i purred once

celancestial  asked:

Could I please request some Kenma cuddling headcanons? Thanks!

-i think cuddling would be the only time where kenma feels comfortable and at peace

-is a literal cat while cuddling

-i swear he purred once

-will play video games while you guys cuddle

-gets really cold while you guys are cuddling so will nuzzle in closer for warmth and comfort

-gives you slight smiles whenever you cuddle

-i feel like he would be the small spoon??

-when he’s not the small spoon he loves to kiss your nose or boop it

-at first, he’s really like awkward and shy when he wants to cuddle

-but now he demands you to cuddle him because he feels so at peace when you do and he no longer feels alone

-he feels like you truly love him and doesn’t feel his social anxiety anymore when you hold him close and tight

-the two of you usually play video games together while cuddling

-can i just say kenma with his hair up while you two are cuddling beautiful

-i feel kenma really likes cuddling on a personal level

i am so so so sorry this took long!! i hope you liked it!!

Sunday Brunch -- Shannon Leto One Shot

Have a little extra Shannon for your Sunday.  

t/w:  Fluff and smut

   I was singing along as I worked, the scent of the foods I was cooking starting to fill my sunny apartment. Shannon had gotten in the night before and was still snoozing away in my bed. It was so rare these days to get to see him at all, let alone have a leisurely morning to ourselves, and I wanted to start it off right.  I had made the nicest spread my meager cooking skills could manage, oatmeal, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit.  Coffee for him, tea for me.  I just had to set everything out and then go wake him.  I carried the filled mugs to the small kitchen bar but thought that maybe something a little nicer would be better, seeing as breakfast together like this was such a rare treat, so I moved everything to the larger dining room table and set us up on one end.  A few trips back and forth later and I had the plates set out, jam and butter for the toast and honey for my tea.  I surveyed the place settings and, happy with my work, headed into the bedroom to wake Shannon.

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