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OH MY GOD THIS BLOG IS FANTASTIC AND I JUST DIED LAUGHING LOLOLOLOL hmm.... Consider what would happen if someone (cough cough probably BH cough cough) dumped buckets of glitter over every Elgang member while they were sleeping?


  • The type of sleeping asshole that, even half asleep, will jump on your ass and put you in a chokehold.
  • Being the bright kid he is, he wakes up after you pass out
  • Feels guilty but also is like “well u dumped glitter on me soooo”
  • Gets revenge by dumping actual glitter demons on you when you sleep
  • I mean they’re dead but still


  • Doesn’t fucking wake up
  • Literally a rock throughout the glitter-spreading process
  • Some glitter totally doesn’t get up her nose nope that’s just…uh…dust coming out of her nose
  • Contemplates setting your room on fire but last time she did that to Elsword she set her room on fire too
  • Seethes in silence every time she finds glitter on her books


  • The glitter actually makes her look really, really pretty
  • It kinda just…weaves itself into her hair? Even in the moonlight it sparkles
  • In the morning everyone’s staring at her hair trying to figure out what the fuck happened
  • Then she shakes her hair out and this metric fuckton of glitter tumbles out
  • Rena is actually disappointed that it didn’t stay in


  • Light sleeper #2 of the Elgang, after Elsword. Being a mercenary does that to you
  • If you can pour it on him without him waking up, he will love it.
  • Just kidding, he’s highkey pissed.
  • Deep breaths, Raven. Go to your happy place, Raven.
  • Do not set the poor reader on fire, Raven. There’s only a few buckets of glitter in your arm, Raven.
  • Put your sword down Raven, just ask Eve for help getting it out
  • Run


  • What the fuck is sleep
  • While she does find sleep enjoyable sometimes, she rarely does it
  • Pouring glitter on her will be a difficult task, since she’s got Moby and Remy guarding her 
  • If you can put them to sleep you can throw a glitter party and she won’t even budge
  • When she wakes up she just
  • Cleans it up and goes outside like nothing happened
  • Except she forgot to clean herself off and she’s pretty much a walking disco ball
  • Add is not pleased


  • Like Raven, immediately wakes up but instead of grabbing his destroyer and murdering you, he just….tries to go back to sleep
  • Poor baby’s so tired that he rolls back over and falls asleep again
  • If you wake him up again you’ve essentially caused armageddon in the form of a small Hamelian boy
  • There are no survivors


  • Actually screams when the glitter touches her face
  • Turn into a wiggling spear monster, everything she touches will fall victim to her squirming
  • Poor girl thinks it’s a bug and grabs her spear and actually pierces her bed
  • Ara is in trouble for piercing her bed and you are in trouble for being a pest
  • And yes, when Elsword says that to you, he did in fact, mean that to be a pun.


  • Sits up, stares at you dead-on for a few seconds, and starts throwing glitter at you
  • You think you’ll get away with lobbing her with beautiful, beautiful glitter?
  • Nuh uh. You’re getting covered in it too, sucker. 
  • She pins you down and rubs glitter all over you
  • You two actually get so lough and rough that Add practically knocks your door down and tells you two to shut the fuck up
  • He is assaulted by glitter
  • RIP Add


  • The fuck you mean, sleep? He can’t sleep. He is an insomnia riddled goblin-man.
  • The most you can do is scare him or surprise him with the glitter by dumping it on him
  • Add actually falls off of his chair and shrieks
  • Its loud enough that Chung pokes his head out to see what on earth made the usual ‘kekekekekek’ laughter stop and he laughs at the spectacle
  • Add shoves you out and installs a very, very violent security system in his room. 


  • Screams at first, making Ciel fly into the room in phoru pajamas, inches from shooting you dead until Lu starts laughing and throwing glitter on him too
  • Ciel is not amused but does Lu care? No. 
  • You all fuck around in the glitter for a while until Lu accidentally gets some up her nose and starts hacking up a lung
  • Ciel forces you to clean up Lu’s room


  • Ciel wakes up, sees you, and tries his hardest to go back to sleep
  • You will have to physically drag him out of bed to get him to react
  • That’s only because there’s glitter everywhere oh my god
  • Why is there glitter in the teabags
  • Where the fuck did you get this glitter, how did you get this much glitter
  • Ciel stays away from you for a good several weeks


  • Wait, no, it’s just you. Why do you have a bucket?
  • Zero’s in the corner laughing his ass off and you’re sitting there, glitter scattered on both of you
  • She just rolls her eyes and goes back to sleep
  • She fights demons and shit, she doesn’t have time for this.


  • ????? What’s this shiny stuff?
  • Oh, you poured it on me to surprise me? K. Gonna go sleep now.
  • Doesn’t give a shit, he’s an angel, of course he doesn’t
  • This does, however, make him research pranks a bit more
  • You wake up buried in a mound of glitter with just your head sticking out

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Idk if its just me but it rlly annoys me when there's a family au and its like viktors the dad nd yuris the mum cos like? No they're both dads that's the freakin point?u dont need a mum and dad to make a functioning family idk im gay nd it gets to me

I feel ya. I can see making Yuuri the more nurturing or “motherly” of the two since imo Viktor is such a fuggin dad he probably tells shitty dad jokes, but yeah they’d both be dad. 

Could you guys imagine what being a celebrity would feel like and constantly being under the spotlight? Like your every word, move, everything is tracked. Holy shit that sounds EXHAUSTING. Like Big Brother is watching you. Yikes. I cant imagine. My ass is way too introverted to ever handle that level of exposure like…I’d probably panic and feel way too overwhelmed like a really skittish puppy. I couldn’t even handle this blog when it suddenly got followers I wanted to quit tumblr almost instantly and hide lol but i forced myself to ride it out and now im used to it cause the same 5 people interact with me and i like that small group of friends. Serious props to famous people though. I dont know how they handle that. (Sum ppl love the attention im sure but wow could u imagine getting recognized on that scale…makes me panic just thinking about it 😦)

i have decided i am going to remake my blog so if anyone wants the new url asap just ask or like the post.. i just feel like it is time. i am uncomfortable on this account. ill probably post the other url publicly later but until then if u wanna communicate with me… uknow. thats all my friends

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sobs into hands.... can i just say...... i appreciate u and ur launch so much like holy goddamn fuck..... you have so much love for her i just [clutches chest every time i see u talk about her on the dash for whatever reason] launch is definitely the character that deserves this attention I JUST REALLY LOVE YOUR STUFF OKAY BYE

I AM HONEST TO GOODNESS EMBARRASSED. I MEAN, LIKE. i have a lot of thoughts and feelings about launch and i get that she was probably intended as a gag character but! there’s a lot of places you can go and i just

clutches chest.

you’re so sweet and it means so much that u’d tell me this? YOU’RE SO GREAT AND I’M HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO INTERACT WITH YOU TBH.

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hi i love you but you already knew that and my fave movie right now is american honey and my fave song is probably some emo shit by pvris lbr also ily did i mention that already ily

u know i crave that Validation™ shit ok feel free to keep telling me… its cool.. im gonna hit up american honey and pvris also did u know that u are literally my american honey?? it’s true

url • 10/10

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theme • 10/10

posts • 999900292922/10 

overall • infinity/10

following • no / yes / forever and ever amen ur stuck with me sorry

compliment: so when im bored or a lil down i just go through ur blog and stalk the shit out of u bc u make me smile and i love u and ur creations are Good Shit and i think we all need more faith in our lives (bc u gotta have Faith™ Hit it lucie) 🎶🎶 anyway i should stop

very nice concept: sitting on the floor beside a window in my apartment in paris. probably lighting a cigarette and drinking coffee. wearing nothing except a silky lace robe and some cute undies. flowers and plants fill up every corner. art filled up on the walls. i have nothing to do but just sit here and be and explore. i talk with strangers and build connections with them, even if we never talk again. i dont feel crowded or stuck anymore.

  • me: yeah i have a chronic illness, so there isnt really any way to cure my-
  • someone: okay but
  • me: no
  • someone: have u ever
  • me: fuck no dont do it
  • someone: tried
  • me: dont say the thing dont you fuckin dare
  • someone: yoga?
  • me: ...fuck, fuck, why? why did you do it

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)


get to know me: [1/10] celebrity friendships ♣ will smith and margot robbie

‘i’ve said it to you before but you don’t listen to me because i probably joke too much, but it was the individual greatest film experience of my career. i had the best time that i’ve ever had on a movie working with you on focus.’

‘thank you, will.’

my sister looked over at this and she just said “Well, I’m glad you like drawing”.

I love you so so so much but then I hate you so so so much and I come down and I love you so so so much but I feel bad and then I hate you so so so much again and I’m sorry you loved a mess like me and I’ll probably hate you so so so much again and still love you so so so much until it stops hurting and I’ll miss you and I miss you.


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Domestic Tae smuuuuut
Word count: Not enough 1,891

Summary: Taehyung is completely enraptured by the way the light makes your skin glow and can’t resist the urge the feel the beauty of it against his fingertips. 

A/N: FOR MY LOVE @taechulo WHO I PROMISED TO WRITE THIS FOR LIKE FOREVER AGO <333333 Okay but smut is hard for me??? Idk why??? So I’m sorry if this isn’t super fab ;u; I also very briefly edited this cause I’m lazy (psst there’s probably a lot of grammar errors oh well)

When dawn first peeked through the blinds, blanketing you in a golden hue, he fought back the urge to reach out and touch you for Taehyung wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of your skin beneath his palm. It took a lot of self control, but he refrained from doing so - you needed your rest; the night prior had been long and rigorous, fueled by too much wine and desire. But the longer he looked you over; completely mesmerized by the way you glowed as though you were a deity, the more Taehyung couldn’t resist the urge any longer and allowed his hand to find purchase on your shoulder.

He had started off just ghosting the pads of his fingers along the length of your upper arm, slow and gentle, then carrying on to the remaining parts still left untouched. A shiver crawls up your spine every time his nails scratch the smooth expanse of your bare waist while his fingers trace your curves. It causes small bumps to litter your flesh, accompanied by a soft whine and the flutter of your lashes and he holds his breath, stills his movements and smiles in silent amusement when you do not wake.

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This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;

((happy first anniversary undertale! [full view here]

even though I’m not involved in the fandom anymore, and this blog is dormant, I still wanted to do something to celebrate this day. Undertale influenced me a lot, not just in allowing me to create wonderful friendships and granting me amazing experiences, but for changing how i think about things and view the world. it’s an incredibly positive game with a nice message and it leaves you feeling good and wanting to be a better person. i still love this game dearly, and will probably hold it close to my heart for years to come.

Thank you for following this blog, and thank you for experiencing this game with me!))

dating would include’s // damian wayne

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a/n: the gif has me DED

- you would probably have been introduced to damian because you were somehow related to one of the members of the batfam or justice league or some herohero person

- because let’s be honest can you imagine damian really socialising at school r u serious

- plus i imagine damian as not really acting on crushes ‘cause he’ll probably be like what is this weird feeling in my chest whenever i see (random name) i musT BE SICK

- he would be really cold toward you at first, but eventually you two would warm up to each other because dami’s such a lovable asshole

- every single member of the batfam would ship you two together hardcore

- ok i guess damian would react the same way as above (dash no. 3) and approach either alfred or bruce and when they realised that DAMIAN WAYNE HAS A CRUSH ON (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

- alfred would give some pretty sweet advice on how to properly woo a girl (a/n: I’M LAUGHING HELP) but really it would be like dick who gave him great tips after he somehow found out (i suspect bruce couldn’t stop laughing about it before patrol)

- damian would be so unexperienced that he would instantly clam up and forget what he was supposed to do because the league of assassins may have taught him how to climb mountains at the age of four but no one certainly gave him a crash course of dating (i mean, have you met talia? she doesn’t seem big on feelings in general so)

- he would just kiss you when you guys were hanging out one random day tbh

- then he would run away because FEELINGSSSSSSS leaving behind a very confused and stricken you

- the batfam would kick his ass right back to you the second they found out which would be like in five minutes since there was always someone spying on two of you (jason’s idea, but really just to get blackmail)

- dami would man up and lalalalalala you two are dating !!!

- he wouldn’t be used to this whole relationship thingy so you would kind of have to guide him through it a little

- damian probably wouldn’t be big on pda since he’s kind of, you know, frigid

- but whatever he lacked in physical affection, he would make up for it through out-of-the-sudden gestures

- like, you would go to school and come back home seeing your living room with huge extravagant bouquets and heaps of your favourite food

- you guys trusted each other with your lives since you two were so close before so damian always confided in you about his worries and insecurities and vice versa

- whenever you were feeling down he pull you into his chest and just cuddle with you silently because he feels that he can provide better comfort through his actions, not words which makes you feel much better (you would probably do the same if he was upset i think)


- he wouldn’t be very vocal about it so you wouldn’t even know that he was jealous

- damian strikes me as extremely possessive over every single thing he cares about so he would probably feel jealous if someone just looked at you up and down on the street

- he would get all quiet and give the batglare to said someone and grab your waist with his arm just to tug you closer to him

- i can’t imagine you fighting really often with damian

- there’ll be tiny banters about his stubbornness almost every day so when a big fight hits you know it’s bad

- damian wouldn’t speak to you for a few days

- you wanted to immediately go up and hug him and apologise but you knew that he needed some time to cool down and really think things through

- but you guys wouldn’t let petty fights cause cracks in your relationship so you two always sorted things out and moved on

- i want a damian now

- but who doesn’t amiright

a/n: damian is my bae af because i kind of always have a thing for assholes i think? i have a thing for every guy i can never have actually sighs - roxanna