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And, as promised, here is part 2 of my #fanartfriday that I’m posting on a Saturday!! You all were so incredibly talented, I had to double post!!! Love you all so much for these!! Tap the pic on my Insta to check out the artists!!

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Change Your Mind || Part 2

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // (childhoodFriend!AU)

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 6334

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Warnings: alcohol, fingering, & blowjob

A/N: i can officially declare that this series is the most basic thing i have ever written.

The next day comes by within a dream and the second sunlight rolls past the window pane of the kitchen Jimin calls you and proposes that you three hit the club for once instead of staying locked in his room to engage in more mindless video game playing. The thought of sweaty bodies drunkenly bumping into one another on the dance floor near other couples whose lips are attached makes you cringe. You would rather be lounging in the comfort of your cozy apartment while binge watching your new favorite show on Netflix, but Jungkook’s child like begs through the telephone line makes you give in.

That’s the first you exchange words with Jimin since you stepped foot out of his house. Last night when you bursted through the door, face too pink and being too flustered. He was confused and spammed your phone, but you ignored every second of it. You then realized how much of a kid you were acting so you finally picked up this morning.

You spend your day binge watching that show, losing track of time and is left with a mere twenty minutes to get ready. You change out of your grey sweats and white shirt and hop into a little black dress that rests right above your knee, hugging your figure as if it is made for you. After the swish of your waterproof mascara that follows the whole makeup routine, Jimin calls you to let you know that they’re both outside your apartment. You hear the constant blare of the car honk that is capable of leaving your neighbors bitter. Grabbing your bag and slipping on your pair of nude heels, you shut the door and see their smug grins plastered on their faces. Jungkook is still pressing the honk with a grin and you slide inside their vehicle in hopes of them stopping. Luckily, they do and he manages to press the metal to the pedal and bounce the moment one of the neighbors step out of their own apartment.

After you greet them with an awkward ‘hello’ and a forced tug of your lips, you scoot yourself to the very right corner of the backseat and divert your attention out the window, gawking at the city lights that illuminate the shadows of the night. The pleasing sound of the car radio is broken after ten minutes when Jimin clears his throat. “So-” he locks gazes with yours from the side mirror- “you still never answered my question from last night.”

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Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [4/∞]

ST☆RISH Meets Pen Lights (part 1) - 4th Stage Talk Corner

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Coran Icons Pt 2. (Pt. 1) from “Across The Universe” vlds2 ep1

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So i decided to make a masterlist i’ll try to keep it updated!

If the links don’t work feel free to tell me.

Daryl Dixon  x reader.

He grew on me.

I promise.

Secret spark: part 1 , part 2. (Finished)



Kiss me.


Teddy Bear.

Crossbow Teacher.

Don’t destract me.

Dance with me.

Awkward prank.

Smile. part 2.



Don’t touch her.

Scarface: part 1, part 2, part 3. (Finished)

Imuume. (Part 2 coming soon.)

Drawing, part 2.

Goodbye. (Very very very short)

Cherry tree. Part 2.

Fear of thunder.

You’re gonna miss me when i’m gone.


Fixing bikes.

I like you, okay?!

Protect you.

Please forgive me.

Merle dixon x reader.

Don’t worry. (Small Daryl x reader.)

Carl Grimes x reader.

Stay away from her!

Daryl dixon x oc.

The death of me.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Much love! :D

Also don’t be afraid to request!

I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

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On Thin Ice *Part 2*

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Gif isn’t mine

IM SCREAMING !!!! You guys totally loved the first part of On Thin Ice, and, as I promised, here is part 2 on Valentine’s day! Hope you guys like this one as much as the first part :)

Summary: After running from the ice rink, Newt comes after you to see why you left in tears.

Warnings: A little bit of angst in the beginning, mentions of blood.

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

DO NOT post this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Reblogs are fine

For anyone who hasn’t read the first part, here’s part 1

Enjoy !!! 


It was frigid outside. You were running against the wind, tears streaming down your face. This just wasn’t your night at all. You really thought you could just let go of your feelings for Newt for one night and have some fun, but it seemed that luck wasn’t on your side tonight.

You continued running until you reached the front of the Goldstein’s apartment complex. You yanked open the doors and ran up the steps towards their apartment, your elbows stinging on the way. Once you were there, you rushed to the bathroom, searching for the first aid kit. You opened the cabinet and came face to face with a little box that read ‘First aid kit’. Pulling it out, you set it down and opened it, grabbing bandages and alcohol pads to clean your elbows. God, this was gonna hurt.

Unbeknownst to you, Newt was already on his way to the apartment. He noticed you leave last second and stopped skating with Tina to ask Queenie and Jacob why you had left so quickly. They both explained that you had fallen onto your elbows and that you were hurt. Once Newt heard this, he immediately took off his skates and put on his shoes so he could go and see if you were ok. He couldn’t bear to think of how badly you might be hurting now. 

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, you had just washed your hands to get rid of the dry blood. You dried your hands and picked up one of the alcohol pad packets. This was going to sting… A lot. There is a way you could heal them with magic, but you couldn’t remember how to, so this was the only way to go. Opening the packet, you pulled out the pad and slowly applied it to your elbow. You gave a loud hiss when you felt a terrible stinging sensation. Tears started to spring in your eyes again. Had you really fallen that hard?

All of a sudden, the sound of a door banging open and footsteps could be heard in the room. You jumped and tried to close the bathroom door, but it was too late. Newt was already in front of the bathroom, pushing the door open and looking at the scene in front of him. 

He stood there for a second, staring at your disheveled state.“Merlin’s beard Y/n, have you been crying?” Newt looked at your puffy eyes. You lowered your head so he wouldn’t be able to see your face. His gaze then traveled to your scraped elbows.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” He came closer to you to inspect the damage. You immediately shrunk back and tried to hide your arms away from him, hissing once again when you accidentally rubbed the alcohol pad against the torn skin.

“Wait here, I have something in my case that will help to heal you up.” He slowly took the alcohol pad away from you and packed up the first aid kit. Once he had the kit back in the cabinet, he ran out of the bathroom and into his case. 

Newt came back a little bit later with a jar that had a strange green paste in it. You sat on the toilet and looked down, still avoiding his gaze.

He lifted your chin and examined your face. Your lips were trembling and your eyes were still red and puffy from before. Newt set down the jar and took off his coat, wrapping it around you.

“Newt, no, you don’t have to-”

“No, I insist. You must have been freezing, running away so fast. Now, let’s take a look at your arms.” He took your hand and slowly stretched out your arm. You grit your teeth and clenched your fist. Realizing that you were hurting, he started to rub small circles with his thumb onto the back of your hand. 

Newt took the jar from the counter and opened it up, taking some of the paste onto his hand. He then continued to take your arm and rub the strange green paste onto your elbow. There was a little tingling sensation that soon went away, leaving a cool bliss in it’s wake.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” Newt asked. You were really hoping he wouldn’t ask this question again, but now it seems like you’ll have to answer him.

“I didn’t want to ruin your fun. You seemed to be having a really good time with Tina.” You glanced up at Newt to see what his reaction would be.

His eyes were narrowed in confusion. “Y/n, you wouldn’t have ruined anything for me. You were hurt, and I should’ve been there to walk you back.” Newt took your other arm and stretched it out. He then started to rub some more of that green paste onto your elbow.

“Well, I would’ve messed up a special moment for you and Tina. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of what you guys have.” Newt stopped rubbing to look at you. You’re eyes were downcast again.

“What we have? Do you think… Do you think I fancy her?”

You didn’t respond to that. Instead, you hung your head even lower, your hair covering your face.

“I don’t… I only see Tina as a friend. Besides, how could I have feelings for her when I have the most beautiful girl right in front of me?”

Your head shot up when he said this. Newt was looking at you with such intensity you could almost melt on the spot.

“I… What? Are you talking about me?” You asked.

“There’s no one else in front of me, darling.” 

You smiled. You felt your heart explode with happiness and you couldn’t help but giggle from all of the emotions brewing inside of you now. Newt smiled back at you and gently kissed your forehead. 

“So, you really like me?”

“Yes, in fact, I’ve fancied you for a while now, but you haven’t noticed.” A slight blush crept up Newt’s cheeks. You couldn’t help but giggle once more. 

“Well, I’m sure I fancy you too Mr. Scamander.” You leaned forward and kissed his cheek. He smiled and pecked your nose.

Newt stood up and rinsed off his hands in the sink. He then looked back at you and extended his hand.

“Come, I have a present for you.”

You put your hand into Newt’s and he pulled you up from your seat. He led you out of the bathroom and into the guest room the both of you had been sleeping in.

He let go of your hand and walked over to his bed. Stooping down, he looked under the bed and grabbed something. He stood back up and walked over to you, hands behind his back.

Once he was in front of you, he took his hands from behind his back and showed you what he was hiding. In his hands was a small brown box with a silver bow loosely wrapped around it.

“I didn’t really know how to wrap the bow around the gift the proper way, so it looks a little lazy.”

You chuckled. “It’s ok, I like it.” Gently, you took the gift from Newt, surprised at how light it was. 

You untied the bow from the gift and opened the box. There, in the box, was a ticket for a boat trip to Spain.

“I know we finished writing the book together, but I want to travel with you more. And now that we know of each other’s feelings… Will you be mine Y/n?”

You laughed and wrapped your arms around Newt’s neck, bringing him in for a hug. He put his hands on the small of your back and hugged you back.

“I’d love to travel with you once again, Newt. And I’d also love to be all yours, If you agree to be mine.”

Newt broke away from the hug, his hands still on your shoulders. He then pulled you in for a sweet and gentle kiss. 

Pulling away, he looked at you and smiled. 

“Of course, darling.”


This is short but so sweet and honestly I could not be happier with the outcome of this story 

Please leave feedback and let me know what y’all think

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36 Part 3 (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Well here it is! This part was a lot longer than I was expecting it to be but I’m super excited for everyone to read it :) If you have any feedback or more requests, please let me know! :) I will try to get through more writing but with school picking up I make no promises, except to do my best :)

Part 1  Part 2 


After you had left, Lin looked at the time to see that it was barely 6:30am. Not knowing what else to do, he hopped in the shower to try and clear his foggy mind. A few hours ago he was certain that he had ruined everything. He had wanted to call you immediately and apologize, knowing that it would be more effective than running out after you and trying to find you by sheer will. It was then that he had noticed that you had left your phone behind, and there was no way to contact you. Lin panicked, and he prayed with everything he had that you wouldn’t get hurt. Well, more hurt than what he had already caused.

He mentally kicked himself for not realizing sooner what he was doing. Of course this musical was incredibly important to him, and Alex and Tommy were getting on his case now more than ever to finish writing, but he had let you slip through his fingers as a result. He had neglected you, and you had blamed yourself. He couldn’t help but remember your last words to him before you left.

“Well then please forgive me for wanting to be enough for my husband.”

In his eyes, you were more than enough. God you were everything. But his ignorance had made you believe that you weren’t as incredible as he knew you were.

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Unplanned Parenthood

* Lafayette × Reader

* Modern

* 59: He’s missing, not dead.

* 97: I don’t want to have a baby.

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: I was wondering if you could do one where the reader finds out shoes pregnant (97) and the father is missing (59) so the other hamilsquad members have to help her through it. The ending and what hamilsquad member to have go missing are up to you.

A/N: THERE WILL BE A PART 2! Ok, so I was working on this and I had like 5,000 words already and it wasn’t even finished. I decided I’d split it into two parts. Hopefully I’ll finish part 2 tomorrow, but I make no promises. But enjoy Part 1!

Word Count: 2,505


“I’m gonna miss you.” You mumbled as you cuddled up to Lafayette. He was set to head back to France for a few weeks. So here you laid, with your head on his chest the night before he left.

“I’ll miss you too mon cheri.” He said in a hushed whisper. His arm was wrapped around you and his fingers were tracing random lines in your back, soothing you and pulling you to sleep. He pressed a kiss to your forehead. “But I will be home in a few weeks.” He reassured you.

You snuggled a bit closer. “You better.” You warned.

Lafayette had an early flight. Horribly early in your opinion. You held him as he waited for his cab to take him to the airport. He gave you a long kiss when the cab pulled up. “I’ll be back soon mon amour.” Another kiss and he was gone.

You moped around for a bit. You retrieved one of Lafayette’s jackets from your closet and put it on for some small comfort. You poured yourself some cereal but more so pushed it around with a spoon rather than eat it. You still had some when another roommate, John, trudged out from his room an hour later.

He paused when he saw you. He squinted slightly in confusion. “Laf already gone?” He asked, to which you nodded. “Oh hey, can I suggest something?”

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PART 1/??

College AU: botany student naru and gaara + literature student sasu

aaadsajhdgshagdas thanks for sharing your AU HCs @ananasomania  you are awesome and it’s a promise i will draw gaara + cacti on part 2!! (part 1 where he convinces naru to buy another cacti lmaoo)

Auston Matthews #1.5

Hi guys! This is the last part of the original drabble. This is finally coming to an end… but there are more Auston to come, I promise! :) Enjoy!!

Links for parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Word count: 1, 178

Originally posted by zetterbabe

Here’s an advice for everyone: if you decide to follow your heart, stand by your choice and never second-guess anything else. Buy the game ticket, book the flight, check-in at the hotel. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an unfamiliar city or you’re not even telling him you’re watching his game… just go. Do it for love or whatever. Don’t forget: second guessing yourself will be detrimental to everything.

If only you practiced what you preach then you wouldn’t be stranded in the middle of Pearson International Airport with just two hours before the game starts, looking like a lost little girl. You don’t even know how far the arena is from the airport. God, you’re going to be late, Auston won’t see you and then you’ll have to tell him through text that you’re actually in Toronto right now.

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Switched [c.h.] // pt.2

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,993

wow this took forever to write god im sorry,,, just a lot has been going on

150 notes and ill write another part? is that possible friends? idk im gonna write a part 3 anyways im not stupid

requests are always open! hope you enjoy xx

in case you missed part one you can find it here

Sitting there, staring at his best friend and scared to try and say a word to him, Michael watched Calum pace around the room rambling about how his life was going to be over.

“She’s gonna be a freshmen and orientation ends tomorrow and how the fuck am I supposed to figure out who she is, track her down, and get my book back. What if it wasn’t even hers? What if it was her friend’s and she was just holding it for her and the slim chance that I do run into her, she doesn’t have the book on her because she had given it back to her friend and she’s already gone? What am I going to do then?”

Calum, for the first time in what seemed like an hour to Michael, had shut his mouth, so Michael took the initiative to speak. But right when he opened his mouth, Calum was hit with another wave of anxiety and frustration, and continued with his little spiel. “It’s not like I can just—”

“Calum, would you just sit down and shut the fuck up?” Michael said, interrupting him and nearly shouting to catch his attention.

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The Snowball part 7

I am late with an update again, sorry! I’m trying, I promise xx

Part 1  Part 2  Part  3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Tamlin was ever so apologetic about the table incident, which was never mentioned again, although new presents would arrive daily. One morning it would be paints, the next a pretty dress, new shoes, a painting. Whatever Tamlin thought would win back Feyre’s affection. Christmas passed with even more expensive gifts heaped upon Feyre, but the gifts that had meant the most to her had been on Christmas Eve after finishing her shift at Mor’s.

Mor had invited her friends around to close the shop early and have what she called a ‘family’ dinner. Feyre sat in between Amren and Mor, and opposite Rhys. She had managed to make Amren laugh which Feyre considered a great feat, and teamed up with Cassian to tease Rhys for most of the night. Rhys pretended to be offended, but Feyre could tell he was secretly pleased that she was getting along with his friends.

After dinner they had brought out presents which surprised Feyre, as she had not gotten anyone a gift, besides Mor for employing her. Feyre had painted for her the dark interior of the shop with snow falling softly outside the window as people crowded to get in. Mor had hugged Feyre and proudly hung up the painting on the wall behind the counter.

To Feyre’s horror, the gang had all gotten her a present each.

“But I don’t have anything for you.” She said sadly.

“We didn’t expect it of you, but we wanted to show you that you’re one of us now.” Cassian smirked, while pushing his box closer so she would open it first.

A bit timidly, Feyre unwrapped a pair of boxing gloves. She held them up quizzically.

“But I don’t know how to box.”

“That’s why I’m going to teach you.” Cassian beamed.

“Cass is a personal trainer, one of the best really.” Mor offered.

Feyre cast a suspicious look at Rhys who had his head down studiously staring into his coffee that Feyre had made for him. She couldn’t help but wonder if he hadn’t entirely bought her stories about the bruise on her leg, the stories she came up with for the new ones on her arms.

Next Feyre unwrapped a beautiful necklace from Amren. It was a silver chain with dozens of small diamonds suspended from it, twinkling like tiny stars as they caught the light. Somehow, the necklace meant more to her than all the expensive jewellery that Tamlin had bought for her. Then Feyre felt bad for not appreciating his thoughtful gifts as much as the people Feyre had barely known for a few months.

“Do you not like it Feyre? I knew I should have gone for the blood red rubies.”

“No! It’s not that at all. Actually would you help me put it on now?” Feyre rushed to reassure her.

Amren slid the cool chain around Feyre’s exposed neck. The necklace hung just above the neckline of her black dress, with some of the lower diamonds drawing attention to how low cut her dress was. When Feyre looked up from admiring it, she found Rhys staring intensely at her.

Azriel coughed pointedly, while side eyeing Rhys with amusement, before handing Feyre a small package. Feyre opened it, trying to shake off the feeling of Rhys’s gaze on her, to discover a small book. 'The Little Prince’. Feyre ran her hands over the cover in wonder.

“Rhys told me how well you’re doing with your reading now, so I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to give you your first book.” Azriel said, looking like he wanted nothing more than to disappear into the dark shadows of the shop.

“Thank you. I love it! I’ll go home and read it tonight.” Feyre promised.

She saw the tension leave Azriel’s shoulders as he offered her a shy smile.

“Alright, my turn, my turn!” Mor yelled as she shoved another hastily wrapped package into Feyre’s hands. “Az and I were talking about what to get you when he rudely stole my idea.” Mor glared at Azriel who merely shrugged.

“You know mine is the better book.” He said, his eyes lighting up with a twinkle that Feyre was beginning to recognise only appeared when he was around Mor.

Feyre laughed as she saw the book Mor had given her, 'How To Make Coffee, For Dummies’.

“I think Feyre makes coffee just fine.” Rhys offered, only to be shot down by Amren who claimed she would rather drink cyanide than whatever Feyre made for Rhys.

“Rhys just likes to prove how big and tough he is by drinking terrible coffee.” Cassian laughed.

Despite their taunts Feyre laughed as well, knowing it meant that they accepted her and teased her as one of their own. Besides, Feyre made all their coffees for them now and had never had a complaint other then when she was experimenting.

“Come on Rhys, show Feyre what you’ve got for her!” Mor said, buzzing with excitement.

Wariness crept in as Rhys held out a piece of paper for Feyre. She reached for it, briefly brushing her hand along Rhys’s as she grabbed it. Feyre felt the eyes of everyone on her as she opened a letter. A letter from the most prestigious art academy in town. With shaking hands Feyre read through it.

“They… want to give me a scholarship. Why? How?” Feyre looked at Rhys in confusion.

Rhys gave her an embarrassed smile before saying, “I have a friend of a friend that works there. I might have mentioned you to him, how hard you work at the store, in our reading lessons, and of course what an astounding artist you are. He said he would love to meet you and that there would be a position for you there next year… if that’s what you wanted.”

“He was gloating about you basically.” Cassian said impishly.

“When isn’t he?” Amren added.

Feyre could only make an odd choking noise as she tried to comprehend what this could mean for her. Abruptly she stood from the table, causing everyone else to jump up as well. Before she could stop herself, Feyre had crossed the room to fling herself into Rhys’s arms. At first Rhys seemed shocked to have a sobbing Feyre holding him, before he returned her hug tentatively.

“Arrogant prick. Always has to show up everyone else’s presents.” Mor said to Azriel who nodded in agreement.

In the end, Feyre hugged everyone else too, in thanks for their presents, and not at all because she was embarrassed to have hugged Rhys in front of them all.

A few hours later Feyre said goodbye as she noticed Lucien’s car pull up. Near the door Rhys pulled her aside.

“Feyre, I just want you to know that if you ever need me, or are scared, please call me.” Rhys eyed the bruises on her arms and Feyre shifted so they were less visible. “I won’t ask questions. Not if you don’t want me to. I’ll be happy just knowing you’re safe. You have my number still?”

Feyre’s mind flashed back to when she had first met Rhys after she had hit him with a snowball, and he had handed her a piece of paper with his number. She still had it stashed in her underwear drawer so it wouldn’t be found. She nodded at his insistent look, just as Cassian drunkenly called out.

“Looks like someone’s standing under some mistletoe!”

Feyre in horror looked up at the same time as Rhys to find Mor had indeed placed some mistletoe above the door. Rhys flashed a menacing warning glare at Cassian, but it was too late. Feyre had already fled the shop.

“Fun party?” Lucien asked in amusement at seeing her red face.

“Great.” Feyre replied glumly.

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted to go.” He laughed.

With Tamlin not coming home until much later that night, Feyre had asked Lucien to take her to a ’work’ party. Lucien had agreed saying that it was Christmas and he was feeling generous, but warned her about not letting Tamlin know.

Lucien glanced at the presents clutched to her chest protectively, but thankfully didn’t ask Feyre what she had been given.

When they arrived home, Feyre groaned seeing the house lights were already on.

“Have fun kiddo. Merry Christmas!” Lucien saluted her, leaving for his own house.

“Coward.” Feyre muttered to his back.

Inside, Feyre found the living room lights and television on, but Tamlin was no where to be found.

“Tam?” Feyre called out.

A scuffling noise from her bedroom led her down the halls to cautiously peer into her room. Tamlin was sitting on her bed, a broken phone on the ground at his feet.

“What’s wrong?” Feyre asked in concern.

She breezed into the room to kneel before him so she could see into his face better. Tamlin flinched when she came near, looking down on her with a look of betrayal. Unease clenched Feyre’s stomach tight when she noticed a piece of paper in his hands. From the way he clenched it Feyre couldn’t make out any words, but the corner of a star peeked out at her.

Feyre made to move away but it was too late as an iron grip crushed her wrist, anchoring her in front of Tamlin.

“Whose phone number were you hiding from me, darling?” The deadly tone of voice he used turned Feyre’s stomach over as she heard Rhys’s endearment for her.

“You went through my things?” Feyre demanded. Not just any things either, her underwear drawer where she thought she would at least have some privacy.

“Clearly I was right to. You’ve been hiding things from me Feyre. Whose number?”

Feyre panicked under the accusations. She futilely tried to tug out of Tamlin’s grip as tears sprang from her eyes under the bone cracking pressure he exerted onto her wrist.

Looking at the broken phone on the ground Feyre could already guess what had happened. Tired of waiting for an explanation, Tamlin answered for her.

“I wondered what my darling Feyre could ever be hiding from me. Surely nothing, I thought while dialling the number. Maybe your boss, or a work friend I thought so innocently. You can imagine my surprise when Rhysand answered.”

More tears fell down Feyre’s face but she wasn’t sure it was entirely because of pain now.

“I didn’t call or text him, I promise! Tam he just gave it to me the other day. It was silly of me to keep it. I’m sorry.”

A bit of pressure eased off her throbbing wrist.

“Then why hide it?”

“Because you and Lucien seemed to hate him so much. I knew you wouldn’t want me to have it.”

“Exactly, so why even bother keeping it?” Tamlin pushed.

Feyre shrugged.

Tamlin held out his hand. “Phone.” He demanded.

Wordlessly, Feyre handed it over. Tamlin scrolled through her recent texts, then her calls. Satisfied he returned it to her. That was when he noticed the gifts she had hastily flung onto the ground when she had run to him.

“What’s this?”

“I got invited to a work party and got a few presents.”

“Boxing gloves?” Tamlin held them up after releasing Feyre’s arm and going to inspect the items.

Gratefully, Feyre sunk to the ground clutching her arm.

“Feyre I have tolerated your little job but I think a boxing class is taking things too far. You could get hurt.”

Feyre almost laughed from the irony as she looked up from her already bruised wrist. She watched nervously as Tamlin looked over the other objects, mercifully not paying attention to the slip of paper announcing she had been offered a scholarship. She would have to break that to Tamlin somehow. When he turned his attention back to her, Feyre flinched and his face softened.

“Feyre, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. But you scared me. I thought you had been seeing other… men behind my back. Let’s just forget about this alright?”

Feyre nodded solemnly as Tamlin tore up the piece of paper with Rhy’s number on it.

Luckily Feyre was good at remembering numbers.

Part 2

Hoh boi, I’ve done it again, haven’t I!? You can blame @mx-perditus for this. As promised…

Insomnia part 2

Sportacus woke up first. Of cause he did, he was the health elf after all. He groaned slightly at the odd position he’d fallen asleep in, his spine making several painful popping sounds in protest. Rubbing sleepy eyes, the elf’s vision finally cleared and he finally remembered where he was. Oh no.
There, underneath him was a loudly snoring Robbie Rotten, drool dripping down from his slightly open mouth and collecting on his upper thigh. Anyone else would find it disgusting, but not Sportacus. He found it cute in fact. Ridiculously so. That’s when it hit him like a ton of bricks; he needed to think. It was no mystery that last night had escalated quickly, and although the elf had a better grip on how he felt about his villain now, he still needed to clear his head and focus on what he wanted to do. There was no way he was going to dive in head first and potentially break the other mans heart. He deserved better than that.
Using his hands on the arms of the chair as leverage, the elf lifted himself off the sleeping man, wincing at the spasms that shot through his legs. He needed to stretch out today for sure. Silently slipping over to the base of the ladder in the lair, Sportacus looked back once more at the soundly sleeping Robbie and smiled gently. At least there were no more nightmares…for now.

The ball room was bright and elegant, with tuxedo-clad waiters in posh succession slowly strolling around the beautifully decorated tables to ask the guests what they wanted. Robbie however ignored the extravagance that surrounded him. He didn’t care. All he was interested in was where Sportacus was. The elf had promised him a dance after all. As he sat at his table and leant on his open palm, checking his watch every 20 seconds, he’d just about given up hope all together. That was until he felt a gentle hand come to rest on his shoulder. Spinning around quickly, all the air left his lungs as he drank in the sight in front of him.
He was beautiful. Sportacus really was beautiful. His curled, blonde hair hung elegantly around his face, framing it as if he were a masterpiece of the modern world. Who was Robbie kidding, Sportacus WAS a work of art. Instead of the usual blue jumpsuit, the elf wore a perfectly fitting navy blue tuxedo, with small number tens printed all over his bow tie. His shoes were polished to an impossible shine and he smelled just like fresh baked cookies. God this was Rotten heaven!
He smiled gently at the seated man and offered his hand, which Robbie eagerly took a hold of. Before he knew it he was span around and pulled gently into the centre of the ball room. Everyone was staring, but for once Robbie didn’t care. The only set of eyes that he cared about were those piercing blue ones that were currently looking up at him with such love and delight.
The pianist in the corner began to play a gentle melody, and despite being the shorter of the pair, the elf lead Robbie in their waltz.
It was perfect. Everything was perfect. HE was perfect. Robbie genuinely felt like crying. He’d never been so happy in his entire life and he feared he never would be again. As he span Sportacus around on the spot, and watched the elf effortlessly danced to the music, he could only wonder how he’d been so lucky as to find such a perfect lover.
It’s at this point that the villain took control of their dance, tipping Sportacus back swiftly and leaning in close. Their faces slowly but surely began to move towards each other, with the elf’s delicious lips parted and inviting. Robbie’s heart skipped a beat as he moved closer…
And closer…

Robbie grumbled angrily and rubbed his forehead, turning away from the wall of his lair. So he’d been sleep walking? Huh, at least it was better than a nightmare. He walked over to his workbench and leant on it stiffly, replaying the dream over in his mind.
If hadn’t been real, had it? Obviously the dream wasn’t, but last night? Sportacus being here and chasing the darkness away?
He was so absorbed in his thought process that he didn’t notice his fridge, now put back together and put back in his place. Nor did he notice the lack of inventions lying on the floor for him to trip on that would tip him off to the reality of his experience.
What he did notice however, just by chance, was a patch of blue, black and white peeking out from behind his chair. Waking over slowly, Robbie realised with both joy and horror that it was in fact Sportacus’ hat, lying on the ground next to an all too familiar pair of light blue goggles.
He had been here.
Oh lord sportanerd had been there last night! It had happened! Robbie had allowed himself to open up to the elf and had kissed him and…oh god what had he done!?
He was the villain! That meant exclusively no being buddy buddy with the hero! Let alone falling i-
Was he IN LOVE with sportscus!? No, surely not! Robbie would finally admit to himself that he’d been feeling SOMETHING for the elf all this time, but was it really love, or was he just really lonely?
Wait a minute.
He was alone. Where was Sportacus? Why wasn’t he here and why had he left his hat and goggles behind? Was it…
Surely Sportacus wasn’t trying to get away from him? Was he really that desperate to escape that he had left a vital part of his hero ensemble behind in the rush? Was he…really that repulsive to the elf?
Robbie quickly sat on the floor beside his chair and stared into nothingness, too weak to stand anymore. Oh yeah, he hadn’t eaten in three days. That wasn’t the main priority right now however.
Robbie slowly reached for the hat and goggles and tentatively picked them up. Bringing them close to himself with a shaking hand, his vision began to blur as a few small tears stained into the blue fabric. Bringing it close to his face, Robbie began to sob even more as he noticed it smelled just like fresh baked cookies. If only the rest of the dream could come true…

Sportacus had spent the best part of the day pacing back and forth in his airship, trying to figure out what to do. His abcence in the town had not gone unnoticed however as he received a snow covered note from the mailbox way below.

You need to talk? I’m here!


The elf smiled warmly at the gesture, and once again threw his scarf around his neck. Grasping absentmindedly at the hook beside his bed, he soon noticed a stunning lack of his hat and goggles. He must have left them at Robbie’s! Oops. He’d have to pick them up when he went down to talk to him later. One way or another they were both getting an answer.
Slipping down his ladder calmly, the elf soon spotted Stephanie sat on a freshly cleared bench. It was a little impossible to miss her with her bright pink locks sat square in the middle of a winter white blanket after all.
Sportacus jogged over to her and greeted her warmly, electing not to sit down just in case he got a sudden burst of energy. Stephanie returned the warm greeting and passed the elf a warm flask of veggie soup, which Sportacus eagerly gulped down in a few seconds. He’d been too busy thinking to eat anything earlier. Not good.
“Are you ok, Sportacus?” Stephanie chirped, raising an eyebrow at the hero’s odd behaviour.
“Yes I am, thanks!” The elf replied happily, screwing the lid back on the flask and passing it back to the girl.
“Why do you ask?”
“Well it’s just…you’ve been nowhere in sight today! That’s not like you, y'know?” The girl admitted, sighing.
How would he even begin to approach the poor girl with this kind of problem? Oh, by the way I may or may not have ended up kissing the town villain yesterday. A lot. Why yes I do also realise that I’m the town hero! How was he supposed to word it gently!?
“Uhhh…you don’t have to tell me if you don’t wanna…” Stephanie mumbled, perplexed by the elf’s oddly conflicted expression.
“Ah, I’m sorry Stephanie. I’m just unsure of what to do about a situation I’m currently in.”
“No no! Don’t worry I shouldn’t pry!..hey, where’s your hat?”
“Oh,” Sportacus said suddenly, touching his exposed head,
“It’s probably in Robbie’s lair.”
Dead silence.
Oh no.
“Wait…is your situation to do with Robbie!?” The girl asked excitedly.
“No no no no!…well yes but-”
“Are you two TOGETHER!?” She gasped excitedly, jumping up from the bench.
“No! Well not yet-I mean! Ah! This is hard!”
The poor elf was flustered beyond belief. What a mess.
“Wait, it FINALLY happened!?” A third voice echoed from over the wall.
The pair turned to see Miss Busybody on her phone and staring at them from afar. Before either could say anything, she turned back to a phone call she’d been having and began to gossip loudly down the line.
“I knoooow! Finally! Sportacus and Mr Rotten!..Yes! I know it’s about time!..I told you!..Oh please, YOU owe ME!..I bet you they WOULD!..I don’t care I…”
The sound of her voice trailed off as she got further and further away. Oh boy, this would only end messily.
In the depths of his hopelessness, Sportacus was surprised to find a gentle hand resting on his arm.
“You know, it’s ok. If you like him and he likes you then it’ll work out. Just take it slow.”
“Thanks, Stephanie.” The elf smiled, genuinely appreciating her advise.
“Don’t worry about it! Besides, you’re not supposed to PLAN love. If it’s right, it’ll just happen.”
“You’re a good kid, your parents and uncle should be proud.”
She offered him a genuine smile before playfully smacking at his arm with her hand.
“Well what are you waiting for!? Go talk to him, and get your hat back in the process!” She said playfully, turning to run over to her now gathered group of friends.
“Yes, your ladyship!” Sportacus shot back, waving to the distant group before heading off in the direction of the bunker.

It was dark in the lair. Dark and cold. If only Sportacus knew where the light switch was. He wandered blindly into darkness, his hands outstretched and grasping to make sure he didn’t walk into a wall. His palm soon hit something fluffy, which turned out to be the orange chair in the middle of the room. The elf made sure that no cake or plate was hidden on the seat below before slowly collapsing. He needed to eat more today or he’d pass out.
Sitting in the chair and wondering what to do, the elf waited impatiently for his eyes to adjust to the light. When they did however, it wasn’t good enough, so he resorted to blindly calling out to his hidden villain.
“Robbie?” He whisper shouted, unsure if the other was asleep or not.
“Robbie, I can’t see anything, where are you?”
Still nothing.
“Are you asleep?”
Nothing. Or what he thought was nothing. His elf ears helped him to listen intently into the darkness, where he heard stifled breathing nearby. What troubled the elf was that the breathing sounded so tight and pained. What was wrong?
“Please Robbie, at least tell me how to turn the lights on so I can see.”
The sympathetic tone must have stirred something in the villain as within a few seconds, the lights flashed on, almost blinding the elf in the process.
“Thank you…where are you?”
The room was empty. He could see everything in the lair, but no Robbie. Had he managed to get out without him realising? Had he been there at all? Maybe the breathing was steam in the pipes above his head?
He was here. He just knew. The elf sat in the chair rigidly and hummed to himself in thought. Wondering what to say next.
“A..are you…ok?”
Nothing still.
“Is this about…you know.”
Even the breathing had stopped now.
“About…Last night?”
A pause.
“Do you…do I really mean that little to you?”
The voice sounded so broken. Oh god what had happened!?
“Oh no Robbie what’s wrong!?” Sportacus practically screamed, jumping up from the chair suddenly.
A dry, pained laugh. Mockingly sarcastic like a snake spitting venom.
“As if you care.”
“Of cause I do!”
“That why you left? Huh? No note, no goodbye.”
“That’s not-”
“I mean do I REALLY mean THAT little to you!? Really? Because I’d rather know and know now.”
“Robbie I…”
What could he say to that? He’d caused so much pain with his arrogance. The villain might have been spitting venom, but it was obvious that it was in an attempt to mask his pain.
No. He could not buckle now. Robbie needed his.
“I left because I was scared you would regret…this. I wanted to think about it properly so I wouldn’t break your and my heart.”
Silence again, for the longest time.
“Is that really why?”
“Of cause, Robbie. I care about you too much to lie to you.”
The lights suddenly shut off, leaving the elf in darkness once again. What was going on? What should he do? He was being genuine, but it wouldn’t mean anything if Robbie didn’t believe that.
Suddenly, the elf’s ears caught up to his brain, hearing quiet footsteps coming towards the chair from somewhere in the room. Sportacus braced himself for the worst but hoped for the best.
A sudden pressure on his lap, like someone was sat there. The elf instinctively brought his hands up and came to rest on the hidden persons hips. It felt weird to feel them shiver at the contact, but good.
Arms slowly slithered around his neck and slender fingers tangled themselves in the back of the elf’s hair. The hands were shaking violently, plainly displaying the fear and uncertainty that they felt. This would not do.
Suddenly, Sportacus pulled a now violently trembling Robbie into a hug, burying his face in the taller mans neck and holding him tight.
“I’m sorry Robbie. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left without warning.”
“Damn right.” Was the reply, but there was no malice in it.
Robbie sounded more so exhausted and worried than anything else, his mind on other things.
“Robbie, look at me please.” The elf murmured into the others neck.
As if by magic, the lights flickered on and they both squinted, before Sportacus took Robbie’s face in both of his hands and held on gently.
“I promise you, that I will never leave you without earning again, ok?”
“…Thank you.” His voice was broken. On the verge of tears.
“Please don’t cry, Robbie. It kills me to see you like this.”
The only reply was a tight hug. The villain buried his face into Sportacus’ chest and stayed there for a while, just coming to terms with everything that had transpired over the past few days.
Sportacus seemed to get an idea at that point and moved to stand up, causing Robbie to jump off his lap and stand up himself, awkwardly rubbing his hands together. The elf too those hands in his gently and lead his rotten man over to an empty part of the floor. Robbie was confused for a second before Sportacus began to hum an elvish tune. He began to gently move in time to the makeshift music and moved Robbie with him, obviously wanting to dance with the taller man.
Robbie’s heart skipped. This was just like the dream. His dream. His one and only desire. To be completely and utterly overjoyed with his elf. It was happening. Everything began to spin when Sportacus laid his head onto the other man’s chest gently, murmuring sweet nothings into his haphazardly buttoned waistcoat.
He could have stayed like this forever, but when Sportacus gave him that look, he couldn’t help but stop.
Taking control of the dance, he span the elf around and tipped him backwards, slowly leaning in. Sportacus in return slowly began to lean in too. Slowly but surely, they closed…the…gap.