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GUYS GUYS GUYS THE COFFEE SHOP AU THINGY IS DONE (first chapt at least. this whole thing is going to be AT LEAST 5 chapters)

imma tag these people, for wonderful awesome ideas: @puzzle-of-life-reason-for-death​ (for coming up with the headcanon/awesome au), @baitsakhan-adlai​ (for glaring at me constantly across the room telling me telepathically to hurry up), @13thendgameplayer​ (for the beautiful pickup lines you supplied, truly they were amazing, i swear to god imma use more of them in the next chapts), @redheaded-sniper-girl​ (this is to repent my sins, im sry this part wasnt mac’s perspective, i promise at least some of it will be, i hope you like this), and @baitsabeeisreal​ (bc even tho she didnt really contribute, she’s like the #1 baitsabee fan out there)

okay, yeesh, long boring credits are over, now lets get on with the show!! :D


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i think what pissed me off the most in all this 2ne1 disbandment news is the fact that they kept in secret the fact that bom didn’t sign up already back when minzy. and then they kept giving the ‘comeback’ hints even when they knew it’s bullshit. it’s a one thing to promise something even when some things are ‘unclear’ yet (even if we knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen), but this was very intentional lying, right into fans faces, done not only by yg, but girls too and that’s just nasty. i know they needed to keep ppl interested enough to go for cl solo and for blackpink (poor girls :/) but that’s just so low. im so done with yg.

Third and Final List for Taylor Swift (for now...)

I am sorry for not havjng posted this before… Pardon my tardiness. I love you all, and like I said in the other list, I am sick, so I decided to do this for you since I PROMISED and since I can’t do anything right now but lie down and listen to music. This is for you, and Taylor, follow them and lurk ‘em! taylorswift

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That’s all for now and till I feel like wanting to make another. I am tired and achy, so please pardon my tardiness again. And like I said in the other follow train, please forgive the fact that this took 2 months. Anyways, here it is and if you’re already followed by Taylor, I’m happy for you and hope you don’t get mad at me for posting this till now. Now Taylor follow the rest you haven’t followed. taylorswift

im so excited for moosical like even if im not there theres thousands of fans who are and they’re going to be cheering the girls on and filling every last seat and the girls truly deserve this and all the fans and im just so excited and proud of mamamoo. they’ve made it so far and there’s so many more places to go and it’s just so exciting and promising. may today be a good and wonderful experience for mamamoo and moomoos who will cheer them on and let’s keep going through this journey together!!!