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Step 1 of Herbert West (OFC) cosplay acquired

“I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field.”

Bond // Q

OKIES so the JAAA and I totally apologize you guys had to wait so long, thanks for your patience.

Saturday morning I caught Adam from Creation, because it was before the 1st panel started, so I thought it would be a good time, and I asked him about if maybe Richard could hand over our award. He checked it out and he said it was real awesome and a great thing to do. But he also said that it was Jensen’s wish to not do such gestures in public, he prefers to do such things only during autographs. So I said, if that is Jensen’s wish I will of course follow it. I also asked him about the photoOP and if it was OK even if we are a big group and he was all positive about us dressing up as Jensen’s characters, he actually asked some questions about it, and said it would be OK we just should inform Chris or Stephanie.

So anyways the ladies that did the cosplay photo op with me and I decided to not bring the award to the photo op and also not to the meet & greet (one from the bunch was there), but to follow Jensen’s wishes and hand it over during autographs. The downside was, we could not go together because everyone had different tickets and places to be. 

Sunday came and went by fast (I honestly don’t know when J2 had the time to play table tennis :D ) and I went in and put the Cosplay photo on Jensen’s desk and it was cute, because he looked over it again for such a long time that I thought maybe he didn’t see that there was the TeamLevi record, also for him to sign (because he didn’t look up, but really, he was just checking out the cosplays and I didn’t realize he still looked at it). 

I just had in mind “don’t hold up the line, don’t hold up the line, the volunteers will hate you, get this done” and Clif had just wandered over to Jared’s side, so Jensen eventually switched to sign the record and I skipped telling him it was for the TeamLevi charity (because ‘hurry girl’), and pulled out the award and the letters I was asked to hand over and the letter for the award. Jensen looked up, maybe expecting to say “thanks, bye” when I handed over the award and said “on behalf of your fans from around the globe, and I really mean around the world, with this we wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the past decade and more, for your kindness, for being such a great idol to all of us and your fantastic acting”.. and he stopped and took the award and proceeded to read and check out the reels (this went by way faster than it sounds but alas he did not say “I won’t keep this”), and then he said that it looked amazing and he had the same nice smile on his face like in the morning when we turned up at his photo-op. (I was still waiting for the volunteers to shove me away but surprisingly all they did was waiting).. so he looked a little longer and turned it back and forth and said he’ll check everything out later and said “thanks to you all” and I said I hope he likes it a little.. wished his wife all the best (which I also did in the award letter) and then tried to disappear, but there was a volunteer from ImAlive and he stopped me and said “that was amazing” referring to the award. 

That’s really all I can say about this, I think the gesture was the important thing to do and I hope no one is disappointed that it was not done in public. But IMHO it is important to respect Jensen’s wishes and as long as he hopefully got our message, we should be happy about how things went. From what I can say, he really liked it and if you guys want, I can send the letter I put together for Jensen to you. 

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Well I have had a wonderful time at Sherlocked! One of the things I had to think about was what to cosplay as? There were a few Sherlocks, Watsons, Mollys, Mycrofts and Moriartys (Especially a great one in a straight jacket love that scene from Season 3!!!!). So I thought hmmmm what reaction could I get well everyone loves a bit of Sherlock and Watson action, hmmm I know the fall! So I decided to be St Bartholomew’s Hospital with Sherlock and Watson Puppets. 

I got mixed reactions from people which is always great! Ranging from 

The weirded out (”Why is he wearing a box on his head?”) 

The fan moments (”That is the best costume here”) 

The deeply disturbed (”You should be ashamed thats disgusting”)

I tried to put the play back into cosplay and be a building and great reactions from people and photos were taken a plenty so if you are reading this and did take some photos with me I would be very thankful if you could send me a link.

Now the drama well I didn’t really see any but heard some. Well people coming thinking hey this is my little TV show it ain’t gonna be busy were very surprised. Well shows that no matter how big something gets people are oblivious to the power of such great TV. I knew this coming into the convention so that is why I did not partake in the autographs or photos with the big stars. Though I am slightly disappointed Mark Gatiss sold out he is the only member of the League of Gentlemen I have not met yet! 

I found out that my photo-shoots with Una Stubbs and Louise Brealey were not till the afternoon so ducked and dived through the crowds playing the world’s largest game of People Tetris which is always a good laugh, if you are sick of the crowds and lines turn it into a game walk round and round pretending you are that one tetris block to save the day and cut the lines!

It was a fairly female dominated convention which was interesting, going to fairly mixed themed conventions a male to female ratio is always there but for this one there were a lot of ladies! Which was great, though when it came to interaction with the staff and guests I did feel that my presence was less enthusiastic. But hey who am I to complain I enjoyed myself and who the fuck cares what other people think right?

When it came to the photos I thought fuck it lets do some silly ones, the set one was the first one I took and thought what could I do that no one else has. Lets be all creepy that will be funny! With Louise I have always been a big fan of hers so thought I would try the biggest Derp face I could, Una well Mrs Hudson is the Queen of the Cuppa so had to have something tea related! 

I loved the reactions I got from people they were laughing and even the staff that were printing out the photos giggled at my photos as well.

Overall had a great time! If you saw me in the Hospital head please message and forward me the photos! Its all about getting that positive reaction! 

And in the words of the immortal Bard as they led him to the guillotine!