i probably won't tomorrow but i do now so there

“What do you mean what is it? Can you fucking read? It’s an application to a school back in LA. Yes, I’m contemplating going to school and leaving you shitheads to make fools out of yourself on television. Now shut the damn door so I can finish this and you can do your happy dance.”

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Normally I'd hedge our bets and say this will last for a week or two to gain drama and with it momentum, but given there's already a huge amount of attention, bigger than what we saw in March, I wonder if they would be wiser to do it tomorrow so that they don't lose that attention on such a wide scale. Depends on their plans (as always), so no way of making good guesses, but I'm feeling sooner rather than later. Also they probably don't want to give Simon, the Js, etc time to maneuver.

I agree that sooner would be better, for a number of reasons. I think if they’re moving ahead now they know that Simon, etc. can’t do anything to change anything anymore. So, just execute the plan as efficiently as possible.

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I start my second semester of college tomorrow... I made one friend last semester and she is three years older than me, therefore she's now finished with college so I won't see her there anymore. Any advice on making new friends? :)

I’ll tell you the truth that movies/your parents/anyone not in college doesn’t really get. YOU PROBABLY WILL NOT MAKE FRIENDS IN YOUR CLASSES. People there are on all tracks of life and they’re probably not looking for new buddies.
Soooo join clubs. Go to social gatherings. Make friends at work. Maybe your school is different from mine, but that’s how I had to do it.