i promise i'll be quality tomorrow


as promised, here’s the full dan and phil segment from vidcon this year! i was pretty far back in the balcony so i’m sorry the quality isn’t as good as it could be but the audio is still pretty good. 

“So, it’s been almost two weeks, how are things going?”

“Well, Mr Wright…. At times she can be a bit much, a little too much energy and enthusiasm… but she’s been bringing some light back into my life.”


Sorry today’s thing isn’t too great, I had a big thing planned that I was going to do last night, but after I got hit by a car while riding my bike (I’m totally fine, though, don’t worry) I was a little shaken up and played a few minutes of video games to calm down… which turned into a few hours… eheh… sorry

I want to apologize to deliver such emotions to you guys in that last post.

I just feeling awful that I can’t gave you the best thing due to my absent of skills…practices …and such.

sometimes it comes and other times it just went out of my control, I hated when I CAN’T control the quality everytime I draw something.

I told myself this is just a depression, it’ll pass.

so no MORE stuff like this one, I promise! 

Tomorrow will be a better day, and I’ll hand you with something delightful!

Chris.exe rebooting…