i promise it is despite the blue sky

Sunflowers, tulips, and daisies,
yet you still chose to be a rose.
Your words are too flowery,
your promises aren’t sealed with a pinky,
but you’re a rose, a beautiful one,
one with lots of thorns.
You know what’s funny?
It is the fact that I still chose you,
amidst a blooming meadow of hue,
under a clear sky which is color blue,
it is still you.
Over sunflowers, tulips, and daisies in a vase.
—  I’d still hug you despite your thorns (L.M.)
road trip

a/n: literally just a quick drabble.

word count: 538


Originally posted by jengkook

“You ready, sweetheart?” Jungkook smiled as he slammed the trunk shut, swinging his backpack over his shoulder and flashing her his signature smile. Y/N smiled back, her cheeks slightly tinted pink as the cool breeze nipped at her skin.

As he turned the key, the engine purred, the warm air engulfing their bodies.

“I’ve actually never been on a road trip before,” Y/N whispered, her eyes focusing on the road ahead, “It’s exciting.”

Placing his hand on her thigh, Jungkook gave her a gentle squeeze, his bunny teeth gleaming at her.

“I promise you’d never want to leave.”

Y/N placed her hand on top of his, her cold fingertips burning against his warm skin.

“I already don’t want to go home.”

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