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The Prophecy

Ganondorf’s extended monologue, cut from the final draft of Twilight Princess’ ending.  I love this scene, and I really wish they’d left this part in?  Maybe the writers thought he was talking a bit too much for a guy with a sword in his chest.

Music: “Apprehension - Supernatural Haunting” by Kevin MacLeod


The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

part 1 * part 2 * part 3

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


On Bong Soon’s first day as a full-time employee, Min Hyuk PREPARES FOR HER A WELCOME RECEPTION, BUYS HER A WELCOME GIFT AND PUTS HER EMPLOYEE BADGE ON HER! He even discharged himself from the hospital early against medical advice so he could be with her. There is something so poignant and beautiful about the way MH personally puts the badge on BS’s neck and about the way how willingly and happily she lets him and even leans her head towards him. It’s such a little gesture of appreciation and closeness but as mentioned many times before, it’s these small gestures that in the end are so important and unforgettable.

I already talked about how MH’s been subtly giving BS all these little gifts and I just want to add how much it means that he doesn’t wait for the usual reasons like Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s day, but gives them to her because he wants to make her happy - because she wants them, needs them or just because he thinks it would make her smile. In that way, he kind of reminds you of BS’s dad who secretly hid all that money for her so she could buy herself something nice because he wanted her to be happy. It’s not to say that materialistic things can give a person permanent happiness, but MH’s presents are not some useless luxurious things, but truly things that show his consideration for her, be it food because she loves to eat, the computer because she wants to create a game, the job of her dreams (sort of) or the employee badge because that’s the thing she wanted the most in the world. And all these things reveal how much MH knows BS; what are her dreams, hopes, needs,…

And then you have GD who gave her his spare taser. The thing is that it would be a practical, sweet and thoughtful present for any other woman, but for BS it’s UTTERLY USELESS; showing that he knows absolutely nothing about the woman she is and in more ways than just one

Amara and season 11 just don’t work without Destiel

Based on my thoughts and seeing a lot of others thinking the same I went through and rewatched season 11 focusing heavily on Amara’s scenes, in the end putting them back to back to really look in detail and wowzers, that was eye opening.

As well as all the huge amounts of subtext throughout the season as usual, if you watch all of Amara’s screen time and follow her interactions with Dean and her overall storyline (which is the whole of season 11′s overall storyline, just saying) it just does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. Without Destiel this whole season just… doesn’t work.

So, just looking at the obvious parts (I won’t go into too much detail as I wrote a whole other post about Amara as an exposition for Dean’s feelings here….).

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The real ‘upping the game’ in the exposition of Dean and Cas’s feelings towards each other and, coincidentally, the overall arc of the season, comes from THIS POINT, where Amara is textually and visually put forward as a love interest for Dean. There is a clear parallel of Dean/Amara and Dean/Cas throughout the season 11 narrative and it is from THIS point that both Amara and Cas are portrayed romantically, directly mirrored and used in each others’ narratives. This is not a coincidence. 

If it were more referenced beforehand perhaps I may be a little more forgiving and allow more of a ‘platonic profound bond’ reasoning but it is precisely because of this clear move into a love interest role for Amara that Cas and Amara are then clearly portrayed as ‘good bond/love’ and ‘bad bond/love’. One is forced on Dean against his will and he clearly rejects it, one is at its core based on free will and he clearly is doing everything he can to save Cas, even going up against Amara to do this, a very well done full circle of parallels leading into each other… *ahh narrative tie-ins and mirrors - sighing with contentment*.

SO… Since the midseason finale and this scene:

We have the Amara/Love monster who tells us textually that she can “feel the love that you feel”, she uses the particular and relatively precise and uncommon word ‘longing’ which we all now clearly associate with Cas and praying, she talks about his feeling shame… Then moves onto Amara, reminding him of Dean’s way ‘out’, of the ‘bliss’.  For me although this isn’t Amara, the love monster does actually use the words “who I am doesn’t matter” and therefore it’s clear that the information she’s giving us is what is important. This is a clear exposition.

Dean then clarifies to Sam that “to call it desire or love…it’s not that”. So the love monster from Love Hurts - who was talking about Dean’s love and longing and shame… She uh, wasn’t picking up on love for Amara as Dean has explicitly told us that is not what he is feeling. So…. who might it have been referring to? 

The attempting expelling of Lucifer. Is just so much Destiel and has been covered so many times. All I’m going to say here is that despite “God’s freaking sister”, one of the two most powerful beings in the universe, being right there, Dean’s main concern is Cas to the point that he calls out for him in front of everyone else and reveals his weakness, not a particularly restrained or smart move for a trained hunter. Amara and Lucifer both notice this and we are meant to notice them noticing
Why is this important? To clarify that Dean’s bond with Cas and his worry for him outweighs his bond with Amara.

The longing scene. Again, much meta-d. Basics being, Dean is longing for Cas (while actually muttering ‘where are you Amara’ clearly worried for Cas as it is Cas not Amara he is talking to Sam about around this scene. Amara has an actual real, substantiated ‘bond’ with Dean through the mark, sure, but it IS NOT AS STRONG AS HIS BOND WITH CAS (which as far as I’m aware doesn’t actually have any real basis unless the hand mark or something has a role but hasn’t been touched on for 8 years so I’m going with no), ergo Amara has to use Cas to find Dean. Then yes, she totally manipulates him into coming to rescue Cas/Lucifer because Dean is such a good friend

After this we get another very interestingly subtextual scene where Dean and Sam are interviewing Donatello and it is only once Sam mentions the word ‘Angels’ that Amara again immediately finds and comes to Dean.

Again proving that Dean’s bond with Cas is stronger than his bond with Amara.

I particularly love the near-finale narrative, after she expressly tells Dean she cares for him and wants him to be happy, to have bliss - the sandwiching of Mary and Cas in her story which is so relevant to season 12 - how Amara shows that she is capable of just de-materialising Metatron in an instant because she is attacked and angry, she then notices Mary’s picture, she then is again attacked and angry but ‘saves’ Cas, essentially ‘resurrecting’ him from Lucifer’s control, then of course resurrects Mary.

( #Narrative parallels and tropes are a thing is one of my favourite tags).

These are all writing/directing/production choices that were made to show these scenes one after the other and revealing her choices here. Are we not supposed to wonder why she made these choices? 

Are we not supposed to wonder why Amara, all powerful being, is incapable of contacting Dean without going THROUGH CAS (who Dean expressly states is “small fry” in comparison to her), or having a conversation with him where Cas isn’t in some way referenced once she is herself portrayed as a love interest? 

Or why the writing/directing/production team made these choices? 

There is a clear narrative being told here.

If you watch all of Amara’s screen time throughout this season it is just so clear what she is exposing, what her interactions with Dean are based on, how her storyline does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. I’m not saying her story is pointless, it clearly isn’t, just that it rests on their bond so this shows how extremely important to the whole story their bond is.

Any why? Why are we being shown all this, why are we being encouraged to question all this? I was just reading @charlie-minion’s excellent overview and loved this post with great insight: “The question in season 9 was “who do you love?” Whereas I think the questions in season 10 are “what kind of love do you feel?” and “whose heart are you gonna break?”. 

There is a clear and ever evolving question about Dean’s feelings throughout the seasons which has now kept on into season 12. I think these questions have been more or less answered now, the questions for season 12 and moving forwards are “is this love reciprocated”, which has already been answered textually, “will you be able to admit to this love” and “what are you going to do about it”…

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if you think none of this applies to you - odds are you need to read it

you are not entitled to anything here

your role in fandom - whether it’s reader, consumer, writer, fan, etc. - is no excuse to disregard politeness for any reason

having people on your side is no excuse to be rude

feeling as though you’re right or being told you’re right is no excuse to be rude 

your preferences and opinions are no excuse to be rude

if somebody says you were rude it’s because they perceived it that way. taking a moment to reconsider how you said something and trying a different approach to attempt a resolution makes you look more mature

approaching your friends to let them know they might be acting rudely makes you look more mature

considering that you might have made a mistake makes you look more mature

people you like or are friends with still have the capacity to be rude and/or hurt others. remember that there are many sides to a conflict before you stand on one with a friend 

alienating people for disagreements makes you look immature and cliquey

if you really hate somebody for something they’ve said or done, try defeating them with kindness rather than anger 

HOW you say something matters just as much as WHAT you say. Everyone’s feelings are valid. There is no reason fandom has to be like high school. 

Life Update

I don’t make these often and I’ll delete it in a bit but here’s what’s up:

Ever since last fall I’ve been putting about 1000% of my art juju into work, which I can’t share with anyone yet (SOON THOUGH.) During this time a lot of sad and upsetting things have happened in my life and I’ve been in a bad way. My energy for personal art pretty much dried up due to The Sadness.

Things are getting better but now I’m in the process of moving from the USA to New Zealand, which is even more complicated and stressful than you might expect. The art dry spell shall continue. (I found some sketches on my hard drive that I never posted, though. I will… do that.)

During the time of Terrible and Unrelenting Sadness, a small shred of happiness came along. I latched onto it with both hands and haven’t let go, like it’s my goddamned lifeline. That thing is Final Fantasy XV. It is simultaneously saving and ruining my life. I made a blog for my FFXV screenshots, which I have advertised before and certainly will again. It is @lokton. This has been my coping mechanism for the last few months. It gives me a low-key way of perpetuating my creative energy with a minimum amount of angst.

ok that’s all for now bye

our tendency to do something despite knowing the outcome (like building a house of cards with your friends just knowing that one of those idiots is going to blow it down) and not even being that surprised at the result like honestly??? i knew at some point that book was going to fall of the pile after i put it there it was just a matter of time. what do you mean move the book before it falls or put it in a position where it wont tip over? what kind of organised human being does that???????

so now imagine your standard multi-species deep-space exploration voyage. humans were the last species to join the federation, and not much is generally known about them. there are countless studies documenting their weird tendency to pack bond and attempt to socialise with nearly every lifeform; some you have witnessed first hand, like your human Darren trying to communicate with a sylophod, a nasty, potent little ball of coarse fur with a bite that could stun even the largest of earth’s land-based mammals by attempting to stroke it while crooning “tribbles….cute blue tribbles in space”, others you have only heard of through transmission chatter and rumour, like the story of a human in an expedition party of 12 different species discorvering sentient life on a new planet and having war declared on the federation in the space of a few cronents. the studies detailing the humans wide emotional and psychological ranges always fascinate you the most, despite the engaging reports of their social aspects, you’ve always found the individual experiences more interesting. especially the ones about odd behaviours.

such as humans repeating actions with the same consequences. objects in the mess hall tend to fall over quite frequently due to their proximity to the Garln’s sleeping quarters, so every other lifeform knows that anything precariously placed will certainly not stay that way–except for the humans on the crew–it appears they are the only ones ignorant of this. you observed human Darren rush into the mess hall once, a large stack of papers in his arms, and hurriedly place them onto the corner of the nearest table, and despite picking several pieces from the floor and slapping them back on top of the pile, he did not move the stack as he began logging data. over the course of five cronents, the vibrations from the sleeping quarters began shuffling the papers closer and closer to the edge of the table until half the stack slid to the floor–the human Darren simply picked the papers back up and continued logging–several times. any other species would have moved the stack away from the edge of the table, rather than continuously have their work interrupted.

other times you have witnessed the humans performing tasks that are…extremely absurd, and yet they know the outcome. once you walked onto the communications deck to find the human Elizabeth constructing a triangular configuration out of thin segments of paper, stacking them impossibly higher and wider whilst the humans Darren and Alex watched on, both quietly uttering in their earth tongue of english “stay….staaaaay…” and proceeding to cheer when human Elizabeth was successful. human Elizabeth then stood and, without noticing her own actions, placed an appendage the humans refer to as a ‘hand’ too close to the construction, destroying the entire thing. none of the three humans appeared to be upset by this; it was as if human Elizabeth had scattered segments of paper across the floor. when you approach her some time later and ask her about why none of them had been upset by the destruction of her creation she replied “it was always going to fall over, but i like to make a house of cards every now and then.”

humans do the weirdest shit, even when they know the outcome.

(“Pepbee” that’s a new one, hahaha~) Thank you so much! We’ll keep doing our best!

So glad to hear that! We love seeing fan art so we’re happy to spread the love. :D

Secret admirers! 

Thank you! We put a lot of time and hard work into it, so I’m glad the quality is up to your standards, haha~

Ellipsis only loves me for my skeleton. ; A ;

Thank you! Estersand gets all the credit for the design (originally made for nochocolate) but we worked really hard on the art, colors, and other adjustments for this blog. Feedback like this is great to hear!

Glad to have you! This comic was inspired by a short fic Ellipsis wrote. We had been speculating on what Chara would be like if they didn’t die so young, but Ellipsis’ fic gave this premise a true story.

Bettina introduced a lot of people to our story; we’re so grateful! Good to have you!

i’ll be ur angle or ur devil

Thank you both! We worked really hard to fit Chara’s dialogue into Asriel’s canon lines in a way that felt natural. Some of the lines are phrased a little oddly so it was a bit harder than anticipated. Ellipsis really worked her magic.

(Regarding the last page of the interlude.) That would make a great save point message.

Glad you had fun! Eruto and I have lots more streams coming up in the future, so keep an eye out!

Each page takes quite a long time! Off the top of my head, here’s how long everything typically takes.

  • Writing/editing the script and thumbnails: 1 hour
  • Initial sketch: 2-4 hours
  • Lining: 6-10 hours
  • Backgrounds: 2-3 hours
  • Color blocking: 2-3 hours
  • Lighting, Lettering, Effects, other adjustments: 3-5 hours

Total per page: 16-26 hours per page. That’s 32-52 hours each week! Some pages take much longer if we try something new, but we’re always looking for ways to speed up and streamline our process.

And I love you, mysterious anon! Keep it cool, keep it fresh! >;D

someone, somewhere: so i don’t think yuri katsuki did that one (1) thing right that one (1) time 

[the ground literally splits open, fumes erupting from the gaping hole as victor levitates out] 

victor: first off, it’s mr. katsuki-nikiforov to you, second off, i’ll have you know yuri has never done anything wrong in his entire 24 years,

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Hi! My birthday is on 28th of March and I would really love a non-reaped!Everlark story (or one where the Reaping doesn't exist, whichever comes easier). You can sprinkle in some smut if you want (though it's not necessary). Thank you!!!!!

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Happy, happy birthday!!! Your story was submitted by the awesome @pagedancer87 and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do! Have a wonderful day! EBD

Title: Selfish

Summary: “It’s really okay for there to be times when you stop putting everyone else first, and just do what’s best for you.”

A/N: All errors are belonging to me. Happy Birthday!


As a rule, Katniss Everdeen didn’t allow herself many things.

The first and last time she had asked for something, was the one thing she had ever regretted: to selfishly have her father with her on her birthday. It was a request shyly made, and gently denied, but he had wanted to surprise her. It had him going to work on a day he normally had off, which ended up being the day that he died. At eleven, watching her mother spiral into grief driven madness and her younger sister nearly starve to death, she blamed herself. From then on vowed to put her family first.

It became the way she lived. Everything she did and every choice she made was for the benefit of her younger sister. Not only did it make her happy, it was also very easy.

Once in awhile, something came up that made her choices not so black and white.

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Gryffindor!Jackson || Hogwarts AU

A.N. I asked you guys to vote on what you wanted to read so the most voted was Hogwarts AU so the first post will be about Jackson since it’s his birthday today! Hope you enjoy

Read where I put the members & my explanation

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hufflepuff!Youngjae || Ravenclaw!Mark || Ravenclaw!Jinyoung || Slytherin!Bambam || Slytherin!JB ||

  • House: Gryfiindor
  • Sixth Year
  • Chaser on the Quidditch team but doesn’t play as much anymore because of the incident that happened.
    • He fell off his broom, luckily the another team mate caught him before he fell on the ground but he didn’t stop screaming, and than threw up three times on the field.
  • He became one of the popular kids in school not because of the incident but because he blew up the potions classroom
  • Yeah Jackson gets decent grades in school not the best but decent enough for the teachers not to worry about him
  • After receiving 2 months of detention for blowing up the classroom he vowed he would do his best not to get in trouble ever again.
  • That’s because Jackson met a certain person aka you!!
  • You’re in the same house and the same year. 
  • The both of you didn’t talk much about really, “hi’s” and “bye’s” most of the time and if you have the same class it would “what was the homework again?” 
  • But when the incident happened you were sitting right next to Jackson.
  • Everyone took cover and since you were right next to him, he shielded you so you wouldn’t get hurt 
  • You looked at him in disgust cause you wanted him off
  • He looked at you and that’s when the classic romantic movie moment happened. That’s when he fell in love with you..
  • And right after that you punched him in the face to get off of you.
  • Since then he did anything to get to know you.
  • He ask your mutual friends to introduce you to each other
  • That’s when you apologize for punching him in the face
  • That’s how you became friends
  • When the two of you go to Hogsmeade, the first shop would be Zonko’s Joke Shop and after entering a majority of the popular store you left because it kept getting crowded 
  • The both of you walked the direction towards the Shrieking Shack 
  • “Hey Jackson I dare you to go inside the shack.”
  • “Fine, y/n I’ll do it.”
  • He wasn’t scared, only slightly scared
  • He almost made it to the shack as well but he heard banging from the outside and went running back to you while screaming in a hight pitch tone.
  • “Y/N!!! Guess who got a a perfect score on their Potions test?”
  • “Let me guess… After blowing up the classroom and having our professor scream at you and threatened that if you didn’t get a perfect score on the next exam, he would tell your parents about everything that’s happened at school so my guess is you.”
  • He’ll always saves a spot for you in the dining hall
  • Makes sure you’re doing well in classes, eating all your meals, plus getting in a small walk each day.
  • Plus he’ll offer to walk with you each day.
  • Won’t ask you out until he knows you have feelings back 
  • Which means your about to confess but he runs away because he now knows how you feel
  • Try to do something cute to ask you out problem includes flying 
  • Even though he still gets scared he’ll prove that he’s brave to you and never ever lol pun need someone else to protect you
  • Makes sure that he has the Head Boy on board with what he’s going to do so he wont get in trouble again
  • Has all of your friends from every house and his friends there because they are finally glad you both are about to date cause y’all wouldn’t shut up about each other.
  • They all were tempted to but some sort of spell on the both of you to shut up but they didn’t cause this was cute
  • Brags to everyone including teachers how amazing you are.
  • Man he’s completely head over heels for you. 
  • It’s magical lol another pun

anonymous asked:

Can you maybe do a fic where Nico is possesed and attacks Will (maybe injures him...)??? (I saw a drawing some time ago and I thought it was an interesting concept)

Anon 2: Random question… How would you feel about writing a fic about dark!solangelo? If you have no problems about it… Do you think you could write about it?

Nico hadn’t been feeling well all week. He had spoken to Will about his general discomfort earlier, and Will already knew that things had been rather…off in the Underworld lately. Really, Will had should’ve put it all together and figured out that there was something much bigger going on with Nico than just a simple stomach bug. Really, it was Will’s own fault for not noticing the warning signs earlier. Maybe if he would’ve paid closer attention, then Will wouldn’t be stuck in the infirmary because Nico had tried to suffocate him.

Maybe if he had paid closer attention, then Nico wouldn’t be gone.

“Will?” Hazel’s sweet voice pulled Will from his thoughts, bringing him back to the present where his body no longer hurt because of the painkillers his siblings had given him. She smiled gently when Will finally focused on him. Will had no idea how she could muster up the strength to smile like nothing was wrong after everything had come crashing down. “Can you explain to me again what happened?”

Will didn’t want to, but if anyone could find Nico and help him, it was Hazel. “He told me earlier this week that he didn’t feel right. There’s been a virus that’s been going around so I figured it was probably just that, so I gave him so antibiotics and told him to rest. He didn’t tell me that it wasn’t a sick feeling until yesterday. I know that there’s been some stuff going on with your Dad and the Underworld, but I didn’t think that that would affect Nico.” He shuddered at his own ignorance, wishing there was a way he could go back and fix his mistake. “He just kind of snapped this morning when I went to check on him, he lunged at me and tried to strangle me. Someone managed to pull him off of me but then he just…took off.”

Hazel’s kind look didn’t slip once from her face, but she did look concerned. Whether it was for Will or her own brother’s safety, Will didn’t know. Instead, he tried to focus on the bustle of the infirmary around him, on the patients complaining not-so-quietly, on the ones who marveled that Will Solace, head of said infirmary, was now confined to one of his own beds because his boyfriend had tried to kill him.

“There’s been a lot of restless spirits lately. Since its summer, Dad’s on his own. Some of them have been slipping through the cracks between there and the surface. One of them must have managed to escape, find Nico, and possess him. Children of Hades and Pluto make great vessels between the Underworld and the surface. Spirits always try to possess us. Nico must have been asleep when the spirit took over his body. He probably attacked you because the spirit thought you were a threat.” That didn’t make Will feel any better. If a spirit had control of Nico, it could do anything to Nico. It didn’t know the limits of Nico’s body. It had no idea how much of Nico’s powers it could use before Nico disappeared in a cloud of smoke. They needed to find Nico, fast.

“I know that look,” Kayla, Will’s sister, chimed in suddenly. “Will, I know you care about Nico, but you’re in no shape to lead a quest to find him.” Hazel looked between Kayla and Will with some confusion before she seemed to connect the dots.

She gave Will that soft, infuriating smile again. Will didn’t want her sympathy in the least. He wanted Nico back. He wanted his Nico back, without the spirit controlling his body. He wanted out of the damned infirmary bed.

“Don’t worry, Will, Jason, Reyna, and I will find him. I promise.” Without another word, she left Will alone to his quickly darkening thoughts.

It feels good to be early

Coming Home

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Pairing: Sam x Reader x Cas
Word count: 557
: Anonymous. Could you please do a oneshot with Cas x reader x Sam where they’re cuddling and it’s just really cute?? I’m in desperate need of cuddles. Especially from them

This is Our Life

Yawning, you walked into your room, smiling as you saw your husbands. “I can’t believe she’s a year old already.” You sighed, crawling into between them. Your head was on Cas’s chest, your hand on his stomach.

Sam chuckled, putting his book down before rolling to his side. His arm went over yours, his fingers lacing together with yours on Cas’s stomach. He kissed between your shoulder blades, smiling. “I love watching you with them.” He told you lovingly.

“I’m not having another for a long time, Sammy.” You teased him. “No matter how much you butter me up.” You knew he was play pouting behind you, judging by Cas’s chuckling. You smiled up at him. “Same goes for you, mister.”

Cas grinned. “Okay.”

Your head was on Cas’s lap as you watched a movie with the kids. His hand was on your barely there bump, his thumb rubbing it gently. “I know you’d give in.” He teased you.

Looking up at him, you stuck your tongue out at him. “Not my fault I married such convincing men.” You laughed. “Making me melt by being so cute with the kids.”

Hearing the door open, both kids shot up, running towards the door. Max was 5, and Eliza was just over a year and a half. Now, here you were, 16 weeks pregnant with your 3rd. You looked over, smiling as you saw Sam walk in holding both kids. “There’s my beautiful wife, and handsome husband.” He grinned, setting the kids down. Once they went back to their movie, he moved your feet up long enough to sit down. Putting them on his lap, he started to gently rub your feet, making you close your eyes. “Feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.” You chuckled, blushing.

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An Unspoken Truce

Hello lovely CtM fans! I’ve dusted off my fiction writing skills and expanded on some of my headcanons I published a little bit ago. 

I am intrigued by Patsy’s backstory and the mystery that is her father. Hopefully you enjoy ^.^ I’d love to know what people think. Again you all are lovely, seriously the most fun and supportive fandom I’ve been a part of. Shout out to ThinkBusbyThink for the editing help, truly invaluable advice! 

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I ship mostly Shieth and Klance and nothing else, but I love seeing art of all the ships people ship from the show, bc PEOPLE R SO TALENTED UGH, bUT you DON’T SEE ME COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE A CERTAIN SHIP AND SEE ME TRASH TALK PEOPLE FOR IT! GOOD LORD! I’ve never told a Kallura shipper “kill yourself” or “stop making art of this ship I HATE IT” because, for one, that’s cyber bulling, and two, they’ve probably put a lot of time into their work and me saying rude things will probably make them self conscious about ever posting their art again. I’ve never seen a shipping war as bad as this in any fandom besides this one, like it turns people away from the Voltron fandom and the show in general. The voice actors and everyone else with the show would be so disappointed if they saw this much hate going back and forth over their shows characters. Smh.

professor to class: you have to put the time and effort. you can’t get away with turning in first drafts like you did in high school! You will find yourself failing this class!

me: *turns in first/unrevised draft done the day before*

professor: good job. minor punctuation mistakes but well written. A/B

me: lmao ok yeah i worked so hard i deserve this

unicorn8sprinkles  asked:

Hey...... again. I was listening to a song that had Dark and Anti in it and at the beginning the person put in what Dark said in A date with Markiplier and he said, 'Did you miss me? I missed you, very much. I've been waiting a long time to see you again.' And I thought maybe Dark wasn't talking to Mark's date but instead to Anti, cause that video was out after Anti came. Is it just me that thinks this or am I just over reacting? what do you think?

I’ve seen some people say that and while I can see why that’s a theory, I think Dark is talking to the date at that moment.

When he talks about being replaced? That’s when I think he’s referring to our glitchy son