i promise this is the last one from this film


Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Jensen forgets an important day for the Reader and he tries to come up with a good way of apologizing.

Word Count: 2k-ish

Warnings: Fluff 

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge. My quote is bolded! I hope you guys like this! I’m still trying to get back into the groove of writing. I’m sorry if this isn’t up to par. *hides face* feedback is always welcomed!!

Eleven missed calls.

I knew I had screwed up when her phone went straight to voicemail after the third ring. She was avoiding my calls, that much I knew. I tried racking my brain, coming up blank with reasons for the cold shoulder she was giving me.

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went to an advanced screening of spider-man: homecoming and here's some things!


Zendaya is in fact MJ.
The vulture is Liz Allan’s dad.
Betty Brant makes an appearance.
There’s a nod to The Amazing Spider-man and an implied Gwen.
Aaron Davis makes an appearance, and mentions a nephew aka Miles Morales.
You will laugh your ass off.
Tom Holland is a seriously brilliant spider-man. I’m not kidding, he will blow you away.
You’ll want to bang Aunt May. Like damn Marisa, wtf.
Stay until after the full credits have rolled. There’s two clips, and the very last one, you won’t want to miss.
Everyone freaking out about Tony Stark/Iron Man “overshadowing” Peter should not. At all. The relationship is perfect for the story, and does not take away from Peter/Spider-man at all. And he isn’t that present throughout the film.
You will love it. Start to finish, you will be very satisfied. I promise.

How I met Evelyne

First of all.. I am really sorry that I made this post so late, but I promised you all that I would post it and I feel really bad that I haven’t done it before 🙁

Sooo… I met her last year in August in Budapest when she was filming last season of x company. I was there on holiday with my friends and I wasn’t really stalking her, but one of her co-stars posted a video on instagram from an event that was happening at the Budapest opera house and he tagged her in it. Fortunately I was currently like 2/3 stops away by metro from the opera house so I went there and waited for like 10 minutes for the show to end and then I saw her walking out of the building and I died. Her hair was tied in a bun and she was wearing a white top and black pants. She sat at a table with her friends and I didn’t want to be rude so I waited for them to finish up. I don’t know how much time I was waiting there, maybe 20 minutes? maybe an hour? I don’t know, I was stressed af and shaking. When she finally stood up from the table and said goodbye to everyone she started walking and I followed her. She stopped for a second and she was doing something on her phone. I asked her very shyly: “Evelyne?” and she obvs replied with “Yes?”. Then I raised my hand and told her my name and that I was a huge fan of hers. She shook my hand and then I was hella stressed and I think I hid my face in my hands and told her that I was sorry and she said it was okay and hugged me. I told her how beautiful she is in person and she thanked me. I think I told her this like 7 times and at one point she told me to stop but I can’t really remember :’) I told her that I admire her so much and  we were talking a little bit about x company and orphan black. She asked me what I was doing in Budapest and if I liked it there. I was still stressed af and I think we hugged like maybe 10 times?  She was really skinny and smelled beautiful. Someone asked me on here before what she smells like, but I can’t describe it. All I can say is that it was really really nice. I didn’t even ask for a picture because I couldn’t believe what was happening. She asked me if I want a picture so I opened my phone’s camera and I saw her face on my phone and it was the best feeling ever. After the photos I didn’t want to creep her out any more so I said goodbye and we hugged one more time and she wished me a safe trip back home :’)

The end. I am still dead.

anonymous asked:

your piece on historical evil reminded me of thoughts ive had about american politics lately. people are saying stuff like "well they just dont know any better thats how they were raised thats all the info they have no one taught them different" etc to excuse why a lot of people are trying to take away the rights and lives of other people. but in this era of immense internet access, when all the information they would need to learn is so immediately available… i dont think that counts anymore.

Like I said in that post, I no longer believe that’s an excuse that works for historical time periods in which people didn’t have access to outsider views, so yes, definitely, it absolutely doesn’t count now. Because short of being raised in some militant type fundamentalist compound with no access to the internet or tv or books…you really just have no excuse. There’s no way to live, in an industrial nation, and not have access to other perspectives - usually you don’t even have to look for it. 

I mean, I was raised Roman Catholic, and by very conservative parents. This was in Ireland and the UK mostly, so we’re not talking American Republican levels of conservative…but my stepmother was ex-BNP (which is the British party that was so racist they were actually forced to dismantle it, and it became what’s now UKIP - which is still, honestly, super racist and isolationist and all levels of urgh, okay) who banned my brother from the kitchen because Only Women Cook and refused to take my half-sisters to see The Frog Princess because ‘she’s not a real princess, Sia, she’s black.’ My dad once said he’d rather his children were trans than gay, because at least being trans was a biological mix-up between brain and body and therefore ‘made sense’. My house was full of casual racism and fatphobia and again, just so many levels of urgh, okay? And I was such a brainwashed little idiot that I even defended Guantanamo Bay as a necessary thing for a school presentation, when I was eleven or so. 

(I am still horrified by that. I recently even tracked down the teacher who was in charge of that assignment to apologise, because, well. I kind of had to.)

And by seventeen I was a pansexual-identifying neo-pagan who had one token straight in my gang of friends and was living off social welfare (because my parents had moved to the USA and I was alone in the UK and my student welfare was the only thing letting me eat, because my dad somehow wanted me to get my A Levels while working a full-time job and reaching suicidal levels of depression, which was obviously not happening). By nineteen I couldn’t have any conversation with my dad because we ended up screaming at each other no matter how innocuous the topic - I’m 24 now and that’s still true. 

(My latest and last-ever trip to visit them in New Jersey, he picked me up from the airport and asked had I seen any good films lately. I told him about Ghostbusters, the all-female one, and how it had made me laugh till I cried - and he immediately dismissed it as ‘just a crazy feminist thing’. I was in the car for all of two minutes, we hadn’t even left the airport yet, and I was talking about a comedy film I’d enjoyed. And I’d promised that this trip I wouldn’t go near anything political to minimise the fucking trauma of being in a house with those people. I seriously considered getting out of the car and just living in the airport for a week until I could go home; I did burst into tears because I was so fucking tired and just, two minutes.

Two minutes. Two minutes is officially how long we can be around each other without it going to Hell.)

Some things I figured out spontaneously that my parents were wrong about - Roman Catholicism just rubbed me wrong and by the time I was nine I was refusing to go to Church, I refused to be Confirmed without knowing anything about any other religions. My dad and stepmother’s fatphobia upset me because I was (and still am) overweight for my size, and so their comments about other people or people on tv hit me, too, even though they rarely directed them at me. I didn’t know queerness was a thing until I was thirteen, when I found it through (of course) fanfiction, but after that I knew what they said and thought about being queer was bullshit. Other stuff I learned from my friends and my teachers, and fandom in general kickstarted so many revelations in my head - I went to all-girls’ schools almost exclusively but didn’t discover feminism until I was eighteen, and then wow, talk about a self-sustaining cycle of liberationlism.

And my point is - the moment I got old enough to start properly thinking for myself, which was at about fourteen/fifteen - there was just no way to stay brainwashed. Things that contradicted what my parents were saying was literally everywhere. And I’m not special, I’m not some kind of genius, I’m not an outlier. If I could do it, in the environment I was in, I’m not buying any excuses that other people can’t too. You have to be walking around with your eyes shut not to see everything that contradicts the idea that people not-like-you are actually not-like-you. Because they’re not not-like-you, they’re just like you, and should be treated exactly as you would like to be, by you and your family and your government and your world. 

You just cannot live in the modern world and not be exposed to the fact that conservative little you is just wrong. If you don’t see it, then sorry, that’s entirely on you. The entire world is screaming it at you. If you don’t hear it, it’s because you’re not listening. And no one else is to blame for that, no matter who raised you.

You don’t know better? Bullshit. You don’t want to know. And that’s all there is to it.

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"Just one more movie?" Polyam Sanders?

“Just one more movie? Pleeeease?” Roman begs, giving the other three puppy dog eyes. “Last one, I promise.”

They’ve been watching Disney movies non stop from the time they woke up, and it’s currently well past an adequate bed time, as Logan’s been happy to point out. The current title in Roman’s hand is Tangled. 

Virgil rolls his eyes. “One more Disney film and I will puke on all of you.”

Mark Hamill pays tribute to Carrie Fisher

“Here’s a panel I was hoping wouldn’t happen for another 30 years,” Mark Hamill announced at the top of his tribute to his late co-star Carrie Fisher, who died last December aged 60.

The actor celebrated Fisher’s life, shared anecdotes from the Star Wars set and, at one point, got choked up recalling her death during the Star Wars Celebration event on Friday.

The tribute was interspersed with memories of Fisher shared by Warwick Davis and pre-taped salutes from George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson.

But, for the most part, Hamill held the stage on his own and captured the audience’s attention throughout the bittersweet 60-minute event.

The actor admitted to the audience that since Fisher’s death, he keeps reverting to the “anger” stage of grief. “She should be here,” he said.

Hamill remembered the first time he and Fisher met, over dinner in London before they filmed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

“Within 20 minutes she was telling me personal stories that I wouldn’t have shared if I knew you 10 years,” he recalled.

The actor took several minutes during the tribute to discuss his romantic attraction to the late actress. While he said he never was romantically attached to Fisher, he was possessive.

“I didn’t want to share her with Harrison,” he said. “I didn’t want to share her with anyone.”

Later, he retold an incident where the two made out during the New Hope era.

“By the end we were laughing,” he said, grateful to learn that they could never have been more than friends. It was for the best though, since his Luke Skywalker and her Princess Leia were siblings on screen.

There was a period of time, Hamill said, when the castmates fell out of contact. When their characters were revived for The Force Awakens, he said it gave them a chance to reconnect.

At one point, Hamill mourned her death in a sense that he felt she was hitting her stride as an older actress. Of her character in Catastrophe, Hamill said, “She is the crusty old broad that always lurked inside of [Fisher].”

The panel was not all adoration and sadness. Hamill laughed about the time that Fisher made him dress up in Leia’s outfit, and paraded him around the studio. “I was like her paper doll or something,” he said, adding that she always got her way with him.

Hamill joked about a pact the two had made. “I promise … if you go first, I’ll heckle your funeral,” Fisher told him, and made him promise to the do the same - a promise the actor refrained from keeping.

When Fisher died, Hamill said he didn’t want to write a statement. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he remembered saying. In the end, though, he thanked the audience for helping him “move on” and process the death of his co-star and friend. He confessed at one point, “Part of me did fall in love with her.”

Hamill and Fisher will share the screen one more time in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Kathleen Kennedy confirmed on Friday that Fisher will not appear in the yet unnamed ninth film.

I promise this was going to be way cuter, but I was already on 8 pages, and I’m so tired right now.  I might come back to this and write the drably parts in detail later, but for now, have this little story about precious actor babies.

It was a bright day in Gotham, the kind that prompted families to go out together, couples to go on romantic picnics, and the occasional teenager to go out for coffee with their friends.  It was the type of day that practically embodied happiness.

The type of day 16 year old Damian Wayne wasn’t fond of.

“I still don’t understand why you all think I need this role.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.” Damian folds his arms as he looks out of the car window.  He still despises that he can’t drive himself to auditions.  The least Grayson could do was let him drive (one tiny drawbridge jump and he’s branded for life)!

“C’mon, Dami.  Your fans will love it!”  Dick refuses to drop his grin, “Trust your agent.  Alfred’s a genius!”

“Dementia could set in any time around his age.” Damian looks at the script in his lap, “This isn’t my type of role at all.”

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Day 3: Favorite Scene (From a James Spader film or TV Show and why)

I promise you, by the time I finish tomorrow, those judges, every last one of them, will rise up and say ‘never mind executing Ezekiel Borns, let’s kill Alan Shore instead.’

This whole episode (Boston Legal 1x17) was just hilarious and an amazing performance for James. I particularly love this bull riding scene because 

  1. James riding a bull
  2. James’ hips on the bull
  3. The way he completely jumps head first into something he’s absolutely unaccustomed to (the south, Texas, bull riding, cowboy hats, etc.)

I laugh EVERY TIME I see him mount that bull like a pro and I get chills when he bursts through those doors ready to SLAY in that court room.

Though there’s many more… nsfw scenes I’d love to pick (forreal don’t even get me started because it’s bad) For me, this playful, silly, go with the flow, protect what’s important kind of scene is at the heart of what I love about him. Also, did I mention his hips on the bull?

And that switch around in the final - what is it, three minutes? - from absolute despair to certainty and hope - with those brave doomed rebels defending the data to the last so it can be passed aboard the Tantive IV - it’s just one of the boldest and finest bits of screenwriting I’ve come across in a month of Sundays.  Because I am in floods of tears and deep despair by the time the whole Rogue One team are dead.  And yet in that tiny space of time the film flips me back to hopefulness, to all the promise the original theme music embodies, and to remembering where this story leads next, to Leia’s bravery and Luke’s innocence, and victory…

25 years from the original premiere of Terminator 2:Judgment Day, one of my all time favorite sci-fi films!!

(almost one year since last free mini portraits, I promised they´ll be back soon) 


25 años del estreno de Terminator 2: El Día del Juicio, una de mis peliculas favoritas de sciencia ficción!!

(casi un año desde la última serie de mini-retratos gratis, prometí  a mi mismx que estarán de vuelta pronto)

The Star Wars franchise does more than nod to history; it asks audiences to learn from it. For example, the saga poses the question of how a Hitler (or a Napoleon, or a Caesar) comes to power—and thus how the next one might be stopped. In the prequel trilogy of films, Palpatine rises from senator to chancellor to emperor in a series of moves that parallel Hitler’s own ascendance. As scholar Tony Keen notes in “I, Sidious: Historical Dictators and Senator Palpatine’s Rise to Power” (an essay from the larger collection Star Wars and History), both Hitler and Darth Sidious built military forces to bring them to and keep them in power; both employed similar rhetorical techniques (Hitler’s “Thousand-Year Reich” became Palpatine’s promise that the Empire “will last for 10 thousand years”); both became dictators by election; and both dispensed with their state’s parliamentary bodies after claiming supreme authority. From a certain point of view (as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say) both Germany and the Empire got the government they deserved.

Not exactly a fan of republics or democracies, Lucas pointedly reminds viewers that gullible people and their easily manipulated representatives not only enabled the rise of Nazism, but also helped transform the earlier Roman Republic into one of the Nazis’ chief inspirations, the Roman Empire. (Martin M. Winkler’s “Star Wars and the Roman Empire” from the book Classical Myth and Culture in the Cinema is one of several academic works to discuss how Star Wars employs and echoes the classical past.) The takeaway? Citizens in these cases did not so much lose their freedom as willingly give it away. As Amidala observes Palpatine’s political victory in the Senate in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, she utters prophetic words well worth remembering: “This is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause.”

The saga suggests that history teaches other lessons as well. For example, over-powerful states or leaders may come to view robust, independent institutions within their borders as threats. Just as the Shaolin Temple in China suffered multiple attacks and the Knights Templar in France fell by the order of Philip IV, so the Star Wars Jedi became “all but extinct” thanks to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s Order 66, which triggered their executions by members of the clone army. And just as American and Viet Cong revolutionaries proved that knowledge of local terrain, unanticipated guerrilla tactics, and ideological investment in a fight could trump the superior firepower and training of the most powerful military force in the world, so too the Ewoks of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi remind us that determined underdogs can prevail against vastly grander forces.

What happens if audiences ignore instructive examples from history? According to the logic of the saga, we’re already guilty of doing just that. Star Wars, after all, takes place long ago in a galaxy far away; any similarities between its narrative and our earthbound experience reflect our failure to learn from the past. That said, we can stop the cycle here. Before it’s too late.

If we don’t step up to do what’s right, who will?

—  Amy Sturgis, “Star Wars, Remixed.” 

Author Note: Ooh, some fluffy Rucas College AU…think you’re down for this? This is based on one of the prompts from this collection

“Dad, Dad, Dad” Riley exhaled ready to throw her cellphone across the airport terminal, “Daddy, I know it isn’t ideal, but snow happens. First flight I can get to New York I promise I’ll be on it and I will text you the details. Christmas is three days away Dad, I’m not missing anything of importance…okay so I’m missing Auggie’s Christmas concert, just film it on your phone…okay ask Farkle to do it. I know he’s back in New York already, he got out last week.”

Riley rolled her eyes as she looked around the terminal, her heart leaping when she saw the gorgeous guy sitting across from her staring intently. Normally she would be disturbed by the attention but this time she wasn’t. “Dad, please I have to go before the food court shuts down, I’m starving I promise I will call when I have some actual news okay, bye.”

The guy smirked as he looked down at his own phone. Something about him was familiar but she couldn’t quiet place it.

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SwanQueen Week AU: Movie - The Runner // PG-13

“She’s our ticket to fame, Swan, if you say as much as a word, I will personally make sure no one in Hollywood will ever, ever hire you for anything, understood?" 

Emma Swan is a runner for a big Hollywood studio in the 1990s that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The information, however, is internal and must be at all costs hidden from the production’s main star: Regina Mills, who only agrees to star in the film because Roger Davis, the director of the feature, is dating her and promises her to dust off her long-forgotten career.

"That’s me. Emma Swan. Your new…slave, I guess.”

“Fetch me a latte, Swan.”

On the set, Emma gets assigned to be Regina’s personal assistant for the production - a job she’s not happy with, for Emma is fed up with being the last one to have any say on the set. She wants to direct, to create, to write and to finally finish her own script. She gets to know Regina as a person and day by day starts to uncover the broken, scarred woman who longs for true love but hides under tons of make up and a cocky attitude.

“I don’t think you’re old, Regina. Like, you have this thing about you that when you come into a room, everyone lights up and the air gets a bit dizzy…I think that’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, Swan.”

When Emma saves Regina’s life as she overdoses on cocaine after a fight with Roger, the two woman find the strength they were looking for in each other. As they grow closer, Roger starts to be suspicious of Emma, threatening to fire her if she tells Regina about the bankruptcy. The young woman decides to tell her but she is cut off my Regina’s desperate need for human love and gentle caresses and they share a night together in Regina’s trailer.

“You lied to me, Swan. You tricked me into thinking you’re this sweet, honest girl but you’re just like everyone else in this damned place!”

The next day, Roger lies to Regina that Emma told him about her overdosing  and that he was the only one who kept Emma from telling the press, so she could make a ‘name for herself’. Regina cuts off all contact with Emma and is cold and distant to her when she tries to tell her the truth. Feeling betrayed, lost and unloved, and discovering that the movie is going to be a box office fail, Regina takes sleeping pills with alcohol, leaving a voice mail on Emma’s phone saying that 'at least she’ll go like Marilyn, there will be something to write about’.

“You can’t…don’t do this to me, Regina! Wake up! Baby, I have a script for you, I do, it’s always been about you I just never knew it…I know now! Regina, please, please!”

Emma reaches her just in time and drives her to hospital, choosing to save Regina instead of going to a one-in-a-life-time interview to direct her own script. When Regina wakes up, she finds Emma curled up on the hospital bed with her, cheeks damp with tears. She smiles and apologizes.

“So, Miss Swan, I heard you are going to direct your own movie, hmm?”

“Yes. And I heard you are going to be the star, Miss Mills.”


Summary:  So they parted. She went right. And he went left. But they forgot something. The world is round.

Genre: Fluff with a lil’ bit of angst.

Word Count: 1.9 k

A/N: Holaaa♥ so here’s the 5th fic for the serie, look at jin in that gif omg, i really hope u like it guys♪ oh oh my yoongi fic hit 200 just a couple of days ago and i wanted to thank u so much ily’all.

I really really really want to thank my bae Hydrangea for being a great beta reader♥ ilsm never change!

if u liked it let me know :)

Every time you saw Seokjin only one thought clouded your mind, damn how I love him. Jin was pure husband material and already boyfriend goals, and you were always proud to be with him, to call him yours, to see his pretty little smile just because of you. You were not going to lie, you had your fair share of fights, but in almost 3 years of dating him, it was only fair, you were not a perfect couple, but definitely one of the cutest, or so he liked to say.

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markhamillz  asked:

I hate to be 'That Guy', but I found Boyhood to be emotionally lacking and missing a real message. Sure, it's an impressive technical feat, but I feel the screenplay doesn't really explore Mason as a person beyond the basic surface characteristics. We don't see how his time spent with an abusive foster parent shaped him, we really don't get to understand how his parent's divorce might have changed the way he sees romance or life, and we leave him before he's chosen what to do with his life.

I quite disagree. I think that Mason’s distant relationship with his mother is shaped by her string of bad relationships. Despite his father’s shortcomings, he is interestingly enough the only male figure in his life who has not (in his eyes anyway) yet let him down, and ironically enough he is the man his mother cannot stand. Considering his mom’s relationships were marred by the husbands’ drinking problems, we see Mason refusing to drink when offered (when he is hanging out with the boys at a run down house, he idly stares at the beer can, and when his father lets him drink at the concert after his graduation, he opts for water instead). Even the vocation he chooses - photography - is specifically due to the fact that while growing up, he seems to observe things that others don’t. He sees his mother’s blossoming affairs from a distance, never really getting a say in matters that involve him and his sister. Even his existential questions that his girlfriend finds outrageous are Mason’s observations of a world that is often nonsensical and frustrating, yet a world that he still finds magical (which relates back to young Mason’s question to his dad about the existence of elves). We definitely see the effect his parents’ relationship/s have on his outlook - at one point he even asks what the point of it all is, as he dangles on the edge of adopting a rather nihilistic point of view. It’s understandable to see why he asks this question. When he sees the cycle of violence his mother has lived through, it makes him wonder why people take any risks or make emotional decisions (perhaps this also explains why Mason is so guarded with his own emotions, not engaging in relationships in a promiscuous manner) if there is so much potential for heartbreak.  

Given his difficult childhood experiences, we should expect Mason to be deeply troubled or constantly lashing out, but instead he seems to have internalized these struggles (a trait he undoubtedly learned from his mother), choosing instead to plod on with the optimistic hope that one day he can decide for himself what to do with his life instead of having his life changed by decisions his parents have made. This is why I find the ending of the film inspiring. It is a new chapter in Mason’s life where he is free of the bonds and baggage of his parents, and we don’t really need to know what happens next beyond the idea that before him are limitless possibilities - the promise of youth. One of the last lines, “You know how they say ‘seize the moment’? Sometimes the moments seize you’.” Mason has been passively ushered from one stage of life to the next, whether it’s through school, from family after family, one Texas town to the next. He’s never seized any moments for himself. He’s looked at this as a burden before, considering what has happened to him in the past, but then the ending, which he had not planned at all, offers potential romance and, again, limitless possibilities. Mason realizes that the moments that seize him can be good, too.

I don’t know, to me Boyhood’s feels complete without answering every question. I think the ending is poignant and gives me closure, personally, because the audience is left to imagine all of the possibilities before Mason, just like the character himself is. I like not knowing all the answers, and I feel that Mason does too. It’s a great place to be.

7 minutes (18/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra), Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13, Ch 14, Ch 15, Ch 16, Ch. 17 (prequel)FF

A/N: Posting this while filming is happening is probably stupid, but oh well. I promised onceland and laschatzi this would go up today. :) Two things you’ve probably been waiting for happen in this chapter, so…enjoy.

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Oh Sweetie-Pie, how I’ve missed you, so…”

He’d know that sarcasm anywhere.

“Hey Ruby.”


Emma is nowhere to be seen as he enters the living room, just Ruby, who’s currently sitting cross-legged at the foot of his couch drinking one of his beers.

“Where’s Emma?”

“Just bringing up the last load from the car. I’m surprised you didn’t see her?”

“Must have crossed elevators, should I go give her a hand?”

“Nah, there was just one small box left. She should be back up here any second.”

Crossing to the fridge, he pulls out a beer for himself and smiles when he sees Emma’s food mingling with his, her wine and his beer (which she drinks just as often as he does) nestled neatly beside each other on the bottom shelf. It’s taken a full week to get her fully moved in with his work schedule and her taking on a new case, but thanks to sporadic trips and helpful friends, the last box in Emma’s arms will signal the end of one era and the beginning of the next. They are actually living together now. This is real and it’s happening and it’s everything he’s ever wanted. The head rush he was giving himself whenever he stopped and tried to process the last few weeks caused him to stop overanalyzing and just go with the flow, even if the flow resembles something of a tidal wave.


The sound of Emma’s voice from the hallway jars him from his thoughts and he sets down his beer, his 12 hour shift too long, leaving him desperately in need of, well, many things. Peeking around the corner from the kitchen, he smiles his brightest smile at her slightly confused face from the doorway.

“Ah, there she is…”

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We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman: ‘O me, o life of the questions of these recurring, of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities filled with the foolish. What good amid these, o me, o life?’ Answer: that you are here. That life exists, and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?
—  Dead Poets Society- Robin Williams

robichaux-prefect  asked:

It's almost as if Bidwell wants us to buy into Liam's "We're already fucked up so why bother" mentality. At least that's how he's making it seem right now. One of the biggest letdowns about series 2 has been the lack of emphasis on Rae's sessions with Kester. The sessions were such a big part of her life in series 1 but it's like Bidwell lessened it to fit in the other elements. And I agree that it seems that besides Rae being able to eat in front of people,she hasn't made much progress.

“(Continued from last message) Also,the the way Rae finally meeting her dad is being treated like a minor subplot is really bugging me since series 1 established that his abandonment of her is a big reason for the problems that led her to being hospitalized. On a similar note,I was hoping we’d get to see Rae/Finn bonding over the problems with their parents but it doesn’t look like it now. Unless Bidwell crams it in with everything else in the finale. Sorry for the long message.”

No apologies needed! This are great points and I actually woke up with similar thoughts myself … excuse my muddled musings, but I feel like this series has not delivered on the promise of that last line of Series 1: “I think … you’re ready to start therapy.”

It seems I wasn’t the only one who hoped that this time around Rae would do this. Take therapy MORE seriously, actively work on things, instead of working overtime to avoid her issues and run away from problems.

I love Kester, but if Ian Hart wasn’t available to film the number of scenes needed, he should have been replaced. Realized sooner that he was too invested in Rae now that Tix had died and transitioned her to another therapist. Because Rae should be further along that than she is … not just for her but for the thousands of people watching who NEED to see someone like them get better. Even a little bit.

I feel like we got too much crammed into this series. I really could have gone without her meeting her dad, especially as it seems like such an afterthought. Instead of watching Rae struggle to work on the issues established in the first series, we’ve had a fresh pile of issues heaped on top with only one aspect of Rae’s issues with food seemingly addressed.

And I think we’re a smart enough audience to appreciate small victories. It’s like Bidwell wants to bring us to the brink of collapse/depths of despair before he gives us any glimmer of hope, when life isn’t always like that. It’s ups and downs but not down down down down down down up.