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To the End of the Line, To the . .

Request: Can I get a Steve Rogers story where he’s dating the reader and they’re both part of the team and they have this massive battle that’s super intense and then the reader ends up getting hurt very very badly and dies in steves arms at the end of it? Like he’s super happy they won but then he turns around and sees her. I just love super emotional things that rip my heart out and I loooved your last Steve one it was amazing:)) 

Pairings: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Death ment. Extreme angst. Blood ment. implied sexual themes. Basically I wanna die and you will too if you read this so

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The battle was falling out all around him and, to be honest, Steve was ecstatic. 

Not about the battle of course, but about his team. After the whole thing with Buck, Steve as finding it hard to imagine the team back together again. But, somehow, someway, it had all worked out. Of course Tony wasn’t 100% back, understandably. But he was here, fighting … not alongside Bucky, but on the same team. And he had a sneaking suspicion you had something to do with it. 

You had absolutely refused to take part in their argument. You hadn’t taken a side once. Even though you were Steve’s girl, even though you were Tony’s best friend and Wanda’s newfound sister and Natasha’s old partner. You told Tony and Steve that you loved them and that they were both being ignorant, and then you set about doing your usual job: damage control. Trying (with a great deal of frustration and hardly any success) to mediate between Steve’s stubbornness and Tony’s mouth. 

Nevertheless, the whole thing went down pretty bad. After some of the things Tony learned…of course Steve couldn’t blame him for being upset. But he had two people in this world he would protect more than anyone, and that was you, and Buck. To the ends of the earth, to the end of the line. So, since you couldn’t depend on anyone else to do the mending, you decided you’d better do it yourself. 

You’d gone to Tony. He wasn’t hard to find, but then he was never able to hide from you. And you were a welcome face, despite the words you’d had during his and Steve’s quarrel. He didn’t look well at all, and you suggested he come back. It took some convincing, but he had no one out there. He’d sent Pepper away, cut everyone on the team off…so, he came back. And he and Steve weren’t exactly on speaking terms, per say, but they were both trying. And they could see that they were both trying.

Steve was also ecstatic because their fight was no longer weighing on you, and he could see it. You were as exuberant as you’d been before everything had gone down, cracking jokes and shouting and kicking ass. Alongside Bucky, alongside Tony, alongside him. And when the last enemy was struck down Steve knew the first thing he wanted to do was find you. 

“Y/N? What’re you doing, taking a nap?” Stark’s voice crackled over the earpiece in Steve’s ear. “Hey, c’mon, you dragged me all the way back out here for this fight, and I don’t even get a snarky comment? What happened to getting back to the good old days?” 

You were bleeding, you could smell it. Hot and metallic and sticky on your skin. You couldn’t tell where it was coming from but you were covered in it. Your vision was starting to blur, your toes starting to numb. You tried to lift your arm to tap your earpiece, get some kind of help, but it was still pinned under the slab of concrete that had rolled over the rest of you, and it was already numb. 

Steve tapped his earpiece. “Y/N? Come in.” 

“Rogers, where is she?” Stark asked. Steve’s mouth pulled into a deep frown, and he began walking faster. 

It dawned on you that your arm may not be there anymore at all, and you started to struggle. You tried to panic and scream but your lungs were crushed. You tried to move but, even if you had the strength, you’d grown so cold in the last few minutes, or seconds, or hours, however long you’d been laying here. The cold became all you could think about.  

I’m cold, I’m cold, I’m cold …  

“I found her.” Bucky’s voice weighed in, sounding grim. Wanda looked up. Steve stopped walking. Tony found the ground and looked frantically for your face. 

No, no, no, no … Steve thought. Not today, not after everything

I’m cold, I’m cold, Steve, I’m cold … 

Steve’s hand shook as he raised it to his ear. “Bucky. Report?” 

“Steve … you’d better come quick.” Bucky leaned down, pushed your hair away from your face. It was matted there with blood. More red. Red and cold, that was all you knew. 

“I’m c-cold, I’m … I’m … Steve I’m …” You stuttered over your words like a broken toy. 

“Steve’s coming. I need you to stay calm, okay?” Bucky’s voice was low and soothing despite what he knew was inevitable.  

“You have to protect him.” You whispered, and the words came out rushed and uneven. “From himself and everyone else. Promise me.”  

Bucky offered a sad smile. “I made that promise years ago, remember? To the end of the line.” 

This pulled a smile out of you as well, and it brought you back to a memory, distant and dreamy, from before the Winter Soldier and the Civil War, when Bucky was still a long lost friend … 

“To the end of the line? That’s what you two used to say to each other?” You asked Steve. The two of you were sharing a bed and a bottle of wine. You flopped down on the bed, taking care not to spill your glass and sighed. “That’s so romantic.” Steve laughed and shook his head, and you looked up at him. “I’m serious! That’s like … Shakespearean. I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous.”  

“What, of Buck?” Steve asked. 

“Of how much you clearly loved him.” You said softly, the wine pulling a smile onto your lips which was rare and radiant, and one of Steve’s favorites. “That kind of promise … not even death can break it.” You said, eyes wide with wonder and lust and love as you looked up at him. “I wanna be with you to the end of the line.”  

Steve’s brow furrowed in sudden feeling as he pulled you into a kiss and then pressed his forehead to yours. “What about, to the ends of the earth?”  

You thought about it for a moment and then smiled, taking his glass of wine and sitting it on the bedside table before rolling him onto his back and crawling on top of him, kissing him again.

“That’s it then?” You asked. “No grand gestures of love, no big fancy white dress, just … a promise. Forever.” 

Steve’s hands touched your face and softly pulled you to him, as if you were not close enough to him already, “Forever.” 

The memory allowed you some form of peace even as the whole the team seemed to swarm down on top of you at once. 

“No, no! What the hell happened?” Tony yelled, landing with a metallic clank that vibrated the ground underneath you, his mask pulling back to reveal his face. 

“Wanda, the concrete.” Steve’s voice was business as usual. 

“Steve.” You blurted out. 

“I’ll call for help.” Wanda said in a shaky voice, but Natasha put a hand on her arm, stopping her. You felt yourself crying. 

“Come … c-come …” You moved your fingers, but you weren’t sure if they were still working or not. You felt so cold. Come closer. You needed them closer. You were so cold.

“Hey, hey …” Steve kneeled beside you and smiled. “It’s okay, I’m right here.”  


“Hey, kid.” Tony said. You think he might be holding your hand. His voice shook, but he smiled. “Figures that you’d be having a worse day than me right now, huh?” 

You laughed and it didn’t hurt. “I wanted to . . to …” But your words weren’t working anymore, and you shook your head and looked helplessly up at Steve, who closed his eyes. His face buckled for a moment before he managed to open them again to look at Tony, then at the team, then at you. 

“It’s okay.” Steve said, “It’s okay, we know. You can rest.”  

You nodded, and smiled at him, and you hoped that he saw what he wanted you to see because you couldn’t quite feel anything anymore, and you were getting awfully tired.  

Cold. Red. Tony. I love you. Wanda.

Wanda gripped your hand tight and red smoke began to swirl all around her as she wept. A brother and then a sister. Both lost.  

Cold. Steve. I love you. Red.  

Tony’s hands had been shaking near constantly in the months he was alone. You stopped them when you came to him and took his hands in your own and led him back to his team. Now, they trembled again. 

To the end of the line. To the … 

“To the ends of the earth.” Steve promised. His lips trembled and yours were cold but he kissed them anyway, and hoped to God that what you’d said all those years ago, about death not breaking promises, was true.