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Room - [Monsta X] Kihyun!Boyfie Au

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“Come out for awhile, let’s talk.” - Kihyun.

You tucked yourself tighter in your jacket and exhaled when you saw his brownish hair shine beneath the street lamp by the narrow steps where your house were.

“What is so important that can’t wait til morning.” You made it clear to frown and because of it, Kihyun felt a sting in his heart. The cold night air certainly didn’t help much.

“Be honest with me, what’s your relationship with Minhyuk.” His voice was ambigous although the intentions were clear. He made the conversation into an interogation therefore your red lights lit up in your head. But your hasty answers didn’t bring the warmth Kihyun was seeking.

In fact, it boiled him much further.

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Self-Promotion Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

There’s something I’d like to discuss with you guys – something a lot of us feel guilty for doing, but something that all of us should do – self-promotion. Specifically, I want to talk about promoting your content. 

Most of the people I follow on this site, I follow for their excellent writing, or their beautiful art, or their fantastic graphics. Tumblr, for all its flaws, is a platform that lends itself to sharing your preferred means of creative expression. I also follow people for their great taste. Tumblr lends itself very well to content curation – sharing things that you like with other people you think will like them. And no blog consists of just created content – everyone needs to curate, too. 

Therefore, it’s important both to content creators – people who make pretty stuff – and content curators – people who collect pretty stuff – to see all the good stuff you make. Now – how do you make sure your followers see that art you made or that fic you wrote or the meta you came up with or that rec list you put together – so that they can enjoy it, and share it with their followers, too?

That’s right – you promote that shit. Not all your followers are online at the same time. Any content you create needs to be shared multiple times, during different times of day. Some of your followers might not be online every day, so that means promoting it a few more times after the initial posting day. If your creative online presence goes across multiple platforms, share on all of them! That means you share the story you posted on AO3 on tumblr, and that you share the painting you posted on Tumblr on Twitter, so on, and so forth. 

Now, my point thus far has been that your followers want to see your stuff – but that’s not the only reason you should feel comfortable promoting your work. It’s your work. You made it. You spent time and energy and effort on it. You should be comfortable putting that out there. And if you’re not comfortable, it’s good fucking practice. 

I know we’ve all been told that it’s bad to want attention – especially the women and teenage girls among us – but when it comes to your professional life, especially if you intend to go down a less-than-conventional path, asking for attention is sort of a necessity. It’s how you get feedback from people who are more experienced than you; it’s how you get mentorship; it’s how you get someone to see you and give you a chance. 

So yeah – reblog your drawing or your story or your graphic or your playlist one more time. Your followers want to see. But more importantly, it’s good practice. 


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Last week’s Samurai Jack finale gave me some ideas. Not very good ones.

My first thought during that part of the Aku battle was this Spongebob reference. Spongebob quotes can literally go with anything.

I would’ve liked to have drawn stuff before the series ended, but y'know, the last month of college….still, I actually put way more effort into this than I intended; I wasn’t even gonna color it. It actually kinda pisses me off.

I might draw more SJ stuff, probably.

art © me
characters © Genndy Tartakovsky/Cartoon Network Studios

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scenario where he gets home from practice and he's super tired and he's with his femal s/o and he's all whiney and clingy and wants them to play with his hair and it's all fluffy please~omg I thought I wrote this name but it's Oikawa

Yay, Oikawa snuggles! This boy needs more in his life, he stresses out far too often!

Stepping through the door, Oikawa dropped his bag in the doorway, not bothering to care about being untidy. Kicking off his shoes, he was suddenly concerned that his eyes were going to fall closed before he even made it to his bed. A heavy breath left him and he instantly became aware of tightness in the muscles of his back, a small groan rumbling from his throat. Kicking off his shoes haphazardly, he stumbled further into his home. “[First Name]-chaaan,” he whimpered into the empty space.

“In the bedroom,” she called back, the voice easily guiding him down the hall, “how was practice?”

“Too long,” he complained before finally flopping down into the comforts of their bed, his limbs stretching out over the surface, “come over here.” His hands reached straight up, his fingers grasping at the empty air above him. The extreme need to surround himself around the one person he loved most in this life and fall asleep there filled him more and more with each passing moment she wasn’t there with him.

A small laugh came from across the room, her eyes laying affectionately on the man who put in more effort than he had into everything he did. “I have to clean the kitchen still,” it was true, but she didn’t intend to do it, not when he was there waiting for her. Crawling onto the edge of the bed, she wasted no more time in placing herself over him and allowing him to enfold her into his grasp.

A hum came from him then, burying his face into the crock of her neck, body relaxing deeper into the mattress now that he had her. He was barely conscious of her hand sliding up his back and into the locks of his hair. If his body hadn’t been completely giving into the sleep that had hovered over his head since the moment he ended practice, he would’ve moaned at the careful kneading of her fingers against his scalp. He’d just have to beg her for more in the morning.

Shigaraki and All For One

Shigaraki has never impressed me. His whole demeanor is childish and annoying and incompetent. I know he’s improved since his introduction but his whole character isn’t very inspiring to me as a villain which, in it’s own way, is interesting. Because I was flabbergast when it’s been stated that big bad, brilliant and cunning, has chosen Shigaraki as his supposed successor. Because Shigaraki is basically the last person I’d want to take over my evil empire.

Which is why I don’t think AFO ever intended to make Shigaraki his successor.

We saw in flashbacks that AFO found the boy, then Shimura Tenko, while he was very young. He can’t be more than 5 or 6 here, especially considering it’s implied that it’s not long after his quirk developed and he killed his family. Considering Shigaraki is considered to be in his late teens, early twenties, AFO had a significant impact on shaping Shigaraki. If he wanted the boy to be his successor back then, he would have put greater effort into making him more autonomous and skilled.

But instead Shigaraki is dependent, impulsive, prone to childlike behavior. AFO knew damn well who the boy was related to when he ‘saved him’ so I think he raised Shigaraki this way on purpose as an act of cruelty. What better punishment than for Shimura Nana’s grandson to grow into a careless, buffoon without much of a conscious? AFO shaped Shigaraki to be the infantile villain we see today out of a sense of petty revenge with no intention of making him his successor.

However, it’s worth noting that this all happens before AFO’s fight with All Might which severely injures him. We know so little about Shigaraki and AFO at this point so it’s up in the air about what changed. We’ve seen in the manga that AFO is putting forward a greater effort into guiding Shigaraki. There’s numerous examples of AFO giving Shigaraki a chance to develop himself and grow: the thing with the Noumu’s in Hosu, expanding the Villain Alliance, going to prison. It’s unclear what this means right now, maybe he could have changed him mind about Shigaraki and intends to reshape him into a successor.

I still say no. I think AFO is using Shigaraki as a distraction, a red herring. It’s in his advantage to make Shigaraki more competent/threatening as no hero would take the tantrum throwing man child as a serious successor candidate. I believe AFO has convinced Shigaraki too, the way one can easily con a small child, into believing that he will inherit AFO’s legacy. He’s too brainwashed and too simple-minded to realize he’s being duped as much as anyone.

So what are AFO’s true intentions with Shigaraki? If not Shigaraki then who does AFO want to be his successor? Could Shigaraki realizing how thoroughly AFO manipulated his life and expectations be the tipping point for a redemption? Who knows? We’ll have to keep reading but these are just my thoughts. 

Defy the Odds

Summary: “Our chances of meeting in a city with a population of over five hundred thousand people were small to begin with but the likelihood of meeting in another country entirely are infinitesimal.”

“So we defy the odds,” he said.

“Yeah we do,” she agreed, finally weaving her fingers through his. “I like that.”

Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak

Word Count: 7202

Rating: N/A (mild language)

Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon for the “summer vacation” prompt. I went a little crazy with it and it may be a mess since I’m still new to this fandom/pairing but I hope it’s at least passably good. This is very much an au with no shipwreck/island/undertaking.


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      — pick a number and a pairing and i’ll write a minific!

4. “You’re clearly hurting, so stop putting up a strong front.”

“I’m not putting up any fronts,” he snaps, the table rattling under him. “If you know I’m hurting, then stop fucking poking it–”

“It’s called stitching, idiot. Maybe I wouldn’t need to do it if you’d stop- getting- so- hurt.” Every word is punctuated with another jab to the gash on his shoulder, her fingers sharp and precise, and a strangled yelp breaks its way through his teeth with every one. 

His eyes are watering by the time he gathers himself enough to speak, and then it’s hardly convincing, his voice rough with the pain. “Not a front.”

She huffs, blowing hair out of her eyes, not sparing him a glance. Her needle shines dully out of the corner of his eye, and he takes another wash of something dark and heavy, letting the bitterness distract him from the stinging.

On the far wall, there are pictures. He studies those in the semi-dark instead, even though he’s seen them all a hundred times. Her and her parents, her and her friends, her and the people she’s rescued, her face always dirty with soot, but with this expression on her face that makes him–

The scissors make a soft metallic noise, and her movements stop and for a second, he’s quiet, every bit of his attention focused back on her, numb to the pain. 

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Chapter 2

Aaron bends down and goes in for a hug. Your breath catches in your throat, but you allow yourself to relax and return the hug. His massive hands envelop your back and you are completely swooning over the man you’ve been so obviously crushing on for months. He bends down low enough for you to put your arms around his neck with one hand finding the back of his head, running your fingers through his short, soft curls. You realize how intimate this hug just became, and you quickly pull back. You stare up at him and notice the grin that he has on his face. One glance over his shoulder shows that Sonny and Austin have also noticed the tension that this hug has created.

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Okay so my hands are feeling better after drawing all this for 10 hours (don’t judge)

So this is basically a list of youtubers I enjoy, and the reason I’m on here twice is cuz this was originally intended to be a new tumblr background for the desktop. But here we are

So here’s the list
(Going Left to Right, Top to Bottom)
(I’ll leave links if they have a known Tumblr)
1. Angry Joe
2. @psychicpebbles
3. H3H3
4. ^
5. Ralphthemoviemaker
6. Jacksfilms
7. Markiplier
8. Jontron
9. ^
10. Lyle McDouchebag
11. –
12. @katzun
13. –

I apologize that some clearly have less effort put in than others ((*cough* 1 through 6 *cough*)). It’s just I had a lot more I planned to draw and sketched more, but it eventually became too much so I stopped there.

Hope you see someone you like and if not someone who’s worth checking out.

This is what made me stop being a fan

“i feel like J will never do anything right in your eyes. like what would he have to do for you to say something positive about him? genuinely asking, not hating”

His life, he can do whatever he wants. But actions have consequences. So whatever he does, he has to be ready to deal with people not necessarily liking it. That’s life. 

Just like K, I too started as a fan. As a quite big fan actually. As someone who did everything they could to support the band. Buy merch, buy Vy tickets, go to shows, do M&Gs, spread the word on sm…And in the beginning I was happy to do that. I admired J because he seemed like a “go-getter” who worked hard, he seemed like he cares and is involved in what goes on around him in our society and around the world (His Oscar speech, anyone? And him speaking about Ukraine, supporting the LGBT community, concern for the environment, etc). He seemed passionate about his art, he obviously is very talented. He was great on stage. And he seemed like the “underdog” and like someone who fights for the underdog. You know, all his speeches about “be who you wanna be, love who you wanna love, be different, fight for your dreams” blah blah blah. And then of course his whole “struggling artist” act, the whole “no ones making any money here”. Yeah I fell for that. “Oh poor thing. He’s so great and so talented. But he’s not making any money. Yeah, we have to support him and his art and give from our very little salaries so that he can keep doing his art.” Yes, in that sense I was one of the “sheep”. I have to laugh at it now. 

Just like K said too, I also didn’t have any specific moment that made me stop being a fan. Shit just kept piling up until it hit the fan. It was just a sum of a lot of different things having happened. 

It started with the London Vy really. When they set the tickets at 10,000. It was insane. Now, nothing wrong in being ambitious and dreaming big and trying to do big things and trying to reach your goals…when YOU work for it. Not someone else. Had they promoted the shit out of it themselves and had done everything they can to get the tickets sold, fine. But it was like “Oh let’s put out 10,000 tickets to make a lot of money but let the fans do all the work any pay for it all.” It’s like DT saying “Let’s build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” It’s ridicilous. Oh and “let’s sell tickets to an event that has no date so the people who buy live tickets won’t even know if they can watch it.” I mean, seriously? Real “geniuses” at work. Smh! And even though it was clear it will never work and people kept complaining and sending in suggestions, they just ignored it all. And then they did the VIP VV (that was supposed to be a treat for those who got their tickets early) unannounced, so that most of the people missed it. So from that point on I was like “Okay, let’s see them doing some work THEMSELVES to sell their events. I’m done. Unless there is some effort coming from YOUR way, I ain’t doing shit!”. I also stopped buying multiple tickets and I stopped buying VIP. If they don’t put in any effort, why should I? They’re the ones with a company trying to sell a product, not me. I don’t go to my workplace either expecting my clients to do MY work for me while paying ME. It’s ridicilous. And if you wanna improve your product, listen to your costumers. If they tell you something IS NOT WORKING, do something about it. Don’t ignore them, block them, black list them just because they told you their opinion about your product in the hopes of helping you improve it. And for god’s sake don’t be RUDE to them and tell them they should be grateful they got anything at all even though they PAID for the product and dont tell them to fuck off if they dont like it. Well, unless you wanna lose all your costumers. In that case, go ahead. 

And then there was the whole Joker thing with the used condoms and dildos and all his Joker antics. his whole “method actor” bullshit while frolicking around with models, while going rock climbing, while sending pics of himself in Joker makeup to models only to have it leaked and almost ruining things for WB. His antics were disgusting and not funny and if you claim to be a method actor and those stupid antics were needed as a part of your “method acting” then BE a method actor and don’t fuck around with young models or go rock climbing. At least stick to your story then and act like it. 

Which leads to the next problem. His words and actions not matching. Being fake. Lying during interviews. “Be who you wanna be, be different”. Well, why don’t you start with yourself and take your own advice, J? If barely legal underweight girls are your thing and you can’t even be friends with anyone who doesn’t look like a model or isn’t much younger than you are, then be that. If that’s who you are, fine. So be it. If vapid models with half a brain cell are the company you prefer and want around you, it’s okay. But in that case don’t try to speak about women’s rights and about having respect for strong women or any of women’s issues. Keep your mouth shut. And don’t try to hide it and act like that’s not who you are. People are not dumb. So don’t assume they are and treat them like they are. Just because everyone around you are stupid, doesn’t mean the rest of us are, thank you very much. 

Then Gucci came into the picture. Gucci this, Gucci that. Gucci, Gucci, Gucci. I AM SICK OF GUCCI! We get that you are the face of Gucci and friends with AM. But can you not shove Gucci down our throats 24/7, thank you very much. And shut up about “no one’s making any money here” and quit the “struggling artist” act. Please. When youre wearing an outfit that costs more than my whole month’s salary. Go fuck yourself. And if you raise your prices, I expect a stellar product. I expect to get my money’s worth. If I pay thousands to go to Camp MARS, I expect MARS to put some effort into it. Have activities with fans, interact with them. You have the whole weekend. You’re literally booked for the whole weekend. It’s YOUR “festival”. So do the work. And if you sell your camp packages by promising to play new music, then do that and don’t do false advertising, if you’re not intending to play new songs. And can you please tear yourself away from your freeloaders for ONE weekend  and concentrate on your work, thanks. Also, if you’re going to do a show and people paid thousands to see it, can you please rehearse so you actually know the lyrics to your own songs. I don’t come to shows to listen to the fans sing. I come to hear YOU sing. And play. That’s if the band even bothers to show up. 

I could go on and on but what finally made me go “I have had it!” was him disappearing from sm and only coming on when he needs something from us. When he only remembered he has fans when he wanted our votes or our money or  needed us to do PR for him. And him lying the whole time. Can you take things seriously for once and quit being immature and actually say what you mean for once. And do what you say. Don’t expect us to believe you and feel sorry for you if you say your back hurts soooo much, but instead of taking care of it,  you’re flying around long distance to go to fashion shows and to unnecessarily go to some art gallery for a day and when you can go rock climbing with your kittens. Same thing goes for your knee.Don’t go on sm to whine about it to get attention and do ice baths in trash cans and  come on stage wth a cane when you then after two songs take off your knee brace and jump around. 

The last drop for me was the lies about the new album. the ten millionth “#soon. The “we’re 80% done” for 2 years straight. The “We’re finishing the album today” only to tell us two weeks later that he’s working on the lyrics on the first single. Only to tell us the album isn’t even done. At some point it stops being funny and becomes pathetic. Come tease us about a new album WHEN YOU ACTUALLY HAVE AN ALBUM: And dont go around talking about how “exhausted” you are now that you finished ONE SONG. In FOUR years. Seriously, dude! Have you lost touch with reality completely?! Do you actually even know what HARD WORK and REALLY being exhausted from working is like? You need to get out in the real world more, dude. Stop hanging out with your freeloaders whose only job is to go from one vacation to another and lay around by the pool all day or who get dressed by other people and their only job is to look pretty in pictures. That’s not hard work. Neither is doing one song in four years. That’s just insulting.  And if your staff can’t get even one lyric video right, it’s time to finally take a look at your staff and start hiring professionals. How hard is it to get a LYRIC video with two verses right? You write the lyrics down, the person doing the lyric video writes them on the video and reads it through. Another person looks at the LYRICS video when it’s done and compares the lyrics to proofread. Boom. Done. Don’t need to be a genius to do that. 

I don’t know what happened to J. If the Oscar and the millions he got from the Joker role went to his head and his ego got too inflated and he got lazy, because why work when you can make money by doing nothing? Or if he completely lost touch with reality after hanging out too much  with the type of people he does and since he’s dressed head to toe in Gucci and no doubt gets it all for free, he thinks everyone can afford to throw around thousands. Or he just was a shallow douchebag who is full of himself before too and he just played another Oscar worthy role…the “Oscar J” role…and people fell for that PR campaign. And now the real J is coming out again? I don’t know. 

For me to be able to like J again, he needs a huge piece of humble pie. Tone done the attitude. You’re not above everyone else J. You’re not the center of everyone’s universe. You’re not THAT important and you definitely are NOT “different” than most in HW. In fact, you’re pretty much a cliche. So stop acting like you’re “all that”. You’re not. Tone down the Gucci. Seriously. We’re sick of it. Start hanging out with smart people. You’ll be surprised how inspiring smart people actually are. And yeah, most of them don’t look like models, but the good news is you don’t have to sleep with them. You can actually just be friends with people. That’s if you can bear to breathe the same air as someone who is normal weight or, god forbid, overweight. Get involved in your community. If you actually care for the environment or for animals so much, prove it. Letting your interns RT a tweet or two does not count as being “active”. And if you write a “protest song”, please do show with your ACTIONS that you care about things BEFORE writing said song and conveniently using a current unrest to sell it. Stop lying. Seriously. We’re not dumb. Be who you are, whatever it is. But ffs STOP LYING about who you are!!!!!! Put some effort into your work again. Focus. You once did. We want that J back.


Extremely well said, anon.

I found myself nodding and agreeing all the way through.

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Today I saw Ishida-sensei’s extremely beautiful new year’s art on my dash and I felt like drawing Urie with that hairstyle and the exact same colors ;///A///; So I did. This was intended as a warm-up doodle but while chatting with amazing ayatho , I ended up putting way more effort into it than I wanted to lmao…

Trixie #55, really nervous about something. What is it, Trixie? Did you leave the stove on? Did you accidentally look into Spike’s room? Did Starlight find the Wall?

I drew this for an unrelated non-daily reason today but ended up putting more effort than I intended into it. As a result, it’s kinda shoddy compared to the usual Trixies; I forgot her cutie mark, left the image at half its usual resolution, and I even used the wrong coat colour. It’s also very similar in expression to the equalized Trixie from yesterday. Ah well, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.