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Kiss Me Not -Part 18-

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tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

“Here,” Harry said, pulling the box out and offering it to Draco before he could change his mind.

Draco took it hesitantly, holding it so delicately he looked about to drop it, “A snitch box?” his brow furrowed, “It’s far too dark and cold for a seekers game right now.”

“Another time then?” Harry asked hopefully. Realizing he was getting off topic he pointed to the box, “Just open it.”

Draco carefully flicked open the little latch and opened the lid. The snitch inside was silvery-blue rather than the standard gold.

“It’s a snitch,” Draco said flatly, raising an eyebrow.

Harry bounced on his toes, “Let it go.”

Draco placed his hand over the little quivering ball, “Do you have a retrieval ring? Because if this is just an elaborate hoax to get me to play a seekers game you can retrieve it yourself.”

“I modified it to return on a command word,” Harry said, gently nudging Draco’s arm.

Draco shot him another distrustful glance, “So you broke it.”

“Only a little,” Harry said with a hesitant smile.

Draco shrugged slightly, taking the snitch from the box. Its wings hummed to life and it quickly rose from the box, flitting a few feet away from them. It glowed in the darkness, every darting movement left a ribbon-like trail of light, flecks of it falling free like drifting embers before slowly fading away.

Harry glanced over at Draco hopeful and nervous.

Draco was watching the snitch intently, his expression unreadable, “It’s lovely.”

Harry breathed out, “You like it then?”

“I already said, didn’t I?” Draco said, tugging his scarf up over his mouth.

“I wasn’t sure you would.”

“It’s very clever charm work,” Draco glanced down at his feet then at the box in his hands before offering it over to Harry, “Call it back then.”

“I wrote the command words on a bit of parchment inside,” Harry said, pointing to the little scrap sticking up from where the snitch had laid, “To call it back and you can increase or decrease its range from the box, it’s um- tied to the box as its center. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it.”

Draco stared at him, his brow twitching together in confusion.

“Oh,” Harry said faintly, his cheeks heating up, “It’s for you.” He glanced at the snitch, “I made it for you.”

Draco’s eyes widened and his cheeks went red all at once. He quickly turned away, tucking his chin into his scarf to hide his face as he fumbled out the parchment, turning it towards the sky to catch enough light to read the carefully penned words, “conciliatio,” he said quietly.

The snitch diverted from its flight path and zipped back into the box, settling itself into the plush velvet. Draco carefully placed the parchment back inside and latched the box shut with a faint click, “Thank you.”

“…I- well, I’m glad you liked it,” Harry scuffed the toe of his shoe in the grass. He needed to tell Draco about tomorrow night fiasco. He took a deep breath.

“I read Pansy’s article,” Draco held the box tightly in both hands, pulling it close to his chest.

Harry’s brow furrowed, “Her article?”

“You would really marry a muggle if you couldn’t-?” Draco turned to him, pinning him with eyes the colour of slate, “You’d give up?”

“What?” Harry said, feeling utterly dumbfounded, “It was just- it was something to say. I don’t think that-”

“I mean, it’s not important,” Draco interrupted, sounding a little frantic, “kissing and physical intimacy- If you care about someone you-” his voice caught, “…if you really care about someone.”

Harry shook his head, “But at the party-”

“I don’t care about the party! The party was a mistake!” Draco snapped, squeezing the box in his hands so tightly his knuckles paled.

Harry twitched backwards as if Draco had slapped him, “A mistake? What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, Potter!?” Draco said, “You chat me up, flirting- You act like you’re courting me but-” he stopped abruptly, taking a step back. “I don’t understand your intentions. Not when I can’t give you what you want.”

Harry opened his mouth but nothing came out.

Draco took another step backwards, his jaw clenching.

Harry shook his head, he took a hesitant step forward trying to bridge the distance between them, “I don’t-”

But before he could even finish the sentence Draco had turned and ran, disappearing into the shadows of the stands and then truly disappearing under a disillusionment spell.

Harry shivered and pulled his cloak tighter around himself, “I don’t understand.”

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Klangst - Don’t Keep it Bottled Up, part 1

Back with another headcanon! I started this a while back, but I’ve been taking forever writing it (thank you for your patience @treasuredbuns!) and I decided to split it up. This headcanon is a result of my need to write some angst after writing so much fluff recently. Though I feel like I still backed out of the angst a little bit…

I apologise for any mistakes and OOCness that might appear/occur. Part 2 is now up, and you will be able to find more headcanons on my headcanon masterpost. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

The paladins continued to use the mind-melding training since it really was a good exercise for them to practice focusing. It helped them to better understand one another and strengthen the bonds between them as they each trusted each other with their thoughts and feelings.

Well, it was supposed to.

After one particularly long day of training, it seemed as if Lance and Keith’s patience with each other had peaked.

“Lance, stop daydreaming we’re trying to train here!”

“Uh, excuuuse me?! I think you’ll find you’re the one who needs to concentrate more! Your projection keeps losing focus!”

“Well, at least mine is sticking to one image, yours keeps changing!”

“Come on, guys, that’s enough! We can’t train if all you can think about is fighting.” Sure enough, just as Shiro said, their images were now completely indiscernible as their minds filled with irritation. Coran had always warned them how the mind-melding never worked well with emotions. However, the two of them didn’t seem to hear his scolding, continuing to bicker with each other. Shiro sighed, knowing now that they could keep this up for a good hour or so. “We’ll stop there for today, I think we all need a rest.”

“And food! I’m starving. Anyone else fancy something to eat?” Hunk asked as he removed the headset.

“Sure, I could do with something!” Pidge replied as she tried to shake some feeling into her dead legs.

“Sounds good. Keith, Lance, are you going to join us?” Neither one replied to Shiro as they stared each other down. Sighing in defeat, Shiro followed Pidge and Hunk out of the training room, hoping that the two of them would finish their squabbling soon.

Lance narrowed his eyes at Keith, a deep scowl on his face. That was it, Keith couldn’t stand it anymore.

“WHAT is your problem with me?!” If possible, Lance’s frown deepened.

“What do you mean?! I think you’ll find that you have just as much a problem with me!”

“What?!” Keith asked incredulously. “I think you’ll find that you are the one who’s been hostile since we first met!”

“-asn’t our first meeting…” The words were so quiet compared to their earlier shouts, that Keith barely caught any of the uttered sentence.


“I said that I can’t see what’s so special about you!” Keith blinked in bewilderment, his mouth opening and closing a few times as he tried to process what Lance said.

“Since when did I ever say I was spe-?”

“You didn’t have to! Everyone else said it enough times!” Keith was well and truly lost. What was Lance on about?! Lance didn’t notice Keith’s anger being replaced by confusion, turning to curiosity as Lance’s projection started becoming clearer again.

“Back at the garrison all I’d hear is how great Keith is! “Passed your flight theory? Well Keith passed his a year early!”, “Keith’s the top of his class again”, “Keith’s such a prodigy, I wonder if he’ll graduate early?”. It didn’t matter what I did, it wasn’t any good. Not whilst you were impressing everyone around you. It was like I was invisible!”

Keith eyes flickered between Lance’s projection of snippets of the garrison, of faces in uniform with scowls bearing down, and Lance’s face. His shouts had become louder and hysterical. Pent up frustrations making his voice crack and his eyes shine with gathering tears. But Keith was still lost. Had they really said so much about him?! He could barely remember the garrison from before Shiro left. He had always strived to catch up to him and afterwards he could only remember how the commanders would scold him. Dismiss him. Had they really held him in such high regard?!

Lance didn’t even pause for breath before he continued. Eyes wild, like Keith had never seen before.

“Even after they expelled you, they couldn’t shut up about you! You didn’t even have to be there for them to rave about your abilities! Meanwhile it took everything I had just to be noticed. To be referred to something other than “not as good as Keith”.” Keith was starting to get worried. He’d never seen Lance so worked up before.


“Even now, all the team knows how talented you are. Allura didn’t even have to know you to know that /you/ should pilot Red! Shiro depends on you, trusts you more than anyone! Yet no one will listen to me, or even consider what I’m saying until someone backs me up!”


“I’m tired of being called stupid!”

“Lance, no one calls you stupid-”

“They don’t need to! It’s obvious they think that!”

“Lance, calm down! You’re not thinking straight! You know we all-”

“No! Don’t you /dare/ speak like you know how I feel! You don’t know what it’s like to /not/ be loved by everyone!” Keith’s mouth, which had opened to retaliate, shut with a snap. His eyes, which had been clear, glossed over. The change was enough to get Lance’s attention. He winced as his head was suddenly filled with emotions which weren’t his own.

Fear and a deep /aching/ sadness. Loneliness. Images flashed before him, so engrossing that Lance couldn’t tell if they were projections or in his mind. The details were lost, only shapes and muffled sounds flickered through the haze. Backs turned; smiles facing away from him; dark places; fear, a young naïve fear, like that of monsters.

There are people, but they aren’t there for him. There are hands, but they don’t hold him. They shove and they sting. They are cold. There is no warmth. There are laughs, but he can’t laugh with them. Mouths hidden behind hands failing to keep the voices from his ears. He knows he doesn’t belong, but there’s nowhere else.

Is there?

Then he’s running. Because there must be a place. Somewhere, anywhere. He just wants someone to hol-

The image was ripped from Lance’s mind and he winced, eye blinking rapidly to adjust to the room. His eyes found the shattered remains of a headset. He watched as the boot raised itself from the wreckage, metal dropping from the sole in ‘ping’s. As his eyes followed the boot, he was reminded as to where he was. Who he was with. What he was doing.

“/I’m/ the one who doesn’t know…?” Keith’s voice was quiet, shaking. Disbelieving. Lance could hear his laboured breathing. Quick, short gulps of air. Keith’s face was stricken. Lance could feel his words weigh as lead in his stomach. He felt sick. And yet he was the one who…

“Keith, I-!” As Lance started, Keith convulsed, finally coming back to himself before he adopted a cold mask. Lance shivered at the look he received. And then Keith was going, taking long, heavy strides which carried him to the door before Lance even registered his movement.

Then he was gone, leaving Lance staring at the door as if he might reappear. He was like that for a few seconds, minutes maybe, then he slumped, all fight gone from him as the situation sunk in. He had never seen Keith’s face so devoid of emotion.

He looked down to the shards of the headset, feeling similar shards digging into his chest. It was like he could see their bond in tatters, scattered at his feet. He hadn’t even realised just how close they’d become, consumed with his jealousy, blinding him to the truth. Until the extent of what he’d lost was laid in front of him. Utterly broken and torn. He’d done that.

He’d always been good at breaking things. He only wished he knew how to fix it. He only hoped it /could/ be fixed. His hands pulled at his hair, the pain grounding.

Why did he always have to mess things up? Oh… great. Even Lance didn’t like himself now.

Aaaand that’s where part 1 ends! Hope you liked it and check out part 2! Again, I’m always happy to chat about Voltron or discuss/create headcanons with people (I’ve been having some great conversations with people recently! You know who you are - thank you!).


Headache and Heartache


iris + ladies (1/?)

Stealing Sweaters

If I didn’t have twelve hundred ideas for longer fics already this would be one. So instead it shall have to be a snippet of what it could be, with invisible beginnings and ends you’ll have to imagine for yourselves.

(Also posted on AO3)

Harry frowned. He was certain he had left it hanging over the end of his bed. He knelt down and looked under the bed just in case but there was nothing, not even dust bunnies thanks to the diligent house elves.

“Neville, have you seen my hoodie? The red one I was wearing yesterday?” Harry asked.

“He’s down in the common room,” Neville said, not bothering to look up from his little windowsill garden.

Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion, “What?”

“Malfoy’s down in the common room,” Neville said absently. He glanced up at Harry’s prolonged silence and shrugged, “Who else would take it?”

“Thanks,” Harry said hurriedly, heading out of the room and down the hallway to the common room.

Sure enough, there was a red-clad figure laying on one of the couches by the fire. He was slumped down so his neck was at an awkward angle he’d come to regret later, hood pulled up and hiding most of his ridiculous blond hair, sleeves pulled down over his fingers. He had a book balanced on his chest about three inches from his face. Harry rather suspected that Draco was in dire need of a pair of reading glasses but would rather die than admit it.

Harry walked over, stopping in front of the couch to demand, “Give it back.”

“No,” Draco said flatly turning a page and squinting at the tiny type.

Harry sighed and scrubbed his hand through his hair, “Come on, all the rest are being washed.”

“I know,” Draco said smugly.

“You’re the worst, why are you like this?” Harry groaned.

Draco twitched an eyebrow up, “Have you met my father?”

Harry frowned and grabbed the bottom of the hoodie Draco was wearing.

“What are you doing!” Draco sputtered, his book falling on his chest as he grabbed Harry’s wrists, pushing back down.

“Taking. my. hoodie. back,” Harry said through gritted teeth.

He pushed up harder and Draco pulled down. The book slid to the floor with a thump. Harry climbed onto the couch, a knee between Draco’s legs. The hoodie along with Draco’s shirt rode up his chest as they struggled. Draco raised his free foot and braced it on Harry’s shoulder to shove him back and Harry furiously leant against it. Until Draco’s foot slipped and Harry tumbled onto Draco in a heap that left them both breathless.

“Fuck,” Draco groaned, “Are you made of lead, Potter?”

Harry tried not to laugh, he really did, but Draco’s pouty frown pushed him over the edge and he started laughing so hard he had to hold onto the couch to keep from falling off.

Draco rather unsuccessfully fought down a smile, “Arsehole.”

Sitting at a small table nearby Ron groaned, “Merlin, they’re doing it again.”

Hermione smiled fondly, her chin propped on her hand, “I think it’s cute.”

“This is torture. I’m going to the library,” Ron said, shoving his parchment in his bag, “They don’t even realise, how do they not realise?”

“I’ll come with you,” Hermione smiled, twirling her wand and sending all her books and parchments neatly into her bag, “They’ll figure it out eventually.”

“And then they’ll be worse!” Ron grabbed his bag, “You know they will be!”

Hermione smiled and took Ron’s arm, “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

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Waiting (½)

Word Count: 1374

Characters: Bucky/Reader, mention of Wanda, Steve, etc.

Summary: You and Bucky are dating and you’re waiting for him to return from a long mission. You have to deal with something changes to your relationship.

Warnings: Swearing (cuz it’s me)

Author’s Note: I’ve had this idea for a very long time now, though I’m not sure I’ve done it justice. It’s kind of fluffy, with a little bit of angst (maybe?)

You sat on the couch, curled up into a ball, wrapped up in the coziest blanket you owned. You were surrounded by pillows as the couch had become your makeshift bed while you waited for Bucky to return.

This was the longest mission he had been on since you got together. Four months. Four long, agonizing, lonely months. It was even worse because the last three weeks had been in radio silence. Zero communication. It was killing you. You could survive with facetiming, phone calls, and texting; though brief, you had communication every single day. But hearing absolutely nothing was driving you out of your mind.

The first few weeks, you tried sleeping in your bed but it wasn’t your room anymore. Bucky’s presence was too strong there and his absence made you ache. So instead, after too many nights of too little sleep, you set up camp in the common living room area, on the plush couch. You were closer to the kitchen, there was a bathroom close by, and the television was big enough that come nighttime, you were provided with enough of a distraction until you were actually able to fall asleep.

This was a big mission. Everyone was gone from the tower, leaving you to your own devices. You had planned to get so much accomplished but ultimately, you got nothing done.

But today was different. Today was the day the team was supposed to return from their mission. You had planned on making a big dinner for everyone to mark their return but by the time you woke up, showered, and did some laundry, you were too tired. You justified ordering a pizza because everyone liked pizza and this way, no one would feel obligated to spend anymore time with each other - they could grab and go. This way you could also spend some more time with Bucky.

You had told F.R.I.D.A.Y to let you know when they arrived so you shouldn’t have been surprised to hear her disembodied voice alerting you to the quinjet’s approach. It startled you awake and you barely had the energy to get up from the couch. Instead, you wrapped the blanket tighter around yourself and sunk deeper into the cushions

You stared at the door willing it to open when suddenly, Steve walked through looking a little worse for wear. His uniform had gashes and was covered in dried blood and other bodily fluids. He saw you and rushed over to hug you but stopped himself.

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I’ve Got You, I Promise: Part 2

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*This gif ???? I’m dead. Evan Peters can comfort me any day.

Peter Parker x Scared/Clingy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After being captured and unable to be found for months, Peter and the rest of the Avengers locate you. When you return back, your only need is Peter’s safety and comfort. 

Word Count: 1899

Warnings: language, depressed reader, clingy, fluff, panic attack, knives, blood, sad stuff, loving Peter. (pls let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: I always upload my fics at an ungodly hour, literally it is 3:20 AM. Anyway, for the wonderful @farfromjustordinary​, I hope I did this justice! This is how I sort of deal with my issues, so everyone is different. Please let me know if you guys enjoyed reading this second part! This is my first time creating a second part on a fic, so I’m excited to hear some feedback. Alright, I’ll stop blabbering. Enjoy!

Part 1

After spending some time nuzzled in the crook of Peter’s neck, you fall back asleep. Peter had to leave a little while after you fell asleep though, to train with Steve and Sam.

When you woke up, you were drenched in sweat and visibly shaking like you’ve been outside in a blizzard for hours. Once you realized Peter had left you, the panic really started to set in.

Where did he go?

Did Hydra take Peter?

Oh, no. No, no. 


Where are you?!


As you continued this cycle of paranoid thoughts, Peter walks in, equally as drenched in sweat, if not more.

He takes in your state, eyes widening. “Y/N, h-hey, you okay?” Peter stutters, worry evident in his voice.

Opening your mouth with nothing coming out, you whimper, causing Peter to dart towards you on the bed.

Even though you are both a sweaty mess, you don’t care. You latch onto Peter once his body lands on the bed, taking him by surprise. Your heavy breathing and shaking body lets him know you woke up from a nightmare. But he wasn’t there to help you.  

With an intense grip of Peter’s shirt, you mumble, “I…-uh, I-”

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, Y/N. I understand,” Peter interrupts.

With a nod of your head, you lean farther into his hold, absorbing his warmth and comfort.

How can someone be this warm and soft?

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I’m really not sure about the ending but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer! Thank you for reading and for being so excited about me writing again after months of nothing- it means the whole world and more (also thank you if you’ve even bothered to read this boring, sappy note). 

Enjoy my lovelies and let me know your thoughts, I’m quite proud of the most part of this xx

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As requested! the mobile version of our permanent masterlist, hyung line focused.  Here you can find every single scenario we have posted to this date. It will get updated constantly as we publish new works. Thank you for all the support to Bangtan Spells, we hope you enjoy the reading! (Maknae Line Post)



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♡ masterlist ♡


  1. “Don’t want my baby girl in pain”
  2. “Sweet little baby, can’t wait to hug her”
  3. “I’m just admiring the view”
  4. “I love your cuddles”
  5. “I’m not Niall” (Part 1), “You seem pretty cool” (Part 2)
  6. “Stop being grumpy, I love you”
  8. “I really really love and appreciate you”
  9. “I’m so fucking sorry for letting you down”
  10. “Thank you so much for making my son happy”
  11. “Get your ass down here bc I miss you”
  12. “Aw, can we take naps together?”
  13. “Because I feel like she’s replacing me”
  14. “I just miss my baby a lot”
  15. “Do you want me to lie”
  16. “Oh wow you really don’t get it, do you?” (Part 1),“Wow you really are childish” (Part 2), “I fucked up, I know that” (Part 3, written form)
  17. “I’ll just have to deal with all the horny teens”
  18. “But minutes ago I was cheating on you”
  19. “Baby doll”
  20. “Don’t doubt yourself”
  21. “I’m the luckiest”
  22. Harry wants to surprise you
  23. You swoon over Harry pictures from the Dunkirk premiere
  24. Harry is doing promo in America but you want cuddles
  25. Harry went to the gym then took a picture with a fan and you drool over it
  26. You watch harry’s performance and tell him how proud you are of him
  27. Harry surprises you with a holiday and you surprise him with something else
  28. Harry regrets breaking up with you
  29. You drunk text Harry
  30. Harry joins you on your family holiday where he meets your family for the first time
  31. Harry is your boss and he asks you on a date 
  32. You tell Harry about the new addition to your guys’ family
  33. You show Harry the new bra you bought
  34. Harry is dating your older sister but drunk texts you
  35. Harry gushes over you at the premiere you attend
  36. You’re hinting that you’re pregnant but Harry’s in a meeting
  37. Harry is supposed to be away but he stayed and surprised you at your front door
  38. Harry and Liam got in a fight because he tells Harry he loves you and you find out through text
  39. Harry is your best friend and you went out clubbing where you both express how you feel towards each other
  40. Harry asks for nudes
  41. Harry is nervous to announce your kids that he’s going to be their stepfather
  42. Harry wants round two of your guys’ night before
  43. Harry’s in America and you see a picture of him with another woman
  44. You ask Harry for a nude
  45. You’re insecure about being plus size so you ask Harry why he’s with you
  46. Harry gets hard on stage when he sees you enjoying yourself


  1. You’re literally all I need
  2. “Promise ring”
  3. New York // Part 1Part 2
  4. Wedding in Hawaii // Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3


  1. “Well, u better do blondie. X”
  2. “I’m the nerd of the band”
  3. “I don’t think it works baby girl”
  4. “I wish I could cuddle you right now”
  5. “Please, don’t cry, princess”
  6. “So I’m letting you go”
  7. “Horan, chill your titties”
  8. “Your ass in my hands and your legs around my neck”
  9. “I don’t wanna see you” (Part 1),“You better not or I’ll mess your face up” (Part 2)
  10. “I’m not mad, don’t worry” (Part 1),“I wanted to cuddle and watch movies with you” (Part 2)
  11. “Get your shit together I’ll be there in 5″
  12. “I’m just a bit shocked”
  13. “I’m lucky to have you”
  14. Niall wants you back
  15. Niall wants to be more than friends


  1. “Sing your heart out, super star”
  2. “Been too long since I saw your handsome face”
  3. “I really need to see her”
  4. “Fuck you, Liam”
  5. “I’ll just break up with you now”
  6. “I don’t want to hear your voice right about now”
  7. “Can you please forgive me baby?”
  8. “Why would we get sued”
  9. “This is crucial for me to know because?”
  10. Liam and you react to each other’s shirtless pictures


  1. “Brother from another mother”
  2. “You my love are insatiable”
  3. “I take pinky promises very very seriously”
  4. “You honestly look fire baby girl”
  5. “The boys said I fancied you”
  6. “I’m buying you chocolate and giving you cuddles”
  7. “The love of my damn life cheated on me”


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Bucky x Reader

- More than friends

- Not knowing

- Memories

- Broken: Part 1, Part 2 ( completed )

- River of tears

- Sleeping in your arms

- The right one: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ( completed )

- What changed?

- Hurt: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 ( completed )

- Oblivious: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 ( completed )

- Let me love you: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (completed)

- Too late

- Someone from the past: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 ( completed)

- Second chance for a normal life: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 (completed)

- Torn apart: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 ( completed )

- The empty grave : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 ( completed )

- Before I go: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 ( completed )

- Did you break your hip?

- The game: Part 1, Part 2

- My love

Sebastian Stan x Reader

- Your imperfections

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Steve rogers x Reader

- Lost soul

- Buried

- Scared of hurting her

- Scared to be lonely

- Torn apart: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 ( completed )

- Carpe diem

Chris Evans x Reader

- Is it too late to try again?

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Tony Stark x Reader

- The right one: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ( completed )

- Gone: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ( completed )

Originally posted by claracivry

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

- The forgotten: Part 1, Part 2 ( completed )

- Regret

- River of tears

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Peter Maximoff x Reader

- I’m sorry

- The mysterious girl: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 ( completed )

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Peter Parker x Reader

- Happy birthday

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Donald Pierce x Reader

- Try to change the future: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 ( completed )

- When you sleep

- My army

- Maybe

- My legacy

- I can protect you

- Trust me

- Eden

- Who we were: Part 1, Part 2 ( completed )

- The final act

- Bad day

- Ashes: Part 1, Part 2 ( completed )

- Be careful

- Memories

- You are not scary

- Mutant and proud

- Make them proud

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Bruce Banner x Reader

- Who’s the kid? (Reader-daughter)

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Scott Lang x Reaer

Chocolate muffin

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Ajax x Reader

- Escape


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Jerome Valeska x Reader

- I promise: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ( completed )

- Not interested: Part 1, Part 2 ( completed )


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Hvitserk x Reader, Ivar x Reader

- More than friends: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8  ( completed )

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I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

Keep reading

On Thin Ice *Part 2*

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Gif isn’t mine

IM SCREAMING !!!! You guys totally loved the first part of On Thin Ice, and, as I promised, here is part 2 on Valentine’s day! Hope you guys like this one as much as the first part :)

Summary: After running from the ice rink, Newt comes after you to see why you left in tears.

Warnings: A little bit of angst in the beginning, mentions of blood.

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

DO NOT post this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Reblogs are fine

For anyone who hasn’t read the first part, here’s part 1

Enjoy !!! 


It was frigid outside. You were running against the wind, tears streaming down your face. This just wasn’t your night at all. You really thought you could just let go of your feelings for Newt for one night and have some fun, but it seemed that luck wasn’t on your side tonight.

You continued running until you reached the front of the Goldstein’s apartment complex. You yanked open the doors and ran up the steps towards their apartment, your elbows stinging on the way. Once you were there, you rushed to the bathroom, searching for the first aid kit. You opened the cabinet and came face to face with a little box that read ‘First aid kit’. Pulling it out, you set it down and opened it, grabbing bandages and alcohol pads to clean your elbows. God, this was gonna hurt.

Unbeknownst to you, Newt was already on his way to the apartment. He noticed you leave last second and stopped skating with Tina to ask Queenie and Jacob why you had left so quickly. They both explained that you had fallen onto your elbows and that you were hurt. Once Newt heard this, he immediately took off his skates and put on his shoes so he could go and see if you were ok. He couldn’t bear to think of how badly you might be hurting now. 

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, you had just washed your hands to get rid of the dry blood. You dried your hands and picked up one of the alcohol pad packets. This was going to sting… A lot. There is a way you could heal them with magic, but you couldn’t remember how to, so this was the only way to go. Opening the packet, you pulled out the pad and slowly applied it to your elbow. You gave a loud hiss when you felt a terrible stinging sensation. Tears started to spring in your eyes again. Had you really fallen that hard?

All of a sudden, the sound of a door banging open and footsteps could be heard in the room. You jumped and tried to close the bathroom door, but it was too late. Newt was already in front of the bathroom, pushing the door open and looking at the scene in front of him. 

He stood there for a second, staring at your disheveled state.“Merlin’s beard Y/n, have you been crying?” Newt looked at your puffy eyes. You lowered your head so he wouldn’t be able to see your face. His gaze then traveled to your scraped elbows.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” He came closer to you to inspect the damage. You immediately shrunk back and tried to hide your arms away from him, hissing once again when you accidentally rubbed the alcohol pad against the torn skin.

“Wait here, I have something in my case that will help to heal you up.” He slowly took the alcohol pad away from you and packed up the first aid kit. Once he had the kit back in the cabinet, he ran out of the bathroom and into his case. 

Newt came back a little bit later with a jar that had a strange green paste in it. You sat on the toilet and looked down, still avoiding his gaze.

He lifted your chin and examined your face. Your lips were trembling and your eyes were still red and puffy from before. Newt set down the jar and took off his coat, wrapping it around you.

“Newt, no, you don’t have to-”

“No, I insist. You must have been freezing, running away so fast. Now, let’s take a look at your arms.” He took your hand and slowly stretched out your arm. You grit your teeth and clenched your fist. Realizing that you were hurting, he started to rub small circles with his thumb onto the back of your hand. 

Newt took the jar from the counter and opened it up, taking some of the paste onto his hand. He then continued to take your arm and rub the strange green paste onto your elbow. There was a little tingling sensation that soon went away, leaving a cool bliss in it’s wake.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” Newt asked. You were really hoping he wouldn’t ask this question again, but now it seems like you’ll have to answer him.

“I didn’t want to ruin your fun. You seemed to be having a really good time with Tina.” You glanced up at Newt to see what his reaction would be.

His eyes were narrowed in confusion. “Y/n, you wouldn’t have ruined anything for me. You were hurt, and I should’ve been there to walk you back.” Newt took your other arm and stretched it out. He then started to rub some more of that green paste onto your elbow.

“Well, I would’ve messed up a special moment for you and Tina. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of what you guys have.” Newt stopped rubbing to look at you. You’re eyes were downcast again.

“What we have? Do you think… Do you think I fancy her?”

You didn’t respond to that. Instead, you hung your head even lower, your hair covering your face.

“I don’t… I only see Tina as a friend. Besides, how could I have feelings for her when I have the most beautiful girl right in front of me?”

Your head shot up when he said this. Newt was looking at you with such intensity you could almost melt on the spot.

“I… What? Are you talking about me?” You asked.

“There’s no one else in front of me, darling.” 

You smiled. You felt your heart explode with happiness and you couldn’t help but giggle from all of the emotions brewing inside of you now. Newt smiled back at you and gently kissed your forehead. 

“So, you really like me?”

“Yes, in fact, I’ve fancied you for a while now, but you haven’t noticed.” A slight blush crept up Newt’s cheeks. You couldn’t help but giggle once more. 

“Well, I’m sure I fancy you too Mr. Scamander.” You leaned forward and kissed his cheek. He smiled and pecked your nose.

Newt stood up and rinsed off his hands in the sink. He then looked back at you and extended his hand.

“Come, I have a present for you.”

You put your hand into Newt’s and he pulled you up from your seat. He led you out of the bathroom and into the guest room the both of you had been sleeping in.

He let go of your hand and walked over to his bed. Stooping down, he looked under the bed and grabbed something. He stood back up and walked over to you, hands behind his back.

Once he was in front of you, he took his hands from behind his back and showed you what he was hiding. In his hands was a small brown box with a silver bow loosely wrapped around it.

“I didn’t really know how to wrap the bow around the gift the proper way, so it looks a little lazy.”

You chuckled. “It’s ok, I like it.” Gently, you took the gift from Newt, surprised at how light it was. 

You untied the bow from the gift and opened the box. There, in the box, was a ticket for a boat trip to Spain.

“I know we finished writing the book together, but I want to travel with you more. And now that we know of each other’s feelings… Will you be mine Y/n?”

You laughed and wrapped your arms around Newt’s neck, bringing him in for a hug. He put his hands on the small of your back and hugged you back.

“I’d love to travel with you once again, Newt. And I’d also love to be all yours, If you agree to be mine.”

Newt broke away from the hug, his hands still on your shoulders. He then pulled you in for a sweet and gentle kiss. 

Pulling away, he looked at you and smiled. 

“Of course, darling.”


This is short but so sweet and honestly I could not be happier with the outcome of this story 

Please leave feedback and let me know what y’all think

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