i promise this is my last hobbit gif

*-.Christmas Dwarves.-*


As I promised, my only and very early christmas fan art :)
I hope you can see the crappy animation (tumblr hates gifs, so mostly they don't’ work, in case tell me please!).

This is also for showing you all the love I have for you all, who wrote me, who always support me, who is there even for saying “hi”.
I can’t quit drawing, yesterday I was angry and very upset.
So, this is my very last pic without watermark or sign ON the pic, take it as a “last christmas present”, for you all and also for those people who can’t understand that I spent the whole afternoon on this pic.
My last present for the social networks :)

Form now to go I will upload watermark-free pics only on Society6 and RedBubble.