i pronounce you mine

❝ Mr and Mrs Choi ❞

Plot: You and Siwon have your first time on your wedding night, because you both saved yourselves due your beliefs.

Words count: 2,1k+

Genre: Smut, comedy and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it


Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

‘I now pronounce you husband and wife.’ The priest affirmed as you and your husband, Choi Siwon, stood before a chapel of people, ‘Mr and Mrs Choi.’

Today was your wedding to the man of your dreams. A man that seemed to only come every blue moon to you. You and Siwon met at church, you were sitting in the pew in front of him and your hat was blocking his view. A simple tap of the shoulder and exchange of stares had you two falling in love at first sight. Many don’t believe in love at first sight, but it was your guys philosophy along with the grace of God bringing you both together. Since then, five years you both dated. It was along period because you both wanted to make sure this was all right. You moved in two years into the relationship, shared a bed after three and still haven’t had sex at five. Many would go off their heads with this, but you both believe in saving yourselves for marriage.

Siwon leaned forward, cupping your cheek softly and placed a kiss as the closing deal. Your first kiss as a married couple felt nothing like the previous kisses you both had shared. It was purer and bonding. Breaking apart, he grabbed your hand and you both walked out the church. Showers of rice fell on your heads you both ran to the car with smiles and laughter. Closing the door behind him, Siwon turned and kissed you on the forehead.

‘I love you, Mrs Choi Y/N.’

‘And I love you, Mr Choi Siwon.’

The driver took you both to reception venue where you cut the cake, had your first dance and he fished for your garter under your dress. Speeches were made and he low key wished he never asked his members. Heechul and Leeteuk were superb MC’s as everything was to your liking. All the decor turned out well, and you thank Jiwon for helping you out with that. She was an amazing sister inlaw. The evening came to an end as you were both taken to your new house. It was bought three months before the weeding as a gift from both your parents. You furnished it from roof to floor, with the help of Siwon of course, but tonight was the first time you both entered it to sleep and be a married couple.

‘You ready?’ Siwon asked, picking you up.

‘Ready as I will ever be.’ You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and rubbing your nose with him.

Door closed with a swift knock of his foot, he carried you upstairs to the master bedroom. Resting you softly on the clean sheets, peppering kisses on your neck. Your eyes were shut as you welcomed his soft lips with an opened mouth moan. Traveling up, he attached himself to your mouth again. Kissing with more heat then the one shared earlier on today. Your eyes shot opened, and you pushed him away gently.

‘What’s wrong my love?’ He asked, clearly concerned with your actions.

‘Let me get out of the dress,’ You reassured, ‘Get something more comfortable.’

Siwon stood up and began to undo his tie, ‘I could take you right now, regardless of the dress.’

‘Siwon!’ You scolded, walking to the closet and grabbing a shopping bag.

‘What?’ He chuckled, ‘I am just being honest to my beautiful bride.’

Pulling a silly face, you went to the bathroom. Slipping out of the dress and hanging it behind the door. You pulled out a silk nighty that was black with white lace. It was just simple lingerie, nothing major for the first night. But just another surprise as well accompanied it. Slipping into it, you checked yourself in the mirror before taking a breath. After a short prepping session, you opened the door and soft music lingered and lights were dimmed with a few candles. Siwon lay on the bed in his black boxers.

‘Wow…’ He marveled, slipping off the bed and walking to you, ‘You looked phenomenal.’

‘It’s just simple stuff.’ You shrugged, trying to play it off.

‘I couldn’t have asked for anything more on our first time.’ He placed kisses on your open shoulders, slipping down a strap.

In an instant your eyes shut close as you felt your husbands soft lips on your skin. This wasn’t the first time you guys had kissed, but it was the first time with such extra touches. He held you by the waist as your hands ran up his perfectly snapped arms and around his neck. Siwon began kissing up your shoulder and then advancing to your neck. Many times he had kissed your neck, but it was always simple pecks and nothing more. Just gestures if you’d like to give them a proper name. Kisses were peppered at the crook as you felt him softly suck and nibble at your soft flesh.

You knew what he was doing and you knew he had been wanting to mark you every since he laid his eyes on you, but he was a good man. The new artwork was his latest masterpiece and he determined to make better ones as the days passed as a married couple. He now held one side of your face, and kissed up the other before turning your face to him and crashing his lips into you. It was a simple enveloping as his strong hands now traveled down your back, over your supple ass. A firm squeeze was given as you squealed slightly from the contact.

‘Sorry.’ He chuckled, breaking the kiss.

‘No no….ummmm it was nothing.’ You played it off.

Smiling warmly at you, the soft music continued to linger through the air as you launched up and wrapped your legs around his bare midriff. Lips were connected once again as you tangled your fingers in his soft locks. Slowly and cautiously, he ventured back to the bed. Laying you down on the sheets, before standing at the foot and looking down at you. He had an adorning smile on his face. A smile of pure love and commitment, something he wishes to keep with you. Both of you wanted your wedding night to be the first time, and both of you were slightly nervous, but neither of you would tell the other.

‘Liking the view, Mr Choi?’ You propped yourself on your elbows.

‘More then you know, Mrs Choi.’ He lingered above you, making you lie flat on the bed.

Lips attached again, his hand traveled up your bare thigh, caressing it, as if to test the waters. As if you were going to swat it away. Not getting assaulted, he continued. His hand slipped under the nighty, and he gave a small squeeze. As if on queue, your moan followed into the kiss. Placing your hands on his shoulders, you flipped him over and now lay flush on him. He ran his tongue over your lower lip. Permission granted, your mouth opened and his tongue entered. Making out wasn’t foreign to either of you, but this felt strange. A fight of dominance was at foot before an erotic rhythm was achieved. His hands were on the back of your legs, slipping under the materiel. His hands landed on your ass. It was bare, well almost. He pulled away and looked at you.

‘Surprise.’ You grinned.

‘A thong?’ He questioned, ‘I like.’

‘And it has a matching bra.’ You whispered into his ear.

His hands slipped deeper, ridding you off the nighty all in all. He left you in your underwear that was lace and nothing you had ever dared to wear prior to this moment. He all but licked his lips at the perfection that was you. Your body, your lips, your everything. Pressing him into the sheet, you sat between his legs. Your nimble fingers peeled away the material of his boxers and you couldn’t help but gulp. He wasn’t huge, but he was big enough to have you second think this.

Picking up on your tension, he sat up and caressed your cheek. You smiled and pushed him back, taking his semi hardness into your hand. Truth be told, you had no idea what the hell you were doing, but you read enough magazines to have a basic idea. Slowly you started pumping from the base. At first you were slow, not wanting to do anything wrong. But once Siwon started moaning, you knew you were on the right track. Slowly you began to pick up pace and having your husband thrust his head back, but soon look up at you for your warmth now took him.

Slowly you took his member into your mouth. It was hard, but you felt his hand stroking your hair. Taking a deep breath, you began bobbing. It was uncomfortable to no end but eventually you got the hang of it and you had the pile of moans and groans to prove it. You could feel Siwon tugging at your hair softly, wanting more or asking for you to stop, but either way, you rocked his world. Your hands wrapped around the base, to cover up for the fact that you couldn’t take him in whole. Your moans sent vibrations down his shaft and he was on edge. Wanting to take this to the next level, you were stopped.

‘I wanna be in you.’ His words soft, eyes gentle, ‘You are doing such a great job, but I can’t let you do all the pleasuring.’

‘Take the lead.’ You smiled as he threw the remainder of your underwear on the floor.

Your bare back lay on the warm sheets. Siwon linger above, fiddling in the side drawer for something. It was lube. How it got there, you didn’t question, but it was sure something to talking about after. He opened up the cap, lathering three fingers before putting the bottle on the side. He began kissing your neck again, open mouth and wet. It was something sexy and hot, something that would soon become a huge turn on in the future. You felt this cold finger at your core.

‘This is going to hurt, apparently, that’s what I heard.’ He tried to sympathize.

‘Talk about a romantic.’ You chuckled.

‘I just want you to know,’ He kissed your forehead, ‘But I promise to be gentle, okay?’

You gave a simple nod and he wasn’t lying. Just the slight probing had you feeling uncomfortable, but you trusted him. He successful had one finger in and began kissing you with a passion. Soon another finger followed and the discomfort was starting to become something pleasant. Almost sensual. Soon enough all three digits were in and he was successfully preparing you. He loved you and didn’t want to hurt you, because to be honest, he had no idea what he was doing himself. But he mentally thanked Kim Heechul for the sex 101 chats they seemed to have on a daily basis.

He could feel your walls tighten and he knew you were close, due to the strong hold on his back. Fingers removed, he lubed up his member and slide in. This was even worse then the fingers but you bit down on you lower lip as he fill you. It was sore as hell, but you could do this. Siwon whispered soft words in your ear, kissing you to calm you down. Once adjusted, he began to move. It was small and almost effortless. Your whimpers soon grew to moans as Siwon got more confident. You knew he was nervous, but he was doing absolutely marvelous and you thanked him mentally.

His hips began to crack back and forth as he grunted out your name. The sounds of skin against mashed well with the soft creaking of the bed. The smooth music accompanied both sounds, creating a large symphony of harmonious sounds. His pace quicken, sweat building on both of your skin. A warm feeling bubbled up in your stomach, a feeling foreign but you guess was an orgasam.

‘Nghhhh…..aaaaahhhhh….Si…woooon.’ You moaned.

‘I’m….ahhhh….close…fuck!’ His profanity spilled out and he knew he would be praying extra hard for that.

He thrusted with a force that was making you dizzy from sensual feelings. Your hands racked up his back as you felt his hot breath on your neck. His head was just above the crook as he pulled back and pounded back in. At that moment, you swore you saw a white light. Your body erupted from the erotic sensation that rocked through your system. Siwon continued moving, as if you ride out the mind fogging feeling. Slowing down, you both had to catch your breath. He pulled out and collapsed next you, breathing heavy. You looked the ceiling, then to him and then back at the ceiling.

‘Wow….’ You both said in unison.

Siwon pulled you into his arms, head on his chest, ‘I never knew that there was another way for you to make my heart beat faster.’

‘Same to you.’ You laughed softly, ‘I love you Siwon. More then anything in the world and I am glad we decided to wait.’

‘So am I my love, I love you too Y/N’ He placed a kiss atop your head.

You both lay in the bed, absorb each others company. The music still played in the background and the candles dimmed out slightly more. His heartbeat became your favourite sound that evening. His one arms cradled you close while the other stroked your arm as you lay. After a while, you finally broke the silence that was just so perfect, but you just had to.

‘Siwon?’ Your voice soft, ‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Hmmmm?’ He was drowsy.

‘Where did the lube come from?’

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[[Hiiiiiiii, Nice blog ya got thereee. I now pronounce you to be a senpai of mine, if not than someone in superior status from how lovely your art is. Am I trying to swoon you? No, I'm just a rambling person here on tumblr. Also to say. 'Hey, care to notice me?' Also if you Roleplay, than I came to ask if you would like to roleplay with me. If not that's fine...but talking is nice I guess. <w<]]

I cant believe it yet…did you got the ask wrong? I don’t know!! Maybe this is a dream!!!!!

02/18 & 02/20 Miyusawaday (pt 2) for wingspike

I don’t know what kind of baseball you’ve been playing,
but the best pitches are works of art produced
by the pitcher and the catcher working as one.

I’ll draw out your full potential.
You just need to trust my mitt and throw your best pitches.
It’s that simple.
We’ll be great partners.

Let's get going, partner.

There are so many things I want
you to have. This is mine, this
tree, I give you its name,

here is food, white like roots, red,
growing in the marsh, on the shore,
I pronounce these names for you also.

This is mine, this island, you can have
the rocks, the plants
that spread themselves flat over
the thin soil, I renounce them.

You can have this water,
this flesh, I abdicate,

I watch you, you claim
without noticing it,
you know how to take.

Margaret Atwood, from “Circe/Mud Poems,” You Are Happy (Oxford University Press, 1974)