i promise i'm clothed

i’ve been listening to romanian songs again, including that one B)

Remington (my OC)

This is my tiny baby Clover. He’s a lion head and he really loves his ball! He chases it around for hours straight and sleeps with it too~!! 💕💕💖

He’s a little over one now! 🎉🎉I love him to bits, even though at times he can be bad baby 😒😘


i can finally cross out packing clothes off my to-do list! 


My beautiful CS-426, size 24. Slowly making my way tighter and tighter! orchardcorset is amazing. Highly recommended.
(Sorry about all the hair on it. I have 2 cats😁)

This picture was taken almost two summers ago, when I was in the lowest height of my life, I see the pictures now I can see how healthy I looked, I wasn’t skinny, but I was so healthy, but since I have been dealing with obesity my whole life, I used to believe I was still fat at this point.

I was so healthy and I used to think I was fat, now that I unfortunaly won all the weight back, I look back to pictures of this years and I cry because I was so healthy but I never saw that girl in the mirror, only now I can see how healthy I used to be. I want to be this healthy girl again.

I know I can. And this time when I reach this weight again, I’m gonna look myself in the mirror and be happy with my weight.