i put more effort in this than intended


Today I saw Ishida-sensei’s extremely beautiful new year’s art on my dash and I felt like drawing Urie with that hairstyle and the exact same colors ;///A///; So I did. This was intended as a warm-up doodle but while chatting with amazing ayatho , I ended up putting way more effort into it than I wanted to lmao…


My goofball❤ today, it makes 3 years that we’ve been officially together. I’m so proud of the effort that we both put in, we are stronger than ever. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else and intend to spend the rest of my life laughing with you ❤❤ I’ve never felt more comfortable, calm and safe with anyone like I do with you.
I love you more than words can express.


i made some Osomatsu-san stickers i’m gonna be giving out for free at a drawmeet :-3c

though, these were made last minute and i accidentally put in more effort than i intended on some of these, so these might actually go for sale in the future after I redraw some ^___^”“

Ever since i was in my early teens, i grew fond of cuddling my blanket. As time passed, i realized, it was all due to longing for safety and security, for love. As i matured, my longing grew and i inclined more and more towards the concept of love followed by marriage. But then i was guided and that was switched around, marriage followed by love. I do not know if i want anything more than marriage at this instance. I long for another soul, perhaps my other half, we were created in pairs after all. I feel like it’s them, i can relate to so much, connect to so much. Only time will tell how compatible we really are. Regardless, i intend to put in all my energy and efforts and get things to settle and then more energy and effort into maintaining the blessing. Ya Allah, ease this for me and for them, ease this for all the single brothers and sisters out there Ya Allah. You are our only source of mercy, hope, and strength.