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Next of Kin

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.  It’s what they do best.  But what happens in the wake of impala taillights?  Is it all sunshine, roses, and business as usual for all involved? Or are some just destined to be collateral damage?

Words: 4.5k

Characters:  John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

A/N:  Happy Angst Appreciation Day! Thank you to today’s hosts @percywinchester27  and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Warnings:  Dark angst, canon style violence, implied child abuse, implied substance abuse.  Flashbacks in italics

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Next of Kin

Lebanon, KS 2013

Sam made his way out to the kitchen, the sound of sizzling and Dean humming leading his way. He’d been rummaging through old boxes in his room in search of a specific book of angel lore when another object caught his eye. The dead cell phone, now clutched in his hand, was stirring a weird need and curiosity inside him.

“Whatcha got there, Sammy?” Dean watched him plug something into a nearby outlet.  

Sam took his usual seat at the table.  “I found this old phone in that box of stuff we salvaged from Bobby’s.”

“It looks like one of mine.”  Dean plopped a plate of burgers on the table before taking his seat.  

“Yeah, I figured I would charge it and see if there are any useful numbers or anything on it.”

“Smart thinking, Sammy boy!” He said around a mouth full.  

“Gross.  Don’t talk with your mouth full, dude.”  Sam shook his head, exasperated at his brother’s lack of table manners.

The phone beeped, halting their juvenile banter.  Sam picked it up and flipped it open.  “Looks like you’ve got voicemail.”

Dean shrugged, popped a fry into his mouth, and raised an eyebrow in response.

“Wow. There’s ten of them. The most recent is dated only two weeks ago.” Sam turned it on speaker and let the message play.

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  • John: You drugged me?!
  • Sherlock: You were yawning, so I put uppers in your coffee. If you’re still yawning after that, then the yawning is a symptom…
  • John: You don’t know my medical history! You could have killed me! [yawns]
  • Sherlock: Aha! You yawned!
Hello Detective (Sherlock) Chapter 40

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You, John, and Sherlock loaded back into the car and drove to the Hollow.

You got out of the car and John ran ahead of you two.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You know what happened last time.” Sherlock said, you rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine, let’s go!” You ran after John, Sherlock trailing behind you.

You made it to the Hollow and saw Henry kneeling, with a gun in his mouth. Your breath hitched in your throat.

“No, Henry, no, no!” Sherlock yelled.

“Get back! Get away from me!” Henry yelled, now standing and waving his gun frantically in the air. You were worried he might accidentally fire it.

“Easy, Henry, easy. Just relax.” You tried to calm him down.

“I know what I am, I know what I tried to do.” Henry rambled.

“Just put the gun down, it’s okay.” You tried again.

“No!” Henry yelled again. “I know what I am.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do Henry. It’s all been explained to you hasn’t it. Explained very carefully.” Sherlock said calmly.

“What?” Henry asked confused.

“Someone needed to keep you quiet, needed to keep you as a child, to reassert the dream you both clung on to because you had started to remember. Remember now, Henry, you’ve got to remember what happened here when you were a little boy.” Sherlock instructed.

“I thought it had got my dad. The hound. I thought… Oh, Jesus! I don’t… I don’t know anymore!” Henry yelled, waving the gun again, before placing it in his mouth.

“No Henry! For God sake!” John yelled.

“Henry, remember. “Liberty In.” Two words. Two words a scared little boy saw here 20 years ago. You’d started to piece things together. Remember what really happened here that night.” You said.

“It wasn’t an animal, was it, Henry?” Sherlock asked. “Not a monster, a man.”

Henry looked up as if he were beginning to remember again.

“You couldn’t cope. You were just a child. So you rationalized it into something very different. Then you started to remember so you had to be stopped.” Sherlock said.

“Driven out of your mind so that no-one would believe a word that you said.” Sherlock continued.

“Y/N!” You heard Lestrade yell, as he entered the Hollow.

John slowly grabbed the gun from Henry as he mumbled incoherently.

“We saw it… a hound… last night.” He muttered.

“No, but there was a dog, Henry. Leaving footprints, scaring witnesses, but nothing more than an ordinary dog. We both saw it, saw it as our drugged minds wanted us to see it. Fear and stimulus, that’s how it works. But there never was any monster.” Sherlock smiled as Henry began to calm down.

It had seemed like things had calmed down, but then the sound of growls filled the hollow. John pointed his flashlight up and it landed on a large dog.

“Sherlock?” You said, your hand grabbing his coat out of instinct.

He looked up in disbelief.

“No! No, no, no, no!” Henry began to mumble.

“Henry!” Sherlock reached an arm out to him, but there was no calming him now. It was here, and you began to feel weak again.

“Are you seeing this?” You turned around to Lestrade, whose mouth was hanging open.  

“Right, he is not drugged, Sherlock, so what’s that?” John asked.

“It’s just a dog Henry, it’s nothing more than an ordinary dog.” Sherlock yelled. But it seemed like so much more, it had the same glowing eyes.

The hound jumped down, slowly entering the hollow and baring its teeth. Sherlock turned to see a man walking into the other side of the hollow.

You began to cough and fall to your knees, as the man in the gas mask got closer. Sherlock pulled off the mask but it wasn’t who you had expect to see. It didn’t make sense, there was no way your uncle Ryan could have really been here.

“No! No, no!” Sherlock said, as surprised to see him as you were, unless he was seeing someone entirely different.

“It’s not you, not you!” Sherlock yelled. He pulled the man by his shirt  and you realized it wasn’t your uncle at all… it was Bob Franklin.

“The fog.” Sherlock said, in realization.

“What?” Lestrade asked.

“It’s in the fog! The drug is in the fog. Aerosol dispersant, that’s what is said in the records. Project HOUND, it’s the fog!” Sherlock said, solving it.

But the dog was real, and it kept getting closer. Your legs were too weak to stand, and the dog had its sights on you.

“For God’s sake, kill it!” You croaked through a cough.

Lestrade raised his gun and shot the dog multiple times, missing a few. It fell to the ground, dead.

“Look Henry.” Sherlock said, making Henry look at the dog to show that it was just that.

You bastard.” He turned around and said to Bob Franklin. He repeated himself before lunging at him.

“Twenty years! Twenty years of my life, making no sense!” He yelled, frantically, trying to hit Bob. Lestrade quickly pulled him off.

Sherlock helped you to your feet, and mentally asked you if you were okay. You nodded in response, not knowing if it was the truth.

“Why didn’t you just kill me!” Henry yelled.

You leaned into Sherlock’s side as he provided an answer. “Because dead men get listened to, he needed to do more than kill you. He had to discredit every word you ever said about your father. And he had the means right at his feet.”

“A chemical minefield. Pressure pads in the ground, dosing you up every time that you came back here.” You said.

“Murder weapon and scene of the crime all at once! Oh, this case, Henry. Thank you!” Sherlock laughed, and you elbowed him in the side.

“What?” He asked, genuinely unaware.

“Timing…” You said.

“Not good?” He asked.

“No, no. It’s okay. Because this means that my dad was right. He’d found something out, hadn’t he?” Henry asked, looking down to Bob Franklin.

“And that’s why you killed him because he was right, and he’d found you right in the middle of an experiment!” Henry yelled again.

Bob Franklin suddenly stood and began to run from the Hollow. Everyone began to run after him, but you weren’t sure what his plan was. Surely he knew he was outnumbered, and by people with guns, younger people who could outrun him.

He continued to run as you yelled after him. Then you saw the direction he was going… He jumped the barbed wire fence and you froze.

“No, stop! Everyone stop!” You yelled, and they obeyed.

“We can catch him, what are you on about Y/N!” Sherlock yelled.

“He just ran into the damn minefield!” You yelled back, everyone turn just as the explosion ripped through the air. The force pushed you all back, nearly forcing you to the ground.

John and Lestrade brought Henry home and made sure to take away his gun. Sherlock brought you back to the room so you could get a few hours of sleep before you all left in the morning.

“The aerosol… that must have been why you passed out. One of the chemicals in the fog must have reacted with the medication John gave you and caused you to lose consciousness.” Sherlock said, as he unlocked the door and lead you in.

“That makes sense.” You nodded.

“You are feeling better though, right?” Sherlock asked.

“I guess. I still feel kind of nauseous. Maybe I just need sleep though.” You said, changing and slipping into bed.

Sherlock kissed you on the head and you soon fell asleep.

The next morning you were sitting outside of the Inn with John eating breakfast.

Sherlock approached the two of you and handed you a cup of coffee.

“Thanks.” You smiled, Sherlock smiled back.

“So they didn’t have it put down then, the dog?” John asked.

“Obviously.” Sherlock said.

“Probably couldn’t bring themselves to do it.” You said.

“I see.” Sherlock lied.

“No you don’t.” John said.

“No, I don’t. Sentiment?” Sherlock asked.

“Bingo.” You smiled.

“Listen, what happened to me in the lab?” John asked. Sherlock was now sitting down next to you. You and Sherlock shared a look, not wanting to tell John about the little experiment.

“Do you want some sauce with that?” Sherlock asked, trying to change the subject and holding up the condiment tray.

“I hadn’t been to the Hollow. How came I heard those things there? Fear and stimulus, you said.” John kept talking.

“You must have been dosed with it elsewhere. When you went to the lab, maybe. You saw those pipes, pretty ancient, leaky as a sieve. And they were carrying the gas, so…” Sherlock lied.

“Hang on. You thought it was in the sugar. You were convinced it was in the sugar.” John pointed it.

“We’d better get going, there’s a train leaving in half an hour, so if you want…” Sherlock began, looking at his watch before being cut off by John.

“Oh, God! It was you. You locked me in the bloody lab.” John rolled his eyes.

“I had to, it was an experiment. But for the record, she helped.” Sherlock said.

“Thanks for throwing me under the bus.” You smiled sarcastically.

“An experiment!” John yelled, and Sherlock shushed him.

“I was terrified Sherlock, I was scared to death!” John said, his voice booming.

“I thought the drug was in the sugar, so I put the sugar in your coffee. Then arranged everything with Major Barrymore. Totally scientific, laboratory conditions, literally.” Sherlock began. “I knew what effect it had on two superior minds, so I needed to try it on an average one… You know what I mean.” Sherlock said, catching himself, you were actually quite proud.

“But it wasn’t in the sugar.” John pointed out again.

“No, well… I wasn’t to know you’d already been exposed to the gas.” Sherlock said, sipping his coffee.

“So you got it wrong.” John said.

“A bit.” Sherlock said, annoyed.

“It won’t happen again.” You smiled.

Sherlock now stood and looked off back towards the Inn.

“Where are you going?” You asked.

“Come with me, Sergeant. John we’ll just be a minute. Got to see a man about a dog.” Sherlock said, and you stood to follow him.

After the two of you informed Gary and Bill that the dog was dead, you took a train back into London.

John returned to Baker Street, but Sherlock accompanied you back to your flat. You were looking forward to a little rest, before returning to work. You would have never guessed that within the coming weeks you would be tested in ways you never have before.