i properly shaded a thing

A Stray (Jumin x MC)

On your way home, you and Jumin spot a stray cat, lost and afraid.

Word Count: 664

I got a new tablet pen! Still, don’t know a single thing about properly shading digitally but I got a new tablet pen :D Anyhow, thank you and enjoy! Have a fantastic day!


You walked along the sidewalk with your husband, hands entwined as you chatted away, smiles engraved upon your expressions.

However, something quickly caught your ears, a faint sound seeping in.

It was a cat.

Its meow was weak and strained, almost timid as if they were afraid. 

The two of you hardly had to say a word before you both began to follow the sound, listening closely until you came just before your home, underneath the trees.

Its body was gaunt and fur mangled, yet clearly small and young, wide eyes staring back at your as you both approached.

“The poor thing,” You sighed, frowning. “I wonder what happened to it.” 

“Maybe lost? Abandoned? It’s a shame.” Your husband knelt down, reaching out a hand to the speckled cat.

At first, it was nervous, tensing back before nervously stepping forward, sniffing his palm before calming, even purring as you stroked its back.

“It must be terrified.” You cooed, humming quietly to it as it softened, sinking at your touch. “Would you mind if we brought it inside?” 

He shook his head. “Not at all darling, “We should check with vets soon and see if they’re chipped.” 

Jumin scooped the cat into his arms, smiling lightly as it began to purr, stretching against him. 

“I think they like you!” You chuckled, the two of you rising to your feet. 

“I think I like it as well,” He shrugged. “I don’t quite see how anyone couldn’t like them, they’re lovely.” 

“I think I can relate to that.” 

He raised a curious brow. “How so?” 

“I can’t see how anyone doesn’t love you, I think you’re wonderful.” You grinned, eyes softening. “I guess that’s something you two have in common. You’re both misunderstood.” 

His cheeks became sprinkled with red, clearing his throat embarrassedly. “Only you would say that darling,” He folded his lips, hesitantly. “However, I know I’m not a good person-” 

Before he could even finish you objected.

“What’re you talking about? That’s nonsense!” 


“I know you’ve made mistakes, everyone has. That’s what makes a person in the first place,” You cupped his face in your hand tenderly. “But what makes you good, is that you’re growing, and improving. You just needed someone to light the way.” 

He sank into your palm, unable to hide his warm expression and adoration painting his eyes. 

He peered down to you, the cat giving a welcoming mew as he tipped his forehead against your own. 

“I needed you. And not only did you light the way, you lit up my life.” He said fondly. “And if I’m a good person-”

“You are!” 

He snickered lightly, at your insistence, pressing a kiss to your nose. 

“Then it’s only because you gave me a reason to be.” 

“What was the reason?” You tipped your head curiously as you began to walk back inside, your husband pulling you close as he always seemed to do.

“The reason?” 

You nodded.

“I hope it’s not too obvious but it’s you.” He stated. “I wanted to make you happy, I wanted you to be proud to love me,” He let out a deep breath. “I wanted to be someone worthy of you.” 

You came to the elevator, the cat staring in almost awe at the spacious size, pawing at the buttons.

You squeezed Jumin’s arm, speaking back to him.

“Well, you know what?”


“I think you were worthy from the very start.” 

And in that moment, Jumin lit up brighter than the very sun.

For he loved you, from the very start.

here’s my contribution to poplerpig’s ‘draw beez a friend’ thing!!!!?!?! her name is cosette and she’s delighted to meet beez !!!(although she doesn’t look like it) also I can’t colour so I just borrowed your colour palette im sorry

Any Zoids and Monster Hunter fans out there? I had the weird idea of making a Zinogre into a zoid mech. After referencing back and forth between my favorite dog wyvern and the Liger Zoid, I ended up with this thing. I still need to properly shade and light it, maybe add some electrical effects to the joints. Still pretty happy where this drawing is going :D

anonymous asked:

Is shading with black alright? I keep hearing people say it's not ok. It makes me nervous that I'm not arting properly.

When I think of “black shading” my mind instantly goes to things like Viewtiful Joe and the Hellboy comics (in addition to general Manga, given thats ONLY black and white.)

There is nothing by defaulty wrong with it, it’s more to do with the context I think. If you are doing shading in the sense thats its a pure black shape overlaid on top of the character (ala Hellboy and such) then the contrast sort of implies a dramatic, pop arty sort of feel.

If you are refering to, like, a black gradation of color, I find that to sort of muddy up the colors. I’d recommend shading with colors that go well with each other to maintain vibrancy (Orange shade against a Yellow base color is the easiest example I can think of.)

Flash animation in particular seems to be trying to avoid black shading and outlines for reasons I am not wholy clear on (though I was told that it was… “not trendy” or… other somesuch random sounding reason…) though shows like Wonder Over Yonder still rock that look pretty well, frankly.

Really the most advice I can give is to at least experiment with shading and outlines that aren’t purely black. Play around with different darker colors to see if anything sticks. It could turn out that in the end black just works the best, so don’t be afraid to do some experimenting.