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do you think andrew ever verbally tells neil how much neil means to him? I know a lot of their relationship is show, don't tell, but i have this belief that andrew would eventually tell neil what neil means to him (even if he doesn't say an "i love you").

i was gonna write out a proper answer but tbh just read this fic bc it beautifully captures andrew’s decade-long journey to saying ‘i love you’, it feels so true to character and it’s one of the best ways i can see andrew expressing his affection of neil


howard w a monocle!! it was a v important look. i used this cap of @bythepoweroftopshop‘s as ref for the first one!!! 


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FREE Yooseven Plot bunny #4

(Feel free to steal! This is an open request for someone to get inspired and write this for me!)


-It’s an RFA Party

-Seven decides to dress up all pretty and attend it professionally dolled up

-Yoosung not realizing it’s him, one of the only not to have got the memo or Seven’s latest shenanigans. 

-Yoosung thinking he’s B E A U TI FUL 

-No one bothers to tell him, the whole night he’s so distracted trying to figure out who this mystery lady is and catch up to her but always loosing her in the crowd. 

-People play along and are like oh yeah, her- she’s like super great at playing LOLOL, and they give out other vague facts about Seven that make Yoosung think he’s falling in love with every new detail.

-Finally he manages to confront her and flustered asks her out after gushing to her that she’s so beautiful and Seven wordlessly replies by kissing him right on the mouth.

-Yoosung is very red and flustered and dazed but before he has time to recover Seven is talking in his normal voice. 

-With this sudden realization Yoosung is left confused and embarrassed bUT StILL atracted to Seven?? 

-Now that he’s thought of Sevens traits and personality under a new light he still can’t help but realize he might have developed a real crush on him in the span of the afternoon??  

-(and could seven really like him back he wonders?? it would seem so)

-Seven is laughing and teasing him but Yoosung just squares his shoulders and asks again about going on a date “You didn’t properly answer me, so is that a yes you’ll let me take you out to a movie and coffee? Luciel?”

-Everyone in the background laughing suddenly stop. It’s Seven’s turn to actually get flustered for once as he realizes Yoosung is seriously asking him out on a date while being fully aware of who he is.

-later Seven is teasingly asking Yoosung whether he expects him to dress up all feminine again for their date. Yoosung tells him he expects Seven to show up in whatever he feels like wearing, as long as Seven actually shows up he’ll be happy. Seven tries to hide how warm and flustered and happy this makes him feel.

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Hi~I'm not sure if you answer this kind of thing so don't if your not bothered but I was curious to see of you have any friends who like kpop that you hardcore ship with one of their bias's? If so what idol and why?

I actually loved getting asked this kind of thing tbh. I proper hardcore ship my best friend with her bias, Suga from BTS. They’re honestly so similar in terms of interests, personality and behaviour. She’s basically a female version of Suga. They’d be really compatible if they were to meet and become friends or date.