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Here’s the shittyass cover art that I just spent like an hour and a half making for my new series just to get u hyped lol (got the photo from this fansite !!! (it’s editable I checked))

brothers ; bangtan boys (part 2)

genre: fluff, maybe some angst

summary: you live with seven boys who turn out to be your brothers, but what could go wrong? THIS WILL BE SO FUCKING LONG BE PREPARED

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

part 1 / part 2

also, this isn’t my best, i had to get it up asap to you guys, but i promise the next one will be better!

a few days later, you woke up early than usual, rubbing your eyes and looking around you. jimin was hugging a pillow, jungkook shifted to the other side while you could hear taehyung quietly snoring. you take your blanket off and place it on jimin, making a small smile before heading to the bathroom. you figured it was awkward to see them, since you were admitting that you were a little mad at them. it’s been a few days and you don’t really end up talking to them, it kind of disappointed you.

once you go back to the room and grab your school uniform to the bathroom and get changed, you head downstairs.

“morning y/n… you’re up early, school’s in half an hour.” seokjin smiles at you as you nod.

“listen, about last ni-”

“don’t worry about it.” you say. it was pointless of being mad at them, but at the same time you can’t help but feel disappointed.

“are you sure?” seokjin rubs the back of his neck shyly.

“it’s okay.” you sigh.

“y/n, i know you’re pissed at me, or us, you’d call us oppa and say it’s okay in an annoyed tone.” seokjin said, “i’ve lived with you for many years and i know what you do or say.”

“thanks for breakfast, y/b/f/n’s waiting for me.” you say, grabbing the food from the table.

“i’m sure it was an accident,” y/b/f/n says as you both take the bus to school, “i know them. maybe the forgot the time?”

“they’re never forgetful. i mean, never.” you say, “clearly something’s up..”

“i’m not in the family,” y/b/f/n laughs, “you should find out.. do you want to head to mine later?”

“sure, i could get out of the house for a while.” you nod.


“for your english project, i would like you and your partner to come up with a script.” mr shin says, “it can be about anything. please hand it back in on monday next week, no excuses.”

the bell rings as students begin to gather their things.

“class dismissed.” mr shin says, sitting back at his desk.

you and y/b/f/n walk out of the classroom together, talking about what you should do while at her house.

“y/n!” someone shouts, “hey, y/n!”

“i- uh, oh, yugyeom?” you ask, “what do you need?”

y/b/f/n nudges you making you blush.

“i wondered if you wanted to go around mine tonight for homework?”


“of course she will!” y/b/f/n says, “she will.”

yugyeom looks at you as you nod. “i.. okay.”

jungkook saw you, but you couldn’t see him. jungkook and yugyeom actually knew each other, they’ve hung out for a while. jungkook just couldn’t tell what he was saying; you were blushing and smiling widely, what was yugyeom saying?

“how about five?” yugyeom asked as you nod, “that’s perfect.”

“alright, see you then.” you smile.

“see you, y/n.” he waved and began to walk away.

“thank me later,” y/b/f/n winked.

“i feel slightly bad, are you okay with it?..” you eye y/b/f/n. “i’ve canceled a lot lately-”

“totally! we can hang out any day, it’s your chance to get closer to yugyeom.”

“it’s not like i’ll date him..” you laugh.

“maybe i can have him to myself?”


“where are you going?” yoongi asked as seokjin and him exchanged looks. the boys were all on the couch, playing mario kart. they stopped when they saw you holding your backpack, looking like you were going to escape.

“somewhere.” you say, looking at your phone.

“wait, y/n, can we talk to you?” hoseok said.

“i really have to go.” you sigh. you held onto the door knob, twisting it.

“we’re sorry.” jungkook said. you turn around and some of them smiling in a sad way.

“we forgot about the time. we all felt bad when we saw your texts and calls and that you slept and waited for us.” namjoon sighs, “we love you, y/n.”

you smile. “i love you too.. i’m sorry for being stubborn..”

“we get it.” jimin said, “we haven’t hung out lately and we wanna make it up to you..”

“i.. i was going to do homework at yugyeom’s tonight..”

“yugyeom?” taehyung asks, “oh.. him..”

“leave the decision to her,” jungkook said, “if she wants to be with yugyeom for their project that’s okay.”

you can sense the disappointment in his voice.

“my project with yugyeom won’t be that long, i promise.” you say, “we can hang out tonight..”

they all nod, “that’s fine..”


“i’m home!” you say and lock and bolt the door behind you. you place your backpack on the staircase and sit down next to yoongi.

“how are you dongsaeng?” yoongi asks, ruffling your hair, “did you finish the project?”

you nod, “we did finish it and i’m good.”

“what movie should we watch?” taehyung asks.

“iron man!” jungkook runs down the stairs.

you roll your eyes, “no way, oppa.. all of us fell asleep last time. go watch it in our room.”

“don’t get feisty with me, y/n.” jungkook said sternly as you lay your head on yoongi’s lap.

you laugh, “i’m in the mood for it, oppa.”

“taehyung-oppa, it’s my turn!” you shout.


sunlight - part 1/3


Y: Harry, we can’t do this anymore..

H: Yes, we can, please just ignore the outside world, ignore them.

Y: I can’t Harry you don’t understand. I’m not famous like you are, I can’t easily take rumours from fans and paparazzi like you do Harry. I’ve had enough, if I’m not with you then everything will be easier. You mean the world to me, but we can’t continue this anymore.

H: You’re all that matters too me, not them none of them. It’s just me and you, you and me.

Y: That’s the thing.. it never is. All your friend hate me, that effects me!

Exclusive News. Harry Styles’ Girlfriend cheating rumours proof!

For a while fans of One Direction (Harry Styles) have been tweeting about y/n (Harry’s girlfriend) cheating on him. All reveals today as we have proof. A photo of y/n appearing to be kissing a mysterious man outside studios in London. Feb 19th. We thought Harry had chosen a loyal girlfriend after Harry had been talking about y/n in interviews before and about their undying love for eachother. Looks like that’s a mistake! Sorry Harry! We hope you find a better girlfriend next time!

H: Remember that article? It was full of bullshit about you, I knew you wouldn’t cheat on me.

Y: That doesn’t matter anymore, okay? It’s just I can’t stand the hate, I can’t stand the paparazzi, I hate the fact that when we’re together your friends judge me. It’s not working anymore. The cons overweight the pros.

H: Our love is more than that. Please stay with me, don’t let me go.

Y: I love you Harry, thank you for all the memories.

A/N: Gifs are mine, please use credit! I’m not really liking this AU meme, I promise I will make a better one later! Any requests? Please ask :)

junhui ; take my hand

fake dates with junhui and running into your scumbag of an ex-boyfriend…fun…
✉️ 1073 words || scenario || requested || @mymisstina

The thought of asking anyone out has never ever crossed through your mind. The thought of being asked out at all has never ever crossed your mind. Just thinking about being involved with romance makes your knees weak and your head spin; it’ll just never happen again. So when your parents mention offhandedly that you should get a boyfriend (and by offhandedly, I mean practically ordered you to) as you’re washing dishes, you nearly drop your favorite china dish. You? Dating? Right. You tell your closest friend about this the next day and joking ask him to play the role of your boyfriend, just to get your parents off your back, thinking that he’d laugh it off, but the way he shrugs and says Sure, why not had you choking on your lunch.

That’s why you’re now walking hand in hand with Junhui on a small street lined with vendors, his jacket draped over your shoulders.

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