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apologize ||  jeff atkins

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: The reader didn’t see Jeffs death coming, she thought it was his fault until she listened to the tenth tape.

Words: 1787

Warnings: angst, language, suicide, death, car accidents, talk of drinking and driving, flashbacks

Authors Note: The flashbacks are in Italics, the present is in a normal font. I listened to this song while writing.

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You don’t know when you stopped caring but you knew it was sometime that night after you got the call. It hit you so suddenly, like a slap in the face.

You inwardly groaned for the tenth time tonight. Instead of being at Jessica Davis’ party, like everyone else was, you were stuck at some family dinner. You couldn’t shake off this weird feeling you had, though. It was the first party of Junior year, it was supposed to be a life changer. But who’s life would it change?

There was this girl, Hannah Baker. You didn’t know her very well but she seemed nice enough. Every friend, or acquaintance, you’ve ever seen her with, the relationship doesn’t usually last long. It was weird to notice these things but everyone noticed it, right?

One thing everyone did notice, her new hairstyle. You had seen the pictures on Instagram that everyone was posting and you spotted her in the background. That was almost an hour ago, you put down your phone and haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe her life would change? New hairstyle, new… personality? You didn’t know what but something was off.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” Discreetly tucking your phone in your dress pocket, you stood up.

Your mom passed her conversation with your aunt and waved you off. “Go on, honey, but hurry back. Your aunt and I are discussing colleges.”

Colleges. You always laughed at that. They were discussing colleges for you without your consent. Like it didn’t matter where you wanted to go, it just mattered where they wanted you to go.

Well no, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t have a say in where or when you want someone to go. They just go and disappear, gone, just like that, out of your life forever.

His phone probably died. Yeah, that was the case, your idiot boyfriend, Jeff Atkins, always leaving the house with a low battery. But he promised that he’d call when he got home, and he didn’t call yet. So that means he wasn’t home yet, right?

Even if he wasn’t, he should be on his way there now but he’s not answering his phone. You don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, you want to make sure he’s okay but you don’t want him to get in an accident because you were calling his phone.

“Hurry up in there!” You nearly jumped out of your skin at the sudden interruption from your thoughts. Shaking your head, you flushed the unused toilet and opened the pipe.

“A fucking classy restaurant like this and they can’t even afford a public restroom with stalls… I’m coming!”

The door shut closed and you tried to refocus your eyes but they were filled with tears. Your mom has just visited again, the conversation between you two has been the same these past few weeks.

‘Are you okay, honey’ which really means 'You’re not over that yet?’

'I’m fine, mom’ which really meant 'No, I’m not okay. I fucking loved him.’

“Hello?!” You nearly dropped your phone when you heard it ring.

“Y/N, it’s Clay.” Clay? Was he okay, did he need a ride home from the party?

He was rambling on about something and you couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. “Clay-ok, Clay, calm down. What’s wrong, do you need help or-” Clay was at the party with Jeff. What if something happened with Jeff and that’s why he’s calling you?

“-Is it Jeff? Is he okay, did he drink too much?”

You heard heavy breathing over the phone instead of a response and you called his name again. “Just… come to the corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street, it’s urgent.”

“Clay,” Your voice came out more urgent and harsh now. “Tell me what happened.”

There was a moment of silence and you swore you heard ambulance sirens in the background. “Clay?!”

“I-it’s Jeff, he was in an accident.”

You remember being mad that day. He said he wouldn’t drink too much and that he would make it home safe. He promised. But he broke his promise and you’ve been mad at him ever since. You were mad at him for leaving you.

Clay said it wasn’t his fault and he knew that now, whatever that meant. You didn’t believe him until he shoved this shoe box in your hand. He was muttering something about how he shouldn’t be showing this to you and you responded with 'then why are you.’

He looked you straight in the eye that afternoon and said, “Because you need to know the truth.”

Clays sweater did nothing to provide you warmth and you took it off immediately. The ambulance and the police, who were currently questioning Clay, were all here.

The only thing that wasn’t here was the stop sign that you had stopped by so many times. You found it odd but didn’t say anything about it, you couldn’t say anything at all.

Everything felt numb, your feet, your hands, your cheeks. It was almost fall and it was getting chillier but the cold wasn’t the problem. After your call with Clay, you drove to where he told you, going over speed limits and almost getting into an accident yourself.

You had hoped that he was joking and that was just some cruel joke. But who would joke about something like that? No one would, no one should joke about something like that.

And, fuck, you just wanted to hear his voice again. You wanted to hear him tell you 'It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll be good at the party. I’ll only have like two beers’. You wanted to get that call from him late at night saying that he’s home and safe.

But it was too late for that now, they already put him in a body bag.

Is this a joke? This can’t be real. Hannah Baker is dead!

That’s what you yelled at Clay the next time you saw him. Why would he give you this, the tapes, to listen to? He asked which tape you listened up to, completely ignoring your question, and you scoffed in disbelief.

You only reached up to Tape 1 before you turned it off. He gently placed the box in your hands, from when you threw it at him, and told you to listen to Tape 10.

“Clay, what does this have to do with Jeff?” All you got for a response was 'you’ll see’. Clay had definitely changed since Jeffs death and you were worried about him. Along with a few other students, he was acting weird.

Maybe it was because of these tapes?

Nevertheless, you reluctantly put Tape 10 in the Walkman and pressed play.

You hated it. All this attention you were getting as you walked the halls. All the 'I’m sorry for your lost’ that you were being thrown your way.

You didn’t need anyone’s sympathy.

On your way to your locker, you saw that girl, Hannah Baker, and Clay fighting. Well, you wouldn’t call it fighting, more like arguing, but they both looked upset. Hannah was crying, but why? She didn’t even know him.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Mr. Porter was suddenly by your side and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Uh, yes Mr. Porter?”

He uncomfortably scratched his stubble, he was nervous. “I know that Jeff was your boyfriend and you’re probably hurting right now. Trust me, I know how you feel-” No you don’t “-I lost someone I cared about too-” Everyone loses someone they care about, what’s your point “-and  I know-” Once again, you don’t know anything, Mr. Porter “-that you’re in a time of need right now-” I need Jeff Atkins, that’s what I need “-so you’re more than welcome to come to my office, if you want.”

You let a dry chuckle escape your lips before closing your locker. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then you walked away.

You walked and walked until you were finally where you wanted to be. The corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street. They had put up a new stop sign, one that wasn’t made out of wood, one that couldn’t be knocked down as easily as the old one was.

One that wouldn’t be knocked down as easily as Sheri fucking Holland knocked down the old one. Sheri Holland killed your boyfriend, it was all her fault. Hannah Baker was there too but you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at a dead girl. Besides, she did call 911 about it, even though it was too late.

You were beyond outraged. You talked to Sheri more than once after Jeffs passing and she knew what she did. You finally knew the truth now, thanks to those tapes.

You hated yourself for blaming Jeff for what happened that night. It wasn’t his fault and you knew that now.

You were 'beyond outraged’ for about a minute. It’s like you didn’t even care anymore to confront her about it or to do something. You practically dragged yourself here, but you had something important to do.

Walking to the middle of the road, you sat down on the concrete for a few minutes before laying down completely. This was the exact spot where Jeffs car was that night, you had it memorized in your head and you didn’t know if that was healthy or not.

You looked up at the cloudy sky, it was November now, and a few leaves made its way into your line of sight.

It was then you realized what your excuse was for not being mad at Hannah. I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at a dead girl. But you were mad at Jeff for something that wasn’t even his fault.

A car made itself known from a distance, the driver honked repeatedly but you didn’t move. You didn’t care if you got run over, you didn’t care about anything anymore. Your eyes stayed concentrated on the clouds above despite the tears that spilled over onto your cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault, for something you had no control over. You didn’t deserve it and I’m sorry.”

And then you left, disappeared, gone.

Just like that.

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Ohhh!!! you wrote the knitting Tony story!!!! I've been hunting that story for a long time!!! (was on a reading spree on your Tony tag, I'm having a swell of a time) So HOW ABOUT!! Someone finding or just ended up in Tony's stash room (it might be a floor if we are being honest, I would with his resources). I am salivating just imaginging the AMOUNT of yarn Tony must have collected, of all colours and types. Just, please. I would love you even more if you decide this prompt worthy~~

You mean that story I sent to bloody-bee-tea about Tony knitting? I’m surprised I haven’t written more Tony knitting, tbh. Hope you like it! Look out for under the cut!

Natasha had been investigating her new home when she stumbled into it. The room was gigantic, cube shelves covering the walls. Every single shelf had balls of yarn in it, starting with red in one corner and spreading in a circular rainbow of yarns, except for the few columns of shelves that were filled with needles, hooks, counters of some sort?

Natasha felt nervous for a reason she couldn’t explain. Perhaps because this room felt deeply personal? That the person who had set it up had taken time to organize it just right?

She stayed just long enough to tuck a gun under some soft yarn before she left. Each room needed at least one weapon hidden in it.

“Why would you ever need this in my stash?” Tony complained, shoving the gun into her hands. “You can use literally anything in there as a weapon. The straight needles can be used to stab people and the circular needles can be used as garrotes. My double-pointed needles can be used in close combat. And if your attacker is allergic to wool, he’s gonna be in for a bad time.”

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Sick of Losing Soulmates

PAIRINGS: Bucky Barnes x Reader
WARNINGS: depression tw, death tw, anxiety tw, general sadness, eventual happiness tho
LENGTH: 1,369 Words
A/N: I won’t lie, this fic is depressing, but if you wait until the end it gets really sappy and cute. I NEVER end my fics with sadness. Also italics are flashback moments. Also it’s based off of Dodie’s song “Sick of Losing Soulmates”.

“Everyone this is Y/N, she was originally trained by Nat when she was still working in with the KGB.” said Steve, motioning to you. 

For someone who had been trained since birth to be deadly, you weren’t the most intimidating person. Your time at the Red Room destroyed you from the inside out. Every connection you made was instantly broken. 

After the siege on the Red Room by Natasha and a few other Avengers, Nat thought the best way for you to recover was staying with the Avengers. She managed to get this through Tony by explaining that you were the best spy in the Red Room that Nat had ever seen.

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Accidental Confession

Ship : Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes and warnings : Everything is lovey dovey, Pietro is alive, Author don’t speak Russian, Italic = Translation.

Request : “What about one where Natasha and Bucky speak Russian and they don’t know the reader can as well and he and Natasha talk about the reader and his huge crush on her and the reader hears this and it’s all just fluffy and cute!”  

A.N: Hello everyone :D I’m happy to share with you my last imagine (Even it’s quite short D:). First thing, if you speak Russian, you can send me a message if you want to help me to correct the imagine :3 (I used Google Translate so it’s probably full of errors)

Also, I’m looking for someone who can correct everything that I write! I can explain everything in message. /!\ You need to speak English and French! /!\

(*~▽~) Enjoy (*~▽~)


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Who thought you can speak Russian? Well, apparently, not Natasha and Bucky.

The sun starts to shine in your room, reflecting on your window, telling you to wake up. You’re sitting on your bed looking at your clock.

“It’s only 7 a.m… Well, it’s time for a good meal!” You said, jumping from your bed and going straight for the kitchen.

Outside your room you have a small talk with Wanda and Pietro, earning a big hug from her, she is doing that every time she sees you since you saved her brother. Pietro just looks at your barely covered legs, receiving a strange look from Wanda.

In the elevator, you received a hello from Steve and Sam. It’s seem like Sam try to make the Captain hang out with Sharon. Right before you leave the elevator you put your hand on Steve’s shoulder and say to him;

“Good luck with him, Captain!” You’re smiling sweetly at him.

“What does that mean?!” You heard Sam screaming at you.

Halfway to the kitchen you recognize the voice of Natasha… Speaking in Russian?

“Ты знаешь, что она тоже влюблена в тебя?” Is she is talking about you?

 (“You know she had a crush on you too, right?”)

“Я так не думаю, она не говорит, когда я здесь, и она всегда пытается выйти из комнаты как можно скореe…” Is that Bucky?

(“I don’t think so, she doesn’t talk when I’m here and she always tries to leave the room as soon as possible..”)

They’re definitely talking about you… If only they know that you’re speaking Russian.

“Я знаю ее больше, чем вы, она определенно любит вас! Чего же ты ждешь? Хочешь увидеть, как она разглядывает Пьетро на диване?” Right after her sentence you decide to enter the room with a big grin on your lips.

(“I know her more than you, she is definitely in love with you! What are you waiting for? You want to see her making out with Pietro on the couch?”)

“Hi, Natasha. Hello Bucky.” You’re passing behind Bucky who had a panicked face. Natasha let out a quick laugh.

“Не волнуйся, даже если она нас слышала, она не говорит по-русски.” Bucky look at Natasha with a frustrated gaze, not sure about this information. You’re back facing them, you’re smiling like a fool.

(“Don’t worry, even if she heard us, she doesn’t speak Russian.”)

“Надеюсь, ты прав.” Bucky looks at your back thinking about what Natasha said about you and Pietro. 

(“I hope you’re right.”)

“Что я могу сделать? Признаться ей? Я никогда не признавался в своих чувствах к девушке, даже в 40-е годы.” Natasha shrugs her shoulders. 

(“What can I do? Confess to her? I never confessed my feeling to a girl, not even in the 40’s.”)

“Это твоя проблема, не моя!” She says before leaving the kitchen. 

(“It’s you’re problem, not mine!”)

You turn your head in his way and look at him, taking a seat in front of him. You put your chin in your hand.

“So, what was the subject of this conversation?” You asked, looking right in his eyes.

“Why do you ask?” He said, crossing his arms on his torso, who look absolutely amazing in this tight shirt…

“I’m just curious…” You bit your lips looking at his long hair. Maybe it's will be great to run your hands in his hair while he is eati… Wooohoo calm down [y/n]! 

After a few seconds, Bucky get down from his chair coming in your way. He looks at you and you feel his flesh hand caressing your cheek.

You’re speaking Russian, right?” You stare wide-eyed at him, feeling surprised.

“I-I…” You’re blushing like a tomato (that’s a French expression!). His lips look delicious right now… After a few seconds, he kisses you roughly.

You’re on the cloud nine. His sharp lips feeling so good on yours…

You run your hands in his hair, going deeper into this kiss while he touches firmly your hips.

And that is, the beginning of a beautiful love story, between you and James Buchanan Barnes.


And don’t forget, if you see any errors in the text, send me a message!

Thanks for reading, see you for the next imagine  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Stare || Jason Blossom

A/N: So this was requested by @phanwth, I hope you enjoy what I wrote and I’m sorry if it isn’t what you wanted, and that it took so long! Feel free to request more you guys! :)

Warnings: Swearing

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.


Joining the River Vixens wasn’t something you had ever considered doing. It wasn’t like you wouldn’t want to try it out, maybe you would enjoy it, most of your fear had come from the thought of the people that would be watching you do it.

So naturally you were opposed to Cheryl suggesting you try out. Many people thought that someone like Cheryl being friends with someone like you was bizarre, but you knew better.

You had taken the time to get through to Cheryl privately, and saw how she really was. Although she acted the way she did at school, she had a soft spot for you and you had one for her too, so you put up with any looks, you hardly noticed them now.

The moment you saw Cheryl walking up to you with that sly smile you just knew she was going to suggest some crazy idea she had to you, and you were right. She walked up to you quickly, luckily without her two minions, and smiled even wider if that were possible, “I had a great idea and I won’t even give you the chance to say no” were the words that came out of her mouth.

You quickly shook your head, “what is it now?” you asked in a rushed manner, reaching into your locker as if you actually had something to be doing. Cheryl, being your only friend besides Jughead, saw past you rather quickly.

She closed your locker and grabbed you gently by the shoulders before you could walk away, “I know you too well (Y/N). Now listen up, you are going to join the River Vixens, no excuses.” she said boldly, staring you directly in the eyes.

She was met with an exhausted sigh, “Cheryl you know how much I hate dealing with people in general. Do you know how many people are going to watch and criticize me if I do this?” you said quickly, immediately rejecting the idea.

Cheryl looked at you with pleading eyes, “(Y/N). Please do this, for me? I know how you are, trust me, but please do this one thing? I know you would be great at this, believe me.” she begged, but she still indicated that you wouldn’t have to do it.

She nearly screamed with joy when she saw you nod your head, muttering a quiet “fine, I’ll do it.” under your breath. Cheryl grabbed your arm and quickly dragged you down the hall, talking about your routine and schedule.

After many practices and a very embarrassing ( for you anyways ) tryout, you were finally a part of the River Vixens. Cheryl was ecstatic about you joining, and proceeded to rant to you about the next football game you guys were going to cheer at.

You quickly realized it was very close, and panic overwhelmed you, but you chose to just ignore it for now, ‘i’ll worry about it later’ you thought to yourself. Cheryl continued speaking to you excitedly, “I’m so proud of you! Now we can cheer on JJ and the rest of the team together” she said smiling proudly, her gaze turning to you.

It took you a moment to process something, it was like you completely forgot, Jason Blossom was on the football team. For unknown reasons Jason intimidated you, without a doubt he was similar to Cheryl, maybe he just seemed bad, after all they were twins, but he still was intimidating.

Despite all of this you nodded, smiling back at cheryl cheerfully, walking down the sidewalk as you got closer to your house where you would both split up from each other.

Cheryl sighed contently, “I’ll see you at the game, (Y/N). Don’t stress, you’ll do awesome.”  she said quickly, giving you a quick smile before walking away. You stared at her retreating form in thought, snapping out of it as you ran up to your front door, retreating to your room to stress about the upcoming football game.

It felt like no time had passed at all but here you were, already getting ready for the game. Panicked thoughts swirled through your mind, and the thought of so many people- especially those you didn’t particularly like, watching you, was unnerving to say the least.

You had already messed up in your panic getting dressed, accidentally shoving your arm in the hole meant for your head. The moment you noticed this, a loud and annoyed “fuck!” escaped your lips, as Cheryl and the other River Vixens looked at you curiously.

Cheryl quickly picked up on what was going on, walking over to you and helping you get your arm into the right place, “Calm down, trust me these things are not as bad as you may think they are” she said comfortingly, putting a gentle hand on your shoulder.

You nodded mostly to yourself, looking to make sure everything was in order, just in time as you noticed it was time for you guys to cheer. Attempting and failing to ignore your nerves, you ran out with the other girls, getting in your place as you began to cheer.

The football team had begun running out too, and then you noticed the familiar red hair, and stared for a moment.  Bashfully you looked away before anyone could notice you staring, everyone except for Cheryl Blossom.

Little did you know, just as you had looked away from the teen, he caught sight of you. He felt paralyzed, staring at you as you stood there, cheering with the other Vixens.

Many thoughts ran through his mind, ‘when did she join the Vixens?’ being the first one he thought of. He knew that you had to have just joined, and he swore that he had seen you with his sister, then it all clicked.

You were (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You were in a few of his classes and Cheryl had talked about you a lot, ‘how did I not realize?’ he thought to himself lamely, his stare still on you although luckily you hadn’t noticed.

Just as he began thinking about why Cheryl hadn’t bothered introducing you, he figured the whole situation out. Cheryl wouldn’t introduce you because of his reputation, why would the introverted (Y/N), who always made it clear about how much she hated meeting new people ( according to Cheryl ), want to meet a new person? Especially if that new person was the most well known person in the entire school?

His thoughts were quickly interrupted as he heard the whistle blow and quickly got into position to play, although you were all that remained on his mind. When the game started Cheryl noticed an off look in her twins eye, and wondered what it could have been as they began to cheer.

Jason noticed he was distracted, his coach did, Cheryl did, and a few teammates did, but no one said anything yet, ‘why do I keep thinking about her? I don’t know her’ he thought to himself as he shoved someone down roughly.

He looked over to you briefly and noticed you staring back, although you looked away quickly he continued staring, getting lost for a moment. That was when Cheryl noticed, she saw immediately that Jason had stared at you just like you had done to him a few moments ago, but decided to confront the both of you about it after.

Jason heard his name and even though his feet moved, his mind stayed on you, and even though he jumped to catch the ball, his mind was zoned out. So it came as a surprise to him when he felt the wind get knocked out of his lungs and found himself on the grass, a pounding headache beginning to form.

He heard multiple calls of his name as he was pulled up onto his feet, disoriented he blew off the coach and insisted he could play, and he continued. Despite him continuing, even though he didn’t have a major fall again, a few people noticed he was a bit off.

He wouldn’t immediately respond to his name being called, and sometimes he wouldn’t knock someone down properly. everyone on his team was growing concerned and slightly annoyed at Jason’s suddenly distracted behaviour, and made it known when the game ended and they lost.

Chuck was irritated because of Jason’s performance on the field, and infuriated when he noticed that Jason wasn’t paying attention to him walking over at all. Jason did notice however, when Chuck decided to give him a rough shove, “what the hell Jason. What was wrong with you today?” he asked  angrily, staring Jason in the eyes.

Jason shook his head, “I don’t know, wasn’t feeling good is all. Back off Chuck, I think you’re forgetting who the hell I am” he responded, quickly switching back into his usual state, the tough rich boy.

Chuck glared at him, “You’re lucky this was just one game. Don’t fuck this up for the rest of us.” he muttered, storming off, seething with rage. Reggie walked up to Jason and pat him on the shoulder, however Jason shoved his hand off and walked outside to get some air.

The moment Jason stepped out Cheryl got in his face, “Hey JJ, I saw you today. You were looking at (Y/N), and normally I wouldn’t let you because of how you act around girls in particular, but you’ve never looked at anyone like that.” were the rushed words that came out of her mouth as she gave him a suspicious look.

Jason shook his head, processing what she had just said before he responded, “I don’t know what you-””Don’t give me that JJ. I want you to be happy and I know how you looked at her, so you’re meeting her in two days for a date, this Sunday around 5, be. ready.” she said, smiling as she gave him a loving peck on the cheek before walking off to find you.

She didn’t have to look very far, quickly seeing you standing outside out of your outfit looking lost. Cheryl ran over to you smiling from ear to ear, “You’re meeting Jason this weekend!” she shouted, giving you a knowing look as you chocked on your own spit for a moment.

After coughing, you gave her a look that screamed ‘what the fuck’ before responding, “Cheryl- why? I don’t want to meet-””you don’t want to meet anyone. I saw both of you looking at each other and I can’t let that go. You were gaping at Jason, he was gaping at you, and the look you guys had… that was a look that meant a lot.” she said knowingly, giving you a pleading look.

You rubbed a hand over your face in an annoyed manner, “Fine, but he better not pull anything Cheryl.” you muttered, throwing Cheryl a look that she was already used to.

The time leading up to the date was stressful for both you and Jason. Cheryl had been preparing you both and found it very difficult. Jason was doubting that you would enjoy yourself and constantly worrying about what he would act like, meanwhile you were worried about Jason trying to pull a- well a Jason

It was now an hour before the date and Cheryl had helped you get ready and emotionally prepare yourself, “I already talked to him, he isn’t a bad guy (Y/N). He’s just like me, I promise” she said convincingly, making you smile to yourself as you nodded.

You and Cheryl began talking about the date and before you knew it the doorbell rand. You got up and frowned, “I can’t-””Yes you can, come on” she insisted, dragging you to your front door.

When you opened it and saw Jason it seemed fake, he stood tall, red hair messier than usual, a casual outfit on him as he gave a quick smile, looking over to Cheryl.

Cheryl quickly stepped over, “Jason, (Y/N). (Y/N), Jason. I’m sure you two already met while gawking at each other during a football game though” she added slyly, making both you and Jason throw a glare her way.

Quickly grabbing Jason’s arm in a boost of confidence, you dragged him out, “Bye, Cheryl!” you shouted sarcastically as you walked towards the familiar neon sign at Pop’s diner.

Jason laughed to himself, and the sound was soothing, “Hey uh, I just want you to know that you’d better be like Cheryl said, and not the Jason I always see swooning girls at school” you said lamely. Jason just smiled, “Well I hope she didn’t paint me out to be some hero or some dick because i’m neither of those. I just want you to think of me as some guy, not ‘Jason Blossom, the captain of the football team’” he said quickly, looking over to you nervously.

You bit your lip in thought, “This is a step in the right direction. I can’t think of you as ‘some guy’ but I can think of you like I thought of Cheryl” you said finally, looking over to Jason.

Jason nodded quickly, “And how did you think of her?” he asked curiously, glancing at you from the corner of his eye as you neared Pop’s, “Someone who was ruined and forced to act a certain way because of family reputation” you put simply, glancing to see his reaction.

Jason looked at you solemnly, “How often does Cheryl talk about us?” he asked, opening the door for you to enter the diner before him. You stepped inside, walking to your favourite seat in the back, “Not too often, but i’ve seen the way your parents are, no offence” you muttered out quickly, sitting down.

Jason shook his head, “Let’s talk lighter, I don’t want you to think of me as some victim. I’ve done bad shit that I shouldn’t have, you know that” he said sincerely, looking around the diner to avoid your gaze.

You nodded, “Lets not talk about that, I want our first official ‘date’ to be happier, the sad shit can happen later” you replied in a light tone, smiling at Jason when he looked back to you. 

He nodded, “Right of course. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, is it true that you befriended Cheryl after you threw a water balloon filled with paint at her face from the roof?” he laughed, giving you a questioning look.

You nodded bashfully, hiding your face behind your hands, “Yes I thought it would be funny, I’m surprised she didn’t kill me. I was surprised at my aim though, it was pretty good, if I do say so myself” you said jokingly, peeking our from behind your hands to see Jason laughing silently.

The rest of the night continued with lighthearted jokes and smiles. Jason walked you back to your house, and was greeted by a very excited Cheryl who quickly brought both of you in.

Jason walked into your kitchen, you and Cheryl following as you mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Cheryl, who smiled and mouthed an ‘I told you so’ back.

Little did you know, Jason talked about you nonstop to Cheryl all the time after that. The three of you spent the rest of that night together making jokes, watching movies, and trying to forget about any reputations you would deal with when you got back to school the next day.

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Keep Me (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 3,800

Warnings: Swears


~also past/flashbacks are in italics :) 

~also put horizontal lines before and after each flashback :)

Summary: What did Anthony really want?


One word. Exams. It was your senior year at college and once you got through these last couple exams you would be free. The thought of not pulling all nighters to study was one that you couldn’t shake as you skimmed the same page of your chemistry book for the third time. You glanced up at the clock. 7 PM. Craning your neck to stretch it, you closed your eyes and took a couple deep breaths. You could afford to take a break? Right?

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When I See You Again

Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: I really loved this request and loved writing it too, so I hope you enjoy this one! Also, all of the parts in italics are flashbacks. And yes they go to see Aladdin because I am seeing it this week and I am excited as hell! 

Request: Anonymous asked: Rafa and Reader please! They were in a relationship throughout college and even a couple years after, but ended up having an ugly breakup because Reader made the decision to move across the country for a job opportunity. One night they run into each other at a clipping show because Daveed had told them to come and didn’t bother to tell them they were both going to be there. And when they see each other that night it was just like time hadn’t passed at all. (continuing in another ask lol)At the show they end up getting drunk, and the next morning the reader wakes up at Rafas apartment, they end up talking though everything and decide to give it another try since they’re both back in the same town and have matured since they went their separate ways. 

Warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption, smut

Word Count:4,078

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Regret is something you chose not to let ruin your life, you try not to dwell too much on the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘if onlys’ of life and focus more on what you can do to move further in life.

There are too many people you’ve seen waste their potential and their lives, worrying about what might be if they just had of made a different decision all those years ago. You couldn’t let yourself be like that, your time on this earth is limited and you won’t waste that time wallowing in your regrets.

That’s why you chose to forget your college boyfriend as much as possible.

Rafael was your biggest ‘what if’. You’d met him your Sophomore year of college, he was everything you needed in a partner back then. He was smart, kind, creative, talented and so much more. It seemed like fate had dropped him into your life, you weren’t even looking for a boyfriend at the time he just sort of… showed up.

That relationship lasted for 6 years, the both of you thought it was going to last, that you’d be together forever and nothing could ever split you apart. But then reality set in, had the opportunity to make a huge leap in your career, a leap that would take you to the other side of the country.

He’s the one person you always wished things were different with, but over time you’ve come to accept that breaking up was the best thing for the both of you.

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Divided: Part 19

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 2527

Summary: In the fall out from the fight, your team finds it’s self divided as deals are made and grievances are aired

Authors Note:  Ok, I hope you all enjoyed the shit storm that was part 18, we are nearing the end now and things will be wrapping up. Also there is a small flashback in this part, portrayed by use of italics, so hopefully y’all get that. I always love hearing from you all, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18

“Those are the terms, take them or don’t. I will have my revenge either way.” T’Challa speaks plainly, not attempting to hide the impatience in his voice. You shift uncomfortably, your restraints rubbing painfully against your wrists as you look up at Natasha and Tony, discussing your fate with the King, without even glancing at you.

“Just to confirm,” Tony starts, his exasperated tone dripping with sarcasm, “We give you Y/N, under the condition that she will not be harmed, and you keep your mouth shut towards Ross about the exact nature of how Cap and Barnes escaped?” T’Challa nods sharply, eyeing Natasha up and down.

“No deal.” Natasha growls her arms crossing as she stands back from T’Challa, glaring at Tony. “What the hell do you mean no deal?” Tony whips around towards her his eyebrows rising, “You do understand that if he tells Ross what you did, then they will be coming for you too, right?”

“Then they come for me, it’s better than turning over my friend to a killer.” Natasha spits back, taking a defiant stance. Tony’s hand flies up to his hair, anxiously pulling at his dark locks.

“Curious that you are worried about your friend in my company, but so easy to relinquish her to the assassin.” T’Challa’s eyebrows rise as he looks at Natasha, his gaze flashing to your gagged and struggling form on the ground.

“Listen, Nat.” Tony whispers, turning to Natasha, his back now to T’Challa. “Do you have any idea where Ross might put them? In the most extreme case… it’s not good. We have a King’s word that she will not be harmed… and she can handle herself. You may not believe me but I’m trying to keep Y/N safe. After the shit she’s pulled…” His eyebrows rise imploringly, trying desperately to appeal to her logical side, “she’ll be safest far away from Ross’s grip.”

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Deep Breath

Originally posted by threxody

Request: “Hi can I request a scenario?(smut😎)Its when Jongin suddently got psycho but in a sexy way(many expressions like in his Deep Breath dance)and says scary things but he notices you got scared and starts acting like a real gentleman and cares about you” -anon

Genre: Smut, Vampire Au

Characters: Kim Jongin ( a.k.a. Kai) x Reader

Summary: One of the most powerful vampires had come in town looking for you and you have no choice but to surrender to him. He was a very dangerous man and you’re aware of that, but why does the way he tries to intimidate you and dominate you to follow his commands turn you on so much?

A/N: The quotes in italic are lyrics from Kai’s Deep Breath performance.

“I want you

Cut away all the painful memories

I know, I feel

I’m gradually dying”

It was already 3AM. Everyone had warned you at this point; your friends, family, your clan, everyone. You left your home as soon as they told you what happened, leaving your belongings because you knew they were only going to get in the way. Some offered to hide you but you couldn’t accept. You didn’t even know why this was happening and you didn’t want to get anyone hurt.

4AM, you’re running through the forest. No one was chasing you, not yet. But still, the fear was not letting you stay still, you had to keep moving. You were desperate to get away but something inside you told you that there was no use, that he would catch you sooner or later.

At about 6AM, you stopped running. Your feet couldn’t carry you any longer and after running for hours, your energy was drained. From a few feet away you saw that there was a tree with orangey-reddish fruits hanging from it’s branches. You had never seen them before but you figured they were the only food you would find close by so you started to pick out some to eat. There was always the chance that these exotic looking fruits could be poisonous but you had no choice, you had to eat to gain energy and go. You consumed the fruits and continued walking. You didn’t run because you simply couldn’t anymore, you were barely walking at a fast pace.

Not even 10 minutes passed since you ate and you started to feel like something was wrong with your body. Your feet didn’t hurt anymore but you felt heavier making it even more difficult to walk. Dizziness and nausea also start making an impact on your system. You stopped walking, the sick feeling wasn’t getting any better. As you were catching you breath and trying to get the symptoms to where off, you heard something. You turned to the sound and looked around frantically but saw nothing. Maybe it’s just hallucinations you thought, god damn it, I’m going crazy.

You started walking again but you stopped, startled by another noise. And this time, you could hear it closer. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you thought as your mind was racing to look for the most logical move. Because it could be your imagination running wild as a side effect from whatever the hell you just ate, or maybe it wasn’t. You couldn’t take any chances at this point so you started running the opposite way in which you heard the noises.

In your mind you prayed for it to just be nothing. For it to be a fraction of your imagination and for a minute you were starting to believe it was. But you heard footsteps right behind you, chasing you. Your breathing was ragged as you fought internally to keep going but your legs were giving out on you. Great, you thought, this is the end, I will get tortured and God know what else for the rest of my life until they decide to kill me probably. You slowed down but it didn’t, who ever it was. But you already had an idea of who it could be. It grabbed you by your waist, throwing your body on their shoulder, turning direction and running again. You were too tired to even fight it, you knew it was coming to get you sooner or later, so you let him grab you and carry you to where ever it was that they planned to take you. Your eyes slowly came shut and you fell asleep the whole way.

“You’re the light in the dark

You disappeared

I chased you

My heart is cold

You’re the thunder”

Upon waking up, you started feeling around where you were. In your hands you could feel light cushions, cold sheets and soft pillows. You were definitely in someone’s bed. You stayed silent and layed there for a few seconds trying to decipher if there was someone there but you couldn’t hear anything so you opened your eyes. You looked around to see that you were in a room, a visibly expensive one. You were laying on a bed and across from it was a door. You then hurried to get on your feet and walked to the door. You were already thinking that this was possibly your pass back home. But as you placed your hand on the door knob and twisted it, you realized it was locked.

“You honestly don’t think I would be that stupid to let the door unlocked, do you?” A voice said behind you, startling you. There was someone here the whole time? you thought. You turned and you were faced with the one and only Jongin. The famous prince of the supernatural world, one of the most powerful vampires known. His facial structure was inhumanly perfect, as well as the rest of his body. Clothes nicely fitted and a smirk was directed solely at you. His presence radiated not only dominance, but also danger and those weren’t a very good combination.

“Because if you do,” he added “you have a bad misconception of me, little lady”. You shook of the strange feeling you got from hearing his velvety voice and asked him with an angry tone in your voice “Why am I here?”, making him chuckle. He put his hand in his pockets and walked closer to you. “You know, people tend to try and make themselves seem look bigger when they are the most scared” he said walking behind you and stroking your hair with his hand.

“But to answer your question, you’re here because you’re special” he said, creating a confusion in your mind. He continued to explain “You see, I’ve heard various things about you and I think you would benefit me in many ways” then he got closer to you and put your hair behind your ear to then whisper “So many different ways”

You were holding your breath as he stayed there hovering over your ear. You didn’t know what to say, think or do. You couldn’t just run away from the situation because the door was locked but also, a part of yourself didn’t want to leave. Such a dominate demeanor and manly voice was pulling you in without you even noticing it.

“I certainly expected you to be more aggressive by of my sudden request but hearing you be so quiet is making me thing you like this” he said now looking into your eyes as he looked for any sign of fear in them. But there was none. You weren’t scared in the moment, yes you knew how dangerous he was. He could probably kill you at any second and you didn’t deny his request because of that. But you also didn’t deny it because of how attractive he was being, so much attention specially from this man was having an effect on you.

“I-I’m just not scared of you, if that what you’re expecting” you stuttered but managed you say in a more quite tone. Yeah, he was totally affecting you by the second, you thought. The smirk grew back on his face as he said “I see” and walked closer to you. You started walking backwards until your back hit the door. He placed his hands around your head and leaned his face closer to yours. You could feel his breath on you and you were pretty sure he felt yours too.

Then he said “Maybe you’re not scared but your heart rate is going up fast, so you must be feeling something, or am I wrong?” and you now noticed how loud the pumping of your heart was being. You opened your mouth to reply but closed it, not knowing what to say. “Relax love, I’m not going to kill you or anything alike,” he said but then added “Or maybe I am” and leaned to your neck, licking it slowly. Your breath hitched and you moaned at the contact from his tongue and your skin.

“Traces that remained


You’re already addicted to me”

He kissed and sucked on the sensitive skin on your neck, leaving you a moaning mess. You held on to his shoulders as he continued slowly torturing you. “J-Jongin, please stop” you said to him but he wasn’t having it with your lies “Stop? I don’t think you” he replied. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and ripped the shirt in two. Looking in to your eyes, he started caressing your exposed skin making his was up to your breast.

He played with the straps of your bra for a few seconds and later slipped them off to reveal your breast to him. “I think you really want me to stop. If you wanted me to stop, you could have. But those little moans, hmm” he hummed, closing his eyes and massaging your breast “and your nipples are so hard, and I haven’t even licked them or sucked on them yet” he added.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he said “But we’ll have to skip the foreplay for some other time, love. Let’s both get just what we want”. He got his hands for you and walked to his bed, sitting in the edge of it. He unbuttoned his shirt just enough for his collarbone to be seen and he looked up at you. His gaze was filled with lust and it felt purely sensual having his eyes on you.

You wanted to follow your mind, which was telling you to get out of there while you still could. He was still a dangerous man under that hypnotizing stare, and you were just a mere mortal. You knew this could all be a trap to do who knows what, but his seduction made your heart beat so loud you couldn’t even hear your own thoughts anymore. You started feeling your feet move and without thinking it, you were already in front of him. You choose to silence your mind and gave into the temptation.

Eyes still on yours, he lowered his hands to his pants and unbuttoned them. You couldn’t help but to lower your gaze to his hands and notice the bulge that had appeared in his pants. You licked your lips at the sight and looked back at his face to see him smirk at your reaction. He stood up and grabbed you by your shoulders to lead you to the bed and push you down. 

“You realize who I am right?” he asked as he took of your clothing piece by piece. He continued “I’m the most powerful and evil vampire there is to know in this area. I came looking for you and caught you. Now you’re here and you’re not even fighting back?” you stayed silent as he added “How sick do you have to be to let such person like me do whatever they please with you? How sick do you have to be to like it?”.

In a moment, you were already naked while he was still fully clothed on top of you. You went to touch his pants and pull them down but he stopped you. He said “You don’t have a say on what happens now, darling. Remember, you’re mine now and I get to do what I please” leaning down to you he then continued “And you’re going to love it”.

Then Jongin couldn’t wait anymore and slid his hand to your folds, rubbing and stroking lightly at your clit to get you ready but with how turned on you were by now, you were more than ready. He chuckled and said “Well, it looks like you’re excited for what’s to come, huh? And here I was thinking for a second I’d have to persuade you”, and with that he pulled your legs apart and placed his crotch in front of yours. He didn’t waste any time and quickly took out his member to align in your entrance. You only got a quick glimpse of it but you saw that it was red and straight up, which made you think he wanted this as much as you did.

He started sliding his member in you, inch by inch. Both of you let moans as it got in. When it was fully in, Jongin stopped to say “Fuck, you feel so good and tight around my cock, sweetheart. I swear I could stay here all day inside of you” and then started to thrust in and out. In mere seconds he got his rhythm going and let out grunts as he continued to fuck you.

You couldn’t help but moan and whimper at his actions. The way he was moving and hitting you in the right places was driving you to insanity. His face contoured with pure lust and pleasure was a blessing to witness in person, and also to be the one causing said pleasure. Jongin, himself wanted to control his noises and have you completely dominated and wrecked by him but he got lost in the way and couldn’t help but give in to the pleasure he was receiving. It’s not like you needed to be dominated anymore since in your mid, you had already submitted to him.

As time got by, his thrusts got sloppier and rougher. He pounded into you hard enough that you couldn’t even stop to think, you were screaming his name over and over again. When he felt his climax close, he let his hand down to your clit and rubbed it to push you over the edge and make you come. He said to you in a low tone “That’s it love, let go. Come for me, I want to hear you as you cum”.

And as if it was magic, his command was made when your body as overflowing with pleasure and you felt yourself about to come. You held his shoulders as you moaned out, his pace never stopping and helping you come. As you came, he kept his eyes on your face and let the sweet melody of your moans flood his ears.

Almost as if that was what he needed to get off, he felt like he was about to come and quickly took his member out of you. He stroked it at a fast pace and let his head fall back as his cum spurred out of him and on to your stomach. He moaned and breathed heavily as he was riding out his own high. After stroking himself and letting all his cum fall on you, he got out of the bed, buttoning his pants and grabbing something from then which you assumed to be a key because he then walked to the door, unlocked it and walked out.

He left the door opened and that made you think you had a chance to escape. But you couldn’t find yourself walking out for two reasons; first, you’re body was completely worn out so you couldn’t physically move and second, you didn’t want to leave. You found yourself intrigued by this man and it scared you because of who he was. You started thinking he may have hypnotized you in some how to think this way about him and not leave.

Minutes later he arrived back in the room, closing the door behind himself and walking to the bed with a wet towel in his hand. Jongin sat next to you and with the towel he wiped the cum from your body. You looked at him dumb fooled, confused and asked him “Why would someone like you worry about cleaning me after that?” and he chuckled. He replied “I may be a powerful man but I am at least a bit considerate” and you said back to him “Considerate? Was hunting me down something a considerate person would do?”. He said “Well, would you have come here to meet with me if I had asked you nicely?” and you stayed silent because he had a point, you wouldn’t have came if it wasn’t this way.

He sighed, placing the towel beside the bed and laying down next to you. He started saying “Look, I have a proposition to make. You’re here because I’m looking for a companion, to be clear, I am not asking for a girlfriend, wife or something similar. I need someone loyal, smart, brave and honest by my side. I’ve heard a lot of things about you and I personally think you could fit those qualities. You are also a very beautiful woman, even more that some described which is a plus. But I’m not forcing you to be my companion, this is on you. If I did force you to a decision, I doubt our future relationship would be genuine. So, it is up to you to decide” and then he got up from his place, walking back to the door.

Before leaving he stopped and said “The door is unlocked, you are free to go if you wish but which ever decision you make, you have to tell me. I will be around here for when you’re ready” and then walked out. You lay there thinking and processing everything. The man who just conversed with you seemed completely different from the man who intimidated you a few minutes a go. He seemed normal to an extent.

You finally gained your strength and stood up. You grabbed your clothes and pulled them on. You were eager to find Jongin and ask about this called companionship he was in need for. You didn’t have a clear decision yet but your mind was surely swaying you to the more reckless but inviting option.

“You’re already addicted to me”

A/N: Hi, hello anyone. I hope y’all like this one. I don’t think I’m really good at smuts but I try. Any questions, my inbox is always open! Now I have to go and make a school project so if you excuse me, I have to get going. Ciao, babies *waves goodbye*

anonymous asked:

Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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After all this time, Always (Newt x reader)

Originally posted by savemefromthisaddiction

Link to the end

Summary: You always dreamt everything would be alright, you wanted to be happy and you wanted Newt to be happy. But, once again, you’re in the shadow. And this time, you can’t take it anymore.

Words count: 3949

Warning: Sadness and regrets

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry for not posting for a long time, I’m still writing but with school, I just don’t find the time with my studies (I’m the equivalent of a sophomore). But I’m on holidays so I’ll try my best to post stories. Well, I hope you all have a good day! And requests are open by the way!

And just before you start reading:

  1. -Y/S/N: your shop’s name
  2. -The italic stands for the place the reader is reminiscing the past

   You were rummaging through the pile of stuff in front of you, picking up what belonged to you. You were feeling so sad right now. You wished to be angry, to hate her, hate him. But you couldn’t: the only one you were able to blame was you. Because, after all this time, you thought for a brief moment that he would return your feelings.

   After all, you knew him since your childhood: your parents were in good terms with his and you quickly became friend with him. You were always the first one he would talk about his discoveries and you were the first one he told about his dream.

   At this time, you were still toddlers and all you could think -or much all you wanted to think- about was to dream of what you will be when you are older. You absolutely loved to hear him explain his dream to you: he would take care of beasts, just like he took care of his own Puffskein or his mother’s hippogriffs. He would make the world realise their importance and he would make everyone stop treating the poor animals badly. And you trusted him: if someone could do it, it was him! He was always so kind and so patient… Yes, he could do it.

   At the end of this speech, you always asked in a tiny voice « And, will I have the permission to travel with you? Because it would be so lonely without you… » To this, he would perpetually answer with a smile going all the way up to his eyes « Of course, you’ll come with me! You’ll help me and I will teach you about them and you will take care of them with me! »

   All of this started when you were so young… You never expected it to end in this way. And not now. But, to state the truth, you never expected it to end at all.

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I’m By Her Side

* Burr x Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: reader is in love with Lafayette but he’s getting married and the reader is just…*suffering.* And then after Laf gets married, Burr realizes something’s off and the reader has to spill. And then she and Burr are in a soft and happy relationship

    A/N: Yet another one I pulled from the depths of request. I used a shit ton of italics in this one. Yeah anyway, there’s some probably wrong French translations. Also, wedding planning is a pain in the ass and no where near as easy as I made it sound. I just shortened it. Trust me, it sucks. Oh, and the suit I’m picturing Lafayette in is the one Daveed wore to the White House. But I hope you all enjoy.

    Word Count: 3,456


    “Mes amies!” Lafayette greeted the group warmly. You looked up at your friend and smiled. His curly hair was pulled back like always. His eyes sparkled happily. His happiness was contagious. He dropped into the seat next to you. “I have great news!” He said.

    “What?” Alexander asked his energetic friend.

    “Adrienne is coming here from France!”

    You all exchanged blank looks. “Who?” You asked.

    Lafayette looked around at your confused faces. “Have I not mentioned mon amour before?” You recoiled, physically recoiled, at his words. Mon amour. My love. He had a girlfriend. “We’ve been engaged for years now.” Correction, he had a fiancé.

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    You Could Be Happy (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

    i cried writing this even though i don’t relate to the song but i am tired and need sleep cos i gotta rise like the dead at 6am tomorrow to go to london 

    lemme know if you want a part 2 


    Song; I Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol (pls listen while reading it’ll make it more emotional)

    Other characters featured;


    Y/N - Your name

    Y/L/N - Your Last Name

    Warnings; just 100% pure sad angst type shit 

    Word count; 1143

    lyrics are in bold/italics and flashbacks are in just italics 

    Originally posted by bucha-nan

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    All I Ask of You

    Characters: Sam x Reader

    Words: 2007 (1753 without lyrics)

    Summary: The Reader gets paired with Sam on a specific project.

    Italics is the reader singing. Bold is Sam singing. Bold and Italics are both singing.

    Listen to All I Ask of You here.

    This is for @nicolejones412 ‘s challenge!! I loved writing this, and I hope you all enjoy!

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    UT! Charisk with US! Charisk (Part 2)

    Here is it! The continuation of the fiction where US! Charisk meets UT! Charisk. Hope you like and to avoid confusion here are speaking patterns for each character:

    Normal: All the Undertale Characters

    Italics: All Underswap Characters (except Frisk)

    Bold: Underswap Frisk

    Also congratulations on your 7000 followers! (in fact, this is my gift for you).


    Author: CrystalgemSmashMario


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    Pretty Bird

    Summary: just little moments in the life of Sam and Dean’s little sister and the nickname that Dean has for her. Based on the song “Pretty Bird” by Crooked Still.

    Warnings: character death, angst, brotherly fluff, canon-level violence

    A/N: I heard this song from the new Chris Evan’s movie Gifted and fell in love with it. I kept thinking it’d make a good fic so here is my take on it. I recommend listening to the song first before reading it - it’s really pretty.  It’s my first song fic and my second fic in general so feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I tagged some of the writers I follow for their feedback. Hope that’s ok! 

    Lyrics are in italics and not mine, obviously. Gif from google.

    Fly away little pretty bird
    Fly, fly away
    Fly away little pretty bird
    And pretty you’ll always stay

    You sat high up in your tree and smiled up at the sun as it beamed down to you. “Dean!” you yelled down, “Come up here with me!” You looked down at your older brother as he smiled up unapprovingly. 

    “Oh come on down, Y/N,” he groaned from the base of the tree, “Dad’s going to be back any minute now and we’ve got to be ready to go. Besides – sitting in trees is for the birds.” Birds and seven-year-old girls, he thought to himself. Definitely not fourteen-year-old boys.

    “Well I’m a bird, too,” you say with certainty and begin to sing one of the songs from the long drives with your dad and brothers. You see your dad’s car pull up in the distance and your heart sinks a little with the knowledge that your time in this tree was over.

    “Come on, little bird,” Dean squints and reaches his arms up to catch you from your perch, “time to find another tree.”

    He catches you with ease and tucks you under his arm as you both head towards the Impala.

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    Nobody (Part 7)

    Originally posted by alejandraacasasc

    Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

    Warnings: Mentions of torture, detailed injuries/deaths, cursing, some pics might be slight disturbing

    Words: 1567

    A/N: I finally had some inspiration.  I hope you like this part.  I try to put out only what I think is good for where I want to take my work so I apologise for the delays, I just want to put my best work out there.  Thank you for sticking around for more of Nobody.

    *italics = flashback/memory *bold italics = report writing

    18 hours later

    Bucky’s POV

    As Bucky sat in the stiff armchair in the hospital room and gazed down at X-25493’s unconscious form. Banner and Cho had spent the last 14 hours in surgery and X looked somehow even worse for wear.  He ran his hands through his hair for probably the thousandth time causing it to stand up at odd angles.  He had a hard time coming to terms with the information that had been dumped on him. This girl—this girl—had done…that.  Memories of the photos Natasha had shown him, Steve, and later Tony several hours before flashed across his minds’ eye: bodies—horribly mangled bodies strewn about in red snow.  Dead faces frozen in agony and terror.  And a campsite torn to shreds as if a demonic wolf pack had descended upon it.

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    Negan x Reader - My One and only


    This is my first fic about Negan (sorry Daryl, but my baby wanted a reader x Negan, you’re still my favourite tho)

    This is a gift for my baby @lunalowell , on my requests’ waiting list i wrote that she wanted a drunk daryl x reader smut, but then she fell in love with Negan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (it’s my fault lol) so she wanted a smutty Negan x Reader.

    I hope you like it, queen♥

    SHOW: The Walking Dead

    Pairing: NeganxReader


    NOTE: - Reader isn’t one of Negan’s wives.

    - Italics are (Y/N)’s thoughts

    (gif not mine)

    Keep running (Y/n)…keep running you’re almost there…almost out of the woods

    Why I can’t move?

    I’m surrounded by walkers

    So It’s over for me?

    I woke up suddenly, my breath is heavy.

    Today I had a close call during a run and if it wasn’t for Dwight, I would be walkers’ food now.

    I lay down again  hoping to fall asleep but there’s no use
    “Maybe a glass of water will do”

    With that in mind, I take my hoodie and I wear it over my white tank top and my black shorts.

    Once I’m on the hallway I start to heading toward the kitchen silently.

    The Sanctuary is pretty big, and after 2 months of me living here, I’ve finally learn how to reach each place here.

    When I reach the kitchen I notice that nobody is around so I walk toward the sink

    “Well well well what we have here?”
    I jump letting out a scream
    “Oh God Negan are you crazy?”

    He start to walk towards me, keeping his shit-eating grin on his face…his awesome face

     Since I came here me and Negan keep flirting with each other, however, knowing that he has an harem keep me to go beyond.

    He even asked me to become his wife but I say no, telling him I’m not a “sharing type”.

    After my refusal, Negan keeps flirting and joking with me, and I really like it; however I don’t know how much I can take before surround at the lust I feel every time he get close to me.

    “So, why my babygirl is up this late?”

    I almost moan at that pet name

    “Keep yourself together (Y/n)”

    “I…I c-can’t sleep”
    “Perfect now I’m stuttering”

    Smirking, Negan put his hands on my hips.

    He lean down until I could feel his hot breath on my ear: “You seem tense…I can help you with that…Fuckin’ the stress out of you”.

    After he finish he stare at me, licking his lips.

    “oh God I think I’m wet”

    I almost give in but then I remember that he has six wives and I really don’t want to become number seven.

    Smiling I walk past him, feeling his eyes on my back, specifically on my butt, and I sit on the chair near the door: “You’re kind but I will not become another one of your “Wives”, beside, I don’t like to share”.

    Negan looks at me silently, before smirking again:
    “Did you sit in a pile of sugar?”

    Taken aback by his question I answer: “What? No!”
    “well I thought so because you have a sweet ass”
    Of course Negan will start with shitty pick-up lines.

    “You’re a jackass” I say giggling

    Grinning he starts walk toward me: “I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on” he says groping at his crotch.

    That makes me laugh loudly: “Negan please stop”.

    In a blink of an eye Negan is right in front of me, he extends his hands at me:

    “Do you have a map?”
    Knowing too well where this was going I rolled my eyes: “Negan please don’t” I say giggling while I take his hand.

    “Because I’m getting fucking lost in your eyes” he continue, pull me onto him.

    “You’re an idiot” I say laughing, burying my head into his chest.

    He was so warm, and being this close to him makes me want him more.

    Once I stop laughing we stare into each other eyes.

    His hazel eyes were dark and hungry: “Do you have a name or I could just call you mine?”

    He wants me and I want him, I can’t wait anymore.

    “I’m yours”.

    Grinning Negan finally kiss me on the lips.

    I expected to be raugh but actually the kiss was slow and sensual.

    While his tongue parted my lips, his hands went down from my hips to my butt, grabbing it and squeezing it hard.
    “Mmh…” I moan, interrupting our kiss.

    “You like it rough baby girl?” He asked, while he starts to rub his salt and pepper beard on my neck, causing goose bumps.
    “mmm…yes daddy”

    Giving out my daddy kink, I thought Negan would stop, instead he growled and starts to bit and kiss my neck.

    “Daddy will make his baby girl feels very fuckin’ good”.

    All of sudden he takes me up by my thighs.

    Gasping I put my arms around his neck, kissing his neck while he walk toward his room.

    I was so focused into making him moan that I didn’t realize that we reach our destination, until he put me down.

    Negan walks straight toward his couch: “Take them off baby girl”.

    I start to unzip my hoodie, a little insecure and self-conscious.

    However once I took off the hoodie, Negan stares at my breast which sticks out from my tank top.

    “Come here baby” he says licking his lips.

    I literally run toward him, needing his hands all over my body.

    Feeling wetter and wetter I just push him against the sofa’s back so I could straddle him:
    “Feisty, I fuckin’ love it”

    He didn’t get to add more because I grab his head and push it against my breast.

    He starts to kiss them and bite them above my tank tot:
    “You wear too fuckin’ much”

    He literally rip my tank top and keeps devouring my breast:
    “Goddamnit Negan…nngh… Did you really have…ah… to do that?”
    He didn’t answer, he just growled.

    It was so good with his lips that I start to grind right onto his crotch, feeling him growing under me.

    That arouse him more, he yanked off my shorts and panties:
    “You’re so beautiful…I fuckin’ need you, I fuckin’ needed you for so long baby girl”.

    I moan and unzip his pants, tacking out his cock and start to stroking him.

    He moans loudly and start to thrust into my hand:
    “Baby girl, daddy needs you, next time will take it slow, but now I need to bury my fuckin’ big cock into your little pussy”

    Nodding I align his cock at my entrance and I sink down:
    “Fuck yes daddy”
    “You’re so wet baby, now show daddy how much you need him”
    I start to bounce on him up and down, while he thrust up into me.

    “Look at this beautiful tits” he plays with my boobs, making me scream.

    We keep a fast rhythm, the only sounds in the room where our moans and the sound of skin against skin:
    “Now (Y/n) c’mon, come for daddy, let me see you come on my cock”
    His powerful thrusts and the dirty talk were enough to take me over the edge.

    I came  so hard, screaming his name, while I keep riding him:
    “Daddy, come in me”

    Negan wasn’t too sure about that so I assure him that I take the pill.

    At that his thrusts became harder and faster; I keep riding me even if my pussy is sensitive now.

    After a couple of thrust Negan came, muffling his moans into my neck.

    I lay my head into the crook of his neck:
    “It was…”
    “So fuckin’ good” He complete my sentence.

    After we catch our breathing I got up and start to dress up again, putting my hoodie on my bare chest.

    Negan’s eyes were on me while I dress; he was staring at me silently:
    “(Y/n)…Do you want consider my proposal again?”.

    I turn around and walk toward his figure, still sitting on his sofa.

    “This was amazing Negan…It really was…but I don’t like sharing my man. I need to be the only one, I don’t need a man who fucks multiple women…that hurts me too much”.

    I peck his lips before turning around and walk toward the door.

    Before closing it behind me I add: “If you wanna repeat that, you know where to find me…daddy” I wink at him and close the door behind me.


    Negan smirk at her calling him daddy.

    Since he lays his eyes on her, he thought about her just as another possible good fuck but after he had her, he feel something strange, like she’s the only one he needs.

    He didn’t feel like that since Lucille.

    Maybe he didn’t need all those wives after all.

    Forever taglist: @youandyourstupidrope




    Those Three Words

    Summary: Soulmates!AU Dan is just your run-of-the-mill teenager. Well, unless you count the extremely homophobic father, bullies at school and the suicidal tendencies. The day of his sixteenth birthday, Dan has the name of his soulmate etched into his skin, but how long can he hide Philip Michael Lester from his father and avoid the devastating consequences sure to follow?

    Word Count: 40.5k (help us)

    Or, alternatively, you can read it in chapters 

    Warnings: Parental abuse, homophobia, homophobic slurs, self harm, swearing, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, domestic violence (but there’s also tooth-rotting fluff and I don’t know how that goes together)

    Beta: The almighty senpai glow cloud (all hail), Their Highness Ella @trxylerhxwellter

    Artist: Well… we didn’t “officially” get art but @trxylerhxwellter had five minutes and MS paint and really delivered: X

    A/N: Heyo! So this is our PBB fic for 2015. Honestly I can’t even believe I finished it but it was so fucking fun to write this like holy shit. The reason I’m posting so late is that I’m ill and I had to put in all the bold and italic font. I’ll probably split it into chapters after I post this bc it’s hella long but enjoy motherfuckers! 

    (Also it feels weird b/c my posting date was Oct 9th and it’s technically Oct 10th where I live >__<)


    Daniel James Howell couldn’t sleep, which was fairly normal for him by now, but this was a good kind of not sleeping - the kind that a child has on Christmas Eve, or the night after their tooth fell out. It was the holyshitI’msoexcited kind of not sleeping.

    Dan checked the clock that resided on his bedside table.

    11:40 pm.

    It was the night before Dan’s 16th birthday, the night before he would get to know who his soulmate was - the person who was born for him, and he for them.

    His mum told him that at 12am in his 16th birthday, a tattoo would appear somewhere on his body, and that the tattoo would be the name of his soulmate, written with their hand. Dan felt somewhat sorry for the person whose name would appear… if a name appeared…

    After all, who would want a boring, suicidal, depressed loser?

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    A Weekend in Paris

    I’m so sorry it took so long for this chapter. I was having a hard time figuring it out. It finally came too me and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my support system…you all know who you are.

    A Weekend in Paris

    Chapter (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8)

    Chapter 9

    Saturday, July 22, 2023, Old Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Texas

    Lucas rolled over in bed and reached out next to him where Riley should be. Nothing, he felt nothing. She wasn’t there. He sat up in bed and looked around the room. She wasn’t in here. He ran his fingers through his hair and took in his surroundings. They were in the Magnolia room of the Old Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast in Paris, Texas. The B&B was an old Victorian that someone had lovingly restored. Riley squealed with excitement when they drove up to it yesterday when they first arrived. They were given a tour by the women that ran it and every square inch of the place was filled with something lacy and frilly and Riley was in awe. When they were showed to their room, Lucas couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was. There was a small sitting room with a couple of chairs and a TV, then there was the bedroom which held all kinds of antiques and knick knacks that he could see Riley or himself knocking over.  The walls were a soothing green color and the windows were covered with floral and lace curtains. In the center of the room was a huge bed with a wrought iron headboard and footboard. He got up and walked over to the far side of the room to where the bathroom door was. He knocked and there was no answer. When he opened the door, it was empty. He wondered where she could be.

    He walked to the nightstand where he had put his phone the night before. It was only 9 a.m. maybe she was already downstairs. He noticed he had a few missed calls on his phone from his mom and Topanga. He sent them both a quick text message telling them he would call as soon as he got a chance. As he was laying out his clothes, he noticed a note on Riley’s pillow.

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