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A.D.I.D.A.S - snowbaz

listen ok im the freaking woRST with titles. i had this in my drafts as ‘Vampire Science’. i literally have an unpublished chapter fic called ‘SQUAD GOALS’ i need help.

also this is Sin™. im going to heck. <3. 

EDIT: yoooo so i got an ask about the name of this fic. it’s a song title! A.D.I.D.A.S by Little Mix, my friends. it’s a blessing (it stands for ‘all day i dream about sex’ btw) ;*

based of of this post and (very loosely) this post. @helpmeiamtrappedinmyfandoms @fyeahsnowbaz

Genre: sin and regret (and fluff)

Warnings: sin, coarse language, SIN

Summary: Vampires are confusing at the best of times. Simon just wants answers to the important questions.

Word Count: 1922

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The Gym Meeting

Meeting Got7, ok this wasn’t an everyday occurrence for everyone, but she turned on some tunes, and hopped into the shower before Jackson came to collect her. Aleesia Cara, was crooning about her introvert nature as, she washed her hair with her much needed Deva Curls she finally received in the mail. Her hair was dying to be properly moisturized, and she worked the no poo shampoo into her scalp cleansing it. 

Shaving her legs, she waited awhile for her conditioner to set before finally rinsing, and stepping out. Microfiber towel on her head, she sat down at her vanity, and began her beauty routine that began with hair. Detangler in her hair, and brush ready to start, she parted her hair into sections, and started to move the wide paddle denman brush through her thick curls. Sometimes, she hated to go through this long routine, but she wouldn’t trade her hair for anything else. Though she fought with it on a daily basis, her look, her texture, her style was uniquely her. Besides, Jackson loved her hair. He was constantly pressing his face into it, smelling it and tugging on the curls watching them pop into place. A wash and go was the theme for the day, and she used her light gel to hold her locks into place. They fell lightly around her face, not stiff or crunchy, and she silently thanked the olive oil gods. A golden leaf headband would complete the look and hold her hair back, so she could begin on her face. 

Korea didn’t have many shades for brown skinned women such as herself, but she figured that and made sure; her mother sent her a bare minerals kit at least every 3 months. Foundation set, eyebrows done, eyeliner on, she was just putting on mascara when her doorbell chimed. Getting up, she looked down realizing she was still in a towel. Well he’d have to wait a little longer. Lips and clothes on and she was done. 

Looking through the door peeper, she watched as Jackson danced in the hallway, seemingly talking to himself. Or rapping, and she opened the door just as he was shaking his hips. He turned around acting like he wasn’t doing anything at all. 

“Oh, so I guess we aren’t going anywhere today?” He reached for her, only to have his hands slapped away. 

“I’m almost done, just let me put on some lip gloss and get my clothes on.” 

She turned around, holding her towel tight as Jackson followed her inside, closing the door behind him. 

“Jeez, women always take so long.” He joked, following her into the room. 

“You can’t be in here!” She turned to push him back through the door, as Jackson protested stating he would see her naked sooner or later. 

She finished her lips, and set her face, quickly getting dressed in a black Labyrinth tshirt, with light blue skinny jeans. As she exited the room, Jackson greeted her with a wolf whistle, walking towards the door. He didn’t talk much as they rode back to the dorms, making a comment here and there, about her hair and her clothing. He had advised her to take a heavier coat, but she was happy with the one she had, as they wouldn’t be outside long. Besides, winter was going to end soon. 

As soon as they got into the building, Jackson became amped up. He told her that she’d love the guys and they were just as interested in meeting her as she was to meet them. Coming outside of a door, they stopped and Jackson held his hand up stopping her from trying to open it. 

“Ok listen, I’m going to go inside and when you hear me say ok, then you come inside.” 

“Oh lord Jackson, this isn’t some sort of surprise is it? Should I have brought some cake? A gift?” She was fully aware of how Korean culture worked. 

“No, No, just do it please? I made them all do this for me.” He was smiling wide, and she nodded her head in approval as he ran inside the door. 

It didn’t take long for him to yell for her to enter, and she half wanted to close her eyes just in case, they were going to throw confetti at her. 

“Welcome >>>, We are Got7!” The guys each struck a pose. 

She burst into laughter, not believing that the stoic JB and Junior would agree to something like this. 

“Hey guys.” She smiled, walking towards them, holding out her hand. 

They bowed and exchanged pleasantries. With Mark taking his time to talk to her as he roomed with Jackson. 

“So, you are the famous >>>, he doesn’t stop talking about you, you know. All night before bed. All I hear is: Mark! >>> said the funniest thing today, and Mark she has the most beautiful smile.”  Mark rolled his eyes, giving her a smile. 

BamBam clocked in as well. “She wore these jeans today, and oh my god..” He started laughing with Mark and Yugyeom. 

She felt her face get warm, as Jackson directed her to a couch to sit down on. “Alright, alright no roast sessions in front of my honey.” 

The guys seemed nice enough, they ordered food, and sat around talking about funny things Jackson said or did, and got to know her. They played a round of UNO, and some Korean games. It was well into the evening when it was time for her to go. As she helped take the trash to the kitchen, JB came in behind her, his quiet gaze on her face. 

“He really likes you. Jackson likes everyone, but this is clearly different.” He waited for her to respond, watching her movements. 

“I like him too, although I admit this is kind of odd for me. I’ve never dated a celebrity, much less anyone like Jackson.” She dumped the plates and cups she held, grabbing a paper towel to wipe her hands. 

“Do me a favor?” JB asked her, tying the garbage bag shut. 

“Sure.” She wasn’t sure what he was going to ask, but stopped what she was doing to pay attention. 

“Jackson would never admit it, but he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a hopeless romantic, he’s everyone’s friend. He’s open, willing and ready. do you understand?” JB moved towards her, nonthreatening but she still felt as though there was a chill to the air. 

“I think so. Just in case, I’m receiving this message wrong though, what is it? Things will happen to me, if I hurt him?” She raised an eyebrow. 

“What the? Woman…no.” JB backed up, hands in the air. “I would never say something like that.” He looked shocked. “I just wanted to say that…be kind to him. Take things slow and remind him it’s ok to wait, and think about things. I don’t want him to rush you into feelings, and then hurt himself because he didn’t hear what he wanted.” 

Well, this conversation definitely took a different route, and she nodded her head, grinning sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off like that. You’re kind of scary is all. I get what you’re saying. Thanks JB.” 

The older man shook his head at her. “Jeez, you Americans. Too many movies.” He brought her in for a gentle hug, before letting go, and they rejoined the others. 

Some of the guys had retired to their rooms, but Mark, Yugyeom and BamBam stayed in the living room with Jackson. They stood up saying their goodbyes as Jackson helped her into her jacket before leaving. 

“It was really nice meeting you all, I enjoyed myself. Maybe next week or so you guys can come to my place. I have video games.” At that Youngjae popped his head out from his room. 

“I’ll be there.” She laughed, saying goodbye once again before they left. 

Back at her apartment, she turned to face Jackson before going inside. “You know I feel bad that you go with me all the way home, and then go back to your home alone.” 

“I’m not alone, Youngjae is awake playing games, and Mark doesn’t usually sleep until I get there.” He moved some of her hair off her shoulder, rubbing the skin exposed at her neck. 

“That’s not what I mean.” She answered, as he gripped her shoulder, pulling her gently towards him. 

“I know.” His mouth came down on hers, lips meeting, he groaned into the kiss, his hands moving down her arms to place her, arms around his neck. 

Jackson let his hands roam from her arms, down her sides, to her waist, and finally her butt. Squeezing gently, he smiled when she squeaked into the kiss, using that moment to slip his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweet, like the cake and juice she had eaten, she smelled even better. A mix of her own scent and his mixed together, something heady and intoxicating. She moved to grasp his tongue in an embrace sucking on it, and he nearly slammed her into the wall with need. She pulled away, and he nipped at her bottom lip, silently asking for more. 

“That was something.” She kept her arms around his neck, hands in his hair. 

“I can do it again.” He whispered, watching her throw her head back laughing.

God, the sound of it. He kissed her throat, earning a soft moan as she pulled her head forward again, and kissed his nose. “Tomorrow, I don’t want to be too enticed by you. I want to look forward to something.” 

He understood, she wanted to take it slow. Mentally willing, little Jackson to behave he let her go, holding her hand in his own, he brought her fingers to his lips, and kissed them. “Tomorrow then.” 

Chapter Six

I Won’t Ask Where You Came From (Part One)

~So this was meant to be a one-shot but turned out much longer than expected. I’ll be posting each part every day and I’ll try and chop it up as least confusing as possible. I’m really happy with this fic and I just sort of had fun with it so once again, thank you for all the support and enjoy!~

Mark was digging. Mark frantically dug through the earth beneath him. Dig. Dig. Dig. I need to dig. Mark checked the box next to him to make sure it was still there. Mark nodded at the box as it sat safely beside him. Mark threw away his shovel and started to dig with his hands. You could hear his frantic breathing throughout the woods he was currently in the middle of. His lantern glowed a soft yellow and lit the small area around him. He dug specifically at the base of a tree. Dogs. They had dogs after him. Mark dug faster. Mark dug even though his red hair blocked his view and sweat dripped down his face. Mark struck the dirt with his hand but froze as it hits something. Mark stopped his movements completely. A root maybe? Mark carefully moved the dirt away from the object he hit. It was…an arm?


Mark made a scared noise as he fell back from the hole. Nothing moved save for the flickering light of his lantern. Mark slowly crawled back over to the hole and looked down at the pale flesh that was exposed. Mark reluctantly started to move the dirt away from the rest of the body. Slender limbs. But about the size of a man maybe his age. Arm. Shoulder. Chest. Neck. Mark finally moved enough dirt to find where the head was. Mark softly dusted the mud away from the body’s face and gawked. It was a man about his age with green hair and a face that reminded Mark of a doll. As Mark looked at the man’s face, suddenly, his eyes popped open. Mark screamed and scrambled away from the hole once more and hear another scream come from the man in the hole. He sounded hoarse like he hadn’t spoken in a long time.

Mark tried to make sense of the event that just took place but he lost his train of thought as the man raised up from the earth. Dirt and small roots stuck to his body. The man looked curiously at Marks terrified expression. He raised up further out of the dirt and reached forward, his hand reaching for Mark’s face. Mark couldn’t get himself to move and he watched the man touch his face lightly with his fingers. They felt waxy and smelt of mud and plants. As Mark looked closer, what he thought were leaves just stuck to the man’s wrist were growing out of the skin. He had small, green leaves actually growing out of the skin on his wrists and forearms.

Mark sucked in a breath of air. What is happening?

“You woke me up.” The man suddenly said. Mark was surprised by the Irish accent he had and was even more confused.

“W-what?” Mark questioned weakly. Mark’s eye flicked over to a small bump moving beneath the ground and two feet surfaced.

“Ah, it feels good to breath fresh air again.” The man said and pulled himself fully from the ground. Mark watched small roots that were stuck to his body rip off and fall to the ground again. Mark looked the man over once again and quickly averted his gaze realising this…thing was naked. The man turned around and looked at Mark in the eyes. Even in the dark, Mark could see his bright blue eyes.

“Thank you.” He said without breaking eye contact and then turned and walked away. Mark stumbled to his feet and ran after the man and placed his hand on his shoulder. He couldn’t just let him wander around the woods alone. He might get ripped to shreds by a wolf or a bear of something.

“Do you have somewhere to go?” Mark’s quiet voice drifted through the air and the man’s eyes widened.

“Um, I don’t really know.” The man said carefully.

“Why don’t you come with me?”


“So, you’re a plant…man?”

“Yes, and my name is Jack,” Jack said as he sat on Mark’s sofa in his small living room. He was covered in a pair of underwear that he was extremely reluctant to wear until Mark explained it was indecent to go around naked. He was lucky to get the boxers on his so he didn’t bother with pants or a shirt. Mark was still confused on why he had asked a plant that looked and acted like a human to come to  his apartment but he was here now so he had to figure out how to take care of him.

“So what, do you like…need water? Also, my name is Mark.” Mark asked. Jack looked at Mark with an “are-you-serious” face and Mark couldn’t hold in the little chuckle.

“Mark, I’m pretty sure every living thing needs water to live,” Jack said flatly and Mark continued to laugh at him.

“Sorry, I guess I meant to ask if you…you know…eat anything?” Mark asked after he had calmed down a tad. Jack looked around the room as he answered.

“Well, there is how I am like a plant. I only need sunlight so I can make my own food.” Jack said as his eyes went back to Mark.

“By the way, are there any windows here?” Mark smiled at how cool and weird this person was. This was ridiculous. This was crazy. This was something from a fairytale or fantasy or something like that. But Mark was more than happy to learn about the odd creature in his house. Mark nodded and walked over to the side of the room were grey curtains hung over long windows that had a beautiful view of Los Angeles and the city. Mark moved them to the side and realised that the sun was just starting to come up. But Mark wasn’t tired. Adrenaline still pumped through his veins from last night’s events.

Mark froze.The box. Oh shit. Mark panicked as he realised he had forgotten the box in the forest. Could he find it again? Oh no. He’d never find it. But worse what if they found it? He had failed his whole mission. Mark hadn’t noticed the man who had walked up to the window and sat down in front of it to soak up the early morning sun. Mark mumbled curses to himself as he paced around the room. Mark was then interrupted by a small voice that floated around the room.

“Mark. Do you think I could get some water? My leaves are drying out.” Jack said quietly. Mark was slightly concerned upon hearing the statement and rushed to fill a cup with water. He thought about the situation quickly and also grabbed a towel and let the tap water from the sink run over it. Mark walked back over to Jack and handed him  the cup.

“I brought you a wet towel in case you want to put it over your leaves or something,” Mark said as Jack took in large gulps of the water. Jack looked back at Mark and raised his hand and grabbed the wet towel and gently laid it over the leaves on this ankles. Mark’s gaze stuck to Jack’s wrist leaves and Mark bent down next to him.

“Can I…touch them?” Mark asked Jack as politely as he could. Jack looked to Mark, unsure, but nodded none the less and lifted his wrist for Mark to touch. Mark carefully glided his fingers over the green leaves, staring in awe.

“Do you feel touch on them? Are they like skin?” Mark asked, more curious than ever.

“Not really. I can sense you touching them now but I can’t actually feel the texture of your fingers on them.” Jack said. So they’re kind of like hair. Speaking of hair. Mark had never gotten to look at Jack’s hair. I was a deep green color and seemed to be just like human hair but Mark could see thicker pieces like maybe he had a mix of grass and actual hair.

“If you were wondering, I have hair and grass on top of my head. I think my hair acts as a kind of root because I can take in water from the top of my head. Mark’s mind immediately went to using Jack as a mop and he bursts into laughter and laughed even harder as he saw Jack’s bewildered face.

“Sorry, sorry! It’s nothing. You’re really interesting.” Mark said, out of breath while a beautiful smile rested on his face. Jack couldn’t help but stare for a moment but then looked away and pouted.

“Don’t laugh at me.” Jack sounded just like a pouting child and Mark stifled another laugh and apologised once more.


Mark snuck up behind Jack as quiet as a mouse with a cup of water in his hand. Jack was sat on the couch watching tv as he had quickly became addicted to it. Mark wanted to test how Jack’s hair worked and had came up with the idea to sneak up and pour water on him. Mark got close enough and gently let the water in the cup tip over the side and fall onto Jack’s head. The water rested on Jack’s hair for a few seconds before slowly disappearing and Mark let out a soft “Woah.” before he knew it Jack’s shoulders tensed and flipped himself around to look at Mark letting out a soft scared noise. Mark, unfortunately, was not prepared and fell back on his butt and the cup of remaining water was thrown into the air and as Mark and Jack stared each other in the eyes for a split second nothing happened but then, the cup came crashing down, hitting Mark in the head and water spilling down his hair and onto his shoulders and his face. Silence. Jack started laughing his ass off and Mark made an angry face, although, his scowl broke into a smile as Jack fell back onto the couch while gripping his sides as he continues to laugh.

“You idiot oh my God! What the hell were you doing?” Jack asked between gasps. Mark laughed too as he explained.

“I wanted to see how absorbent your hair was so I poured a little water on your head,” Mark said, calming down.

“You could’ve just asked you know,” Jack said as he raised back up to look at Mark.

“I thought this would be more fun. But now I’m all wet.” Mark said chuckling again.

“Hey, go change your shirt and then come back. Steven Universe is coming on in five minutes.”

Uh so I never write drabbles and I’m not confident in my writing skills at all but I did something with the Elf Girlfriends with Bee’s help and kinda wanna share it
Feel free to reblog or give feedback but please keep in mind I am a wee writer so be gentle!

The story isn’t documented anywhere else other than descriptions under my sketchdumps and art posts, so I’m sorry if none of this makes sense but I hope it’s fun to read anyway!

short drabble under the cut:

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rooftop words || ashton irwin

requested: No

word count: 3.2k+

synopsis: it was your thing; your little talks on ashton’s roof. it was what made you two become closer as friends. your friendship might seem odd and messy, but that’s what ashton loved about it. that’s what he loves about you. odd and messy.

a/n: just honestly felt like writing. kinda tried for like a more realistic, kind of approach to this. sorry if it is shit. gif credit goes to the rightful owners.


Yawning as a result of a long day, I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it out of my eyes. I should honestly get a haircut, but honestly… nah. 

The routine began to happen; throwing my keys into the little bowl by the door, grab the mail pile that is sitting next to the bowl, taking off my jacket and throwing that over a chair, searching for my name in the mail pile in my hands as I walk to the kitchen. Furrowing my eyes in concentrating, trying to find my name, I entered the kitchen not really paying any attention to my surroundings.

There she stood, leaning against the countertop, drinking what I was going to assume was either juice or water. There she stood, watching me as I unintentionally ignored her presence. I mean, I didn’t expect anyone to be home and the door was locked. 

She didn’t say anything. I guess she was playing one of her little games where she would just stand there, continuing on with her business, staying quiet to see how long it will take me to notice that I was not alone. And so it began. Her little game. 

I stood opposite her, still not realising that she was standing right in front of me. I placed mail on the counter, sighing softly. That is when I finally noticed. Two hands, much smaller than mine were resting casually on the counter with a glass half empty of water just ever so slightly showing off her reflection of her neck and underneath her chin. 

Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked up and there I saw her in the flesh. I stumbled back in surprised when she chuckled softly. “Fuck mate, took you long enough aye?” she said, taking a sip of her water. I took little notes of her appearance. 

A white shirt, an army green coloured kind of jacket. It was probably an army jacket or a parka or whatever kind of green jackets girls liked to wear. Black hair ties were on her left wrist, not sure if it was for emergencies or for an easy ‘accessory’. The colour on her nails was chipping away, either naturally or she had been picking at the polish. A bad habit of hers that apparently some of her friends would scold her for. ‘It’s bad for your nails! It ruins the nail bed! It makes your nails thinner!’ she said to me, once upon a dream. 

Her hair was in it’s natural side part and seemed to slowly gain back it’s natural texture, loosely flicking in and out at the ends, telling me that she tried to straighten her hair but ultimately couldn’t be fucked. ‘Doing my hair takes too fucken long! Like fuck bro!’ she complained to me, once upon a dream, making me laugh. ‘No like seriously, I should just shave my head. I don’t get why you want to grow your hair out. You trying to be like Kurt Cobain, aye?’ she teased. No doubt that behind the counter, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that I might have accidentally influenced her to wear and a pair of no-longer-white converse. 

She looked like a regular girl. She is my regular girl. 

Rolling my eyes at her comment, I regained my posture and I returned to my previous position. “How did you get in here?” I asked, giving her a friendly smile, stealing her glass of water and taking a sip of it. 

“Hey! That’s mine!” she said, watching me drink her water. “Your back door is a great way to come in and out.” she explained. “You should really get the lock checked out, someone could break in.” I raised an eyebrow at her advice. “Well fuck! Really?! Well thanks for the advice, mate.” I said sarcastically, chuckling softly. 

“You do realise that I could call the cops on you for trespassing right?” I pointed out, which made her shrug nonchalantly. 

“Ehh, you could but you won’t.” 

“Oh? But I could.” 

“Yeah but you won’t.” 

“But I could.” 

“Yeah, but you won’t.”


“Because you’re the last person on this earth to ever call the coppas on me.”

She grinned, taking her glass to finish off the water left in it, making me roll my eyes once more. “Maybe next time, be a normal person and call me before you rock up to my place, yeah?” I said. “Or how about going the front door? I hear that thing is great.” 

She furrowed her eyebrows, putting her glass in the sink. “Now why would I do that when surprise attacking you is so much more fun?” she asked, a small giggle escaping from her lips. “Jesus Christ, what am I gonna do with you?” I asked, more it being a rhetorical question than an actual one. 

She smiled at me as she shrugged her shoulders once more. A short moment of silence fell between us. She licked her lips as I just looked at her. Then she opened her mouth and asked me something that I was waiting for her to ask me. She was pretty predictable. I mean she comes over for other stuff too, but this was something I was expecting, which is why I guess… I guess I wasn’t so freaked out when I saw her in my kitchen. 


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Love is Strength

My hopes for Regina. A reaction fic that isn’t an easy fix-it but should at least put some cooling balm on the wounds. Edit after writing: Okay so maybe it ends up being fix-it, but you have to work for it.

She finds her way to a back corner, away from everyone, where she can hide. The last time she stood here, it was because Henry had looked right through her, and as a mother she wants to think that that was worse. But it wasn’t, because she had known she could get his memories back, had known deep down it would be okay, and right now everything is the opposite of okay. Right now, she can hardly breathe because she’s afraid that if she does, sobs will wrack her body so hard she’ll fall apart. She’s holding herself up against the wall, barely, with one weak hand.

Villains don’t get happy endings, echoes in her head and she wants to hit herself, pound that phrase out until there’s nothing in her mind, and it’s blank, empty, etherized, gone. It makes sense, she thinks. He’ll get the happy ending he was supposed to. She’ll not have ruined his life by running away from that tavern. Roland will have his real mother. 

But a small part of her, the part these short…God has it only been weeks?…weeks with him have brought out knows he would tell her not to think like that, to give herself a second chance. But it’s hard, too hard, she can’t breathe, and she slides down the wall with her head in her hands, and makes the mistake of glancing down the hallway to where he’d said that to her, where he’d held her close and made her think that maybe, just maybe, she’d earned a second chance at happiness. And the sobs start in earnest.


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