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Nothing More [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 8.7k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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Having a secret for so long that suddenly becomes public was uncomfortable and dread inducing. A part of you you’d kept locked away from prying eyes for years had not only been thrown into the spotlight, but shown to the one person you hadn’t wanted to see it. You felt naked, you hadn’t been ready to let the world know you were completely in love with Byun Baekhyun, but at the same time, you couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. The weight of keeping it hidden was gone off your shoulders but they still remained sagged from the pain in your chest.

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Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Favorite Adam moments

It’s Adam Parrish’s birthday and since he’s a character that has made me bite my fingernails and yell at the page and grin like an idiot and maybe even get a moist eye or two (this despite being spoiled to his ending), here are some of my favorite Adam moments in (I think) chronological order:

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November Third (part nine)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o more drarry your way comes (can you tell I’m running out of things to put here?)

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part seven l part eight (a) l part eight (b) l part nineupdates to come..

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Draco was an idiot. He’d completely forgotten it was November third. He’d been thinking about the day all week. And all the day prior as well. But this morning, he’d gotten up and headed straight to his favourite coffee shop without thinking. He’d sat down at his usual spot by the door with his usual caramel macchiato (with extra foam), forgetting there was nothing usual about the day at all.

Because, barely a metre from where Draco sat, Harry Potter had just walked in the door.

He hadn’t seen Draco just yet, thank Merlin. Draco was a mess. He hadn’t even showered this morning! He always showered before leaving the house. Always. But today, on the one day when it fucking mattered, he’d left the house in a daze, just for a quick, lazy coffee. He’d run a comb through his hair at least, but still! He wasn’t even wearing a collared shirt for fuck’s sake. He looked positively pedestrian.  

Potter walked past Draco without so much as a glance, heading straight for the counter near the back of the cafe. It gave Draco time to think. Potter would surely see him when he left if he was getting takeaway - or worse, if he were to dine in, he might end up at a table close to Draco, and then Draco would be forced to acknowledge him out of sheer politeness.

Draco ran a hand through his hair nervously. It had grown out a bit since school, and wasn’t slicked back like it usually was. Perhaps Potter wouldn’t recognise him. Perhaps if he just slouched and kept his head down, Potter wouldn’t notice him at all.

He took a large sip of his coffee and used the opportunity peek out over his cup to see where Potter had gotten to. He must have finished ordering, because he was hanging around the counter now, one hand tapping on the back wall of the cafe. Takeaway it was. Draco dropped his cup and turned away before Potter looked up.

Draco caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of the window beside him. How could he have ever left the house like this? Even his eyes looked tired. It would be insulting if Potter recognised him today - Draco didn’t look like himself at all.

Draco played with his hair in the reflection, pulling it back so it was slick against his head and wishing he had gel or a hair tie on him to keep it in place. Even that would make all the difference and make him somewhat presentable. Then there was the open necked shirt. Clearly, that was a mistake. And there was no quick fix for it.

He caught movement in the glass and quickly dropped his hair, turning his face down to his table, but straining his eyes up to watch - it was Potter, coffee in hand, heading towards the entrance, eyes fixed ahead, not even acknowledging Draco in the slightest.

So this was their November third interaction this year; passing each other by in a coffee shop. What would happen next year? Would they just happen to be in the Ministry on the same day, on different floors, and never once see each other? And the year after that, would they simply be in the same country as each other and that was that? Would November third cease to be anything at all? Would Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy cease to be anything to each other at all?


“Potter!” Draco called out with Potter already halfway out the door. He was going to regret this.

Potter ducked his head back around the door immediately, smiling as soon as he saw Draco. “Malfoy! I can’t believe I didn’t see you there.”

“Well, you always were unobservant,” Draco said in what he hoped would be perceived as a chilly manner. He’d been the one who had to initiate conversation after all, since Potter had been all too happy to ignore him. It was only right that Potter put in the effort now.

“I guess I’m lucky you have a sharp eye then,” Potter said, painfully smooth. He took a step closer to Draco’s table, holding onto the back of the opposite chair.

Draco understood the implication clearly. There was no need for Potter to be quite so obvious. “By all means, Potter, sit if you must,” he said, making sure Potter knew it was less of an invite and more a resigned agreement.

Potter sat down without hesitation, not even attempting to play it cool. It was actually a little intimidating how little Potter seemed to have to control his actions. Draco could only aspire to reach that level of comfort in himself.

“Your hair’s long,” Potter pointed out with all the conversational skills of a seven year old. Draco was about to tell Potter exactly that when he added, “Just so you can’t call me unobservant again,” with a playful wink.

Shit. Potter had grown up. He was somehow more confident than he was in eighth year, back when he’d given Draco a - well, last November third. And Draco was only just now noticing the shadow of stubble around Potter’s chin - so light that it was as if he’d shaved the night before to allow time for the shadow to form before morning. Which seemed much too carefully planned and deliberate for someone like Potter.

Draco drew his eyes up from Potter’s jaw - had that widened as well? No, Draco was reading into things now. He hadn’t seen Potter in months. Not since the end of school. A lot had changed, but plenty hadn’t. The hair - that made Draco feel slightly better about his own - so untamed and unpredictable, never committing to a single part line, the smile, cheeky and knowing and above all, warm, and those eyes, just as piercing and still framed by those boyish round glasses.


Draco snapped out of his stare. Oh fuck, he hoped Potter hadn’t noticed. “What?”

“You’re buzzing.”

It took a second for Draco to understand what Potter meant. A snarky “with what?” fell back down his throat when he recognised the sound. He shoved a hand down into his pocket and threw the  awful muggle device on the table. It had been buzzing on and off, ever since he’d received it, with no discernible pattern and it was driving Draco up every single wall in his house.

Potter looked from the device to Draco with a questioning look. “Aren’t you going to answer it?”

Answer it? I haven’t been sent anything.”

Potter laughed, a short sound, like he was trying to hold back for Draco’s sake. “Malfoy, do you know what this is?”

Draco didn’t appreciate the implication. “Of course I know what it is.” He paused, taking a sip of his coffee to give himself time to remember the name they had told him in his course and - yes, that was it. “It’s a phone.”

“Okay,” Potter said slowly. “Do you know what it does? How it works?”

Draco took another sip of his coffee, hoping his stalling tactic wasn’t too obvious. He made sure he had the correct information before repeating the definition from memory. “It’s a popular muggle tool for communication via direct voice interaction and modern messaging features.”

The phone stopped buzzing.

Potter picked it up. “You have 18 missed calls from Pansy.”

Is that what the noise had been? “I don’t know why she doesn’t just floo call me,” Draco said. “It’s so much easier.”

“It’s really not,” Potter said with another laugh. Draco tried not to let how it affected him show in his face. Potter was playing with the buttons on the phone now, his eyes on the screen.

“Wait, what are you - “

Potter tossed the phone back to Draco and stood up with his coffee. “Call me when you work it out,” he said. And left.

“When I work what out?” Draco called after him, but he was already walking past Draco’s window, sipping his coffee with that traitorously cheeky smile that Draco hated with every fibre of his being. Because he loved it with every fibre of his being.

Why the fuck hadn’t Draco put on a collared shirt this morning?

Bingo progress under the cut…

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heartthrob (pt. 1)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

genre: fluff, angst, fuckboy!hoseok au, college au. 

note: this is the longest thing i’ve ever written pls have mercy on me.

part 2 | drabbles

“Heads up!” I hear an all too familiar voice call. I looked towards the origin of the voice and was hardly surprised to see Jung Hoseok, backwards snapback and all, with a football in his hand ready to throw it bluntly at the male I was currently speaking to. I narrowed my eyes at him, disapproving his typical overbearing behaviour. Hoseok simply winked at me, letting the ball fly from his hand directly at the male in front of me.

My hands immediately push the male away from danger, ready to receive the throw from the impossible man that I called my best friend. I recalled the endless hours I had practiced with Hoseok when his “bros” had dates to go on while he remained loyal to his bachelor, unholy ways. A smile formed on my lips as the ball landed in the cradle formed by my hands. I looked forward to see Hoseok smirking, but not at me, at the man currently on the ground because of the force of my unexpected shove.

“Taehyung, are you okay?” I asked, immediately helping the young man to his feet. The timid dark-haired boy brushed off the dirt and looked at me ready to reply but froze as his eyes locked on something behind me.

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Do Kyungsoo // Calamity

Summary: Kyungsoo is the owner of a coffee house, and extremely adorable and fun - and he’s also one of your closest friends. It’s just such a shame that you had to ruin everything by falling in love with him. playlist 
Scenario: angst, barista!au
Word Count: 4,740

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❝  Is it true what you said? ❞

Plot: You and Taehyung are best friend but both have feelings for each other. You try to move on and he sees you on a date, becoming jealous and making a scene in front of everyone. 

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Words count: 2,9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff in the end

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Your bed never seemed so soft. After days of grueling work, you were finally free to rest. To enjoy the tranquillity of your room, the silence caused by the absence of another human in the house, the lukewarm air that entered the window slightly open in that windy June’s night.  


Your best friend voice didn’t surprise you, but you simply slipped on the bed making him space and making a small but amused smile when you felt the mattress sinking next to you.  

The only person you could endure despite the fatigue was just Taehyung. So much so that he had his own keys to your house and could enter at any time. His presence relieved any pain, physical and emotional, from the day you were met.  

And when you realized that you started having feelings for him, you started to be even more tied to him. Despite the pain of not being more than his best friend, staying close to him was the only thing you wanted.  

“Heavy day?” He inquired, lifting your head and letting his arm pass under it, “I see it from your dark circles”  

“Being a nursing intern is quite stressful, Tae. Why are you here? No rehearsals or music awards to attend to..? ”  

“No, nothing. So I thought we could spend some time together.. What do you say? ” He asked and you were too tired to notice his hopeful tone.  

Or the way he looked at you; or the way he only smiled at you. The truth was that Taehyung loved you for more than a year, in the shadows and in total silence. And it had been the night of that violent storm, in which completely drenched you were presented in front of the door of his dorm, who had understood how much he really loved you and not just as a best friend.  

He began to caress your hair, letting the long tapered fingers slip through them and enjoying the murmur of appreciation that began to slip your lips; those lips which many times he had desired to capture with their own, from time to time.  

“I’d say it’s perfect Tae, I miss you.”  

In your words, there was something hidden, that “I miss you” was worth much more than what others could seem but every so often you felt the need to let you go, admit aloud that you really missed him, even though he had never been “yours.” Opening your eyes, you turned your face and watched him, his features still incredibly delicate and eyes softened by feelings that you couldn’t decipher.  

“Why are you blushing?” You wondered, noticing his slightly colored pink cheeks.  

“I’m hot,” he lied shamelessly, biting slowly his plumpy bottom lip without moving away from his gaze; “You are not hot..?”  

“If you’re hot why are you stuck to me..? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, Tae. ”  

“Because it’s comfortable, believe me.”  

Smiling, despite being a tired smile, you turned completely towards him, laying on your side. You put your hand onto his side, just squeezing your fingers so that you had a better grip, slipping towards him and letting him turn on his side too.  

There was no need for a lot of words between you two and it was one of the things you loved most about your relationship. He understood you, but at least in one thing, he had many gaps. Understand how much you were totally and completely in love with him.  

He surrounded your side with his arm, then starting to slide his hand lightly up and down your back while you rested your forehead against his chest and indulged in the luxury of savoring his scent.  

“I wonder when Gucci will call you.. I think you’re financing the whole brand. ”  

He giggled, drawing you even more against his body and your legs collided, so he slipped one among yours letting them intertwine almost to perfection.  

“More or less.. Do you mind? In short, you are a Dolce and Gabbana trash. ”  

“Always Italian brands, dummy.”  

And without noticing, you both fell asleep. The one in the arms of the other.  

~ ~

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The Arrangement (Part 12)

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Summary (story spoilers): someone delivers some unexpected and unpleasant news, sending you running. Sam and Benny confront Dean, and the three of them go looking for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings (again, spoilers): lots of language, angst, cheating, feelings of betrayal and worthlessness

A/N: Thank you guys for all your patience! My show this weekend went really well! I came in 3rd out of 17 and qualified for Nationals in early May! Hope you enjoy this installment, though I think I’ll have a few upset messages…

Want to catch up? Check out the series masterlist!

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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 2)

Originally posted by a-winchester-by-choice

Summary: The reader gets to know Jensen more at work but he wants to know what’s up with the Padalecki siblings…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: I adore giggly Jensen…

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Pranking Tom

Summary: She comes to visit her roommates, Tom and Haz in Montreal. Harry is there too and along with him, she and Haz prank Tom. It’s the perfect place - they’re surrounded by woods and who knows what lurks amongst those trees. 

Based on this gifset. Full video here

This is part of @spxderman-s and I’s collaborative Roommates Collection, which you can find in full on my masterlist page.

Pairings: Reader (?) x Tom Holland x Harry Holland x Haz Osterfield (Tbh there’s a subtle love triangle situation between reader x tom x harry)

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: Swearing, that’s it really.

A/n: I recommend watching the video beforehand, or even just having a look at the gifset, just so you have a better understanding of the setting and scenario. Seriously tho, watch the video and imagine Tom as the guy being pranked in it, and it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see, I promise. I die every time lmao 

Shout out to Effie for helping me write this <3  Hope you guys enjoy it, I’d love to know what you think!

She stood in front of the television with her hands on her hips and glared at the three boys lazing on the couch.

“Did you losers finish my Lucky Charms?”

“Can you move, please?” Harrison asked, completely disregarding her question.

“Why do you want Lucky Charms now? We just had dinner,” Tom queried.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

“I will have Lucky Charms whenever I damn well please, thank you very much,” she snapped.

“I’ll be your lucky charm, love,” Harry winked at her.

Before she could respond, Tom threw a cushion at his head.

“Shut up, Harry.”


She watched the exchange, amused at Tom defending her, yet again. Harry had been hitting on her since she had arrived in Montreal. He was unfazed by the age gap, taking every opportunity to make a sly remark or throw a wink in her direction. For her part, sure, he was cute, and she was flattered, but he was still her roommate’s little brother – nothing was going to happen there. If she was being honest though, she was pretty sure he was doing it just to annoy his older sibling, anyway.

“Well, I’m going to go get a new box. Don’t even think about touching it this time,” she said icily.

“How are you going to get there? We need the car to go to the gym in a bit,” Harrison indicated himself and Tom.

“I’ll walk.”

“In the dark? By yourself?” Tom sat up, concerned.

“Hey, lucky charm,” she looked at the youngest boy, “Want to come with me?”

A grin spread across his face when he realised she had chosen him over his brother.

“Sure, darling. I’ll protect you from the monsters in the dark.”

She turned back to Tom.


He simply rolled his eyes.

I would have bought you Lucky Charms on the way home,” he muttered under his breath. She didn’t hear him.

“Drive safe, boys. See you later,” she pulled on her coat and waved her hand at them.

“Later, Haz. Later, bro,” Harry smirked at him as he placed a hand on her back and guided her out the door.

The two of them walked down the driveway and a little further down the dirt road. They stopped at a seemingly random bush where Harry crouched down. He pushed aside the branches to reveal a backpack.

“Here,” he handed it to her.

She unzipped it and pulled out two white gowns and two black wigs.

“This is going to be hilarious!”

Harry turned his torch on. They shed their jackets and pulled the dresses over their heads. It was quite cold, so they had opted to keep their jeans and shirts on underneath. Next, she took her wig and roughly combed the long straight strands with her fingers. She placed it on her head, the fake hair hanging in front of her face instead of at the back. Parting the wig so she could see, she helped Harry tug his on the same way she had. They were identical, in loose fitting, floor-length, white gowns and black hair hiding their faces. The only difference was that Harry stood a couple of inches taller than her.

“You look hot,” he teased.

“Not too bad yourself, lucky charm,” she reciprocated, the corners of her mouth quirking up.

“Do you think we’ll scare him?” she asked.

“Definitely, Tom is going to shit his pants.”

She giggled, envisioning his face.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Harry yanked on his jacket.

“Here, take mine too,” she handed him hers, “I don’t want you to catch hypothermia or anything. I’m going to be inside the car, so I won’t be as cold.”

“Thanks,” he smiled gratefully, taking on a bulky figure as he put her coat on as well. It was a tight fit, but he was warmer now.

“Are you sure you’re okay to walk through the woods by yourself? I can come with you, if you’d like,” she offered, worrying about the younger boy wandering through the woods alone in the dark.

“I’ll be fine,” he reassured, squeezing her shoulder.

“We can take a romantic stroll through the woods another night,” he flashed a cheeky grin.

“Oh, shut up,” she lightly shoved him in the chest.

Laughing, he picked up the backpack and started in the direction of the woods.

She watched him walk him into the foliage, shrouded in darkness and shadows. It wasn’t a clear night; the moon was full, yet hidden behind clouds. She continued to track the beam of his flashlight until it was no longer visible. She shivered, the chilly air seeping into her skin. She folded her arms to ward off the cold and aimed her torch in front of her. She slowly trudged along the lonely road, back towards the house they were staying at. She made sure nobody was around before quietly creeping up the driveway to the parked vehicle. Checking her surroundings once more, specifically the house, she turned off her torch and opened the back door, climbing inside. Earlier, Harrison had left the car unlocked.

She slowly shut the door, careful not to make any noise. Glad that she had been successful thus far, she crawled over the back seat and into the trunk. She took out her phone and messaged Harry.

Her: I’m in the car, where are you?

A minute later her phone lit up.

Harry: Almost there.

Her: Text me when you get there and I’ll let Haz know we’re ready.

She tried to find a comfortable position while she waited for his response. It was a confined space and she struggled to stretch her legs out. Finally giving in, she lay down on her side, tucking her knees into her chest. Soon after, she received a notification.

Harry: I’m here.

Her: I’ll tell Haz. Are you ok?

Harry: Yeah, I’m good. Bloody freezing though :/

Her: Just a little bit longer. It’s going to be so worth it when we scare Tom lol

Smiling at the thought, she messaged Harrison.

Her: Harry and I are ready.

Harrison: Ok, we’re leaving soon.

Harrison: Make sure you’re hidden.

Ten minutes later, when she was beginning to squirm to prevent pins and needles, she heard the front door close. Stilling immediately, she strained her ears. Haz and Tom were chatting as they walked towards the car. The muffled voices came closer and she curled up tight, holding her breath. The car doors opened and bags were thrown in. They both got in the car and Harrison started the engine. She sighed with relief. Undetected.

Her: We’re leaving the house now, get ready.

Harry: Ok.

She locked her phone and slipped it into her back pocket. She settled in, Harry was up first.

She couldn’t see them, but the boys were quiet. She knew Harrison was probably mentally preparing for his role. The whole prank depended on his ability to sell the fear of the ‘monster in the woods’; having said that, Tom scared easily. A giggle almost escaped her lips as she thought about it. She clamped a hand over her mouth and prayed she hadn’t been caught. Neither of the boys said a word. She was fine.

They had been driving for a short distance now, and she guessed they were very close to Harry’s hiding spot.

Right on time, Harrison spoke up.

“I need to pee.”

“Just wait until we get to the gym.”

“No, I can’t wait that long.”

“Fine, hurry up.”

She smiled. This was it.

Harrison pulled the car over and turned off the engine. He exited the car and she heard Tom exhale. She didn’t dare peek a look, not willing to risk being caught. Instead, she tried to steady her breathing, the anticipation causing adrenalin to course through her blood. Very quietly, inch by inch, she repositioned herself. She checked the lock of the seat was undone so that she could quickly push it forward and pounce on Tom.

A moment passed before she heard the car door open. Haz jumped in, and she felt the whoosh of air as he pulled the door closed. She heard his pants and fearful stuttering.

“Wha – what the fuck? Shit, what the fuck was that?” he cried.

Tom seemed more confused than frightened.  

“Are you okay, dude? What’s wrong?”

“Fuck! Tom, there was something in the woods, I’m telling you.”

She was impressed; she could really hear the distress in his voice. He was doing brilliantly.

“What are you talking about? What was out there?” Tom was beginning to panic now.

She pressed her palm against her mouth to keep from laughing. She knew what was coming next.

Still swearing, Harrison turned the engine over and the headlights came on.

She could only imagine Harry standing in front of the car, lit up by the beam of the lights. He was only standing there, but it was enough.

Harrison’s performance reached new heights as he began shouting at the top of his lungs. She heard them shifting in their seats, jostling the entire vehicle.

“Shit! What the fuck is it? Oh my god, Tom! What the fuck? Shit! Fuck! Fuck!”

Tom had broken by now.

“What the fuck? What the fuck? What is that? Shit! Harrison, what the fuck?”

As they had rehearsed, Harry would now ‘disappear’ below the car, allowing her to make her big entrance. Although she couldn’t see him, she knew he had done his part because a shrill, high-pitched shriek filled the small space. It was Tom. She had to draw upon every ounce of will power  not to burst out laughing right then and there. Taking a deep breath, she got into character. She made sure her wig was on properly, covering her face.

“What the fuck? Where did it go?” Harrison yelled.

“Where the fuck is it? Where is it?” Tom screeched. That was her cue.

Shoving the seat down, she crawled forward, letting out an elongated, throaty groan. She was going to have a hoarse throat for the next two days but she didn’t care.  

Hearing her, Tom realised she was behind him. His face contorted into pure terror as he tried to simultaneously turn around and also move away from her. When she reached him, she wrapped her fingers around his neck. She moved her face right up to his ear, still making the strange noise, the tresses of her wig brushing against the side of his face. He struggled in her grasp and his hands came over hers, trying to free himself. He was wrestling within the confines of the seatbelt, his body cowering away from her. He was hyperventilating and his legs were kicking about. His eyes were bugged out and his mouth was open in a strangled scream.

Harrison was next to him, curse words falling from his mouth as he tried – poorly – to help push her away. Due to the awkward angle in which she had come at him, her grip on him wasn’t too firm. He managed to free himself, swinging his arm wildly at her face in an attempt to warn her off. He was flattened against the door, moving as far away from her as possible, breath erratic and sweating. He was leaning all the way towards the dashboard, knee up as protection. Her throat was feeling very dry now and she was relatively blind in the wig. She kept going though, patting her hands over his body to find his neck again, and sounding the horrific groan.

Then, amid their screams, Harrison began to laugh.


With his break in character, she stopped too, sitting back and pulling off the wig. She began to laugh as well. Tom had his hand over his heart, his chest rising and falling dramatically as he tried to catch his breath. Understanding slowly dawned on him and she doubled over laughing, clutching her belly. Harrison slapped Tom on the back, eyes crinkled and an ear-splitting grin upon his face. Looking at her, they convulsed into giggles again. They high-fived, proud of themselves. She wiped away the tears streaming down her face. Tom’s breathing was still uneven and his face conveyed unease. He hadn’t moved from his position against the door and looked between the two of them defensively.

Suddenly, she remembered that Harry was still outside. She looked through the windshield but didn’t see him.

“Harry?” she yelled.

“Harry’s here too?” Tom asked incredulously. He had somewhat recovered and the indignation of being pranked was beginning to set in.

“We’ve been planning this for weeks, mate. We got you so good,” Harrison snickered.

“For fucks sake, you assholes,” Tom uttered, mad at himself for having being so oblivious.

“Where’s Harry?” Haz asked.

“Harry?” she yelled again, looking out all the windows. Still unable to find him, she opened the door and stepped out. The cold hit her like a ton of bricks as she ventured towards the trees, but there was no sign of him.

“Harry?” she called hesitantly. She peered into the darkness. Still nothing. She looked back at the boys in the car but they shrugged, not seeing him either.

With her back to the shrubbery, she didn’t notice Harry jumping out. He yelled, ‘Boo!” and grabbed her from behind. She let out a shriek, hands frantically trying to release herself from his clutches. As her mind rationalised the lack of threat, she began to breathe again. He hugged her to his chest, his deep laugh filling her ears.

“God damn it, Harry!” she chided. The warmth from his body comforted her, the tension leaving her limbs.

“You, div!” she scolded again, removing herself from his hold and glaring at him. He couldn’t even maintain eye contact, he was laughing so hard. Unable to help herself, she broke into a fit of giggles too. He had gotten her fair and square.

They collected the backpack and jackets and walked back to the car. They clambered in once the seat was pushed back up. The drive home was full of the pranksters reminiscing Tom’s reaction as he silently seethed. He was first out of the car, slamming the door on his way out. She quickly got out and caught up to him.

“Oh, come on, Tom,” she tried.

He ignored her, walking into the house and heading for his room. She followed him in and found him sitting on his bed, looking at his phone.

“Leave me alone.”

“Tommm,” she dragged his name out, kneeling beside him.

“It was just a joke, Tom. We were only having some fun,” she reasoned.


She poked his cheek.

“Come on, Tom, you know it was funny.”

She poked him again. And again. Poke. Poke.

He caught her finger in his fist.



“Hey, what if we get Harry and Haz back? Just you and me?” she suggested.

At this, he finally looked at her.


“Yeah?” she asked hopefully. She didn’t like it when Tom was mad at her.

“Yeah,” he smiled.

“Yay!” she cheered softly, so as not to be heard by the other two boys.

“Can you get out of that gown though? It’s creepy,” Tom shuddered.

“Harry thought I was hot,” she sneered, hopping off the bed.

“Harry’s an idiot.”

“Mmhm,” she murmured as she removed the gown. Dropping it to the floor in a heap, she sat beside Tom once more.

“Okay, so what kind of prank were you thinking?”

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prompt #34, #35 (Derek Hale)

34.“look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” 35.“that was a sad attempt at an apology.” “well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” “never?” “I guess you could say you changed me.” Requested @kristinag-1997

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

The music was so loud in the club I could barely hear myself think. We had to stop Jackson tonight, or else he was just going to keep killing people. He didn’t know he was doing it either which made the situation a thousand times worse. 

“anybody have eyes on him?” Scott asked.

He knew the werewolves in the room would hear him, I wasn’t one of them, but I was right near Isaac and he did. I was supposed to dance with Jackson to distract him and then Isaac would knock him out so we could catch him and hopefully find out who was controlling him. I caught Jackson making his way over to the DJ. I took a deep breathe. I wasn’t exactly the sexy type, I mean I only ever kissed one guy and it was Stiles on accident.

“you reek of anxiety, just relax you got this.” Isaac said squeezing my shoulder.

I took another deep breathe before feeling myself being pushed by Isaac. I landed straight on my face. I turned around glaring at Isaac, before getting up and brushing myself off. I ran over to Jackson pulling him over to me. I backed up and started swaying my hips against his body. He put his hands on my hips slowly putting them under my shirt. I tried my best not to freak out, waiting for Isaac. Jackson started moving his hands up higher so I quickly flipped around so I was facing Jackson. Isaac came over dancing with us too.  I never had two attractive guys grinding on me at once.

Originally posted by irresbonsible

This plan would’ve been better if it involved Derek, but unfortunately he had no idea what we were planning. Erica and Stiles were outside waiting for me and Isaac to bring out Jackson. I suggested Erica be the one to dance with him but she insisted that Jackson has a thing for me. Jackson had a thing for everyone, including my brothers girlfriend Allison. Isaac was about to inject him but he saw. He threw me to the ground knocking Isaac down, and causing the vile to roll away. I was trying to collect myself but there were so many people in the club. Isaac picked up the vile stabbing it in Jackson’s neck.

“you take him, I need to go find Scott.” I told Isaac scanning the crowd for Scott.

I didn’t see him anywhere. I stood by the DJ so I could get a good look at the whole club, but still no Scott. I pulled out my phone sending him a text message. I stood there for a few minutes scanning the crowd and waiting for a response. I saw the intended target of tonight’s murder. I watched her going backstage so I decided to follow just in case.

“I see you.” The girl snapped crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’m sorry. I was just making sure you're okay.” I said stepping out of the shadows.

“why wouldn’t I be okay?” She snapped again turning away from me.

It all happened so fast. The girl was there and then she wasn’t. I felt blood splatter all over my face and my shirt. I looked up as her body fell from the rafter, her throat slashed. Jackson lurked in the rafters in his kanima form, making eye contact with me. I could feel the panic settle in as he dropped down right in front of me. I screamed trying to warn the others in the club, but I have a feeling no one heard me over the loud music.

“Jackson wait don’t” I said backing away from him.

He lurched forward catching me off guard. He grabbed me by my leg pulling me to him. I tried to grab something but Jackson was too strong. He raised his claws ready to slash my throat as well. I let out one final scream hoping someone would hear me. Jackson was tackled off of me. I looked up at Derek’s alpha form fighting Jackson.

Originally posted by anysaz

Derek got one over on Jackson, knocking him to the ground. Derek picked up Jackson throwing him into the wall repeatedly. Jackson got up, retreating back up the rafter. Derek came over pulling me up from the floor.

“are you okay?” Derek asked using his hand to wipe some of the blood from my face.

“i’m fine, where’s Scott?” I asked worried for my brother.

“he’s fine, he had to go take care of something.” Derek said taking off his jacket and putting it over my blood covered shirt.

“so he left me here.” I said rolling my eyes and letting Derek lead me out.

“In his defense he thought you were with Stiles.” Derek said opening the door of his black mustang for me.

“well I wasn’t! I was looking for him! He bailed on our plan! I can’t believe him!” I screamed letting out all my frustrations.

I was almost killed and Scott was nowhere to be found. I loved him, he was my brother, but lately I was wondering where his loyalties lie. He spent so much time fighting to be with Allison that he neglected his relationships with other people. Derek drove me to his loft. 

“are you going to be okay?” Derek asked opening the door for me.

I sat down on his bed looking at my shirt. Seeing the blood made me think about what just happened. I couldn’t get the image of the girl with her throat slashed out of my head. I’d seen dead bodies before, but none that up close, and I certainly hadn’t talked to them right before they were brutally murdered.

“y/n, I’m talking to you.” Derek said waving his hand in front of my face.

“yeah sorry i’m fine, no thanks to Scott.” I scoffed rolling my eyes again.

Derek sat down next to me. There was an awkward silence. His jacket around my arms was warm and smelled just like him.

“how did you find me?” I asked looking at him.

“I heard you scream, I came.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” I smirked laughing at him.

“yeah well I almost didn’t.” He said standing up.

“uh okay? I mean you didn’t have to save my life.” I said confused and a little hurt.

“I’m sorry that isn’t what I meant you just took it the wrong way. ” Derek said running his hands through his hair.

that was a sad attempt at an apology.” I said laughing at him again.

well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” He admitted crossing his muscular arms over his toned chest.

never?” I questioned standing up now as well.

I guess you could say you’ve changed me.” Derek said not looking at me.

I was a little shocked hearing Derek admit that. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew Derek wasn’t the guy to just say that to anyone.

“I meant I was scared that I wasn’t going to make it to you in time.” He said grabbing my hands and looking me straight in the eyes.

I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“but you did, and i’m fine.” I said offering him a small smile.

“I know you’re not, and that’s okay, you were just almost killed.” Derek said getting interrupted by his phone ringing.

I didn’t know who was on the other line but they sounded panicked.

“Isaac needs me, you can stay here, this is probably the safest place for you right now. I’ll be right back.” Derek said kissing my cheek and walking out the door.

I held my cheek where he kissed me. I don’t think he even realized he did it. I sighed falling back on his bed. I entangled myself in his sheets that smelt like him. It wasn’t long until I felt myself drift off to sleep. I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I sat up looking at my surroundings. I realized I was still in Derek’s loft. I slept here last night. I looked down at my body, but my blood stained shirt was replaced with a black long sleeve shirt. I realized it was Derek’s. He must’ve put it on me while I was sleeping. I blushed at the thought of him seeing me in my bra.

“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t want you to have to stay in the blood stained shirt.” He said bringing me a cup of coffee and sitting down beside me.

“no, thank you Derek.” I said offering him a smile.

I sipped the coffee feeling some tension in the air.

“did you uh sleep.” I started not knowing how to phrase my question.

“no I slept on the couch.” Derek said pointing to his sofa that had a blanket and a pillow on it.

I nodded my head feeling some of the tension ease.

“you could’ve, I wouldn’t have minded.” I said looking at him from the corner of my eye.

I could’ve swore I saw Derek smiling.

“next time.” He said grabbing my coffee and letting me stand up.

Derek’s shirt was like a dress on me, but somehow I’ve never been more comfortable.

“hey Derek, I never did say thank you for saving my life.” I said looking at my toes.

Derek walked over to me taking my chin in his hand. He leaned in softly placing his lips on mine. I was stunned at first but found myself kissing back as soon as I realized what was happening. Derek cupped my cheek pulling me closer to him. The best way to describe it was pure bliss, definitely better than my accidental kiss with Stiles.

“you saved my life too, you just don’t know it.” Derek said resting his forehead against mine.

I knew now that I was in love with the alpha Derek Hale.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

PROMPT REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR BOTH PROMPTS. I am so excited because I literally have over 20 requests to do so unfortunately I have to close requests for a while. I don’t know if anyone actually reads these but you guys are awesome and I’m so thankful that you guys enjoy my writing!  

Here’s a long cute Derek requests for all you Derek fans!

Broken Secrets - Barry Allen x Reader

Originally posted by time-remnants

Requested by bon-travail98   -  Barry x reader where he has to choose between saving the reader’s life or Iris’ and he chooses Iris at the last minute. Have it be something like the meta has them separated and there’s a bomb but they’re to far apart for even Barry to get to them both. oh and maybe have the reader live but not know why because she knows she’s not a meta, and she finds out it’s because she’s pregnant with Barry’s kid(s) and somehow their speed force is temporarily hers and her body acted on some instinct and ran her out of harms way. But she’s so upset with Barry that she keeps the fact that she’s alive a secret and eventually runs into someone… is this too much?? (At this time Barry’s the only speedster)

An unknown figure appeared on the screen, shadowed from view. “You have a choice, Mr. Allen.” Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin stared at the screen with wide eyes. “Which one do you love more?” Suddenly, two pictures of you and Iris appeared side by side on the screen. Both of you were tried up to a chair with a bomb strapped on the back. 

“Where is this coming from?” Barry demanded, his eyes wide with panic. Cisco started typing rapidly on the computer.

“I don’t know. It just took over the system.” Cisco spun around to try a different computer. “I can’t access the system.” 

“I can’t get in either,” Caitlin added, frowning at her own computer. 

“You have five minutes, Mr. Allen, before the bombs explode,” the figure sneered as a map appeared on the screen. Two red dots appeared on the map. One was in Mexico while the other was in Canada. “One or the other, Mr. Allen. You cannot save both.” With that, the figure disappeared from the screen leaving only the map.

Barry stared at the screen before glancing Cisco and Caitlin. “See if you can hack those bombs and slow them down.” He studied the screen, tortured as he glanced between you and Iris. He made a snap decision. “I’ll go after Iris first, so focus on stopping the bomb on (Y/N).”

“Wait, Barry,” Caitlin shouted, but Barry was already gone. 

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Not Letting Go

Prompt: You believe that Sherlock is crazy for Irene so one day, you have to help Irene escape some guys that followed her and cornered her. You end up seriously injured. When Sherlock arrives, thinking that you were going to die, everything is laid out.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

A/N: This was a request an anon sent in and I really enjoyed writing this one. A bit longer than usual but I had a cute story to tell and I really wanted to :P I hope you guys like this one! Remember! My requests are always open and I love writing for y’all so don’t be afraid to send one in!

Originally posted by bethereinagiphy

You’re sitting, writing your report on the case Sherlock and John are working on. Peaking up from the top of your laptop, you silently watch Sherlock move about the kitchen, grabbing all his evidence to test as John stands there making tea.

“Y/n, come here for a second, I need an extra pair of hands to help me.” Sherlock calls out. John lets out a scoff, “I’m standing right here! I can help Sherlock!”

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Fencer! Lai Guanlin

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: fluff, lots & lots of fluff
A/N: 3/11 of Wanna One x Sports (Find the rest here) & this one is also for EVERYONG who are so so sweet & supportive about writing!!!!! ILYSM :)

“And suddenly, all the love songs were about you.”

  • Guanlin is a talented right-handed epee fencer
  • He started fencing when he became an exchange student and his student guide, Jackson, was the president of the club
  • But somehow he was actually really good at it as he picked things up really quickly
  • He started participating in a lot of competition and begin winning as he made a reputation for himself
  • He has a crowd of girls who literally go to every single of his competition to cheer for him
  • Because Lai Guanlin in a fencing uniform?
  • bLESS
  • Whenever he takes his mask off and he smirks while wiping off the sweat
  • The crowd goes WILD
  • He makes warming up like a runway and while he is the best in epee
  • Guanlin pretty much mastered all the other 2 swords as well and is comfortable with using any 3 of them
  • Has this thing where people would throw him roses to him whenever he wins a competition
  • He is really good at spotting openings at his opponents body and also quick with his strikes
  • He likes to stay close to his opponents and just play with their minds by making them as uncomfortable they can get
  • His strikes are super strong and powerful that each hit just blows through his opponents’ parries
  • He is sort of cocky because he is honestly really good
  • As far as records go, he was unbeatable as no one has won over him since he joined his first competition
  • You were also an exchange student from Taipei but you were placed in a different high school
  • You were in the national fencing team when you were younger but quit when you had a knee injury
  • You continued the sport again when you started your exchange program as you were required to join at least one sport
  • While you could still do sports, you weren’t allowed to do it for a long period due to your injury
  • Hence you refrained yourself joining any competition and played more of a manager role in the team
  • While you were undeniably the best fencer in the team, you spent most of the time just giving pointers and doing research on the rival team
  • Occasionally only dueling with others when your coach asked you to in practices or friendly matches
  • Besides having the advantage of being a left-hander, you knew a lot of tricks that you picked up when you were younger
  • Your strategy was also unpredictable and wild so you usually defeated people really easily
  • So your school’s fencing club was hosting a joint training camp with Guanlin’s club
  • The two clubs was also ranked 1st and 2nd in the region for fencing
  • After warm-up, the coaches wanted to start things up with a match between the two school’s aces to let the juniors learn from it
  • Your coach sent you since you were extremely good regardless of your gender and you haven’t dueled in some time
  • You had your mask on when Guanlin came in
  • He was running late as he had to retake a Maths quiz
  • He did a quick warmup before putting on his equipment
  • You knew about Guanlin considering how popular he was and as the manager, you knew about his weak points and how he liked to dueled
  • You found him pretty cute and there was a heart scribbled next to his name in your opponent’s notebook but nobody needs to know 
  • You used it to your advantage
  • When he advance, you advanced even closer rather than running away
  • He does really small and fast strikes so he can defend himself
  • So you purposely defend yourself and wait for him to drop his guard as he finds a way to attack you
  • That’s when you strike your way to victory
  • When it was announced that Guanlin lost, he was really confused
  • He had dueled with your school before but he had never met such a strong fencer before
  • He was also pretty sure there wasn’t any news of a rising rookie
  • Not to be cocky, but he was one of the very best junior fencers so for you to just easily defeat him
  • He was shook
  • You took off your mask and Guanlin was stunned
  • Not only was his opponent a girl but an extremely beautiful one
  • He wasn’t even angry over the fact that you beat him but he was super impressed with your skills
  • Your long locks tumbled out as you raised your hand for a friendly handshake
  • Your smile made his heart beat accelerate as he reached out to shake your hand
  • When you complimented him on his skills, winning suddenly didn’t seem like a big thing to Guanlin anymore
  • All he wanted was to hear you saying he did well and your voice just became his favourite sound
  • The first day of the joint training hasn’t even ended and he was already distracted
  • Rather than focusing on practice, he noticed all the small quirks about you since he sat right next to you
  • On you did fixed your ponytail now and then since a lot of strands kept falling out
  • Or how your eyes crinkle whenever you laughed when one of the coaches said something funny
  • You were paired up with Guanlin for the rest of the day and he asked you a lot of question like where were you from, how did you start fencing etc
  • At the end of the day, he sensed that you might be interested as you were just as engaging as he was
  • He took this as an opportunity to casually asked you out
  • “Do you want to talk about this over coffee?”
  • That’s right, the talented and handsome Lai Guanlin just asked you out on a date
  • You smiled as you accepted his offer, anticipating what was going to happen
  • Coffee turned out to be dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant that Guanlin frequent whenever he missed home
  • You two were surprised when you realized that you guys actually live in the city next to each other in Taipei which was only 10 minutes away
  • The day ended with you two exchanging numbers and making plans to visit each other in Taipei when you two ended your exchange program
  • However
  • His face fell the next day when he saw you with one of the boys from your team
  • The boy leaned his head on your shoulders as you whispered something into his ear and ruffled his head
  • Guanlin wondered if you were playing with his feelings the day before
  • Seeing how close you two were, he put on his mask and went to choose another partner instead
  • In reality, Jinyoung was your younger brother who was actually here on holiday
  • He was 2 years younger than you and Guanlin but puberty hit him really early so he literally looked your age
  • You got him to join the camp since he was currently training for the national team and there was no way you were letting him slack even if it was a holiday
  • Your coach had no reason to deny him since he was just as good as you and made a good opponent for his students
  • Guanlin was convinced that you like Jinyoung when tbh you were just his sister
  • “Sis!! You need to stop bringing up Guanlin in every conversation.”
  • “Shh just focus on training.”
  • Your brother was a hassle to deal with but a moody Guanlin was even worse
  • You had no idea what happened to him as his form was slacking and he seemed like he had 0 motivation to train which affected his other teammates
  • When you brought him outside of the club room to speak to him, he seemed to be frowning at you
  • The smile he had yesterday was gone entirely and he seemed to despise the fact you were overstepping his personal space
  • “What’s going on with you? Don’t bring your team down over some personal matters. You should know better than that, Guanlin.”
  • “Do you like me?”
  • A blush crept to your cheeks as you stutter, asking what he was talking about
  • “Not as in a friendship sort of like, but like a ‘I’ll-say-yes-to-an-actual-date’ sort of like.”
  • You really weren’t sure what to say as your feelings were all jumbled out
  • You couldn’t possibly admit you had a mini crush on his for the longest time ever since you saw him competing at his first fencing competition
  • He had one hand on the wall as his eyes were drawn into yours and his tall body shadowing your tiny frame
  • “How am I supposed to focus on training when I want to bring you on a real date and I see you being all lovey-dovey with another guy?”
  • When you heard his last statement, you actually started chuckling
  • “That’s my brother, you idiot.”
  • A sudden realization dawned upon him when he connected the dots as you mentioned that your brother was in this country for a holiday
  • Which his coach mentioned that someone from the national team was coming over to join them
  • His face flushed a bit, thinking that he went overboard with his jealousy
  • “And yes I like you as in ‘I’ll-go-on-a-date-with-you-if you-ask’ sort of like.”
  • You pecked his cheek as you walked back into the room  
  • Your smile widen when you hear him hollering that he would text you the details later
  • Fencer couple more like Instagram aesthetic couple
  • There’s always a photo of both your fashion uploaded every single week
  • Your followers even gave you two a ship name
  • He is always trying to style you and subtly make you wear his clothes like having his flannel tied around your waist or wear his black leather jacket with your white skater dress
  • Matching accessories like the same earrings and you guys have a silver cuff on your arm which both your names engraved on it
  • Which both of you bought for like only 10 bucks since you guys were pretty much broke all the time as an exchange student
  • Street food dates !!!
  • After practice, he did bring you for street food or sometimes you guys will just order fried chicken at Hangang River
  • You two are outside most of time since both your dorms were really tiny
  • You two do a lot of cafe hunting over which cafe you could stay the longest without being chased out or which wifi was the fastest
  • Tutors you on English while you tutor him in Korean
  • But most of the time you two just speak in your native language
  • He has a picture of you in his locker and you tease him for how attached he  was to you
  • Until he saw your notebook with the heart on his name and that’s when all the teasings went to you
  • You joined his Skype call with his parents very often and his family LOVES you
  • You two went back to Taipei together during the holidays and the first thing you did after visiting your family was to visit his
  • You tried your best to learn a lot of Taiwanese cuisine from your mom when you were back
  • So you could cook it for Guanlin when you guys were back in Korea and missed your hometown
  • You cooked it once and he was soooo proud of you
  • He refused to share his food with Seonho for the first time cause you tried your best to make it for him and he wasn’t going to let anything go to waste
  • Video calls you at random hours
  • Has this habit of ending each call by speaking in two languages
  • “I love you, babe. 我爱你, 宝贝.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

Peter valued information. He valued it as much as gold, sometimes more so. A good piece of information could get you anywhere, anything, and not having enough information could get you killed. Or worse. So he hoarded info, observed and stalked, broke into places, whatever was necessary. So probably the most damning sin anyone could make is gaining his attention. He was observant in a general scale, but practically omniscient in things he was interested in.

Stiles interested him. The ragtag group of teens that followed his nephew around was incompetent at best, self-destructive at worst, but they made it through, generally due to the heavy interference of one Stiles Stilinski or Lydia Martin. They were surely the brains of the operation. Lydia could be considered a genius, for sure, but he’d already cracked that code a while ago, easily manipulating the girl into his bidding. Stiles, on the other hand, proved to be a case of contradictions. He was random yet thorough, easily startled yet courageous, compassionate yet ruthless. He had low self-worth and self-esteem, and yet never wavered in self-confidence. He was absolutely stunning, a firecracker in the sky, erupting without a predictable pattern and just as attention grabbing.

And that. That is why he noticed.

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Dangerous Woman

Pairing: Agent!Y/N/!Military!Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Living the double life, Agent Y/N and military Michael are married together but do not know know they secretly beat each other’s asses every single night. 

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Launch Time

SPN FanFic

~Dean can have fun in almost any situation.~

Dean x Reader

3,510 Words (oops)

Warnings: CRACK. Implied Sexual Activities. Really bad jokes. Very little plot.

A/N: This is my entry for @trexrambling Jess’ Hunter Challenge. My prompts were Dean, Wraith, Potato Launcher. You wanted crack, and this is what you got. I am so sorry, I have no idea if this makes sense but here we are. The ending keeps cracking me up. ;) Hope you enjoy. 

Dean Winchester. Hunter. Ladies’ Man. Closet genius. Bad-ass warrior. Kid at heart.

When Dean came home with an arm full of black pipe and various bags from Home Depot, you were a little curious, but not enough to really ask questions. He gave you a mischievous smile and hid himself away for a few hours in the garage, which again, was nothing to write home about. You figured he was tinkering with one of the dozen cars in there, or trying his hand at crafting a new weapon. Honestly, you didn’t really care.

All had been quiet for a while, and you were enjoying the down time, keeping busy with internet articles and brushing up on your culinary skills. Sam had split town for a few days, giving himself a little vacation from you and Dean, off to some literary convention in Tulsa. Why he wanted to spend eight hours a day crammed into a stuffy auditorium listening to authors read their books aloud was beyond you, but whatever, Sam was weird.

With a grumbling tummy, you took to the kitchen, deciding to make Dean a hearty dinner. Nothing too fancy, just a roast chicken with all the fixings. Well, not all the fixings. Since Sam was gone, you could skip the salad and veggies; Dean wouldn’t mind.

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One Of Us (Part Two)

Originally posted by margotskarsgard

Reader x McCall pack / Reader x Mikaelsons

Warnings: Reader uses strong language.

One of Us Masterlist

“Your pack, they’re different from normal wolves.” Klaus said as he sat at the bar next to you, paying for your drink.

You hummed and nodded in response. “There isn’t a pack like ours anywhere.” You told him and for a moment you swore he looked proud.

“Hope will be excited to meet you, Hayley tells her about you a lot.” He smiled and paused as you rolled your eyes and started to leave. “She has a photo of you in her room.”

“Do you tell her about the numerous times you all abandoned me or made me bait without telling me?” You snapped which made Klaus roll his eyes.

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Sleeping Bags

Avengers x reader

Warnings: heavy mentions of sexual abuse. some fluff at the end.

Words: 1k

Disclaimer: I know many fic writers do not write things like this and I myself would not normally write something like this. However, this was written for me by me to help not only wrap my mind around what I have experienced in the relationship I was just in, but to also make me feel as if I’m not alone and I have people to lean on (which I do not in real life because my now ex-boyfriend made me give them all up.)

All credit goes to Marvel.

Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagines13

She sat on the edge of her bed, knees pressed to her chest as she stared out at the night sky from her window. The moonlight did little to illuminate her room, the darkness masking Steve’s shadow as he stood in her doorway. He watched her, waiting. He knew this was wrong, but he didn’t believe that she was keeping it together as well as she claimed to. Her shoulders raised in what looked like a sob, and as Steve was getting ready to rush into action and console her, she let out a long breath, dropping her head back and lolling it around in a stretch. Steve pressed his lips together in a firm line, before exiting the room, quietly closing the door on his way out.

Y/N bit her lip to remain as silent as possible until she was sure Steve was out of ear-shot.  That’s the thing about him- when he’s not on a mission, when their lives weren’t on the line, he wasn’t stealthy. At all. The dark might have masked the shadow, but his reflection in the window was still visible.

Sighing, which she seemed to be doing a lot of lately, she crawled into bed, Bucky’s sweatpants and a t-shirt he had brought home for her after a simple mission covered her body, but she still felt uncomfortably exposed, even after tucking the blankets as close to her body as possible. She checked her phone, hoping to see at least one text message from an old friend, but nothing. She shoved it off the bed and it hit the ground with a loud thud. Burying her head in her pillow, she tried a million different things to distract her of what he had done to her and her life, but no dice. He was all she could think about.

She felt betrayed. She felt violated. She felt hurt. But most of all, she felt dirty. It seemed like all she had been doing lately was taking showers, hoping that somehow it would wash away the mental scars she had been harboring.

While she was happy and proud of herself for getting out of the relationship, she wished she had gotten out of it before this happened. Or in this case, before the past 6 months happened. She itched at her skin when her skin crawled at the thought of him touching her again.

She nearly jumped out of bed at the overwhelming thoughts and began pacing around her room quickly, as if she was looking for something. Her hands went up to her ears and she could feel a scream coming on and she bit the insides of her cheeks to suppress it. She dropped to the floor, bent over with her face to the ground as she willed the memories to die off. Her whole body felt the pain of the thoughts radiating through her.

Sniffling, she pushed herself off the ground and onto her feet, wrapping her blanket tightly around her. She walked out into the hall where all of her team’s bedroom doors were. 10 doors, 5 on the left, 5 on the right. On the left was Bruce’s, yours, Nat’s, Clint’s, and Bucky’s. The right was Steve’s, Sam’s, Thor’s, Tony’s, and Wanda’s.

Y/N knew that her team had opened up an “open-door” policy where she could come in any time of any night if she couldn’t sleep. Usually, she’d sleep with Bucky or Wanda. But tonight, she felt so lost in her own thoughts that she couldn’t even decide that. She looked sadly at each door, tears forming in her eyes out of pure exhaustion. It was only one in the morning, an early night for the Avengers, but tonight, they were all snug in bed, sleeping blissfully, and Y/N envied them. Not being able to decide and certainly not wanting to go back to her room, she plopped onto the hallway floor in between Nat and Clint’s doors.

Using the fluffed up corner of her blanket as a pillow and the rest of it to keep her warm, she forced herself to close her eyes and slowly but surely drift off to sleep.

30 minutes later found Sam and Bucky walking back from an evening sparring session, laughing quietly to each other as they entered the living hall. Sam was the first one to stop when he saw Y/N sleeping, her back pressed as close to the wall as possible and using a portion of her blanket as a pillow. Bucky stopped second and they looked at each other, knowing what this was about. He went to approach her, but Sam reached his hand out, putting it against Bucky’s chest to stop him from getting closer. “I think she’s saying something.” Bucky gave Sam a look and pushed his hand off, slowly getting closer until he was kneeling next to her. He leaned in closer and as soon as he heard the words rolling loosely off her lips, he sat back, looking at Sam with a look that said it all.

Sam followed Bucky, and he felt his heart break. She was repeating, “ruined” like a broken record. Bucky pursed his lips together and put his arms out, ready to grab her and take her back to bed with him, but Sam stopped him.

“I have a better idea.”

The next morning, Y/N quickly felt all the bones in her body hating her for sleeping on the floor before she had even opened her eyes. She turned to roll over and face the wall when she heard snoring coming from next to her head. She peeked one eye open, confused.

And that was when she saw it.

Each and every Avenger, including Vision, were positioned like a Tetris board beside her. Each in their own sleeping bag and pajamas.