i promise this ep is amazing


「  O R A N G E  」Final. Letter 13

If you ever cry alone again, or even if the day comes when you find just living to be painful, then I promise I’ll save you again and again.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER MY LOVE!!!! I promise you'll get your gift soon...if the feels after the musical ep allow me function ;) you are as talented as you are amazing. ❤️❤️I hope you have an PHENOMENAL day! I miss you terribly. And holy crap CS GETS MARRIED TOMORROW! Best late birthday gift for you (early for me 😉)

Thank you my love! No worries! *Hugs* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a musical wedding for a birthday gift is awesome. Thanks Once! ;)



Re-Watching YoI:

Okay so in Ep. 2 Yuri goes to Japan to get Victor to keep his promise of choreographing his senior debut. Then, when Victor tells Yuri and Yuuri that they will have a competition to see whose coach he will be, Yuri offers up this idea:

And this is Victor’s response:

So after watching the episodes over again, this is something I noticed. In Ep. 10 after the amazing montage of Yuri and Yuuri’s dance-off, we get this:

So to me, this just further proves that Victor was thinking about Yuuri the GPF Banquet a lot over that next year.

And, thus, a love story began!

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Ah, fuck. I fucked up, Yuuri thought.

Victor’s blue eyes were filled with tears and his lips trembled, a picture so devastating Yuuri could feel his heart tear into pieces. And when the first one slipped onto a pale cheek, soon followed by others, like dew running down a leaf early in the morning, Yuuri wanted to take it all back. Take it back, stuff it down his throat and choke on it, because no words were worth seeing Victor cry.

Yuuri watched how Victor swallowed, trying so hard to blink the tears away, but they just kept coming.

“Is it because of something I did?” Victor asked, his head bowed like he was scared of looking at Yuuri. “Did I do something wrong? I know I’m still inexperienced as a coach, even after all this time, and I swear I can work on that! So if it is, you need to tell me so we can get through this and figure out how to–”

“That’s not it,” Yuuri interrupted before Victor could spiral further.

All he wanted to do was to gather him in his arms and hold him, and kiss his cheeks and say I’m sorry as many times as needed to stop the tears and make Victor smile again.

But he couldn’t do it now. He had to say this, he had to let it out.

“Victor,” he called to make Victor look at him and Victor flinched. Yuuri’s heart almost shattered. “Victor, please, look at me.”

It would’ve been easier if he didn’t. Yuuri felt the guilt and the pain nestle in his chest like a small monster, just waiting to grow and lash back at him for what he’d done to the man he loved with his whole being.

“You may be inexperienced as a coach, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing,” he gave a tiny smile, hoping to ease the broken expression on Victor’s face. It didn’t really work. Yuuri sighed. “But I also know my limits and I know I just hit them.”

Now Victor’s mouth was opening to protest, and somewhere deep inside it made Yuuri happy that he was still fighting for him, still believed in him, but he shook his head to stop him from saying anything. It wouldn’t change a thing.

“Don’t try to convince me,” Yuuri said. “I’m going to retire after this season, Victor.”

Victor’s mouth set. His bottom lip trembled, but he bit on it to stop it. Yuuri itched to reach out and brush his thumb across it to free it, but he didn’t.

“You could still reach higher,” Victor finally said, his voice petulant like a child that was just scolded.

Yuuri smiled agreeably. “Maybe.”

“Then why–”

“It’s painful,” he cut Victor off, looking away from him. “Competing has always been stressful to me. It’s not a burden I want to carry anymore.”

With that he reached out and took Victor’s hand, the very one upon which a gold ring gleamed in the dim light of their hotel room lamp. He locked their fingers together, gold touching gold, and squeezed as if trying to tell Victor what he couldn’t put into words.

And Victor understood.

Tears stopped and his face cleared a little, although it remained grim and unhappy.

“You won’t change your mind?” he asked one final time.

Yuuri shook his head, “No.”

The hand in his shook slightly when Victor took a deep breath, but when he spoke his voice was strong.

“Fine,” he said. “We’ll make the announcement after the gala.”

Yuuri nodded.

That night after they slipped into bed, Yuuri could still feel the invisible line, the tension, between them. It was something that wasn’t there before, not even when they were complete strangers. He chewed on it alone, curling in on himself and wondering if it was alright to reach out…

Victor beat him to it.

Forehead pressed to Yuuri’s back and arms tight around his waist, he held him close, desperately.

“Don’t leave me,” Victor whispered.

Throat suddenly clogged up, Yuuri took Victor’s hand and kissed the ring that bound them to each other.

“Never,” he replied. “I promise.”

okay guys I really need your help

So, my friend, Kaia, aka lukeypukeylipring is turning 18 soon and she’s in a band called thegoodkidsband

Her band’s YouTube channel is almost at 100 subscribers and it would be amazing to hit it (or more) before her birthday!

Please check out this cover of Shut Up and Dance (it’s my fave) but you should also check out their original song Strange Life:

They have more covers and awesome stuff on their channel. They have an EP coming out in May! Please check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Thank You’s and Reminders

First, I’d like to thank all of my followers for putting up with me since I joined Tumblr in November. I have got to be the most unorganized, foul-mouthed, TMI blogger out there (this is my safe place - hey, I have kids!). But I have a big heart and a goofy mind and want to share all of it with you!

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chisaki: Does becoming an adult mean you lose a lot of things?
tsumugu: You probably lose a lot. But that just means you need to fulfill what you lost with new things. [...] Our time together these five years has been like that for me.

#okay can we just talk abOUT THIS SCENE FOR JUST A DAMN SECOND#chisaki is drunk and she’s talking about her growing up these past five years physically but still having the mindset and view that she did five years ago before the hibernation#and then she (rhetorically or not) asked tsumugu if her growing up meant that she’s going to lose her feelings for hikari among other things#and then tsumugu says that yes chisaki will lose things but she can move on and have better things in like#aka tsumugu#tsumugu you smooth motherfucker#then chisaki falls asleep bc drunk and all that#tsumugu notices and walks towards her, kneels down and STROKES HER FACE#OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SEEING THIS AND ITS EVERYTHING AND IT DOESN’T HURT AT FREAKING ALL BECAUSE GODDAMN#HE STROKES THE HAIR AWAY FROM HER FACE AND IS A SILENT DECLARATION OF HIS FEELINGS FOR HER#WHICH IS LOVE#SO MUCH LOVE#then tsumugu says while chisaki is asleep that the past five years was basically putting chisaki in his heart#do you know what this means#do people realise wha t this means#HE LOVES HER OH GOD HE LOVES HER SO MUCH#this moment was so intimate and touching#his voice when he said those words were so hoarse and raw and was a promise to her that he would continue to dedicate his years fulfilling the loss in her heart and his own as well#and then kaname enters this scene but lets not talk about that#BECAUSE THIS SILENT DECLARATION WAS JUST SWEET AND SUBTLE AND JUST AMAZING AND I NEED SOMEONE TO HOLD ME OH DAMN ARGH ALL THE FEELS 

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Yoooo the finale title spoiler has got me really excited!! I know I should reserve judgement and not have too much expectations as to not be let down but come on, An Untold Story? That has got to be the lgbt storyline aka Swan Queen aka amazing things. I can just imagine it now, the end of the ep will be a close up shot of Emma and Regina standing together doing some kind of emotional talking or confessing and they both lean in a share a kiss and bam TLK, but then the ep/s5 is over, lead into S6

I know, sounds promising! Let’s turn this into a fanfic prompt or just thread where you all describe how you see it happening. I wanna know! Doesn’t matter if you believe or not. A True Love Kiss between Emma and Regina in this season’s finale. How do they get there? How much do they freak out? How much has to be at stake for them to admit it? How angsty is it? How far does Emma run?

Finally watched WOT 3 😄

And I was right, i needed to see the whole episode to get the meta
Basically it was an amazing episode that showcased the foundations if every couple but one 😢 and as much as I missed them i finally understood the reason 😄😄 Sooo much meta

I have a huge analysis coming about why 12 angru jurors was used and how it ties in so well with girl meets lady of new york but also cold war, etc
The colour theory for thus episode was also a doozy
The foreshadowing and back shadowings were done brilliantly
The sly call backs to understand the very core of the show
Understanding more about why each of the characters are the way they are was also intriguing
You need to think deeper for this ep otherwise you’ll feel let down but uts amazing I promise
I have a huge Topanga analysis in the works after Her monster I’ll release it
Also wizard of oz allusions were also interesting
And the LUCAS of it all 😂😂 poor poor idiot
So yeh it was a fantastic episode for all ships 😃
I missed Zay 😅

Also I can’t help but say this but Lucaya man… If we’re talking about INFLUENCE in thus show those 2 are something else, like in competition head to head to Riaya
I just can’t with them .😘

Early April FitzSimmons Fic Recs from everyl1ttleth1ng

Not a comprehensive list but these are some stories I have recently fallen in love with or am rejoicing to see them resumed or drawing to amazing completion!!! (For my other recent fic recs - head down the rabbit hole here)

Wounds and Scars by @agent85  In which Jemma has a canon-compatible conversation with Yoyo that puts some important things into perspective. So beautiful.

Fitzing People Up by @lalallicat  based on one of Pi’s March Madness Fic Tournament Prompts
An AU which the team are on the faculty of a university somewhere and Fitz designs an algorithm for match-making purposes! I am deeply deeply in love with this fic - one chapter to go!!!

@superirishbreakfasttea’s All The Bright And Precious Things
This amazing thing, which I think is very soon to draw to a close, charts the rocky relationship of Hollywood darlings Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. And, as we all know, SIBT is amazeballs!

@amandajoyce118 ’s Honor Amongst Thieves
A brilliant con artists/thieves AU in which Jemma, Hunter, Bobbi, Trip, Daisy, Mack and Fitz are all living on the other side of the law but not nearly as badly as Grant Ward who must get his comeuppance after betraying his former partners!!

@grapehyasynth ’s Three Years
After being forced to part three years earlier, Fitz moves into a new apartment and finds Jemma living across the hall. Only one chapter up so far but I am so in love with the premise - I know it’s gonna be amazing!!

@roamingbadger’s A Happy Loving Pair
This amazing AU in which Jemma is staying in a cottage in rural Scotland for her brother’s wedding and due to the wintery conditions keeps being thrown together with Leo Fitz, the landlady’s compellingly attractive son. I re-read the whole thing when the latest chapter appeared and remembered how much I have loved every second of it!

@chinese-bakery‘’s Method Spying
Some gorgeous hilarity speculating on the FitzSimmons undercover images that have been released for a future AOS ep and the fskiss prompt “cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains”

@bookishandbossy’s Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
Jemma Simmons, daughter of yawn-inducingly dull country-club member parents finally has her first interesting conversation in the place when she breaks something and encounters handsome maintenance man, Leo Fitz. This Dirty Dancing inspired AU is complete and totally amazing!!!

@jessiecrimefighter’s I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
A brand new fic, one chapter in, but so much promise for a delightful domestic FitzSimmons on holiday by the English sea in gloomy weather story that I think my soul needs!

@madalayna’s Wanderlust
Madalyana’s back (!!!) with a new instalment to her sequel to “Countermeasures” (not required, though recommended reading!) set on Asgard, and the angst queen is in top form, having Fitz believe that the only reason Jemma is declaring her love for him is because she’s been put under some sort of an elvish enchantment. Oh, the suffering! It’s so great…

@bookishandbossy’s i don’t mean to put on any pressure (but I know when a thing is right)
A lovely new instalment in the “the next four years (college AU)” series in which FitzSimmons make some future plans.

and surely I’ve raved about this all gorgeous thing over the place, but just in case you somehow missed it:

@recoveringrabbit’s The Adventure of the Blue Sapphire
This is the third magical instalment in THE MOST MAGICAL FITZSIMMONS AU OF THEM ALL: A Love Story With Detective Interruptions!!!!

Probably missed a whole heap coz my e-mail account reached it’s limit so I missed notifications for about three days before I realised and they ain’t coming back! And I was going to save this up for an April post at the end of the month but it was getting out of hand…