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Preference #20 He Comes Back From Tour Early

bieberssmile requested: can you write one where they come home from tour early to surprise you? that would be awesome x



“So, you won’t be here for our anniversary?” you asked Liam over the phone as you got ready.

“Yeah, we added a few extra shows,” Liam explained. “I’m sorry I won’t be there, but I do have a surprise for that day. You just wait.”

You sighed as you sat in the living room. Liam was trying his best for you. That’s all you could ask for. 

“Okay. Well I already took the day off from Friday, so I’ll do something for the both of us, maybe,” you suggested.

“You know I wanna be there, Y/N, but have fun and I love you. And we can celebrate better when I get back.”

You smiled at his sweet words before replying, “I love you and enjoy yourself.”

That Friday, you woke up already missing Liam more. He sent you a long, loving anniversary text, but you could rather have him with you to celebrate your years together. This was going to be your first anniversary without him.

You got ready for your day slowly because you really didn’t know what to do that day. You were ready for the day, but no where to go. You heard your phone ring next to you. Liam’s contact showed up before you answered.

“Hey, baby, happy anniversary,” you smiled.

“Happy Anniversary, Y/N,” he said, cheerfully. “Did my gift arrive yet?” he asked.

“Not yet but the day is still young,” you reminded him. “Can you give me a hint on what it is?”

It was silent on the other end for a moment, “It’s something you love.”

You thought about before you heard the doorbell ring and your smiled widened, “Is that my gift.”

You ran to the front door and swung it open. You felt your stomach drop, and you like it.

“Happy Anniversary, Y/N,” Liam smiled, before hugging you tightly.

You felt yourself relax in his arms for the first time in months, “You lied to me,” you chuckled, softly hitting the his back. 

“Yeah but now it’s me and you tonight.”


Just a couple more days was a phase you told yourself numerous of time that week. You knew Niall would be home this week, but he never specified a day of his arrival. So you wanted and talked to him everyday and he still never knew. 

“So news about when you’ll be back?” you asked Niall during your nightly Skype call. It looked like he was on a plane while you were getting ready for bed in the bathroom.

“Not yet but when I figure it out, you’ll be the first person I tell,” Niall said, trying to ease you. 

“Okay then,” you sighed as you took your phone with you to the bedroom. “Where are you going right now?” you asked as you pulled back your duvet and sheets.

“Uh some where south, I don’t know,” he said, briefly.

“Well I have to be up early tomorrow, so I’ll call you tomorrow,” you smiled. “I love you, Ni.”

“I love you, too. I’ll see you soon.”

You ended the call before getting in bed and turning everything off. You quickly feel asleep to only dream about Niall finally coming home. You longed this more than anything. 

Later in the night, you heard a rattle come from down stairs. You quickly woke up realizing you were still alone. You heard steps coming up the stairs, and you had never been more afraid. You ran to Niall’s closet to grab one of his golf clubs. You pulled the driver out of his bag and prepared yourself for the worst. You stood around the corner from the door and wanted. You looked at the door and saw the figure enter the room

“Y/N?” a tired voice that you recognized to be Niall’s said from the door.

“Niall, oh my god you scared the fuck out of me,” you said, coming around the corner to hug him. “I was going to kill you actually.”

“With my favorite golf club?”

“Does it matter? You’re here now,” you mumbled in his chest. 

“I guess it doesn’t since I have you now.”


You sighed as you walked out of your job. You had enough of your job and you were one more rude customer away from quitting. Usually, Zayn would come and pick you up, but he was across the world on tour. You enjoyed the walk that you gained from his absence, but you still called him as you made you way home.

“Hey, Z,” you greeted.

“Hey, baby, how was work?” he asked.

“Lets just say that I’m looking for a new one as soon as I get home,” you chuckled as you turned the corner. “And I know what you’re going to say… Babe, you don’t need a job. You know I have enough money to support the both of us,” you mocked with his accent. “Plus I feel like a gold digger when I use your money for everything.”

“I know, I know,” you chuckled. “I’m just giving you an option in case you wanted to stop.”

You nodded, “When do you think you’re gonna be back?” you asked.

“Sooner than you think. We are just finishing some things up,” you told you.

You heard a loud crash in the back round making you question where he was. “Where are you exactly, Zayn?” you asked.

“I’m in a kitchen at a hotel,” he said slowly.

You chuckled at his failed excuse of a lie, “Oh it just sounded like a pot, and you don’t cook when you’re on tour.” 

“Well people can change,” he chuckled nervously. “And I kinda find it relaxing.”

You entered your apartment building and walked into the elevator, “Okay well I’ll be home in half an hour because I have to go pick up some things from the store then,” you lied as you reached your floor.

“Okay, I’ll call you tonight then.”

You got the keys to your door and quickly opened it. You walked in deeper to find Zayn standing in your kitchen, the pot still on the floor.

“Or we can talk now,” you smiled before hanging up your phone. 

“Surprise,” he said before wrapping his arms around you.

“Not much of a surprise but I’m happy just the same.”


“I’m just saying Harry that these photos of you and this girl looks pretty real to me,” you told over the phone. 

For the last couple days, you had been receiving photos from fans of Harry and a girl he has constantly been pictured with. You ignored them the first day, but different photos came up the next day and the next. You had trust in Harry, but it was a question you had to bring up.

“She is just a friend of mine that is helping me with something,” he told you. “I’ve known her for years, and she has a boyfriend that she loves. Kinda like how I love you.”

You sighed and ran your hand through your hair, “Harry, I trust you. I just don’t trust the girls around you because a lot of them really just want your money.”

“Hey, you don’t think I know that? I love you, Y/N. When are you going to realize that?” he asked. Frustration was clear in his voice.

“I know you love me…” you whispered. “I guess I’m just lonely.”

“He was silent for a moment. “Don’t feel that way. You know I’m just one text, one call, one skype away.”

“I just kinda want you here one step, one turn in bed, one touch away, babe…” you whispered. “I know it sounds funny and a bit immature-”

“No, I feel that same way,” Harry told you. “I actually feel like I should be honest with you right now because I keep thinking about it.”

You felt yourself stress and worry a bit more, “What is it?”

“My friend wasn’t helping me with a project,” he admitted. 

Your chest got tight. “What is she doing?”

“She was helping me get to you,” you heard a voice from your door say. 

Harry was standing with his bags on the floor and a wide smile on his face. You were kind of upset that he made you worry so much.

“I hate you,” you mumbled as you walked over to him to put your head on his chest.

“But know I’m one I hate you away.”


While Louis was on tour, you both always talked with each other while it was late for you or early for him. Tonight, it was late for you while you guys stalked over the phone. Your responses were slower than usual, and Louis took notice of that. 

“Louis, I’m really tired,” you yawned as you sat in bed trying to stay awake the best that you could. “And I have to get up early tomorrow for school.”

“Baby, I know you’re tired, but can you stay up with me just for a little bit longer,” he begged you. 

You groaned, “Babe, come on.”

“Just stay awake for five more minutes, Y/N, please!”

Against your better judgement, you agreed. Louis did most of the talking, and you just listen and responded when you thought it was necessary. Your eyes were becoming heavy and started to close.

“Y/N, are you still there?” Louis asked you before sleep could fully take you over.

“No yeah I’m still here….barely anyway,” you groaned.

“Literally just one more minute, then I’ll hang up. I promise,” he promised.

You heard the door open from down stairs making you jump. “Louis, I think someone is in the house,” you whispered. There was no answer on the other end. “Lou?” No answer.

You feared for the worse making you look for anything heavy to protect yourself with. 

“Wait, babe. I’m not an intruder!” you heard a voice belonging to Louis. “I’m just a guy wanting to surprise his girlfriend, and I don’t want to get hurt,” he admitted.

You sighed in relief and put down the paper weight on your nightstand. Louis walked into the bedroom with an apologetic smile.

“I wanted you to stay up so I could go to bed with you tonight because I missed you so damn much,” he sighed as he fell on his side of the bed and moved closer to you.

“I missed you too, Lou.”

Preference #126 1D Concert


You were first row. Dancing and singing along to every song with your best friend.
Niall had wanted you to watch from backstage, knowing the fans could get out of hand at times; but you declined. You wanted to be apart of the loud and vibrant atmosphere.
You would see him look over at you every now and then just to make sure you were ok. He would laugh to himself whenever he saw you dancing along to one of your favorite songs.
They had just finished up Little Things and were getting ready to perform Night Changes. You loved this song from the moment Niall showed you it.
“Alright, well before we start, I’d like to dedicate this song to my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N! She’s here tonight and this is one of her favorites!”, he looked into the crowd as your gaze met his. The crowd erupted into screams and yells. You were blushing at his words and he flashed you a quick smile; only making the crowd cheer louder.
Throughout the entire song he stood in front of you on the stage, making you feel like the only girl in the stadium. It was one of the sweetest moments that you’d never forget.


The crowd was absolutely wild at the MetLife show, it was something you’d never forget. Everyone was singing, screaming, and dancing; but you weren’t one to judge, because you were doing the exact same thing.
The boys knew you were in the crowd tonight, so they made it a priority to mess around with Liam as much as they could. Although, it was mostly just Louis.
They had just finished up reading out the fans’ signs, and were about to move on to the next song. The intro to Girl Almighty began booming through the speakers, and you were already dancing along to the beat. You loved this song and you’d sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs anytime it came on.
You watched as Liam and the rest of the boys were jumping around the stage to the up-beat song. Liam came running in your direction as he continued to sing; falling to his knees when he got in front of you. “I’d get down, I’d get down, I’d get down on my knees, I’d get down on my knees for youuu”, the crowd went absolutely insane and you blushed a slight shade of pink as Liam let out a small laugh and ran back down the catwalk.
You knew this was going to be all over twitter by the time the show was over.


The boys had just finished singing No Control and they were now talking to the crowd/each other.
You were having an amazing time, it was always more fun to be out in the crowd, rather than watching from backstage. You were front row and there seemed to be no lack of security around you. Louis always got a bit over-protective when you were in attendance at one of the shows but you knew the fans could get wild at times.
Harry and Niall were just finishing up thanking the fans as Louis and Liam were messing around with water guns. When the two of them got together, it was like being with a couple of 10 year old children.
They were starting to come toward your direction and you were hoping Louis wouldn’t try to pull any funny business; but he had a different plan in mind. “My amazing girlfriend, Y/N, is here tonight!”, the camera panned to you as you waved. “Now, since you got me with the faucet yesterday…I think it’s only fair that I return the favor!”, you tried to hide your face, knowing what was coming next. Louis began shooting the water gun at you, managing to get your hair completely soaked. You shook your head and smiled, knowing he was bound to get you back at some point.
The boys quickly came to your defense, as all 3 of them began shooting Louis with their own water guns. Only causing you, and the rest of the crowd, to laugh.


“We’ve got two very special guests in the crowd tonight! My wife, Y/N, and my son, Eric, are here with us!”, you were holding Eric in your arms as the camera panned to you. The crowd cheered when they saw Eric appear on the big screen. “Say hi” you whispered into his ear and he giggled as he began waving.
“Can we get him up here?”, you looked up to Harry who had his arms open and ready to take him. You passed him to the security guard, who then passed him on to Harry. “Hey, buddy! Are you having fun?”, Eric nodded his head and clapped; earning screams from the crowd. “How about you stay up here and sing the next song with us?” “Yeah, daddy!”, Harry set him down on the stage and he went running toward Louis.
The intro to Drag Me Down began playing and the fans were going wild for it. Louis squatted down to Eric’s height, putting the microphone between the two of them, as it was almost his turn to sing. “Ready?”, Louis questioned, as Eric nodded and pulled the mic more in his direction. “NOBODY, NOBODY!”, Eric yelled into the mic and the rest of the boys laughed, as did the crowd. It was the only lyric he knew from the song but he still enjoyed getting to sing along with the boys.
You made sure you took plenty of pictures and videos to commemorate the adorable memory.


Harry & Y/N get in a fight // I hope this covers all that you wanted! Enjoy x ​

“Y/N, babe, I’m home!”

You take a deep breath, knowing what was coming. It was taking everything in you not to cry your eyes out. And as soon as Harry saw you, he knew that you were about to crack.

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you meet me at the airport like you promised you would?”

“Because I thought you were with your family, Harry.”

He frowns. “I was.”

“Oh, so Kendall is family now? Strange thing to consider your ex-girlfriend.”

His entire face seems to fall and he rushes over to you. “It’s not what you think, I promise. The yacht we were on, it was-“

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Daddy Harry Chapter 36

It was a few days later, and you were feeling better, you’re weren’t 100%, but you were getting there. You were up doing things around the house when you see Emery running down the stairs giggling. You laugh. “What are you giggling about?” You smile. “Daddy twake me wif him day!” She giggles. “He say Daddy Emwee day.” She giggles. “Oh, really?” You smile. “That sounds fun.” You smile. “Ya!” She nods. “Mummy betta?” She asks hugging your legs. “I am feeling better.” You smile running your hands through her hair. “Good!” She smiles. “No wan Mummy icky.” She says. “Me either.” Harry says coming down the stairs. “I figured I would take her off your hands today that way you continue resting, why are you cleaning?” He asks. “I’m fine, Harry. I won’t over do it, but I’m tired of just laying around.” You say. He groans. “Fine, fine.” He says and kisses you quickly before looking down at Emery. “Okay, squirt, want to choose your snacks for the day?” He asks. “Ya!” she giggles and runs into the kitchen. You giggle and walk over and sit at the counter as you watch her pick everything. “So, what’s on the agenda today?” You ask. “We are shooting for a local magazine thing here.” He says. “So, we’ll be doing photoshoots and interviews.” He says. “Bowing.” Emery groans. Harry laughs. “Very, but you’ll have snacks and toys.” He smiles. “And Lou just might dress you up too.” He smiles. She gasps and nods. He laughs and finishes packing her bag. “Did you get diapers?” you ask. “Yes! I remembered those this time, although I believe someone is getting a bit older to possibly go potty by herself.” He smiles. She shakes her head and grabs her Sippy Cup out of Harry’s hand and starts drinking it. You laugh and shake you head. “Well, come here and give me my kisses.” You say holding your arms out. She giggles and runs over and reaches for you. You smile and pick her up and she kisses you. “Wuv.” She smiles. “I love you too, baby. Have fun with Daddy and be good.” You say firmly. “I be goo.” She smiles. You smile and let her down and she giggles before Harry walks over and kisses you. “Call me if you need anything and if you start feeling bad again, please lay down and rest.” He says. “I will, I promise and if Emery starts getting a handful, just call me or have Lou call me and I’ll come get her.” You say. He nods and kisses you again before heading out the door with her. 

It didn’t take long for Harry to get to the studio, so he got Emery out of her seat in the back and grabbed her bag and took her inside. She gasps when she sees all the people and looks around. Harry laughs and holds her hand as they walk through. He smiles and they get to the room where he has to get his hair done. “Wou!” Emery giggles and runs to Lou. She smiles and hugs Emery. “Hey, little one.” She smiles. ‘How are you doing today?“ She asks. "Goo!” She giggles. “It Daddy Emwee day!” She giggles. She smiles and kisses Emery’s head. “Well, you came just in time, I’m done with Niall’s hair now.” Lou laughs. Harry nods and gets in the chair and pulls Emery in his lap. She giggles and cuddles with him as she plays with her toys. “How’s Y/N?” She asks. “She’s doing better. She’s up and moving today, so that’s good.” He says. “Well I’m glad. I know you were really worried.” She says. He sighs and nods before looking down at Emery. She giggles and smiles up at him. He smiles and rubs her back as she plays with her toys. “Okay. Daddy has to go to work now, just stay here and play with your toys.” He says telling her to stay to the side. “Don’t go anywhere.” He says. “Kay Daddy.” She smiles. He smiles and kisses her head before he joins the boys for the photoshoot.

It was a little bit later and Emery was starting to get really bored. She sighs and was going through her bag grabbing another toy out, when her little ball starts to roll away. She giggles. “Wher go!” She giggles before getting up and going after it. She giggles and the ball keep rolling away and she ended up kicking it a few times. She ended up outside of the studio and she grabbed her ball and was looking around when she realizes she wasn’t in the building anymore. “Daddy.” She sniffles. “Daddy!” she cries. “I wan Daddy!” She cries and falls to the ground holding her ball tightly. “DADDDY!” She cries loudly and no one is outside to hear it. She sniffles and starts walking around trying to find Harry, but she just gets even more lost, which scares her even more. She finally just sits down on the ground and starts to cry more and more.  

Harry and the boys were done with those pictures and we’re heading to change their outfits for the next set. Harry looks over to where he had set Emery and didn’t see her. He thought that maybe Lou had taken her somewhere since they had been there for a while. He walks back into the dressing room and sees Lou touching up Zayn’s hair. “Hey Lou, Where’s my little squirt at?” He laughs. “What do you mean?” She asks. “I thought she was sitting in the room with you.” She says. “She wasn’t. I thought you took her back here with you.” He says quickly. “Harry. She’s not, She’s not back here.” She says. Harry looks at her worriedly and starts running around the studio. “Emery!” He yells. “Emery. Where are you?” Harry says. “How did none of you see a little baby walking around by herself!” Harry says angrily. “How did my daughter, my baby girl just disappear and no one know where the hell she is?” He screams. “Harry. Just calm down. We’re going to find her, I’m sure she’s just hiding somewhere.” Niall says. “Don’t tell me to calm down Niall. My daughter is missing and I don’t know where she is. She could be hurt. Someone could have taken her.” He says. “Oh god. What if someone took my baby girl?” He says tears forming in his eyes. “Harry. Don’t think like that. Come on, let’s go look outside.” Niall says. 'Zayn, Louis and Liam, are looking around the studio along with the workers.“ He says. "We gotta find her Niall.” Harry whispers sadly. Niall nods and they both head outside. They look around the building and they see Emery’s ball. “That’s hers!” Harry says picking it up. “That means she was out here.” Harry says. “Emery!” He shouts. “Emery!” He shouts again. Emery was crying so much, that she ended up falling asleep. She was out there for a while and it had started to rain. She was soaking wet and shivering. “Emery!” Harry cries louder as they are still looking for her. “Harry!” Niall says. “Is that her?” Niall asks pointing to Emery lying on the floor. “Oh my god!” He says and runs over to her. “Emery!” He shouts and picks her up. “She’s freezing.” Harry says. “We need to get her inside and warm her up.” He says.“And maybe to the hospital.” He says. “I’ll call them, but let’s get her inside.” Niall says. Harry nods and holds her close to him as he carries her inside the studio. “Oh goodness.” Lou says. “We need blankets! Harry did you pack a change of clothes?” She asks. He nods and she runs to her bag and gets them. They quickly change her into warm, dry clothes, and wrap a blanket around her. “Emery please wake up.” He whispers. “Please, baby.” He sniffles. “The ambulance is here.” Niall says. Harry nods and quickly takes her out to them and they both get in and head to the hospital.  

They take her back quickly and just check her out and Harry stays in the waiting room. “This is all my fault.” He cries. “I should have been watching her better.” He sniffles. “Harry. It’s not your fault.” Niall says. “SHe just got out somehow.” He says. “Y/N is never going to forgive me.” He whispers. “She’s going to hate me.” He sniffles. Just then you come running in,“Harry what happened? Louis called me and told me to come to the hospital. Where’s Emery?” You say worried. “Y/N. She. She got outside somehow and it was raining and when we found her she was asleep and freezing from the rain.” He says. “What do you mean she got outside somehow. You were supposed to be watching her or having someone watch her!” You say. “We were doing the photo shoot and I guess, she just sneaked out.” He sniffles. “Y/N I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He cries. “What kind of father just lets his not even two year old daughter just run around without supervision and expect her to be okay.” You say. “I told her to stay in the room we were in!” He says. “She usually stays. I don’t know what happened.” HE says. “Do you hear yourself right now?” You say. “She’s just a little baby! She needs someone to always be watching her. It’s not like she’s a 10 year old kid, who knows right from wrong when it comes to these things. I knew her going with you was a bad idea.” You say shaking your head. “Y/N. I’m sorry.” He whispers. “Yeah well sorry isn’t going to change the fact that our daughter is in the freaking hospital after you were supposed to be watching her!” You say. “I was working! I couldn’t watch her the entire time!” He defends. “Then why didn’t you have her stay with Lou or someone. Or I don’t know, just let her stay home with me!” You scream. “Guys. I know that you’re both upset over the situation, but all this screaming and arguing isn’t going to change what happened.” Liam says. “Just calm down and wait for the doctors to come out and tell you how Emery is.” He whispers. “And don’t blame Harry for this. He already blames himself enough.” He adds. “Well, he should. He’s the parent. When she’s with him, it’s his job to protect her, and he didn’t. You know, Emery was never put into these situation until you came into her life.” You say shaking your head before you walk over to the other side of the room and sit down. As soon as you said that, Harry was about to lose it. He walks over to the restrooms and opens the door and locks it before he falls to the ground and just lets his tears he’s been holding in fall. 

Preference #2: What He Does When You Both Fight (5/5)

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Liam: He Flirts With Other Girls To Make You Jealous

He did it because he knew it would make you even angrier. It’s what you two loved to do - taunt each other and egg each other on. You watched as Liam flirted with a group of girls backstage before the show, steam literally radiating off your body. The fight you had earlier, something that was completely irrelevant in your eyes, had escalated quickly. After a friend of yours, who happened to be a boy, texted you, your boyfriend immediately started going off about how he thought you were cheating on him. Never in a million years would you ever consider cheating on Liam, leaving you feeling betrayed that a thought like that would cross his mind. To get back at you, Liam began casually chatting and flirting with the girls as you watched from afar. He was only doing it because he knew you were watching - it still didn’t piss you off any less.

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It was around 3:30 A.M. when you got the call. Your phone had begun buzzing under your pillow, quickly waking you up. You knew who it was before you were able to answer and hear his deep voice. Harry was the only person who ever called you at this time. You clicked answer and held the phone up to your ear, “ugh hello?” you say while trying to rub the sleepiness out of your eyes. You heard some sniffing but there was no answer. “Harry?” you asked as you pulled the phone away making sure it was him who had called. It was, but he wasn’t answering which was unusual. Normally he laughed and said good morning. Not today. “Harry are you okay?” you asked again. His silence was waking you up and you had begun to get nervous and worried. “Haz” you said again. Before saying anything he hung up. This is not normal, you thought to yourself. You quickly called him back but it went straight to voicemail. You also called the other boys, but none would answer. You had begun to panic, what if something had happened. What if Harry was hurt. Tears stung at your eyes at the thoughts of him being in pain or upset. You quickly sent him a text that said: hey whts up? r u ok??  You watched the response bubble pop up then disappear over and over again. Finally you received a text back reading: no. need u here now. pls come? What was wrong? Why was he so upset? You quickly typed back: getting stuff now then will head to airport. before throwing a ton of clothes and some toiletries into your bag. You threw on a baggy sweatshirt and some leggings while pulling your hair into a pony tail. Harry hadn’t texted back, but you sent him one last text before running out the door and hopping in a cab to the airport.

Your flight was over 4 hours long. You shifted uneasily in your seat wondering what could have happened. None of the boys were answering their phones and neither was Simon, Lou, Sophia, or Eleanor. Reluctantly you pulled your phone out and connected it to the planes wifi. The only way you were getting info about what had happened was from the internet. You pulled up Twitter and were upset to find nothing had been posted. What is going on? You spent the remaining hour of the flight coming up with the worst possibilities for what might have happened. When the plane landed, you called Harry. Again it went to voicemail. This is getting scary you thought to yourself as you grabbed your bag and headed to the airport entrance. Your phone buzzed in your hand and you noticed Harry had texted you: look left. was all it said. looking up from your phone and to the left you saw Harry. His head was down and covered by a hood. He was in tight sweatpants and his over sized sweatshirt. You couldn’t see his face, but you were almost positive he was crying. You walked over to him, standing in front of him trying to think of what to do or say. Not knowing what the issue was, you didn’t know what to do. He however, had his own idea. He grabbed your arms and pulled you into a tight hug. His head rested on your shoulder and you felt his breathing increase. He was crying, but why? For almost five minutes you stayed like that, not saying any words but gently rubbing circles into his back. Finally he stepped away, grabbed your hand and bag, pulling you towards the black SUV waiting outside. He opened the door for you while throwing your bag in the back. He hopped in and pulled his hood off for the first time since you had landed. His green eyes looked at you through tears, his eyes were red and puffy, and his hair was messy still slightly sweaty from the show earlier. He had put clean clothes and deodorant on, but you could tell he hadn’t showered. You scooted next to him in the back seat and gave him a tight hug while he continued crying and holding onto you. You stayed like this until you reached the hotel he was staying at. He opened the door and pulled you out of the car. He tightly gripped your hand as you waled to the floor he was staying on. “Harry” you said softly.

“hm?” he answered clearly still upset. 

“Are you going to tell me whats wrong?” you said as the two of you arrived at what must have been Harry’s door.

“mhm” was the only answer you got. He opened the door and walked in. You followed him but stood at the door while he went in towards the bed.

“Harry Edward Styles if you plan on breaking up with me, just do it.” You sternly said while tears stung in your eyes. He looked at you like you were crazy.

Finally he said more than one word, his deep voice sounded tired from crying as he responded. “Break up with you? (Y/N) I’m not breaking up with you.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong” you said through tears. You had begun crying and you tried stopping but this was crazy. He wouldn’t talk to you and you were exhausted from the flight. 

Walking towards you he held his arms open and you couldnt resist diving into them, crying into his chest. “I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He was crying again too. “I’m so grateful that you flew all the way out here for me. I love you so much and I am not breaking up with you.”

Wiping your eyes you look up at him, “Whats wrong then? Why are you upset? And why wont you talk?” He was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. Squeezing you one last time he left to open the door. It was Louis, he had been crying too. His eyes were red and swollen. He also hadn’t showered. You wiped your eyes and walked over. “Hey Louis.” you say.

“(Y/N)!” he says smiling while pulling into him for a hug. “It’s great to see you!” 

“You too Lou” you answer while laughing. 

“Hey get your hands off my girl Tommo” Harry says smiling for the first time all night. He grabbed your waist and pulled it against him tightly. “She’s mine.” he says while planting a kiss on your cheek. You smile and turn around hugging him, glad he’s at least partially back to normal. He kisses your head as Louis interrupts.

“Guys, Simon is calling a meeting which is why I came to get you Harry. i didn’t know (Y/N) was here, but she can come too.” he said while heading back down the hall. 

Harry sighed and turned to look at me. “Do you want to come?” he asked.

“Harry, whats happening?” you asked again.

“Simon will explain. Please just come. i need you. You’re the only one who makes me happy when I’m sad.” his lower lip stuck out like he was pouting and his eyes watched you intently.

“Fine,” you say as he smiles sadly and grips your hand pulling you out of the room and into the hall.

The drive to Simon’s was going to last almost 3 hours. You were sandwiched between Harry and Niall while Louis and Liam were in the seat behind us. Zayn was nowhere to be seen and all the boys were visibly upset. You were exhausted from getting little sleep the night before, an extremely long flight, and not to mention the jet lag you had. You snuggled into Harry’s chest and his arm went instinctively around you. You snuggled your head against his head and fell asleep to the gently pounding of his heart. 

Harry gently shook you awake when you arrived at Simon’s. He stood at the front door and welcomed everyone inside, but even he looked upset and worried. Once inside you ran to the bathroom while all the boys went straight into the meeting. When you walked in harry motioned for you to come over and sit by him, but when you when to take the seat next to him, he pulled you onto his lap. You held you tight as Simon spoke the words everyone was clearly dreading. “Zayn has decided to leave the band.”

Harry dug his head into your neck and you felt the tears falling from his eyes. Niall was crying, Liam was shaking his head, and Louis was looking upset and angry at the picture of the band on the wall. I was too shocked to do anything. It all made sense now. The boys were all upset, Zayn was missing, and Harry immediately needed me. Simon went on explaining that they would continue the tour, the album, and One Direction all together, but everyone was upset. When we left Simon’s house, the boys all broke down. They cried and talked about the fears of them breaking up. Harry held onto me as he cried and I tried assuring them everything would be ok, but nothing was working. I couldn’t do this alone so I called for some back up. Eleanor, Sophia, and Greg flew in and met the boys. They helped their loved ones, while I tried helping Harry. You dragged him back to his room where you both layed down on the bed. Harry cried and you explained that Zayn leaving didn’t mean One Direction was over. You also told him that it didn’t mean your friendship was over. After an hour of crying Harry finally calmed down and sat up on his elbow. “(Y/N) I love you so much. I don’t deserve a girl like you.”

Leaning up on your elbow to look at him you leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. “I love you too Harry.” He smiled and his dimples appeared for the first time since you had arrived. You smiled back at him while moving on top of him. Laughing you kissed his cheeks and lips. He held onto your waist tightly while trailing kisses down your neck. He gently sucked on your neck, causing you to soflty moan. He flipped you over and kissed your neck more while flattening himself on top of you. He had taken his shirt off and thrown it on the floor as he kissed your lips a bit harder. He went to tug your shirt off when someone knocked on the door. Annoyed Harry sat up. He looked at the door, then back at me , then back at the door. “Harry go answer the door.” you ordered.

Sighing he looked at you. “We will continue later love. I promise.” he told you while winking. You immediately blushed and sat up, looking to see who was at the door. Harry turns to look at you, his face bright red. His mom and sister come walking in.

“Harry, dear, we heard about Zayn. How are you doing?” his mom came rushing into the room. “Oh, (Y/N). I didnt know you were here love.” She came over and hugged you before turning back to her son. Harry looked at you, smiled and winked, letting me know he was ok, that he loved you, and that he would try to get his family to leave as quickly as possible. That didnt matter you though. You were just glad you had the normal harry back, that he was happy for the moment, and that he loved and appreciated you.

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Preference #28: Shutting him out

A/M: This was requested two weeks ago, and I’m gonna apologize for taking so long


Harry: You’d known each other since you were practically babies and you knew almost everything about each other, there never seemed to be any sort of secret between the both of you. It caused everyone to always joke that you were such a married couple, which was all in good fun and you and Harry just went along with it, but you didn’t have feelings for each other. At least you knew that he didn’t. This feeling seemed to come out of nowhere. After your last meeting with him a few weeks ago you had suddenly seen him in a different way, the view that everyone else seemed to have of him. Of how cute he was, his smile, his caring nature, how accepting and loving he was. How good looking he was and could be. All those thoughts just accumulated in your mind and it terrified you. So instead of dealing with it, you chose to ignore him. When he’d text you, you chose not to respond. When he’d call you, you didn’t pick up. Eventually you saw one of his tweets that you knew was an indirect to you, “If you love something set them free. If you REALLY love someone, let them be.”
You knew the tweet was supposed to make you feel better, but it only made it worse. He was being sweet and cute to you again, when you tried so hard to forget he was like that.
You ignored him for another few weeks, and it broke your heart to do so, especially when his attempts to talk to you disappeared over time. But you had to do it. You had to swallow these feelings away because then it would all go back to normal. And you could stay just being his friend, as you always were.
As you sat in your living room watching TV and hearing the faint sound of the pouring rain hit against the window you heard your phone buzz, and saw a text from Harry,
“Hey” suddenly your phone buzzed non-stop, “I know you’ve been ignoring me” “and maybe I know why” “If it was something I did then I’m really really sorry”
You breathed in a shaky breath, “Maybe I know”? you read out loud as the doorbell rang at the same time more texts came in, you got up to answer the door as you read his messages.
“I’ve missed you so much, and I hate that you’ve stopped talking to me.” “But I know you enough to let you breathe and have your space to think things through, and then you’ll come and talk to me.” “But it’s been way too long and can’t wait anymore” you read as you opened the door to come face to face with Harry with his phone in hand, and getting soaked by the second.

Liam: You were at a house party with friends waiting for more people to show up. You knew most of the people who were on the “guest list” but as you saw Liam and a couple of other friends walk in you were quite surprised and you felt a smirk grow quickly across your face.
You weren’t gonna lie to yourself. Liam was quite attractive and you thought so for months since you’d known him. You always hoped your short encounters with him would be enough for him to notice you a little more, but it didn’t seem to, and after a while the initial hope of anything to happen faded and he simply just became another good looking guy to you.
But now it was party time- expect the unexpected.
The partying continued and it was all fun and great especially once everyone became drunk and began doing stupid things.
You eventually found Liam on the floor staring at the ceiling, and you walked over and sat next to him.
“I think I might be drunk.”
You just looked at him giggling, “Yep. You definitely are.”
“Are you drunk?”
“I don’t think so. I’ve only had a little bit. That’s it. I’m fine.”
You decided to stay with him a while, to watch him and make sure he was okay, no matter how annoying he’d get after the thousandth time he say something.
Eventually he was up and walking around surprisingly holding you close by in constant hugs.
“What was that for?” you asked.
“Thank you for taking care of me.” He’d kept saying.
After a couple more hugs and drinks you began to think out loud.
“You know, I never thought I’d be getting any sort of hugs or any attention from you before.”
“Really? Why?”
“Because you never seemed to like me.”
“Do you like me?”
You looked at him, “Yeah, yeah I do.” For a bit after you stood around and just watched everyone else talk, dance, play games, or make out. But soon after you felt Liam pull you in for a kiss, catching you by surprise, “What- what are you doing?”
“I’m sorry. I just thought. Is that okay?”
You gave yourself all of two seconds before you instantly pulled him in for a kiss that was soon turning into a full blown make out session.
You woke up the next day alone in your room feeling a funny feeling in your stomach, it was a kind of sick feeling that made you uneasy, but it wasn’t from the drinking, it was remembering your night with Liam.
You just felt embarrassed and you didn’t want to even think about it, and you definitely didn’t want to see Liam ever again. Which would definitely prove harder than you could think.

Niall: You watched Niall on the screen of his latest interview smiling as he answered whatever question that the latest interviewer had, which by this point you could guess and answer all the questions yourself.
“You’ve been labelled as the cute one in One Direction Niall. What do you think about that?”
“Well, it’s a nice title, I’ll take it.” He smiled, you just rolled your eyes.
“Well you have a lot of your fans swooning over you, but you surprised quite a few people when you said on Twitter a few months ago that you actually had a girlfriend. Do you mind talking about her?”
You gulped nervously, some interviews mentioned you, but you were still nervous, this was the first that asked to have a conversation about you, “Sure, what did you want to ask?”
“Well we know her name is [Y/N], and we’ve seen you around with her a little. How are things?”
“Just fine. We have a lot of fun together.”
“How long have you been together?”
“Well since I posted my announcement on Twitter we were together a few weeks before that.”
You smiled to yourself knowing he was lying, you were actually together for over a year now.
“Really? So you haven’t been together long. And I can imagine you aren’t ready for kids and marriage and all that.”
Your heart stopped.
“What?” he asked.
“There’s just been a lot of you and your nephew, and we all see how much you love children. Is that thought far from the mind?”
“Yeah, well I’d maybe like kids one day in the future. But um-”
You felt uneasy and just shut off the interview, and felt the tears well up in your eyes, but you swallowed back your tears as best you could.
Niall left three weeks ago and would be gone for the next few months, but after last week you came to the realization that you didn’t want to believe and didn’t want to admit.
You were pregnant.

Zayn: You loved Zayn. You really love him. He was sweet he was caring, considerate, creative, easy to be around, not to mention the fact he was quite the attractive man as well. However, all the things you absolutely adored about Zayn were also the things you absolutely and secretly hated.
Only for the reason that every single person in the universe seemed to think so too, and absolutely wanted to be with him too.
Your days constantly consisted of reminders from people of how much they’d rather you out of the picture, or worse, to the point that you just deleted all your social media accounts all together. At least the accounts that people knew of.
It worked for a while and you were isolated from the messages you were receiving and it made you happy and Zayn relieved.
“I hated all the messages you kept getting. At least this way you get nice messages from the people that matter most.”
You thought about how nice and sentimental he was when he said that. How considerate and caring he was. How much he really cared for you.
But through one daily social media fix about four days ago put you over the edge and made you completely upset.
It was an article about Zayn cheating on you while he’s away on tour. Usually you didn’t believe these articles, but then there were pictures to prove it.  He was asleep in a strange bed, his hair messy and at least his shirt off, of what looked like the morning after.
You cried for a while, but it soon filled with anger, especially since Zayn had never even attempted to text you or tell you in anyway way to talk about it.
So now you just chose to ignore him, no matter how many times he only now realized to message you,. Because what do you even to say to all of that?

Louis: Between you and Louis, you both did a lot of stupid things. It was probably what was the glue that made you guys so close. But this time, it was the cause that tore you guys apart. More you specifically.
It was already 2 weeks since you did the stupidest thing you could’ve done and you still cringed and felt the sting as fresh as it was, and it would always play out again and again every time you could think you could forget it.
You had sat with him at one of your meeting places, and sat waiting, fiddling with your thumbs nervously.
You were gonna tell him and as he walked up to you and stood in front of you smiling at you, and soon sitting next to you; he realized the worried look on your face.
“Listen Louis. I’ve got to admit to something” He gave you a worried look, and you just blurted it out. “I like you Louis. A lot.”
You watched as he took time to digest what you had said, and finally just said what you knew was his answer.
“I’m sorry [Y/N]” and your heart was officially shattered, but then he finished with something you didn’t expect, “I like someone else. I’m sorry.” At that your already broken heart was more broken beyond belief and you left with a quiet goodbye.
And now two weeks later, you were still as broken as you felt in that moment, but worst of all, Louis wouldn’t even bother to message or talk to you in any way anymore.
Of course for the moment seeing him was the last thing you wanted to do. But it would be nice to hear some sort of better explanation, or a little response asking if you were okay. Some sort of indication that it could be forgotten completely and everything could go back to normal.
But nothing.
For two weeks.
And you still couldn’t find the courage within yourself to say anything first.
To you, the only thing he could seem to forget,
was you. 

Preference #12: You guys fight and you leave and get into a car accident (part 1)

Hiiiii guys! Sorry this is up late, I had a lot of problems with my computer, but it’s up now! I hope you all enjoy and let me know if I should make a part 2! :) P.s sorry for any mistakes! 


Harry: Tonight was a stormy night and you decided to go on the internet and you regretted it right away, “is Harry Styles cheating on his girlfriend, Y/n with a mysterious brunette that’s not y/n?” Was the head lines. You read more into the stories and apparently he was seen with this girl a couple different times and there was even a picture of him hugging her outside her hotel. You couldn’t stop the tears from coming down your cheeks, you quickly wipe them away when you hear the front door open and shut, “babe, I’m home.” You hear Harry say from downstairs. You didn’t move from the computer screen, you waited for Harry to come upstairs to see it. “Babe, are you alrigh-” Harry says, coming up the stairs but stops at the door frame when he sees you on the bed with your laptop crying, “babe?” He asked while walking up to you and sitting on the bed. You move your laptop to show him the head lines, “is it true?” You softly question. Harry shakes his head, “are you kidding me? You actually believe all that crap?” He angrily says, while standing up. You put your laptop down and stand up as well, “well, Harry, when there’s pictures of you with some girl going around and you hugging her outside her hotel room, yeah I think I will believe head lines. You’re Harry f*cking Styles, who any girl will sleep with in a heart beat.” Harry then rolls his eyes, “I know my name, but that doesn’t mean I would cheat on you for crying out loud! I love you and you’re just acting like a baby right now!” After Harry said that you could see he regretted it, “look I’m sor-” you put your hand up, “I don’t care, I’m just the stupid baby who over reacts.” Harry’s eyes go angry again, “I didn’t say it like that, but I guys you are acting like one!” He yells. “F*ck you!” You yell and run downstairs and you grab your keys and walk out the door, “y/n, come on!” Harry yells at you, as you get in the car. You start driving away. You were so angry you couldn’t think right, all you could think about was Harry calling you a baby for you just listening to the rumors. You were lost in your thoughts and you weren’t paying attention until you hear car horns go off. You look outside your window and saw you ran a red light and cars we’re coming really fast towards you. You tried to move the car away, but it was too late. The cars ran into your car and you blacked out.

Niall: You and Niall were just having another lazy day, like you always do on Sundays, but this time Niall doesn’t really seem to care, all he’s doing his paying attention to his phone while you cuddle into him and say how much you love him, “Babe,  did I say how much I love you?” You giggle, but Niall just shrugs and says, “how much?” Like he doesn’t even care. You look at him and say, “did I do something?” He looks away from his phone and says, “Babe, can we not do this now? You know I love you.” You move away from him and reply, “No, no I don’t know! Since you have been back from tour you haven’t even paid any attention to me, not that I always need it, but it’s nice when your boyfriend actually says, oh, you look nice today or I love you! But you don’t.” Niall rolls his eyes, “are you serious? Because I didn’t know you need tons of attention like a puppy does?” Your mouth goes wide and Niall looks at you confused, “did you just call me a dog that needs attention?” You question. Niall runs his hand through his hair, “no I didn’t, but you would probably take it that way!” You then grab a pillow and slam it on Niall and yell, “screw you!” And you left, ignoring Niall calling you. You ran to your car and kept driving, you didn’t know where you were going, you just needed to calm down. You were so irritated at Niall. You were gone about 3 hours just driving around town and you decided to just go home. On your way home you stopped at a red light and you grabbed your phone to look at how long you were gone. Right as the light turns green and you were about to put your phone down, but Niall texted you saying how sorry he was. You started driving while reading it and you smiled, but you’re smiled fade away when you realized you moved the car to the wrong lane and all the cars were coming towards you. You put your hands over your face and the last thing you heard were car horns going off.

Zayn: Today you and Zayn were hanging out with the guys and their girlfriends and a old friend of Zayn’s was here. You guys were watching some movies and you were having fun until Zayn’s friend, Lisa opened her mouth, “y/n, don’t take this the wrong way, but how on earth are you dating Zayn?” You look at her with wide eyes and you look to see everyone else like that too, “um, well I don’t know, I guess we don’t all need to be a super model to date him.” Lisa then smirks and says, “well, that’s for sure, considering you’re definitely not a super model.” Your stomach dropped at her comment and you look at Zayn who was looking at you, “well, aren’t you gong to something?” Louis asked Zayn. Zayn shakes his head, “what’s wrong with her comment? It’s just a comment.” You then get up off of the couch, “I’m glad you think it’s just a comment because to me, that hurt a lot!” You then walk out the door wiping away all the tears coming down your eyes and you just stand there for a little bit until Zayn comes out, “what was that?” He questions. You look at him and roll your eyes, “are you serious? You didn’t think that hurt when she asked why you’re dating me and then she said I’m defiantly not a super modem. You know I have always been insecure about that and you didn’t say anything to her?” Zayn then replies, “babe, she’s been my friend for so many years.” You then look at him and yell, “but I’m you’re f*cking girlfriend!” Zayn just looks at you and you roll your eyes. You get into your car and you grab your extra set of keys from the glove compartment and you drive away. You couldn’t stop crying and you couldn’t stop feeling sick to your stomach about this whole situation. You were so lost in your thought that you ran a red light and when you realized you were going way too fast, it was too late and your car ran into another car and you could feel your body being thrown out of the car and unto the ground.

Liam: Tonight you and Liam were going to go out and just have fun. You have been planning this night for a couple weeks now and here you are waiting on the couch for Liam for the last 2 hours. “I can’t believe he forgot.” You whispered to yourself. Right as you get up, you see the door opens and Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn walked in and looked at you, “wow, where are you going?” Louis asked, while looking at you in your tight black dress. You then reply, “well, I WAS going to go out with Liam tonight, but I guess he made other plans forgetting the plans we made three weeks ago.” Liam’s eyes go wide and he face palmed and said, “babe, I’m sorry, I completely forgot.” He walks closer to you, but you walk further from him, “of course you did Liam. And that’s fine when it happens once or twice but this is the third time you have done this to me and quite frankly I’m sick of it!” You yell. “We’re just going to go.” Harry said, but you and Liam both yell, “no.” They sit themselves down on the couch and Liam says, “I get it and I’m sorry, but I forgot. Please don’t act like a little bitch.” You heard all of the boys quietly say, “shit.” And you look at Liam and you say, “fine, whatever. I’d rather be a bitch with no boyfriend than be a little wimp with one.” Liam then says, “what are you saying?” You shake your head, “we’re done ass hole. Did you hear that? The bitch just broke up with your sorry ass!” You yell and walk out of the door. Liam runs after guy and grabs your arm, but you shake his hand off and continue to make your way  to your car, “babe, I’m sorry!” Liam yells. You get into the car and you open the window and yell, “don’t you mean, bitch I’m so sorry? If so, I don’t give a f*ck!” You then drive away and as you’re driving you put your hand outside the window and stick up your middle finger to Liam. You kept driving until you wre far away from your house. You didn’t really know where you were going, you just kept driving. You kept wiping the tears that were filling in your eyes, Liam really hurt you tonight. You were driving and you decided to call your friend to ask if you could stay with her and you grab your phone and you text your friend and after you sent a messgae to her, you look at the rode again and you see a deer and you try to move past it and your car slammed into a tree and you slammed your head on the stirring wheel.

Louis: Tonight was the six night in a row that you’re sleeping alone. Every night this week Louis has been drinking and hasn’t even been home till 3 a.m and it was starting to really piss you off. And now here you are at 2:30 in the morning lying in your bed and waiting for Louis. When you heard the door open down stairs you knew you had to talk to Louis. You walk downstairs and you see Louis standing in the kitchen looking for food. When he sees you, he turns back to the fridge, “what’s for dinner?” You roll your eyes, “dinner was 8 hours ago.” You reply. You could see him roll his eyes and he slams the fridge shut after grabbing a beer, “don’t you think you had enough?” You question, sounding angry. He then takes the glass bottle and throws it at the door, “why are you acting like such a bitch right now? Like seriously leave me alone with you’re annoying little voice.” He demands. You then walk right up to him and you slap him as hard as you could, “you’re such a f*cking dick!” He smirks and says, “well you weren’t saying that when you were enjoying my-” you cut him off by slapping his face again. “That’s it!” You yell, while walking to your purse and keys, “where the hell are you going?” He questions, walking up to you. You look him straight into his eyes, “away from you, you shit!” You spat in his face, you could see the anger in his face, but you didn’t care. You just then walked outside to your car and drove off. You couldn’t believe Louis, He was drunk, but he wasn’t that drunk. You couldn’t believe how much of an ass he could be. You were driving and you went paying attention to the rode because you were texting one of your friends and when you looked up you saw you went the wrong way and your car was heading for a ledge and you tried to stop but you’re car flew off and so did you.

Protective- requested

Throughout the whole evening Harry hadn­­­­­’t left my side. I’m not quite sure why, but I sure as hell won’t complain. We were with some friends at Louis’ house having a fun night. Though I didn’t actually know many of the people that were here I had fun. I was sitting on the floor between Harrys legs and he put his hands on my shoulders occasionally run his fingers through my hair giving me a small kiss on the head afterwards. He usually wasn’t this affectionate when we were with friends, but him being this cute never bothered me.
Harry was talking with Liam about some movie he saw few days ago and I was listening to Niall and Ed fight over some football stuff. Cody had gotten up from his seat and got on the floor next to me saying he had to show me something. While he was going through his phone to find whatever he wanted to show me, Harry made sure that his whole leg was between me and Cody. He showed me a picture of a cat sitting on top of a Labradors head.

“It reminded me of you since I know you like animals”
“Who doesn’t like animals?” I said looking at the cute photo
“You know Y/N, I was with Harry the other day and he just wouldn’t stop talking about you” Tim, Harrys close friend said
“Yeah… She didn’t have to know that Tim” Harry said blushing
“You’re a cupcake H” I said looking up and he stroke my cheek with his thumb smiling
“Well who could blame him? If you were mine I wouldn’t stop talking about you either”
“Yeah, but she’s mine, mate, so I get to talk about her.” Harry said with his serious face looking at Cody somehow pulling me even closer to him
“Who wants some more beer?” I asked getting up trying to break off the tension
“I’d like some, thanks” Niall said giving me a smile
“Yeah, me too” some guy I didn’t know said and then few more of them rose their arms
“Cool, 8 beers” I said turning on my heals “You want something, H?”
“No, thanks love…”
“I’ll help you Y/N” Cody said
“Um, no! That’s okay, I’ll give her a hand” Louis jumped up headed in my direction
“That’s nice of you, to offer me a hand, but I can manage carrying 8 beers Lou” I said to him when we got into the kitchen
“Oh, I know that, love”
“Then why’d come with?”
“So Cody wouldn’t, duuh”
“What are you talking about?”
“Harry has expressed his concern to me about having Cody tonight so I’m just being a good mate”
“Why would he be concerned about him?”
“It got to Harry’s attention that Cody has said some things about you whom Harry didn’t like”
“So that’s why he’s been like this”

When we got back I decided not to sit on the floor again next to Cody, but on the edge of the couch and lean on Harry. Not trying to make Cody jealous, but put Harry at peace. I was few years younger than Harry and I noticed that, because of that, he felt a bit more protective than he usually did with his girlfriends. And I know this for a fact coz we know each other for years now and I’ve noticed the way he gets worried whenever he’s not around me. He never gets jealous, just protective. Whenever I go out with my girlfriends he always wants to come and pick me up because he’s afraid that one of the girls might drink and could crash. He often defended me in interviews or with fans and he never did that before. He would always do cute things like this and I could never complain.
He put his hand on my leg looking at Cody and then looking at me. I put my arm around his shoulders and took a sip of my beer.

We were getting ready to leave and I was standing by the doors waiting for Harry to say bye to everyone.

“Are you sure you have to go? It’s just past midnight”
“Yeah, Harry has to wake up quite early so we better head home”
“You should stay anyway”
“No, I want to go home with my boyfriend”
“Well, just because he can’t stay, doesn’t mean you can’t”
“Any other night that would be true, but that’s not the case tonight” Harry came from behind and put his arm around me in a protective way
“And why’s that?” Cody asked
“Quite frankly, I don’t trust you one bit and no matter what, you wouldn’t let her have her peace if I wasn’t around”
“Is it really me you don’t trust?”
“You should really back off.” I tell him
“She’s got a point, mate” he said opening the doors
“Come and find me when you get tired of him, okay?”

As soon as he said that I looked up at Harry, he was frowning and fighting his urges to punch Cody in the face.

 “H, let’s go home, just ignore him”
“Fine” he said and walked out of the door

Just as we sat in the car he realised he had left his phone on the coffee table and had to go back. I was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for him and thinking about the whole night and how much I loved Harry for being the way he is.

“Got it” he said entering the car and sitting down
“Good, let’s go home then.” He turned the car on and I saw something on his right knuckle “What’s that?” I take his hand off the wheel “Is…Is this blood?”
“Um, no…” He pulled his hand out of mine and wiped it in his jeans
“Yes, princess?”
“What was it then?”
“It was mud”
“Mud?” I asked suspiciously “Harry it hadn’t rained for days”
“Didn’t it?”
“Nope… Did you go back and punched Cody?”
“Harry don’t lie to me”
“Fine, I did. But I didn’t tell you because I wanted to punch him even when you were there, but I know how you hate violence and that you once broke up with a boyfriend coz he hit some guy and I just didn’t want to scare you, but I couldn’t let him have it, not when it comes to you… I’m sorry”
“I love you Harry”
“You’re not mad?”
“No, just don’t make it a habit”
“I won’t, I promise… I love you, princess” 

He was just too cute.

#4- He Talks About You to the Boys


“I don’t know guys. I can’t get y/n out of my mind.” Harry sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. “And I know that we have only been talking for a little bit, but it seems like I’ve known her a lifetime. And I know that it sounds weird, and that I shouldn’t even be saying this, but I think I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” Harry says looking down at his hands, waiting for the disapproval of his bandmates.

There was a long silence, at first no one really knew what to say. Then Niall finally spoke up, “Well that’s great man, I am glad you found someone that makes you feel that way. “He said patting Harry on the back.

“Really?” Harry looked so confused at Niall’s reaction.

“Yeah man, I mean I hope that if I was feeling this for any girl or woman as you are, that you guys would approve as well.” Niall said as he patter Harry’s back.

“Thank you man, that means a lot, you have no idea.” Harry said as he gave Niall one of the cheekiest smiles.

“Well of course we are happy for you man. We just didn’t expect this. I wish nothing but the best for you. And if this girl is the girl of your dreams, then I wish you nothing but the best lad.” Louis said from across the table.

“Thanks man, we just haven’t gone public yet, since we have no idea how the fans are going to react, or management. You know?” Harry said looking concerned. “But also at this point, I don’t even care, I just want to shout from the roof top to the world that she’s mine.” Harry added.

“Then that’s what you should do, who cares what the fans say, or management. As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters mate.” Liam said looking at Harry.


“So Niall, any lucky lady in your life right now?” The interviewer asked.

“There is one at the moment that I’ve been talking to.” Niall says to the lady, but says nothing more, no matter how much she is pestering him for information. And so the interview continues.

When the interview is done the boys head back to the dressing room the boys are all looking at Niall, waiting for him to speak. “Well…” Harry finally speaks up. “Are you ever going to tell us about this lucky lady you’ve been talking to?” Harry asks as the other boys were also wondering the same thing.

“I was waiting for the right moment to tell you guys, but there wasn’t one, so I thought now is better than none.” Niall says as he sits down and takes a sip of his water. “We have been talking since the last part of American tour. We met when I was the only one that wanted Chipotle, we were both in line, and we just started talking.” Niall adds. “I don’t know mates, I really like her. She doesn’t just like me because I am part of the biggest boy band in the world, she actually likes me. Plain old Niall from Mullingar. She is like a breath of fresh air.” He says as the boys just look at him, all with a smile on their face.

“That is great man, I am so glad you finally found someone like that. Everyone deserves that in their life.” Louis says.

“Thanks mate” Niall says and by the tone of his voice, he is so happy and excited the he is finally getting the boys blessing. “I just need to find a creative way to ask her to be my girlfriend now.” He laughs and the other boys join him.


As all they boys were sitting on the tour bus, they were just talking like all guys do. And it finally came around to Liam’s turn and Harry asked “So Liam, how’s y/n?”

Liam could tell that all the boys were paying half attention since they were mostly on their phones, and so was he. He was actually surprised that he heard Harry’s question.

“Well guys, she’s amazing. She is everything that I have been looking for. y/n is like no one I’ve ever met before” And by this point all the boys had put their phones down and had started listening to Liam talk about y/n. “I can come to her about anything and everything and she knows how to respond, how to calm me down, or how to even cheer me up after I’ve had a bad night.” Liam looked up to the boys and smiled, and they were all smiling back, as he took a deep breathe, he started talking again.
“I just want to be with her all the time, I know the tour makes it hard, but whenever we get to see each other it is all worth it. Doesn’t matter how long we were apart from one another, it’s just like we were never apart.”

“Mate, that’s fantastic, I’m so happy for you.” Niall said with a smile on his face, and a smile was on all the boys’ faces.

And as promptly as they all looked up, they all went back to scrolling on their phones until someone thought of something or someone else to bring up.


Louis would never shut up about you. If he had free time, and is someone else didn’t bring up something first, the first that would be out of Louis’ mouth would be your name. The boys did not really mind since they knew that you really did make Louis happy.

“Today y/n sent me the cutest picture of her getting ready. You know I realized mates, that she does not need any makeup to be beautiful. She is beautiful regardless. She makes my heart skip a beat just by seeing her face. No matter what is on it.” They boys laughed as he passed around his phone showing them the picture he was talking about.

“So we can assume that she makes you happy Lou?” Liam said half laughing, and the other boys laughing as well.

“Happy is an understatement Liam my boy. She makes my heart race, she gives me butterflies, and she makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. But at the same time she makes me more nervous than when we are performing at the largest arenas of the world.” Louis said. “I do believe that she is the best thing that has and ever will happen to me.”

And just like that, like somehow you knew that he was talking about your, name popped up on his phone screen, with a picture of your beautiful face. And just like that Louis excused himself from the boys and picked up the phone.


I have decided to keep Zayn off… Kinda just made sense since he has not been part of One Direction for a while now. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

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026. Famous Break Ups

Niall: It had been four years of your life, one of which was spent with a Harry Winston rock wrapped snugly around your finger as a promise, and somehow, it still ended so abruptly. You had read in some magazine that it was supposed to take roughly half of a relationship’s duration to get over it. You had eighteen months to go if that was the case and the first two months without Niall had not been your finest. It was hard enough lying in bed with your eyes sunken in and mouth dry from all the bombastic sobbing, but the paparazzi camped outside of your Toluca Lake home, chanting out intrusive questions, didn’t make it any easier. When you did leave to go to appointments or see friends, they were all over you like bees to fresh flowers.

With a new shoe line collaboration around the corner as well as a duet with Josh Groban about to be released, you were being forced out of bed by your management team. They wanted your image to be one of a strong and independent woman, but right now, you just wanted to wallow. The first stop on your “I Don’t Need A Man” press tour was a huge interview with Good Morning America. They were to join you in an Accessorize store where your shoe line was about to be sold. While the whole segment was to be centered around your retail endeavor, everybody knew they would sit you down and pick your brain about Niall. He had made a comment to passing paparazzi outside of a club that the engagement was off, but that was all that had been said. 

While the lightening was being adjusted around you and the on-site makeup artist put another brush of powder over you, you debated sending Niall a text. The second week after he ended things, he texted you to see if you were alright, but you didn’t respond. After that, there wasn’t any contact. You just wanted to ask if he would be okay with you discussing the breakup, but the journalist sat down across from you too quickly and you had to put your phone away. It didn’t matter, you figured, he wasn’t a part of your life anymore and you didn’t have to consult with him about anything. 

“So, how are you since the engagement ended?” It took him all of two minutes to ask, only three questions asked regarding your upcoming Josh Groban duet and shoe debut.

“I’ve been alright, thank you.” Politely, you answered. It wasn’t as if you were about to tell the entire world that you were miserable and had considered carbon monoxide poisoning.

“There’s been allegations of cheating…” He began, but your slow shaking head seemed to be all it took to make his mouth stop moving. “No? No cheating?”

“Not on my end, no.” You replied, your voice sounding far less interested than it had when you were walking through Accessorize and showing off your favorite of the shoes you had helped design. “And I don’t think on his either.” You weren’t about to slam him to the media. Unfortunately, you loved Niall still and you always would.

“So, what happened? If I may ask…”

“I don’t know.” Licking your lips inward, you simply said with a shoulder shrug. “I don’t think I’ll ever get a real answer.” That had been the worst part about it. After sending out wedding invitations and looking at apartments in London together, Niall just nervously ended things. He gave you a panicked expression and said, ‘I don’t think I can do this. I don’t want to do this anymore.’ That was all. He didn’t even give you time to respond because a black SUV was waiting outside to take him to the airport, he had to be in Japan right away.

The day felt like it lasted the span of a week, having to be up so early and basically on your feet all day, you were thrilled to be back under the covers by the time eleven pm rolled around. You didn’t even bother slipping out of your skin tight jeans or flimsy blue blouse. Your phone was beeping in your bag by the bedroom door. It felt like light years away so you didn’t move to see who was texting you. Your phone was always getting some phone call, email, text, or random message. You fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up until three in the morning, still in your clothes. Yawning, you stood up to go brush your teeth and change into comfortable pjs and stopped to check your phone.

Fifteen texts and four missed calls flashed on the screen. One of the texts was from Niall and, suddenly, you felt wide awake. It was as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice cold water at you. Closing your eyes, you opened it and tried to brace yourself for what it could possibly say.

I wish I could have given you a real answer. I’ll be in California at the end of the month. Maybe I could come over?

You wanted to answer. You wanted to tell him yes and you wanted to tell him no. After sitting back down on the edge of your bed, you considered what could happen if you saw Niall again and, simply, left the phone on the floor. You weren’t going to answer him yet. Not right now.

To you, it felt like you hadn’t been given a fair chance. While you and Harry had known each other for over a year, you had only actually been a couple for ten months before he broke things off. While he had seem undeniably different over your last few phone calls and skype dates, you still continued with the relationship and tried. In fact, after he gave you the “it’s just not working out right now” speech, you thought about how you had been as good a girlfriend as you were capable of being, you had absolutely no regrets. You really did give him everything you had and, if that was not enough for him, he was looking for someone that was more robot than human.

Internally, you were torn up, but your career was just as busy as Harry’s these days and you had to put on a brave face. News of your break-up wasn’t public yet and you didn’t want a picture of you leaving a restaurant in tears to be the way the world found out that Harry broke up with you. The rumors of him and Kendall Jenner hooking up had been hard enough on you and that was when you were his girlfriend. You focused on your work. You had wanted to be an actress since you could read and you had worked hard to be where you are now. There was no boy alive, not even Harry Styles, worth jeopardizing that for. Today was the first day of rehearsals for Light in the Piazza. It was making it’s long-awaited return to Broadway and after what felt like a very exhausting audition process, you had been chosen to play Clara alongside the infamous Patti Lupone as the mother. It was impossible to not be grateful. Of course, you would have much rather woken up, had breakfast with your best friend and assistant, and then headed to the workshop, but instead, the production company had put together a documentary team to film everybody involved in the show’s every move. They were putting the documentary together for the upcoming Sundance.

Yawning, you brushed your bedhead back and locked it down with a black elastic hairband before getting into the town car outside for you, in your comfiest outfit, along with your assistant and a camera man.
“We’re on our way. First day!” Grinning from ear to ear, you chimed like a morning bird right at the camera. You were an actress and, even if your mind was wondering about Harry and what he was up to right now, you had to act unaffected.

Mindlessly, you read over your script in the backseat while the driver fiddled with the radio station, almost skipping past “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift.

“Oh stop.” You leaned forward and hollered at the back of his ballcap clad head. It wasn’t like you were a Taylor Swift fan, but in the moment, you just couldn’t resist. “This song speaks to me right now.” Playfully, you laughed before winking at the camera. “This is my girl. She knows what she’s talking about.” All at once, like an uncontrollable toddler, you began to chair dance and sing along to the lyrics. “Oh Taylor, you and me need to go for drinks,” You told the camera, giggling. “We have things to talk about.”

They had been completely innocuous comments and you forgot all about them the second the song was over. It wasn’t until four months later, after completing your run on Broadway, that you were reminded of them. The trailer for documentary was out, ready for Sundance, and you were sitting in your trailer on set for the movie you were about to star in as the quirky best friend to Vanessa Hudgens, when Taylor tweeted at you: @Y/T/N I’ll take you up on that drink and gossip offer. ;)

You didn’t need to be warned that this would happen, but your management, mother, and best friends had all let you know. If you broke up with Louis Tomlinson, there would be enough paparazzi to fill a small country outside your house, the studio, and everywhere else you decided to go. Even though you had split from a year and a half with Louis a week ago, after coming home from Niall’s birthday party at 1OAK, his rep had finally made a comment to People magazine about it. Once People magazine knew, everybody seemed to know.
It had been your desicion after all, so while you missed him and were open to work things out, you were doing just fine on your own. Louis had been taking you for granted for a long time and even after bringing that up with him, no changes were being made. So when he went the whole night of Niall’s party ignoring your existence only to get at you for not waiting for him before you left and telling you he wish you hadn’t worn such a short dress, you ended things. It was quick and painless for you while he nearly broke your apartment door, he slammed it so hard over and over on the way out.

In the make-up trailer, you were drinking your morning tea and snacking on fruit and cheese while the stylist put your hair up in Velcro rollers. It was a very big scene for your character on the hit soap opera, Filthy & Loaded. You were getting married, then threatened by your high school sweetheart at gun point, and later finding out your father was having an affair with your boss. Your break up with Louis suddenly felt like small potatoes compared to the day your character, Isabel Odgen, was having.
“Read it again.” You looked up from the script that was folded and resting on your knees, giving your attention to one of the production assistants on staff who had People magazine online up on her phone. “Just that last sentence.”

She swallowed the sip of water in her mouth and did just as you asked.
“Mr. Tomlinson requests respect and privacy during this difficult time.” It was the usual line PR fed media outlets, but it still made you chuckle and shake your head.

Louis was stubborn, he wasn’t exactly blowing up your phone with messages requesting for a meet up or your consideration, but he had made it clear that he missed you. You hadn’t even gone on Twitter, but your best friends assured you that the hardcore Directioners were in full force.

The soap opera costume mistress came in with the wedding dress you were going to be running around in all day in one hand, a black t-shirt thrown over her shoulder as she kicked the door of the trailer closed behind her.

“Those paps are animals.” Panting, she told you. As a soap actress, you didn’t have much experience with flashing lights and angry mobs of so-called photographers, but being with Louis for so long, you had some experience. “I just have to steam this once more.” She explained, hanging the garmet bag up on a hook and then putting the shirt on your lap. “You should wear that on your way to set.” She laughed.

Holding it up with both freshly manicured hands you read the white block letters across it: “OVER IT. OVER HIM.” Instantly, you laughed with the rest of the girls. It seemed harmless.

With a tiara carefully fastened into your very curly hair, you left the trailer ready to be “married” in a pair of yoga pants and the funny t-shirt. The cameras couldn’t get enough. Within seconds of you leaving the trailer, the paparazzi were asking if it was directed at Louis. You didn’t say a word. You just smiled coyly and walked along with the production assistant all while nibbling on the last piece of green apple you had. It was joke, but you hoped Louis got the message. You were just fine without him.

Many people found award shows to be tedious and boring especially ones like The Teen Choice Awards, but you always enjoyed the whole event. It was a chance for you to mingle with friends that you otherwise never saw off of an illuminating screen. You were thrilled to be performing tonight to since the last two years you were merely a seat filler and then a presenter. There was a lot of speculation over what you would be singing, but since your album wasn’t coming out for another week, nobody really had a clue.

With your hair up in a loose bun and a custom black lace jumpsuit on, you waited backstage along with your beloved band for the commercial break to end and Channing Tatum and Margot Robbie to announce your performance. From side to side, you cracked your neck as you always did before taking the stage and gripped the silver mic in your sweaty palm. You needed this tonight. It would be your therapy.

“You look beautiful.” Like a ghost call behind your neck, Liam’s voice sounded. You nearly gave yourself whiplash, you turned quickly and stared at your ex-boyfriend walking by you with Niall leading the way. Liam was still watching you, large sad puppy dog eyes, and pouting lips protruding from his otherwise perfect face. He had been contacting you nonstop. He broke up with your 37 days ago and not one had gone by without sorry text messages or long rambling voicemails. You two had broken up before, but never for very long. It was always him, too. He could just never make up his mind or keep himself straight. This time, while you missed him badly and loved him so much, you couldn’t go back to him - not if he was going to keep juggling you around like a fucking rainbow ball. It felt like ages, but a minute more passed and you were walking out on stage as Margot and Channing read the teleprompter, discussing your upcoming album and big set of pipes.

The crowd was screaming and you opened your eyes at the abyss of black you saw. It was a good thing you couldn’t see deep into the crowd, you worried you would lose your nerve if you caught a glimpse of Liam sitting out there, listening to a song you had penned specifically about him only a few days after he broke up with you. He was actually calling you over and over again the night you sat at the piano and started to play it, “Can’t Break a Broken Heart”. It was brutally honest and only a moron wouldn’t know who it was about.

Magically, you managed to get through it better than you had in your rehersal that morning. Most of your band was nervous you would start to cry near the end, especially since Liam was there in the audience, but you made it through and the pay off of the applause and roaring crowd was just the kind of therapy you needed.

As you celebrated in a dressing room with the band, your personal assitant came through with her phone, showing you the internet page she had up on the screen. You had literally only been off stage for nine minutes, but already Perez Hilton had posted: “LIAM PAYNE LEAVES TEEN CHOICE AWARDS IN ONE DIRECTION AFTER [Y/N] SINGS THE ULTIMATE KISS OFF. PAYBACK IS A BITCH.” A picture of a very solemn and sad looking Liam getting into the back of a black SUV stared back at you under the headline.


ZAYN: You had never been dumped before. You had always been the one to do the dumping and since you were so happy with Zayn, it hit you like a bat out of hell. He just didn’t see it going anywhere, he was too busy, and he was bored. All of his reasons seemed to blend together until they didn’t actually make sense in your brain. His mind was made up and all that was left for him to do was let you go.

All you wanted to do was lie in bed with an endless supply of Peanut Butter Cups, but your friends insisted that you get out.

“You are the face of Flora by Gucci!” Your best friend and roommate shouted at you from the doorway of your bedroom, your pack of Peanut Butter Cups held captive in her hands. “Guys don’t break your heart. You are too good. I don’t care who he is or what band he is in or how he feels. You are a fucking star.” It really was a pep talk that you needed, but it had only been twenty four hours since Zayn walked you out of his building and gave you a pat on the back. A pat on the back like you were five and had lost your little league soccer game.

“We are going out tonight and we are not coming home until you don’t remember this guy’s name, do you got it?” She said once more, tossing your chocolate in the waste basket and moving into your bedroom to open up your closet. She passed by a few different pieces before pulling out a green Michael Kors number with a very low plunging neckline. It was a gift from the designer himself when you walked in his show last season and you hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. You and Zayn spent most of your time holed up in bed or watching Netflix. There was no reason to get all dolled up.

Your roommate was responsible for dressing you up and fixing your makeup, but once you were out at the first club, a brand new New York hotspot, you were thankful that she had forced you to come out. It was fun to be surrounded by brand new people, music coarsing through veins along with Red Bull and tequila, a deadly combo for you. Together, along with new friends you met through out the night and morning, you went to a total of three clubs. You were a hot mess by the time you left the second, nearly falling over the curb and over a yellow taxi cab. Paparazzi was flashing, knowing exactly who you were, but you didn’t notice. You were having fun in your own little world, laughing and drinking your way over the pain Zayn had inflicted on you.

Passed out in your underwear and a random sweatshirt, you woke up under the kitchen table in your apartment with your hair in your face and fake eyelashes stuck to your cheeks. Your head was pounding as if someone had dropped bricks on it. As you crawled on your hands and knees on the floor to your purse by the door, you pulled out a water bottle and took a sip, spitting it out when you realized it was vodka. Next, you went for your phone. You prayed silently that your agent hadn’t set up any appointments for you today because you couldn’t imagine yourself being able to do anything besides throw up and sleep. Instead, you were bombarded with texts from family, friends, random numbers, and six messages from Zayn.

Are you ok? xxx
Where are you? I’ll send a car xxx
[Y/N], i’m worried xxx
Answer me! Jesus. I still fucking give a fuck about you you kno xxx
text me when you see these pls xxx

Suddenly, you didn’t feel hung over. You felt sad until you realized that this was the first morning since meeting Zayn that he wasn’t your very first thought in the morning. He hadn’t even been your third and that felt like a victory.

Not thrilled with these, but I hadn’t written in a while so I’m getting back into it. Ship and preference requests are still open. Thanks.

Preference: You're His Mom's Friends Daughter

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested! Sorry, I didn’t answer, but I’m just keeping them to remind myself. Let me know if you liked it!

Harry: You’d met Anne billions of times, but not the famous Harry himself. You used the word ‘famous’, not as in the famous Harry Styles pop star, but the boy Anne told story after story about. “I’m sorry, Dear,” Anne chuckled after telling another funny story of what her son did the last time he had come home. “I’d bet you’re nearly sick of hearing about him.” You shook your head, smiling. “Oh, no, Anne.” You disagreed. “I’m just wondering when I’ll get to finally meet him. He sounds like a great person.” And as luck would have it, he was actually visiting in the next few days. Anne had invited you and your mom over for dinner so you could finally meet this boy you’d heard about time and time again. He was looking forward to it too, as Anne had talked you up to him the same way. What he wasn’t expecting though, was to see this gorgeous girl laughing with his mom when he walked into his childhood home. The way his mom described her had done no justice to what he actually saw. “So you must be the famous Y/N Mum can never shut up about.” Harry grinned, holding out a hand to shake. “And you must be Harry.” You replied, taking his hand in return. Unbeknownst to you at the time was your moms in the background. “I give it a month. Two tops.” Your mom muttered to Anne, who snorted. “Seriously? I give them two weeks. At the most.” Anne won.

Louis: And he’d always known you as that little kid that came over when his mom’s friend did and played with his sisters. You were only two years younger, but Louis would always dismiss you as one of his sisters little friends, until he happened to visit his home at the same time you did, and you were suddenly nineteen and stunningly grown up. “Louis! I haven’t seen you in forever!” You greeted him with a smile. “Well, when you weren’t on TV or in a magazine that is.” He smiled back, agreeing though it feels like this was his first time actually seeing you as something other than another little girl running around his house. You two chatted nearly as much as your mothers did that night, comparing college life to stardom, and finding, to his surprise, you had a lot more in common than originally thought. “So little Y/N’s all grown up!” He joked as you two were saying your goodbyes. You rolled your eyes, but smiled nevertheless. “And Louis’ not the big, badass boy I thought he was when we were little.” You replied. He stuck his bottom lip out. “I’m still pretty badass.” He argued. “You’re a big softie.” You teased. “I’m not that soft. I’m tough.” He insisted. “Prove it to me.” You challenged. “Fine. Friday. Laser tag. Be there.” Louis poked your stomach. “I will. Loser buys winner ice cream.” You added. “Deal.” After you left, Louis felt a slight tug on his shirt, and looked down to see Daisy staring up at him. “Are you and Y/N dating now?” She asked him boldly. He blinked, not noticing how obvious the flirting had been between you two. He smiled. “I’ll let you know, Daisy." 

Liam: You’re moms were overjoyed when you two got together, but that was back when you were sixteen. He’d left to focus on his career, and you’d let him go. You were only sixteen, not too concerned about dating. But this is the first time you’d seen each other in years and it was more awkward than you’d ever imagined. When you pictured it, you’d pictured laughs and reminiscing, not a tense silence where you both pretended to pay attention to your mothers conversation. He was different;not the bighearted sixteen year old you’d once known. From the way he dressed to the way he held himself, he had definitely changed drastically. "Oh yeah, Y/N loves her college. But she hasn’t brought home any cute, smarties yet.” You heard your mom say, her voice rising a bit. You raised an eyebrow, actually tuning into the conversation. “Oh that’s too bad. After Sophia, Liam hasn’t been out there too much either.” Karen replied, throwing her son a wink. Liam flushed, but his face remained the same, eyes trained on the ground. “That’s too bad! If only there was somebody-” You cut you mom off before she finished. “You know, I’m hungry. Are you hungry? I’m hungry.” With a tight smile that could probably be classified as a glare also, you scurried into the kitchen, hoping your disappearance would make the embarrassment go as well. After grabbing a water, you noticed Liam had followed you also. “Sorry about my mum.” You muttered, awkwardly spinning the cap around on your water. “Mine too.” He replied, shoving his hands in his pockets. Another tense silence followed, but after a few moments, Liam was brave enough to break it. “So, you wanna, uh…grab coffee sometime?” He asked, looking you in the eye for the first time since you were sixteen. You smiled, relaxing. “Coffee sounds great." 

Niall: He was your best friend. And you were his. Out of all his childhood relationships, you were the one he put the most effort into keeping afloat. He still kept in touch with his other friends too, of course, but he couldn’t go a day without even a short text conversation with you. You’d known each other since you were in diapers, and were inseparable since. Many people, including the boys when they first met you, mistook you two for an actual couple, but this was Niall! You weren’t afraid to steal his jacket, or randomly jump on his back. He’d frequently throw you over his shoulder just to hear you shriek and yell at him, or even lean in for a kiss on the cheek. This was all normal for the both of you. No matter how many times people tried explaining to you that you were both just a couple without the lip action, you’d insist just as much that Niall was your closest friend in the world, no more, no less. But the older you got, the more Niall began to doubt that statement. Maybe this was just a little more than friendly. Something about you had changed to him. Maybe it was how your eyes sparkled when you saw him, or the way your hair tickled his neck when you hugged him. Or it could have been the way your lips seemed unbelievably more inviting than they did a year ago. With a sinking feeling of dread mixed in with an undeniable warmth, Niall slowly realized he was falling for his best friend.

Zayn: It might as well have been arranged because your mothers had been planning your wedding since you were three. Of course Trisha, and you, had loved Perrie, but when that had ended she and your own mom had gone back to acting like you two were together. You’d found amusement in it at first, until you realized that it was slowly driving Zayn farther and farther from you. You’d been friends as long as you could remember, not necessarily joined at the hip, but you talk a lot. But it seemed like he was intentionally avoiding you now, and that was scary. Zayn had always been there, he couldn’t just leave you. Finally, you had him cornered. He’d just returned from touring and your family and his were having a small get together to celebrate his homecoming. About halfway through the night, you’d finally got him alone in the kitchen to confront him. "We haven’t talked in a while.” You started, noticing how he tried to distract himself. “Yeah.” He muttered back. “If I didn’t know better,” You continued, stepping into his line of vision. “I’d think you were avoiding me.”  "Hm.“ Was his reply, before he turned away again, busying himself with finding some nonexistent item in the fridge. "Did I do something?” You finally burst, yanking him around to look at you. “No.” He narrowed his eyes, finally looking at you. “Well I fucking must have for you to have to ignore me like this.” You argued. “No! You didn’t fucking do anything! That’s the problem, Y/N! You never fucking do anything! You never fucking bothered to notice that I fell so fucking hard for you I broke off my whole engagement. And here I am, still falling and you still don’t fucking notice.” Before you had time to react, he’d pulled you in for a fireworks worthy kiss, and you found yourself kissing back. 

Not The Best Idea

Harry was leaving for LA tomorrow, and any other time you wouldn’t care. You wouldn’t care if he was going to be back before August 22nd, but he didn’t get back until August 25th. You knew if he remembered the dates, he wouldn’t have been going, which was what you were trying to tell him.

“Harry,” you tried to interrupt him but he couldn’t stop raving about how great it was going to be to finally catch up with Jeff and Glenne when he arrived in LA. You sighed in frustration, you were excited for him, you were. He’d finally be catching up with his friends that he hadn’t seen in months. He had asked you to go, but you had only managed to say ‘I have commitments here, babe. It’s-’ and he had cut you off once again saying that if anything was to change, send him a text and he would fly you out. But you couldn’t do that, because your Sophia and Lou had organized a mini pamper night for you, the night before your birthday.

“I can’t wait to spend time with everyone over there! I haven’t seen them in forever. And the weather’s going to be great this week. I just wish you could come, baby. You’re gonna stay here for the week while I’m gone, yeah?” he smiled sadly and you nodded.

“Yeah, I wish I could come too but Harry you’re gone for-” you trailed off as he cut you off once more, promising you that he’d be back on the 25th. You sighed climbed into bed while he finished packing his case, excitedly babbling on about LA, and it still hadn’t hit him that he’d be missing your 21st birthday. And you gave up, hoping that maybe he planned to surprise you.


Your night with Sophia and Lou had gone well. You had confided in them about Harry and him forgetting your birthday which had ended in a puddle of tears, and maybe a little too much wine. They told you that they hadn’t heard from Harry to say that he had been planning anything. You also made them promise not to text him and remind him, to which they agreed. He should remember on his own, not because Soph or Lou reminded him…

You woke up to your phone buzzing, and you pulled it off of the nightstand answering it. “Hello,” You groaned, your voice still laced with sleep.

“Hi baby. Sorry, did I wake you up?” He asked you, and a shred of hope came back, maybe he was calling to say happy birthday. Maybe he hadn’t forgot and he was going to tell you to open the front door and surprise you.

“Yeah, it’s fine though. It’s 10 so I should be getting up,” you smiled into the phone.

“I was just calling to tell you that I’m going out right now. Jeff, Glenne, Cal and I are going to head out for some food and a couple drinks so I’ll probably talk to you tomorrow. Is that ok?” That hope you had, faded away. And you frowned, sighing quietly so he wouldn’t hear it.

“Yeah, whatever. Listen, I have to go. Bye,” and with that you hung up. It was your birthday. You were 21 and you’d be spending the day alone. And you didn’t know how to feel about that. Maybe you could call Sophia or Lou and ask if they wanted to go for dinner tonight, but after spending last night with them you didn’t want to annoy them. So you decided to forget about plans for tonight for a second, and just relax for a few minutes. You had read Gemma’s, Anne’s Sophia’s, Liam, Niall’s, Louis’ and your parents’ birthday wishes and had just started to reply to them.

While you were relaxing, you swore you heard the door downstairs open, but you shrugged it off, and figured that if you did, it could only be someone you knew that had a key. When your bedroom door burst open to reveal Lou, Sophia and Lux running over to the bed to jump onto your bed, your heart burst and you smiled.

“Happy birthday, Auntie Y/N!” Lux shouted as she ran onto the bed, and right into your side.

“Thank you so much, sweet pea. You look absolutely beautiful today, Luxie,” you smiled and she shied away into your neck making you chuckle, and press a kiss to her head. “What are you guys doing here?” You asked, giving Lou and Soph a hug.

“Since your knobhead of a boyfriend decided to jet off to LA while it was your birthday, we decided to come and spend the day with you. We’re going to get you looking hot as hell, and then we’re going to head to The Delaunay for some dinner and wine, while being chauffeured,” Lou smiled proudly, obviously all of this being her doing. “And our changes of clothes are downstairs, so let’s get started.”

“Thank you, both. So much. And you, little one. Seeing this little face could make anyone’s day brighter,” you said, kissing Lux’s cheek making her smile and giggle. You assaulted her face with kisses making her laugh echo throughout the room, her hands pushing at your cheeks.

“Auntie Y/N! Stop it! Stop it!” She said through her laughs making you laugh, and pulled away, pressing one final kiss to her forehead.

It was 7 hours later when you were all finally ready. You had only spend three getting ready, the other six spend talking, relaxing, and you may have had a couple of wines… Lou had done your hair and makeup, Sophia picking out her dress and shoes. And Lux had helped do your hair, holding the hair straightener, with Lou’s assistance of course, and when the wave was pulled out of the twist, she marvelled at how pretty it looked shouting, ‘look what I done, mummy!’ which was definitely the cutest thing.

It was 5:30pm by the time the four of you had all finished getting ready and had piled into the blacked out SUV that Lou had organized and were onto your way to The Delaunay. Once you arrived, there was paparazzi standing outside and you furrowed your eyebrows. They wouldn’t normally gather around for Lou, Sophia and you, so you were confused, but when you walked into the restaurant, and seen Liam, Niall, and Louis all sitting around the table, shouting ‘Happy Birthday’ as soon as they say you, it all made sense. You smiled and walked over, giving each one of them a hug.

The meal proceeded smoothly, apart from Niall and Louis insisting that they all sing Happy Birthday to you, to which you made them sit down and be quiet. The Delaunay was not somewhere to sing Happy Birthday. And instead, they settled on buying a bottle of champagne for the table, except Lux, she got sparkling apple juice.

“Excuse me, could you take a picture of all of us?” Lou asked the waiter that was passing and he nodded. You stayed seated, and all of the boys, Lou - Lux who was on her mother’s hip - and Sophia all gathered around you as you smiled largely, and held up your champagne glass.

louteasdale Shoutout to this salt for being such a great person and one of the best auntie’s Princess Lux could ever want. Happy birthday, babe. I hope we made it special for you. @yourinstagram Lux and I love you! xx

You smiled as your phone vibrated in the car on the way home with Niall and Louis, all of the presents that they had bought you in multiple gift bags. You liked the picture, before screenshotting it, and cropping it.

Harry’s POV

I was sitting in the bar when I could feel something nagging at me. I felt like something had happened, or I had missed something. I realized that I hadn’t had any notifications for a few hours so I checked my phone and realized that I had multiple texts from my Mum and Gemma. I opened my mum’s first and my heart dropped as I read over the words.

Are you really in LA, Harry?xx

Harry, answer me please xx

Please tell me that you surprised your girlfriend this morning xx

H, please tell me you did NOT forget her birthday xx

Her birthday. Fuck. It was Y/N’s birthday and I forgot, and suddenly, I felt like the shittiest boyfriend in the world. I opened Gemma’s texts, knowing that she would use more colourful language than my mum, and I needed to feel like a douchebag, because I was.

Hey, you little shitbag. You better get your arse out of LA and back to London where you should be for my sister in-law’s birthday. Fucking hurry, Harry.

Brother, I love you, but right now you’re pissing me off. Y/N is turning 21 today and you should be with her.

I see you didn’t make it to London. If you want to make yourself feel even worse, look at Lou’s instagram.

I didn’t waste a second, I went straight to Lou’s instagram and seen the picture of everyone at dinner. The dinner I should have organized. The dinner that I missed because I’m the biggest prick. The dinner that my girlfriend looked absolutely beautiful at, and I was glad she had a good night. And I knew then I had to get back to London ASAP.

I quickly said goodbye to Jeff and Glenne, running outside and getting into the car that had drove us here. “My house and then the airport. Quick,” he nodded. I went on my phone, and booked a flight out of LA in two hours. I had to make it home quick.

The whole flight was spent with me trying to call Y/N. But I figured she would be sleeping. It was currently 4 in the morning, and I had an hour left of my flight. I hadn’t even bothered to check my bags in, simply bringing them onto the flight with me since they were small enough so I could run out of the airport, and get to my love as soon as possible.

Once my flight had landed, I ran off of the plane, pushing past people, apologizing profusely. I cleared border control relatively quick, and then ran outside to where Niall was waiting for me to jump into the car.

“You fucked up, mate,” he said as he put the car into drive and I nodded. I knew I had, and I had no idea how I would made this up to her.

I crept into the house knowing that there’s no way in hell she would already be awake, and I tiptoed upstairs. Once I finally reached the bedroom, I smiled as I seen her cuddled into the duvet, wrapped in one of my t-shirts. I stripped from my jeans and t-shirt, leaving my boxers on knowing that if I climbed in naked, she wouldn’t appreciate it, not when she was pissed at me.

I climbed in, pressing a kiss to her neck that was on show, because of my shirt that was way too big for her, and she stirred awake.


You awoke due to a kiss being pressed to neck and I roused awake, and looked at the boy beside me, before everything from the day before came flooding back. “Happy Birthday,” he whispered and I scoffed, shaking my head.

“You forgot. How could you forget?” You asked, your voice breaking as tears threatened to fall.

“I’m so, so sorry, baby. I don’t know what I can do to make you forgive me, but I just want to let you know that I’m not going to let it happen ever again. I love you, and I promise it completely slipped my mind that it was yesterday. I don’t even know what day it is never mind the date. It completely slipped my mind and I’m so sorry. I’m more sorry than you can ever imagine. I love you. Please, don’t leave me,” he whispered the last three words and I sighed.

“I’m not going to leave you, Harry. I’m hurt as hell that you forgot,” you whispered and he nodded in understandment.

“I can go and stay with Niall if you want time to think,” he offered and you shook your head.

“You missed my birthday, Harry. And I’m not going to forget and forgive that so easily, but I also appreciate the fact that you must have jumped on a flight as soon as you remembered, so I’m really happy you did that, because I still get to spend time with you, and maybe you could take me on the London Eye since you’ve been promising to do it for months and we still haven’t done it,” you laughed and he nodded.

“We’ll do it tonight. And then we’ll go for dinner, and I’ll spoil the hell out of you because guess what, baby?”


“You’re fucking twenty-one. We should go to Vegas,” he proposed and you chuckled. “I’m being serious, we’re both twenty-one, we could go to Vegas, get drunk, and then make love under one of those mirrored ceilings that all Vegas hotels seem to have,” he laughed and you laughed along with him.

“I think if you’re really being serious, that sounds great,” you said and he nodded, instantly tapping away on his phone, no doubt asking someone to book it for you both. “Now that you’re here, can we cuddle?” You pouted and he nodded, wrapping his arms around you.

“I love you. Happy belated birthday, my love. I love you so, so, much. More than you could ever imagine.”

#5 Cute Things He Does With Your Child

Harry: “Darcy it’s time to give daddy hugs and kisses.” You tell your daughter. You, Darcy and Harry are sitting on your’s and Harry’s bed doing story time, before Darcy went to bed.

Darcy’s adorable two year old face splits into a gigantic grin as she squeals, “No!” Giggling madly and burying her face in your stomach.

Harry makes an overly dramatic sad face and puts his head into one the pillows, “I’m crying!” He fake sobs, which seems to delight Darcy even more,

The two year old rolls onto her own stomachs and mimics your husband, “I’m cryin’.” Darcy whines into the pillows and she and Harry both burst into fake sobs. 

You smile at the two of them, before poking Harry in the side and telling him Darcy really does need to go to bed.

Liam: It’s Halloween time again and Liam and Jason still haven’t told you what they are being. It’s the same way each year. They pick a joint costume and never let you in on the secret until the night of. 

“C’mon Liam we have to get Jase out there!” You call up the stairs.

“Alright, alright we’re coming!” Liam shouts back down at you.

You hear the thuds of little running feat and large ones running beside them. When they appear at the top of the stairs you gasp and cover your mouth. 

“So what do you think Y/N?” Liam asks. Your two boys are dressed as Batman and Robin. Jason as Batman and Liam as Robin.

“My two heroes!” You exclaim delighted.

Both of them come running down the stairs and Liam scoops you into your arm. You know how much Liam would probably have preferred to be Batman, so you turn and whisper in his ear, “You’re the best father in the world. You know that?”

Louis: Since you and Louis had had Alexander four years ago life had become even more hectic than it had been before. Thankfully, however, the boys were taking a few months to themselves before beginning work on their new album so Lou had been home a lot more. Still you had barely had any time to yourself because you had wanted to soak up the time you had with both of your men. Today however Louis had convinced you to go out with Y/BFF/N and have a spa day.

The day had been fun and you felt relaxed as you were coming back home…that is until you heard the screaming. You burst through the front door millions of horrible images running through your head. You follow the screaming up stairs and turn the corner into your bedroom.

On yours and Louis’ bed your husband has the four year old pinned to the mattress with one hand tickling him the other. Alexander is screaming in delight. Lou has a giant smile on his face and is also laughing. Alexander catches sight of you standing in the door way and gasps out, “Mommy!! Heeellllppp mmeeee!!!!” 

You laugh and run to your sons rescue, finally pulling him free after a joking tug of war with Louis. You set Alexander down on the floor and are about to leave the room when you feel a pair of familiar hands grab you by the waist. Alexander may have escaped the Louis Tickle Monster but you hadn’t.

Niall: You had put Niall in charge of getting your guys’ daughter, Persephone, ready for Kindergarten that morning while you made the two of them breakfast. Originally this had seemed life a good idea that is until Niall brought a sobbing Persephone down to you. It took you a minute to realize what was wrong with the picture, but when you did you had to stop your self from laughing.

“Seph did Daddy try to braid your hair?” You ask. Seph gives you a tearful nod.

“I wanted a french braid so I would look pretty.” She sniffled

Niall gives you a desperate look, “I really did try but now it’s all knotty Y/N and then I tried to brush it out and then she started crying.” His words run together and you feel a little pitty for your husband. 

You agree to take over getting her ready and off to school. When you get home from dropping her off you hear a woman’s voice coming from your’s and Niall’s bedroom. Slightly concerned you head towards the room. 

Sitting in your room are Harry, Niall and Niall’s laptop. On the laptop screen there is a youtube tutorial on how to french braid hair, Niall is sitting cross legged on the bed and a slightly disgruntled looking Harry is sitting on the floor beneath him. 

“What are you two doing?” You laugh, snorting at the mess that is Harry’s hair.

“You see, Y/N, my mate here called me practically in hysterics moaning about being a disappointment to his daughter because he can’t french braid hair. And so of course, as usual I had to come save the day.” Harry grumbles.

“Well I think it is so sweet that Persephone has a daddy who is willing to learn how to do her hair and an uncle who is willing to risk his own luscious locks,” You inform them while snapping a picture to tweet.

006. He Steps Up In Your Child's Life

Harry: “Harry, what is the matter with you?”  The worry was most adamant in your voice as you circle through the short corridor to find Harry seeking refuge in a guest room. He was pacing, just a few steps right and left, with his hand covering his mouth and looked like he was in just as much thought as he was overwhelming emotion in the moment. You had left your son, Austin, outside by the private hotel pool with Louis and Eleanor to follow your boyfriend of the last seven months after he abruptly left. You thought the group of you was having such a nice time. Everyone was in such great spirits and then Harry ran off all distraught out of nowhere. You rested your side against the door frame and watched him. Had he even heard you? “What’s going on?” You pressed him urgently, feeling like if you didn’t get an answer soon you would begin to assume the worst.

“I just…” He finally stopped moving long enough to make eye contact with you and fully grip his thoughts. “I love Austin so much.” He told you softly, running one hand through his mop of hair (the ends wet from the pool). Harry’s voice sounded frail like he was sharing a burdensome secret with you, but his eyes rounded out full of sincerity. In fact, Harry looked scared. He shrugged his shoulders and sucked his lips inward. “When you first told me you had a kid, [Y/N], I had no idea what it would be like, but I gave it a shot and now I’m so in love with him. I didn’t think I’d feel like this.”

You gave Harry one more moment to compose himself, wrapping your own head around what he had just shared with you as your chest swelled with joy. You adjusted your bathing suit bottom and then quickly rushed towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him to you. His arms instantly folded around your waist as he breathed you in, the smell of chlorine in your damp hair. Harry had always wanted a family of his own; he just hadn’t realized he was going to find it so quickly.

Liam: Since Liam had cooked you and Stacy, your four year old daughter, such a nice meal. You volunteered to do the dishes and clean up afterwards. It didn’t take much convincing either. Liam despised doing the dishes like Kanye West despised paparazzi up in his business. Stacy was supposed to stay in the kitchen with you. She usually liked to fill up the lower rack of the dishwasher or just keep you company as you went about rinsing dirty dishes, but she tip toed quickly out of the kitchen and across the flat to where Liam was sipping a beer on the couch and watching the very end of EastEnders.

“Did you like dinner?” Stacy asked him with wide bug eyes. She pressed her little forearms and elbows into his leather couch and tried to use all of her weight to pull herself up on it.

“Of course, I did. I made it.” He told her, removing his focus from the illuminating screen and picking up her tiny weight with one hand. “Did you like it?” He asked once she was propped up properly on the couch. Stacy just nodded and watched him as he returned to looking at the television screen. She waited a beat or two, looking at her surroundings (she hadn’t ever been in Liam’s apartment before) and then without any notice, she shifted as close as she could get to him and rested her head against his chest, her ballerina bun pushing right into it.

“Are we friends, Liam?” Forever curious, she asked.

“I think so. I’d like you to be my friend, Stacy.” Without thinking, Liam did what felt natural and stroked his hand over top of her tiny head. He hadn’t clued into it, but he quite liked how comfortable Stacy felt with him, how she longed for contact with him, and included him in their outings or any time they spent together. She had been very welcoming to him which was a pretty big deal since she had no obligation to. He never thought he would be hoping for the approval of a daycare aged kid before. “I love you.” Liam said, knowing it to be one hundred percent true. He wanted only good things for her and he wanted to be able to be a male figure she could look up to and come to if she needed anything.

You peered around the kitchen wall, listening in to their sweet and private conversation.

“That’s nice.” Stacy mumbled before her mouth parted to let out a loud yawn. Liam picked up her little hand in his and put it near her mouth, reminding her of what you were trying to teach her – to cover it up.

“Ready for bed?”

Stacy nodded, closing her eyes and making herself comfortable underneath Liam’s bicep.

“I love you.” Finally, she replied back – making both yours and Liam’s hearts melt.

Louis: You had fallen asleep against Louis’s chest on the couch, watching one of his favorite movies for the umpteenth time. It wasn’t that you didn’t like it or were bored, it had just been a very long day at work for you and then you had picked him up from the airport followed by rushing to get Tristan from Kindergarten, take her to tee ball, enjoy a little alone time with Louis, pick Tristan up, make dinner, get her to bed, and watch a movie. Any human would be exhausted, even one who was fifty percent Red Bull. Above your head, Louis had also drifted into dreamland only to be awoken by the sound of feet rushing around the couch and a tiny sniffle. His eyes adjusted to the blue light glow from the television and then rested on the petite pajama-clad girl that barely came up to his shoulder (even when he was lying down)

“Tristan, what are you doing out of bed?” He tried to whisper. He didn’t want to wake you up even if your daughter was out of bed and standing right next to your sleeping body.

“I miss my…dad…” She began to sniffle, breathing in deeply and still not able to catch her breath.

Louis scrambled to sit up straight, your head rolling to the side of his chest and closer to the back of the couch. He very gently turned himself around, bare feet on the floor and your body off of his completely. He faced Tristan and leaned in, fighting his own sleepiness, to pay her much needed attention.

“Oh honey…” He cooed at her and reached for her hand, understanding completely if she didn’t want to take it. “It’s probably too late to call him, but I’ll talk to your mum in the morning and then you can call him.” Louis didn’t really know your arrangements with Tristan’s father, though he knew he was somewhat in the picture. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries, but more than anything he wanted to calm the little girl down as she sniffled and sniffled, always ready to let out a wail.

“He sings me to sleep and I can’t fall back asleep without him.” She whined, her eyes swollen from salty tears. Louis wondered if she had been crying in bed long before coming out to the living room. It absolutely broke his heart.

“Well, Tris, I’m not your dad, I know… but I’ll sing you to sleep if you want. I don’t mind.” He tried his best to comfort her, hoping she wouldn’t completely shut down his offer. You had rejected him the first time he asked you to go get dinner with him and it stung badly. He imagined being rejected by a five year old would be just as painful, if not worse.

Tristan nodded, swallowing a snotty tear that had ran down her face and between her lips.

Louis slipped off of the couch completely, taking her tiny hand in his masculine one and walked back quietly to her bedroom where he sat on the floor by her bed once she had crawled back in it and softly sang ‘Dream a Little Dream’ by Ella Fitzgerald, one that he knew the words to and he quite liked himself. He watched her quietly and made sure she was really sleeping before he left the room and returned to you.

Niall: “Thank you so much, Niall. I know that you weren’t expecting to have to watch Ashlyn. It shouldn’t – it won’t happen again.” You couldn’t be more grateful to him for stepping in when you were called to work. It was your first full day with Niall in what felt like forever and the last thing you wanted was to have to ditch him halfway for work, but when your boss called, Niall thought it was best that you go and report to your job. You needed the extra hours and he didn’t want you to lose the gig over him. He had said that he would watch your three year old little girl, but you could see the fear loud and clear in his eyes before you darted out the door. “Where is she?” You asked, hanging up your winter coat in the closet and peering over Niall’s shoulder. It hadn’t even dawned on you that Niall could potentially lose your daughter – or worse.

“She’s just in her room. We were in the middle of a braiding lesson when I heard the door.” He informed you, hands in his pockets and a goofy grin appearing crooked on his face.

“A braiding lesson.” You nodded, curious to how that was going. Walking further into your very small apartment, you stood against Niall and gave him a kiss, your lips lingering as your hand slid into the back pocket of his jeans. God, you had missed him so much.

“Yeah, on her Teresa dolls. Well, I got Barbie since I’m blond.” He explained to you, chuckling and then leaning his head to the side to give you another long kiss.

“That makes sense.” Chuckling, you pursed your lips together as if to say you understood completely. Once you had removed your hand from Niall’s behind, you went to go to your daughter’s room to check on her, make sure she was in one piece, and then ask if she was ready for dinner.

“Wait, [Y/N]!” Niall called at you as if he was further away than he actually was. You spun right around, eyebrows raised, and giving him your attention back. He walked over to you, his hands back in his pockets, and nervously looked right into you and cleared his throat. “I want to adopt Ashlyn.” He surprised you with saying. You stood there stunned silent, your face blank. “I want her to be my daughter, too. I want her to be Ashlyn Horan.” Niall told you very matter of factly, but since you weren’t showing any expression, he started to backtrack. “Obviously, I need your approval. You’re her mother, I’m just saying…”

“Wow, you know how to bury a lead.” Finally, you found your pulse and spoke.

“I love her. I have for a while, but I want more days like this.”

Reaching up, you placed both your hands flat on Niall’s cheeks and gave him a kiss that was so hard; your lips almost became one.

Zayn:  Jett sat at the bottom step of your apartment building, checking his bare wrist the way he often saw you do when you were checking for the time. Of course, you actually wore a wrist. You slid your arm over your five year old son’s shoulder and squeezed it in a comforting gesture. This was not untypical of his dad. He had been hours late before and, on a few occasion, he would forget to pick him up all together. You squinted as the sunlight poured down into your eyes and made out the shape of Zayn in the parking lot, his hands holding his hips and a scowl taking over his stern face. “Babe, sit tight, okay?” You checked on your son, giving him a little kiss on the cheek and then leaving him on the step with his two favorite action figures. You kept Jett in your line of vision while slowly approaching Zayn, who looked ready to punch one of the many cars in the lot.

“You okay?”  Cautiously, you asked. His back was to you, but you could still see how tormented and angry he was. You could feel it radiating off of him.

“No.” Without letting a beat go by, Zayn muttered. “I can’t believe you’re not more upset.” He spun around and nodded at you with the point of his chin.

“I’m used to this. Jett’s used to this.” You explained nonchalantly. Obviously, you weren’t pleased with the situation and you had a very disappointed little boy to look after, but it wasn’t like this was a total surprise. You had a feeling it would happen since news had broken about you and Zayn’s relationship, it was worldwide news now and your ex was less than thrilled. It wasn’t out of the question for him to take his anger at you out on your little boy.

“He shouldn’t have to be used to it!” Zayn threw his arms up in the air, fed up. “He’s five! He shouldn’t be let down like this by anyone especially not his Dad who he talks about like he is some kind of hero!”

“Please, stop shouting, Zayn.” You didn’t want Jett to hear him specifically, but you also didn’t want Zayn to get himself all worked up over the situation. You reached for his wrists with your hands and massaged them with your thumb soothingly. “I know. You’re right. He shouldn’t have to go through this and it breaks my heart that he is, but you getting upset isn’t going to change the fact that his dad isn’t here and that he’s hurting. Just be there for him right now. Let’s give him a great day.” You shrugged your shoulders and let your eyes do the pleading as they looked up at Zayn’s sorrowful brown ones.

Zayn’s stomach caved in as he inhaled deeply. He looked over your head at Jett, watching him sitting by himself with his toys in hand. Slowly, he calmed down and looked back at you.

“I’m never going to let him down like that.” Zayn swore through grit teeth, balancing his gaze between you and your son who he was starting to fall in love with. “Never. I’m going to be there for him and I’m going to be the fucking best Dad to him.”

“I know.” You nodded, assuring him that everything he said was right. “Thank you.” You kissed him quickly before leading him by the hand back to Jett.


Preference 146: Selfies to annoy and destroy.

Harry: Twitter banter was something both you and Harry specialized in, which meant neither of you ever held back when teasing each other online. “@yourtwittername: guys, isn’t my hat today much better than all the weird ones @Harry_Styles wears all the time? #thehatwar” Embarrassing yourself was a risk you were always willing to take, as long as it gave Harry a laugh. “@Harry_Styles: Heeeey! No fair, your mirror selfies give you the advantage. Bet you took 1,000 pictures before posting that. It’s okay though, I still love you.” 

Liam: Ever since Liam had left for tour, you’d been doing a lot of the same things. One of those things was spending plenty of time with Ruth and Nicola, and the other was exchanging very teasing text messages with your boyfriend. Sometimes you even did both at once, like the day you three girls were spending the day at the beach. You’d taken a couple of pictures in your room before heading out, and made the spontaneous decision to send them to Liam while you sun tanned with his sisters on the sand. “spending time with your sisters again, but still missing you loads. too bad you couldn’t be around to come to the beach with us…“ Almost immediately, Liam shot back a perfectly predictable response, leaving you giggling lightly on your beach towel, antsy for the next time you’d be able to see him. ”oi, cover up! dont need any1 stealing u from me before i come back home, save tht one for me. love u babe.”

Louis: Louis had a tendency to make you late to everything. Whether it was procrastinating on getting ready or convincing you to fool around with him ten minutes before you needed to leave, he could always postpone things for something more important. You were beginning to sick of it, so you decided to fight fire with fire. He’d been craving Taco Bell for almost a week, so he insisted that the two of you go out on a laid back date to eat there. You waited for him to get completely ready that night after the concert to even get off your ass to put an outfit or any makeup on. It was already midnight, but you’d driven past a 24/7 Taco Bell on the way back to the hotel from the concert, so you knew needn’t worry about times. You took another 30 minutes to choose something to wear and get it on, and 20 to do your hair and makeup. After an hour, you still weren’t satisfied with the stalling job you’d done, so you planted yourself on your butt in the large bathroom you shared with Louis and began taking pictures of yourself in the full length mirror on the wall. “(Y/N), can you hurry the hell—” Louis turned the corner into the bathroom to see you, and you smiled deviously. “Hi, baby. Loving this selfie central.” After a few minutes of trying to get you out of the bathroom, Louis finally figured out what you were doing. “Please just come with me, (Y/N).” “I’ll come if you give me a piggy back ride.” “You’re killing me. Absolutely killing me.” Nevertheless, you exited the building on the love of your life’s back, just like you wanted.

Niall: ”Jesus, Horan. Did you know you have 1,963 photos on your phone?” Niall had been playing Fifa with the 5SOS boys for a while, and you’d decided to play around on his phone until they finished and everyone went out for dinner. When you asked him about the number of pictures in his camera roll, he simply shrugged. “Done lots of stuff tourin’, I like takin’ pictures.” “So what would you do if I took, like, a billion selfies right now on your phone?” He shrugged again. “Don’t really mind, especially if they’re all of you.” Knowing what you were planning to do, Calum inserted himself in the conversation. “Don’t let her do it, man.” Niall threw his younger friend a confused look, continuing his game with Michael and Luke. “She’s done it to me, it’s a deadly thing. Nearly three hundred random pictures, and she froze my phone.” You fought a laugh, waiting for Niall’s response that never came because of the drastic turn of events in the boys’ game. You struck then, beginning to take some normal selfies. Then, though, you started singing, still hitting the button a million times a second. Making sure to get Niall’s reaction in some of the pictures, you didn’t stop taking them until after Louis had joined you for a few, along with Ashton, Luke, and Michael. As soon as the game ended, your boyfriend dropped his remote and tackled you, the two of you wrestling for the phone for a few seconds. He eventually got it from you, discovering 428 more pictures and a soon enough frozen phone. Under his breath, Cal muttered an ‘I told you so’ as his friend complained. “I warned you, mate.”

Zayn: ”No way.” “Z, I’m pretty sure I can pop some selfies as cool as yours.” Zayn shook his head again, refusing to believe in your selfie game more than his own. “It’s not possible, beb. Have you seen some of the fans’ replies to the ones I’ve tweeted? They go insane.” “That says nothing. Last time I posted a selfie of just myself, we weren’t official yet. I bet they’d respond just as crazily for me as they do for you.” His eyebrows rose. “Wanna make that a bet?” You shook on it, and posted a tweet before the actual picture to let fans know why Zayn Malik and his girlfriend were simultaneously posting selfies while in the same room. “@yourtwittername: guys! Z thinks that he can get more retweets and favorites on his selfies than me, so we’re putting you to the test? who will have the ultimate selfie? #Team(Y/N)” “@zaynmalik: Whose selfie will be more popular, mine or (Y/N)’s ?! Whoever gets the most retweets/favorites from you guys wins! #TeamZayn” After deciding that whoever lost would buy dinner, the two of you posted sefies. Somehow, you defeated Zayn with a few more retweets than him, and he ended up owing you dinner with a kiss as a bonus prize.

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Yes Beth tell me more about that Nick and 17 y/o Harry please

listen. i’ve had this message in my ask for three days because i’ve been reflecting deeply upon it. and now, since i have a very important project due in a couple of hours that i don’t want to do, i’m going to paint you a word picture.


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Don't Judge Me

this is a major throwback and if you give me shit for it i’ll find you

Based off Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown i used Somo’s bc it’s pretty

Liam: “I don’t wanna go there. We should never go there. Why you wanna go there? I guess I gotta go there.." 

All he asked for in this relationship was for unwavering trust. All of his previous girlfriends had problems staying faithful, or they only wanted him for the fame and the money, and he just wanted something true. And he thought he found it within you. You’d never hurt him, but you’d come from relationships where they’d all left you for someone else, or cheated on you, so it was hard for you to trust someone that had girls throwing themselves at him constantly. So when the argument came up after a particularly long month of being apart and pictures of him standing a little too close to a fan, you decided to let him know what had been eating you alive for the past few hours. To your surprise, he rolled his eyes and flopped backwards, startling you because Liam was never this agitated with you. Faster than he laid down he shot back up into a sitting position, a look of utter defeat and anger on his face. "Can we not do this? Honestly, it’s been a long day-” “You’ve had a long day? I’ve been worrying if my boyfriend is cheating on me, and you’re the one complaining?” He breathed harshly through his nose, his jaw clenching, but you were nearly shaking with the anger and anxiety of an impending fight. You’d done this so many times before, and it was terrifying knowing Liam could up and leave you. “Fine! Think what you want! I’m not going to sit here and prove myself to you! Goodnight!” He said, and before you could even question what he was doing, the screen to Facetime when blank, and your heart cracked in you chest.

Niall: “You’re hearing rumors about me and you can’t stomach the thought, of someone touching my body when you’re so close to my heart." 

Niall loved you, and it was no secret, but when you started to date exclusively, you noticed that a lot more women flocked to Niall. And he didn’t push them away. At first it didn’t seem like anything to worry about, but when more and more pictures and stories surfaced of Niall out with different girls that you’d never met before, and he wouldn’t tell you about his escapades the morning after he’d gotten home, it started to worry you. You didn’t want to believe that he’d ever be unfaithful, he was such an honorable man, but it made you sick to think of anyone else even being with him. So you brought it up one night in bed while you were visiting him on tour, because he’d been pestering you about why you were so distant and mopey all day. When the question left your mouth–"Have you been loyal to us?”–He was slightly shocked, his pink lips parted and his blue eyes wide. You felt like at any moment you might vomit, so you paced, unable to look at him and suddenly feeling ridiculous. “Baby…” He almost whispered, and you stopped in your tracks, blowing out a shaky breath and playing with the hem of his t-shirt you were wearing while he got out of bed and came over to you, sighing before lifting your face with his palms under your jaw, his forehead coming down to rest on yours. “I love you, and only you, and I only ever want you. No one else, and I would never do that to you. Never. I love you so much, please, just trust me.” He said softly, taking one of your hands in his own as they trailed from your neck, down you shoulders and arms. He placed it over his chest, right above his heartbeat, and you melted into his embrace, nodding your head against his shoulder. 

Louis: “So please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. Cause it could get ugly, before it gets beautiful." 

One of the things Louis hated the most was when people never got to know him before they formed opinions on him. He hated that one little thing seemed to cause people to turn their cheek and never even ask him for an explanation, so when you, the girl he thought would never do that, was the one to do it the fastest, he was angrier than he’d ever been. IT didn’t help that because of the fact that the two of you rarely ever fought, when you ended up having a row it escalated quickly and left the two of you in pieces because neither one of you were gentle when it came to confrontation. The whole argument started over the fact that you found messages from his ex-girlfriend in his phone, and when you asked him about it, he got frustrated with your ‘tone’. That then escalated into a full blown screaming fit of him calling you a bitch and you calling him a cheater and a liar, and everything in between, until you were across the room from each other in fear you’d throttle him. "I don’t understand why my own fucking girlfriend can’t even trust me.” He huffed, dropping onto the bed and putting his head in his hands, breathing heavily. “Well maybe that says more about you than it does about me.” You snapped, and he looked to you with his jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists, eyes narrowed. “Maybe I should just leave for the night, then, because this can only get worse and one of us is going to say something we don’t mean and then it’ll never be fixed.” He mumbled, rising from his position and crossing the hotel room without another word, no doubt going to stay the night with Zayn.

Zayn: “Everything I say right now is gonna be used in another fight, and I’ve been through this so many times. Can we change the subject? You’re gonna start asking me questions like: 'Was she attractive?’ 'Was she an actress?’ Baby the fact is…”  

He was sat on the end of the bed with his head hanging, his elbows on his knees as you kept on shouting and shouting at him, trying to get another ounce of fight out of him, but he didn’t have any left. You’d been going at it since before dinner, so about three hours now, and he was just tired and frustrated. He had nothing to say, because what he did was wrong, but you were hurt and you were lashing out at him, but he just wanted you to stop. He flinched when your sentence broke off in your throat from the tears he new were threatening to spill, and silence lapsed over the tension in the room as he stared at the paisley carpet between his dress shoes. “And you don’t even have anything to say,” You nearly sobbed, and that was the last straw for him. He lifted his head, his heart constricting because your makeup was destroyed and you fact was red and puffy, your cheeks tear streaked and your hair a mess of flyaways from you pacing and screaming, and you looked exhausted. He stood and you took a step away from him, and the words nearly died in his throat. “I can’t defend myself because everything that you found was true,” Your frown deepened, but at least you were listening. “But it was weeks before I even met you, Y/N.” He wasn’t finished, but your eyes narrowed and you nearly spat the words at him, “Was she prettier than me? Did she look just like me? Was she a good fuck? I think she was a model thought, right, you met through a party–” Now you were just trying to rile him up, saying the words as if you already knew the answers, lie you were condemning him, and he couldn’t stand it because all it was doing was hurting you. “Stop!” He interrupted, and your mouth snapped shut, the two of you breathing out simultaneously. “Everything you hear now, is a fucking lie. I’ve been nothing but faithful to you since the day I met you, and I would never do anything to hurt you. Never, baby,” You looked away, bu did’t move when he stepped closer. “Especially not with her. She means nothing to me anymore, and she’s in the past. I promise you. But if you keep questioning me, I’m not going to have anything else to say to you to make you stay, and I hate that. But I’ve done this too many times, and I don’t want to lose you, but I’m tired of fighting for you when you just keep trying to leave.” He said, and your glistening eyes looked up at him, and he didn’t know if he’d said the wrong thing or the right thing. But then you covered your face with your hands before stepping forward, your head against his chest, and pieces of him clicked back into place as he wrapped his arms around you. 


A/N: I didn’t do a Harry one bc it makes me sad and I couldn’t bring myself to write it. Okay, well, excuse my mistakes, but I hope you liked it!! :* -Michelle Xx. 

Pref. 7: Jealousy

A/N: Hi hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while pretties! Here’s possibly the first part of this jealousy preference. I don’t know if I want to do a second part to this preference. If you want a second part tell me and I shall think about doing it :) xx

Harry: As Harry glances over at you talking to an unfamiliar face, he carefully continues to watch you and the strange guy who is now hugging you and playfully pinching your bum causing you to laugh. Harry’s eyes were making a non-existent laser beam that was burning a hole straight through the back of the guys head. He continues sipping on his drink still observing you. The boys notice his odd behaviour and decide to see what he has been looking at. “Who’s that with your girl Harry?” Niall asked pointing at the guy. Harry shook his head and leaned back in his chair, “I don’t know who he is.” he mentions jealous. Niall smirked and decided to play around with the situation. “You know Harry. If that were my girl, I wouldn’t let her around guys like that. He’s a good looking lad.” Harry was now furious, all his long anticipated anger suddenly overcame his conscience when he swiftly got up from his chair and made his way over to you, grabbing your arm and pulling you away roughly. You pull your arm out of his grip and looked him in the eyes. “Harry what’s wrong with you? Why do you have to be so rough, I was in the middle of talking to someon-” Harry grabbed you by the hips, putting a finger on your lips and slowly walking you towards a wall. He gently pushed your body against the wall and started to kiss you, with his kisses gradually getting harder. His large hands wandering up your thigh lifting your dress slightly. His lips traveled down to your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses from your chin to your collar bones. “Who was that guy?” He asked in between kisses. Your eyes were closed admiring the touch of his kisses and his wandering hands. You bit your lip before speaking, “That was my best friend. I haven’t seen him in ages.” You said breathlessly. “Well I don’t like the way he was touching you, only I can do that,” you nodded in response still enjoying his touch. “I mean it y/n,” he said looking at you, putting his thumb on your lip “if I see you with another guy, god know what I would do to him. Better yet who knows what I would to you if you ever make me jealous again.” He whispered into your ear as his hand clenched the flesh of your thigh before placing another kiss on your lips.

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1D Preference #53: Inspired By Four

Zayn - “Night Changes”

Zayn stood at the doorway, dressed beautifully with his hair done up nicely. You yelled goodbye to your mother and walked to Zayn so he could lead you to the car. The drive was quiet, you watched the darkness develop as the night was taking over. Zayn put a hand on your thigh and you smiled at him. “Thanks for taking me out tonight.” Zayn smiled at you. “I wanted to.” He replied softly. The drive ended in front of his house and the two of you entered. Dinner was had along with drinks and a movie and the entertainment was taken to the bedroom. The two of you laid under the sheets, a cigarette between Zayn’s lips and your arms wrapped tightly around his chest. You looked up at him, lips pursed to take a drag and brown eyes glowing as he looked at the moon. A small smile came upon your face and you snuggled closer to the man. Zayn smiled down at you who had gotten as physically close to him as you could. He ran a hand through your hair causing you to look up. He smiled warmly, no words needed to express his feelings

Louis - “Illusion”

Your eyes narrowed at the man on your doorstep holding a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne. “What do you want?” It had been clearly presented to the brunet that you weren’t interested in getting with the heartbreaker no matter how well the two of you got on. There was no way you were going to go through that. It was just too risky to have him pretending to fall and then have him leave as soon as you fell. “I remembered you told me you were home alone for New Years.” You stared at him blankly. “What’s with the roses?” The man raised a brow as if your question was absurd. “I’m currently courting you, Y/N. I like you a lot and I’d love it if you believed me.” The eye roll couldn’t be stopped and Louis saw it. It was just so hard to believe him. “I’m not trying to play you. I feel as though I could fall in love you, especially since I’ve already started falling. You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything. I know we have something.” It would be a lie to refute his words, however, you didn’t know if you trusted him. “I know I have a reputation, but you are the last person I would ever want to hurt. Please trust me and give me a chance to prove it. We’ve got special and I want to take advantage of the magic between us.” You looked at Louis from underneath your lashes before shaking your head. “Fine, but you only get one chance.” “I only need one.”

Harry - “Once in a Lifetime”

It hadn’t been too long ago when you and Harry were together. Harry remembered it acutely just like you did. He lost himself in daydreams about the two of you together. Until he was called away by what sounded like you but was really Zayn needing Instagram help. The love that was meant to last a lifetime had faded and yet neither of you seemed to have gotten the memo. To you, nothing had changed. Every morning you went to Starbucks, at lunch you went for pizza, at night you got takeout. When you closed your eyes for bed, his arms were around you and nothing had changed. That wasn’t reality though. You dusted off some lint from your black polo before heading into Starbucks for the morning. Harry debated a disguise, but he’d always been against them. You mixed some espresso with some flavoring, lost in your job. Harry told the intern what he wanted before shaking his head and opting to go instead. You called out his name once the order was ready. Everything stopped as your eyes met. His hand wrapped around yours to get the bag of pastries but you didn’t let go. “Hey.” “Hey.”

Niall - “Change Your Ticket”

Niall groggily opened his eyes, making eye contact with you who was standing fully dressed and night bag ready to go. “What’s going on?” A snort followed the question as it was quite obvious. “I’m going home.” Niall frowned at you, that answer not to his liking. “My ticket is for today.” Niall frowned even deeper and he shook his head. “Here, let me change your ticket and you can stay a few more days. I think that’d be best for both of us.” You rolled your eyes at the faux blond before you. As much as you would love to stay, you couldn’t. There were things to be done. “Niall, that would be the third time you changed the ticket.” “So?” There was really no reasoning with this boy when it came to you leaving. “You’re supposed to be single.” Niall pointed at the shades. “They’re as tightly closed as it gets and we are on the top floor. No one knows about us!” You groaned. “I’m leaving, Niall. I have a life and so do you.” You pulled the bag up on your shoulder. “Don’t leave me all alone!” Niall called causing you to turn to look at him. Blue eyes locked with yours, “I’ll miss you, love.” What was a few more days anyway?

Liam - “18”

Liam grinned at you as the three of you walked into the house. “This is your new home, Katherine!” The baby in your arms gurgled with joy causing identical grins to form on Liam and your face. He pulled you closer by the waist and kissed your temple. “This is surreal.” He whispered. The two of you walked the baby to her playpen. “Did you put the crib in our room?” Liam pushed some of your hair out off your shoulder as he rolled his eyes. “I gave her a room of her own along with a baby monitor for us on the off chance she sleeps through the night and we can practice making her a sister.” Liam waggled his brows causing you to laugh as you gently put Katherine into her playpen. “What are you? 18?” Liam laughed, kneeling onto the ground with you to press a kiss onto your lips. “Wouldn’t you like to repeat that time period.” He muttered against your lips before kissing them again and again and again. “Stop, we have a child!” You laughed. Liam rolled off. “Isn’t that bizarre? We made it this far when no one thought we would.” “A marriage at 18 is kinda weird.” Liam sat up, pulling you up too. “It’s not weird if you know it’s meant to be.” Katherine whined behind you two. “It was a big gamble.” You took up Katherine into your arms. “It was worth it.” Liam replied eyeing the wedding picture of the two of you.

A/N: Liam’s took so many new songs and rewrites to get it right and now I love it. I think it’s my fave on here! I hope y’all enjoyed this one!