i put a shadow on the text and i think it looks better

103 prompts. From 76 on they are texts i’ve recieved and sent.

1. If you don’t let go…
2. Stand back.
3. That’s what living in the shadows feels like.
4. Let’s get crazy.
5. Meet me there, please.
6. You can tell your sister that!
7. When all this is over…
8. Someday I’m going to get it right.
9. I don’t know how this is supposed to go!
10. You’re making this weird.
11. I’m taking you with me.
12. You didn’t ask.
13. I want to put my hands all over you.
14. Hang up your coat.
15. I’m not thinking about you right now.
16. Hold me back.
17. I’m sick of this shit.
18. I can’t wait to feel you.
19. I know I’ve made that promise before.
20. I don’t look at other girls!
21. It should have been better.
22. This isn’t going to be easy.
23. I don’t need you to believe me.
24. Let me kiss you.
25. That’s unessecary and painful, thanks.
26. I’m not that stupid.
27. We were always good at that.
28. You’re blushing.
29. Let’s be clear, you stopped trusting me.
30. You don’t get to be angry with me about this.
31. I worked hard for this.
32. You can’t blame me.
33. Hold my hand.
34. When are you going to forget about that?
35. I don’t care about how he feels.
36. It’s raining here.
37. Have some faith in me, please.
38.  I’m pretty sure he was lying.
39. I haven’t had a good dream in a while.
40. You can’t stop now.
41. Have you seen yourself?
42. I like the way you look in my house.
43. I can’t read your fucking mind.
44. Just lie to me!
45. I turned away for a second.
46. Can we overcome this?
47. We’re making a mess right now.
48. Get your shit together.
49. I saw you kiss her/him.
50. I gave it my all.
51. These are just lines.
52. That’s pretty risky.
53. You deserve to be stared at for a long time.
54. I’m looking forward to being part of your Friday.
55. I know better than to tempt you
56. Of course, I want to see you again.
57. I’m going to be there early.
58. Can you call me?
59. I’m not sure because I just want to sleep right now.
60. I thought you were someone else.
61. We both need a long shower.
62. You left me alone with them.
63. Take everything you need.
64. Would it be weird if I texted you?
65. Let me know how to help.
66. Should I come in?
67. I still think you’re fantastic.
68. I wish I could take this morning back.
69. I’m sorry for ever talking to you like that.
70. Don’t tell me to shut up.
71. Stop talking about the blowjob.
72. Just tell me what you want.
73.You have to tell me what’s going on.
74. You said 5 minutes.
75. Someone better spill.
76. You won’t be in the way
77. I have to leave by 3.
78. I see him differently now.
79. We flirted a lot.
80. It looks great. You’re getting so much better.
81. I’m parked by a hedge
82. Don’t let them talk to you like that.
83. You can call me even if you want to talk about something stupid
84. I’m waiting on Skype for you. Eating oreos.
85. That’s garbage!
86. I don’t want to put on pants
87 Don’t laugh, I was having fun.
88. You’re always allowed to change your mind.
89. I stayed up all night and wondered if you two were okay
90. Please play that song
91. Make sure you sleep
92. I am not saying thank you to that
93. It’s always about money
94.This is needlessly painful
95. Let me buy you a coffee
96. You’re very smooth
97. Do you believe in karma?
98. You never tell me anything!
99. I may take you up on that .
100. We were supposed to get a puppy.
101. I can’t stay late like last time
102. It’s burned into my brain
103. Would it be weird if we got together?