i probably will u feel me


You see. I’m great at talking. And ending a voice record too soon, but you see. I was  uhm.. startled. Yes. bcus someone suddenly said boobs. wasn’t I. Really. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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What is your name and/or username?
Where are you from?

Pronounce the following words:
- Theatre
- Iron
- Salmon
- Caramel
- Fire
- Water
- New Orleans
- Furniture
- Both
- Again
- Probably
- Alabama
- Lawyer
- Coupon
- Mayonnaise
- Caught
- Naturally
- Envelope
- Twitter
- New York
- Crayon
- Tumblr

How would you address a group of two or more people?
What would you call a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc.?
What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call gym shoes?
Choose book and read a paragraph from it.
Do you speak a second language?.
End the video by saying any 3 words you want

lilacflamesss  asked:

i feel like someone else will send you ayahina so im gonna send you what i sent leila-- plum squad :D


  • who said “i love you” first: YOUR GIRL ALICE HERE DID because im a mushy piece of trash who loves both of you a lot and will remind u that fact every day
  • who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: leila is too tsundere for it so maybe me and you but you will probably have some nasty plum picture there-  👀
  • who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: leila would leave us in the morning messages like ‘good morning lazy asses love u’ and we’d just write her back HAHA
  • who buys the other cheesy gifts: me. me all around. actually maybe leila too bc when she’s in the mood she can be cheesy : D
  • who initiated the first kiss: LEILA. OR YOU. OR BOTH OF YOU I JUST KNOW IM TOO MUCH OF A SHY MESS
  • who kisses the other awake in the morning: meeeeee!! i would kiss u awake bc you are cute and you’d be annoyed lmao 
  • who starts tickle fights: i have a feeling this is a very far thing to do but then it will turn very… plummy
  • who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: maybe me??? very shyly like the soft ayato kun i am
  • who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: leila who shows her affection through actions instead of words
  • who was nervous and shy on the first date: lmao me
  • who kills/takes out the spiders: i am not scared of spiders i shall be your hero

what ur favourite ghibli film says about you

the tale of princess kaguya: me too also given that literally no one has seen this beautiful masterpiece i Trust u and love u

howls moving castle: you give off really pretty vibes… all the hmc stans i know have been pretty girls with good taste in books strangely enough

kiki’s delivery service: your sense of aesthetic is really good and you probably are charismatic enough to have a lot of friends though you dont realise it

princess mononoke: you have this beautiful spirit that’s always been highly aware of the ugliness in the world but goddam you make it a better place just by existing. and your mind is So intelligent and your heart… is so in the right place

my neighbour totoro: you’re playful and curious and bright. a small, ever-powerful star in the darkness

whisper of the heart: you’re so compassionate. you live life slightly differently from others. as though in your own bubble, as though everything happening to you is happening very quietly. and you treasure the moments- how magical existing can be. you’re probably so so good and precious to those you care about

spirited away: you’re very classically somehow this blend of a hero and a creator. you give off vibes of being the hero of the tale, the noble knight adventuring, but at the same time youre so infinitely creative. something ancient and wise deep inside u

25 No/Low Cost Self Care Acts

1. Have a drink from your favourite cup/mug. Coffee. Tea. Hell, even plain water is nicer when it’s in your fave mug (and you’re probably dehydrated rn so get on that). Allow yourself the couple of minutes to drink it in entirety.

2. Visit the library. Seriously. Nothing says quiet me time like the quiet couches and a novel in a library.

3. Look up some topics on iTunes U and read up on them. You’ll feel accomplished when you learn about a new scholarly topic.

4. Check over your resumé. Anything need to be updated or polished? Do that now, it can come in handy if an opportunity comes knocking.

5. Call a beloved family member or close friend. I just called my aunt for the first time in a little while and honestly you feel a lot lighter and a lot warmer.

6. Listen to ASMR, Binaural Beats, or guided meditation. There’s ASMR and meditation videos on youtube for pretty much any need– general relaxation, reassurance, mock spa days…

7. Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Volunteering is proven to make you feel better about yourself, petting animals helps lower your blood pressure, and nothing compares to the love and gratitude from a dog or cat.

8. Randomly browse Wikipedia or WikiHow. Clicking the random article is always an adventure– probably a laughable one, but you might learn something new.

9. Clean out your closet. It’ll feel like a lot of weight is off your shoulders, and you can sell or donate pieces that are still in good shape.

10. Write out a list of things you like about yourself. It can be tricky at first, but write down whatever comes to mind, even though it may seem trivial. Put the list away for times when you are being too hard on yourself, or need some self love.

11. Movie night. Obviously. Netflix, Hulu, library… A lot of thrift and secondhand stores often have really cheap DVDs. Re-watch your faves, allow yourself a guilty pleasure, or choose something that looks laughably awful.

12. Have a bonfire. Check your local fire codes beforehand, first. A bonfire or a fire pit is extremely soothing, especially wrapped up in a blanket.

13. Meal Plan/Prep. You’re probably going to be cooking anyway, so setting aside a day or half a day to prep meals ahead of time helps free the rest of your schedule.

14. At-Home spa day. Wash your hair. Trim your nails. Soak your feet. Exfoliate.

15. Write letters. Especially to your grandparents if you’re emotionally close– it will make them feel really loved.

16. Sleep in or nap. No explanation needed.

17. Bake cookies or make eggless cookie dough. One serving of edible cookie dough uses only spoonfuls of ingredients you probably have at home.

18. Wash your pillowcases and linens. This is especially good if you’re like me and the depression is real. Washing sheets gets neglected but the feeling of fresh sheets makes everything suck a little bit less.

19. Forgive yourself. Acknowledge that past mistake that’s been eating you alive and accept the fact that you can’t change the past. You’re still growing, still learning.

20. Keep a happiness journal. Before bed, write three things that made you smile that day. Life won’t seem all that bad, and it’s a good way to de-stress.

21. Shamelessly sing and dance along to music you enjoy. That song you would TOTALLY kill on lip sync battle? Own it.

22. If you like makeup/skincare, go to your local sephora or drugstore that has a beauty section. Sephora does free mini makeovers if it’s not busy. At the drugstore makeup counter, ask the beauty questions that you’ve wanted answers to.

23. Remember to say “no.” Declining to do a favour or go on an outing you can’t currently justify or afford does not make you a bad person. It means you have boundaries and deserve respect.

24. Watch some game shows. Lots of channels have them, and there’s plenty of compilations on youtube.

25. Let it out in writing. Sometimes having it all out in black and white can make solutions easier to realize.

I believe in you all! Remind yourself that you’re a good person, and a bad bitch 💕

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

so i was listening to the suffering game arc again because apparently i hate myself so i got to the part where taako has to give up his beauty and magnus goes “ill take two spins if u need to say no” and i??? theres just so much there u know??? magnus was willing to sacrifice twice more after losing his memory of kalen losing hp hell even after losing those ten years he was still willing to lose more for taako to keep his beauty???? like he knows how hard it was for taako to make that decision and he basically said ‘hey ill support u either way and i wont judge u no matter what u choose” and im just;;; compared to what they lost in the past doesnt beauty seem like the most inconsequential thing (at least for most people) but instead being like “dont be an idiot taako its not worth two more spins” magnus is like “im going to take the punishment for u if u say no because i recognize what this means to u” and i think it shows how deeply magnus understands and just trusts taako u know??? and it rly showcases the protectiveness too??? like “im gonna protect u and whats important to u even if others think its stupid or worthless  maybe i dont get it but its important to u so i will protect it even at cost to myself” and he would never judge him if he said no even if it would be incredibly selfish because thats who taako is and magnus just doesnt care idk he just rly understands him and its killing me

damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)


on a related note we were kicking around this last night cause i guess we just really enjoy Victor Suffering
  • lazulisong: imagine being an innocent man taking your fiance on a fancy date and you take off his coat in the resturant because it's That Type of Fancy Date and the asshole is wearing a backless blouse under his jacket and you just got blindsided by it
  • cafecliche: oh my god and then you have to SIT THROUGH THE ENTIRE DINNER
  • and it's a nice place!
  • we're talking four courses minimum!!!
  • lazulisong: and dessert!!!!
  • cafecliche: and that little shit is taking the tiniest possible bites of his flan!!!
  • cafecliche: Victor is NOT going to accidentally crush a champagne flute at this very nice restaurant
  • he is NOT
  • lazulisong: Yuri jusr sitting there looking at him from under his eyelashes like a bully
  • cafecliche : "Victor? Did you want to try my coconut sorbet?"
  • lazulisong: Victor can't actually say "if I can lick it off your back" but he thinks it real hard
  • cafecliche: oh my god
  • in his pure determination not to say it his response is actual word salad
  • lazulisong: Yuri knows he's in trouble and he's very happy
  • cafecliche: It's very hard for Yuri
  • Because he's disinclined to Big Spending but the temptation to call the waiter over and ask for the best wine pairings with dessert is almost TOO MUCH to bear
  • lazulisong: He seriously considers the espresso but like there's a nonzero chance victor is gonna have a stroke
  • cafecliche: It's hard to say goodbye
  • But at a certain point you need to end the joke, calls a cab, and say a silent but heartfelt goodbye to that shirt
  • lazulisong: 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

I’ve been trying to look up a woman I’ve seen on here, she played some kind of sport, probably a ring sport like boxing or wrestling or something, she was a bit chubby but muscular, black I think, long straight hair I think, and I’ve been thinking about her for weeks and I need to know who she is because she was body goals and just seeing her pictures made me feel better (and gay) and idk i hate that i can’t find that post again

✨the signs as i’ve known them ✨

♈️aries- shy at first n has to warm up to ya then they ignite me with their flame like holy shit. they’re rly warm like have them hug u in the winter and you’ll be good to go

♉️taurus- kinda possessive but they bring me back down to earth. always wanna go explorin n eat the good food

♊️gemini- lil firecrackers I tell u what, first they wanna do this then they wanna do that. smart af too and always need to put their word in

♋️cancer- they give the greatest love tbh n will take care of u. I always feel safe around them

♌️leo- soOoO dramatic, like Lana del Rey status. Always down 4 some fun and really bring u outta ur comfort zone

♍️virgo- so stubborn yet crack me tf up. wanna be the best of the best, kinda annoy me with how good they are at things

♎️libra- chill af. they just have a freakin way of charming me and really tell it like it is. vibes r harmonious when they’re around

♏️scorpio- have a lot more to them then meets the eye, every one I can think of has this crazy back story to their life. honestly don’t know a lot of them, prolly cuz they’re so mystical n like hidden treasures

♐️sagittarius- whiny babiez when life isn’t going too well for them but they’re fkn wild otherwise like hoowee let’s get into some shenanigans

♑️capricorn- they just wanna do their diddly darn doodliest n get love for it. Maybe too serious sometimes. I get way too many crushes on them tbh

♒️aquarius- they’re so much fun to talk to?! and have something random that they’re rly talented at doing like mad trix on a fkn scooter or physics??!! amazing

♓️pisces- always a bit absent minded, probably down to do some drugz. soft lil flowers, u gotta be careful with them

made a levi-eren only version ‘cause this official art powers my feels so much. feel free to use for other edits! :D love u kenny i’m sorry

on a kinda unrelated note, this is to compensate for not posting any art in my blog recently, life has been keeping me real busy so blerghsjdhs :( sorry!

Which Samwell Men's Hockey Team Member Are You?
Have you ever thought "Man this SMH team member is me?" Well now you can double check and see if they're actually your true match with this quiz! (made by tumblr user thehockeyhaus)
By appleschloss21

Ok so I got inspried by a post from @onethousandroaches where they mentioned the smh team and a buzzfeed quiz so I spent a few hours making this. I’m definitely, probably going to make more in the future. It was tons of fun but I like when there’s a lot of options, which is why it took me so long lol.

Please lmk what you think, reblog with your results <3 and if you see any errors like lmk that too!


hello, it’s gabrielle! (or brie, as some of you know me as) i don’t really do the whole concept of follow forevers but!!! here’s my own mutual appreciation post because you are all so dear to me, even though i don’t express it as much as i feel. thank you all for being in my life and i hope you know that even though i’m the Worst at being affectionate, you matter a lot to me and i remember all of you fondly!

☼ ; we don’t interact much but i appreciate your presence on my dashboard! you’re a wonderful burst of sunshine that brightens up my day when i see you
❀ ; we interact every now n then and although we’re not that close, thank you for the short exchanges we have, you’re a precious petal and i wish you all the best always!
; we’re somewhat close, but i’d definitely like to get to know you better! you’re amazing and i hope you know i’m always here for you
♡ ; thank you for tolerating me on this hellsite (and in some cases outside of it), you have a special place in the crevices of my heart and a space at the back of my mind devoted to you. not enough words can describe how much i love you!!
; you are a kind soul that i always happen to see and i admire you for making others feel loved and appreciated. you’re a kind of starlight that radiates with affection and care!

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the signs as ppl i know

aries: soooo fiesty. road rage as hell. life of the party and can definitely out drink you. probably super innocent before high school.

taurus: seem extremely stable on the outside, but hide a LOT of emotions. they can make great friends as long as they care enough about you to keep you around.

gemini: not as bad as people make them out to be!!! a lil fake but can be SO NICE and caring at times.

cancer: lil emotional babies. feel everything so strongly. when they love, they LOVE. but when they’re mad, stay away.

leo: a lil cocky, great sense of humor, can be kind of annoying.

virgo: super clean freaks. everything has to be perfect or they go nuts. the most anxious people i know.

libra: EXTREMELY kind hearted and loving. will take care of you always, just don’t get on their bad side… then they can turn nasty.

scorpio: super intense. very sexual. love cigarettes. probably have an addiction of some kind. never met one that wasn’t too much for me lol

sagittarius: my favorite sign. always down for an adventure and a laugh. not the best to talk to about your emotions. it’s not that they don’t understand, they’re just a lot better at being fun than being serious.

capricorn: so quiet, usually quirky as hell. hard to break through their shell, but once you do it’s SO worth it. they are lovable little beans.

aquarius: the sign i know least about, but the one aquarius i know has a sweet heart.

pisces: my other favorite sign. these are the most creative and hilarious people i know. they are hard to be friends with though because they are extremely independent.

What to do after a long day ☀️

tips for what to do after a really long cry because you’re probably feeling all kinds of exhausted and drained and i don’t want that for you in the slightest:

🌹take a shower and change all of your clothes even your socks and underwear. this is the first step to everything.

🌙pour yourself a big, cold glass of water and drink it. all of it. once you’re done, get yourself a refill. this will boost u physically and emotionally instantly please trust me.

🌹find the comfiest clothes you can, make sure completely indulge in making yourself feel relaxed, especially after such a long day. ( I recommend fuzzy socks 😊😉)

🌙grab a snack, something light that you don’t have to wait to prepare. i recommend a pudding cup, a piece of fruit, yogurt, a popsicle, or some crackers.

🌹get under the covers. turn on something - tv, a movie, music, anything distracting. or consider calling a friend or talking to anyone nearby, even your sibling the next room over!!

🌙know that you are loved. you are important. you mean more than you know right now, more than you will maybe ever know. you are worth all the stars in the sky. you deserve to feel good. 😘