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Pics of Bakugou


ahh yes the bakugou.png

At least he’s passionate about brushing his teeth…

Hon ur all beat up


That’s some vintage Bakugou right there…


Didn’t sign up for this

He said please!!!

He’s pretty when he’s not mad…


I love you Kacchan

Mi hijo por qué

Oh Kacchan…

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What are you even doing

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Could you do a short story from Chouichi's ANBU days?

When the Damiyo’s daughter came to Konoha, they gave her a guard. 

She was a child, and didn’t understand why her father insisted she allow the terrifying stranger- big as a mountain, broad as a tree, wearing a mask marked like an angry old turtle- to follow her around. Her nurse did most of the talking. 

The stranger was silent. He made no noise, not when he walked and not when he shifted. When she wanted to reach the taller blossoms on a flowering peach tree he offered his arms. 

Nurse protested, but the flowers were prettier than her fear was great. She let herself be lifted and had never felt safer. 

When the Damiyo’s daughter came to Konoha, they gave her a guard. 

She was a little older now, a little cheekier but not wiser. She made demands of her strange shadow and he did as she asked. Get me a cherry lolly- there it was. Take me to the public fountain, and off they went. 

“Take off your mask.” 

He shook his head. 

When the Damiyo’s daughter was on her way to Konoha, there were bandits. They were well organized, for brigands- had a tactician in their scruffy ranks. more than enough to take out guards intended to look after a thirdborn girl. 

She was old enough to know what they wanted, and that terrified her, but her nurse was terrified too so she squared her shoulders in her finest blue silks and made to step out of her litter. 

When she put her foot on the first rung of the ladder and braced herself for the descent, she felt her fingers slip on the lacquer of the door. She knew it instantly for blood. 

When she looked out and down, there was a head on the ground, burned white, lips touched with blue frost.

There were other bodies scattered about like trash caught by the wind and tossed hither and yon. The air seemed unnaturally still. 

She looked up and saw the guard- her guard, now. She was old enough to admit a certain attachment. 

“Thank you,” she said, and he disappeared. 

The Damiyo’s daughter went to Konoha and had an odd request to make of the newest holder of the title of Hokage. 

“I can’t do it.” Tsunade said, though the softness in her brown eyes gentled the sting. “We have a strict policy regarding the identity of our ANBU, my lady. That he has been assigned to you so many times…”

“I was a handful as a child.” She said. “Please, he’s done such a fine job. It was a selfish request. I rescind it.”  

The Hokage watched her for a while and their meeting ended. He was waiting for her outside. She wondered if he ever smiled at her behind that porcelain mask. 

The Damiyo’s daughter went to Konoha and saw a big man with a big smile and thought for a moment…

but his hair was all wrong. Her guard had hair like blood painted over mahogany. 

Still. It would have been nice. 

The Damiyo’s daughter went to Konoha but she was not simply a daughter anymore, and the war had been won. 

She had never thought her father’s headpiece would be so heavy, or his robes of station so stifling, but she had born worse at starviewing parties and haiku contests, diplomatic teas and formal presentations. She would manage. 

She wished to walk in the street and her guards who had once been her father’s allowed it because in the heady afterwards, it felt like nothing could ever touch her. 

She looked up when he passed. 

Big as a mountain, broad as a tree. Hair like blood painted over mahogany, and such beautiful, sad eyes. 

He made no sound when he passed her, and she didn’t turn to look. 

The Damiyo came home from Konoha with a name in her heart, and she never forgot it. 

I always feel so lazy for only working 25h a week. Like, that’s only 3 long shifts, that’s not a whole lot. But whenever I work more I am reminded that apparently I am not capable to doing more, I worked one more shift last week and it absolutely fucked me up? So I’m glad I’m getting an inofficial break by pretending to be sick to see Radiohead in Poland lmao but also I should proooobably try to get some sort of diagnosis on what exactly is wrong with my body, because not only am I judging myself but I feel like other people are judging me too. I just don’t know where to start, every time so far I went to a doctor and explained how I feel that there’s something wrong and I don’t have as much energy as other people and stuff they always ran blood test, found nothing, and we’re like “we don’t know either but maybe do more sports” and like….that doesn’t work for me. And maybe it’s just the depression and ptsd eating my energy but idk it feels like there’s something else.

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Sry a continuation from my merlin religion or gay anon. Like for merlin and morgana it's like something they can't change and it's part of them and accepting it as part of them. Like it's not something they can change. That's what I meant by saying they act like it's a sexuality.

totally understand! and i think you’re completely right. and i think the series showed different magicians dealing with their magic in different ways. merlin was hiding it, morgana was angry and scared at first and then embraced it, mordred was proud of his magic…… i think all these responses can be seen as how lqbt people respond to their sexuality within our society. like i said, there’s a lot of compelling evidence to support this, imo.

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party


In which Keith is more Galra than first meets the eye.

Keith:… well, that does explain a lot about the time I went to a strobe party.

Lance: You’ve been to a party???

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For requests: some silly uncle vs. niece shenanigans with Genji and Hana? If you're not up to it, no pressure, and I wanted to let you know I love your drawing style :)

she’s strong!!!!! (n he’s light af)


Day and Night

Au where viktor is the king of the sun realm and yuuri is the king of the moon realm

viktor leaves flowers for yuuri because he really really likes him but yuuri just thinks that the king accidentally drops the flowers in his realm so yuuri returns them every morning


Tiny room in a 20x20cm wooden box.

I filled it with vintage things I’ve collected, put in wallpaper and a carpet and made the bedding and the tiny bear.

@ straight girls who have gay female friends: please! please have the same amount of interest and excitement when your gay friends talk to you about their crushes as when your straight friends talk to you about their crushes!! nothing feels worse than silence/awkward laughter after you’ve just spilled everything to your friend and then watching a straight girl doing the same & getting unlimited support!

and pls! “but i think she’s straight” “but she’s really close with *insert random boy*” “but i don’t really like her…” is! not! what your friend wants to hear! we know she could be straight. we know you don’t like her, or don’t see the appeal, because you’re straight. we know. you’ve just gotta give us support anyway, as you would another straight girl.