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She’s the betta half of the two

Melanie Scrofano deserves literally SO MANY awards this season. Her emotion in every single scene was goosebumps inducing. When Wynonna cries my heart shatters into little tiny pieces.

Also awards to Emily for writing such LOVELY sister scenes that put all those little tiny pieces of my broken heart back together again.

That buzzing sound in your ear

Okay, so…after a night of thinking and seeing reactions/comments/etc., I’ve gained a bit of perspective on all of this. Also note that this post is more about the fandom behavior and not so much about the issues of representation, because I don’t think I really have a valid opinion in that discussion. 

Also this is the last time I’ll talk about this. I won’t answer asks and I won’t bring it up again because I don’t want this space to become centered on it. 

1. When stuff like this goes down, I should just turn my computer off and play video games for a while because spontaneous reaction is never ever good. I got angry last night and it was dumb and I feel dumb for it. I love this damn show so much and I won’t let something as small as this ruin it for me

2. Do not, under any circumstances, attack Arryn for this. She is a voice actress with no creative input in the series at all. She was looking out for the fans and trying to do a good thing. She’s already timid enough about social media (and rightfully so) don’t scare off someone who openly stated that she was the captain of the ship and supports it whole heartedly. 

3. Stop expecting Rooster Teeth to spoil their most popular show with some kind of statement about the song or the direction they’re going with Blake and Yang. They’re not going to because that would be stupid. If Bumbleby is meant to bee then giving that away in a journal on the RT site would be criminal. Not to mention that we’ve gotten so much more in canon already than just this random song.

4. I understand the caution, but people really need to calm down. It’d be one thing if we saw Sun and Blake kissing or Yang and Blake openly saying “we’re not in love with each other!” in an episode - but we didn’t. This is a song that was put on the soundtrack, that definitely shouldn’t have been, and the bees fans ran with it. I’m not faulting them at all, I was one of them and I jumped right on board the hype train. But even if it’s not directly meant to be about the ship - I highly doubt it was put on the soundtrack with any sort of malice intent.

5. Which leads me to the next point. Stop pretending that Rooster Teeth is rubbing their hands together and laughing like they’re doing this just to spite people. Could they handle some things better? Absolutely, and they’d be the first ones to tell you that - but they’re not mean spirited people. They’re not trying to upset their fans and this notion that they “don’t care” about their fans is ridiculous. 

6. Patience, please just have some patience. Stop living and dying on every small thing that comes across your dashboard. This show has such a long run left in it and to this point romance has been so so small on that spectrum. Volume 5 is not going to suddenly become a big love story. Even if the bees are going to happen it’ll be subtle as hell and probably take a long time. So one song and one response to a song should not suddenly shut you down from wanting to watch the show at all. There’s so much more to RWBY than this.

7. While this does have the potential to be very bad, it isn’t yet - it’s not even close. I’m just asking that you give them a chance to tell their story without constantly looking for a reason to jump down their throats - all that does is make them leery of you. Writers have the right to tell their story and that’s the whole point. We’re here to watch the stories, not dictate them. If they do queerbait (which I personally don’t think they have, I think that can only happen at the very end of a show or if one of the two characters is killed with no resolution), then they will be in the wrong and they will be met with an even larger version of what happened last night. For now though, just let them make the show and quit hunting for reasons to make them the enemy. 

8. Lastly, please don’t stop shipping bumbleby. Don’t stop talking about how much you love them. Don’t stop making arts and fics and long posts about why you love them. This whole thing wouldn’t be a thing at all if the fans hadn’t seen what they saw in these two and turned it into the biggest ship in the fandom that it’s become.

High time I posted a new story.

Sorry everyone for the long time between posts. I promise I got up to no good during that time I just haven’t got around to writing about it yet.

But this happened last night I I just had to tell you all.

A mutual friend of ours, Andrew came over last night to hangout and have some drinks. Andrew smokes weed and I do from time to time but my hubby does not. So a few hours after Andrew arrived he asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with him. I agreed and after he rolled a pretty nice size doobie we went out to the garage to smoke it. Our garage is our smoking area set up with a couch and an old stereo. I’m not sure what prompted me to ask but while we were mid joint I asked Andrew if he had ever cheated on his gf. He was a bit shocked and I could tell he really didn’t want to answer but I assured him it was ok if he had. Reluctantly he said he wasn’t proud but yes earlier in their relationship he had cheated. Next I told him I heard he had a very large cock and would he show it to me. Again he was shocked and even blushed but agreed to show me. He stood up undid his pants and let me say the rumours were very much true. I reached out and put my hand around it gently as I said “God I’d love to feel this inside me.”
I stood up pushed my pants down bent over the couch and said “Fuck me but be quick so we aren’t gone too long.”
I didn’t have to say it a second time he quickly got behind me and pushed his amazing cock into my freshly shaved and more then excited pussy. He pounded me hard and fast for a few minutes before expressing he was close to cumming. I told him to finish inside me that I wanted to feel his cum deep inside my pussy. A few more thrusts and that’s exactly what I felt. His warm powerful load exploded deep inside my married cunt. I reached over for the still burning joint and took a hit as he pulled out and pulled his pants back up. I did the same then passed him the joint which he finished off. Then as if nothing had happened we both went back inside and continued the evening laughing and telling stories etc with the love of my life, my wonderful husband.

the best part about this entire thing is that it took me seeing this and only this and it inspired 6k+ worth of smut, fluff, and drunk!harry being cute. so it’s really cute, then filthy, and then cute again, and then filthy one last time so it has BALANCE. also based on this blurb i posted yesterday! enjoy <3

“Think it’ll be the best night f’my life f’you go an’ catch that bouquet,” he says in answer to your earlier question, and your eyes go wide and you shake your head almost instantly. “Absolutely not – have you ever been part of a bouquet toss? Those women will claw me t’the death tryin’ t’get it,” you reason, and he pouts.

“Please, baby – promise I’ll kiss it better,” he says, and you almost give in because he’s properly pouting like a child right now, but you look over to where all the bachelorettes have gathered, and you scrunch your nose. “Y’can buy me a bouquet f’roses and throw ‘em at me, ‘f that’s really what you want t’see happenin’,” you offer, and Harry literally whines. “Baby–” he starts, and you cut him off, “No.”





It goes on like that until the final call for the girls to gather and Harry shrugs. “Fine then. I guess I’ll go,” he says, and you give him a look of confusion, your eyebrows knitted together, until you realize he means he’s joining the bouquet toss.


Harry and Y/N go to a wedding in Hawaii and he joins in on the bouquet toss when you refuse

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my fave part about The Maine set was when John got this dude up on stage for Girls Do What They Want and John found out he didn’t have a girlfriend and said “Ladies this is your chance” and then quickly after said “or boys I don’t know” and the dude up on stage was basically like “nooo” and John called him out and said “it’s 2017 dude you’ve gotta get with it” LMAO I love him 

Captain entrusted Eren with his deepest wishes. His fears, doubts, hopes, and promises.

10,000 Promises by @no-other-words /Pas_dAutres

It’s trans awareness week, and I’m here to be unapologetically visible. Someone asked me last night why I share my journey, aside from documenting things for myself and being fascinated by my own changes I made a promise to myself when I started this transition that I would put myself out there to be seen. This is important to me because when I was figuring myself out there weren’t a lot of resources, people to look up to, or representation readily available to me and I hope to change that. So the comparisons may get annoying to some, but to me, a person who on the left didn’t think they’d ever live to be 25 let alone live a life they LIKED it’s important to remember how far I’ve come and honor that. Thank you for letting me share it with y’all, this wouldn’t be nearly as manageable without your support.


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: More teen angst, wow what a surprise coming from me!!

Summary: Seeing Peter so hurt after a fight makes hidden feelings reveal themselves.

A/N: I really don’t like this, but I felt like I needed to post so here you go lolnfdkndk

You sighed, your fuzzy sock-clad feet tucked under you as you sat with your legs crossed on Peter’s bed. He had promised that the two of you could have one of your traditional movie nights, and needless to say, you were beyond excited. It seemed like ages since your last one of these. It was understandable, though, considering how your best friend was Spider-Man himself… yeah, you knew, but most days the thought of him being out there fighting still didn’t sit right with you.

He had told you to come over at 5:30, so you’d arrived at 5:15. When you knocked on the door, May greeted you with a huge smile and a bear hug. After knowing Peter since you were in third grade, you’d also grown to know and love his Aunt. Every time you came over, she always had some sort of baked good prepared for you. She was like your second mother.

Now it was almost 6:00, and there was still no sign of Peter. You sat on his unmade bed, scrolling boredly through your Instagram feed. You knew why he was late, obviously, but you couldn’t help feeling incredibly disappointed nonetheless. Lately, he’d been even more distant. In school, you sat together at lunch with him, Ned and MJ, but during every conversation, it seemed like he wasn’t even really there.

You were about to send him a text when May’s face popped up in the doorway. “Hey, kiddo, I’m sorry about this. Peter has been so flaky recently, and he won’t even tell me why.” She gave you a look of pity and understanding.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Maybe I should head home, I guess.” You meekly smiled, trying not to let the overwhelming dismay leak into your voice. May just nodded. Grabbing your backpack from the ground, you tucked your cell phone into the back pocket of your jeans.

Standing up, you were almost all the way out of the bedroom when you heard the front door open and slam shut. Peter.

You listened intently as you heard May’s footsteps approaching him. She was talking to him, but he was answering in a tone none higher than a whisper. You could barely make out what he was saying. Biting your lip, you dropped your bag back down onto the ground and waited for Peter to come in.

The doorknob turned slowly and then opened to reveal your best friend on the other side. His hair looked disheveled, and your eyes widened as you took in the sight of a huge black eye forming on his face. He was sporting a light gray hoodie and jeans, but you could tell that he’d just thrown the clothes over his suit.

Peter met your gaze, his eyes slightly lighting up. You quickly went over to him, closing the door behind you. “Oh my gosh, Pete, come here.” You led him over to the bed and carefully sat down next to him.

“Hi.” He muttered as you both sat, leaning in to hug you before grimacing in pain.

Now you were really worried. “What the hell happened? It’s not even dinner time and you’re already all beaten up!” Your voice raised slightly, and you had to fight hard to not let tears start pouring from your eyes already. Running your hands through your hair, you squeezed your eyes shut.

“Hey, hey, I’m right here. (Y/N), look, I’m okay.” Peter grabbed your hand, rubbing his thumb over your clenched knuckles soothingly. You let out a deep breath, his touch always had a way of simultaneously calming you down and making you completely lose your train of thought.

Opening your eyes again, you started, “You know, I was really, super worried about you. And I couldn’t even talk to May about it,” You felt yourself succumb to your emotions that were currently on overdrive, droplets of salt water beginning to leak from your tired eyes. “Now, you need to tell me what happened.”

Peter sighed, still holding your hand in his. “Well, there was a bank robbery. I tried to stop it, I almost had them, I really did. But then one of them pulled out this massive gun thing, I swear it was like something from another dimension, it was so insane (Y/N).”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna be sick.” Standing up and pacing back in forth in front of his bed, you shook your head in disbelief. “Peter, you could have died.”

“(Y/N), every time I put on that suit, I run the risk of dying.” He murmured, earning a death glare in his direction from you.

“Gee, thanks, that makes me feel so much better.”  

“(Y/N)! Jeez! I’m fine, I’m here. Why are you suddenly freaking out about this? It’s just a few scrapes and bruises, nothing out of the ordinary.” Peter pleaded, now standing up and facing you directly. You stared at the bruise on his eye that blocked out a cluster of the freckles that dotted his face.

Unfortunately, Peter was significantly taller than you, which meant that whenever you talked, you had to look up at him. This was your current situation, and as much as you were mad at him, the urge to collapse into his arms was still prominent in your mind as ever.

The words were flying out of your mouth before you could even process them. “God, Peter, because I’m in love with you, you dumbass!”

Suddenly you had stopped your pacing. Eyes wide as saucers, heart beating out of your chest, the reality of what you’d just admitted was slowly sinking in. It was your turn to blush profusely that night.

Meanwhile, Peter’s mind was racing at a mile a minute. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the girl who he’d pined after in secret since he was thirteen, had beaten him to say that he loved her first. The girl who Peter had watched admire other boys in their grade for years upon years. The girl who sat next to him at lunch on his first day being the new kid in their school. The girl who had punched Flash Thompson in the face one day after he’d dumped his lunch tray on him. The girl who he’d practiced confessing to in front of his mirror countless times. Holy shit.

You were staring up at him, your soft eyes wide with anticipation. Don’t mess this up, Peter. He took a single step towards you. He felt time slow down.

The distance between the two of you grew smaller with every passing moment. You felt your heart surge in your chest as Peter’s honey colored eyes scanned yours.


“Yes?” You choked out, voice barely rising above the volume of a whisper.

“I-I love you too.”

Time froze. You let out a shaky breath of relief, before giving him the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen in his whole life. His eyes sparkled, flecks of light green catching in the light coming from the window.

“I think now’s the moment where you’re supposed to kiss me.” You chuckled, watching as Peter’s cheeks flamed.

“R-right.” He stuttered, taking a final step forward towards you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You smiled again, causing him to almost fall over at how much he loved you.

And then he kissed you, so gently as if you were glass and he didn’t want to break you, and all the years of hidden feelings suddenly came out into the open.

Wait… Wait…! Wait!!!!! What?!?! HOLY SHIT NO WAY!!!


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I am so sorry that I didn’t have anything planned… I have been so busy with college and finding a new job (since my current one sucks dick) and I have just been real tired from it all. I DO however have something special planned for the month of November, as a “Thank YOU”! for welcoming me here and being so kind and thoughtful! I will never forget it! I have made so many friends on here and I feel so happy to know that so much of you are here supporting me! I support all of you too! And I love each and every one one you!!!

Once again, thank you so so so much and I hope we can hit even bigger milestones from here!
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how to get your genius boyfriend to eat
  • Bucky style -
  • Bucky: You need to eat, Tony. It's been [insert ridiculous number of hours here] since you last ate something. I'll force it down your throat if I have to.
  • Tony: Can't. Really busy. I'm almost done. Give me one more hour and then I'll eat, promise.
  • Bucky: ...fine, one hour.
  • Nat style -
  • Natasha: You need to eat, Tony. Now.
  • Tony: Can't. Really bu-
  • Natasha: *eyes narrow slightly*
  • Tony & Bucky: ....well mark us down as scared, horny and hungry.
  • Natasha: Dinner first. It's fettuccine night.
  • Tony & Bucky: Yes, dear.
Perfect (Sam Holland)

Hey guys! I know I promised this to you guys last night, but I may or may not have fallen asleep before I could post it… oops. Anyway, it’s here now (only about 12 hours late XD). 

I want to apologize to any male readers because, as much as I try, I just can’t seem to write gender neutral fics. I’ve tried, I really have, but I just can’t seem to do it.

Word count: 1,132

Warnings: Nothing? Light making out if that counts.  And possibly so much fluff you might die? Cute Sam? oh wait no, that can’t be a warning, that’s a constant thing.

“Sam!” Y/n’s sweet voice rang throughout the Holland house.

“What?” he responded to his girlfriend immediately.

“It’s raining!” was her enthusiastic reply as she raced into the room Sam was in, her socks slipping on the floor nearly causing her to fall over.

“And?” Sam questioned, not quite sure where she was going with this.

“And I want to go out in it. Catch up Sam, I thought couples were supposed to be able to read each other’s minds!”

Sam rolled his eyes at her smart-ass comment before commenting, “Darling, if we go out in the rain we’ll get sick.”

“That’s not true, Sam! The temp or whether or not it’s raining has absolutely nothing to do with sicknesses.” She was already putting her shoes on in preparation, and he finally gave in.

“Fine,” he sighed. “I’m coming.”

Within a few minutes, the two were ready to venture outside (it only took that long because Sam was trying to convince Y/n to wear a coat).

Throwing open the front door, Y/n ran out into the street and spun in a circle, drenched in seconds. Sam followed behind more slowly, mostly because he was so focused on her figure, but partially because it was dark and wet and he hadn’t wanted to go outside in the first place. But, he had to admit, it was all worth it seeing the look on her face when the rain landed on her cheeks and slowly ran down her jaw.

She spun for a few seconds until she got too dizzy to continue, and when she stopped she nearly fell over; Sam caught her before she could hit the ground. He pulled her upright and it only took a moment notice the position they were in. His arms were around her waist, and her hands were clutching his shoulders gently to steady herself. As she looked up to meet his gaze, he blushed furiously before speaking.

“Darling, would you dance with me?”

Her eyes widened slightly, completely caught off guard by his request. “But love, there’s no music,” she began, opting to point out the obvious rather than try to voice the fact that they were in the rain… and people only dance in the rain in books and movies… right?

A small smile took over Sam’s features before he replied, “Darling, we don’t need music. Besides, you’re my favorite song anyway. I could listen to you for hours, days even, without getting tired of it. And it’s not only your words, either,” he added. “You could never speak again, and I’d spend all my time listening to your breathing, or maybe I’d listen to your heartbeat instead.”

Y/n was rendered speechless by his words, and although she’d never admit it, she may have teared up slightly. After several long moments of silence, she finally managed to speak. “Sam, you’re incredible. And as cheesy as that was, I love you so much. So yes, I’ll dance with you.”

And so they danced. Neither of them really knew how, but they tried, and it was perfect. They were together, and they were happy.

As they swayed, Y/n couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle. She couldn’t imagine how odd they must have looked to their observers, if any were present. Their clothes were completely soaked, their hair too, and yet here they were; swaying back and forth in the rain, completely consumed in each others eyes, at least mostly oblivious to their surroundings.

“What?” Sam’s voice broke through her thoughts, bringing her back to the present.

“Hm?” she responded, slightly confused.

“You laughed. I was wondering what you were thinking.”

“Oh, just how ridiculous we must look,” she giggled again. “I mean, we are dancing in the rain, completely soaked to the bone.”

“Nah,” Sam breathed, pressing his forehead to hers. “I think we’re fine. It’s more likely that whoever’s watching is jealous of me for having such a wonderful girlfriend.”

Y/n felt a small grin overcome her face as she looked at him affectionately. “You’re such a dork,” she whispered before pressing her lips to his in a short, sweet kiss. When she pulled back to look at him, she met his gaze, and before she knew what was happening, their lips met again, more passionately than before. Her hands, previously wound together behind Sam’s neck, worked their way into his hair, combing through the soft curls.

One of Sam’s arms simply tightened around her waist, pressing her to him, while the other came up to her neck, fingers winding their way into the hair at the base of her neck.

Sam mewled in protest when Y/n pulled back to breath. The moment her lips were no longer on his, his mouth moved to her jaw and neck, placing slow, open-mouthed kisses there before choosing a spot and sucking slightly, probably leaving a slight mark.

“Oh god, Sam,” she breathed, the sensation overwhelming her. “Sam- Sam stop, love.”

He pulled away, embarrassed and already flushed red. “What’s wrong? What did I do? Oh god, I messed up, I’m sorry-”

Y/n placed another gentle kiss on his lips, cutting off his apologies. “Sam, you didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, I loved it. However, we’re still in the middle of the street.” As if to emphasize her words, the rain began to come down harder, drowning out any sounds further away than they were to each other.

Realizing that she was right, and that he hadn’t done anything to upset her, Sam let out a breath of relief before releasing a small chuckle. Admittedly, he was only just realizing how cliche their actions were. Y/n joined in with his laughter, and soon a chorus of giggles could be heard from the road.

After their random moment of amusement ended, they were again left in silence, and it was only a matter of seconds before Sam’s lips were on hers again, this time in a slow, romantic kiss that showcased their feelings for each other, placed them out in the open, on display for the world to see.

Yes they were just kids; yes they were each others’ first love, but what they had was real; what they had was true, and what they had would last a lifetime.

Sam was the one to pull away this time, but he didn’t go far. His forehead pressed against hers, and a hand came up to tuck a piece of Y/n’s dripping hair behind her ear.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered, more to himself than her, though she heard it anyway, due to their close proximity.

“Love, I’m a complete mess,” Y/n protested weakly, turning her head away and looking at the ground.

“Darling, I don’t care. Mess or not, you’re perfect. Completely and utterly perfect.”

Thanks so much to @sam-a-holland for proofreading this for me! You’re a lifesaver! @suit-lady I know I told you I was writing a Haz x reader a while back, and I wanted to let you know that it’s almost done. In the meantime, enjoy this fluffy piece of shit XD. And last but not least, @hufflepuffholland ilysm, thanks for putting up with my rambles last night. I hope you die of feels. (or at least cry. crying is cool too).