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Another Type of Chemistry (Pt. 1)

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Summary: High School! AU with Barry Allen, he doesn’t have powers or anything. You and Barry are assigned to tutor each other, but who knows where that will lead…

Notes: So this was actually based on a quick thing I wrote a while ago, It Was the Way, and due to popular demand I’ve turned it into a fic, but I decided to make it my first series since it’s going to be fairly long. This is the first part, it’s kind of short but sets up the rest of the story. Hope you like it!

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For You (Peter Parker x Reader songfic)

Okay, I accidentally butchered this request but I like the story anyway.
@imagine-peterparker said : One where the reader is trying to convince Peter to listen to her favorite band, and she makes him a mixtape of different songs and how they make her feel/when she listens to them. Also, go listen to Yellow by Coldplay.

“Come on, webhead! You’ve been hogging the speaker all afternoon!” You exclaimed. You and Peter had this argument every single day when you went to his or your apartment to study. Usually you didn’t mind what he played, but when you asked him to put on some Coldplay, he wouldn’t budge. “It’s distracting for both of us when we listen to your music, (Y/N). You’re always singing and dancing and I can’t study.” You huffed a sigh but didn’t disagree. “You don’t even play it when we aren’t working though! Can we please listen to some of my music after? Please!!” You begged. He said nothing and continued reading his textbook, occasionally jotting things down on his notebook. 9pm arrived and you had to head home. You pouted and told Peter you had to go. After packing your bag, you shuffled over and received a hug from your best friend/crush/superhero before hopping out his window onto the fire escape.

When you got to your room, which was directly above Peter’s, you quickly sorted out the mess before changing into your pajamas, grabbing your laptop, and hopping into bed. After scrolling on tumblr for a bit you came up with the idea to make a playlist of your favourite songs and then forwarded it to Peter. Seconds later you got a text from the bug boy.
Underoos- I’m not listening to it :p
You- Why not!?
Underoos- because the last time I listened to your music it was some guy screaming
You- MCR is not your taste, that’s fine. This is Coldplay.
Underoos- sorry (Y/N). My ears will not be tortured again
You- :(

You closed your laptop and sighed, putting it on the bedside table before going to sleep.

After school, You and Peter went to your apartment to hang out. “Hi mom, bye mom,” you said quickly, walking through the kitchen to get you your room. “Hey Peter, how are you and May?” Your mother asked. “We’re alright, thanks!” He said while being pulled by you into your bedroom. She and Aunt May had always gotten along since your family moved here 5 years ago. They met up quite frequently and really thought you’d be a cute couple. Whenever it was mentioned, you and Peter would just brush it off while blushing.

You stood by speakers ready for Peter to toss you his phone. Once he did, you plugged it in and put the studying playlist on. Over the next few hours, you talked, did your homework, studied, all of the usual things you did together daily. Around seven thirty, you stood up and went to the speakers, unhooked his phone, and plugged yours in. You pressed play on your Coldplay playlist and he groaned. You grabbed his hand, pulling him up off the bed. “I am going to make a deal. If we listen and dance to my favourite song now, we never have to play my music again,” you said, offering your hand. “Deal.”

You walked over to the speakers again and went through the playlist stopping on ‘Yellow’. You clicked play and it began.

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah they were all yellow.

He looked shocked. This definitely wasn’t what he expected. You stood in front of him and looked at your feet. With a burst of courage, he held your waist. You picked your head up and he saw you were smiling. You wound your arms around his neck as the music continued.

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I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
And it was called ‘yellow’

So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all yellow.

You stepped closer to him and rested your head on his chest while you both swayed side to side. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. This was what he wanted. He wanted to do this with you everyday. He wanted to cuddle you, kiss you, hold you tight. Little did he know you wanted the same thing.

Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into
Something beautiful,
Do you know,
You know I love you so,
You know I love you so.

“I think I love you,” you mumbled into his shirt. “What did you say?” He asked quietly. “Nothing, doesn’t matter,” you responded and nuzzled even farther into his chest.

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I swam across,
I jumped across for you,
Oh what a thing to do.
‘Cause you were all yellow,

I drew a line,
I drew a line for you,
Oh what a thing to do,
And it was all yellow.

Peter felt warmth in his heart that was only ever caused by you. When you grinned at your paper because you got a full mark, when you laughed sweetly and said‘shut up’ when he told you nerdy chemistry puns and pick-up lines, when he spontaneously brought you ice cream, or when you cuddled and watched movies on Saturdays.

Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into
Something beautiful,
Do you know,
For you I’d bleed myself dry,
For you I’d bleed myself dry.

You couldn’t help but hum. It was your favourite song. You felt the vibrations of your voice pass into his skin. You were slowly spinning in a circle. You felt so safe in his arms. His strong, loving arms.

It’s true,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine.

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And all the things that you do.

The music came to an end but you both stayed still. One of Peter’s arms came off your waist, only to cup your cheek. You looked up at him as he slowly lowered his lips to meet yours. “Now that we’ve had one cheesy moment, I’d like to say that your eyes shine like stars,” he told you in a cute, joking manner. You giggled into his chest before looking up at him again. “It’s true,” you told him, “but look how they shine for you.”

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Extended Ending
“That was actually the cutest thing you’ve said, oh my god,” Peter told you, stepping away from you to fall back onto the bed. You flopped down next to him and laughed. “We were having a cheesy moment, I wanted to add something to it!” You exclaimed.


title: Beckoning Cat

with: Sanha (ASTRO)

sum: You meet a strange cat-like person, thus begins a love story.

request: Can I plssss get a cute Yoon Sanha fluff? Like where sanha is y/n’s cat. And One day sanha transforms into a human being and then they fall in love?? plss?? pretty pls?? you know me ^^

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Our Little Secret

Thank you anon for the request

Here we are again in the Astronomy Tower sneaking off from my brother James. I liked sneaking off with my boyfriend Sirius I felt bad ass, but at the same time I felt guilty I loved my brother and if he found out that his best friend was dating his little sister I wouldn’t want to see it.

“Y/n are you listening?” Sirius had been speaking about a prank he and the rest of the marauders had done.

“Sorry, no” he signed knowing what I was thinking about “Love we can’t spend every second worrying if we will get caught by James”

“I know but if we are James will be more that upset” he chuckled “y/n” I look at him and he bring me closer to him I feel his heart beat it always calmed me, his steady breathing is calming.
“Y/n we should get back” I nodded and got up his fingers laced through mine while walking down the stairs.

Back in the common room there was no one of course we bid our goodnights and walked to our own rooms.

The next morning in the Great Hall me and Sirius act like we are nothing but friends, I sat next to James

“Morning Jamie” I said he hummed in response I said hi to Peter, Remus and Sirius to before getting some waffles.

“Hey Y/n how come you got in late last night?” Mindy asked she’s one of my roommates my eyes widened and I looked at Sirius his eyes equally as wide, James cleared his throat and looked at me

“What?” As I tried to think of something to say Mindy intervened saying “you were taking long and I was worried so that’s why I am asking” I hadn’t been paying attention to Mindy because I was trying not to die by the look James was giving me so I said “ oh um I went to the kitchen I got hungry and all afterwards I went to take a walk” James did not look convinced

 I ate like he wasn’t still looking at me when I finished and went to my first class I had it with Sirius, when we got to Potions and say in the back to talk “that was close” I nodded “Sirius I think it’s time to tell him” he looked at me and grinned I smiled at him and he kissed me in the cheek we planned on telling him while we were in the common room. 

While the day went on I was getting nervous-James was like any older brother, he was wary of boys, I was in my last class heading to the great hall realizing that in a few minutes my relationship with Sirius would be out in the open, Walking inside the great hall I immediately heard Sirius laugh I smiled and walked over to him taking a seat next to him  He glanced at me and smiled, Remus and Peter were talking about an assignment that he needed help in and James was no where to be seen , I put food on my plate and held Sirius had under the table as if it were one of the most normal things ever. James didn’t go eat diner and we headed to the common room doing homework James was there past out in the couch I smiled waking him up. “Hi y/n did I fall asleep on the couch?” I nodded biting my lip he noticed “whats wrong?”-” Jamie i have to tell you something.” - “ this sounds like bad news, I swear to god y/n if you’re pregnant I’m going to cut the guys balls off.” I laughed glancing at Sirius who was wide eyed. “No Jamie actually why don’t we go talk in the hallway” He looked at me suspiciously but nodded Me and Sirius got up together making James more suspicious.

Finally out in the hallway I tried to find words “y/n why is Sirius out here with us?”- “He’s out here because well me-and-Sirius-are-dating-and-thought-it-was-time-to-tell-you.” At this moment Sirius was holding my hand and i was closing my eyes, “Prongs we would’ve told you earlier but we were worried how you woul-” and a punch from James, I gasped “Sirius shes my little sister You aren’t suppose to date your bestfriends sister–y/n how long has this been going on?” “A year and a half. James I’m sorry” He left me and Sirius in the hallway going back inside the common room a sob and tears that had been waiting to fall out were finally falling “Love he just needs time” wrapping his arms around me I clung to him until I caught my breath and was calm enough. “Can we go back inside?” “of course” walking in all eyes fell on us James was on one of the corner chairs Sirius walking too him I was at a distance but James seemed more calm and I saw a grin between them, James walked over to me and simply hugged me, “y/n I know it’s Padfoot but if he ever hurts you I will cut off his balls.” I laughed and nodded Sirius walking towards me “Told you we will get through it.”

Second Writing hope you like it sorry for taking a while with it.

#28: Love

I was unable to find the author of this story. 

Length: Super long

This is not meant to scare anyone.

Calling it a creepy story would be a bit of an insult, because it isn’t one. This is an expression of gratitude toward a friend, a friend who was always there for me. He watched over me as I was growing up and was the best friend any kid could ever have. Even if I didn’t recognize it at the time.

He was always there, even though I couldn’t see him, and he was always acting in my best interests, even if I couldn’t understand. I’d like to take some time to share with you our story, because if you’re lucky, you might have a friend like this too.

I think I should let you read his letter first. In May of 2010, I bought a new computer and took my old one to the shop to have everything backed up. I’d brought the new computer home and had begun restoring my files from my portable hard drive and reinstalling programs when I noticed that there was a file in the Misc. folder that the shop’s technician had created for files with no other place. It was called HappyBirthdayBaby.txt.

Initially I thought it was a message my mom had written for me that I’d never read as intended, but I opened it, and this is what I found:

You might find this one day… I’m not great at this computer stuff, but I’ve watched you tinkering with this machine lately, and I think I know how to save this so that you’ll find it. Seeing as it’s time for me to go, I want to leave you this last little message.

I know you never met your father, but to me he was Col. Marcus Andrew Stadtfleld, as I’m sure your mother told you. He was a good man, one with the pride of a lion, the strength of a bear and a heart of pure gold. Truth is, I was almost like his son long before you were born. I was his second in command and served with him for three years.

I watched as your mother wept when she heard the news, her belly swollen with your soon-to-be debut into this world, and I stayed with her every second of every day. That was, until the day you came into the world- then my focus shifted to you.

I watched as they cleaned you and handed you to your mother, and she seemed to look right at me with a knowing eye as I stood over the both of you, almost as if she’d known along, and I’d be willing to bet my last penny she did. I’ve watched you grow and I remember everything, even the things you don’t. 

You always were such a happy baby and you had seemed to have inherited your father’s sense of humor. When you were getting to be four months old, you would do just about everything to hinder your mother’s attempts at changing you, laughing all the while. You were a wild one at heart, just as you are today.

Just like Marcus.

When you were about six months old we would play all the time. We had one game in particular, where I would grab your toes and tickle your belly. You would love it, though when your mother came in l’d have to stop, and it always perplexed her as to why you’d abruptly start crying- after a while, she seemed to think you didn’t like her, which is when I realized that I had to back away some.

When you were one year old you seemed to develop a sixth sense for me and although you couldn’t really see me so much or so well anymore, you knew I was there. I couldn’t play with you as much as before because I knew it would only hurt you in the long run, but I always kept guard. I knew you remembered seeing me because you had a way of testing my presence, you’d throw toys into the corner where I stood and then wait to see if I would play with them. 

Now, I know you won’t remember this, but once you threw a bear and a ragdoll at me, and because your mother was busy in the kitchen making dinner, I kept you entertained by putting on a little show. It was nothing special, I just made them dance a little. You were laughing loudly and your mom came in to see what was so funny, but when she saw, she wasn’t laughing. I bet you could mention the bear and ragdoll dance even today and the colour would run right out of her cheeks, but do me a favor and don’t. I think it would be kinder to ask if you ever threw the toys into the corner, that isn’t quite as bad a memory for her as the dancing is.

Do you remember your first word? I do… “Love.” Hahah. Your mother made damned well sure you knew just how much you were cherished by her, every moment of every day and she would always say, “Love you baby…” 

I remember you tugging at my heart strings something awful once, when your mother was changing you in the bathroom this one time. You seemed to have caught my reflection in the mirror behind her, and you pointed and said Love (well, more of a wuv, but your mother knew), and she laughed and affirmed it. It was your only word for a time, but as I walked out of the reflection you started getting restless and I knew again that I had to be more stealthy. You were growing more and more every day now, and I couldn’t afford to break my promise to your father, which is why I would have to retreat yet again.

I broke the rules many times to protect you, for that promise to your father was everything to me. I remember when you were three and had mastered walking, you were a regular little scout, hahah. You could never keep still- those little legs had opened up a whole new world to you and you weren’t shy at all about exploring it. 

One day you were with your mother in the market, and a lady with a shiny purse caught your eye. You went running after her, just as another shopper was running with her trolley in front of her, coming the other way. She didn’t spot you, and because you were running after the purse, you didn’t see her either.

Breaking the rules was not allowed, but allowing you to get hurt wasn’t permittable either. By the time you noticed her it was already too late, and you fell on your bottom before you could scamper out of her way. Left without any other option, I sent that trolley flying Into the side of a freezer and as it crashed, that woman screamed blue murder, “A-A-A man in a uniform!” she screamed. You simply giggled as the crowd gathered and your mother came running. 

When she found you at that scene you were safe and sound, and you pointed to the trolley that had smashed the freezer window. You know what you said to her then? “Love mommy.” I was hiding by then, embarrassed to have created such a scene, though I have to admit I was laughing on the inside.

As you grew and became more aware so did I, and I finally knew when I could and couldn’t intervene. Doing too much would hurt the both of us, so I chose my moments carefully. You were a smart kid, just like your father, and most of the time knew how to handle any and every situation. If there was an option, you took it, though I slipped up a few times as you were growing up, I do think I did well to keep an eye on you. It was just the little things to make your life a bit easier, things you probably won’t remember, like putting your piano music sheets into your bag at night, turning off your television when you fell asleep, pulling the sheets over you on the colder nights, sorting your drawers, setting your alarm clock, closing your windows and door… You caught me doing one or two of these things a few times, and I want to take the time now to apologize for scaring you.

This one time you were doing your homework and fell asleep at your desk, so I filled In all the answers for your math quiz. You’d made such a fuss to your mother earlier about how strict the teacher was about homework and I knew you knew the answers anyway, but you suspected more than ever when you woke up and found that whole half a sheet you left incomplete was done. 

You were older and had forgotten that we were friends, things you saw in the media about ghosts scared you- and you had every right to be afraid. I just want to say I’m sorry. I never meant to make you cry. If only I had taken a little extra care you’d never have known. I just wanted to keep you safe and happy.

As you matured you began to take form as a little lady and as such, and you began to know the evil of men. Though you had your wits about you, you were always taking stupid risks, and watching over you became a little more of a worry for me. 

Gradually, I had to expose myself more and more, most memorably that night when that no-good boy you brought home started putting the moves on you. Your mother was at work, he was only after one thing, and although I knew it wasn’t my place to choose for you, you were still only a baby girl, just fifteen years old… As he got on top of you and started undressing you, took his top off and began whispering those sweet nothings, your face said it all.

You were scared. And when you told him to stop and he wouldn’t, and when you tried to push him off and he got angry, when he struck you and finally tried to put his hand up your skirt, all the evil I kept inside of me broke free at that moment and it was something I couldn’t control. My rage boiled over as I began to growl, the lights flickering, the TV volume rising, the doors and windows crashing open and shut. The keys on your piano began to rattle and with your father’s roar, I yelled, “Get out of the house boy!” 

He ran out of that room and you tried to follow, but I slammed that door in your face and wouldn’t let the handle go until your mother pulled into the driveway… I’m so sorry kid, that whole thing traumatized you for a while… You became more frightened of me than ever, having such an experience, and I knew from then on in spite of how much I loved you, we could never be friends. Not after what I’d done.

Some nights you used to sit awake late into the evening, watching for me, and I’d have to sit in the darkest corner, looking right back at you, unable to reassure you that I wasn’t here to cause you harm. 

You used to scream, “I hate you! Get out! Leave me alone!” And just as you used to do as a toddler, you would throw things into my corner, only instead of toys for me to play with, this time it was heavy books, CD cases, anything you could get your hands on to get me to move. You used to sit in your bed watching that corner… I always felt terrible about what I did. I’d almost broken that promise to your father- but more importantly, I’d almost broken the personal promise I’d made to you.

It was like that until the night you tried to make peace with me, that night you sat up in your bed and said, “If you’re here, I’m sorry, you were only trying to stop him…” I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t, even as you shuffled around nervously and called, “You’re here right? Could you show me a sign?” 

I wanted so badly to give you something, anything to show you I was there and that I’d heard that, but fearing that you would lose it if I did, I kept silent and just nodded, in that dark corner where you couldn’t see me.. You have to know I was never mad at you, you were just a little girl and that little prick tipped me over the edge… Promise me you’ll never do anything like that again, won’t you?

It’s your eighteenth birthday today, which is exactly why I’m writing this to you. I want to wish you a happy birthday. I’m sure your dad’s getting sick of keeping that bar stool open for me. Live a good life, try not to forget about me, and know you turned out great.

Your father would be so proud of you.

This letter is my present to you, and don’t you worry about the spooky corner anymore, my final order is complete. I don’t know about you, but I think this trooper deserves a drink; you sure were a handful, hahah!

If you find this one day, try calling out to me.
Take care, be safe, and live a happy life.

Lt. Ashley Gilchrist.

PS. If you call out my name, call me what you used to call me as a kid, that always got me to come running.

I was gobsmacked when I read this letter; everything finally made sense. All the things that happened when I was growing up. I’d always thought I was seeing things until that day when my ex-boyfriend almost raped me. I’ll be the first to admit that I was scared of him, because I didn’t understand what he was, why he was there or what he was after, but now I see that I had it all wrong.

A few days after reading the letter, I asked my mom a few questions about the spooky things that happened when I was growing up. She was very nonchalant about the whole thing- until I mentioned what happened in the market. There, she stopped cleaning, set down her cloth, turned to me and smiled. 

“You always had a guardian angel watching over you, honey. I don’t know if it was your father or not, but who or whatever it was, it made sure nothing bad ever really happened to you.” As she turned around and began cleaning the dishes, she asked, “So I guess you met it then, right? Your spirit friend?”

“Not exactly, he left something for me.” I went upstairs, brought my laptop down and showed her the letter on my computer. My mother was crying by the time she finished and she told me all about my dad’s friend…

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You bury your face in your hands. ‘’Whyyyyyyy?’’ You stare at a math homework in the clubhouse. You’re sitting at the bar. You came straight here from school to wait for your brother. You have hit desperation. ‘’What’s wrong doll?’’ Tig sits next to you. ‘’Why do I have to do math?’’ He looks at your homework. ‘’Actually. I have no idea.’’ You stare at him. ‘’That doesn’t help.’’ ‘’Well what does?’’ ‘’Can you get me some food and chocolate and tissues?’’ ‘’Why tissues?’’ ‘’Because I’m going to cry.’’ Tig laughs and taps your back. ‘’What kind of food?’’ ‘’Fast.’’ ‘’I’ll get you some.’’ Tig gets up and walks out of the clubhouse.

‘’Hey lass.’’ Chibs walks in. ‘’Do you know math?’’ ‘’Um— I think you should ask Bobby or Opie.’’ You laugh. ‘’Bobby might. But Opie. I’ve seen my brother with math and he isn’t good at it.’’ Chibs laughs. And at that moment Bobby, Jax, Juice and your brother walk in. ‘’Hey sis.’’ Opie hugs you from behind. Juice sits next to you. ‘’What’s this?’’ He takes your math book and examines it. ‘’It’s math. Have you heard of it?’’ ‘’Okay I’m not the smartest person around but I do know my way with math.’’ ‘’You do?’’ Jax doesn’t believe Juice. ‘’Yes.’’ Opie looks at your homework. ‘’Yeah. I got nothing.’’ You laugh. ‘’Of course you don’t’’ He grins at you and gets a beer. ‘’Hey bro. Isn’t it a little early for alcohol?’’ He flips you off. ‘’Hey Ope. Don’t behave like that in front of your sister.’’ Jax puts his hand on your shoulder. You give Opie a childish smile.

‘’Oh God. Thanks Juice you’re a life savior.’’ You kiss Juice’s cheek. ‘’No problem.’’ ‘’Where did you get so good in math?’’ ‘’School.’’ ‘’I thought you didn’t go to school.’’ ‘’I did.’’ You shrug. ‘’I bring food and tissues.’’ Tig walks in. ‘’What took you so long?’’ ‘’Did you already do your homework?’’ ‘’Yeah. Juice helped me. My food thank you.’’ Tig gives you your food and you hug him.  

~This is short. Well. Sometimes things are short. Meow♥~

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did u seriously. , did you seriously! !! did !!! you!!! seriously!! put "i love toast" in latin on the top of those toast medal things bc holy shit ily

i was hoping someone would notice 😂

Happy Birthday!

Here’s my thing for TAU’s second birthday ficathon!

“Hey, Toby?” Maddie asked, sprawled out on the couch, her crown that declared her the eight-year-old princess disheveled on her head.

“Yeah, Madds?” Toby said from the kitchen, scrubbing sparkly pink aftermath of a little girl birthday party off the counter.

“Does Daddy have a birthday?”

Toby hesitated for just a moment. “Of course he does. Everyone has a birthday.”

“Then why don’t we ever celebrate it?” she sat up and looked over the couch at her brother. Toby was cleaning up an apparent color bomb that had gone off during Maddie’s birthday, and their dad had to leave on a ‘work related emergency’ just a few minutes earlier.

“Well,” Toby put down his towel. “I’ve never thought of that, actually.” he rested his chin in his hand.”We’ve just never really celebrated it I guess.” he shrugged and went back to cleaning off the counter.

“Well that’s not nice!” Maddie stood up on the couch, her pink and gold Princess Mizar dress fluttering around her knees. “Daddy always celebrates our birthdays, so we need to celebrate his too! It’s not nice to ignore his birthday!”

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you know what

i always loved how ron and harry were always okay or good in their classes. like, they were lazy and bored but they still worked hard and did well. it was one of the things that made them very believable. i totally connected with them when they just made stuff up for divination, because honestly what else can you do? i loved it when they put homework off, but they still did it. it’s like, instead of giving us the genius of hermione (who is still relatable because she works hard to get her grades), and then two dumb characters who only rely on her, rowling gave us these two characters who are capable of doing well on their own, but they need a bit of a push. it’s easy to be like “silly boys letting quidditch and solving mysteries come in the way of their studies” but the whole time i’m just thinking SAME because…well…that’s what makes them realistic to me. i’ll be damned if i wasn’t somewhat like that in high school, and it’s comforting to know some of my favorite characters were the same

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can you do 29 with ashton?(:

29. “You can’t protect me.” 

Any other day, you’d be willing to put up with his shit. Any other day, you’d happily welcome a conversation with him. Any other day, you wouldn’t have told him to leave you alone.

But this wasn’t any other day.

Ashton Irwin was the school’s resident bad boy – a real troublemaker by all standards – and somehow – somehow – you were the girl he’d chosen to pine after.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like him in a romantic way – you really did think he was attractive and underneath that tough exterior, you were sure he was a sweet guy. But you…

You were as shy as they came. You were the least confrontational person the school had ever seen and people certainly took that to their advantage.

You were constantly picked on, ridiculed for the stupidest things like your hair or your clothes or even the most minuscule things like the doodles on your notebook covers. You didn’t understand it at all, honestly – you were sure they had much better things to do than make fun of you – but you bore it; You dealt with every comment and remark, every glare and scoff.

But what you couldn’t deal with – what was too much to handle, even for you – was Ashton Irwin.

Ashton had never made a rude comment or sent a disgusted glance your way, never even noticed you as far as you were concerned. That wasn’t even close to the truth, of course, but you had no idea.

The boy was constantly telling people to lay off of you, and they did – when he wasn’t around. But the comments would only become more cruel because of it.

I don’t know what Ashton sees in you.

You’re such a nobody. Why would Ashton want to help you?

You’ve had to have put out, right? There’s no way someone like Ashton would want you if you didn’t.

It was hilarious, honestly – the wisecracks they would make. Then again, maybe they were just upset because Ashton didn’t want them.


One day, after school, you were putting your things into your locker and putting your homework into your backpack, when you heard someone walking up to you. And you could tell those were Ashton’s boots from a mile away.

“Hey, Y/N,” Ashton said, stopping right beside your locker, leaning on the wall beside it. You nodded in acknowledgement, but didn’t actually look at him, simply continuing about your business. His eyebrows furrowed a bit in confusion, but he just shrugged it off. “So,” he went on, “You’re pretty good at pre-calc, right?” You nodded. “Well, I was wondering if it would be okay if I could possibly get your number,” he said, rocking back and forth on his feet, “I’m pretty terrible at it – failing, actually – so my mum wants me to start seeing a tutor and I thought since you have an A in the class and everything… You might be able to help me…” You finally looked up at him, finding a nervous smile on his face. You knew Ashton was never really the type of person to ask for help, so of course you were going to accept.

“Yeah,” you said softly, “Yeah, I can tutor you.”

“Thank you,” he sighed in relief, pulling out his phone, “Here. I’ll text you or call you tonight when I end up getting stuck on our homework.” You couldn’t help but giggle softly, not even realizing Ashton had blushed at knowing he’d caused it. You created a new contact for yourself and saved it before giving him his phone back. His hand brushed yours and you swore your heart nearly stopped beating. “Well, I, uh… I guess I’ll talk to you later,” he cleared his throat. You nodded and watched him walk away for a moment before turning back to your locker.

But, of course, as with everything else in your life, your good mood didn’t last for long. Because as soon as Ashton was out of hearing range, someone else came up to you.

“Did I hear that right, nerd?” the guy asked, “Did you really just give Ashton Irwin your number?”

“He asked for it,” you mumbled, putting your last book into your backpack.

“Why? He decide you’re such a good fuck, he wanted to do it again?” he snickered.

You didn’t respond, you simply grabbed your backpack and closed your locker door. You started to walk away, but that clearly wasn’t good enough for the guy picking on you.

“Did I say you could leave?” he growled, grabbing your upper arm and yanking you back, causing your back to slam into the wall behind you.

He threw you against it with such force that the back of your head hit the metal lockers – luckily not enough to seriously injure you, but you definitely already felt the bruise. You let out a loud yelp, your hand flying to where your head had hit the wall. Everyone standing around was in shock, speechless at how someone had actually gotten physical with you.

Unbeknownst to you, Ashton had heard your short scream, spinning around on his heels. He saw you holding your head, watched as you shoved the guy away from you, and quickly walked toward the back doors to go to the parking lot. Ashton ran back down the hallway, past the guy still at your locker – but making a mental note on who it was so he could deal with him later – and made it outside. He quickly looked around for you, sighing in relief that you were only in the middle of the parking lot.

“Y/N!” Ashton called out as he hurried after you, “Y/N, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” you grumbled, not looking back at him, as you finally reached your car.

“Y/N, come on. Please look at me,” he practically begged, taking your hand just before you grabbed the door handle. He turned you around, finding you were desperately trying to hold back tears. “You’re not fine,” he stated softly, wiping the tears that had already managed to fall down your cheek with his thumb.

“Yes, I am,” you murmured again, just wanting to leave before your headache got too bad.

“No one has ever physically hurt you before, Y/N,” he reminded you firmly, “So don’t you dare try to tell me you’re fine.”

“It was nothing. It was one time. It won’t happen again.”

“You don’t know that, Y/N,” Ashton shook his head, “I just want you to be safe.”

“Well, unless you plan on following me everywhere, you can’t protect me from everything, Ashton!” you exclaimed.

“But I can certainly try,” he murmured, leaning down and letting his lips collide with yours.

You heard you were supposed to hear fireworks or something when you kissed someone, but none of that happened. What you did feel was weak in the knees and butterflies in your stomach and dizziness in your head… So you grabbed Ashton’s arms as they were wrapped around your waist, holding yourself up as stably as you could. When you realized you weren’t breathing, you pulled away just enough so that you could suck in a sharp breath, your chest visibly rising and falling as Ashton’s eyes fluttered back open.

“Will you go on a date with me?” he asked, not even hesitating.

“A-A date?” you swallowed nervously.

“Yeah, a date. This weekend. Maybe we could go to the fair or something…” he trailed off when he noticed you seemed a little stand-offish. “But you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want,” he shook his head, “It’s okay, I won’t be-”

“Yeah,” you murmured, cutting him off, “I’ll go on a date with you.” Ashton’s eyes widened slightly, having completely expected you to reject him.

“I… Okay…” he smiled shyly, “I, uh… I’ll see you in pre-calc tomorrow… Have a good night, Y/N…”

“You too, Ashton,” you whispered. He bravely pecked your lips again, smiling widely at you and backing away before spinning around so he could go to his own car. You let out a deep breath, leaning back on your car door, and finally allowing yourself to smile as well.

I don’t think that James and Sirius would copy Remus’ homework though.
Or rather if it was something easy like short questions they’d try to just because it wasn’t worth the effort to actually do, but Remus would be all like “oh yes the answer if definitely A or maybe C, who knows!” Because he wouldn’t let them get away with that bs, certainly not after first year anyway. And with essays I feel like they’d both actually do them anyway. Like James probably gets through homework ridiculously quickly because he wants it out of the way so he can focus on quidditch and pranks and Important Things. Whereas Sirius would either purposefully half arse it or get carried away and go off in a tangent because “I just really need to tell Slughorn that he’s completely wrong about this, Prongs.”

Besides, they’re both smarter than Remus even though they don’t always put in as much effort so half the time if they did look at his answers they’d just be like “Moony this is really not his astronomy works.” And I bet if anything they’d finish his homework off for him when it was the full moon because despite him telling them not to bother he would hate not giving his work in because of his condition and would hate it even more if he was let off because of it.

queerlupins  asked:

not sure if you've already addressed this (and super sorry if you have) but what is a good way to combat "productive" procrastination. i find that when i need to get school work done, suddenly i remember all the housework i need to do and start cleaning dishes or filling out my timesheet for work and so on rather than what i really need to do, my homework.

What’s really funny about this is that a lot of productivity people (like, people who help NT’s get stuff done) say that productive procrastination is a good thing. It is, sort of, but if you’re getting down to the wire on something, the productive procrastination is just making that problem worse.

My suggestion is to do the productive procrastination things during your breaks from school work, especially if they’re more active things like doing the dishes or moving laundry around and stuff like that. If you’ll be on your feet for about five minutes, you can get some of that stuff done and reset your brain so you can focus better on your school work.

The other thing to do is keep a notebook or pad of paper next to you when you’re doing school work, and write down these things as you think of them. “Oh! I should make sure I filled out my time sheet for work!” *write it down* “There, now I won’t forget. Back to physics homework!”

Then you have a list of stuff to choose from when it’s time for a break, and you don’t feel like you need to get up and do them right when you remember since you’re making a list so you don’t forget.

I’d also recommend dating the page that you’re writing stuff down on, and then cross things off as you do them during your breaks. This will give you a visual “oh, I am doing things besides homework” that might help your brain settle down, as well as remind you that you did actually put away your clothes already. AND you’ll have a bunch of pages to show you how productive you can be when you’re doing school work, and accomplishments are always great to celebrate!


valentine's cookies

Reminder about the Snowbarry Valentine’s Fic Contest :)

He’s just turning up the collar of his jacket and walking out of the police station when his phone buzzes. Digging into the pocket of his jeans, a fond smile flickers across his face at the message that pops up. Can you pick up some powdered sugar on your way home? We’re low. Shaking his head, knowing what his wife is up to, Barry shoots Caitlin a text back: Of course, see you soon. 

A minute later, he pulls his Nissan Rogue out of the parking lot and heads towards the corner grocery store his family frequents, losing himself in the song on the radio. The song plays on repeat in his mind as he walks through the familiar aisles in search of powdered sugar, plucking a bag from the shelf and grabbing a few other items while he’s at it—fresh apples, coffee creamer, a loaf of bread, all of which he sets gently on the register before beaming at the familiar face at the end. “Hello Mrs. Keller,” he greets, the white haired woman smiling back in return.

“Hello to you too, Barry,” the woman is always happy to see her regular customers in the store, and she seems to hold a special spot in her heart for the Allen family. “You’re missing a few today!”

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Creative Essay, 2006

            It was a regular sort of day. In fact, it was the sort of day you would usually not even remember. Well, at least, I wouldn’t have remembered. It was an early November day and it was regular November weather. You know, when weather is not really sure what it’s doing. It’s not sure if it should be cold or warm, so it gives you sort of a warm, cold day. It was sort of cloudy, sort of not. I wouldn’t exactly have called it partly cloudy, but that’s probably what the meteorologist on channel 11 said that morning. Either way, I had on a sweater. I remember that clearly.

            I was going through sort of a rough patch. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Rough patch is sort of the theme of my life. I’m not really sure that I can call my entire life a rough patch, its more like a black hole. Either way, last year about this time, I was going through hell.

            I was a junior at a new high school and trying my hardest to fit in. Which is hard, when the kids in your grade have already gone through two years together and you’re just the outsider, “the new kid.” I was dealing with that, pretty good. I mean besides the crying in the hallway and telling the world that I hated my life. Besides all that, I was in my stride.

            The only thing I remember really, really clearly about November.3, 2005, besides the weather, is what was on my mind. One word, Quincy. In fact, Quincy had been on my mind since I was about nine. I wont bore you with those details, but basically he was the one good thing I have always had. He wasn’t just some guy. It wasn’t just “puppy love.” No, he was my favorite person in the entire world. My best friend. The one person I could count on. And he, was in the hospital.

            He had been in there for a few days and I didn’t have the chance to go and see him. I mean, when you’re only 16, its hard to explain to your mother that your boyfriend of six years was in the hospital with a stab wound. The boyfriend she had never heard about. The boyfriend  you had never alluded to. I’m not proud to admit this, but I was going to lie to my mother, go to the hospital and see my secret boyfriend. He was such a secret that not even my good friends saw him. I think they probably thought I was making him up….but I digress.

            Like I was saying. Quincy.  I was going to see Quincy at the hospital. I took the two hour train ride from my school on 66 st, to 233rd street in the Bronx. I got off the number two train walked down the stairs towards my bus and froze.  I remember the way my heart stopped for about two seconds, then began to beat at a pace that could never be deemed as safe. I remember the feeling of my mouth going dry and the sensation of terror spreading throughout my body.

            I knew something was wrong from the minute I laid eyes on him. It wasn’t just because he was standing at a bus stop when he had a car. Or the way he was standing or the way his eyes scanned over faces as he was searching for someone. Searching for me. No, it wasn’t all that. It was the way things came together in my head. After all this was me. Naomi Davis. The black hole.

            My first instinct was to run away. If he didn’t see me. Didn’t find me. He couldn’t tell me, what I already knew in my heart. He couldn’t confirm the dread that was rising inside me. Run away, I couldn’t do that, because I knew Joshua Sanchez. I knew him so well, I knew he would follow me. I knew he would find me and tell me what he needed to tell me.

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The signs as shit I've said today:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> what the shitfuck is this moron doing<p/><b>Taurus:</b> *accidently breaks chip in chili* baBY COME BACK<p/><b>Gemini:</b> bitch, did i ask for your opinion?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> i crave death<p/><b>Leo:</b> i'm cute so that makes up for it<p/><b>Virgo:</b> where the hell did my motivation go?<p/><b>Libra:</b> *shoving books/bookwork off my bed* i dont have homework, what are you talking about?<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> ohmYGOD I WATCHED A VIDEO OF A DOG TAKING LAUNDRY AND PUTTING IT IN A BASKET. CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> wanna join my meme cult?<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> i will hit you where it hurts to win<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> mini [hair] buns are fucking cute <p/><b>Pieces:</b> *takes off bra* be frEE MY TIDDIES<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Hey guys! So some of you asked for my planner organization, so here it is! My planner was actually given to my by my school so just a disclaimer!

Weekly Organization

  • Before the week starts, I begin by by putting my classes in the boxes, just to make going through the week a little easier.
  • I also put in any quizzes/tests (yellow) and assignments (pink) that I know of (I also do this throughout the week!). This just helps me keep track of important things.
  • In the second line of the boxes, I put what we did in class that day to help me remember.
  • Lastly, I put my homework in using my pink pen, as well as a box to check when I finish. This helps me pick out what’s my homework and what we did in class.
  • Throughout the day, I write my to do list, which is mostly homework, but is sometimes actual responsibilities. 

Monthly Organization

  • The only thing I do in the monthly section of my planner is put in important school dates (days off, when the grading period ends, etc)

If you guys have any questions, just ask! Side note: I get my mid-trimester grade reports on Monday, so I’ll let you know how I’m doing!

Supermodel Karlie Kloss Talks Taylor Swift, Wearing Dior to Prom, and Life Off the Runway

Karlie has always been the sort of girl who thinks “family first” is a better motto than “first class.” Her ascent began at 13, when she walked in a St. Louis charity fashion show and caught the eye of a local scout, who brought her to an agency in New York. That’s when her career took off in a way that can only be described as a fashion fairy tale: In September 2007, one month after her fifteenth birthday, she appeared in her first New York show, for Calvin Klein. The following spring she walked on more than 31 runways in New York alone. Then came big breaks in campaigns for Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs, and a stint as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Today she has a much-coveted gig as a face of L’Or??al Paris—and a spot on Forbes’ Highest-Paid Models list.

And that’s just her day job. In 2012 Karlie founded a line of vegan, gluten-free baked goods that raises money for the Feed charity. This past summer, after taking a coding course (that’s right—during the summer!), she established the Kode With Karlie scholarship, which aims to get young women involved in the world of technology. Later this year she’s launching her own YouTube channel—and this month she’s heading back to school as a college freshman at New York University.

DEREK BLASBERG: My little sister is all grown-up and going off to college. Why now?

KARLIE KLOSS: I didn’t want to wait until I’m 30 to continue learning and challenging myself in new ways. I am 23 and at a very busy point in my career, but I hope it’s just the beginning. I want to do it all.

DB: What will you study at NYU?

KK: Like most kids starting college, my major is still “undecided.”Next year will be a big balancing act—but how exciting! I haven’t written a paper in years, so I may be calling you for homework help.

DB: Did you ever take that BuzzFeed quiz I emailed you: “Are You More Cara Delevingne or Karlie Kloss?”

KK: Yep. And you’ll be relieved to know that I got Karlie Kloss.

DB: Phew! I got Cara Delevingne.

KK: I am very confused how you got Cara. Should I be offended?

DB: According to BuzzFeed, “[Karlie Kloss] is as sweet as apple pie.” They say you’re “an amazing friend and always put others before yourself.” Have you ever wanted to shake off that image of being fashion’s sweetest supermodel?

KK: There are worse things than being called sweet. And I think the way that both you and I were raised was to be grateful to people. I’m a nice girl, and I’ve embraced it.

DB: You do have a lot of friends. FYI: This is when I ask you about Taylor Swift.

KK: And here we go! Taylor and I met at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show two years ago. [Model] Lily Aldridge introduced us. She was like, “OK, you two are kindred spirits. How have my two nice American friends never met?” And that was it.

DB: Immediate BFFs?

KK: Our friendship is the same as yours and mine. Many of my closest friends are traveling all the time, so it takes constant effort—texting, Facetiming—on all ends to maintain close relationships.

DB: Let’s talk about that “Bad Blood” video. Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Cara, Lena Dunham, and you: It was four minutes of major celebrity cameos. That couldn’t have been easy.

KK: But how often do you get to work with all your best friends on such a fun project? I think Taylor is the only person who could’ve pulled something like that off.

DB: Like Taylor, you’re becoming a role model for young girls. How does that feel?

KK: I’m still wrapping my head around it; I do feel a responsibility to be an example for young women in general. That’s what Kode With Karlie is about: supporting girls to try coding even if they’re not interested in being a programmer. If I can inspire one girl to try it, I’ll be happy.

[ … ]

DB: I remember you doing schoolwork backstage at shows. I thought it was wonderful how you managed to exist in both the fashion world and the real world.

KK: It was a bizarre double life…but at school no one really cared. It’s not like anyone in my high school was reading Vogue Italia.

DB: What did you wear to prom?

KK: I knew you were going to ask me that! Yes, I wore Dior couture to my prom. I probably peaked at my prom, and it’s all downhill from there. [Laughs.] I should say, though, that I wouldn’t have considered myself a high-fashion high-schooler. I lived in a ballet bun and comfy clothes. I still opt for comfort, even today.

DB: How has the business of fashion changed since you started?

KK: Social media. The fashion industry has had to become less elitist and more accessible. When I started, only a few hundred people could see a fashion show live. Now anyone with a computer and Internet access can. It’s put a bigger spotlight on what we do.

DB: Which, I think, has been good for fashion and good for models.

KK: It’s been a great thing for my career, but also as an individual, because I get to show my personality.

DB: Do you ever read the comments? Do you get those nasty trolls?

KK: I read some of them, sure. The vast majority of comments are positive. But there are bullies out there. I’ve learned to ignore them. Because in my life, that’s just noise.