i promise this ep is amazing

Re-Watching YoI:

Okay so in Ep. 2 Yuri goes to Japan to get Victor to keep his promise of choreographing his senior debut. Then, when Victor tells Yuri and Yuuri that they will have a competition to see whose coach he will be, Yuri offers up this idea:

And this is Victor’s response:

So after watching the episodes over again, this is something I noticed. In Ep. 10 after the amazing montage of Yuri and Yuuri’s dance-off, we get this:

So to me, this just further proves that Victor was thinking about Yuuri the GPF Banquet a lot over that next year.

And, thus, a love story began!

okay guys I really need your help

So, my friend, Kaia, aka lukeypukeylipring is turning 18 soon and she’s in a band called thegoodkidsband

Her band’s YouTube channel is almost at 100 subscribers and it would be amazing to hit it (or more) before her birthday!

Please check out this cover of Shut Up and Dance (it’s my fave) but you should also check out their original song Strange Life:

They have more covers and awesome stuff on their channel. They have an EP coming out in May! Please check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Finally watched WOT 3 😄

And I was right, i needed to see the whole episode to get the meta
Basically it was an amazing episode that showcased the foundations if every couple but one 😢 and as much as I missed them i finally understood the reason 😄😄 Sooo much meta

I have a huge analysis coming about why 12 angru jurors was used and how it ties in so well with girl meets lady of new york but also cold war, etc
The colour theory for thus episode was also a doozy
The foreshadowing and back shadowings were done brilliantly
The sly call backs to understand the very core of the show
Understanding more about why each of the characters are the way they are was also intriguing
You need to think deeper for this ep otherwise you’ll feel let down but uts amazing I promise
I have a huge Topanga analysis in the works after Her monster I’ll release it
Also wizard of oz allusions were also interesting
And the LUCAS of it all 😂😂 poor poor idiot
So yeh it was a fantastic episode for all ships 😃
I missed Zay 😅

Also I can’t help but say this but Lucaya man… If we’re talking about INFLUENCE in thus show those 2 are something else, like in competition head to head to Riaya
I just can’t with them .😘