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Your laugh sounds like love

Pairing: Peggy Schuyler x Reader

Request: What about a whoever you want (preferably Alexander or Peggy) x reader with the ‘Wait, did you just flirt with me?’ 'Have been for the past year but thanks for noticing’ thing? it would be so fluffy and sweet

Word count: 928 (This is the shorter one I’ve written so far!)

Time period: Modern

Warnings: None. This is pure fluff! 

Note: The 'Wait, did you just flirt with me?' is not graphically there but is still pretty evident and in the end, the result is the same. 

To be honest, I don’t know what the heck I was trying to do with the narrative here so it may be different from my usual style (and kinda weird). But I really had a good time writing this. And I hope you like it too!  ♡


Peggy was sprawled all across your bed, flipping through one of your old magazines, wondering why in the world you would keep an exemplary of 2010. Distantly, she could hear you complaining about how you had nothing to wear, and she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at your oh so big problem.

“You should consider showing up naked” she teased with a smirk, eyes still glued to the article of a new British-Irish boy band formed in The X Factor that seemed to be promising.

“Ha, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” you retorted, throwing away the red blouse you thought looked nice just a second ago.

“Actually I would” she agreed, and you stuck your tongue out at her, making her laugh “We could totally forget about this and spend the night together” she proposed excitedly, leaving the magazine aside and sitting on her knees “You know, watch Netflix and order some Chinese takeout”  

You snorted “Yeah, I can tell the guys will be happy to be canceled at the last minute”

With a champagne dress in your left hand and a black one in the other, you made your way to the bed, sitting next to her. Choosing what to wear could be really exhausting.

“Oww, come on! They won’t even notice our absence!” Peggy whined, getting closer to you and resting her chin on your shoulder “They’ll be too drunk to care anyway” she alleged, and you could see her pouting from the corner of your eye.

“Well, there you have a point” you conceded with a side smile, leaning your head against hers “And to be honest I’m tired of making a mess of my closet”

“So is that a yes?” she asked not bothering to hide her Cheshire cat smile “Please, (Y/N), tell me is a yes! Tell me you’ll stay here with me on your stupidly adorable rabbit pajama eating take out and watching Ratatouille!” she exclaimed wrapping her arms around your waist and squeezing you “Come on, say yes! Please, please, pleaseee”

You couldn’t hold back the loud and bubbly laugh you let out, just the kind of laugh that always made something flutter in Peggy’s stomach. And you both knew it was definitely a yes.

Minutes later the two of you were already chilling on your couch, covered with blankets, sitting close enough so that whenever any of you moved even slightly some part of you touched. It felt right and you liked, so you moved even closer to her searching for warmth.

You didn’t notice but Peggy turned to you, watching you as a big smile appeared on your face when Remy and Linguini were cooking for the first time. And her heart skipped a beat because of course only you would smile like a child to something so simple. The fact that she had a ridiculously huge crush on you didn’t help either.

“Hey, you doofus the movie is not on my face” you teased when you finally noticed her staring, giggling a little.

She took a second to recover and then giggled too “I couldn’t help it, you were making that funny and cute face of yours”

You raised an eyebrow, the corner of your mouth quirked up “Well I think you look funny and cute like this” you said lifting both your hands to her cheeks, pinching them playfully and moving them up and down.

“That’s not fair!” she squeaked “You’re deforming my face!” she accused you with fake anger that was immediately replaced by her laugh. And you laughed too, teasing her some more before finally releasing her abused cheeks.

At this point the movie was just noise in the background, both of you were totally focused on each other’s face letting the laugh die slowly. It was funny to realize Peggy could look beautiful even when her face was flushed and her hair was a disaster falling wildly literally everywhere, and it was funnier with Gusteau’s voice saying something about soup or whatever. You only knew you wanted to make her laugh more and more.

But before you could say or do anything else, she then leaned closer and kissed you with the same tenderness with which a butterfly would pose on a flower. It was warm and soft, almost familiar; just like returning home after a long time.

You felt her hands trembling slightly when she clutched at the fabric of your pajama, so you cupped her face softly, kissing her back slowly and lovingly; feeling your breaths mixing and her lips brushing almost shyly against yours.

The moment was suddenly broken when Peggy pulled away with panic in her eyes, realizing that you were, in fact, her best friend, and apparently her stupid crush was not so under control like she thought it was.

You stared at her utterly confused and it felt just like if a piano had fallen on her in that exact second because that look just could mean that you regretted kissing her back, and she had ruined everything and you would never want to see her again and…

But then you smiled at her, with that sweet smile that could make everything better, and throw yourself in her arms, whispering “you like me” in her neck just like it was the word’s bigger revelation “Peggs, you like me” you said again leaving small pecks on her neck, and the happiness in your voice was so overwhelming she almost cried.

“I’ve been flirting with you for the past year but thanks for noticing” She chuckled, holding you closer.