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Heyyyyyy there, sorry for the hiatus (which is still going to continue at least until June I think) but med school is really taking its toll on my spare time. Plus, my tablet is broken so I can only make pencil doodles until I get a new one

But anyway, I watched Moana about one month ago and I ADORED it. It’s definitely my favorite Disney movie ever, for a bunch of different reasons. So here’s a quick screencap redraw I made as warmup


 I feel really great today!! 

There are some days where I doubt myself and whether drawing really is the thing for me, or days where I feel heartbroken and lonely and time starts feeling really heavy

But yesterday I looked through my old comics and drawings I could feel my heart flutter and leap remembering how much fun I had making those and it made me think 

“I’m really glad I drew these” 

Sometimes it’s so easy to forget this feeling, and its so easy to forget to that you dont need to be validated by figures on social media. Or even validation from another person. 

On one of those heavy days someone told me

“Make things. Finish things for yourself, or for someone else, and I promise you the end product will be so much more worth than any number”

I hope to remember this

i have officially posted more Teen Wolf fanfics than Merlin ones and that sort of hurts my heart a little bit in a weird way

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The matsus reacting to their s/o wanting a piggy back ride in a v public place? (Like a mall or something)

As much as I love sinning, fluffy stuff like this also gives me life <3

Osomatsu: He honestly wouldn’t mind seeing as how shameless he himself could be even in public. In all honesty, he’d find it hella adorable that you’d want a piggy back ride, causing a grin to appear on his face as he rubs the underside of his nose. “Well what are you waiting for, then? Hop on!” Without a hint of shyness, he’d crouch down and allow you to get on him, holding on to your legs securely as he proceeded to walk through the mall with you and not caring about all the stares you both were getting. 

Karamatsu: Like his elder brother, he’d find it almost too adorable how you asked him for a piggy back ride. Doing his best not to be overwhelmed at the sheer cuteness you were exuding, he nodded fervently with flaming cheeks, that guilt guy facade of his melting away to show the more genuine Kara who was utterly smitten with his lover. “Be careful, my love. Make sure to keep your arms around me so that you don’t fall off” He’d feel like he was in heaven as he carried you around on his back, completely shutting off the rest of the world because at this very moment, you were his world.

Choromatsu: It’s safe to say that because of his pure vanilla heart, this green bean would be sputtering and flailing like a fish out of water as both embarrassment and your cuteness overwhelmed him. “A-A-A piggyback ride? H-Here? N-Now?” His poor heart might not be able to take it in such a crowded place as the mall even if half of him wanted to show off just how wonderful of a couple you both were. If you were to come to a compromise and move to somewhere else with less people then he’d most likely be able to do so.

Ichimatsu: Normally he’d be totally against such acts because let’s face it, he wasn’t a fan of PDA at all, but…..the way you were looking at him so expectantly is what was keeping him from outright telling you no. While he was able to easily refuse his brothers and other people when it came to many things, refusing you such a thing as a piggyback ride in a VERY public place was proving difficult for the normally straightforward male. Ichi would be sweating up a storm as he tries to think about what he should tell you that doesn’t involve you becoming disappointed in him. When the solution presents itself, maybe the sight of a pet store perhaps, he’d take it as his cue to drag you unceremoniously inside of it to ‘see the kittens’ in hopes that you’d forget about your little request. Maybe he’d be able to do it another time, but today was not that time. “The kittens are cute, aren’t they? With their big eyes and soft paws” 

Jyushimatsu: “Come on then, (y/n)!” This sunshine baby would be completely up for giving you a ride, immediately crouching down so you can get on him with his ever present open-mouthed grin. Once you were safely situated on his back, he’d then proceed to run around all the while chanting his catchphrase happily, his smile only growing when he hears you laughing and having fun being carried by him. Although you both attracted many stares from the other people inside the mall and even managed to get kicked out by security for your ‘reckless and potentially dangerous acts’, he’d have no regrets when he sees that smile never leaving your face as you both left the mall together.

Todomatsu: “That’s so cute, (y/n)!” He’d find it absolutely adorable that you wanted to ride on his back, especially in such a public place as this. Although he wasn’t as strong as his other brothers, Totty is still able to carry you with relative ease and would still be willing to try even if he was weaker than your average guy if only to see you smile at him happily when he lifts you up. As soon as you get on his back, he’d pull out his smartphone and snap several pictures of you together to post on his social media accounts and to save for himself. He’d also be wearing a seemingly innocent smile as he carries you throughout the mall, the corner of his lips curling a bit into a sinister one whenever he locked eyes with an obviously envious male. 

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Genre: Flufffffff, just pure fluff
Word count: 363
Warnings: None! Well, it’s not beta-ed because it’s so awfully short. Let me know if it’s full of mistakes! :D
A/N: My hands are always ice-cold and that gave me the idea for this word vomit

Dan and Phil had just finished a long day filming and editing and choosing pictures for their book, and were ready to go to sleep. Dan was lying on his side, waiting for Phil to change and come to bed with him. 

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I swear to god if you upload /post/131248350258/i-saw-these-pics-floating-around-and-decided-a to your redbubble I'll buy it as 5 different items and screenshot you the reciepts I am not kidding

you’re very forward and i like that. anyway i have these separate stickers on my redbubble 


but if you want the whole hugh-collage, 

I have a bit more updating to do in my store so i can promise you that i will have that up as well (giving that the size specifications are correct). if there are any specific products you want, message me :) thank you!