i promise not to give up on this blog

I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.

((VACATION TIME!!! ! !!! !

weve hit halfway on The Confrontation comic SOOO i figured it would be a good time to take a break! imma be visiting my best friend @limey404 for a week or so, and my pals and i have been working hard to give yall some content for while im gone!

ive got some guest-artist posts lined up and im really excited to give all the amazing pals ive met through this askblog a chance to draw and write for it!!

if any of have any need to reach me, reminder u can dm my main @squigglegigs or u can send this blog an ask! i cant promise ill answer your anon asks cause i dont like making a lot of mod posts but!! i still read and see them all!

love u all! see u in a week and a few days !!))

gentle reminder

please try your best to believe that you aren’t broken, you’re wounded - you don’t need to be fixed, but healing wouldn’t hurt; there’s a difference between being broken and needing help: you are not broken, you can get up again, i promise, so please don’t give up

You are always stronger than you think! I know it might be hard for you right now and it might be like this for a little bit, but I promise if you keep trying, keep going and keep believing in yourself, it will be over. There is light at the end of your tunnel. 

Mommy Finally Gives Little A Punishment

Little: *Being Bratty*

Mommy: Keep It Up And I Promise You WIll Be Punished

Little: *Continues To Be Bad*

Mommy: Okay Baby Fine, Its Time Out For You *Sticks Little In Corner* Ill Come Get You In 20 Minutes and You Better Have An Apology Waiting.

Little: *Upset They Have Punishments But Also Extremely Grateful Mommy Has Gone Through With A Punishment And Is Proud To Have Such A Good Mommy*

Broken Part One: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/160710394889/broken-sign-on-the-dotted-line-and-everything


Ten months later

The coffee shop that you normally went to every morning was closed for repairs. You had to go fifteen minutes out of your way to get your daily coffee fix.

It had been a regular morning. You woke up and made breakfast for the kids before sending them off to school. They only had a few weeks left before Christmas break. They were very excited about being out of school for the next three weeks.

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caregiver space advice ♡

just like littles, it’s difficult for caregivers to get into their space sometimes so here’re some tips & tricks !!

start with downtime | whether they enter little space through excitement, an age regressor, or just because they want to, spend the first 30 minutes doing calm activities with your little. lay together on the floor while coloring, cradle them with a warm bottle, turn on a cartoon while you sit together in bed. easing them into little space will help you ease into your space as well & having a calm atmosphere will give you more time to register your role.

skim through actual parent blogs | some days, caregivers aren’t in the mood for responsibilities. you need to be responsible at work or college so admit it: you get tired. actual baby bloggers don’t have a choice because their little is always little so looking through their articles can motivate you & help spark your need to care for something just as precious as an actual baby.

talk in 3rd person | refer to yourself as your title. a lot of caregivers do this anyways, but you can never have too much of it. ask your little for kisses, tell them you love them & are proud of them, baby talk, etc. in 3rd person while they’re transitioning into little space.

please remember that what works for me might not work for you. these are just tricks that help me get into caregiver space faster/easier so try them all or pick & choose. don’t give up if some don’t work out, you’ll find aide eventually, i promise !!

Mommy Finally gives little a punishment

Little: *Being Bratty*
Mommy: Keep It Up And I Promise You WIll Be Punished
Little: *Continues To Be Bad*
Mommy: Okay Baby Fine, Its Time Out For You *Sticks Little In Corner* Ill Come Get You In 20 Minutes and You Better Have An Apology Waiting.
Little: *Upset They Have Punishments But Also Extremely Grateful Mommy Has Gone Through With A Punishment And Is Proud To Have Such A Good Mommy*

so i had asked stuff over anon since this is a side blog ah… aahaha uwu 

But hey i diddly dang sketched it all up and stuff and like haven’t done homework but what ever hope you like it?? ;; @kaxpha

i love the AU so much it like gives me all the angst i need tbh uwu 

How to ace a chemistry exam

After doing the “How to ace a math exam” post I got a lot of request to do something regular but with chemistry. Now my story with the subject chemistry is the same as with math (well all of the subjects I had in highschool) which was the fact that I for the first two years almost failed, during some tests actually failed, and I had such a hard time figuring it out, but in my third and last year of highschool I actually managed to raise my grades to an A and actually just like the math exam, percieve the chemistry exam as somewhat easy - although many did not. So here are my tips for how you can ace a chemistry exam. 

First and foremost, make sure that you do your work based off the text book that you have been given, and try as much as possible to understand that and the way they do chemistry - yes methods actually differ - because if this is the assigned book, then the exam will most likely be made with the book in mind. 

But how can you understand the book? Lets be honest, sometimes chemistry can seem odd, and it can seem so foreign, especially when you are sometimes given a piece of information and the reasoning is - “it have not been discovered yet why” - its confusing, but for the optimal “learning experience” here are my tips:

  1. Be aware of your study goals - unlike math, chemistry is something that is based on actual existing material and stuff, which means that it is such a large subject being researched to this day still. So it is important that you are aware of the study goals - which teachers often present - this will make it easier for you to pin point what you should focus on. If your teacher has not presented a “study guide” to you then ask them for one - because they usually have one so that they also can know what they should teach you. And if the teacher for some odd reason refuses to give you one, then listen to what the teacher focuses on during lectures and classes, they make it pretty obvious. 
  2. Don’t skip examples - when I used to study chemistry in highschool, I used to skip examples and think “all I need to know is simply the theory” - you could not be more wrong. Examples are one of the greatest ways to fully understand. They put the theory into perspective - which is a ability you only learn by looking at examples. 
  3. Write out examples - However to benefit from the examples, then I would recommend writing them out. This way by illustrating your understanding will be better. Also because when I read examples and a lot of equations are involved, I tend to skip those and simply read the text part of it. But writing it out actually helps alot, also because there are so many examples in chemistry books that by keeping on doing them, you will get used to it, and you will actually be able to identify the type of question and the way it should be answered!
  4. Hand written notes - But don’t only write out examples, write out your notes in hand, this is again a better way for you to remember all the different structures and the different names, it is just better than copy pasting an image from google images into your word document. 
  5. Do old examsets - This is one of the best ways to actually get ready for an exam. This beats any form of revision method. You can read and read theories all day long, but if you don’t put that theory into perspective and use it to solve problems - which is the main focus of exams - then there is no use for that reading. Doing old exam sets also helps you be able to get an idea on what type of “questions” will appear in the exam. 
  6. Do ALL the work in the book - This tip is just for extra understanding of the subject. Yes your teacher might have assigned you to do only 5 of those 10 questions in the book, but the question in the book are made so that you can understand the subject. So if you have extra time then for sure do make all of them, or most of them at least. Many of them are almost the same thing but with different numbers, which just gives your mind a form of “routine” that will be useful during exams.

And last but not least, study smart. Don’t sit infront of your book whilst playing on your phone and then be in awe that you failed the exam. Put effort into it, and try to understand it. Don’t give up. It is not impossible and you can do it, I promise! 



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Figured Much

Request: Could you write an imagine where the reader lives with their aunt/uncle who’s a justice league member. Their aunt/uncle asks Bruce to “babysit” even though she’s almost 18. And it’s like Dick likes them, but their obsessed with Damien cuz they think he’s the cutest thing ever. Do Dick uses that to get them on a date with him? If you can that’d be great, but no probs if you can’t. I adore your blog💜💗

AN: Thanks for the love!

“No way Uncle Clark. I do not need a babysitter!”  

You were almost an adult, which should count for something.  And you were kryptonian.  You could handle being alone for a week.  Your uncle sighed and pinched his nose.  “Y/N,  just a week.  It’ll be fun, I promise.”  “Bu-,”  he gave you a look that showed to just give up.  “Fine.”

So there you were, at the mansion of Bruce Wayne.  Or Batman.  Clark was talking with Bruce, and who you assumed as two of his sons.  Soon they made their way towards you.  Your uncle pulled you into a hug and said “Just a week.” And then he got back into the car and drove away.  You sighed and turned to pick up your stuff.  “Oh no let me get that.”  A boy had been there ready to grab your stuff for you.  

You raised your eyebrow, not knowing the stranger.  ‘Oh,” he held out his hand and said “Dick Grayson.  I’m Bruce’s kid.”  You took smiled and took his hand.  “Y/N Kent.”  A smaller hand then darted out in between you two.  A small child.  A small adorable child.  “Damian Wayne.  Son of Bruce Wayne.”  He said looking at the older.

Instead of shaking his hand, you picked him up and held him against you.  “Hello Damian.”  Dick expected Damian to lash out and attack you, but he was shocked that he allowed it.  After you put Damian down, he huffed and began to brush the wrinkles out of his clothes.  He mumbled under his breath, and you of course, heard it.  You ruffled his hair and smiled.  “You’re just so cute.”  You followed as they lead you into the mansion.  

It was your second or third day there.  Which meant that you had a few more days until you would have to leave.  You had spent everyday with Damian, coddling him endlessly.  Dick had seemed nice, but you hadn’t had a chance to hang out with him.  Most of your attention was put to his brother though.  

When you weren’t watching, Dick pulled Damian to the side.  “Listen Damian, i need you to do me a favor.”  The younger remained unmoved.  “What is it Grayson?”  Dick put his hands onto his brothers shoulders and said “I need you to come with me on a date with Y/N.”

“Figures much.  I have Jon, Drake has Conner, it was only time till you acquired your own kryptonian.”  

Dick’s eyes widened and his cheeks turned red as he heard what Damian had to say.  After a few moments, they made their way towards you.  You saw Damian and pulled him into your embrace.   He stepped away and gestured to Dick.  “Grayson would like to know if you would accompany us to the park.”  

You smiled at the two of them and said “I would love to.”  Later that day you all went to the park, with a very nervous Dick.  And it was obvious.  Damian pulled him to the side.  “Grayson calm down.”  He took a breath and both went to sit next to you.  You all sat on a bench, eating ice cream.

Dick reached out to put his arm around your shoulders, but stopped when you leaned towards Damian.  “So Damian,” you asked.  “Do you like animals?”  Dick attempted to talk to you.  But then the rest of the day was spent with your focus on the younger.

When you returned to the manor, you could sense Dick was disappointed.  After Damian returned to his room, you went to Dick.  

“If you wanted to go on a date you could’ve just asked,”  You said.  He began to stutter but you cut him off.  “I actually would like to go on a date with you, Dick.”  And you stood on your toes to kiss him.  When he didn’t kiss back you pulled away, but he pulled you back into it.  When you both pulled away, he rested his forehead on yours.  “I’d like to go on a date with you,”  he laughed,

AN: Yikes

blood, bones & smoke

genre: angst, thriller, smut

theme: demon!au

character(s): y/n, taehyung

summary: do you remember the story of how you sinned every night just to let him live?

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

“What are you?” This had to be exactly the forth time since you’ve asked and yet, you received no answer from him.

“Patience, love.” He breathed in heavily as he closed his eyes. “Time, rewards the ones who own the will power to wait.” His eyelids drifted open slowly and he fixated a hard gaze on you. “While at the same time, It tortures the ones who seek for the future, ever so fervently.”

You snickered at his witty words and chose to stand your ground instead, not letting him sway you easily. “Look, I’m only asking for you to explain what you are. Nothing more. Nothing less.” You huffed indignantly.

“Ah. See, that’s when Time decides to torture you.” He closed the distance between the two of you and with dainty fingers, caressed your chin gingerly. “Time will speak for itself. For now, you shall call me by my name.” His lips curled into a menacing smirk and you almost felt like retching.

“You’re an awful person. Get the hell away from me.” You spat bitterly and he released a low chuckle.

“This is just only the beginning, y/n. Once you really get to know me, there’s no turning back.” He walked away from you to sit himself on the edge of your bed.

“Say, can I just believe it’s a coincidence that you actually know my name?” Your voice turned meek towards the end as you prayed it was the truth but of course, you knew that’d be impossible. “If believing in something that isn’t true will make you feel a bit calmer around me, then please do.” The man replied and gave you a warm smile.

“On the contrary, it wouldn’t be fair for only the beautiful maiden to have revealed her name, right? My name’s Kim Taehyung.”

“Kim Taehyung….”


You watched as he laid flat on your bed, his head tilted up but his eyes narrowed to you. You approached him hesitantly and plopped down beside him. He simply stared as you grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged harshly on it. “Ow! What the fuck?!” He screeched and immediately snapped upright. “Just checking whether you’re human, that’s all.” You shrugged. It was hard for you to hold back your laughter as you saw his face morph into an expression of irritation.

“That’s what you want to think.” He hissed and sat across from you. You weren’t expecting for him to pull any tricks on you but as soon as the moment came, you fledged away as fast. He had placed his hands on yours and you came to realize they were searingly warm. “Why do your hands burn?!”

“Because I’m not human.”

“Oh my god. Why won’t you just tell me what are y-”

“I’m a demon.”

Your eyes widened as you tried to fathom the situation. “A d-demon?” He nodded once and you grew stiff. “Why would a demon be in my room?” You practically shoved yourself away from him and stood on the other side of your room, your body cowering against the dark wall, as though seeking for refuge. His eyes bore into yours and he clicked his tongue in dismay.

“Tsk. Why do humans easily get scared?” His tone, condescending and your hands molded into fists.

“Well, maybe it’s because it’s not an everyday occurrence for a demon to suddenly be showing up in their room and excuse you, but who said I was ever afraid of you?” You barked, your arms now folded across your chest.

You observed intently as Taehyung got up from the mattress, his back turned towards you. He glanced over his shoulder once and the corner of his lips formed into a wicked grin. You shuddered when you heard the snapping of bones- his neck bent to each side as he rolled his shoulders. He stood there in place as you saw the veins of his neck protruding against his taut, golden skin. It was meandering, all the way up to the back of his ears. They started to beat violently and an unpropitious feeling settled in the pit of your stomach. Finally, he swirled around to face you.

Tension filled the room as your mind screamed aloud. You could only listen to the sounds of his heavy breathing, the same rhythm to when you first discovered him across your room. Your gaze was locked onto his chest, watching it heave aggressively. You had only one line of vision and you planned to keep it that way until the end. However, Taehyung didn’t seem to appreciate the fact.

“Look at me, y/n.” He drawled out slowly and you eventually gave in. A breathy gasp left your mouth as you held sight on his face. His lips were still pulled up into a wicked grin while his cheeks were painted in crimson red.

Wait. Crimson red?!

You adverted your gaze towards his eyes anxiously and you realize he had turned on the waterworks. He was crying, crying out bloody tears. You took a step back as your hand flew to cover your mouth. You would have thought that was scary enough but no- his orbs.

They were split into two colors, a fiery red and a majestic yellow while both his pupils were blown out profusely. “T-Taehyung?” There was no answer as he continued to stare at you with hooded eyes. The last thing you heard before you could feel your whole body tearing apart were his words.

“I need to feed.”

You woke up with a sense of fear crawling up your spine. It was already morning as the sun shone brightly outside, mellow rays of sunlight trespassing the glass barriers of your room. You sighed heavily as you rubbed your temples in agony. What happened last night? You had asked yourself, attempting to reel in the answer from the deep recesses of your mind. “I can’t seem to remember anything- except for that nightmare though.” You shook your head, brushing your incredulous thoughts aside. You gently laid your feet onto the floor and just like every other day, proceeded to the bathroom.

You took your time as your mind traveled back to the past. There was a man in my room. He was tall, handsome and……. a demon? You slapped yourself lightly as you thought how absurd that must have sounded. There’s no way there was a demon in your room! Even if there was, he’s gone now. Thank God!

The morning passed by swiftly as you had several calls to pick up, work related nonetheless. It was the usual as you’d be seen seated at your desk, checking off dates of previous meetings and circling new ones for upcoming events. The clock struck 3.30 p.m. when your stomach growled and you hung up the last call for today. Who knew this would be so exhausting. You shuffled your way towards the kitchen and decided to fix something light within the hour. As you pulled out the ingredients from your fridge, you heard a deep groan. “What the-”

“You have very little food in your fridge, y/n. Do you not eat much?” You hastily turned around in your spot, the door of the fridge pushed wide open as your body fell back onto it. “You!”


“I thought you were gone?!”

“Pfft. Why would I be gone when you’re supposed to be my vessel?”

Your breathing stopped for a moment as you stared at him, a bewildered look plastered over your face. “Your vessel?

“Did you not hear me last night? Ah- wait.” You watched as he tapped his chin in acknowledgement and lets out a faint chortle. “You passed out before I could feed on you last night.”

“Feed on me?!” You shrieked and Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Yeah you did.” He moved away slightly, permitting you enough space for you to breathe. “Allow me to explain.” He relaxes his body onto your countertop and darts his gaze towards you.

“Every demon is assigned to have their own vessel.” He began. “A vessel is supposed to fulfill our necessary needs, just like humans do. Despite that, we are only accustomed to 3 major groups. Firstly, our physiological needs. Demons need to consume food in order to stay alive and our food comes from the vessel.” He pauses for a moment and you could make out the mischief glint in his eyes. “In other words, his/her blood.”

You choked on your saliva as you heard the words fly out from his mouth. “What?!” He flashed you a smirk and continued on, deliberately ignoring your current distressed state. “Secondly, our self-esteem needs. Demons need to be assured of themselves every single minute of the day. It is crucial that we don’t experience depression or fall short on our potential. Therefore, a vessel’s job is to make sure none of that occurs. She/He is to make us feel the best, a born leader- a conqueror. And the only, not to mention the most effective way to do so is for the vessel to be….. our submissive.”

In a blink of an eye, Taehyung suddenly appears in front of you once again and snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you in close to him. You couldn’t decipher the look he had on his face as he discloses the distance between the both of you, his lips brushing against yours softly.

“Now, this is my favorite part.” He whispers sensually. “Thirdly, our sexual needs.” He releases a hiss at the last part and you could feel your body set ablaze.

“Demons are notorious for their sexual needs and in case you didn’t know, most of the time, our vessels wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.” You whimpered faintly as your mind grew hazy. Your hands traveled up to clutch onto his shirt and his chest rumbled lightly. “Seeing you weak increases my self-esteem but seeing you under me gives me so much power, you won’t even understand.” His tongue peeked out from his dark haven and licked your lips tenderly. “It is your job to give me relief and I can promise you, you will enjoy it.”

You felt the warmth dissipate from your body as Taehyung finally lets go of you and flashes you a smile. “That is all you need to know for now, y/n. I shall see you soon.” And with his final words, Taehyung vanishes into thin air.

This was going to be one hell of a ride, you thought.

A/N: this whole story is written off of my own imagination. thus, no intent of plagiarism here.

oh my god. i actually planned to have this up on my blog earlier this month but I HAVE FREAKING TRIALS RN AND I AM DROWNING IN TEST PAPERS HERE ASDAGSHAGHSJSJ anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! it took me awhile to write it especially when taehyung was crying out blood……. shivers

anonymous asked:

can you write Keith with "give this a chance"? thanks

This one has been sitting in my inbox for a while, because I really had no idea what to do with it. I hope this turned out okay, anon! I know the original prompt is ‘give me a chance’, but I like how this one turned out, so I’m keeping it.

contains season 2 spoilers!

– Ryan

It was a shock to everyone when Shiro and Keith returned from the Blades of Marmora’s base. Not the fact they’d brought Kolivan and Antok with them, but the news they carried that they’d just dropped into everyone’s laps.

Keith? A Galran? Not only was it an absurd accusation, but Keith looked nothing like those giant space alien cats. To top everything else, Keith was born on Earth. To human parents.. right?

“The only way that blade could choose him would be the presence of Galran blood in his veins.” Kolivan speaks up from the awkward silence, but you don’t look at him– your eyes are locked on Keith, your boyfriend. Though, he wasn’t your boyfriend before you’d gotten sucked into all of this Voltron business. It was a fast relationship, yes, but it was built upon earned trust and respect. 

You look him over, and take in his expression, and the way he holds himself. Seems like this was news to him, too. You felt a bit more relived, knowing that he wasn’t intentionally hiding that information from you, but you couldn’t say the same about anyone else.

Especially not Allura.

Everyone took the news as if someone told them Keith had died, and the atmosphere sunk like a dense and heavy fog.

“C-c’mon, it’s not like Keith is working with the Galran Empire.” You speak up, hating this moment more than anything else. And it brakes your heart to think how Keith is feeling right now. Everyone looked to you as you tried to bring the mood back up, but Allura wouldn’t have any of it. She continued on glaring at Keith, and it was unsettling to see her go from one extreme to another, over her friend.

“How do we know to trust them, any of them? Just moments ago the Red Lion was attacking the Blades, and now we form an alliance? This is madness, and I refuse to believe it.” You look at the princess, wishing to say more things, but you didn’t want to fuel the fire.

“Listen, Allura, they wouldn’t have tried so hard as to hide between a black hole and a star if they were working with Zarkon. I understand that it may be hard to trust them, but you should at least give them the benefit of the doubt.” You reason with her, but she just bites her lip, and nods.

Although the tension in the room is still palpable, the team continues on making plans with the Blades to take down Zarkon’s ship. Plans run real smooth, and the seeds of hope are sewn as the probability of this plan working is enough.

It’s not until later that night, after everyone is given their assignments, that Keith finally approaches you.

“[y/n]..” He starts in a quiet voice, looking at the ground. You stop, and turn to him. You can sense the anxiety rolling off him in waves, and you reach out to him.

“Keith, I…” You want to find the words to comfort him, but you don’t know what to say. No one, besides you, Shiro, and the Blades, seems to be on his side. He must feel so… isolated.

“It’s a lot to take in, and I know how everyone feels. You don’t need to put up with it, if you can’t. It’s the last thing I want.” He brings his hand up to his arm, as if building a wall between the two of you. The sound of shoes scuffing the floor hit your ears as he backs up a step. “It was enough that you would defend me, and stand up to Allura, of all people, but I can’t hurt you. I won’t.” 

Was he breaking up with you?

After all you’ve been through, after all this time, he would just give up because of a little recently discovered genealogy? Was his faith in you that weak?

Before he can leave, you grab him by the wrist, and tug him back to you. Once he’s facing you, you dive into his chest, holding him as tight as you can. He stiffens, surprised by your action.

“Nothing’s changed, Keith. You’re not any different than when you stepped off this ship into the Blades of Marmora. If anything, you’re just more sure of who you are, even if it’s a shock. You’re not a new person, with a new agenda, just because we found out you’re part Galran.” You whisper into the collar of his jacket, and his rigid form loosens a bit. His arms slowly come up, and meet your waist to complete the embrace.

“What do you say, Keith? Why don’t we give this a chance?”

He smiles, but he hides it in your hair as he kisses the top of your head.

“Heh. What did I do to deserve you?”

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Love at First Video Part 5

Misha Collins x Reader

1350 Words

Chapter Summary: Still excited over your wonderful date with Misha, you’re surprised when he texts you early in the morning.

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Laying in your bed the next morning, you pinched yourself, wondering if last night had been a dream. It had gone perfectly, better than you could have ever expected, lasting late into the night. It had gone on until he had caught you yawning, which he then insisted on walking you home. You thought back to the walk, how he had wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you tight to him when he caught you shivering.

When you had finally arrived in front of your apartment, you had been a little hesitant to let him in, embarrassed about how small and shabby it was. But he didn’t force the issue, he stayed outside, his hands in his pockets as he gazed up at the stars peeking through the clouds.

You stood there, wondering what to do, but then he glanced down at you, his eyes sparkling in the glow of the lamps, and you melted. He had a soft smile on his face “I really enjoyed myself tonight, and I hope you did too.”

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summer follow spree

Hello!! As the title already indicates, I’m doing a summer follow spree. My dash has been really really dead lately and since I’ll have a bit more time in the summer, I would like to liven it up a little. However, my main goal is finding mutuals (*cough* friends *cough*) so I’ll give priority to blogs that are already following me. ^^ Graphic makers and artists also have a priority.

I won’t be following blogs that spam, have reposted content or no tags. That out of the way, reblog/like if you blog about any of the following:

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Looking through the files on my computer I found…that. I wish I didn’t remember drawing it, but I do. So after overcoming the embarrassment, I decided to redraw it. And this is the result. I’m still far from where I would like to be (to draw as good as @papabay is my goal), but dammit, I have improved, and I’m excited to think that in two years I will look at the 2017 drawing and feel embarrassed too. That’s the best thing about art, right? you’re always improving.

And I want to thank @papabay, because thanks to them (I don’t know papabay’s gender and I’m learning to use gender neutral pronouns, so I’m sorry if I haven’t used it correctly) I didn’t stop drawing. I hated how I drew, so for less than a year I stopped, because it was really frustrating, and I couldn’t bear it. But I didn’t stop following the talent and work of @papabay, and that encouraged me to start again. Being as good as @papabay (sorry for the extreme tagging) was my reason for giving it a try again and creating this blog, and although I know I won’t reach they (again, gender neutral pronoun), because they keeps improving (and very fast), I won’t stop, not again, not now that I have your support. Thank you very much, to @papabay and to all of you, especially thanks to @gracie-sketchy-cat @fruitysmellz @ninjaellis @tabine @nairil-daeris @asiantwinkies @tentenhyuga-toranokuma because you really back me up and oh man I’m so happy when I see your comments in my work. I’ll shut up now, I promise, it’s just that I’m happy. Thank you very, very much.

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your blog and was wondering if I could make a request for someone close to me. They've been going through some rough times and they love your art and blog and it would cheer them up immensely if you would be willing to draw the author in pallete 29 because he is one of their favorite egos. Thank you so much! Keep up the loveliness.


To whoever this may be for - don’t give up! Things may be hard now but they will get better I promise! Be like the author; he lost everything and was left for dead but he managed to pick himself back up and become a better person (more or less ^^) 

Everything will work out in the end

Just remember not to lose sight of yourself along the way

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I care about my girls out here in the bowl, but come on ... I feel like they don't realize when they set their expectations low with these men, the men start thinking they can get away with this shit with ANY girl. A man starts jerking off with me on Skype, I'm giving him my paypal and two minutes or I'm hitting that end call button ... like common sense, come on

A man starts jerking off to me on Skype, I’m immediately pressing the end call button regardless.

I swear girls jump into this and do NO RESEARCH beforehand and end up making these dumb ass mistakes that could have easily been corrected by her reading ANY sugar blog for 30 seconds.

And that’s the shit that makes guys think it’s A OK to offer $300 for dinner and a sexual meet and greet with no promise of an allowance.

If you’re responsible enough to make the concious decision to become a sugar baby, you have to be a fucking ADULT and look into it, just like you’d do with ANY OTHER JOB. I know girls like me who are sick and tired of these young girls bringing down the value of SB’s everywhere because they’re being immature and blind to the fact that they arnt only ripping themselves off but ripping the rest of us off too.

Girls need to realize that sugaring is a group effort by ALL OF US to uphold our value. I’m not out there fucking and sucking for a coach wallet and neither should anyone else, and then the same girls will turn around and want their POS salt daddy’s to buy them cars and take them on trips but they fail to realize that THEY ARE LITERALLY NEVER GETTING THAT EVER!!!! why you ask? Because she’s already devalued herself, why the hell would he upgrade the package if he can get the same service for less?


I know they say they don’t want it to be a like a “business transaction” but that’s EXACTLY what the fuck it is until I am 100% secure in my position and if he doesn’t like it he has 2 simple options:

1) Deal with it, and shut up
2) Choke

We as sugar babies are a TEAM, and as a team we need to look out for our stock and assets together to make sure that everything stays reasonably consistent across the board, or else men will expect all of us to get on our knees for a Micheal Kors purse and that’s not happening over here honey.

Not everyone can be a neurosurgeon
Not everyone can be a teacher
Not everyone can be a Supreme Court judge
Not everyone can be a sugar baby

If you’re too lazy to do the research before jumping in the bowl, just fill out an application for a regular job because they’ll TRAIN you before you clock in for the first time and you won’t screw over every single other person in the same field if you choose to fuck something up.