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so i was talking to @coldsaturn about my tfc headcanon that whenever someone new finds out andrew and neil are together and they ask, “so how did you two meet?” neil just answers by saying, “well, i mean, he sure did take my breath away,” because saying “oh he hit me in the stomach with an exy racquet so hard that i fell to the floor, could barely breathe, and nearly puked” definitely isn’t something you’d go around telling people. we’ve decided that this 100% would happen and is canon because lbr it’s not a lie

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Could I bribe you with something knitted, perhaps? ;)

Bless you.

…but what if, for EDI and Joker to have a happy ending, Shepard and Garrus can’t? Like a flip of the initial choice that saved the galaxy and caused the problem in the first place? Poetic justice? A different kind of sacrifice?

That would be horrible.

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No, fairytail otps and what you call them in tags

Alrighty then, some of these tags I haven’t had the opportunity to use yet buT ONE DAY I WILL

This is a long post I’m sorry

In no particular order:

Gratsu - OTP: don’t look at my fucking boner while we fight

Gajevy - OTP: Beauty and the Beast

Stingue - OTP: if you like it then you should put a ring on it

ErLu - OTP: when keys and swords cross paths

Fraxus - OTP: I’d follow you into hell itself

Jerza - OTP: I have a fiancee

 Zervis - OTP: we were like ships colliding at night

Stingsu - OTP: i’ve waited a thousand years for this moment

Lucana - OTP: looks like Team Tenrou is back together!

Grayza - OTP: ice make Excalibur

Luvia - OTP: the ocean flows through your heart and you have stars in your eyes

AlBis - OTP: gunslingers in love

ErzaJane - OTP: maidens of mass destruction 

Stingus - OTP: the memories of dragons fly right by us

Yukinerva - OTP: your’s is the only ass i won’t kick

Kinbra - OTP: i only hear your voice and it sings to me so sweetly

LoLu - OTP: we’ll protect each other 

ElfEver - OTP: we’re not dating because we’re married

Cappy - OTP: i love you more than fish (and that’s a big thing to say)

Chendy - OTP: i don’t want to kick your ass but i’ll blow you away

Doranhar - OTP: i’d give my life just to hold you once more

Orfus - OTP: the fact that i remember you having a great ass doesn’t mean i don’t want to see it again

Baccana - OTP: i may be drunk but i’m a gentleman and you’re a fine lady 

FlaLu - OTP: Your fire shines brighter than the stars


aurora hawthorne + social media

inspired by @rachelinspiration and @claudinspo ‘s edits

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So like... A close friend of mine is an Ereri shipper and her NOTP is levihan... And I told her that I shipped Levihan... And she keeps ranting to me about why she NOTP's Levihan... And I don't know what to do... Cuz like a used all my ammo... And she's still firing back... WHAT DO I DO?

honestly I would just tell them to chill out. like i’m sure you get why she doesn’t like the ship at this point and you’re probably tired of hearing it by now (I mean I would too if I was in your shoes). tbh I wouldn’t even waste my time with it anymore if they keep shoving it down your throat

i think i understand pretty well that most people i know have been through a lot of fucked up experiences, things that i have no idea about. i also understand that i don’t require any explanations about your life for me to be your friend. i still like you for who you are, and i only wish that you never had to go through so much shit

Lmao well I sent in a ticket about my account. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take seven years for someone to glance at it. Pray 4 my pets.

You know this trope where character A does something faintly sexual (hugging, touching, flirting, accidental frottage), making character B really uncomfortable… but it feels so good so character A keeps doing it… and B gets more uncomfortable… and then it’s revealed that B is actually uncomfortable because they secretly have a thing for A? And then all is well?

That trope is so gross. 

The downside to actually enjoying coding homework is that this is supposed to be a group project, so I should probably leave something for my teammate to do other than “double-check”.