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Come Home (Newt Scamander x Reader)

The winner of the Newt Vs. Steve contest. Hope you enjoy!

He sat across from you at the kitchen table in your small London flat. You lazily stirred a spoon in your cold tea, watching as he eagerly read a letter from New York; more specifically, a girl from New York. Tina Goldstein to be exact.

You knew by the glimmer in his green eyes that he was going to leave, most likely due to her requesting his presence in America. You knew that she was beginning to take a spot in his heart that was supposed to be meant for only you, and you didn’t know how to accept that.

“You look happy,” you noted, setting your spoon on the table as Newt lowered the letter. A grin had formed on his face, his eyes crinkled at the corners as he sat back in his squeaky chair.

“I guess I am,” he beamed, his smile remained bright as his eyes found yours.

“Care to elaborate?” You questioned, leaning back in your own chair while crossing your arms over your chest.

“It looks like I’m returning to New York again!” He exclaimed gleefully. “Tina located a few Bowtruckles and wants me to take them in! I can’t put into words how excited I am to return; there was so much I wanted to do last time and-“

“Am I going with you?” You interrupted his wild speech after noticing that he was only mentioning things that he wanted to do. Newt’s grin faltered and he moved foward to grasp onto your hand; you allowed him to and watched him carefully.

“I don’t think it would be best,” he told you. He didn’t look the least bit bothered by the fact that you wouldn’t be joining him. “Tina is only expecting me, and I have to leave first thing in the morning, she even sent a ticket for the boat-”

“How considerate,” you snapped, pulling your hand out of his roughly. Newt looked shocked at your sudden action.

“This is a great opportunity, Y/N, don’t be mad at me,” he seethed, watching as you stood up to place your cup in the sink. You stood with your back to him when you began to speak again.

“I don’t understand how you can think I would be okay with you leaving me behind!” You said, voice shaking from anger. “I work with you and the creatures, Newt, this is my life! And suddenly you want to leave me behind?”

“You know that’s not true,” he protested, rising from his seat. “But I don’t always need you to be there; the creatures and I will be fine for a few weeks in New York without you!”

“I’m glad to hear that you don’t need me,” you stated, turning to face him with glassy eyes. He couldn’t feel any kind of remorse for bringing you to tears; there had once been a time where he would have been a mess at the sight of you crying.

“What do you want me to say? I’m perfectly capable of doing things without you! I’m getting the Bowtruckles and coming back here to you, Y/N.”

“Don’t you dare try to convince me that I’m not the one who has your heart anymore!” You yelled, voice cracking. Newt jumped, his jaw dropping slightly as his heart began to feel heavy. “You’re in love with someone else, Newt. She’s in New York, and I’m not her.”

“Y/N,” he sniffled, stepping towards you, his hand beginning to stretch out to you. You merely shook your head and stepped back.

“Go to New York, Newt,” you whispered, wiping at your eyes quickly before looking at him. He closed his eyes as he looked into your own, not able to handle the wall he could see being put up in you. The wall that would be used to keep him out, to push him away.

“I’m just confused, you know I love you-”

“If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have fallen for her,” you declared. “You are a pathetic excuse of a man, Newt Scamander.”

Newt sat across from Queenie in the kitchen of the apartment. Tina was at work, leaving the magizoologist alone with her sister.

“I don’t mean to pry,” Queenie began as she stirred her steaming coffee. “There are just some things that I can’t help but hear-”

“Please don’t read my mind,” he pleaded quietly in a hoarse voice.

Newt had returned to New York without you after making you promise to wait for him in London. He hadn’t realized how different life would be without you, though. There was more to do in the case. There was no one there to fix his hair after a night of falling asleep at his desk, but then again, there was no one there to make sure that he didn’t fall asleep at his desk.

“Your thoughts are kinda loud right now,” Queenie stated, looking down at her cup with a frown. “I just want to know what your intentions with my sister are.”

“I can assure you that my intentions are strictly platonic,” he rushed out nervously.

“Y/N didn’t seem to think so, did she?” Queenie inquired, her eyes flashing up to meet his with a hint of suspicion. She had always liked you and had admired your relationship with Newt; it hurt her to know that her sister was the reason you and Newt were fighting.

“You know what Y/N thought,” he snapped, beginning to feel upset. “She and I are going to work things out when I return to London, though. Everything will be okay for us.”

“Mr. Scamander, I know what happened between you and Tina,” Queenie sighed sadly. Newt’s leg hit the bottom of the table and he winced.

“It was a mistake,” he attempted to reassure her.

“Tina doesn’t think so. She doesn’t even know that you’re still with Y/N.”

“Well, I am still with Y/N,” he insisted, despite not knowing where your relationship stood.

It wouldn’t be until he returned to London that he found out.

“Let’s talk,” you stated as Newt entered the kitchen the morning after he returned from New York. You clutched a letter behind your back as you stood in front of the sink, watching as he stumbled wearily into a seat at the table.

“Would you like to start?” He questioned lowly, looking up at you as he played nervously with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Okay,” you breathed out, grasping tightly onto the letter. “How was New York?”

“It was fine,” he told you. “The new Bowtruckles are in the case and seem to like the others.”

“Did you see Jacob?”

“Yes, he and Queenie are getting very well acquainted again, I believe there will be a wedding soon,” he said with a small smile. “I always thought it would be us getting married first.”

“I… I don’t see a wedding in our future,” you whispered slowly, closing your eyes so you couldn’t watch the hurt fill his face.

“W-What?” He choked out, finding it hard to breathe as the weight of your words came crashing down over him. A tidal wave of what could have been. “Y/N, please don’t say that-”

“Tina sent me a letter,” you interrupted him, shakily holding the letter in front of your trembling body. You opened your eyes and found Newt shaking his head slightly, eyes filled with tears. “She wanted to make sure I was alright, you know, since we apparently we aren’t together anymore. She wanted to say sorry for her new relationship with you-”

“Give me that!” He exclaimed, jumping up from the table and bounding over to rip the letter from your hands.

“Step away from me right now,” you growled out, putting the letter behind your back. He began to speak before you cut him off. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say, this letter made it very clear that our relationship is done. I have my things packed, I should go.”

“No, Y/N, please,” he begged, falling to his knees and grabbing ahold of your legs as he cried. His head rested on your stomach, your shirt began to dampen from his tears as you attempted to pull away.

“Let go of me, Newt,” you demanded, pushing at his shoulders. He shook his head, looking up at you as he continued to cry.

“Stay, Y/N, please-”

“Let me go-”

“No, not until you-”

There was a loud slap, his head reeling to the side from the force of your hand against his cheek. His crying went silent as your hand stung, and finally, his arms dropped from your legs. You could tell that you had shook him down to his core, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care as you left the kitchen to gather your bags.

“Goodbye, Newt.”

A/N: Definitely thinking about a part two for a reunion at a little wedding in New York. Let me know what you guys think.


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Well if it isn’t the lovely (Y/N), to what do we owe the pleasure?” Klaus hummed when he saw you, smiling widely as you entered the room.

“You know Klaus I think besides Rebekah you are the only person who is always so pleased to see me.” You sighed, smiling when he looked surprised.

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anonymous asked:

"I'm just so nervous" for the prompt thing

did i go overboard with this one? probably. do i regret it? not for a second.

“I’m just so nervous.” My fingers tap nervously on the steering wheel and Harry reaches over and squeezes my knee.

“There’s nothin’ to be nervous about, love.”

“You don’t understand, you’ve never dealt with them all at once.”

“No, but your mums are great so I’m not worried.”

It was true, my moms both loved Harry to death, always asking when the next time we’d come to dinner was and “you don’t even have to come, love, just send Harry over.”

It was almost insulting.

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Ready? Okay! (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Originally posted by smooshywrites

REQUEST: write one where y/n was bullied by the cheerleaders from the bus scene and now she’s part of the Maniax and her boyfriend Jerome tries to kills them

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, fluff, bullying, smoking, attempted murder

Arnold Dobkins pops his head through the window of the truck. “Y/N!” He called, taking a cigarette pack out of his back pocket. “You want?”

I smile. “Got a lighter with you?” I remove Jerome’s hands wrapped around my waist and I head outside with him, Dobkins holding his lighter out for me.

Taking a cigarette from the pack, I place it in my mouth and Arnold lights the butt until it began to turn into a flame inside the tobacco. 

Arnold was the first person I made friends with ever since I landed my ass in Arkham Asylum, wearing a striped jumpsuit dress and being locked behind bars just because I committed murder. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but GCPD thought it was. 

There was also Aaron Helzinger that killed his family with his bare hands and Robert Greenwood that killed and ate women. They risked themselves to beat the crap out of a guard after attempting to seduce me. The guard was unconscious but he wasn’t dead. He earned himself more time and punishment afterwards. But that was when I could trust him. And who knew I could find myself sitting beside a cannibal at lunch without being frightened. 

Barbara Kean is like a sister to me and I plan to help her terrorize Jim’s relationship with Lee one day when we take over Gotham. As promised, she said I would be her maid of honour at her wedding with Jim and she would do the same and make my wedding theme something that would keep children awake and terrified at night when I become Queen.

Then came Jerome Valeska, the handsome, childish but clever eighteen-year-old ginger that murdered his mommy because she shagged too many men next door. He’s also my boyfriend that wanted our relationship to be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. And who knew I could end up developing a relationship with him involving killing, laughing and way too much affection towards another.

I finish my cigarette and I look over at Jerome who used his hands as pretend binoculars and searching for something to assault. “I spy with my little eye something that is …” He trails off by looking at a yellow bus filled with bubbly cheerleader and jocks cheering and laughing while driving past us. Oh shit, I thought. “… yellow!”

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Scott McCall ➢ Arrows

Scott twirled around the arrow in his hand analyzing the arrowhead that you had just crafted a few days ago. Engraved in the silver was the Argent crest. You stuck a few throwing silver knives engraved with the symbol in the band of your jeans as well. 

“You’re not coming to the school tonight, (y/n).” Scott stated with a sigh. You gaped. “What do you mean I’m not coming? You need help protecting Hayden from the doctors and I can help you.”

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Two Smoking Guns 11

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the fact that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,014

Warnings: NSFW Smut smut smutty smut smut

A/N: As always I request feedback! Dean-Centric

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 -

The doors to the elevators opened and you stepped into the lobby, you weren’t sure what you were going to do, you hadn’t thought it out, take the limo home let him find a ride home, call a cab, call Jess? You yanked your trench coat over your shoulders, when a hand gripped your arm. You spun around to meet Dean’s breathless face.

“Y/N, that wasn’t what it looked like.” He panted, you were taken aback by the fact that he’d gotten down to the lobby so fast, and since you were unaware of another elevator you had to assume he used the stairs. His stamina aside you pulled yourself free of him.

“Oh really? Because what it looked like was you parading me around to make Little Miss Better-Than-You jealous.” You hissed, biting back the tears that threatened your eyes. “I am so stupid, to think that you’d want anything to do with someone like me when you could have someone like that. Well thank you for the humiliating evening.” You bit, as you pulled the earrings he had delivered to you the day before, and handing them to him.

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Originally posted by wickedpotterpictures

(Hopefully you guys like it! Enjoy!)

I toast to the groom

you looked over at Newt he was smiling excitedly. His bow tie was tied too tight but he did care. You heard the music playing and looked down the aisle. Her hair was beautiful and her vail covered her face. But you knew she looked beautiful. She reached the top and took Newts hands.

To the bride

She smiled at you as he took her vail off her face. You knew that smile, it was something you loved for. Anything that made your sisters happy, that was your job to be there for them.

From your sister

You smiled back putting on a happy face. You looked at Newt he was looking so awe struck at her. Your heart sank a little bit deeper as tears pricked his eyes.

Who is always by your side

You pushed that feeling away, it wasn’t your day it was Tina’s and Newts. You didn’t deserve to feel this way it was your sisters wedding and you weren’t going to mope.

To your union

Once they said their, “I do’s” you knew it was over. You and Newt had no chance and you had to get over that. It was no longer Tina Goldenstein it was Tina Scamander. You still couldn’t help that pain in your chest when he kissed her. Queenie gave you a small smile and you smiled back.

And the hope that you provide

You wanted them to be happy and successful. You really did. But you wanted to be happy with newt and you never could.

May you always be satisfied

But if you got Newt by breaking your sisters heart you couldn’t live with yourself. You wanted her to be happy, and if it meant breaking your heart in the process you were ok with it

I remember that night I just might regret that night for the rest of my days

You were cleaning up the house with Queenie when Tina opened the door with two men. She sighed throwing the men inside, you saw the taller and was instantly smitten. He walked around the house looking at things that made no sense. Almost as if looking for hidden traps.

I remember those soldiers tripping over themselves to win their praise

The shorter man, Jacob, was complementing you and Queenie all night. Kissing your hands, laughing at your jokes. So did Newt and you were head over heels.

I remember that dreamlike candlelight like a dream that you cant quite place

It was a beautiful starry night and the way the candles reflected Newt’s face was beautiful

But alexander I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face. I have never been the same intelligent eyes and a hunger pained frame. And when you said hi I forgot my dang name set my heart aflame every part aflame this is not a game.

He walked over to you, “I can’t help notice that you’re putting away a book about bowtruckles?” He asked you smiled letting him see it. “I love these little guys they’re so- Oh my gosh do you own one?!” You said as you saw Picketts head stick out of his pocket. He smiled, “Yes this is Pickett,” He said pulling the small creature out of his pocket you smiled petting its head. You smiled looking back up at him

So this is what it feels like to match with someone that’s your level what the hell is the catch

You two were perfectly synched. You understood each other so perfectly, you talked about magical beasts for what seemed like ages. You couldn’t believe what was happening to you, it was like meeting your soulmate.

Its the feeling of freedom of seeing the light its Ben Franklin with a key and a kite you see it right

He was blabbing on about everything and anything. You both were in your element, you impressed him with your knowledge. He impressed you with his looks.

the conversation lasted two minutes maybe three minutes everything we said in total agreement

He told you about his case, him promising to show you before he left for London. You told him about your notes about thunderbirds, and you promising to give them to him. You loved the way the words just flowed out of your mouth like an open facet. You loved the way his eyes gleamed when you spoke about his beasts. It was perfect. “I cant stop collecting these beasts, I’ll never be satisfied!”

Its a dream its a bit of a dance, a bit of a posture its a bit of a stance. 

You were in love it was as easy as dancing, trusting your instincts. He was easy to talk to, you felt as if it was meant to be. You knew it was meant to be.

Hes a bit of a flirt but I'm ‘a give it a chance

You knew the lingering glances the way he touched your hand as you gave him your notes. The way he smiled and blushed when you got really excited about his beasts, and his stories.

Handsome, boy does he know it

He kept brushing his hair out of his face smiling when he caught you looking at him. He was doing it on purpose, and how you loved it.

I wanna take him far away from this place

You fantasied was he talked about London and his many travels. You wanted to be with him forever, you wanted to travel with him. You couldn’t stand him leaving you alone. “Promise me you’ll write, when you leave.” “Everyday I can,” He replied smiling

Then I turn and see my sisters face and she is helpless

You looked at Tina across the room her small smile and glossed over eyes told you everything you needed to know, she was head over heels.

And I know she is helpless

The way she messed with her hands, the way she bit her lip.

And her eyes are just helpless

The way she smiled with her eyes, you knew that it was over. You loved your sister more than anything and you would do anything to make her happy.

And I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time.

“Hey Tina loves nifflers you should go ask her about it,” You said smiling he nodded walking over to her.

I know my sister like I know my own mind you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind

When you were younger she would always wait till everyone had had snacks before she ate hers. Whenever you were sad she would do anything to make you smile. When you had no date to the ball she told everyone no so she could go with you. You loved your sister more than anything in your life.

If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned he’d be mine

You knew she would put your feeling above hers, you couldn’t tell her. You couldn’t stand to see her upset.

she would say I’m fine she’d be lying

You imagined yourself with Newt, his lips on your lips, your hand in his hair. His arms around your waist. Then you thought of your sister, she would be alone. She wouldn’t look at anyone the same way. She’d be in a loveless marriage.

But when fantasize at night its Alexander’s eyes as I romanticize what might have been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly

You looked at Newt as he had tears in his eyes as he walked down the aisle with Tina.

at least my dear Eliza’s his wife

She kissed him before they excited the church, your shoulders slumped as you walked out your head down. Queenie took your arm squeezing it, “Its ok darling you’ll find someone.” She smiled. You nodded trying to hold in the tears.

At least I keep his eyes in my life

you sadly smiled as you thought about the first time you met him. His beautiful eyes which rendered you speechless. The ones you got lost in so quickly, the ones which adored your sister…

And I know she’ll be happy as his bride

She loved Newt with all her heart you could see it in her eyes, the way she clung onto his arm.

And I know he will never be satisfied I will never be satisfied.

(Sorry that I skipped some but I didn’t really know how to work it in :( Hopefully you guys liked it! Tell me if you want more of these! @spaacekiid )

Good to Be Home

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Characters: Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers, mentions of Maggie Sawyer.

Rating: T

Summary: “I’ve got the best sister in 38 earths.”

Author’s Notes: I saw a post where someone wondered how Kara would feel being controlled by the Dominators after her experience with red kryptonite. I wish I could find it, but no luck. It got me thinking, though, and this was the result. Just a quick story about what could happen when Kara and Alex finally get to talk after Kara returns.

Thanks to @zennie-fic for the quick beta.


“Kara?” Alex closed her front door, her heart rate slowing after spiking at the sight of a shadowy figure sitting on her couch. “You okay?”

Her sister’s head was down, and as Alex came closer she heard Kara swallow roughly. “I just… I needed to talk to you.” Kara finally looked at Alex, although the darkness hid most of her features. “Is this… is this a bad time?”

“There’s never a bad time to talk to my little sister.” Alex smiled encouragingly. She dumped her bag on the floor and slid her concealed holster off before setting the weapon next to the door. “You hungry?”

“Not really,” Kara admitted.

Alex’s stomach knotted with worry. Kara had been different since returning from the other Earth two days ago. She hadn’t said much about the experience, but there had been a shadow in her eyes, something weighing on that already overburdened soul.

Settling next to Kara on the couch, Alex studied her sister in the low light. Tears were drying on Kara’s cheeks, and Alex wondered how long her sister had been sitting there, alone in the dark, hurting. Reaching out, Alex gripped Kara’s hand, tangling their fingers. “Talk to me,” she urged.

“That’s the problem,” Kara said quietly. “We always say we’re going to do that and we don’t.”

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@in-acoalmine continued from here

Laurel was only half listening to Sara as she cooed over her niece. “You’re my sister and I love this little one like she was my own. You are welcome here anytime. My only requirement is that I get to take her shopping and spoil her rotten.” Which Laurel would do regardless of her sisters desires. She finally glanced over at Sara and smiled. “I have the extra bedroom if you want to take a nap for a while. I promise not to kidnap your daughter.”

She continued to bounce the baby, whispering soothing sounds into her ear as she tried to make her sleep. “That’s my baby bird.” At least she seemed to be quieting down now, but if Laurel was honest it was probably more timing than anything she was doing. Even a baby can only cry for so many hours before she exhausts herself.

“You could give her something or take her to the clinic?” She wasn’t a doctor, so there was no way that she could of much help in figuring out what was  wrong with her.

Matt Imagine for anon

/Can you do an imagine where Johnson is your protective older brother and Matt asks you out but first asks jack/

She was everything I needed. The way she smiles, the way the wind moves her hair, the way her eyes light up every time she sees something that she likes. Everything about her has he enchanted. But there’s a little problem. She is Johnson’s little sister.

“Be careful, Y/N” Jack yelled as Y/N opened the door to leave. “No boys, remember”

“It’s a girls day” Y/N chuckled rolling her eyes.

“I know but just be careful” Jack smiled as she closed the door.

“Why do you protect her so much?” I asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I just wanna know why”

“Since Dad died, she doesn’t have that father figure. Someone to protect her, to make sure she is fine, you know?” Jack replied staring at one point. “I sometimes feel like it’s my job”

“I think she appreciates it” I smiled to him. “She is lucky she has you”

“Thanks, bro” Jack smiled as he got up to turn the tv on.

“Jack, can I ask you something?” I was preparing myself for this. I need Jack’s approval before I asked Y/N out on a date.

“Spit it” Jack replied sitting down next to me.

“Before I start, promise me you won’t interrupt me” I knew Jack. He always does that.

“Promise” He replied a little more concerned. He knew it was important now.

“I’ve had a crush on Y/N since long ago, but I’ve never said it to anyone because I thought it was wrong because she was your sister. I wanted to ask you first because I want to make sure you are okay with this. Before you say anything, I want you to know that all my intentions are good and that I’ll do anything and everything to make sure she is happy and comfortable. I would never be disrespectful to her, she deserves more than that” I stopped to analyze the look on Johnson’s face, but his expression was blank. “So, what do you say?”

Jack just stared at me for a couple of seconds, making me more anxious than before.

“Matt, you have to understand that she is my sister. I cannot let her go with every guy that crosses her path” Johnson answered breaking the silence.

“I know. I should have never consider it” I replied looking away. “Just forget what I said”

“However, I know you. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt her and that you would make my job a lot easier” He chuckled taking me by surprise. “I know I’m always putting her in this bubble to protect her, but I know that one day I have to let her out, and I know I wouldn’t regret it if it was with someone like you”

“So? Are you okay with it, man?” I was beyond surprised. I was never expecting this. I was thinking about some shoutings and punches but this is different.

“Yeah, I guess so” He punched my arm slightly. “But always remember, you hurt her and I’ll make sure you never see the sunlight again”

“Got it, bro” I chuckled as I patted him in the back. “I don’t even know if she is going to say yes, tho”

“Are you kidding me?” Jack gasped. “She is always talking about you, it’s disgusting”

“Are you serious?” Y/N was always really shy around me. She would look at me just if it was necessary.

“Yeah, that’s a major reason why I accepted you” Jack replied looking at the tv. “If she founds out that I said no to you, she would probably kill me in my sleep”

“Thanks for telling me that” I smiled. “It makes everything a lot easier”

“Now we play video games until Y/N comes and you go all Romeo on her” Jack replied pretending to be disgusted.


Johnson and I were too focused to realize that Y/N had arrived and was currently standing behind us until she screamed causing both of has to jump and scream.

“HA! I scared you” Y/N smirked as she sat down between us.

“What the f is wrong with you?” Jack asked grabbing his chest as if that would help his heartbeat slow down. “You almost killed us”

“Sorry not sorry” She replied smirking and I just laughing causing her to look at me.

“So… I’m gonna go and get something from my room” Jack said standing up and giving me signs with his eyes. “I’ll be right back”

This was the moment that I needed. I had to ask Y/N right now. It’s now or never.

“So, how did you day went?” I asked starting a conversation.

“It was okay, a little bit boring tho” She laid her back at the couch.

“Well, it’s a good thing the day isn’t over, right?” I asked moving closer to her.

“What do you mean?” She whispered do to our proximity.

“Y/N Johnson, would you go on a date with me?” I whispered back as she just stares at me with her eyes filled with surprise.

“Yes” She replied softly. “I would love, too”

I moved closer to her but not kissing her because I didn’t know if she was okay with it. But that’s when she moved closer, causing our lips to touch so I took that as a yes and I completely kissed her lips.

“STOP!” Jack yelled from the stairs. “I allowed you to ask her on a date not to kiss her”

I just laughed as Y/N giggled hiding her face between my neck.

“Please, just not in front of me”


So here it is! I hope you like it :) I’m sorry if it’s really shitty!

The Worst Day

September 11, 2001, was a beautiful late summer day in New York City. Horrifying terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center marred the city’s landscape and changed the nation and the meaning of 9/11 forever. Prompt: Black and White

Trigger warning: This story is about the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is closely based on the reality of that day and includes references to terrorism, anxiety and panic attacks, canon compliant character deaths, and other traumatic events. Every effort has been made to treat the events in the story with sensitivity and respect as well as pay tribute to the souls lost and lives that were changed forever.

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#182: He finds out you like him

“So, Luke was texting earlier, right?” Ashton claps his hands together and leans on your doorframe. You peer up at his smirking face and decide not to invite him in yet, but he walks past you anyway. “And I’m like, who are you texting?”

“Right,” you slowly close the door and he keeps speaking as if he’s giving an interpersonal speech.

“And he says he’s texting you,” this is when his eyes find yours, glowing and excited. “Tell me something, Y/N, do you like Luke?”

“No,” you shake your head confusedly and wonder where he’s going with this.

“I know! Because I took the phone from him and read that YOU!” He extends the ‘u’. “Like me.” You slap yourself in the face and roll your eyes.

“I don’t…I…” you try to come up with a witty comeback like usual but being caught redhanded was so embarrassing, especially by Ashton. But now he knew, and it was Luke’s fault for letting him take his phone.

“It’s okay,” he laughs. “I like you too.”


“No she doesn’t,” Calum becomes flushed at this, playing with his hair to hide his face. “Does she really?” Michael chuckles at Calum’s mood change and pours himself a drink.

“Ask her yourself,” he smirks.

“You just want me to embarrass myself in front of-” you walk in with movies and popcorn seasonings, the smile from your face dropping when you see Calum.

“Michael…it’s movie night,” you say this kindly and Calum is quick to give up his spot on the sofa, offering it to you and saying that he was just about to leave anyway.

“Wait! We can all watch the movie together,” Michael’s eyes glimmer with mischief. “Gotta use the bathroom first,” he sets his drink down and runs upstairs. Calum watches you awkwardly as you settle inside, preparing for movie night silently.

“Y/N,” he clears his throat and you turn to face him with a quiet, ‘hm’ in acknowledgment. “Do you like me?”


“How come no girl ever likes me?” Luke looks over at you and pouts from his spot on the bed, his phone on his chest.

“I don’t know why that girl dumped you, Lu. But that doesn’t mean no girl likes you. Michael likes you,” you giggle and he playfully rolls his eyes.

“Michael does indeed like me, but he is not a girl.”

“I like you,” the sound of your voice brings him into a sudden sitting position and he stares.

“I thought you said you would never like a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes,” he’s cheesing hardly at this and cocking his head to the side.

“But it’s you, dork,” you gently punch his shoulder. “And I like you a lot.”

“I like you more..”


“So my friend over there,” Ashton sits beside Michael at his lone lunch table. “Likes you,” he points you out and Michael watches you as you pick at your food, waiting for Ashton to reclaim his seat.

“I like her too,” Michael smiles like a young boy. “I thought she was dating you.”

“That lame dork? Pshht,” Ashton chuckles. “She’s like my sister,” he pauses momentarily. “Sit with us?”

“Sure,” Michael retrieves his tray and stands quickly, making his way over to the table beside your best friend Ashton, who promised he would get Michael to talk to you.

Shit Hisana would say....if she were watching the first Bleach arc

Hisana feature requested by squirrelflightbc. :)

Hisana died before the events of canon Bleach got started. But let’s say that, while dead, she watched over the events that occurred to her sister and husband. What sorts of things might she say?

1. “Rukia is becoming a soul reaper. She’s coming to the Seireitei. …..If I had waited she would have come right to me!!!”

2. “She looks…………….exactly like me. Is that how sisters normally work?”

3. “I am sorry. This may in fact be awkward for you, Byakuya. But I appreciate that you are keeping your promise to me. You are protecting her.”

4. “Um…..on second thought you adopting her without telling her why is coming across as very creepy, Byakuya. What is she going to think when she finds out you had a wife who looked exactly like her? What will she think??”

5. “RENJI you numbskull! Tell Rukia how you feel! Rukongai solidarity!!”

6. “Byakuya, I know that you are struggling. I know losing me was hard. And I know that having my sister there makes you miss me more. But, um, protecting her doesn’t do much good if you’re shattering her spirit by acting like her very presence disgusts you…”

7. “Already granted a human world mission, Rukia? I’m so proud!”

8. “Y-you’re sleeping in a teenage boy’s closet, Rukia? What, were you raised in a barn?? ……wait never mind.”

9. “Rukia, I know you are scared that Soul Society will come for you. But please don’t worry. Byakuya promised that he would protect you. You will not be harmed.”



12. “RENJI YOU TOO?????!”

13. “Byakuya, please…..let’s think about this. If you have to break one of two oaths and be emo about it, why not break the one that would allow my sister to live?”


15. “Rukia, this isn’t your fault. Please don’t be sad, Rukia. Don’t let yourself be consumed with guilt. Dying with a guilty heart makes death so much sadder.”

16. “Renji you……you’re betraying Soul Society for Rukia? You are no longer on my ‘haunt until he’s driven mad with fear’ list!”

17. “Byakuya, you are still on the list.”

18. “….how many times are they going to move her execution up?”




22. “Byakuya, I love you, but I am rooting for that orange-haired kid to kick. your. ass!”

23. “Thank you for not dying in this fight, Byakuya.”

24. “Rukia will have to go into hiding, I guess. But at least she is safe.”

25. “Wait….what’s going on? Isn’t that Aizen guy dead?”


27. “She’s okay…!”

28. “There! See! Rukia was set up! SET UP! I hope you all feel like giant dicks now!”

29. “I’m glad you’re finally talking to Rukia, Byakuya. I’m glad you’re finally explaining. Explaining that….I….am….her….sister?”


hi taylorswift i promised my baby sister that i would try to show u this video so here goes nothing!!!! she knows all the words to shake it off and youre her favourite person ever (ps i love you even more than she does….. don’t tell her i said that though)

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She looked at Elenya and smiled. Hesitating a little, she moved her hand on her sad face, making her look at her. “Listen to me Lyque, my sister speaks the truth. If we find a way to be saved, on our own or by our people, I’ll do whatever I can to take you with me. With us. We won’t leave you behind, that I promise” she said and the girl smiled a little.

Elenya beamed. She knew she would agree. “We promise”, she said with a smile, seeing the girl glance at her. He would have said more a sharp yell stopped her. “Gone on back to work child. No use getting you in trouble and beaten again.”

Let me spoil you

You close the front door lightly, not wanting to wake the house up. You try to quietly walk down the hallway as your heels clink against the hard wooden floorboards. You reach the living room where the lamp radiates light around part of the room, Harry sprawled out on the couch with his phone. “Hey.” You greet, sliding you thick coat off your shoulders, placing it neatly over the couch for the time being. “Hey, you’re back.” He chimes, forcing himself to sit up and flash you a smile. “Yeah I am.”
“How was your day?” He asks, standing up and pecking your lips lightly before sitting back down on the couch. “It was okay I guess.” You shrug, unraveling your scarf from around your neck.
“Just okay?” He questions, looking at you, studying your features. “Yeah, just okay.”
“What did you do? I thought you got off work early today?” He questions, and you nod.
“I did, I came home and my sister called and dragged me out.”
“Yeah I heard you leave at around two.” He nods,
“You were here?” You yawn, looking around at the brightly lit Christmas tree in the corner.
“Yep, I had just fallen onto the bed.” He chuckles, stretching his arms out in front of him.
“Oh, I didn’t realise you were home.”
“All good, so what mischief did your sister get up too?” He questions curiously, placing his phone on the couch, completely ignoring it as it continuously goes off.
“we went wedding dress shopping.” You mumble unhappily,
“And what’s wrong with that?” He questions, looking at you with a confused expression.
“I can’t find a dress, and she’s annoying, She wants me in a dress I don’t like.” You huff, crossing your arms as you plop down beside Harry on the couch.
“I have an idea. How about you don’t take her dress shopping? Or we elope so we don’t need to do the whole, buying dresses and suits and flowers and all that fancy stuff?” He smiles and you roll your eyes, before swatting his arm lightly. “You know just as well as I do that we are not going off to Vegas to get married. We agreed on a traditional wedding.”
“Actually, you agreed on that.” He comments,
“You did too.”
“No, I said that I didn’t care as long as we ended up married. We could get married under an old oak tree for all I care.”
“Not happening.” You shake your head, thinking about the dresses you tried on today.
“Okay, but Why can’t you find the dress you want? Are you being overly picky?”
“Probably. It needs to be perfect, it needs to fit me perfectly. It just has to be right.”
“Maybe wait until after Christmas to find a dress? I mean, how many designers design dresses over Christmas and have them on the floor at this time? Not many. So hold off on it a little.” He comments, making you nod in agreement. He has a bit of a point.
“I guess you’re right. So have you done any planning?”
“Me? No. I don’t need to buy a suit, I’m showing up in jeans.” He jokes, just trying to annoy you. “You show up in jeans and we are not getting married.”
“Oh really?” He questions with a pout.
“No not really, I’d marry you anyway you showed up, but please don’t wear
Jeans.” You chuckle, looking at him with a smirk.
“I’ll try, no guarantees though. So do you want to watch a movie with me?” Harry offers as he reaches over for the remote. “What are we watching?” You eagerly ask, feeling like a child who desperately wants to watch a Christmas movie.
“Well, there’s Elf, The Grinch, 21 Jump Street-“ he starts reading the list of movies.
“Definitely a Christmas movie.” You comment, making him sigh quietly.
“The Santa clause movie?” He asks, and you excitedly nod, the movie being one of your childhood favourites.
“Do you know how many times we have watched this movie?” He questions, turning the volume up a little.
“Probably one hundred.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised, and that’s no exaggeration.” He nods, pulling you closer to him as your eyes lock on the screen, drawing in your attention.

You slowly wake up, unexpectedly feeling yourself being moved. Your eyes flutter open and you feel arms carrying you. “Mmm.” You sound, a little confused. You feel yourself placed down on the comfort of your own bed, before you look at Harry. “You fell asleep through the movie.” He yawns, unclipping your heel buckle and sliding them from your feet. “I did?” You sleepily yawn, slightly out of it. “Yes love you fell asleep.” “But- I love that movie.” “I know. Go back to sleep.” He whispers, placing your heels down by the bed and crawling on the bed next to you. You move onto your side to face him, admiring his good looks as he lies down. “What you lookin’ at hm?” He questions, pulling at the covers as you move closer to him. “You.” “And why’s that?” “Well… Because you’re handsome.” “No I’m not.” “Mhm you are.” You disagree, cuddling into him like you do every other night. “I disagree. So… What would you like for Christmas?” He asks, trying to subtly work out what he should buy you. “Nothing, you’re all I want.” “I want to buy you something.” “Everything I have, is worth more than anything you could possibly by me. You’re all I want.” “Well I am all yours but I still need something to wrap up and give you.” He chuckles, making you smile widely. “Really, I don’t want anything, I want to be happy, and with you I am happy.” You reply, as cheesy as it seems, it’s true. He’s all that you really want. Nothing that can be bought with money adds up to the happiness he brings to you. Absolutely nothing, can be just as great as him. Nothing. “There has to be something I can buy.” He presses, wanting an idea on something, even the smallest of thing he can buy you. “Hm, I don’t know.” “Your Dad said you had your eye on a Michael Kors bag when he went shopping with you. Is that true?” “It might be.” You shrug, not wanting him to feel he has to buy the bag, or anything. You two are at the point where buying gifts is insignificant, all you two want is to just spend time together and be happy. “I guess I will make a trip to Michaels Kors then.” Harry hums, “You don’t have too. It’s too expensive.” “Say the one that spent her whole pay check on a diamond necklace for her sister.” “That’s different… Dad wouldn’t buy it for her and I promised her I would, and if wasn’t my whole pay check.” “Really? How much then?” “It was more like two of my pay checks.” You comment, quite happy to have spent two pay checks worth of money on your sister to keep her happy. “Okay, so don’t tell me buying you a bag is too expensive when you got your sister an overly expensive necklace that she won’t wear.” “She better wear it considering how much I spent.” You scoff, “Mhm. Anything else you want?” “No, that bag is more than enough.” “You’re such a pest, let me spoil you for once.” Harry groans as you roll your eyes. “Uhm do I need to remind you about the bloody rock that I have on my finger?” You question, playing with your engagement ring that probably costs more than your soul. “That isn’t a Christmas present.” Harry comments, “It is more than enough money to be spent on me, I don’t need spoiling.” “Come on, everyone else gets to spoil their girl’s meanwhile I’m not allowed.” Harry pouts, making you sigh. “Fine, I wouldn’t mind the bag, and just having a lazy day with you.” “You’re annoying. On this lazy day can I at least take you shopping?” “No.” “Let me spoil you!” Harry whines, seeming slightly annoyed. “No. I don’t want to be spoiled, you’re not my money person.” “You let your Dad spoil you.” Harry States, “I do not.” “He got you a £4,000 pair of shoes.” “I tried to give them back, he wouldn’t let me, and I greatly appreciate them. I just want to spend time with you this Christmas.” You sigh, sleepily cuddling further into him. “Okay.” He whispers, slowly letting you fall asleep.

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i love your work! i have a prompt - claire and owen comforting zach when he has nightmares and wants to hide them from gray ;___;

I’ll be honest. I’ve had this prompt for a while, and I didn’t know quite what to do with it, so, obviously, I just ignored it. Well, not anymore, although I still don’t know if I knew what to do with it. Sorry it took so long (I’m trying to work my way through the prompt back log. Do not for one moment believe that means I don’t want more prompts thrown my way, because I do. I really, really do), and I hope it lives up to expectations!

It’s cramped quarters.

Of course it is. There are over 20,000 people flooding in from Isla Nublar and most definitely not enough hotel rooms to fit them all.

Claire wants a shower and a bed so badly that she’s basically willing to pay anything at this point in order to get them. They’ve gone already to three hotels to find a room, just a single room, and when they walk in to find a sea of people in the lobby, Claire’s not very optimistic.

She feels like sinking to the floor and crying, and Owen must see the desperation on her face because he tells her to stay put and that he’ll be right back.

When she spots him again, a few minutes later, weaving his way through the crowds with a triumphant grin on his face, she can’t help but throw her arms around him.

“I only managed to snag one room, but the good news is it’s a suite,” he reports. “Gives us a little more space.”

“You’re my hero,” she tells him, and his face cracks into a crooked smile.

“I wasn’t before?” He teases.

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Wife and Child PT.6

Previous Chapter, Ao3

Gail grabbed the smoothies from the cup holder and closed the car door, taking a glance at the car-seat that had been locked in its place in the back seat for almost a week. The sight made her more and more excited everyday, as she chose not to let herself get too scared, because it was a reminder of just how real she was about to be a mother. It was a sign of her new life, a better life, one where she could be learn to be happy and do good without a second glance.

It was better she thought. Better because she didn’t have to go through the hard aches of everyone’s jokes, all eyes on her for being human, wouldn’t have to go through her actual face, heart, being looked at twice. So in a way waking up to this life was a gift, was the only way she could think that any of it could really happen. It was all too good to have been built by her hands.

Gail walked into the house with a big smile on her face, “I got us smoothies on the way home, I think I got yours right this time.”

They were the same ones Holly had brought Gail at the hospital, the ones from her, now proven, favourite restaurant. Gail had taken her there for a date of sorts. Well she wanted it to be date, and thought that her telling Holly to dress up would be enough for the brunette to get the memo, but she was still wasn’t certain if had been one or not. It didn’t matter though, she’d gotten to take Holly out and made her feel special, plus she got a kiss at the end. So really that night had been a win. Every night with Holly was a win.

“Doctor Stewart.” She called out again after no reply. Gail set the drinks on the little table by the door, where she also set her keys, and began to untie her boots. The was still no noise once she finished with her boots and coat, and if she was being honest she was a little nervous.

Gail traipsed into the kitchen first, Holly would normally already be working on a dinner she’d try to finish for the brunette -rest was very important and Gail was a stickler about it-, but there was not a pot out of place. “Hol?” She checked the living room next.

Gail stopped in her tracks.

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