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been wanting to draw her for ages!! \;U;/

if you have some fan art requests feel free to send them!
((cant promise i’ll do them all but if i love the character i just might! ♡))

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what are a few things you DON'T like about gilmore girls? not characters or anything, but like the way things were written and how they handled certain things and things you just can't Get Over™.

this is gonna make it seem like i hate the show like i truly love it but its problematic as hell so like ya i have a few issues

  • lack of diversity (only 3 main characters of color (michel, lane, mrs kim), 2 of whom are supposed to be korean but have japanese actors; 1 gay character whose sexuality was only made specific in the revival and (to me) seemed like an “afterthought”; emily’s maid in the revival, etc)
  • offensive jokes (the fat, trigger, and gay jokes in the revival; the gay/lesbian jokes in the og series; the “thats my native american name” joke; abeist jokes (i know they exist but i cant think rn so i cant give a specific example), the fact that she named a character (g*psy) a slur; etc)
  • woody allen references (and references to other abusers)
  • i dont like how the characters look down on anyone (especially other women) who don’t share the same taste in them….the one scene that comes to mind is when lindsey says she like michelle branch & the others character like….physically cringe. (lol i know this is a thing real ppl do too but i hate it and its just a pet peeve of mine)
  • luke and lorelai falling apart because of how they handled the april situation…..im sorry but luke wouldve talked to lorelai about it. he wouldve wanted her help. he wouldve wanted her and april to have a good relationship. it was ooc and they only had him do it to cause drama 
  • chris slept with lorelai when she was upset and vulnerable and he clearly took advantage of her but no one in the show seems to care?? or notice how gross that is????
  • the romanticization of chris in general. and dean. and jess. and logan. lmfao
  • the lack of development between season 7 and the revival, in terms of both character development (rory, for example) and plot development (lorelai only bringing up kids like 8 years after they got back together)

asdfgh i promise i dont hate the show im just not a fan of asp or her humor or her brand of feminism so a lot of my problems w/the show stem from her and like….ya

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In reality the fact that Naruto ended up with Hinata was pretty realistic and ordinary to see. Do you dislike that because of your hatred of Hinata or because of your love for Sakura? not trying to be mean, just curious. also if Sakura had ended up with Naruto when she obviously like Sasuke the whole series, she would have felt like a sort of trophy wife, wouldn't she? just my opinion though, i respect whatever answer you say.

I don’t know if you get the impression that I would have rather had Narusaku canon from my posts but I am a huge sasusaku shipper who is perfectly content with being end game. My reasons for hating NH/H are very independent from sakura/ns love. 

 I made this post to clarify that


and my opinion on why I don’t like nh has been stated multiple times


That aside, I usually go with whatever is canon and SS was very obvious to me so I stuck with it. I assumed Naruto would end up with hinata since sakura was off the table and hinata was like like,,the only one,,there (narugaa made the most sense but does kishimoto care? no.). Had NaruSaku been written romantically in part 2 I would have maybe been a little sad that sasuke would end up alone but I would probably end up otping narusaku. Granted if ns happened post 699 it would a little nice guy gets girl in the end because it lacked in terms of developing sakura’s feelings towards naruto romantically- they had amazing moments but her feelings can be interpreted in different ways whereas her feelings towards sasuke were always clear. but it would not be as bad as antis want it to be. See, the difference between the nice guy trope and narusaku is that in that trope the guy feels entitled to the girl and the girl falls for the guy after he is successful. In narusakus case, sakura started admiring Naruto’s never give up attitude as early as his fight with Zabuza. She admired him and cheered him on and believed in him as the underdog, not the hero naruto uzumaki

she was not there AFTER his dreams came true, rather she was supporting his dreams because she WANTED them to come true

the thing that sets them as a pairing aside the most is their amazing development and how naturally they understand one another. 

And very importantly let me highlight: naruto never felt entitled to sakura. He has never disrespected her feelings towards sasuke, despite having his own feelings (if anyone brings up chapter 3 i will kick you with a shoe) towards her going as deep as being stated to be ‘love’ in the databook 

Even if he promises with a pained face and even if he still likes her enough to show her off to his dad, he never once acted like she should love him because im such a nice guy :( why do girls always go for douches? :( 

NaruSaku always centered around development and mutual respect, that is why it still has very dedicated fans, a lot of whom are my friends and they have valid opinions but it never centered around Naruto’s feelings for sakura suddenly being something he can claim her with. The only thing standing between ns and canon is sakura’s romantic feelings for naruto never being developed by kishimoto who had sasusaku in his mind from the start. But seriously, ns has never been and will never be a nice guy ship. NH however is the ‘nice girl makes guy realize oh wow they should be together <3′ taylor swift trope and it’s the first and only canon I cannot stand. Thanks for the ask anon.

Insecurities - Preference (4/4)

(Requested for Luke but i felt like giving the other boys some love too, hope thats okay, Enjoy)

Tear after tear fell. You refection in the mirror blurring. A wall separating you from Luke, a brick curtain shielding you from his view. Blissfully unaware in the bedroom, strumming on his guitar as you cried in the bathroom next to him. His ears filled with the sweet music he was making, drowning out the quiet sobs you let out. It was just another night like the rest where you would tare yourself apart in front if the bathroom mirror. Skimming over your body with hate. A hand running through your hair as you pulled the oversized shirt over your head. Able to hide underneath it. Wiping your eyes with a tissue, fixing the mascara trailing down your left cheek. Silently accepting that you would never match her, the girl he had loved before. Believing deep down that he would never be satisfied with you. Nothing could match up to her beauty or personality. Feeling like maybe he would never smile at you like he had with her, he would never wake up; his heart beating faster when he looked over to see you next to him…


Head jolting up you came face to face with him, heart beating off the charts.

“Baby whats wrong?” Hands pulling you round to him, cupping your face as he stared into your soul. Concern washing over his features. Closing your eyes you were pulled into his chest. A hand soothing your back, the other holding you tight against him.

“Shhh let it out its okay.” He whispered into the damp bathroom air. Sobbing louder as you clung to his shirt.

“Whats wrong Y/N? Talk to me…” Finger under your chin causing you to face him your eyes glistened with tears as you began to explain. His eyebrows narrowing as he pulled away from you.

“You think i don’t love you like i loved her? You think you don’t compare to her? You think you don’t make me happy?” He quested as you stood silently.

“You couldn’t be more wrong. Baby shes my past, shes history. Of course she was part of my life but its a part thats over, done and i don’t want to go back to it. I love you, so much. Your beautiful and smart and funny. You love and support me which means so much. Don’t you dare feel like i don’t want you or you don’t compare. I only want to be with you, Y/N not her and don’t want you to be like her i want you to be you…because thats who i love.”

“But Luke..” Tears fell again as you stood feeling mote insecure. His arms wrapping you in a warm hold.

“But nothing.” He whispered into your hair, kissing it lightly and letting out a sigh as his fingers played with the ends of it. Curling strands in his finger tips.

“I love you. Your mine. No her. You. And i will do anything it takes to prove it.”

Not being good enough was just another daily struggle that you had to go through. If it wasn’t failing a test or failing to live up to your families standards, you were filled with a self hatred so strong it was beginning to rule your life. The only good thing you had left was Ashton.
But tonight he was coming to meet your family for the first time, and standing in the mirror of your bathroom you were almost shaking with anticipation.

“Y/N!!! Ashton is here!!”

The nerves rose but as you walked down the staircase your eyes met Ashton who was smiling nervously yet warmly at you. His cheeks flushed a little as he stood awkwardly in your hallway.

“Hey beautiful.” He chirped with a kiss to the cheek sending goose pimples down your spine as you couldn’t hold back from smiling widely at him.

“Beautiful? Well well well Y/N looks like you got yourself something of a blind man.” Stomach dropping you clenched up feeling fear spill into you.

Directing your eyes at Ashton who was now standing with a frown and confused eyes at the comment your older sister had made. The rest of the evening continuing in this way; mother sliding in remarks at your figure and father picking apart your future. The only thing helping was the hand tightly intertwined with yours underneath the table cloth, soothing over your skin as he held it in his.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” His voice whispered in your ear as everybody began to leave the table. Of course you weren’t, being put down in front of him was embarrassing and just added to the hate you felt towards yourself.

“Y/N?” He questioned you, softly rubbing your back. The room was no empty as a singled tear ran down tour cheek. His fingertips wiping it away swiftly.

“Shhh, its okay…” His arms wrapped around you, pulling you close to his warm body. So different from the icy atmosphere your family had created.
His hand running through your hair, as he rocked you slightly.

“Don’t listen to anything they say. Your beautiful. Your smart. Your funny. Your a little weird, but its cute. Your pretty amazing actually…and i love you thats all that matters. I always will, so promise me you wont listen to them.” Your arms wrapped tighter around his waist as he kissed the top of your head.

“Im sorry about my family Ash…”

“No. They should be the ones who are sorry. Okay?” Only nodding you both smiled at each other.

“I kinda wanna get outa here, you know any gorgeous girls who might wanna come?” He pulled a funny face at you making a giggle escape your lips.

“C'mon princess, lets go..”

Fat, ugly, wrong hair colour, disgusting accent…the list went on. Fan hate, the most awful of all. The idea that so many people behind a computer screen could make you feel so worthless was crazy. And no matter how much you tired to cope with it, the struggle to stay strong was becoming hard.

And here you stood, 45 minutes late for dinner with your boyfriend who was waiting outside the bathroom door. Hair never right, makeup smudging. Cloths becoming unattractive. Too slutty, too casual. Becoming insecure of the freckles on your nose that for some reason Calum found cute. And the prominence of your shoulders, thighs too fat, knees too big. Nothing seemed right. It was like the person staring back in the mirror was a stranger, or your worst enemy.

The rage began to build as you watched your reflection. And a blur of items flying round the room was all you could see. Picking up a bottle of shampoo you chucked it hard at the mirror, your fists following it. Glass falling hard to the ground with droplets of blood from your knuckles.

“Y/N! Y/N! Stop!!” Crying hard, you were dragged to the floor, cradled by a large body. Calum. Your breathing was harsh as he held you tight. Mumbling how it was okay under his breath. Your body calming, breathing slowing as you began to feel tired. He moved to reach for a cloth, grabbing some plasters to cover the cuts. Taking his hands in yours he cleaned you up, tears falling as he did. The breakdown past due, as your frustration had been let out.

“Do you want to talk to me about..‘this’?” He was soft not to pressure you.

“Fans. They.., they hate me. And it…, it mak..makes me…i believe them. I…i hate myself.”

“NO! DONT YOU DARE..Im, I’m sorry i don’t mean to shout. But…don’t ever say that. They are silly little girls, you are so much more than they say. I love you so much and i don’t want you to feel this way.” He held onto your body tight again, his lips pressing against your temple comfortingly.

“Look at me… Your beautiful, so beautiful and amazing. Jealousy, thats all it is. I love you so much baby..” Your breathing calmed as he cradled you against him on the cold bathroom floor.

“Lets stay in tonight yeah?” Nodding softly he kissed your cheek lightly.

“I love you, so damn much. Thats all that matters okay?”

“Damn shes fit..” Michaels rough voice sung out as he ogled some model on the tv screen. Your heart pounding a little bit faster as your eyes focused on the stick thin, perfectly made up, fluffy hared woman. Looking back down at yourself, it dropped to the floor. Your meatier frame covered by a band tee, hair pulled into a messy bun, nails chipped and makeup free face allowing a few blemished to show.

Pushing his legs off your lap, you moved quickly making for the stairs. Reaching the bathroom your hand found the makeup bag thrown onto the dresser in your bedroom. Squirting the foundation on your hand you rubbed it over your face followed by a flick of eyeliner and mascara.

“Babe…” His voice followed as he found you in your bedroom.

“What? What are you doing babe?” He looked at you confused as you watched his reflection in the mirror. Standing you began to feel embarrassed at your actions, feeling the blood rise to your cheeks. Your head fell as you stared down at your feet hearing him sigh behind you following his footsteps.

“Heyyy..” His arms wrapped around you, leaning down he kissed the top of your head.

“C'mere.” Turning you around he pulled you close as a single tear slit over your eyelid.

“Baby…no shhh..beautiful girls don’t cry.”

“Then its okay, i can cry then.” Sniffing back another tear you found the courage to look at him. Meeting his warm smile he traced his thumbs under your eyes, wiping away any loose tears.

“Are you blind? Hmm? Your gorgeous. No doubt about that. Kay?” Staring back at him he chuckled taking your loose hands, pulling them across his cheeks to wipe the excess foundation onto his cheeks. You giggled at him finding the streaks across his face amusing.

“You look funny Mikey..” You laughed.

“Oh fuck i thought i looked just 'fabulous’..” With that he dramatised the statement making you laugh even more.

“I don’t need this..” He pointed to the makeup skattered over the dresser top.

“But i know girls need this shit..so i wont stop you wearing it. But. I love you even more when i can see those cute little freckles of yours.” You couldn’t help but smile at him.

“And one other thing. Don’t you ever stop wearing these band tees…” He bit his lip cheekily.

“They really do it for me, cause i know whats under them..” Winking he caused you to bite your lip at him.

“I really love you sometimes Michael Clifford.”

“You know what? I kinda love you too Y/N Y/LN. A lottttt.. And that 'extra fi’t body of yours.”

i think what pissed me off the most in all this 2ne1 disbandment news is the fact that they kept in secret the fact that bom didn’t sign up already back when minzy. and then they kept giving the ‘comeback’ hints even when they knew it’s bullshit. it’s a one thing to promise something even when some things are ‘unclear’ yet (even if we knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen), but this was very intentional lying, right into fans faces, done not only by yg, but girls too and that’s just nasty. i know they needed to keep ppl interested enough to go for cl solo and for blackpink (poor girls :/) but that’s just so low. im so done with yg.


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Why I still believe in SASUSAKU!! prosasusaku/naruhina

So after all the hate this past few days I wanted to make a little post explaining why I still believe in sasusaku and why I believe our ship will become cannon in the end. Ill try to make this post as simple as possible. 

First of all, about the latest chapter. 

I dont understand why theres so many sasusaku shippers that are leaving the fandom just because sasuke was mean to sakura and kakashi. Yes Sasuke was kinda mean But i dont believe he said that beause he hates sakura or kakashi. Every sasusaku fan knows that sasuke cares about them in some way. 

We sasusaku fans have been through much more difficult times. Like the killings attemps for example?. 

I believe this is the strongest reason for a fan to leave the fandom. But hey guys… OUR SHIP SURVIVED THAT BECAUSE SAKURA IS STILL IN LOVE WITH THE GUY. 

sure a lot of other people might argue that Sakuras feelings are not confirmed yet. However, thats just bullshit. the manga has a lot of proof that she still loves SASUKE

thats confirmation enouph for me to know that yes….she does indeed truly loves uchiha sasuke. (I always know that by the way lol) 

anyways to before I go on. 

To every sasusaku shipper out there. dont loose hope. dont listen to other people. sasusaku is still strong! 

Ok now to the reasons why I believe in sasusaku and why I know they will become cannon. 

Theres 3 reasons for me. 


 is what I stated before. SAKURA LOVES SASUKE.  simple as that! 


- sasuke cares about every team seven member…(kakashi, naruto and sakura)

-specially naruto and sakura. why you asked? well he said it once. 

SASUKE was ready to die for naruto and sakura. if that meant to save them. Then he was ready to die! no one can deny that. 

Sasuke also remembers team seven in shippuden. when he was fighting Killer Bee with team taka. Team Taka was done for. then he remembers team seven and saves team Taka because of that. (too lazy to look for the manga page ) 

he does still care. we just have to wait and keep reading the manga. 

and finally 


- Narutos response to sakuras love confession. Yes guys this is a huge sasusaku moment even if sasuke is not even  there. all the times that sasuke shown consern for sakura or feelings for her (whatever the feeling might be) she never saw it. 

- sasuke stating that he doesnt want to see his precious people die in front of him again.

- sasukes expression hospital hug etc. 

thats why we been having so much emphasis on sakura and what she thinks lately. SHe thinks sasuke doesnt care. but we all know thats not true. just remember all the hints (sasuke saying they are precious to him, sasuke cheering her up in the chunnin exams, sasuke saying he doesnt remember what sakura was talking about when she confessed to him, but then actually admiting that he does remember, using the same words he said to her time ago. you are annoying. and the biggest of all. sasuke thanking her) 

WHY I say this is a major sasusaku hint, is because even though sakura doesnt know. Naruto does know that sasuke cares. and I believe thats one of the reasons why naruto didnt gave up on him. Naruto still believes that even after 3 years, even after sasuke doing bad things and going to the dark side. He knows the sasuke that told him that he and sakura were precious to him is still inside somewhere. 

when you care about someone and you think they are precious to you. You just dont forget guys. Thats one of the plots naruto has. :) 

man!!! she does loves the guy. Thank you Naruto! 

besides that naruto,,,,

naruto doesnt like people to lie to themselves. 

for me thats the ultimate proof. 

on a side note. I do believe that naruto deserves a nice girl. I like Narutos and sakuras relationship. But I fail to see it as a romantic one. Sure Naruto likes Sakura in the beginning. And then sai asked him why he doesnt tell her what he feels. Naruto states that how can he tell her when he doesnt even keep a promise. I really undestood naruto there. Naruto is a great guy!! I love him a lot hes awesome. and hes really selfless too. He made the ultimate sacrifice. He let her go a long time ago. Because he knows that what sakura feels for his best friend is deep and real. 

Naruto is great and he deserves a great girl. A girl that believes in him. and what better than Hinata? Im not a big fan of Hinata. dont get me wrong I like her a lot! (not as much as sakura) But i know that Hinata is a great girl and we all know that she loves and believes and treasures Naruto a lot!! Naruto deserves a great girl like her and she deserves to be with the man she loves. 

Going to sasusaku again. 

thats it guys. those are the reasons why I believe sasusaku will happen.

I dont believe that sasuke is holding sakura back. I dont believe sakuras love for sasuke is only platonic and that their relationship is destructive. I dont believe that sasuke doesnt care. and I dont believe that he doesnt have any feelings for her

At the contrary, even though their relationship has been really difficult and full of emotions and hardship. They do care about one another and Im sure Sakuras love for him will be reciprocated. 


peace everyone! ♥

ps: sorry if my english is not good and about the grammar mistakes. I dont have time to correct that now..Im at  the office working lol. 

im so excited for moosical like even if im not there theres thousands of fans who are and they’re going to be cheering the girls on and filling every last seat and the girls truly deserve this and all the fans and im just so excited and proud of mamamoo. they’ve made it so far and there’s so many more places to go and it’s just so exciting and promising. may today be a good and wonderful experience for mamamoo and moomoos who will cheer them on and let’s keep going through this journey together!!!