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「  O R A N G E  」Final. Letter 13

If you ever cry alone again, or even if the day comes when you find just living to be painful, then I promise I’ll save you again and again.

My Reason

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Mary, Cas and Lucifer (briefly mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: A tiny bit of angst at first but it’s all good. Smut, the fluffy love making kind.      

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is a two birds with one stone sorta of a thing. I promised @salvachester fluffy Dean smut and an aesthetic (hence why this fic has one) because she spend hours helping me create the new theme on my blog. Love you Scar. I hope you like this one.

It is also my entry for @iwantthedean’s SoCo Summer Challenge where my prompt was You’re my reason for breathing, but I kinda used the song the line is from for inspiration as well. Hence the tiny bit of angst in the beginning. Listen to Something Corporate - She Paints Me Blue.

It is set after ep 12x22 but before the massacre that was the finale.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @deansleather for betaing this one for me. Love you Maddy <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Dean knew he had no right to be here. He had pushed her away a long time ago. Back when the Mark was still on his arm. He had told her he didn’t love her anymore and he had practically thrown her out of the Bunker. Every since the Mark got ripped from his arm he had been telling himself what he had done was for the best. He knew that he had hurt her, but she left the life. She was safe. She could be happy without him, but the truth was he couldn’t be happy without her. Not even close. Y/N had left a gaping hole where his heart used to be. He had tried to fill it with booze and women, but no matter who he screwed or how much he drank the void was always there.

Admitting that to himself however hadn’t been easy. He yelled at Sam every time he brought her up and he told himself that he was fine. She was just a girl right? There was plenty of girls in this world. Nothing special about her. Other than there was. It had taken Dean being almost buried alive in his own home to see that. All he could think about being trapped in the Bunker while the air slowly ran out was her. He saw her at every turn of the halls. Her smile, her eyes, her body. He heard her laughter echoing off the walls, her soft whisper telling him how much she loved him.

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Everyone always has to be angry about something…. So many stories have body swaps. Hell people write FANFICTION about malec body swaps and whatnot! Why all of a sudden is it so terrible? I understand some peoples concern. I do, I promise. But please. The writers are just trying their best, please stop finding everything wrong with the eps and just appreciate all the good they have. Its an amazing show and we’ve waited months. Can we bond over that?

This post started as one thing and turned into another

Just to clarify I’m disappointed with the MARKETING for this episode promising a big showdown, not necessarily the CONTENT in regards to my oh-so-precious ship.

Not every ep has to be chock full of nygmobblepot… Tho much much less Jim overall would be so welcome, god the police stuff is boring.

Anyway tho the finale better be amazing for real because compared to most episodes not a lot actually really happened? I am looking forward to what seems like Ed Oz and Fish working together so I’m kind if suspicious about this ep? Like, so little Ed, so little Os, and suddenly working together next episode? And Ed having so many perfect opportunities to murderate boo and just…not doing it? Something will be revealed next week that we don’t yet know, I think. I guess we will see.

Thoughts on Ep 2

That Dany and Varys scene was great. I really enjoyed Dany respecting Varys for standing up for himself and not being some simpering advisor.

And Dany is concerned about how the people will rule under her, and doesn’t want to fail them. So much for the haters saying that all she cares about is ruling and that she is becoming a villain.

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Also Dany is looking AMAZING in this episode

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‘The prince or princess that was promised’ or both as the case my be.

‘He sounds like quite a man’, Holy shit, Dany’s talking about Jon with Tyrion.

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While I think that Randyll Tarly is a dick for joining with Cersei, I did like his conversation with Jaime where he called out all the shit the Lannisters have done.

Balerion the Dread’s skull…

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When Cersei fires at the skull…

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I liked the Tyrion and Ellaria scene, with Dany putting her in her place.

God I hate the Sand Snakes in the show.

I did find it funny that through the Grey Worm/ Missandei scene (which I thought was a very nice scene) I’m pretty sure that they left the door wide open, so any fucker walking past could see them.

“You’re not going to die today, Ser Jorah.” Fuck yes Sam.

So as soon as Arya found out about Jon being KitN, she gave up on her plan to kill Cersei and went home. So much for haters saying that she is a heartless killer. 

Jon saying that he doesn’t want to be King and that he never asked for it. Doesn’t sound ike someone who would claim the Iron Throne if he found out his parentage does it? 

This episode is just shutting the haters down one at a time and I love it

Sansa is still REALLY annoying me with this constant questioning of Jon in public and stirring dissent.

‘Last best hope against the coming storm’, I never thought Lf would be saying to Jon. Sneaky little shit, trying to manipulate Jon.

Jon choking out Lf was everything that I wanted it to be, with the slight problem that his words will give the Jonsa crowd some fuel for their fire.

But who cares. Jon and Dany said each other’s names finally and will meet next episode. 

Jonerys is in full swing guys and I cannot wait.

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I’m not gonna lie, the Arya scene with Nymeria gave me chills, as it was so similar to the one that I had written… until Nymeria walked away. That was pretty sad.

That sea battle was incredible! I loved the shot of Euron’s ship coming out of the blackness, as it really made you feel like Theon and Yara were fucked. 

Holy shit Euron is intimidating. Two Sand Snakes down and that laugh when Theon jumped overboard.

That was a great episode but I cannot wait until next week. Jon and Dany meeting FINALLY!



Blessed crap, dudes(I say holy shit too much)

This whole episode was just amazing, Kacey’s getting some justice aka Katelyn being an amazing big sis, and Daniel being the best cinnamon roll/ future alpha a gal could ask for. The episode made Aph and Aaron’s relationship so much more cute than it already was. The last little promise they made before jumping out a window gives Season 1 of mystreet ep: 20 So much more sentimental value and meaning.(in a certain scene)
Little side note: When PDH came out it was perfect timing for me. Season 1 came out my freshman year, and it actually helped me cope with the change of going from middle school to high school. Then season 2 came out for my sophomore year and also helped me when I was feeling down. Here’s hoping Season 3 and 4 come out for my junior and senior year. (Assuming they even make two more seasons)
P.S. I think I’ll be making some fanart for this episode so stay tuned

Best in Five (vol. 2)

So last year I did a “Best in Five” post for episodes 1-10, covering seasons 1-5. I promised I’d do another post for episodes 11-23 after season 5 finished. But when season 5 finished, I took the whole “hiatus” thing a little too seriously and just… enjoyed a little break. For five months. 

Now, tonight, Arrow is back on our TVs and I really need to do this post. This list was really difficult. Because so many episodes were so good. And so many were SO BAD (honestly, Arrow has an ep 11-19 problem). SO. Here goes. 

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PSA to all you lovely Berena ladies currently utterly fed up with the clusterfuck that is Holby City. Come on over and join us here at Janet King central! Sure there’s only 3 seasons (S3 is airing right now) with 8 eps each but we’ve got Janet King, out proud lesbian and a kick ass lawyer who doesn’t take any shit and gives zero fucks. She has an equally bad ass gorgeous cop GF (in the second and third series). There’s a seriously amazing love scene, kisses and so far in Series3 kissing in a bathtub!

All the drama you could want, amazing writing and fantastic supporting characters. It’s smart, sexy, sassy, funny and unapologetically gay gay gay.

It’ll take the bad taste of the shit show garbage fire that Holby has become right out of your mouth I promise.

so last night there was a screening event for SnB:VS up to ep15 in Sendai, and apparently ep 15 is very surprising and pretty great, and is promised to show even more exciting story development.

even azazel fans who pretty much got disillusioned by the show say ep15 is pretty amazing and feels like an explosion, so I can only guess there must be appearance from some popular SnB demons characters (/coughs), or cocytus’ fall finally gets talked about, or *finally*, azazel gets shown again.


Re-Watching YoI:

Okay so in Ep. 2 Yuri goes to Japan to get Victor to keep his promise of choreographing his senior debut. Then, when Victor tells Yuri and Yuuri that they will have a competition to see whose coach he will be, Yuri offers up this idea:

And this is Victor’s response:

So after watching the episodes over again, this is something I noticed. In Ep. 10 after the amazing montage of Yuri and Yuuri’s dance-off, we get this:

So to me, this just further proves that Victor was thinking about Yuuri the GPF Banquet a lot over that next year.

And, thus, a love story began!



okay guys I really need your help

So, my friend, Kaia, aka lukeypukeylipring is turning 18 soon and she’s in a band called thegoodkidsband

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Please check out this cover of Shut Up and Dance (it’s my fave) but you should also check out their original song Strange Life:

They have more covers and awesome stuff on their channel. They have an EP coming out in May! Please check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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carry on, darling, we were built to last

Ah, fuck. I fucked up, Yuuri thought.

Victor’s blue eyes were filled with tears and his lips trembled, a picture so devastating Yuuri could feel his heart tear into pieces. And when the first one slipped onto a pale cheek, soon followed by others, like dew running down a leaf early in the morning, Yuuri wanted to take it all back. Take it back, stuff it down his throat and choke on it, because no words were worth seeing Victor cry.

Yuuri watched how Victor swallowed, trying so hard to blink the tears away, but they just kept coming.

“Is it because of something I did?” Victor asked, his head bowed like he was scared of looking at Yuuri. “Did I do something wrong? I know I’m still inexperienced as a coach, even after all this time, and I swear I can work on that! So if it is, you need to tell me so we can get through this and figure out how to–”

“That’s not it,” Yuuri interrupted before Victor could spiral further.

All he wanted to do was to gather him in his arms and hold him, and kiss his cheeks and say I’m sorry as many times as needed to stop the tears and make Victor smile again.

But he couldn’t do it now. He had to say this, he had to let it out.

“Victor,” he called to make Victor look at him and Victor flinched. Yuuri’s heart almost shattered. “Victor, please, look at me.”

It would’ve been easier if he didn’t. Yuuri felt the guilt and the pain nestle in his chest like a small monster, just waiting to grow and lash back at him for what he’d done to the man he loved with his whole being.

“You may be inexperienced as a coach, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing,” he gave a tiny smile, hoping to ease the broken expression on Victor’s face. It didn’t really work. Yuuri sighed. “But I also know my limits and I know I just hit them.”

Now Victor’s mouth was opening to protest, and somewhere deep inside it made Yuuri happy that he was still fighting for him, still believed in him, but he shook his head to stop him from saying anything. It wouldn’t change a thing.

“Don’t try to convince me,” Yuuri said. “I’m going to retire after this season, Victor.”

Victor’s mouth set. His bottom lip trembled, but he bit on it to stop it. Yuuri itched to reach out and brush his thumb across it to free it, but he didn’t.

“You could still reach higher,” Victor finally said, his voice petulant like a child that was just scolded.

Yuuri smiled agreeably. “Maybe.”

“Then why–”

“It’s painful,” he cut Victor off, looking away from him. “Competing has always been stressful to me. It’s not a burden I want to carry anymore.”

With that he reached out and took Victor’s hand, the very one upon which a gold ring gleamed in the dim light of their hotel room lamp. He locked their fingers together, gold touching gold, and squeezed as if trying to tell Victor what he couldn’t put into words.

And Victor understood.

Tears stopped and his face cleared a little, although it remained grim and unhappy.

“You won’t change your mind?” he asked one final time.

Yuuri shook his head, “No.”

The hand in his shook slightly when Victor took a deep breath, but when he spoke his voice was strong.

“Fine,” he said. “We’ll make the announcement after the gala.”

Yuuri nodded.

That night after they slipped into bed, Yuuri could still feel the invisible line, the tension, between them. It was something that wasn’t there before, not even when they were complete strangers. He chewed on it alone, curling in on himself and wondering if it was alright to reach out…

Victor beat him to it.

Forehead pressed to Yuuri’s back and arms tight around his waist, he held him close, desperately.

“Don’t leave me,” Victor whispered.

Throat suddenly clogged up, Yuuri took Victor’s hand and kissed the ring that bound them to each other.

“Never,” he replied. “I promise.”

Thank You’s and Reminders

First, I’d like to thank all of my followers for putting up with me since I joined Tumblr in November. I have got to be the most unorganized, foul-mouthed, TMI blogger out there (this is my safe place - hey, I have kids!). But I have a big heart and a goofy mind and want to share all of it with you!

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