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Hello! Yay new blog! I'd love to request the RFA + Saeran getting jealous over MC's best friend, who is male. Also would you mind saying what kind of requests you are most comfortable with?

Of course, love! I’m definitely comfortable with both SFW and NSFW. And I’ve done both secret ends, so I can answer for pretty much any character. Really the only things on my “NO” list are choi//ces//t and yoo///ran. I also haven’t done any bad endings except for Jumin’s first one, but in about a week or so I’ll start working my way through all the bad ends. And I’ll put this info up on the actual blog, thanks for reminding me!

Now, onto your ask  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):


  • You’re always talking about your best friend, and every week or so the two of you go out for lunch or coffee
  • Zen doesn’t think much of it, and it’s not until he decides to surprise you while you’re out that he realizes
  • that your best friend is a GUY
  • “MC, who is that?”
  • “Oh this is Sam, my friend I told you about.”
  • He pulls you aside
  • “MC, men are wolves.”
  • “Zenny, are you jealous??”
  • He leaves you two alone for the rest of the afternoon
  • but after that
  • he decides it’s time for a talk
  • man to man
  • he knows you would never cheat on him but
  • just in case 
  • he makes sure he asserts his dominance sets things straight


  • She’s met your friend, he’s a regular at the cafe
  • He’s nice enough, and she can see why the two of you are so close
  • But she has to admit, she feels a slight twinge of pain when you stop to talk to him
  • He knows you so well, so personally, and a deep part of her is afraid that she’ll never have that with you
  • She confronts you about it eventually
  • “MC, did you ever… have a relationship with him?”
  • You can hear the unasked question of “Do you love him” and you’re quick to reassure her
  • “Jaehee, you know I love you. And we’ll have that connection, it’ll just take time.”
  • Jaehee feels better after your talk and makes sure your friend gets top-notch service
  • besides, he tips really well


  • He’s met your friend as well but he has a slightly different problem
  • He feels inadequate in comparison
  • Your friend is tall, muscular, and already started his career
  • And Yoosung is none of those
  • He quits playing LOLOL for a while, much to your shock
  • He asks Zen for exercise tips, which shocks you even more
  • You finally ask him what’s up, and after a lot of dodging you finally worm it out of him
  • “MC, I’m just not cool enough for you!”
  • “Yoosung, I’m friends with him, but I’m in love with you.”
  • THAT gets his confidence back, and he’s more determined than ever to impress you with his LOLOL skills


  • He meets your friend for the first time at a business pipeline
  • You’re elsewhere at the event but he recognizes Jumin from your SNS profile
  • “You’re MC’s husband?”
  • He doesn’t think anything of it at first, and greets him with a polite smile and a handshake
  • “I am. You’re acquainted with MC?”
  • “We were best friends in college. She never mentioned me?”
  • You noticed the two of them at that point, and rushed over to greet your friend
  • “Peter, is that you? I haven’t seen you in forever!”
  • You go in for the hug, and Jumin suddenly grows tense when it lasts just a moment too long.
  • You carry on the conversation, but can’t help noticing how Jumin keeps you closer than usual
  • we all know he’s possessive af and he’s making sure you know you’re his the moment yall get home


  • He lowkey doesn’t know what friends are
  • He’s never really had any outside of RFA and vanderwood, although they don’t think likewise
  • So when he sees you and your best friend being friendly and close, the jealousy settles like a hard pit in his stomach
  • “MC, do you… have feelings for him?”
  • You laugh and have to explain that platonic relationships can be just as close as romantic ones
  • He listens but his paranoid ass hacks your phone convos anyway
  • what are you wearing, jake from state farm


  • He’s similar to Seven except he’s literally never had friends
  • So he’s definitely hurt and jealous that there’s someone who knows you better than he does
  • He doesn’t know how to express it beyond begging you to stop meeting up with him
  • You have a sneaking suspicion of why he would ask that of you but you give him his space until he’s ready to talk
  • When he finally does, he’s not sure where to start
  • You help him out
  • “Saeran, I promise you that he’s just a friend.”
  • You offer to take him with you when you go to meet him
  • He behaves himself and even ends up making *gasp* a friend

hope these were okay! first time doing headcanons like this!

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For the music meme: Saga (*^^*)

I’m sorry this one took much longer, I got distracted with chores ;O;
The song that came out was Asleep but Emily Browning’s version 

I found that song very sad actually and felt it kinda fit Saga.
(also I may or may not inserted my ship there I’m sorry ^^;)

He loves to talk, but not all the time. He tells me that talking doesn’t mean anything unless it’s worth ruining perfect silence. Most people, he says, waste their breath on everything that means nothing. But he likes when I talk. About the people in the coffee shop, and old cities I wish I’d been to, and which constellations I like best. About anything, really. We talk until the sun rises, and then we sleep all day. And we sing loudly when our favorite songs come on the radio, and we let our hands drift out the window like soaring birds, and we live. God, we live. Like addicts, and nomads, and kids with wicked minds and screaming hearts. Half the time we don’t know what day it is, but we don’t care. Because his bed feels the same on Monday and Thursday and Saturday, too. And we eat when our stomachs grow too loud, and we press close when we can’t pay the electricity bill, and we learn that sometimes what is perfect and what is enough live oceans away from each other.
     But when enough becomes too little and we don’t even have our two pennies to rub together, he performs on the street with an upturned top hat at his feet. Old, bluesy songs about wild girls and townie boys. And even though his voice is only ok, with cracks in all the important parts, people see his long hair and his big smile, and they stop to watch with enormous eyes. Look, they point: a boy who never learned how to worry playing at maturity, his face bent over a guitar, long fingers threading the strings. They stand on the streets, a cigarette break from their white collar routine, and see in him some other life. Some different path. They see themselves, a little happier, a little louder, a little more carefree. The kind ones wish him well as dollar bills float from their hands. Fives and tens and twenties from those who would do everything differently if they had another shot. One man with a fading ring tan above his left knuckle gives him a crisp hundred dollar bill, his face lost in thoughts of what might have been. Transparent. He’s like that with people: prying them open without even trying. He sees through them, and you, and even me. Especially me. 
      We lay in bed that night surrounded by paper that will only pay a fraction of our bills, but we laugh like we’ve won the goddamn lottery. Laugh so hard we can barely breath. I laugh until I cry, and he holds me in his hands and tells me that when he has the money, he’ll buy me a ring and make this whole shindig official. My voice raw with tears, I tell him he better.
     And he has the warmest hands with callouses on all the fingertips, which I don’t think anyone else knows. Not like I know. Not like they feel them against their palm and cheek and thigh in the middle of the night. I like that I hold a million tiny fragments of him that no one else has even touched. Like he calls his sister twice a week to make sure she’s not using again, and he only watches scary movies because they make my blood flow faster, and he’s an all consuming, thousand-watt, stars in his eyes kind of person. The kind people want to be around without ever knowing why. The kind who tells you he loves you and really means it.
     He only says it sometimes. When it’s just us two and the perfect silence is worth being broken. And I trace road maps across the skin of his back, and I wonder. I wonder what I did to deserve all this. The affection, and the easy smiles, and the list of kid names we like tucked away in his desk drawer. Shuffled between coins and nicotine gum. And then his breath is heavy in my hair. I never fall asleep before him because I don’t know how to stop thinking. I wonder and I wonder and I wonder how I ever thought I’d be better off on my own. And he pulls me closer. Whispers my name like a promise. All the world stands still for just this moment. And I wonder how a person- one single, broken person- can come along and make so much sense.
—  I hope you find this kind of love, and I hope you never let it go.
we have been loving roses till the thorns made us bleed. they say beautiful things are too often broken and baby the hurt came since we first said hello. tears run more when the weather changes faster than your feelings. i miss you more by the ocean. when the waves whisper to me i am not alone but i feel so. the world is quiet and my mind loud. the sun is falling down and i’m falling apart. the dreams you see are new ways of me telling i love you one more time, i miss you one more time, i want you one more time. i guess we are so good of making apologies out of promises. we are so good of making hate out of love. we are so good at destroying each other. i miss you more by the ocean. the waves whisper ‘you’ll get better’
—  k.m

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A'ight like I already know this has been discussed At Length, but Steve in that last shot of Civil War??? The fuck me fuck me fuck me GOD grin??? The hey husband sorry I'm late and let you sacrifice yourself for me nod???? The romantic, apologetic emergence from the shadows?????? He ain't forgiven, but he did get deep in them guts right there in the middle of the prison, it's canon, it happened, Sam cried a little bit, it was beautiful, you can fight me on this but I will win so!! :)

‘deep in them guts’ made me double over wheezing


also whoever’s cell is directly across from Sam’s is like 

“Uh. Uhm, well. I’m glad you guys are happy to see each oth– oh my god what the fuck, oh my god, Cap is a freak.”

No matter what, no matter what battles they go through together as a team, that person will never be able to unsee Captain America’s pasty ass. Never. Never, ever. 

Also after they finished traumatizing everyone in nearby cells (as well as several terrified Hydra agents), Sam got tidied up and promptly started giving Steve the cold shoulder for an entire week.

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listen this has never been about bandwagoning, i bandwagon a new team every year ! and it makes hockey fun. Bandwagon !!! you don’t have to know everything about hockey to be a hockey fan. but when people who are new hockey fans and start having this biased opinions because they’ve been exposed to only one fan base, and use that to make themselves look superior over other fan bases, that annoys me and i make posts about it cause i’m bitter as hell and people trash my team for something they were 4 years ago. like this isn’t problematic. i’m not mad because you’ve done something inherently wrong and i’m better than you. i’m annoyed cause i’m a hockey fan and i never promised to be a classy one.

Episode 179
  • Ashe : Oh also Kyr we're collecting the coin moneys to unlock the true boss.
  • Kyr : What. WHAT.
  • Ashe : The true boss.
  • Kyr : I thought you guys where here to like, make the dungeon safe or something, like you where, you where, helping, health inspectors --?
  • Ashe : Nooo, nono, you got caught up in the lie,
  • Kyr : Ooh.
  • Kyr, deadpan: Isn't that the same thing ?
  • Ashe : De- no ? One of them things is about making it better for other people,
  • Kyr : Uh-huh,
  • Ashe : And one of those things is about making it better for us.
  • Kyr : Uh-huh.
  • (F) I give a winning smile and a thumbs up

I SWEAR to JESUS i am never drawing barred wings again. Never. I refuse

anyway ! True Nephil Carolina w/ Peregrine Falcon wings. she was the one that inspired the whole project and boy doesn’t that make her feel good about herself

fun fact: this armor design was actually Tex’s but I felt like it matched Carolina better. tex, instead, will receive a cleavage window

I feel like maybe one of the reasons Noct x Luna doesn’t get more love is because maybe people are at some base level rejecting the idea that the arranged marriage could have played a part in their developing emotions.

From the time they first meet, they love each other, but obviously not in a romantic way. They’re children. He’s 8, she’s 12, they’re *both* children. And it’s the only confirmed face-to-face time we know about them having before the game.

But they love each other so much from that time on. They both admire each other deeply and the other becomes a driving force for them. Noctis wants to fulfill his childhood promises to her. Luna as Oracle wants to support her King on his road.

They both know the other is capable of amazing things. And those abilities awe and inspire them to be an even better version of themselves.

These children are never given the luxury of thinking of things in short-term, either. Everything they do, they have to think of in long term. They have to think of effects down the years. They both mature so quickly in a lot of ways. They’re pragmatic by necessity, and their adoration of each other is the only selfish thing they hold onto. Because it’s safe. Because it can only help them in their duties. Because they are the only ones who can relate on an equal field to each other.

That love and adoration grows through the years. As they further mature, as they take on more and more tasks… They have no time to think of things like romance, they have no time to FIND love.

And then they’re promised to each other.

What a relief that must have been, circumstances aside.

As rulers and as those carrying a specific kind of magic, they need to continue their bloodlines. It’s part of their duty, and they both are bound by and PROUD of their duties.

To know that you’ll be with your best friend… Someone who you admire so completely, someone who makes you feel calm when you think their name, someone you know you can rely on, who knows your weaknesses and who supports you, who completes you, who makes you better….

Oh, what a relief.

And then to know it’s coming, their thoughts can shift. They’re allowed. They have that freedom, it’s been given to them, promised to them as they were promised to each other. And so when they think of each other, they can think of a future together. One where they can actually see each other freely, which they had been unable to do with no freedom in sight.

And feelings change and develop into something more.

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Originally posted by suchawinchester

But…would you rather I lied to you?  *sigh* my muse needs a time out.  I don’t think she was hugged enough as a child.  

“That’s not going to happen because I see two of you right now.” + Mark

“Rise and shine, baby!” Mark shook your shoulders from behind you only to receive a rebellious groan. “Come on, let’s go do something today.”

To stall time, you persuaded him to let you stay in bed longer. “No, Mark. Let’s just sleep in the whole day.” You sounded groggy and extremely unattractive to your ears. You hated your own morning voice at the moment because you weren’t feeling like yourself. Your voice came out scratchy and sore. Not to mention, your eyes could barely open to see your surroundings. There was a pounding in your head that refused you from visually taking in your environment.

You felt Mark plant an affectionate smooch onto the nape of your neck, which caused you to scrunch up a bit. “Mark, stop that.” You delicately giggled at his action. “Go back to sleep.”

“Going back to sleep comes with consequences,” He faintly, yet suggestively muttered. “Are you willing to agree to them?”

“Mark, you’re crazy.” You tried to suppress you laughs as you turned over onto your back, giving him the opportunity to pin you down on the mattress.

He stated his options to you, “Wake up or stay in bed?”

“Mmmm…” You breathed. “Stay in bed, please?”

“Well, then…” He let his lips do the talking as he started off by pampering you with wet kisses down your neck. In oppose to that, his hands worked their way up under your thin negligee.

“No, Mark. We can’t.” You held onto his forearms, not fully stopping his hands from feeling you or pushing his welcoming lips away from your exposed neck.

“Why, baby?”

“That’s not going to happen because I see two of you right now,” You successfully cracked open your eyes to gaze at him. Your head was taking over your mind and you couldn’t really give him your full attention.

Perplexed with your response, his brows lightly drew in with a questioning look, but you cleared it away with the pad of your thumb. “I have a headache. I don’t think I can focus if you get down on me like that,” You chuckled gingerly.

“So you’re sick?”

You shook your head in denial, causing your hair to spread even more across the white pillow beneath your head. “No, not necessarily. I just have a little headache.”

“Even so, how do you manage to look so tempting?” He broke into a soft, loving grin. “God, you make me weak.”

You kissed the pads of your fingertips and dabbed them onto his lips, “I promise you can get your way the second I feel better.”

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