i promise i'm working on commissions too

Sheet layout for @arrowhoodcobra‘s custom Aequis. Definitely going to sneak some watery goodness into this one.

It’s nice this one didn’t fight me too badly, seeing as I just spent over an hour getting my tablet settings ironed out. -_-



Please email me at azusinaa@gmail.com if you’re interested!


  • the commission type and what you want (characters, if you have specific colors, pose etc.; the more info the better)
  • references, of poses/characters and previous drawings of mine if you want a similar style to anything. Not required, but super duper helpful.

I’m good with: fanart, ocs, slight nsfw, small animals/animal characteristics, simple backgrounds (I might charge more for complex bgs) 

Not so good with: animals, mecha, nsfw, complex backgrounds, real people

After I’ve emailed you to accept the commission, please prepay through paypal.

I’ll send you updates as I’m working and can stream it too if you’d like. I’m very nice and open so feel free to ask questions or anything!

“We’re both coming out of this okay, alright?”

I’m in too deep with this ship so that’s what I’m drawing lately

Maybe a moment they shared right before going on with their plans for the Promised Day or something idk 

Poor, poor kids, they have no idea what’s coming for them 

Hullo! I am Atlas, Atlas is me! ((despite my username being Felix))
Would you kindly like to help a poor college game arts student out and pay me money to draw things for you? ((a.k.a. please commission me?))

everything I will draw for you will be digital coloured. Though it may take sometime, as I’m currently in college and trying to balance school work with drawing.  
ps all prices are in Canadian dollars

If you would like to commission me, please either contact me at: atlastoyu@gmail.com or Pm here on tumblr! and we can work something out c:

if you want to support me and don’t have money, reblogging this post will help me a lot, thank you ;-;