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Mystic Messenger


-RFA Yandere 

-V + Saeran Yandere Headcanons

-RFA comforting MC when MC feels neglected

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-RFA + V & Saeran as Seven Deadly Sins Headcanons


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-Haunting [Yandere! Jumin Han]

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One-shot/Drabble collection:

-You & I [Oikawa Tooru] [Reader-Insert]: Pretty Things | A Breath Of Fresh Air | Broken Beings | i have you, it’ll be fine | Summer Naps | Threads Of Fate |



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Miraculous Ladybug


-Peacock Miraculous

- Season Two/Three prediction, miraculous ladybug headcanon

- Akumatised! Marinette; Miss Fortune Headcanon

- Adrien’s Sacrifice 


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Steven Universe


-Blue Diamond Headcanon

Note: I know this is useless because there is barely anything on here, but I just wanted to keep a track of all my works. I will do my best to publish more works so I can expand this list and make it look somewhat decent.

goldentruth813  asked:

I just had to tell you that you are a blessing to the drarry fandom. Your style is so unique and full of feeling and the way you combine that with a story is seriously incredible. You are amazing.

Thank you so much you are a great person and your blog is solid gold. Hope you don’t mind me publishing this ask because I want to keep it forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Until the Scale Says So: Book Update 1

So I wrote some time ago that I’m working on publishing a YA fiction novel that addresses how pervasive and toxic diet culture is and how it affects vulnerable youth.

After almost 3 years (off and on) of writing this dang thing, I have gotten to where I’ve finished the bulk of the rough draft. Emphasis on the rough, because right now it’s kind of a mess and I’m going to have a lot of editing and rewriting to do.

The whole “what do I do when I’m done” question keeps looming over my head and it lowkey scares me a bit because like…what do I do? I’m very passionate about this piece and want to give it all the love it deserves, and get it into the hands of people who need it.

Some things that I would be forever thankful for help on:

1. Self publishing vs Traditional: is it worth it to seek out an agent and get it traditionally published? There are a lot of people that argue heavily for both sides and I honestly don’t know what’s better. I’m leaning towards self but I don’t know??

1a. If I do self publish, how do I promote without becoming robotic or annoying or looking money hungry? At the end of the day, the most important thing to me would be for readers who are struggling to find the book and let it help them heal (cheesy I know).

2. As I go back and really fill in details: what are some diet-centric microaggressions you guys encounter a lot that you’d like to see represented?

3. I have lots of talented writer friends who are wanting to beta read, but should I seek a professional as well? Is it cost effective?

4. I want to donate part of the proceeds to a reputable charity focused on either food justice or eating disorders (or maybe both?). Anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback you guys have given me so far. Y'all are awesome 💖

nrasra  asked:

What things would you change about breaking dawn if you could? I got curious b/c of that last ask about changing twilight. Also your keeping up with the cullens is hilarious.

I would basically scrap the whole thing and start from scratch after Eclipse. 

Here is the problem with BD:  SM wrote the draft version (Forever Dawn) before she wrote New Moon and Eclipse.  Originally she skipped ahead to Bella and Edward getting married, getting pregnant, Bella being transformed. But her publishers didn’t like Forever Dawn (because it wasn’t YA) and asked her to write more about Bella in high school instead.  So she went back and wrote New Moon and Eclipse and they wanted to end it at Eclipse. They wanted her to come up with an ending she could live with and make it a trilogy, but she was so attached to her FD/BD ending, that she finally convinced them to let her do a fourth book, and she stuck to her original ending even though, IMO, the middle books changed things a lot, particularly when it comes to Jacob. 

So if I were to change things about Breaking Dawn? It would be an actual follow-up of Eclipse! It would deal with all the issues that were brought up in Eclipse. Bella would be changed not because she was dying, but because she and Edward reached their “compromise.” They would get married, they would have sex, and then he would change her on their honeymoon. There wouldn’t be a baby. Bella would actually experience the newborn thirst.  She wouldn’t be instantly good at it. 

The Cullens disappear from Forks and Charlie is a wreck. Billy Black caves and tells him everything. Bella insists she needs to see her dad and let him know she’s okay, and so she goes to visit him. It takes every ounce of willpower not to kill him, but she manages it—just barely—and says goodbye, adding that in a few years she might be able to visit again. But she’s stretched her thirst to the limit and as soon as she leaves the house she catches a scent and before Edward can stop her she’s killed someone—maybe one of the human kids from high school. And then she has to face the reality of what it means to be a vampire. 

I could tack on some conflict with the Volturi—probably re: the Cullens’ alliance with the wolves—and Bella could still save the day or whatever, but mostly I just wanted to see her actual deal with the realities of vampirism rather than getting to skip all the bad parts and basically just pick up her life where she left off, but now with superpowers and a fairytale cottage. 

And there would definitely be an epilogue a few years in the future, where she comes back to visit Charlie.  And then before they leave, Bella and Edward sneak into La Push so Bella can check in on Jake.  He’s married now, maybe with a toddler, and Bella watches him for a few a minutes with a wistful look on her face.  Edward apologizes for all she lost, all she cannot have, but she turns to him and smiles, saying she doesn’t regret her choice.  That maybe vampirism wasn’t the magical solution to all her problems she thought it was, but the hardships were worth it because she gets to be with Edward forever. 


potato-loverr  asked:

i just came out to my parents, i was too heartbroken today and i couldn't keep it inside me anymore. lexa died last night but she gave me the strength to actually live and fight for what's right. i still can't believe it. i'll forever be grateful for her "existence" and i know she'll keep inspire me every day. thank you lexa

This is a wonderful message. I hope you don’t mind if I publish it because I think it’s beautiful. Good for you. You’re great. 

aroadamparrish  asked:

Pynch headcanon: Adam has nightmares about losing his hearing completely. Whenever it gets too quiet, he starts drumming his fingers. Ronan likes the excuse to hold his hand, but then Adam pulls away and rubs his deaf ear. At first he's hurt, because it happens more then once, but he figures it out eventually. Sometimes, when they're studying at St. Agnes, Adam will start tapping and Ronan will cup Adam's face in one hand and his hand in the other. He'll kiss him and whisper in his ear: I'm here

that is

the single best thing i’ve heard all night!

(I hope you don’t mind me publishing it, but I kinda want the world to see how amazing this headcanon is)

It takes Ronan forever to figure out why Adam keeps pulling away on some days but not others, but he’s nothing if not respectful. He thinks it’s just a bad day for physical contact, so he won’t initiate anything. Adam wonders why Ronan suddenly doesn’t want to touch him, but whenever Adam goes to hold Ronan’s hand, Ronan will be right there, so Adam doesn’t think it’s that he doesn’t want to not be physical so much as not wanting to overstep his boundaries.

But, idiots as these two are, neither of them think about talking to one another. Ronan doesn’t like people to know he has emotions, and Adam just doesn’t know where to start (as is evident in his ENTIRE relationship with Blue).

But Ronan begins to notice that Adam doesn’t just tap his fingers, sometimes he’ll snap them closely to his other ear, like he’s trying to remember something,  or he’ll hum just low enough for Ronan to not notice all the time, but loud enough that Adam can hear it.  And Ronan’s not an idiot, he gets it eventually, but he could still kick himself for not getting it sooner. So whenever he notices Adam starting to tap, or hum, or something, he’ll start making unnecessary amounts of noise, like he’ll yawn really loudly, or get Chainsaw to sing for them, and, when they’re alone, he’ll take Adam close and sing something himself (not the murder squash song, most of the time), or read aloud from what they’re studying. Sometimes, though, he’ll tell Adam how much he means to Ronan, and that he’s not gonna leave, that Adam can count on him. (coughs, how Ronan first admits he loves Adam)

ANd, ughh these two nerds are just so domestic sometimes i can’t even deal with it.