands in my friends purses.

Paladin: No he likes to put his hands elsewhere.

Barbarian (ooc): *sprays his drink everywhere*

*whole table erupts into laughter*

i wrote a get well soon letter to sid back in october

didn’t put an envelope or anything in it bc i didn’t want anything back

got this in the mail today and,,,i love my team so much???? honestly i don’t even care if it was actually him or not bc even if some random intern printed it out and stuffed it in the envelope and addressed it, it still means that they thought it was worth responding to even tho i didn’t put a stamped and addressed envelope in there or anything.

and that makes me so happy

50 years pengis

I’M GONNA TALK SOME MORE ABOUT TATER’S LESBIAN MOMS. I had the original idea back in October, and then I decided I was going to do it for my Swawesome Santa, which I thought was super secret like Yuletide, so I clammed up about it since then. So I actually put a fair amount of work into researching the idea, but the fic turned into this monstrously huge unwieldy outline with 14 separate plot-important scenes at its smallest, and like five different emotional arcs, and I couldn’t do it, so I wrote Leave Your Lovers Like Campfires instead.

So now I’ll just cut it down to one aspect, which is Tater’s moms Sasha and Galina. Even just cut down to one aspect, in bullet points, without weaving in the other plot threads, this post is three thousand words long. /o\

I read what I could find in my libraries on social and LGBT history in Russia, but resources in English are honestly pretty limited and I know I’m making shit up here. MY APOLOGIES TO ACTUAL RUSSIANS. But for what it’s worth, the books I found most useful were Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia by Francesca Stella, Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia by David Tuller, and Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia by Anne Garrels.

Content notes: Homophobia, being closeted, coming out, mental illness, and suicide.

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There was a massive game of capture the flag, in a big city and with 50 people on either side. The red team managed to take our flag so we chased them down and almost got to them, but then they jumped into a helicopter from a rooftop. Me and a few others managed to jump onto it and climb inside as the helicopter climbed higher into the sky. The red guys kicked my other team mates out but I grabbed the flag from them and jumped out; falling to the pavement with the our blue flag. I got up and put our flag back where it belonged just as more of my team mates returned with the red flag. Go blue team.

I’m enjoying making these! Had a bit of trouble with photoshop for this one. For some reason the fill tool wasn’t working like it had with Nora, so I had to go back and recolour this with a mix of fill tool and brush tools. Still worth it in my opinion, I haven’t felt this productive in a long time. I might do the whole of Team RNJR and put them together in one composition. If I have time.. Studies must come first!

Supermom: Part 2

Prompt: Supermom, kind of like batmom, but with Clark Kent, and meeting superboy for the first time.

AN: I want to make it clear that this is not the same AU as YJ Batmom. This is completely separate!

Words: 900

Part 1

You lean against the cart and watch him study the boxes. “Why are there so many choices?”

You shrug, “People like choices.”

“Which one do you like?”

You grin, “My favorite is the Cocoa Rice Krispies, but that’s really more candy than healthy breakfast cereal.”

“But they taste good?”

You laugh, “They taste the best.”

He grabs them and puts them in the cart. The two of you slowly start walking back down the aisle. “I started school this week.”

You smile, “I heard. How’s it going?”

He gives a small smile, “So far, so good. M’gann joined the cheerleading team.”

“What about you, did you join the football team?”

He shakes his head, “No, I don’t see the point of football.” It takes everything you have to not burst out laughing. Superboy is so different from Clark, and that fascinates you. And while they certainly look similar they don’t look identical.

“I’m not a big fan of it myself.” Despite having watched games for years with Clark, you’d never really cared for the sport. You had simply watched because it was fun spending time with your husband. The husband you had refused to see for the past month. You’d sent all his calls to voicemail, and had refused to reply to his emails, or even look at his texts. You could be just as stubborn as he was. More so, you were originally a Wayne after all. You had grown up with Bruce. Stubborn might as well have been your middle name.

Superboy’s voice brings you out of your thoughts, “I did want to tell you something.”

You smile, “What is it?”

“I picked out a name.”


He nods, “Conner Kent.”

You smile falters for a second, “How’d you choose that name?”

“M’gann chose the Conner, and J’onn suggested the Kent.” Now everything made sense. “Do you not like it?”

“I love it. You are totally a Conner.”

He grins at you, “Totally?”


The two of you finish shopping and you take him and the groceries back to the mountain. “I’ll see you on Saturday for clothes shopping.”

Conner nods, “Sure. Though I don’t really see the point.”

You smile, “No one wears the same exact clothes every single day.”

Conner just shrugs, and you pull him in for a hug. He returns it easily, no longer going stiff at the contact. His own arms wrap around you, and his size swallows your smaller frame. You watch him head further into the cave, and you’re just about to leave when the zeta tube fires up, and announces the last person you wanted to see.

“Superman 001.”

You don’t run. Despite not wanting to see him, you don’t run.

He steps out and simply stops at the sight of you. He gives you a smile, one that you don’t return. He steps toward you and you step back. He stops after that. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”

You cross your arms, “I realized that after the twenty third phone call.”

He sighs, “It’s been a month.”

“I realize that Clark.”

There’s a moment of silence before he says, “Why can’t you understand?”

“Why won’t you stop running?”

“I told you why!”

Your eyes narrow, “No, you gave me some half-assed excuse. You are a coward, Clark Kent. That boy in there needs a family, and if you haven’t realized it, we are that family.”

“You’re not his mother!”

“I know that! That doesn’t mean I can’t care about him, Clark. That doesn’t mean I can’t help him or guide him. I refuse to leave that boy alone!”

“Even if it means leaving your husband alone?!?”

“When he’s acting like a gigantic ass, then yes!!!!”

There’s a moment of silence before someone clears their throat. You turn to see Conner standing to the side. You take a step towards him and he holds up a hand to stop you, “Don’t come by anymore. Not if it means driving the two of you apart. He obviously needs you more than I do. I have a family here, with the team.”

You feel your heart break as he turns and walks away. You turn and look at Clark and simply ask, “Are you happy now?”

“How did he hear us?”

You roll your eyes, “He has your hearing Clark. He has most of your powers. He needs guidance, and since you weren’t willing to do it, I had to try. He’s a kid, Clark. And despite the love and acceptance his team has given him, he needs more. He needs a mentor.” Your voice pleads with him to understand.

You watch as his shoulders slump, and he slowly starts moving towards the tunnel Conner went through. “Is there anything important I should know?”

You give a small smile, “His name is Conner. Conner Kent.”

He turns around and smiles at you. “Kent?”

You shrug, “J’onn suggested it. Personally, I think it fits. Other than that whole not liking football thing.”

“He doesn’t like football?”

You shrug, “Told you, you should have gone to him at the start. Who knows, maybe he would have been a football nut like you? Join the high school team?”

Clark grins at you, “Manipulator.”

You finally give a smile, “It’s all for your own good.”

He nods, “Maybe, you’re right.”

You smile, “I know I’m right. Now go. I’ll wait here for you.”

Dating Harley Quinn would include

*Suicide Squad version*

-Both of you were recruited for the suicide squad

-The other team members tease you guys

-Or roll their eyes because the two of you are ridiculous

-Being really goofy together

-Sexual innuendos all the time

-Both of you are easily jealous

-But when you realize that the other is jealous you’d be so confused

-“Why would I ever leave you”

-Training to fight together

-You guys make a great team when fighting

-Always having each others backs

-Not letting the Joker go anywhere near her

-“I love my new pudding better!”

-Having heavy make out sessions

-Dancing together

-Hugging each other from behind and kissing their neck

-Before you are put back in prison the two of you request for you to have a cell in the same room as her

-Flirting between the bars till you can reconnect

-Reaching between the bars towards each other

-Staying up all night talking to each other

-Watching her dance in awe because she is amazing

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Keith:I swear to voltron shiro stop trying to die when the others arnt looking

shiro: what are you my dad?

Keith: I WILL be if it keeps you from trying to die on me

Shiro: wow, wow. 


Shiro: daddy pass me the space salt

entire team: (stills)

Keith:(stares blankly at shiro)

Shiro:(grins evilly at him)

Keith:(dead ass stares him in the face, as he puts the space salt in front of him, eyes screaming how offended keith is that shiro would challenge his convictions to keep shiro alive and with him) here is the salt. son.

Shiro: (staring back just as challenging, huge grin on his face) thanks daddy.

LAnce:(assumes this is some kind of meme between the two of them now and has chilled) this space food is delicious today hunk

Hunk: it be better if everyone kept there kinks off the table

pidge: (hugs her new robot which she is working on at the table)


Hunk: Im done with all of you (takes his fair share and leaves, taking lance with him becouse lance)

Earlier this year I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to create this work based on the final chapter of my Rio Olympics AU, Sticking the Landing.

I didn’t know, last time we were here, what I wanted then, what my life would look like, after this was all over.  I still don’t, I suppose; dunno if winning a celebrity talent show really counts as a plan, but what I do want of my life is to have you in it, Sherlock. That’s what’s important. What….what do you want?”

After fourteen days of sports, crime, and rubbish attempts at flirting, we’re back where it all began at the closing ceremony.  

Sticking the Landing on AO3: John Watson, Captain of Team GB’s gymnastics squad is confident, ready for his third and final Olympics. Disappointed in London with a shoulder injury putting paid to his Olympic dream, can he secure an Olympic gold finish before retirement? Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes has other problems. Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics is the newest Olympic sport, but one of the competitors has been attacked on the eve of competition. Does something more sinister lurk under the spangles and spandex? Can Sherlock solve the mystery in time to deliver a flawless ball routine? And does something more valuable than medals await the boys in Rio?

This artwork was commissioned to keep me accountable to the story and I’m delighted to say the final chapter will be posted today.  I’m even happier with the stellar job Ren did with this artwork - it’s unreal: I love their expressions and the details in the flag, uniforms and (especially) the shoes are completely and utterly perfect. A thousand thanks for this wonderful piece!

Okay, aside from all the obvious stuff like Jason Todd appearing as Red Hood, Wally coming back, and Bluepulse becoming canon, what I really want to see in Young Justice season three is Zatanna getting her dad back. My biggest heartbreak episode of the whole series (Aside from literally everyone’s biggest heartbreak episodes i.e. Wally’s death and Failsafe) was Misplaced. When Zatara put on the Helmet, I literally started sobbing like if my dog was just Old Yellered in front of me.
Having Zatara take off the Helmet would be amazing for two reasons: 1. Zatanna gets her dad back, and 2. It opens the door for a new person to take the Helmet: Khalid Nassour. I love the new Doctor Fate comics, and I think Khalid would be an amazing new member for The Team or The League.
So, please, O’ great Greg Weismann, let Zatara finally remove that Helmet and be reunited with his daughter! I will probably cry for a week if that doesn’t happen, so, if you value the emotional stability of a young college student, make it happen!

Fake Service Dogs

I’m BEYOND pissed
This is what happened at REI tonight with a fake service dog (REI’s near me only allow service animals). I went in with Kasida to get her some boots for the hot pavement. I was putting one on her to make sure it fit after I measured her paw. My back was facing the main aisle and I hear Kasida start to whine. I heard a commotion behind me and stood up. There was a dog lunging at Kasida and if I hadn’t have stood up I would have gotten attacked. Kasida freaked out and backed up and got caught on a basket. It took me 15 minutes to get her unhooked from it. My mom yelled at the guy and asked if it was a service dog and he smirked and nodded his head. I AM ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. First your pet was going to attack my dog. Second of all its illegal to fake a service dog. Third of all Kasida is a seizure alert dog. My seizures tend to be violent and can become life threatening. Your stupid dog could have made her miss an alert, and if she had and I had a seizure, I’d potentialy be in the hospital or worse. DO NOT FAKE SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT HARRASS SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM.
Sorry for the rant

Speaking of me playing Overwatch, I realize I haven’t told you guys many stories lately! I’ve got a bunch for you, but I’ll put em all in separate posts so this one doesn’t get too long: 

This one time we were pushin the payload on Route 66, and ofc I, being Mercy, am hanging out right behind it. I turn around and notice the enemy Reaper has gotten separated from his team and he’s creepin out, probably looking for a good chance to come forward for a flank or a Death Blossom or whatever. I say “Hello!” to taunt him before telling my team about him as I pull out my gun.

Before I can pull the trigger, I think I see him wave back at me. I wave again and he definitely waves back. We crouch for a bit, jump, and then I finally start to sneak towards him. We’re standing right in front of each other and I’m just getting ready for the betrayal, but it never comes. We just hang out in that one spot for the whole game. Halfway through the game, the enemy Genji shows his beautiful face and hangs out too.

We won the match because I accidentally seduced and thoroughly distracted the two DPS players on the enemy team.

In the next game we were up against the same group, so I went to sit with the Reaper again, but his Widowmaker hated my guts because I distracted him in the first match. She headshot me when I was trying to sit with him. The Reaper wrote in the match chat, “WIDOW YOU SKANK” and then got kicked for being afk. 

He came back like a minute later as a spectator with “Mercy, baby, I’m back!!” The Widow was like, “DONT TRUST HER” and the Reaper replied with something along the lines of, “Mercy leave your group and join us, I’ll treat you right”