i probably won't respond to reblogs of this

Hi guys!

If school has started for any of you, I hope it’s going well!

For me, it hasn’t. Which is the reason I decided I needed to write this post.

I realize I haven’t been as active on here, and I have a lot of messages I still need to answer. 

I’m not ignoring you. I’m not loosing interest in phan. And I’m not leaving.

School for some reason has been 99% more stressful this year than any other…and right now I don’t know why. Even the smallest levels of stress are causing me to crack and my thoughts have been rather dark as of late. 

I’m fine though, I just need to keep my head above water and work towards a better day. I’m hoping that day will be soon (and for anyone feeling the same as myself, it’ll be soon for you as well!)  ^^ 

I just wanted to let you know this is why I’ve been less active recently. I’m hoping that will change once I start feeling better and can get a grip on everything in my life.

Again, I’m not leaving. I’m not even taking a break. I’m just letting you know why I might be a tad bit behind with reblogging/posting/or responding to stuff. (Probably a few reblogs a day and if I have an open day on the weekend I’ll reply to you all ya’ll lovely people cx) 

I hope you stick around and give me your patience while I figure everything out <3

I love every single one of you, and I can’t wait to be back in full swing very soon :)