i put no effort into making this look respectable

How i make my BTS fake subs:

1. take a shitload of screenshots. 

per post in the BTS america reality series, i use around 40 screenshots. i usually take 100-120 screenshots from a 10 minute clip of their bon voyage episodes

2. choose the screenshots i want to use

3. come up with dialogue that matches the screenshots

for coming up with the shady dialogue, i’m either

  • a) inspired by their facial expressions/hand gestures/body language OR
  • b) already have a conversation in mind and manipulate the screenshots to fit what i want them to say

4. type out the dialogue and insert the black boxes behind the text

5. arrange them in order

6. crop and resize the photos to 500px 

7. Copy and paste them onto a 500 x 800 canvas (size varies)

8. watermark and save

it might look simple but this takes me hours. the hard part is coming up with the dialogue & getting the dialogue to match with their expressions/movements in the sceenshots

so dont fucking tell me that “anyone can make these fake subs” or “if you dont want it reposted then why did u make them?” cause it takes creativity and i put in my effort and my time to do this so i can make you guys laugh.

 if you repost my shit, you’re discrediting all of that. respect my work and dont ruin it for everyone else by reposting.

Conversation with a Lake/ Spring Spirit

*this was several months ago, but I’m just sharing info on her now*

Sorta-kinda disclaimer: I communicated with the spirits mentioned here via thoughts and feelings, not really in words. It’s hard to capture that via text, so I tried to translate it into a more understandable format. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Now to the good stuff!

location: a lake/ spring/ body of water near my house. It was originally meant to be a reservoir, but the diggers hit a natural spring. It’s also full of plants and algae and its levels are highly affected by the rainfall… I don’t know what you call that.

appearance: n/a. I just got feelings.

energy/ feel: BIG. DEEP. OLD. Businesslike, but also with a healing/ nurturing side.

gender: I say “she”, but I have no idea why. so, ehh?

I walked around the lake as I do frequently, just getting attuned to nature. I left pieces of shells and seaglass by the water’s edge as gifts. There were a couple shy “thank you”s as I did so. 

I found a place to sit, and I waited there until some small water spirits came up to me. I greeted them and asked if they had a leader (for lack of a better word).

“Yes, she’s right over there.” the spirits told me in unison, planting the thought in my mind of where to go (a bit further down the shore). They said that she had been waiting for me, and that I should hurry up and talk to her before she got annoyed. 

“You have to meet her halfway.” they said as I got up. (They meant she wanted me to be touching the water, as a sort of symbol of respect. Like standing up when someone enters the room– you put in a little more effort, if that makes sense.)

I headed down and took off my shoes and dipped my toes in the water. It was cool and soft.

“What do you want?” A presence in the water. A pair of discerning eyes on me.

“I… came here to talk?” I tried to sound confident, failing. I tried to look at her, to picture her in my head, but I couldn’t. She may have been stopping me from doing so, or she may not have had an appearance at all.

She didn’t respond.

“And I brought gifts!” I added, slightly desperate. I gently tossed the shiny items into the water. 

I hope you like them.”

“What do you wish to talk about?” she asked curtly. Noticing my offerings, she added, 

“These are nice. Thank you.” She relaxed. I said,

“I wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful place here. The water is beautiful. And the flowers are nice. …I was also wondering if you would be interested in working with me. In a magical sense. I’m a witch.”

“Working with you… how?”

“Well, you could teach me any magical uses for the plants here, or the spring water, if you want. You could lend your strength or energy to a spell I work, for example.”

“I could certainly do that. Though, I am not interested in a close relationship; I’d rather be an acquaintance. When you need me, come find me. Anything else?”

“Ah, yes, one more thing. Is it alright if I take a small jar of the water here? To use for magic?”

“Yes. Also, to thank you for your gifts, I will give you something in return.”

“May I inquire as to what that will be?”

“You will find out in time.”

(In retrospect, I’m pretty sure that her gift was infusing the waters with healing properties– emotional, spiritual, and physical. Or at least opening my mind to use it for that.)

rob appreciation post: design

some people love rob because of his personality. some say because they feel bad for all crap he endured through the show. some say because they’re glad the show have an antagonist

but you know why i love rob?

his post-void design

never in my life i saw a character as disfigured as rob does, and i give the TAWoG team a huge kudos for that

so let’s start off with his general design. before his disfiguration, rob was just a tall blue cyclops with a rather basic design. but post-disfiguration? he had changed a LOT. the thing that i like from his design is that he is completely isymmetrical, not even the hands and the legs are the same model!

let’s start off with his head. dude has a head of a misaglined hexagon (or an octagon?), and the design is, let’s just say really complicated, fanartists (me included) have difficulties drawing his head properly! his hair is separated into two hexagons and it’s disembodied from the head, but you can still tell that he has hair despite all that.

now into his body. i can assume that his clothes merged with his body when being disfigured, so there’s no sign of rob’s actual body there. like his head, it is isymmetrical and really complicated, and i love the detailing on it like a hole on his chest, his used-to-be backpack or the stripes on his used-to-be shorts (i think it’s a part of his hip now).

and speaking of details, can we just appreciate the details rob has, like the low-polygon textures on his right hand and foot, or his now-detailed left hand, which is apparently the only ‘organic’ bodypart rob have after his disfiguration, pink patches on his left leg, or his left foot which is now reduced into wireframes? the TAWoG team put a really good effort on those.

and let’s not forget his static patches. they’re really well animated, and still manages to look smooth even when rob moves. now that’s fine art right there.

to top it off, i really appreciate the effort TAWoG team put through to animate rob. when you think animating a 3D character is difficult, try animating rob while making his model glitch or spazz out every few frames AND animate his static patches. now that’s pure dedication right there.

long story short, rob’s post-void design is SPOT ON, and i love it.

i know there are a few people who don’t like rob, but i respect their opinion and as long as they don’t act like an asshole to everyone who likes rob, i’ll give ‘em a pass.

anonymous asked:

1. your latest works with Reyes, and Mccree are pure gold! please don't stop writing them because they are just way too good. <3 + 2. Can I request one where the reader is a caucasian sniper woman, with low self esteem (but is in reality kind of hot) and Mccree acknowledging her beauty?

Ah, thank you, I love that you enjoy reading them! Of course, it is short but I hope you enjoy reading!

- - - - - - - -

You closed one eye and looked through the scope. Your body was flat on the gravel top of a grungy motel, hidden in the shadows behind flashing neon lights. The stones were uncomfortable to lie on, especially when all you were wearing was a skintight black body suit to slip into the darkness. You had no use for armour, as the fight was never brought to you.

You could see the target you were assigned to maim - not kill; more than a shock to show how valuable they were and not waste their life away more than anything. The brief was incredibly specific. They were just standing there, hip struck out as their weight was passed to one side. A cigarrette hung from the corner of their mouth and the smoke drifted up infrequently, the light from their holopad ominously lighting up their face. You slightly moved your sight down, focusing in between the hip and the thigh.

You squeezed the trigger and the shot rang out. Chaos ensued with people screaming and glass breaking, confused to what was happening. The target dropped to the floor, clutching their side and shouting for help amongs the commotion. A smile ghosted across your lips.

Mission complete.

“Well done, dollface.” A southern drawl sounded over your earpiece.
“Just packing up, be at the rendezvous in approximately seven minutes.”
“Right at'cha, sweetheart.”

Will he ever cease with his pet names? You rolled your eyes to yourself, precisely packing your sniper away into what appeared to be a saxophone case in it’s previous life, as not draw suspicion.

Hooking the strap of the case over your shoulder, you slid down the rungs of the fire escape ladder until your feet lightly hit the the floor. You pulled your black scarf to cover the bottom half of your face. Your skin was so pale it would no doubt reflect any light shone at you, and that isn’t what you wanted at this time. Black covered every inch of your body, from the flats you wore on your feet to the beanie that sat atop your long locks.

A few minutes of fast paced walking and you had arrived at the meeting point. McCree was facing the other way from you, looking up at the stars no doubt appreciating their beauty. That was one good thing of being so far away from a city was that there was no light pollution and you could just see for miles.

“They are.” You agreed.

Jesse span around, his signature cigar hanging from his lips and his thumbs in his belt buckles. You had to admit, working in Blackwatch had its advantages, and working with the one and only Jesse McCree was one of them.

“I was talkin’ ‘bout you.”

Your brows furrowed. You and Jesse had been in a constant back and forth the past month or so. To say you had low self-esteem was an understatement, and to then be constantly paired with this confident piece of shit every mission didn’t help. He was lovely, but his ego was bigger than that ridiculous belt buckle he still wore.

“Not now. We need to debrief.”
“I mean, you could'a said earlier..” He made his way to start unzipping his trousers, a wolfish grin plastered on his face.
“I’m just playin’. I don’t understand ya, doll.” He stalked his way over to you, you following his dance and stepping back.
“Good.” You said bluntly.

Your back hit the solid front of a tree, your head now tilted up to look at the figure looming over you.

“You wear this kinda shit on missions,’ he said, plucking the beanie off of your head and pulling the scarf down from your face, ‘and don’t expect me to get even a little-”

“Funnily enough I don’t dress like this for you.” You snapped before he could finish what he saying. “I dress like this because it’s uniform and so I don’t have my cover blown.”

He sighed. Taking your hands he gently removed the finger of each glove and slowly pulled them off. He rolled the wrists together and gave the pair back to you.

“I don’t understand why ya cover up.”
“Like I said-”
“No. That’s for missions. Even at base you still don’t show a lot off.”
“Maybe because I don’t have a lot to show off.” You mumbled, dropping your head to look at the earthy ground.

McCree put his finger under your chin and forced you to look at him. His eyebrows were crossed, a concerned look in his eyes.

“You do realise you’re beautiful, right?”
You shook your head. You had always felt plain in comparison to the other women at the Overwatch headquarters. People like Angela and Captain Amari were on another level, and if little Fareeha grew up to look anything like her mother then wow.

“I don’t know why you hide everything away.” His hand had trailed to cup your cheek. “Why do you think we were always together on missions?”

Bastard. Of course it was him.

“I only thought you were a pretty face, but seeing you complete a job and complete it well? Oh boy.” A light dusting of pink scattered his cheeks. “Does more t'a man than you can imagine.”

“I- just.. Seeing how Overwatch ever seems to hire supermodels these days, I was surprised to be even be shortlisted..”

He looked taken aback, as though he was offended.

“Darlin’, Overwatch hires people for their skill. When I heard a sniper was joining Blackwatch I was mighty excited. Then to see it was you?” He put his hands on his hips and exaggerated a huff, making you chuckle. “Brains 'nd talent are far more respectable than just what'cha look like. As long as you put 'n the effort, no one can ever doubt ya. One day, I will make you see that. For now all I’ll do is call ya pretty and hope you agree with me.” He ended with a hat tilt and a cheeky smirk.

His hands cupped your cheeks and he pressed his lips gently to your forehead.

“Until we become more, that’s all I can do f'ya.”
“Until we become more?” You questioned, eyebrow raising.“
“Of course, honey. One day we’re g'na settle down in a nice 'lil cottage with a red front door and a white picket fence..” he trailed off, resting his head on top of yours.

You weren’t even a couple before tonight, but things may have now changed. You smiled gratefully, leaning into his embrace.

“Jesse, I hate to interrupt-”
“And we can get two dogs-”

He took your hand, leading you over to the dropship, no intention of stopping this fantasy of his.

“One can be called-”
He looked at you, eyes wide from realising he’d been rambling.

“Thank you.”

He smiled, pulling you into an embrace.

“Anytime, doll.”

Painful *part 1* (Percival G. x Reader)

Request: hi!!! can u do an imagine where Percival and the reader have a “big” age gap (she is younger ) and he’s scared of what people could think if they find out about their relation and broke up with her because of that ? but he realize that people don’t mind about this kind of thing and they end together ? you can do it in 2 or 3 part maybe? (that’s totally strange i know and sorry for my english 😂)

It’s finally up! I’m so sorry it took so long, but I was on vacation and had no time to do it then. 

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

Warnings: Angst

Words: 1,146

Do not repost this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Please don’t forget to leave feedback! ;)

Originally posted by pinepizzalove


You smiled as you left Jacob’s Bakery. You really felt like today was a good day! After being let off early from work, you walked over to Jacob’s Bakery and bought a dozen cupcakes for you and Percival to eat together. As you left the bakery, you thought of how nice it’d finally be to spend some time with your boyfriend after barely being able to be together because of the long hours he’d spend at MACUSA.

Percival and you had been dating for three months now. Your relationship really began to bloom when the two of you realized you lived in the same apartment building. Everyday you would end up walking by each other, and soon enough you began walking together to work each morning. Those small conversations blossomed into long nights spent together by the fireplace and late night walks around the city. Both of you had feelings for each other, however it took time for Percival to get used to the large age gap between the two of you. Once you began dating, he opened up to you about his worries on the age gap, but you were insistent that you two could work through it.

Arriving at your apartment building, you walked to your apartment and made your way inside. After you set down the cupcakes on a nearby table, you picked up the phone and left a message for Percival to meet you after work at your apartment. 

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to leave work until 8:00, you plopped down onto your couch and settled into a blissful nap.

After a few hours of napping, you awoke to the sound of soft knocks at your door. You drowsily sat up from your position on the couch and walked over to it. You opened the door and were greeted by a very tired looking Percival Graves. 

Smiling, you took him into your arms for a big hug. “I missed you! Come on in so we can have some cupcakes.” You detached yourself from Percy and turned around to send him a flirtatious wink before walking back into your apartment. 

As you neared the cupcakes on your table you noticed that Percival hadn’t moved from his position by the door. You looked a little closer at him and saw how tired he was. He had bags under his eyes and there was a frown deeply set onto his face.

Your eyes softened when you thought of how much work he must’ve done today. He probably just wanted some sleep. 

“I’m sorry if you’re tired babe. If you want you can go back to your apartment and sleep. We can just eat the cupcakes tomorrow.” You smiled and began to walk towards him to kiss him goodbye before he stopped you.

“No, no. I’m fine. I just need to talk to you about something.” He brushed past you and walked over to the couch to sit down.

Now it was your turn to frown. Did you do something wrong?

As if reading your mind, Percival looked at you and beckoned you to come over. 

“You did nothing wrong, we just need to talk.”

Nodding, you silently moved over to sit next to him. You thought of all the worst situations in your head. The anticipation for what he was about to say was eating away at you.

“We need to talk about the age gap between us. I know you want to work through it, but I think you… would be better off looking for someone more close to your age, sweetheart.”

You frowned and looked at Percival. “Are you breaking up with me?”

Several seconds of silence followed after you asked that daunting question. Percival didn’t want to do this, but he couldn’t risk people finding out he was dating someone years and years younger than him. His subordinates may not think as highly of him if they knew.

After a while, Percival looked at you and nodded. In an effort of comforting you, he reached out and put his hand on top of yours, rubbing his thumb in circles on the back of your hand. 

You recoiled at his touch. Was he ashamed of dating you? Was it just his pride that got into the way? 

“Percival I… we can work through this. I really don’t think age matters, if we can make this work, then we can make it work.”

“I know what you’re saying, but there’s too many risks here. If the people at MACUSA find out, they may not respect me as much as they do now.”

A wave of anger rushed through you. So this was only because of his pride! 

“Why would they not respect you if they knew you were dating me? Is there something about me you don’t like?”

“There is nothing about you that I dislike, but like I said before, there are too many risks. I’m sorry-”

“There are too many risks my ass! You’re just making all of this up. It’s only because of your pride.”

“Y/N. I know you want to work through this, but we can’t. The age gap is too big and I would rather you found someone younger than me to be with you.”

You didn’t even realize you were crying until Percival pulled you into a hug, telling you to not cry and that everything would be find. 

You shoved yourself away from him as if he burned you. Furiously wiping at your tears, you stood up and faced him with all of the strength you had left. 

“Get out. If you’re so ashamed of having me as your girlfriend, then I’m ashamed I even allowed you into my life. Leave.”

Percival nodded in acceptance and swiftly made his way to the door, closing it behind him.

At that moment you broke down. There were so many hopes and memories you had in that relationship, but his pride got into the way and he couldn’t even stand to stay with you. You wondered if it was your fault that this happened. You even wondered if he found someone else to love instead of you.

Sobs racked your body at the thought of that. 

Percival was also hurting inside. Once he made it back to his apartment, he walked to his room and lied down on his bed, thinking over the past event and hoping that you would understand why he did what he did. He hated to see you cry, his heart broke once he saw what his words were doing to you. What you had said last was burned into his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel like he was already missing something in his life. But in his mind, this had to be done. The Graves family was built on respect and power, and he wasn’t willing to lose that just yet.


Hope you guys liked it! Don’t forget that requests are always open to anyone who wants to send them in :)

Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 10

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, mentions of sex

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 [END] // Epilogue (fake text)

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anonymous asked:

i know you don't like to discuss such matters, but what do you think of the current situation with the O/wl/poop comic guy ranting about politics?

Gonna preface this with “it’s good to contribute what you deem praiseworthy to the world and fixate less on what other folk are doing or failing to do.”

That said, yeah, OT comics really bother me. I always feel Shen is trying to speak from a place of universality in the sense that everything gets pared down to its most minimal and archetypal. It rings hollow because nobody can come from this place sincerely. This is an important point and shouldn’t be glossed over. No one is apolitical or without ideology and presenting yourself  as universal is gonna invite scorn. I mean, Ben Garrison ranting about politics is easier to tune out because he’s upfront about his garbage ideology. Owlturd comics are not consumed in the same way as a political cartoon, so I think they tend to cause more of a stink. Especially since they involve that Pillsbury Doughboy comic style. That’s how I read ‘em anyway. But he has done good comics, and I suppose I admire anyone who consistently puts work out there. And yeah, social media can make one feel pretty self-conscious. 

Then again, if you have an audience so vast and are aware of the numbers, I feel you should be mindful of it and take it as a privilege to speak directly to your audience. Because they are a lot like you – different in many ways but each wholly unique just like you. We are linked by many of the same fears and desires, but we’re also so variegated! That’s compelling! That’s worth celebrating in a sense. And I often see Shen going about that in an obtuse way. I mean, when he riffs on something, it seems like he’s unreflectively criticizing abstract behaviors or sending a convoluted political message. Like, when you make your opponent an imaginary dough-person who is merely the summation of their spouting. Like, it’s less the specific politics as it is his choosing to paint with a broad brush instead of lampooning Trump, Hillary Clinton, himself, or whomever – someone specifically. I don’t think that that’s super productive in general, but I do have more respect for someone being clear and specific concerning the object of their ire than these vague frustrations. 

The comic over which I got really bent of shape was the Popular thing/Original thing comic . I think it is a common sentiment, and I can relate. We’re upset when our original thing doesn’t get the attention we want. But that’s on us. We have to mitigate our own feelings on that, right? What Shen does in his comic is blame his audience for not responding to his earnestness – which is funny considering how well most of his stuff gets spread. Like the video game as metaphor comic? touching. I have to admit that! and like DUDE. That did well on a superficial and deeper level. Christ, I should be so lucky! Anyway! in the Popular thing comic, he portrays his audience as homogenous and unreceptive to his original thing. When he does a popular thing, the homogenous crowd hoots like howler monkeys. I mean? Maybe that’s a relatable feeling but this is the point I’m making about all this. Portraying your audience as more simplistic than you requires zero imagination and effort but is a distortion of reality. I know that we all do it from time to time since we can understand ourselves deeper than others. But – you aren’t gonna have a sustainable and satisfying relationship with your readers if you don’t put effort into fleshing out your ideas and identity and respect theirs as well? Does that make sense? I admit this is a thorny topic, but you simply won’t get a sense of fulfillment picking on straw men and depicting folk as unsophisticated.

Anywho, I did this in response to that comic a while back. Look at it. Perfectly preserved in salt, haha 

Anyway, have a good day, people! 


You hadn’t left your room since the wedding, which may have seemed dramatic, but anytime you looked at Hobi, you wanted to cry. It wasn’t that he was a horrible guy, but you just couldn’t handle the gravity of what had happened. As you sat on you bed, your eyes still puffy and red, you looked at your phone. Your parents had called, you friends kept texting you, and there were constant updates on Twitter and Tumblr of your recent nuptials. The world thought you two were childhood sweethearts who rekindled your love in a whirlwind romance, only a small group truly understood what was going on. You were scheduled to do an interview in a month and BigHit was very adamant that you were to be a happy and in love newlywed couple. You threw your face back into the pillow then you lifted your head suddenly.

The smell of something burning wafted under the door and you began to grow panicked. Looking at the door, you heard a little shriek and jumped out of bed. Swinging the door open, you saw a large flame engulfing a pan on the stove and a scared Hobi standing, his hands covering his face. Running to the faucet, you grabbed water and pulled Hobi out of the way. Drenching the flame, you watched the once scalding pan sizzle. Turning off the flame, you took an oven-mitt and grabbed the handle of the skillet. After placing the charred skillet in the sink, you looked at Hobi. He stood there in complete shock. Shaking his head slightly, he looked at you sheepishly.

Hey. He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand. You saw the glint of the golden ring on his finger and the entire situation awoke the uncomfortable feeling that stirred in your stomach.

Trying to cook? You asked as you tried to push the feeling away. He nodded and let out a bit of a laugh.

Had you not come in, I think I would have burned the place down! He exclaimed and you felt yourself smile. His laughter was infectious, that hadn’t changed in the years. Hey! You’re smiling! He smiled widely as you nodded a little.

Yea, well I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I know I’ve been childish. You tried to apologize, but Hobi stopped you.

No, no, I get it. You moved away from home and we aren’t in the best circumstance, but let’s try to make the best of this okay? He said cautiously and you thought for a moment, then nodded. He was right, there was no use in not trying. If you didn’t try, than it would be incredibly miserable, but maybe this could work out in some way.

What were you trying to make, if you don’t mind my asking? You looked at the mess of a kitchen and Hobi laughed nervously.

I was trying to make that soup that my mom used to make when I was homesick. She visited Seoul a couple times when I was a trainee and the soup just reminded me of home, I thought maybe if I made it for you, it would help a little. Hobi’s red face made you smile. He was truly putting in a genuine effort. You looked around and saw the ingredients.

Mind if I help? My mom makes a similar recipe, so it might be nice to have it again. Hobi nodded vehemently and began cleaning the already dirty kitchen. As the two of you moved throughout the kitchen, you forgot about the heaviness of the ring on your left hand. It was the first time you weren’t thinking of a way to escape the situation. You still weren’t completely comfortable, but you thought about the way he was looking out for you and you wanted to at least be respectful.

So how was it, moving away from home at a young age? You asked idly as you stirred the ingredients in the saucepan. Hobi was washing dishes, but stopped and leaned against the counter.

It wasn’t easy. To be completely honest, it sucked. I was constantly upset, and dancing was the only thing that kept my mind off things. They had me practicing day in and day out, so the only time I had to miss home was when I was in bed trying to get to sleep. You looked over at him and saw a thoughtful expression grace Hobi’s features. I wasn’t even allowed to call them that much, I just had to sort of deal with it. But I thought that me working to become an idol would make my parents happy, I thought if I worked hard enough, I could become more than if I had stayed in Gwangju. I remember feeling really lonely and the guys just became my family.

The guys? You interrupted Hobi simply for clarification.

Oh, the guys, BTS, the group, you know? Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Namjoon … He looked at you searchingly as you nodded.

Right, right. You nodded and made a gesture as if to tell him to continue.

Oh, well they became my makeshift family. It was the seven of us against the world. He let out a bit of a chuckle. We were all young and scared, but we really bonded. It was really nice to have such supportive guys. Like I remember this one time, I was really upset because one of the managers rejected my choreography for one of our debut shows and Namjoon went up to him and said that if we didn’t do the choreography, that we wouldn’t do the show. The manager was pissed at us, but I got to do my choreography. Hopefully you’ll get to know them better in a little bit. He looked at you. You could tell that he really loved all of the guys in the group.

That would be amazing. They sound like they really care for you. You smiled at him and he nodded a little. You turned around and turned off the flame. Letting the soup sit for a second, you turned back around. Hobi was drying off his hands and taking off his apron. He neatly hung the fabric on the allotted hook and went to the cupboard for some bowls. A lot was different about him from the last time the two of you saw each other before he left for Seoul. You remembered a much less confident boy compared to the man that stood in front of you. You looked down at yourself then back at him. There seemed to be a disconnect. He was an idol, completely perfect from his skin, to his style, while you stood there, looking like a grown up version of your plain Jane self. Wiping your hands on the apron, you saw the glitter of the diamond ring on your finger. The gold metal matched Hobi’s and it was the most expensive piece of jewelry you owned. It laid at the base of your ring finger, as if a reminder that the rest of you wasn’t worthy. You looked up and saw Hobi looking at you with concern on his face.

Is something wrong with your hand? He walked up and gently pulled on your hand. Skimming his thumb over the top portion of your hand, he did a little examination of your hand. Then he looked at you. Did you burn yourself? You shook your head and curled your hand up away from his touch.

I’ll go set the table. You mumbled as you made your way passed him and grabbed the bowls and silverware that he had just pulled out of the cupboards.

Hobi stood there for a moment, a little disheartened at the backtracking that seemed to have just occurred. He thought about texting the guys, but instead he stood there and thought. It was the first time he had seen you smile in a long time. You seemed more relaxed when the two of you spoke about his past. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to speak to you about his past, he very rarely spoke about those emotions, maybe it was the similarity you had to him that made him open up. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on the counter. He looked down at his own hand, the gold ring that had haunted him the past couple of days didn’t seem so heavy now. He just wished that the two of you could talk more, be more comfortable with each other, he sighed heavily. What does love feel like anyway? He thought to himself. Grabbing the soup, he made his way into the dining area.

You were sitting there, a glass of wine already poured for the two of you and your mind in another place. Hobi wanted to know what you were thinking about, but didn’t know how to ask.

Hey, do you want some? He ladled the soup into your bowl and you focused back on the present. Taking a spoonful, you put it up to your lips. It had been years since the taste had hit your tongue, but it automatically reminded you of home.

Ah, god, I haven’t eaten this in forever. When I was little, my mom would make this for me when I wasn’t feeling good. Like this one time in high school, my boyfriend dumped me for my best friend. It was horrible, I thought that I would never recover, but my mom made this and said that no boy could take away my love for food. You recounted and laughed at the memory. You could see your mom standing in the kitchen, laughing about how quickly you scarfed down your food. You missed those days, life seemed simpler.

Hobi smiled as you took another spoonful, with each spoonful you seemed to recall a different time when the soup had made you feel better. Maybe people were right. The way to your heart was through your stomach. He chuckled at the thought and continued to listen to you recount various memories.

I’ve been watching videos of ballet dancers for the past hour and just… ooOHHHHH GOODDDDDD
I have so much freaking respect for ballet dancers, and although sometimes part of me is sad I’ll never be that bc I gave up ballet, I’m also just fine over here watching them being incredible. I feel like people might underestimate how powerful ballet dancers are? Bc it’s a TOUGH JOB, the hours are so long and they put so much work into it ?? And pointe shoes look so painful, and the amount of injuries they’ll have and just! Ballet dancers man! Looking that effortless takes a WHOOOLEE lot of effort, they’re so GRACEFUL AND !!!! god I wish I could do that it’s so incredible, they train so much and ahhh I just admire and respect them so much.
This goes for p much any type of dancer, but like, ballet dancers. Oh boy. Especially classical dancers like that shit is centuries old and you are helping keep it alive woW.


Someone asking me to RESPECT and BELIEVE kubo .. why should I respect someone who doesn’t know how to RESPECT others ?

If kubo really intended to make ih from the beginning .. tell me what is this all about ? why did he put so much effort making Ichiruki moments from chapter 1 to 500 episode 1 to 366 , during interview he talk about Rukia’s name and says that she is like ichigo’s Ray of light , poems , color spreads , movie , symbolic BLACK SUN AND WHITE MOON , he even make Rukia’s Bankai form which exactly looks the same as ichigo’s , opposite color BLACK AND WHITE and both their robe change as if they’re related to one another , Urahara’s prophecy, Kyoraku visit the human world to meet ichigo’s friend blah blah as if ichigo will end up staying in the soul society , Isshin Masaki Ryuken love story parallel to ichiruki/ren.. with his sweettalk about ichiruki during interview he has ichiruki under his spells to stay by his side for many years and make us believe and hope that Ichiruki will happen but he crush ichiruki’s hope with single chapter in the END for what? For moneys sake ?! For marketing purpose ?! .. kubo is making too many excuse just to get Fans attention and sympathies and now he have ichihime brainwashed and make them believe everything he said .. good job ship war maker ..
Why bother listen to guy like him ? To me , ichiruki are not a part of bleach anymore, without bleach Ichiruki can still stand but without ichiruki bleach is nothing like right now

my biggest pet peeve is when people put genie down not knowing that she has served in three wars, killed for her country and has lost many of her good friends. she suffers from ptsd and alcoholism and is still put down in threads as weak and cute. gtfo.  i’ve never made genie to be out as a victim as she takes full responsibility for her actions but it’s just the idea that someone thinks it means nothing is what gets to me.

The Evolution of Bones McCoy’s Hair

‘I wet my fingers to comb it into place in the bathroom of the bar I passed out in because I’m joining Starfleet and don’t have a brush and need to look respectable oh my GOD I’m joining Starfleet what the fuck me’

‘I’m technically Starfleet personnel and a DOCTOR goddammit it I must look neat and tidy even if I am filled with Southern Rage™’

‘Okay it’s too much effort to deal with this hair I’m cutting it off that’ll make it easier to deal with’

‘Single and Ready To Mingle (and fuck with the Vulcan whom I love very dearly at least partially because Stockholm’s)’

‘I keep running my hands through my hair because Stress™ dear God why do I put product in my hair it just makes my fingers sticky and I need them CLEAN for my JOB’

‘Nobody’s gonna see me but Jim and Friends™ they’re all a mess something will probably explode and then I’ll be stressed but also need to fix them so I can’t have mousse on my fingers also they’ve all collectively seen me worse I don’t even care anymore’

i became a fan of bts between young forever n fire and young forever will always hold a special place in my heart bc it means so much to me but also it culminates all the effort and emotion they put into hyyh/most beautiful moments in life!!! 

the theme of holding on to the limelight so closely, and fearing it slipping away is so prevalent on the young forever album, and in the song respectively, and looking back now it makes me tear up a little seeing how much bts have grown just since the release of that song/album….they might not be young forever but their names will never be forgotten.

dancing-dagger  asked:

/ just wanted to say, I *love* how much effort you're putting into studying the history and practice of voodoo for this muse. I always love seeing muns do this much homework. Looking forward to seeing some good threads!

[ much obliged, fam! i always try as hard as i possibly can with muses. i don’t study everything right off the bat, but whenever i’m curious or whenever i need to write headcanons / have hunches, i try to research as much as i can!

and thanks for agreeing with my studies of voodoo practice! i’m trying to respect it as much as possible, so if i make any mistakes i apologize profusely. ]

Okay, but here’s something that just blurped into my brain:  Marinette fell in love with Adrien when he showed to be unrelentingly kind, earnest, and willing to put himself out there all in the name of making a new friend.  He put her needs above his own while talking to her in a clear and direct manner.

Originally posted by ohmychatnoir

He respected her enough to put forth the effort, he was honest enough to where he explained something that really didn’t have to be said, yet gave enough context so she would know where he was coming from, and he showed her unconventional and unconditional kindness.

And usually (for straights, at least.  I have no clue about lesbians if that’s different or not [sorry for lack of knowledge]) girls look for positive features that have been demonstrated to them by the leading male figures in their lives.

Originally posted by kagayakuseiza

Originally posted by gr33dsama

So from that, I’m assuming that Tom has always been one to enable Marinette in her dreams, support her, explain things to her clearly, and just constantly be there.  And I honestly want an episode of Tom and Sabine (because tbh, Marinette emulates a few of her more awesome traits a couple of times in the show) just being them.  I wanna trail around those two for a day and see what they see and watch how they react to things.

Tom and Sabine are genuinely awesome people and I want to see more of them.

I want to be a person that loves with everything inside of me. I want to love with honesty, vulnerability, and most of all courage. I want to make the effort to know another person’s story and trust them with mine. I don’t want to let my fear of rejection, of embarrassment, or of getting hurt keep me trapped in a world of loneliness.

I will never know if I never try just how possible it is for things to work out. Just how deeply I can heal when things fall apart. And just how wonderful it can be to give all of myself to another person and have them do the same with me.

Love is a choice. Every time I wanted to be chosen, I wasn’t. So my heart caved in and I became scared to try again. Scared to have yet another person tell me I’m not the one for them. Scared that I wasn’t worth being their choice.

I still have those fears, but my dreams mean more to me. There is someone in this great big world who is walking down their path just as I am; they are looking for someone to choose them back. I believe that if I make the effort, if I am brave and vulnerable, if I continue to try despite my fears that one day we will choose each other. We will be that someone for one another that we’ve been searching for.

Love doesn’t just happen in an instant. I have to put myself out there. I have to talk to that person, and get to know them for who they are and not who I want them to be. I have to reveal my heart to them, and respect that their heart might not feel the same way. I have to think of their feelings as well as my own. I have to try with no guarantee of the outcome.

I don’t know the inter workings of love but I believe love is two people choosing each other every single day in the light and in the darkness of this life. Love is two broken, imperfect human beings committing to intertwine their stories together. Love is taking the time to understand each other. Forgive one another. Love is being there when it’s hard, when it’s uncomfortable, when they aren’t very lovely, when the feelings fade, when you are tired, and when you are scared.

Love is a choice, and I won’t lose hope that one day the person I choose will choose me as well. I’m going to be brave even when I’m trembling. Even when the words are hard to speak. Even when I’m unsure of how to proceed. Even when it doesn’t work out. Even when it hurts. Even when… I’m going to choose to try because doing nothing is too sad to me. It would break my heart more to never try than to know I’m not the one. Knowing I’m not the one for them only brings me a step closer to the one I’m searching for.

I want to love with a genuine and courageous heart. I want to share my life with another person. I want to know the insides and outsides of another human being’s story. I want to be the person that never leaves their side. The person that encourages them to achieve their dreams. The person that holds their hand when life is bitter. I want to love like that, day by day, with the person who chooses me at my worst and at my best like I choose them.

This good love, I am going to believe it will come, that we will find one another. That we will choose each other again and again no matter what comes our way.

—  Dele Olanubi

Kyrona 2016 like/reblog if u agree

anyways the red string of fate thing is something that I’ve felt like drawing for awhile, I wish I put more effort into the barely noticeable rose pattern in the background but ohwell

oh! I drew us in the outfits that @icronagorgon drew here since they were cute and simple and fit the picture :3c I kinda wanted to make them look more velvety tho

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)

mrfb  asked:

What are your thoughts on the pi v. tau debate?

(For those unaware of the Pi. vs. Tau debate, read the Tau Manifesto and then the Pi Manifesto).

I’m actually extremely pro-tau, but only under certain conditions. I’ll explain.

Warning: The following is my personal take on these subjects. I’m no authority. This is pretty much late night armchair philosophy and ramblings of a madman. It’s just how I make sense of some of these ideas, and it’s the first time I’m trying to put these into words. Hopefully, they’ll make some sense and I won’t look like a complete nut.

On the merits of the debate

Mathematics thrives on conventions. Being able to symbolically convey a very precise idea is one of its greatest triumphs and strengths. For that, we have developed a set of (ideally unambiguous) conventional notations. Notation is pretty damn important. Learning this mathematical language takes a lot of effort, and it is a skill we should respect. A lot of important knowledge is being carried by these crazy symbols, knowledge built upon centuries of intense thought and research by some of the smartest people who have ever lived.

The use of the Greek lower-case letter pi (π) to denote a particular irrational number is one of such conventions developed in mathematics. As a convention, it is extremely valuable as it is. There’s little reason to change it. The fact we agreed with π as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is of little consequence to any underlying mathematics, it changes nothing, so this isn’t really a point to be argued. The important thing is merely consistency.

In this respect, the tau vs. pi debate is a waste of time in my view. Saying equations are prettier because of a factor of two somewhere is missing is a bit ridiculous and non-mathematical, and entirely misses the point of having a constant defined in the first place. Are we arguing over mathematics or typography/aesthetics?

However, conceptual differences are important. This is where the debate can be fruitful, I think, so dismissing it completely can be (and I believe it is) a bad thing. Oddly nobody else seems to be making this particular point, at least not how I’m going to expose it here.


You see, π shows up everywhere in math by itself, no factors of 2 attached at all. It’s a pretty remarkable number on its own. It shows up even when things don’t seem to be related to circles. For instance, the integral of the Gaussian is √π, which is a surprising result (and it’s one of my current math animation projects). The sum of the reciprocal of squares, also known as the Basel problem, is π2/6. No circles in sight here.

But whenever tau (τ = 2π) shows up, people like to talk about circles. They’re missing the point, I think. 2π isn’t the circle constant. It’s the ANGLE constant. The circle just happens to be related to the concept of angles, and not the other way around.

The most mathematically natural way of measuring angles is in units of radians. Everything works out so simply when we use radians that it’s tempting to call it the one true way of doing so.

“Dimensions” vs. “units”

Now, before I go a little bit more into this argument, I need to clear something up. A lot of people say “radians don’t have units”, but that’s an incorrect use of terms. What these people are trying to say is that radians don’t have a dimension, that is, they are a dimensionless unit. See how we can use both terms together and still make sense? That’s because they have distinct and precise meanings.

A unit is a standard we use to measure other similar things. For instance, you can measure length in several units: meters, feet, the nearest spoon’s length, light-years, (toenail growth rate)·century, (your own name here)’s nipple-to-nipple distance, etc.

What all these units have in common is that they have the same dimension: length, or simply [L]. The other base dimensions in nature are time, [T], and mass, [M]. There are other dimensions that are used, but these are the more basic ones.

One way to understand this is to think of [L], [T] and [M] as the “real” physical quantities, or kinda like how Nature “understands” these quantities. When you read “2 meters”, you should be seeing 2 × (“1 of something we use to define a meter” × [L]).

The “meter” has a certain amount of [L] hidden in it, you see, because we defined it in terms of something else that has a length dimension. The 2 in “2 meters” is just there telling us just how much of that something we are talking about. The 2 is a pure, dimensionless number.

Using these three dimensions, we can build all sorts of quantities. Here’s a few, and some example units:

  • Force = [M][L][T]-2 → newton, pound-force
  • Energy = [M][L]2[T]-2 → joules, calories, kilotons of TNT
  • Frequency = [T]-1 → hertz, radians/seconds

Dimensions can be treated just like variables: you can multiply, divide, take powers and square roots of them, but they don’t “mix” together. You can even add different dimensions, though just like variables, you get nowhere with that: a+b is just a+b. While it makes little physical sense something with dimensions [L]+[M] (think, 1 metre + 1 kg), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to have it, if you’re really into that kind of thing. Weirdo.

By the way, this topic is called dimensional analysis, and it’s a very interesting subject.


Radians are an unit defined as the angle enclosed by an arc around a circle that is as long as that circle’s radius. Here’s an animation I created that explains it:

External image

It doesn’t matter what radius you pick (that’s why in the animation the radius is just a generic “r”), the angle is always the same because the arc’s length is also proportional to the radius, so the length of the radius always cancels itself out when you actually end up calculating radians.

But also, notice that the arc-length is a unit with dimension [L], and so is the radius. If you divide one by the other, the [L] dimensions cancel out, just like variables would. We end up with a quantity that’s just a number, a dimensionless quantity. A full turn has about 6.28 radians in it, that is, 1 turn ≈ 6.28 × (“1 of something we call radians” × [no dimension whatsoever]).

So, radians have no dimensions. We can treat them just like any other pure number. This is usually how everyone does it: they say it is a pure number, no meanings attached to it, and call it a day.

This is where my take on the subject takes a weird turn…

“Dimensions” vs. “Concepts”

But conceptually, these numbers are still measuring something. Two instances of the same number associated with the same dimension can represent two entirely different things, so there’s more to these quantities than dimensions.

For example: “1 hertz” and “1 radian per second”, while dimensionally and numerically identical (both are “1 second-1”), are totally different conceptually. Something happening once every second is completely different than something rotating one radian every second.

In the same way, a torque of 1 newton-meter is numerically and dimensionally equivalent to 1 joule of energy, but the two ideas are very different. That’s why we explicitly write torque with units of “newton-meter” instead of joules. (In fact, it can be argued that the torque would be better expressed in SI units as joules per radian.)

So, here’s where my take on all these things gets weird: I think that beyond dimensions, we also attach “concepts” to numerical quantities and units, and these are also subject to a “conceptual analysis” similar to the dimensional analysis I mentioned up there.

While dimensions have a physical meaning, “concepts” are, well, abstract. (For consistency, I’ll denote concepts in single quotes from now on. E.g.: ‘angle’)

An 'angle’ is such a concept, attached to the unit of a radian: 1 “radian” = 1 × (“something we call radian” × 'angle’), where “something we call radian” is the same as “ratio between length of an arc of a circle and that circle’s radius”, that is, the definition of the radian. So, hidden inside a radian, is the concept of 'angle’ being multiplied by the number, just like a dimension such as [L] would be.

In fact, in terms of concepts, we could say: 'angle’ = 'circular arc’ / 'line segment’, so that we have: 1 radian = (1 × [L] × 'circular arc’) / (1 × [L] × 'line segment’).

In other words, what I’m trying to say here is that even if the dimensions cancel out in the definition of a radian, the concept of 'angle’ shouldn’t really go away with the number we’ve got. The concept 'angle’ is intrinsically in the “radian” unit, and it is not a dimensional quantity.

I love to play with this idea of “conceptual analysis”, and it has given me some weird and accurate insights before.

Dude, just get to the point

All right, all right, here’s my point. I think we should have two definitions:

  • π = 3.14159265…
  • τ = 6.28318530… radians

Notice the difference?

π is just a pure number, like 1, 2.5 or √2. It has no concepts attached to it.

Meanwhile, τ is a number attached to the units of radians, which means τ carries the concept of 'angle’ with it everywhere it is used, always. Seeing τ immediately implies we’re talking about angles.

This is the important conceptual difference I talked about in the beginning. This is where τ really makes a lot of sense and where it would be useful.

“The Conceptu-tau Manifesto” (groooan)

So, here’s my crazy proposal: let’s adopt tau as THE ANGLE CONSTANT.

Let’s face it, π isn’t going anywhere. It’s already well-established way beyond the scope of circles anyway. It makes no sense to fight it, and it has earned its place.

But whenever we talk about angles and rotations, there’s no question that τ is the proper constant to use, just as surely as the use of radians instead of degrees for angles. A full turn is the important idea, not a half turn.

Here’s the same animation as the one above, except this time using τ for the full turn instead of 2π.

External image

Notice that this time we can just keep using our unit of measure (the red arc of 1 radius in length) all the way around, counting each new whole radius (or radian) that fits, only adding a fractional bit at the end to complete the whole turn (the 0.28.. part). This makes much more sense, since that’s how we awalys used any unit of measurement: we count how many times our unit fits in the whole of the thing we’re measuring, not just in half of the thing.

With π, we are assigning a certain special name for a half-turn, even though it is the full turn the thing we are trying to measure. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing (a rotation of a half turn has a lot of importance in mathematics, hence why π exists), it is an odd special case that’s simply an arbitrary quirk of definitions.

The undeniable fact about all of this is that a full turn is more important than a half turn, so it deserves its own symbol.

However, notice that the foundation of that argument is not the numerical value of the full turn or half turn. That’s totally irrelevant, which is exactly why we’d like to use a symbol in place of these numbers! We don’t care about them! But for some reason, this is what most people seem to focus their attention on.

No. The foundation of that argument is in the word “turn”. It narrows down the single mathematical concept we are addressing in the discussion, and it’s in that context that τ really makes all the sense in the world, since it’s the one that represents a turn.

If you’re not convinced yet, just look at our language. We don’t even have a word (in common use, at least) to describe “half a turn”. We already talk about half a turn in terms of a full turn in our natural language. We all already use the definition π radians = τ/2 radians, but only when we talk about angles and rotation. It’s just how we naturally treat the concept, and it makes perfect sense that way.

If that doesn’t make it deserving of a mathematical notation, I don’t know what does.

An example of the conceptual use of τ as the angle constant

Now, imagine we live in an alternate reality where τ = 6.28… radians, as I proposed. What could math feel like?

The following is obviously incredibly biased (this is an opinion text, so that’s kind of the point here), but it’s pretty close to the thought process I had when I was trying to make sense of the same ideas.

Euler’s Identity: eτi = 1

You see that mathematical expression for the first time in your life.

You see τ in there. Your brain attaches to it the idea of a “full turn”, as you have been trained to. Your brain is now thinking of things rotating and angles.

You see a representation of a “full turn” multiplied by the imaginary unit, i. You try to make sense of that, and you fail. As you should. But now you’re thinking about the complex plane and what could a “complex full turn” possibly mean.

But your brain doesn’t give up. I hasn’t finished reading the expression yet. So it reads the exponential function. You already know the e0 = 1, that’s one of the key properties of this function. But now, the exponential of a “complex full turn” (whatever that is) is doing something new. What it is? You look at the right of the equals sign.

You see the number 1, the multiplicative identity. This is the same value as e0 that you have already thought of. So, the exponential of a “full complex turn” is doing the same thing as doing nothing.

Your brain makes the connection: the exponential of “a full complex turn” (whatever that is) is bringing you back at the same place as you started. You know something is rotating, and you know this is happening on a complex plane.

Aha! Your brain finally gets it. It’s the only idea that makes sense now: the exponential function is performing a rotation in the complex plane itself.

And if you know trigonometry and think just a little harder, you should deduce that eθi = cos(θ) + i·sin(θ), Euler’s formula.

So, call me crazy or whatever you may, but this actually sounds like a nice convention to have around.

Final words

To be honest, I feel pretty uncomfortable talking about these things. This notion of concepts attached to numbers may be a bit nutty, and I’m not familiar with this sort of approach to things anywhere. (Though a quick Google Search has brought up Bertrand Russell’s Theory of Descriptions), which sounds kinda alike)

But this is similar to the way my brain works, for better or for worse. This is how I learned to tackle math concepts, and this is the kind of approach I try to convey in all of my animations. I try to carry these 'concepts’ around using things like matching colors and visual styles.

Since so many people are fond of my animations, perhaps this idea has some merits, and I’m not a complete lunatic.

Either way, I don’t think there’s a magic trick to it or anything. It’s just about making sure you are keeping track of what everything represents at all times. This is the key approach to learning mathematics. The more stuff you can connect and correlate, the better and deeper your understanding will be.

And best of all, it’s supposed to make sense, even when it doesn’t. Usually, when it doesn’t make sense, it’s your intuition that’s wrong. It’s an odd lesson to learn, but these are the rules we play by in math.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.

“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.

“You must be,” said the Cat, “otherwise you wouldn’t have come here.”

(from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

pitayay  asked:

*whispers* number 9 akaken PLS

ask and u shall receive, my friend

“meeting online” au

Kenma stared at the screen of his laptop with the same bland expression on his face. At least, it would appear to most people as the same expression Kenma always wore. But if one knew him, they’d be able to notice the slightest pulsing of the vein above his temple. 

Which meant he was mad as fuck. 

Specifically, he was mad as fuck at Kuroo. 

“Why?” Kenma bit out, his bored gaze still trained at the screen of the PC.

A glowing eHaikyuu profile stared back at him. 

Specifically, it was Kenma’s own eHaikyuu profile. 

Kuroo grinned and shrugged, leaning over his best friend’s shoulders to reach at the trackpad and scroll through his handiwork. Making Kenma a dating profile on eHaikyuu had actually been a really fucking difficult ordeal. 

I mean, dating sites required its members to “advertise” themselves to other members and let’s face it. Kozume Kenma wasn’t overflowing with charm points. 

“I don’t even like racquetball.” Kenma said, squinting at the list of interests that Kuroo had (for the most part) pulled out of his ass. 

Again Kuroo just shrugged. 


“Bokuto-san. Why?” Akaashi half asked-half demanded. The setter sat hunched over his Macbook Pro, scrolling through 85% fake eHaikyuu profile that unfortunately belonged to him. No thanks to Bokuto Koutarou. 

The Fukurodani captain snickered and shrugged. 

“Because I thought it’d be fun! How else are we gonna get you on the dating scene, Akaashi??" 

"I don’t want any involvement with such things." 

"See that’s your problem! That lame no-fun mindset!” Bokuto replied, pointing at his friend. Akaashi rolled his eyes. “Besides, you never know who you might meet. Especially online.”

“Yeah, a bunch of creeps and weirdos." 

"Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel!” Bokuto retorted. Akaashi simply sighed. 


Hello, NEKOKAT_278. You have one new match! 


Hello 420wlsetter. You have one new match!


Kuroo sat in the couch of his and Bokuto’s apartment. It was movie night and the two were watching Godzilla for like the millionth time. 

Bokuto came back into the living room, handing Kuroo a can of coke while he (carefully) funneled some popcorn from the bag into his mouth. Kuroo accepted the coke with a thanks. 

“So how long do you think it’ll take?” he asked, opening the can with a satisfying click. Bokuto grinned and plopped down next to his roommate. 

“Oh not long at all. You put all the preferences and interests to model mine right?”


“Oh then I give it like 2 weeks before they’re dating.” Kuroo laughed.

Granted, it had been a joint effort to hook up their setters but it had been Bokuto who had suggested making them the eHaikyuu accounts. The two already knew that Kenma and Akaashi would be a good couple so they just needed a nudge in the right direction. They were alike in so many ways. Having to “babysit/look after” their respective captains, playing the same position in volleyball, both possessing the same cool-headed approach in life. Plus they’d always gotten along well during the Nekoma-Fukurodani training camps. So what the hell. Why not. 

Bokuto and Kuroo were sure that the two would thank them in the long run.

That, or maybe kill them.