i put it as a text post first idk why

anonymous asked:

someone had reposted your texts on instagram w/o credit so I!!!! used manners and told them to please support your tumblr!! idk why I'm telling u but nothing happens in my life so ahhhh PS (before telling I checked they were yours and I gave them your tumblr in the comments I hope they put it in the caption) PPS YOURE AWESOME KEEP BEING COOL

omg! my first encounter with uncredited reposting! boi some people just -ugh. thanks so much for taking action and telling me. just so y’all know, the only insta i gave permission to is @gayiceskating and they fully credit me each time. gosh, people always warn about instagram thieves which is why i don’t post art, but a text blog??? i thought it would be pretty safe and chill?? idk if i’m petty enough to fite them on it –mmm bitch i might be– but pls tell me in the future if u see people reposting my/alex’s stuff? 


much of protecting