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i get the point of your post but everything i've seen making fun of older women in fandom has been because of that one reylo who made up a story about fighting with a teenage anti and those people deserve to be mocked

i’m really glad you haven’t had to see any mocking beyond that specific context and obviously i’m going to agree that there’s nothing wrong with laughing at people who are genuinely behaving inappropriately for their age but

a) trust me when i say that this absolutely happens constantly outside of that specific context too and has been going on for a long time before that post was even made

b) even on that post people were being weird about it, like, honestly i only read it once because i can’t deal with secondhand embarrassment but it had people going “omg imagine being a 39 year old woman and wearing a graphic print tee” as if THAT was the issue with the post and not someone making up an imaginary fight with a teenager for tumblr notes because apparently all women over thirty are just allowed to wear shapeless blouses from the home catalogue?? plus all the comments about “crusty old women” like you’re just wholesale repeating deeply misogynistic phrases at this point

like every single time one of those things happens it may have a valid trigger for people to say “this is inappropriate behaviour for an adult” but it devolves into something that crosses the line far too quickly and really reveals the fucked up biases and ideas people have about older women and motherhood and maturity in general

and this isn’t just unfair towards the older women you’re (general you) directing this toward but also towards yourself because you’re unnecessarily putting yourself under pressure and stress

i used to be so terrified of getting older because i truly believed i would have to become a completely different person to be ~mature as if my personality was inherently incompatible with maturity and i know so many of my friends felt/feel the same way

and i’ve been so much happier and less bothered about this since i realized that while maturity does come with certain changes like having more life experience or being able to handle certain situations better, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your whole self and all the weird stuff you’re into and do a 180 degrees change out of nowhere

women are constrained so much in our society when it comes to what we’re allowed to like and who we’re allowed to be and this only gets worse the older we are, so of course all of us have some internalized bs to work through regarding that but it’s not fair to put that on other people who haven’t done anything wrong

tl;dr: no one’s talking about “you’re almost 40 and should know better than this at this point” which is in some situations absolutely a valid thing to say, we’re talking about all the unnecessary stuff around that and the misogynistic way this is often framed

Happy One Year Sidesiversary!

Happy one year anniversary to the amazing Sanders Sides series! I love these videos so much. Thank you to @thatsthat24 , @thejoanglebook , and @tallykat3 for all of the hard work you guys put into these videos. You guys are awesome.

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My boss has a bad habit of putting new drinks on the menu without teaching me how to make them, then he'll ask me to make them for him as a "test". If I ask how he'll give me a dirty look so I make it as best as I can based off of my knowledge of how drinks work, but if I so much as pour the milk or coffee in the wrong order he'll berate me IN FRONT of the customers. Like either tell me what to do right away or scold me in private.

Not sure if I’ve said this yet but genuinely the biggest thank you to the incredible @taylornation for all of the hard work they put into making these events run so smoothly. The amount of time and dedication spent for fans to have an amazing once in a life time opportunity with Taylor is absolute insanity. I will remember last night for as long as I live. Thank you for caring so much about both Taylor and us.

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how long do you know alex maleev?

we met on a crow project David mack and I wanted him to draw. it never happened. ah, the nineties. but I had fallen in love with him as he is the artist I wish I was.  I was trying to draw JUST like that,

so I put him up for sam and twitch. it was awesome. and when @joequesada brought me to Daredevil he wanted the team.  he loved us together as much as we did. 

we’re working on scarlet book 3 right now. and he is doing art in the new iron man legacy story . all the doom stuff.

Ricochet Part 22


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A/N: Last chapter! There is more to this story, I am in the process of writing the last (?) part to Alice and Bucky’s story, in the mean time, word of advice, you might want to check out @jrubalcaba blog and join her tag list… Who doesn’t love a crossover??

Next up is a tie in story set in Alice’s world, I will tag anyone that has joined up to this story automatically. If you don’t want to be tagged, just let me know with an ask or DM, I won’t be offended!! Thank you to everyone who has read this and who has given me such amazing comments and feedback, it means so much to me. I have to give a special thanks to @jrubalcaba though for helping me through certain parts of writing this and being an excellent friend. Looking forward to the next bit! 

Warnings: A little bit of smut at the beginning. Bucky is a tease! Well this does follow the story of Civil War so obviously, Bucky is still going into the ice so,  sadness. Not quite a big a cliff hanger ending as Collide though so, hopefully you won’t hate me as much this time.

Word Count: 3499

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Happy anniversary to the Sanders Sides!! This is the happiest fandom I’ve been in (probably ever), and I genuinely get so much happiness out of making fanworks for it. Bless Thomas and all his friends for putting so much work into these wonderful videos. This fandom is fun!!! This fandom is amazing!!! And what makes it even better- the creator is a good and kind man that is seriously doing his best to spread positivity. I’m grateful for @thatsthat24, @thejoanglebook, and @tallykat3 and all they do to make Sanders Sides possible. Bless you guys, for real. <333

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Hi, sorry to bother you, but I'm in need of a second opinion. I made a curse jar two months ago and while I started to see small parts of it taking affect, it hasn't manifested as strongly as I wanted. Should I continue waiting, or cast another curse in addition to the jar and possibly combine the two energies? Or is there something I can add to the jar to make it stronger/take affect? Thank you so much for your time!!

Put time restraints on what you want to happen. Like you want the curse to fully take effect by X and snowball from there. Be specific in what you want. Put energy into it when you do it then release that energy at the person/thing you are cursing. Because I wouldn’t say that your current curse isn’t working, as its slowly taking affect, but it sounds like your intent wasn’t specific enough. You could recast the current curse or just pour more energy into it w/ the specific intents if you like, or cast another curse to go with the current one. Thats up to you! Good luck!

OSRR: 1165

so i’ve been thinking about ian a lot this evening and it’s annoying because i really really like him and i think about the things he’s said, like that he’s basically ben wyatt, and i think about what people have told me, that i’m basically leslie knope, and i’ve seen a bunch of gif sets of ben and leslie and i’m so mad because i like ian so much and of course he’ll never choose me because when have i ever had any good luck. i just. i want him to like me and i want us to be happy together and i want to grow with him and do stupid and fun things with him and i wanna do homework and put my legs over his lap while working and i wanna hold his hand as we walk down the street and i wanna get hugs from him and i wanna look up at his beautiful face and look up into his beautiful eyes and i want to tell him i love him every day of his life and i want to make him happy forever and i want to talk to him when neither of us can sleep and i want to be with him and around him and by his side and i want this so badly but i can’t have it and i probably never will

@ourleggingarmy (did you get a new tumblr, or change your name? I know you used to be something else and I’m not following this one!) tagged me to SDS a few days ago. I have been super MIA (though checking through my feed, just not posting! I see you!) Last weekend I got super sick and was down and out for a few days, then I’ve been working and getting back up to feeling good again. Now I just hit my weekend, so that’s my smiling faces happy for a few days off. I took a shower today before work and put my hair up pretty much right away. Now I took it down and it’s still wet, haha. I’ve been eating like crap again, which adds to my feeling lousy. I just really am not figuring out how to give my body what it wants and not what my mind wants. Boooooo. Anyway, I’ll definitely get another run in tomorrow or Saturday. 

For the SDS I want everyone scrolling by and take a picture of themselves and tag me, cause I wanna see you! 

Where have I been???

Pic for a bit of attention but also to say hey, this is what I do! I’m currently a uni student with 1 week left before I graduate. I’ve decided my current degree (photography) isn’t where I want to go in life so long story short I am self-teaching myself 3D modelling and animation. Eventually my goal is to be a character artist for games or film, but that isn’t important to you guys! Basically, I’ve put more work on top of the full-time workload I already had. I’ll be getting back into CC with a couple things here and there, and I am so hyped and have so many plans for the pets expansion!

Comments, suggestions, just random messages, say hi! Send them my way and I’ll be on tumblr more frequently from now on. On another note:

I didn’t even finish my 2k gift! Now what am I supposed to do?! Haha I love you all, I’ll be back soon <3

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Hiya Hollie, uhh I’m safe. My boyfriend is going to a court hearing next week. I still love him, and I want him to be around the child. Obviously I now know how dangerous he can be if he flips out on the most special, scary, emotional things in life, and I don’t think it’ll be a great environment for my child. I’m staying at my parents house until his is over and then hopefully I can move away, just me and my baby. Together, and hopefully put this behind me. Thank you so much! Xxx💗

Yes! I’m so glad your ok! I hope you mean your ex boyfriend now aha. Hopefully everything will work out for you and you and your baby can live happily ever after, u may even find a new man which can be an amazing father figure 💖ly

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Dude, your specialty is totally the emotions. I don't know how you do it, but you do such an amazing job of building up emotion, whether its sad or happy. It's like, you read it and you can't stop grinning, even if it's sad, because you're so caught up in the emotions.

YES THANK THE LORD. I’ve been putting so much effort into the feelings in my work, I’m so so so happy it’s paying off thank you so much 💖

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Hi! So to participate do we just post our work on the appropriate day with the correct tag and that's it? What about posts on sites like Ao3 or DeviantArt? There's no sign up or anything? Thanks so much for taking the time to put this all together and to answer our questions. I was worried Sterek would be over after the show ended, so I was so excited when I saw your post about Sterek Week 2017.

That’s absolutely correct!! (And thank you for the appreciation! <3)

For sites like AO3 and DeviantART, we ask that you do the same thing- post with the appropriate tags on the appropriate day, then also post a link to your work on Tumblr with the appropriate tags on the appropriate day so that we can reblog it, an example of that would be this: http://sterekweek2017.tumblr.com/post/152547001296/asagi-s-garden-title-things-out-there-rating

There’s no sign-up, this is a self-monitored event <3

Oh dearie, I promise you, Sterek will NEVER be open, Sterek Week is annual and we are DEFINITELY coming back next year, if you want some other events to attend until next October though, 12 Days Of Sterek has sign-ups going on right now until November 1st, and the admins of Sterek Week also do a spring event called Sterek Bingo, in May, wich will announce it’s themes on November 1st!

Trust me dear, Sterek will NEVER end

~Admin Asagi

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I can't even imagine the pressure he was under to deliver considering the expectations on him coming from 1d but he took some risks and made the album he wanted to make, that was an honest reflection of him, and that's true album getting so much praise and recognition and putting him into Grammy contention...I am so endlessly proud. He deserves all the success in the world and he might just get it because he is always working so hard and keeps growing as an artist ♥️♥️♥️

i completely agree 😌 it’s so admirable that he didn’t just try to make a record that he knew would be successful by falling into current trends and instead did what was right for him and did something he stands behind. the fact that not only is it so innovative and not what anyone else is doing right now but ALSO that it’s so authentically him, it just makes the album so special and all he’s doing so amazing. to have this kind of sense of direction with style and sound at 23? absolutely incredible. i’m so proud of him. 💖