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Could you make an art livestream sometime? I believe it would be really awesome and fun! :D

heya!! thank you for the suggestion! SO i actually used to do a regular livestream every saturday

i even have proof!

unfortunately, all of my work has to be done in giant high res as of right now, and my computer just can’t handle the amount of CPU running everything takes. it could for a while, but the big files just really take a toll on the poor thing

so for my PC’s sake, i’m gonna keep streams on the back burner for a while longer! they were super fun, so i’d love to start them back up sooner rather than later c:

actually…maybe i’ll try to test one out…SOON

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Hello! Do you have a destiel tag? What ships do you ship? Am I allowed to build a mental shrine for you? I love you! You’re so nice! Can I hug you, please? And can I give this cookie: 🍪 ? 😍😘♥❤💓💕💗💖💝💞💟💜💙💚💛

alright, this’s a doozy. i’ll answer as i go

  • i do have a destiel tag!
  • i only ship destiel, really. not much of a romantic but i did try!! i promise
  • a mental shrine has much easier upkeep than a real one. as long as you dust it regularly, i have no other qualms
  • thanks! hugs are totally cool give them all too me
  • this also applies to cookies. i’ve been trying to diet recently and after about a month i have subsequently given up so i’ll take every cookie ever
Wrecker | 02

word count: 1.274

genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, best friends w jikook, angst

A/N: This is a little bit short, and I promise the next part will be better ;) I hope you like it, thanks for reading loves ! x

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

All day I had been eating ice cream and watching drama’s like a real heartbroken hollywood girl. You know, every girl who broke her heart ( in movies ) eats ice cream and rolls herself in blankets in front of her drama’s, being emotional with thousand of tissues around her filled with her tears. And eventually they will have a friend coming around to cheer them up and everything would be alright again.
It wasn’t like that with me, I didn’t cry after that night Every passing day I kept thinking about how I should confront Jungkook when I see him again. Should I be angry? Should I tell I love him with my whole heart? Or should I just ignore him and let my heart suffer for who knows how long. People always say your first love will never be forgotten. Is it the same with one sided first loves?
Jimin had texted me to hang out, he wanted to catch pokemons. But I wasn’t in the mood, so he barged in  to my home.
He was always awkward at these times, but he knew how to comfort people.
“ Do you want to eat some ramyun? Oh, I can make some kimchi ramyun right now if you want.”
“ No thank you chim, I ate too much ice cream already. You can eat some ramyun if you want.” I stared at my window, I really wanted to do nothing. The fact that I was heartbroken over Jungkook was too much for me. I didn’t even knew I loved him so much, it was too much for me to handle. And with Jimin being here, I wasn’t even a good friend to him. He is always so sweet and caring and all I’m doing here is mocking over a boy who doesn’t love me back.
“ Y/N you don’t have to worry about me. I’m happy I can be here with you, we can watch a movie and order some pizza, you like pizza right? It will be another y/n&jimin night.”
“ Yeah, let’s do that.” I said.

I don’t know what was going on. Y/N was mad at me for I don’t know what for reason. Jimin didn’t want to catch pokemons with me nor talk to me. Was I just blind or did no one want to tell me what was going on. Last friday I was fucking a girl and y/n walked in on us. She ran away and we hadn’t spoke in like days. I asked Jimin that night what was going on and he just said I was a stupid muscle pig.
Did y/n like me or something? Or did Jimin like y/n? Or both maybe? I don’t know.
I hadn’t talk to both of them and I felt pretty lonely. Most of the time we were always together with at least one of us three. I really wanted to know what I had done.
I decided to text Jimin, he couldn’t stay mad at me for so long right?

2:43 pm  Me: Jimin hyung

What? Did he just scot me? That was nothing for Jimin.

2:46 pm  Me: Jimin hyung, don’t ignore me pleaseeeeee. Why are you and y/n mad at me?
2:46 pm  Small hyung: Are you that dumb?
2:47 pm  Me: Huh???????
2:47 pm  Small hyung: Don’t you know?
2:47 pm  Me: What should I know?
2:47 pm  Me: What is going on?
2:48 pm  Small hyung: Y/N likes you dumbass. You broke her heart when she saw you fucking a                        uni slut. I know you don’t have feelings for her, but you should at least talk to her.
2:49 pm  Small hyung: Why didn’t you text her after friday. You were silent for a fucking week. She is really upset even she knows she shouldn’t be.

Did y/n really like me?
Ugh, I’m such a jerk as always. Why did I even fuck a girl on a party y/n brought me to. She probably thinks I am a horrible person now. I did have a feeling she was into me, but I didn’t think it was more than a crush. I used to like her, the first day I met she was a new kind of girl to me. But when we became best friends I brushed those feelings of me quickly.
Should I go to her like Jimin said? Should I talk to her? But why would I exactly, what should I say?
Sorry I fucked a random girl in front of your eyes? Sorry I hurt your feelings?
I really didn’t know. Jimin was right, I’m one of a kind dumbass.

The bell door rang, who could it be beside Jimin who was already in my house. Jimin walked to the door and opened it.
He was there, right in front of the door. Why did he came to me?
“ Jungkook?” I asked with a broken voice.
“ Y/N, I’m so sorry for everything I did. Please don’t see me like that way, I’m not what you think I am.”
How could he even know what I was thinking. My brain said I should just kick him out and never see him and move on. But my heart wanted to know what he had to say. Why was I such a sucker for Jungkook.
“ Why are you here Jungkook?”
“ I want to tell you maybe the feelings aren’t one sided. I don’t know what I am feeling, but we can figure this out together. I know you like me, and we can make this work y/n. I know I fucked up, but I promise I won’t hurt you again like this.”
My brain went dizzy, everything to much to take in. He had feelings for me? Did he just say he wanted to try a relationship with me? Or was I just expecting to much again. I didn’t know if I should give in, risking my heart to be hurt again.
“ Y/N I’m going to give you some time to talk, I see you later.” Jimin said walking out the door.

Jungkook sat beside me on the couch. I looked horrible and there were ice cream pots everywhere.
“ I don’t know what I should say to be honest. Where did this confession came from Jungkook? Why would you only tell me now when I’m broken?”
“ I don’t know y/n, maybe I never knew how much you meant to me. But what I know is that I shouldn’t let you go. I know we are best friends, and maybe this will destroy everything we had. But  I want you as my girlfriend y/n, I don’t want to be your best friend anymore. I want to be your boyfriend.”
And once more I was shocked by his confession. He did ask me to be his girlfriend. But he just fucked some random girl friday. So why should I believe him if he said he liked me.
“ Jungkook, you don’t know how I feel, you shouldn’t say some random shit like this to me.”
“ I’m not just saying random shit y/n, I promise.”
I promise
“ Do you really like me Jungkook? You are not just saying this out of pity for me right?”
“ I know I like you y/n, we just have to work this out.”
What should I say? Yes or no or maybe?
“ I don’t know Jungkook…”
“ Y/N I will love you and never hurt you again like this, I promise.”
I promise

A/N: I didn’t check sorry haha lol oke bye. 

Missing You (Dan)

Request: Could There be one where there’s texting about cuddling and missing each other?

Requested by: @penguinsandturtlesrule (i did one where there are actual texts but i am also doing this version too)


I was Sitting on the couch very bored when i heard a noise 


i look at my phone to see a message from Dan 

“Hey Love! me and Phil are on the bus driving to Florida and i just wanted to say i love you and i miss you so much”

i smiled to myself while i read the message i blushed and replied 

“awwww i love you too bear :)”

then i heard another Ding! so i looked down at my phone and read Dan’s Message it said 

“ i wanna Wrap my arms around you and snuggle you but i can’t :(”

i frowned and replied 

“ i know baby i do too :(”

i smiled a bit as Dan Texted Back 

“i also wanna do other things to you but i can’t if you know what i mean ;)”

i laughed and blushed as i replied back 

“ I do too ;)”

He replied back saying 

“ Look i gotta go we have a show tonight but i love you and i miss you and i will be home before you know it i promise:)” 

i frowned a bit because i didn’t want him to leave but i didn’t have a choice so i texted him saying 

“ okay have fun :)”

he replied back saying 

“ i will i love you ;)” 

i smiled to myself knowing he is gonna keep that promise

A/N: i hope you liked it :)

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fav clexa oneshots

in case you were just looking for all of the oneshots, those are tagged and can be found here.  i will also tell you some of my favorites :)

first, my favorite oneshot series:

Essays in Existentialism


Ends of the Earth

and the individual fics (i’m skipping the ones that are included in the series above):

- end of the world au! clarke and lexa spend their last day together and it’s actually very nice i promise

a soft place to land
- daycare au. just super well-written and sweet and good and yes.

Falling But Not Alone
- clarke runs away from her wedding and hops on some random girl’s bike……….it’s lexa. it’s lexa’s bike.

And Your Eyes Are the Size of the Moon (you could ‘cause you can so you do)
- clarke and lexa meet at a carnival and spend an evening together 

sparks fly.
- lexa gets kicked out of her parents house, clarke’s family takes her in. 

I’m often told, “Hate is a strong word”
But I’m not one to limit myself to a grey vocabulary,
So I’ll say unabashedly, “I hate you,” unstuttered and unslurred.

Poets and hippies alike may exhale Iloveyous with every breath they breathe
Making singles and lovers and college students swoon at their every sigh,
But god forbid I admit the hate for you (and only you, my dear) that I seethe. 

You see, I hate you with a perfect, untainted, uncorrupt type of hate
I hate every inch of you, I hate you now and forever, I promise
As I stand under stars that don’t remind me of you singing a hateful serenade.

I wish I could say I fell in hate the moment that I met you,
The truth is that it took some time and persistence on your part
But now I’ll stand in front of altar, priest and pew
declaring how much I truly hate you, “I do.”


Fandom: Frozen
Rating: K+
Pairings: Implied Kristanna
A/N: Sort of a ‘powers AU.’ Possibly. Somewhat. All spelling/grammar errors are intentional. (Or are they?)

8/14/15  5:06 PM

K: Hey what’s your sister’s shoe size?

A: …

A: 6 and a half

A: Id say ‘why do you ask’ but I feel like the answer would be just as weird so…

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