i probably would steal the pics


legit 2 days after I make a post about hating twitter stans, they solidify my reason for hating them by stealing my posts! I get that these are just screenshots but if you were in the 88rising stream last night you’d know a good chunk of it had pink guy playing! how hard would it have been to take your own screenshots? probably impossible since I doubt the person was even in the stream lmao. they’re the same pics, they’re cropped the same, honestly I’m so tired……if it was the first time id seen someone steal my post and act like it’s their original content on their ugly twitter account id let it slide just because these are screenshots but come on. are you really that lazy and unoriginal that you need to steal screenshots

ok but ai having an Instagram would be the best and cutest thing

-he’d post daily #ootd omfg

-cute pics of random animals he sees throughout his day


-momo would probably steal his phone and post pictures of himself making as many chins as possible

-group selfies w/ the swim team aw

-silly selfies when he hangs out with nagisa omfg

-pics of cool places he goes to bc he’d totally be one of those aesthetic/pastel instagramers


alechcrdison  asked:

kareena do you think raj and izzy got into competitions to see who could handle their spice better??? do you think raj won???? do you think raj still asks his ami to make him good desi dishes bc the institute only serves white bs??? do you think raj ever went through that desi boy stage where he tries to be a white boy trying to be black?? do you think raj ever feels the burden of being desi but also being gay and feels his communities clash?? does he know that i love him and will die for him??

Sorry for the slow reply, kc, tumblr crashed halfway through last time… anyway - raj headcanons below the cut!

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Hello peoples! *waves & passes out cookies help my agenda*  I am moving my Bradbury Legacy to a brand new ‘hood & want to fill it with families from you guys!  I’ve already begged & groveled & pleaded & whined & given cookies to a few who I love & adore in order to steal have their lovelies in my game, & now I’m off to steal sims recruit more simmies from the rest of you!

What I would love to have from you guys:

  • Couples | Siblings | Full Families of any size
  • They can be sims you love already or a new family you create!
  • Aliens are fine!  But probably not full on Berry sims. :/
  • A couple people are also giving me houses to go along with their families, that is totally welcome!
  • Maybe not loaded with CC, some is fine!!
  • I love tray files b/c it’s private, but def know that is difficult, so tag me ‘tiptoehappiness’ in the gallery & I will steal grab ‘em!
  • Private message me or poke me on twitter if ya need anything from me!

Now I’m off to take pics of the families I’ve gotten so far, I’ll be sharing those as the week goes on!  I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me, I love all your sims & would be so so so happy to have them running around in my let’s play!!! <3 <3 <3