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A special note ♡ Grayson

Summary: You leave a special note on the last page of your favourite book which Grayson happens to find. He messages you and you decide to meet somewhere to talk about the book. You may or may not fall in love with this boy…

Word count: 2.011


Lately one of the places you were visiting the most was the local library. Ever since you were little you loved reading and since it was summer break you had a lot of time on your hands. This excited your love for books again which resulted in at least reading three books a week.

Most of your afternoons you were spending in your garden: reading and listening to music. It was a nice way to relax and forget about all the problems in the world.

Last week you had finished the most amazing book you had ever read and it was without a doubt one of your favourites. The style of the writer was marvelous and the way he described the places and characters… It hadn’t left your mind since you turned the last page and had put the book down.

For some reason you got this crazy idea to put a note between the last pages of the book for the next reader to find. It said: “Hi, my name is Y/N. I just finished this amazing book and I hope you enjoyed it as well. If you liked it just as much as I did and would like to talk about it, here is my number: (…)

You didn’t know if this was the best way to talk about the book, but you weren’t interested in joining a bookclub so you thought this was the only way. The urge to talk about this wonderful book was so big and since neither of your friends liked reading it that much it wasn’t the weirdest idea, right?


It was November now and a few months had passed by since you had left the short note in the book. To be honest you had totally forgotten about it. After that specific book you had read so many others which were also pretty good.

Besides, since school had began again homework and exams were really time consuming, so there wasn’t really time for reading as much as you used to do.
Today was an ordinary day so far and you were locked in your bedroom; your desk filled with books.

As you were highlighting important things you needed to know for a big test next week, your phone lights up. At first you don’t pay really pay attention, but when a second one pops up and you don’t recognise the number, you couldn’t ignore your curiousness.

Unknown: Hey!
Unknown: I just finished the book in which you left a note :) and I thought why not send a message lol
You: Hi there :) to be honest I completely forgot about it haha… But this is a nice surprise! What did you think of it?

You shove your books to the side and go sit down on your bed, your hands holding your now buzzing phone. After an hour of sending messages back and forth you discover a lot of things about the person you were talking to.

You figure out you were talking to a 17 year old boy called Grayson Dolan. You get to know how he’s doing, what he loved about the book and that he had a twin brother called Ethan.

Suddenly you realise you had a smile from ear to ear on your face. You were starting to form a little crush for this guy and you just met him! But how? You had never seen him or even talked to him in real life. You didn’t even had a clue what he looked like. He could be an old 60 year bald man for all you know!

Grayson: Would you like to grab some coffee some time? I think I have a few books you would really enjoy :)

Your fingers hesitated above your phone screen. How did you know he wasn’t some creepy guy, trying to kidnap a girl or something? But still… For some weird reason you just knew that he wasn’t a creepy guy.

The way he responded to your messages and the way he described things… You couldn’t wrap your head around it, but you just knew. Besides, he wanted to meet you at a café. That was very public, right? What could go wrong?
You: Yeah, sure :) Where would you like to meet?


You had never in your life been so nervous for a date. Was it even a date? Probably not. So why had you dressed yourself up so much? You had at least spend an hour just on your make up this morning for a guy who problaby just saw you as a friend and nothing more. But oh well; Grayson didn’t know that.

With cold and shaky hands you push against door ope  and walk into the small café. It was pretty crowded but the atmosphere made you feel warm and cosy right away. Your eyes scan the tables, but you had no idea what Grayson looked like.

Suddenly you see the prettiest boy in the world wave at you with a small smile, trying to get your attention. You almost triple over your feet as you stumble your way between the people, making your way towards him.

‘Hi… I’m Y/N,’ you say. ‘Hey, Y/N! I’m Grayson.’ Grayson greets you. He looks genuinely very happy to see you. He gets up from his chair and comes standing in front of you. He towers over you and you almost had to lay your head in your neck to look at his beautiful face. And his arms! They were so big you thought he could lift you up using only one hand.

Grayson spontaneously plants a quick kiss on your cheek and you immediately feel your cheeks warm up. ‘Oh, uh,’ you say a bit embarrassed. ‘Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know if it was appropriate but I just - thought that,’ Grayson stutters, realizing he had made you a bit uncomfortable. You giggle. 'No, it’s fine! Please don’t worry about it.’ Of course it was fine. Speaking of fine: he was fine as hell.

As you two sat down you couldn’t stop staring at his face. It was angelic. He had the sharpest jawline you had ever witnessed and his plump lips turned into a gorgeous smile when you told him you were actually pretty nervous before you came here. His skin was tinted and smooth and you wondered how soft it would feel.

But the thing that you adored most about him was his personality. He was funny and sweet and so nice to talk with: He really listened and never interrupted you, and cracked a joke whenever the timing was right. You already liked him. A lot.

'Can I just say that you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen?’ Grayson asks, laying a hand upon yours. You blink your eyes a few times, not really comprehending what he just said. 'I’m sorry, again. I’m really just saying almost everything that is crossing my mind right now. I hope you don’t mind. I just feel so comfortable with you already,’ he adds.

You smile and your heart flutters at his kind words. 'Thank you… That is so sweet. I could say the same to you, though,’ you say to him. Grayson chuckles and strokes a hand through his fluffy hair.


'So, what books did you bring?’ you ask, placing your hands under your chin. Meanwhile you were talking for almost an hour and a half and had drunk two cappuccinos. 'Oh yeah, I almost forgot!’ Grayson leans to the left to grab his bag that was stuffed with books. His arm muscles tense as he lifts up the bag and places it carefully on the table. It was so sexy.

He grabs one out of the bag and your eyes widen at the sight of the book in his hand. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. ‘Okay, so the first one is really, really good. It’s about a couple who live together, but they don’t really love eachother; which is kinda sad if you ask me. Anyway, the woman meets a guy she falls in love with, and then…’

His eyes sparkle when he shows you all the books and hands them over to you so you could flip through the pages and look what was on the covers. When his fingers stroke against your hands you feel a nice tingly feeling go down your spine and your eyes meet his. It’s quiet for a moment and he looks at you a little longer than normal before he continues. What was going on? Did he like you too or were you seeing ghosts?

After it already began to get dark outside and the café started to run empty, you decide that it was maybe smart that you should be heading home. 'Should I drive you home? It’s not really smart to go home on your own when it’s already dark outside,’ Grayson asked. 'No, it’s okay. I just live around the corner. I can walk,’ you respond.

'It’s really not a problem. I’d be happy too,’ he insisted, raising his eyebrows. 'Oh well, why not?’ you chuckled. After Grayson had paid (for you as well, since he also insisted on doing that) you put your jackets on and leave the café. Grayson was wearing a leather jacket which looked so good on him your heart started beating even faster.

It was cold and snowy outside. Grayson puts a hand on your lower back as he leads you to the car since the parking lot was a little slippery from the snow that was melting. You adored that he was so caring. It made him even more attractive.

After he drove you to your house and stopped the car, Grayson gets out and opens the porter for you. ‘Such a gentleman…’ you joke and smile at him. He chuckles while grabbing your hand so you can get out of the car without sliding. Suddenly you stand so close that you almost shared the same air. Your breath was coming out of your mouth in tiny clouds. You shiver; a mixture of pleasantness and coldness spreads itself through your body.

'Are you cold?’ Grayson asks sweetly. 'A little,’ you quietly admit and smile again. 'Well, I guess you should go inside then,’ Grayson whispers, but you don’t move. You can’t move, to be more exact. You feel frozen as you are drowning in his beautfiul brown eyes and completely forget about the world around you.

Grayson takes a step in your direction and grabs you gently by your waist, so your chest touches his. You gasp loudly. Was he going to do what you thought he was going to do? 'I had such a great time today. Thank you.’ Grayson whispers as he gets even more closer. Your cold nose almost touches his chin, but you were too small to reach his face.

Before you could answer Grayson slowly leans in. He closes his eyes and brushes his warm lips against yours. His breath on your lips made you go crazy. Then he gets even more close and puts his lips gently onto yours. You go stand on your tip toes so he could kiss you better.

His lips were heavenly and soft and even better than you could ever imagine. It wasn’t a rough kiss. He didn’t even used his tongue. It was a chaste one. A sweet and passionate one. It only lasted for a few seconds, but you couldn’t be more happy. He pulls back and looks at you so lovingly that your heart skips a beat. Oh, shoot. You were falling in love with this boy.

He entwines his fingers and places his hands on your lower back; it gave you a feeling like your bodies were melting together. 'I-I don´t know what to say,’ you whisper. You were so overwhelmed.

'You don’t have to say anything, Y/N. But I would like you to answer this question: Do you want to meet again sometime? And go on a proper date?’ You close your eyes for a moment and smile. Was this really happening? 'Yes. Definitely.’

Funny Coming From You - J. A.

A/N: Hello, I’m still alive. School has been pretty stressful, my teachers are bombarding me with homework and tests but I had to make some time to write.
This one is pretty short, I apologize for that but I still wanted to put something out. I really hope I didn’t dissapoint you.
Fun fact: The second-to-last line (which is probably my favourite) was actually the first thing I thought of even tho it doesn’t make any sense lol just thought I’d share this with you guys

Rain. One thing that wasn’t very common in sunny California. But here you were, stuck inside the house, water pouring down from the sky. There was no way you could go outside. Everyone was in the living room, you sitting on the floor with Zach to your right, Corbyn, Daniel and Jonah on the couch and Jack in one of the bean bags. The atmosphere wasn’t the best seeing as everyone was on edge because of the stormy weather outside. The silence felt weird, the house was normally buzzing with noise yet today no one seemed to be in the mood for talking.

The room stayed quiet for another hour or so and at this point you were dying of boredom, aimlessly scrolling through your phone with the occasional interruptions from Zach who was showing you memes he thought were funny. Corbyn had been texting Christina the whole time, Jonah and Daniel started playing rock, paper, scissors and were probably at round 239 already and you were pretty sure Jack had fallen asleep. What you didn’t expect was for him to speak up, making you jump up from your seat on the floor after hearing his voice, hitting your elbow on something next to you in the process and crying out in pain. That caused Jack to stop mid-sentence and start laughing like crazy, dropping his phone that had been recording the scene in front of him. You narrowed your eyes at the boy, ready to give him a piece of your mind after he finally stopped laughing. But you didn’t get a chance to do so.

“Wow (Y/N), did I sweep you off your feet…well, your bum in this case” That earned him a few snickers from the guys and an eye roll from you. “You wish, Avery. Your voice hurt my ears so much I had to take my mind off the pain somehow” you replied, gesturing to your elbow that was now turning red. Jack just looked at you, shaking his head with an amused smile on his lips. The relationship between the two of you had always been like this. You had a similar humour and were both fluent in sarcasm, as Daniel liked to call it. Teasing and throwing sassy comments at each other was something that happened on a day to day basis. Of course you had your serious moments; Jack was actually your go to whenever you needed somebody to talk to, he’d always let you rant and complain without interrupting once. Not many people got to see the serious and caring side of him and you were glad he opened up to you but one thing was for sure: Both of you preferred your playful banter.

“Funny coming from you, if I recall correctly your neighbour once called the cops ‘cause he thought somebody had broken into your house and was holding you hostage. But it was actually just you “singing” in the shower” You remembered the day very vividly, replaying it in your mind. Jack had laughed at you for ten minutes straight when you had called him to tell him the story. You quickly racked your brain for a good comeback, smiling mischievously when you came up with one “At least I don’t record myself when I’m having one of my sold-out shower concerts. You on the other hand weren’t that smart. I’m pretty sure all your fans would die to hear your cover of “The A Team”. Does that ring any bells?” You saw him pause for a second, eyes widening, without a doubt remembering that terrible video. You smiled sweetly and sent him a quick wink but just a second later you saw a smirk forming on his lips. Preparing for the worst, you bit your lip and watched him open his mouth. But he was interrupted when Jonah decided to throw in a comment.

“I seriously can’t with you guys. Why are you so stubborn? Just kiss already! The sexual tension is getting too much to handle” Your mouth formed an O and your cheeks turned a deep shade of red. Trying to hide behind your hair, you glanced at Jack and noticed the slight blush on his cheeks. You just looked at each other. There was no need to talk, you could see everything in each other’s eyes. Instead, you just smiled at him which turned to a grin after a second “Aw, Jacky, are you blushing?” Jonah groaned and got up from his seat “You two are the reason I’ve lost all faith in the human race” You just laughed, hitting your elbow again, sending Jack into a fit of laughter, everyone else joining too.

so, I reached 1.5k followers and as this will probably be the last milestone I hit and my following/friends have changed since I last did my follow forever, I wanted to do an updated one & it’s such a good way to find some new amazing blogs!. I can’t believe this many people follow silly ol’me and put up with all my annoying posts haha. I’m so appreciative of all of you, and especially those who show my gifsets love and appreciation <33

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Hello everyone! I was finally able to put together a fall giveaway. I’ve spent the past week trying to decide what I should giveaway this time around and I think I came up with something decent.

1. Golden Thread Tarot (It’s one of my most favourite decks and is absolutely beautiful)

2. 40 multicolored candles

3. Mortar & pestle (not this specific one, but it’ll be a decent size)

4. Assorted tumbled stones

5. At least $10 donated to your favourite charity (as long as it isnt something racist, homophobic,etc)

6. Some extra last minute things. probably stickers, pins, cute sticky notes, cute pens, etc.


• Everyone can enter!

• YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME. Buuut i mean it’d be appreciated (also, I usually try to do these giveaways once a season plus I pick random people to get something, so there’s that.)

• Only one winner, but I will pick another person to receive some of the extra last minute stuff.

•must be comfortable with giving me your address.

•reblog as much as you want just please don’t spam your followers. Likes count extra. Messaging me your favourite song or artist counts as another entry.

•DO NOT TAG AS GIVEAWAY. You can use the tag #juliangives

Good luck to everyone who participates!!

Sebastian Aho #1 - Little One

Originally posted by artemiaddict

A/N: Eh 2 imagines in one day! I really enjoyed writing this one, it is super cute and I started to get into the groove of it much better so enjoy!

for @sportsxnetflix can you write me a imagine about sebastian aho where the reader is an athletic trainer and when the reader and sebastian are in pnc she sees a lost kid and helps him and i have no for what else? (can they be dating)

Hope you like it!


“Seb! I swear to god, if you keep putting that sweaty towel in my face I’m not massaging your legs before tonight’s game!” you threw the offending towel back at your retreating boyfriend who was laughing at your expense.

“Aw, come on (Y/N),” Sebastian Aho grinned at you, “You could never resist the opportunity to touch me.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at you

“Ew, you two are so gross.” Teuvo Teräväinen pretended to gag beside you

“Hey, I’m not the gross one! Blame Sepe.” you accused

“Whatever, I have a gym session with you after video today right?” Teuvo asked you.

“Yup, I’ll be there in 15, so come up whenever.” you told him before waving good bye. Seb walked back to your side, took your hand in his again, and kissed the side of your head as you continued to walk around in the back halls of the PNC. You sighed and leaned into Sebastian’s shoulder. This was one of your favourite parts about being an athletic trainer for the ‘Canes, you got to spend all your time with your loving boyfriend instead of having to deal with all of the drama that normal NHL relationships go through due to separation and busy schedules. You continued walking while Sepe was asking you about who you had to see today for injuries or just maintenance appointments. That was when you saw her, a little blonde girl, probably not much older than 5, running her fingertips along the concrete wall, looking completely lost in daydream. Both you and Sebastian stopped in your tracks and shared looks of confusion, as there was no one else in sight that could possibly be watching this cute girl.

You walked cautiously up to her and crouched down to her level, “Hey sweetie, what are you doing?”

The girl stopped right in her tracks blinked a couple times at you, looked around at her surroundings and then all of a sudden you could see the panic and tears welling up in the little girl’s eyes, “I-I-I was playing imagination and I thought I was s-still with mommy!” she stuttered out tears starting to fall onto her cheeks as she got more and more worked up.  

“Oh, it’s okay sweetie! You’re safe with us, we can help you find your mom.” you comforted. At the mention of ‘we’ Seb knelt down next to you.

“Y-You’re S-Sebastian Aho.” the little girl furiously wiped at tears

Sebastian smiled warmly at the kid and nodded.

“Y-you’re my favourite hockey player!” her eyes widened in admiration making Seb smile even bigger, “Can I have a hug?” she asked and Seb swept her up in his arms gently. The girl started to smile through some of the remaining tears and gripped around his neck tightly. When she didn’t let go, Sebastian chuckled and stood up, picking the little girl up with him and setting her against his hip. This caused her to put a big smile on her face while she wiped away the last of her tears.

“What’s your name little one?” He smiled

“Rosie.” she answered

“What are you doing here Rosie?” You asked from the other side of Seb

“Well, my baby sitter cancelled this morning and my mom said she needed to do something about ‘sound check’ and my friend was away today at her grandparent’s so I had to come to work with her today.” Rosie babbled

“Oh! Are you Amanda’s daughter?” you asked.

“Yes! Amanda is my mom’s name! oh, she’s going to be mad when she finds out I left where she told me to sit.”

“I’m sure she’ll just be happy to have you back little one.” Sebastian said as he bounced her, making Rosie laugh, “Who is Amanda?” Sebastian asked you

“She’s the anthem singer. I think she’d be doing her sound check on the ice now.” you answered, “Let’s get this little munchkin back ok?” you smiled at Rosie before leading the way through the arena.

As you were walking and asking Rosie some questions to keep her entertained, she suddenly spoke up, “Are you in love?”

That made you do a double-take. Wow, you forgot how blunt kids could be. Sebastian, the champ that he is, just chuckled softly and pretend-whispered into the small girl’s ear. “I love (Y/N) to the moon and back but I haven’t told her yet.”

The girl nodded solemnly like she understood the inner workings of all adult relationships, “I think you should tell her.” she whispered back

“And why is that little one?” he asked

“Because she’s blushing right now!” the girl giggled. Sebastian met your eyes where you were desperately trying to stop yourself from turning into a fire hydrant.

That was just the moment when you turned the corner and saw Amanda Bell, the Hurricane’s anthem singer running around frantically, presumably looking for her mischievous daughter.

“MOMMY!” Rosie yelled from Sebastian’s arms and wiggled in his grasp until he put her down. She sprinted down the hall to where you could see her mom let out a big sigh of relief before crouching down to scoop up her little one in her arms and pepper kisses all over her squealing face.

“Thank you guys so much!” she sighed when you caught up with her, “I was worried sick.”

“No worries,” Sebastian smiled easily. “I love kids, and she has good taste in hockey players.” he winked at you.

“Don’t I know it!” Amanda laughed, “she refuses to go to a game without her Aho jersey. Anyways, we have to run. Thank you guys again.” she waved and darted in the opposite direction, Rosie smiling and waving at us over her mom’s shoulders.

“So… I don’t think my heart can handle you with kids, too damn cute.” you smiled up at Sepe.

“Well, you better get used to it.” he leaned down and kissed the tip of your nose.

“Why is that?”

“Because I love you, and you are going to be stuck with me for a long time.”

“In that case I better get used to it because I love you too.”


im feeling so much from that season finale oh my god

  • the president playing sad music after letting rick and morty off the hook
  • “it’s a threat and a pun. nobody gets me” this is literally me all the time u guys
  • rick’s grin as morty trashes the president i love it aaaaa
  • beth and rick’s phonecall just. i feel so many things. “when smart people get happy, they stop recognizing themselves” “all good?” im crying
  • rick saying “son”
  • please for the love of god jerry get rid of that robe please
  • that fuckin fight oh my god 
  • “oh, you come on, bitch. i’m out” because all of a sudden all the efforts he’s made that day meant noTHING WITHOUT HIS FAMILY
  • rick chews out jerry and he thanks him
  • rick in cargo shorts. pls put your pants back on sweetie. ily.
  • god now i really want panda express. effective product placement asf

anonymous asked:

Let's have a little levity from anons trying to put blogs against each other. What are your favourite Seb eras/looks? Personally I love me a little murderous dorito/TWS style seb.

Ooooh boy. Yes! Wonderful! Let’s all please take a minute to appreciate a few of the delicious looks of our one Mr. S (in no particular order because I don’t have the heart for that, and I know already that I’m missing some favs): 

He was looking fine at the end of last year, imho: 

And I desperately, terribly miss The Hair:

And of course these looks were great:

And this might be one of my favorite favorite photos of him, and I couldn’t even say why exactly, but OH MY:

It’s the smolder, probably.

I can’t go on. I will go on.

Another time.

Need to let myself cool back down a little ;)

x M

disabledcole  asked:

hi there!! im going to see ith in london in a couple of weeks (2nd & closing on the 8th) and i was wondering if u had any tips of things to look out for!! u LOVE ith but this is my first and obvs last time seeing it !!

ahhhh i hope you have a great time!!!! its one of the best things ive ever seen and im so sad its closing soon, but atleast you’re getting to see it!!! im seeing it again on the 7th and am desperately trying to figure out if i can squeeze another visit in it that time 

ive got a really long list of moments, so ill put them under the cut , and in the meantime heres sketch of the bennys dispatch scene because its so much fun

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“- How can you walk away from something and then come towards it ?
- Walk around the world.
- Small World.”

I was watching (again) Coraline last night, i’m fond of the ambient they created, the way the story goes and how every character is introduced to the spectator. The dialogues are also really well written, it made me want to do a quick painting sketch about it this time, it’s one of my favourites movies.

I didn’t paint for a while, i’ve been really focused on improving my drawings and some stories i have to put together this last weeks after Inktober, but it felt so good to me to get back to it. It’s digital painting and i’m not really used to it at all since i’ve only painted with acrylic and oils. Hope you’ll like it :)

Fic Writer Wednesday (8/9)

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

Again, travelling means revisiting some old favourites and just so, so much reading. 30 hours door to door means lots of time to read! (One of the only good things about it!)

<<Doctor Who>>

Ten x Rose

I Will… (Chapter 8) by @hellostarlight20: the epic conclusion of the Master arc! I swear I was feeling sympathetic pain just reading this and I can’t wait for them to finally be reunited!!

A Kiss A Day by @lastbluetardis: Fixing GitF AND good luck kisses during Cybermen? PLUS Idiot’s Lantern fluff?!? Yes, please!! This story is so necessary to my soul!

these violent delights (have violent ends) (Chapter 2) by @lvslie: still no idea what’s going on but it’s still amazing. Jack, Martha, and Rose are all in some western setting and what does the Master have planned with the Doctor? The more questions I come up with the more I want to read what’s next!! The ending is a real stomach clencher!

An Ode to Hope (Chapter 7) by @kelkat9: Last chapter, the Doctor and Rose were finally able to connect… in a way. Here we see the aftermath, from the Doctor’s perspective. He misses Rose so much :((( But on a different note, I am intrigued by what’s going on with Amy. Love this story!

A Place For Us To Dream (Chapter 62-64) by @dimensionhoppingrose: Finally reunited!!!! But there’s no time to rejoice as the Crucible looms and something happens to Rose. I feel so bad for the Doctor, but this is one of the most brilliant JE fixits I’ve ever read!

To Bring Them Home (Chapter 5) by @chocolatequeennk: reunited at last!!!! This story hurt so much and now it’s finally time for them to fix it! The interaction with Nine made me so happy despite the circumstances! :D 

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 14) by @chocolatequeennk: the conclusion of the Sontaran arc! The team all working together (including Colonel Mace!) The changes here are fantastic as always! I love this fic so much, if you’re not reading it, go do it NOW!

Tentoo x Rose

In Living Memory (Chapter 4) by @skyler10fic: Watching Rose slowly rediscover herself is excruciating! I know it’s a matter of time but I feel so badly for everyone involved!

<<AU Fic>>

And Baby Makes Four (Chapter 4) by @lastbluetardis: Sianin arrives! This is such a fantastic chapter, with the description of the birth and the way James takes a hand! Beautiful!

Perfectly Matched Outtakes (Chapter 10) by @lastbluetardis: gorgeous smutty beach fic to make up for the severe sunburn James got last time. I love it!

<<Dragon Age>> 

By Any Other Name (Chapter 10) by @khirsahle, @delazeur: The board is set, the pieces are moving. Varric is a treasure as always and I can bear Dorian’s grief only because I know it will soon be ended.

(putting this under a cut so you don’t have to see it if you don’t want to!  I was on a real OT3 kick this week for some reason but I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!)

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The Valley of Fear

I know we’re technically still on hiatus, but I thought I’d write up my answer already while I have the time and so I won’t forget to do it later on. 

So this gave me an excuse to use my 1931 copy which was amazing (book nerd alert!). The comments will be put forward in the usual manner ;)

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Every photograph is in some way autobiographical, as its composition and content all depend on the eye and the mind of the taker. But I would suggest not attempting this with these images.

I first met Norman on a blistering hot Georgia day four years ago. I have been trying to pin him down ever since and he has constantly eluded me. He is one of those rare human beings (if indeed he is one), that continues to surprise you the more you get to know him.

These photos are capricious. One moment brutal, the next beautiful, sexual, and vulnerable in equal measure. In the blink of an eye, innocence turns to experience and everywhere there are masks…Some of the most liberating and exuberant photos involve masks. But my favourite images are playful and bewitching.

I had never met a Norman until Mr. Reedus appeared in my zombie apocalypse.

He was my first Norman after 39 years on this planet.

And so, as Barry White so eloquently put it…Norman is, “my first, my last, my everything.”

“Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?” — Bette Midler

—  Andrew Lincoln’s review of Norman Reedus’ Photo Book- “The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head”
Deleted scenes from Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

(Where Matt goes to whine at Claire)

“With prose as purple as yours, you should write for Cosmo,” Claire says drily when he’s done. Matt glares as best he can; this from the woman who asked what broken ribs sounded like. It’s not his fault that everyday words are too shallow to describe what he can detect. The artistry of perfume. The undimmable heat of the human body. Foggy, Matt’s other heart beating.

“Foggy’s a good looking guy. I’m sure you figured that out in your own way. So yes, maybe he is dressing up to impress someone, maybe he isn’t. There’s only one way to find out.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“And I don’t mean listening from his fire escape!”


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Tag game thing???

I got tagged by the furtastic @suhosfursuit and imma do this cuz im putting off homework (as always)

A: Age - 20

B: Birthplace - Atlanta

C: Current time - 2:28pm

D: Drink you had last - Some tea

E: Easiest person to talk to - maryam my best bich

F: Favourite song - im deaf i cant listen to music???

G: Grossest memory - succin a d*cc in a cemetery

H: Hogwarts house - gryffindor with ravenclaw tendencies

I: In love? - with my paycheck yeh

J: Jealous of people - nah

K: Killed someone - pcy w/ my bomb ass p*ssy

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - walk by 20 times

M: Middle name - tramaine

N: Number of siblings - one little bro and one little sis

O: One wish - to be able to speak any language in the world

P: Person you called last - my grandma, i was frying chicken and needed advice

Q: Question you are always asked - “you know chinese?” followed by an awed wow even if i say not very well

R: Reason to smile - junmyeon and jongin doing anything

S: Song you sang last - i mumbled through catch me when i fall by luhan like 30 mins ago

T: Time you woke up - 10:12am i think? thats when i checked my phone

U: Underwear colour - black

V: Vacation Destination - across the planet

X: X-rays - ive had one on my arm and one on my finger

Y: Favourite food- it really depends?? i eat chicken wings at any time tho

Z: Zodiac sign - gemini like my mans (prepare fortrouble, make it double)

I’m tagging: @enbywankenobi @cherubsoo @spoopysoo @melaine182010 @baekhyun-swallows @chuckyseok @spooookai

triforce-kun  asked:

I've been craving some good creepypasta lately, and I was wondering if you had any particularly good ones to recommend? I liked the Goat Man story a lot and thought maybe you knew of more like it :]

Hm, Goat man really is one of my favourites, I have a hard time picking out others to stand with it that everyone else hasn’t already heard of.

Some of my favourites that everyone has probably heard of already;

Generally I’m not a fan of the sort of “legacy characters” people try to create, like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Smiledog, etc, but I do have a soft spot for some of those kinda long-running overworked story ideas;

  • The Rake (when he’s being written competently, kind of a Mothman appeal)
  • BEN Drowned (so many people have put their hands on this one there’s a lot quality flux, but the original nugget of the idea was good and the person who made it put a lot of effort into making supporting game capture files and stuff)
  • NES Godzilla is basically a novel but it’s pretty well structured (can’t attest to the end, I’ve been listening to it as Mr. Creepypasta narrates it on his channel and he hasn’t gotten to the last chapter yet)

Some lesser known ones that I hadn’t heard of until I started binging youtube Creepypasta;

  • Showers Part 1, 2, and 3 - Pretty good at building atmosphere, the first part is my favourite, where they’re listening to the teacher’s story but I like how it has a lot to do with kind of how folktales evolve as people skew events and pass them on.
  • No End House - It’s kinda corny and predictable, but I dunno what to say? I enjoyed it. I stayed late at work to finish listening to it even though I ran out of work to do, it’s just, I dunno… engaging? Despite having a lot of gore-for-the-sake-of-describing-gore, overall thumbs up. I guess I’d say I appreciate it’s creativity.
  • Cervine Birth - This one probably merits some trigger warnings for pregnancy and animal abuse, it’s a really weird, unsettling short one
  • Faulty Wiring - It’s not especially unsettling, it just preys on some very specific phobias of home invasion I’ve got so your mileage may vary.
  • Gristers Part 1,2 - Solid little short story, I could see it in a published horror anthology or something. More like a thriller story than something meant to make you feel unsettled.
  • Midnight Train 1,2 - Also more like a short story than a “creepypasta” per say, but entertaining
  • The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen - Another well written, not terribly scary one

Annnnd, on the subject of legacy spooky internet stories I always feel like everyone has already seen this but then I remember it was online before some people active on the internet these days were even born, before “creepypasta” was a thing;

  • Ted The Caver - you absolutely have to read it on the original site, the crappy Angelfire layout and slow burn to the conflict is the whole charm of it. This is like the Blair Witch of the internet, when it first went up no one had seen anything like it and there were all sorts of people insisting it was a true story, it was great.

Bonus, a couple Pseudopods I like;

Might edit this as I think of more things to add

feroluce  asked:

7, 8, 14, 15?

7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

Oh… The last one I did I haven’t published yet is the collab I’m doing with @condraws. I don’t think I can show full yet since we both haven’t finished, but I guess I can show a part of it??

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

My favorite now would be the recent fancomic I did not too long ago. I really like how I draw Mob’s emotions here and also my first page spread. Both of them are the comics that I did for Florbe :”))))

14. What do you like drawing the most?

Expressions and Hair! Especially, tears! <3 I have been into drawing fashion clothes lately for my bois, so I guess that’s a thing now LOL.

15. What do you like drawing the least?

BG & Perspective & (somehow) Anatomy, because I’m awful at all of them but I can’t escape from them OTL.

For your pleasure, some of my all time favourite short films.

Compiled here are some of my favourite shorts, all of them horror, suspense, or psychologically upsetting in some way - while some are even beautiful.

Please enjoy.

sixpenceee, I decided to put this together after going through your list, so if there’s any on here that you enjoy, please feel free to add them. The only thing better than horror is spreading horror around.

anonymous asked:

I didn’t update last night but just letting you know that I’ve started “In Vogue” and I’m really enjoying it!! I love how the author put in links to what they’re wearing and stuff it’s pretty n e a t. Also I don’t mind if you find my blog, I’ll probably be a bit embarrassed but it would be nice to be proper friends❤️ - Karri

listenenenenenenen karri in vogue is one of my FAVOURITES like idk why no one talks abt it but its fucking iconic like its the fashion au we allllll need!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE looking at the outfits they’re so pretty nfjskdjrdb yeah i really really loved that fic