i probably will end up watching it


Hamada Bros crossover with MMFR and T5, 2 parts that made me thought of the brothers. 

Don’t know what’s going on in the drawing? i’d highly recommend you watch MMFR! probably greatest action movie (but with meanings, of course!) in years.

i’d probably end up doing more MMFR panels, like i did with Interstellar. like…really wanna do it now >< that i’m so mad about Mad Max FR…just having other priorities to attend to. and starting another BH6 fancomic for another con in October.

Me watching Jurassic park 3: dad if I were stranded on an island populated by dinosaurs, would you come rescue me
Dad: well. I probably wouldn’t survive if I went so..
Me: you wouldn’t save me???
Dad: well what are the chances of you actually ending up there. I probably would have told you not to go beforehand, that’s all I can really do

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What are your thoughts on a live-action Mass Effect movie? Personally, I'd love it if they made one, but I think a lot of people would be disappointed by the choices Shepard would make in the film. Plus it would probably end up being mostly CGI anyway (after all, how many of the Citadel species can actually be played by human actors?)

I know that if they make a Mass Effect movie, I’ll have to train myself to expect the worst so I don’t get disappointed. Every choice they’ll make in this movie will create problems one way or another. That’s why I would rather watch a Mass Effect movie that is a prequel of the game and doesn’t feature Shepard at all. But ultimately, what really bothers me is that if they do a movie, they’ll want to appeal to a wide audience. Often, it doesn’t always translate to the best adaptation. It’s the one that will make the most money. It’s a motivation like any other but it’s not exactly reassuring. And the worst for me would be if the movie ends up being really good but so different from the trilogy that I can’t recognize it as a Mass Effect movie. 

And yeah, I think it’s likely that they’ll use CGI a lot. 

My brother just told me he was a pan sexual and I think that’s so awesome.

I always just assumed he was straight, which I know is a wrong mind set as we as people shouldn’t just assume that everyone’s default setting is “straight” but I was watching a Reality TV show and one of the guys in it was asexual and I started thinking: hey, I think my brother is asexual as I’ve never seen him particularly be into anyone. So, I asked him straight up (which is probably not a cool thing to do but it turned out great in the end) and he said no, why would I think that and I explained. Then he just straight up says, “no, I am what people call a "pansexual” “.
Frankly, I think that’s so awesome. I’m not fetishing or anything, what I’m saying is I think it is so awesome how he is so up front about it and if you saw him, he was like "yes, this is my sexuality, problem?” And I was like “ wow, dude. That’s badass.”
I’ve never seen him so sure about something, is what I mean.

I hope I’m not coming off as an asshole and please tell me if I am. I never expected that but at the end of the day, I think it’s great and I love that he seems to know exactly who he is which is more than I can say for myself. Proud of him for not giving a fuck.

I still remember when my friend (who is a guy, anyway) who unintentionally watched Love Stage!! with me without him knowing that it is a slightly Boys Love anime. He watched it from start until the end and instantly slapped my arm the next day because he didn’t expect what happened.

And I convinced the same guy to watch Boueibu. He watched the first episode and gave up, but when I watch the latest episode every week, he also watches it with me… and I think he ended up finishing the whole series.

And the same guy dared us to let him read a yaoi manga… and I was probably surprised when he didn’t reacted the way I expected him.

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Do you think that the episode trailers for Life is Strange gives away too much? Because I've always avoided them until after I played the episode but I'm planning on watching the 5th trailer before playing this time because I just probably wont be able to resist with all the shit thats going down in this game.

I think the trailers don’t give away major points, ie the twist at the end of Episode 4, the ending of Episode 3 etc but they give away minor things like Warren beating up Nathan for example, I guess the fact that Episode 4 came back to the original universe was given away too? But many people were expecting that anyway. I doubt the trailer for Episode 5 will give away that much as the developers will want you to think that Max is trapped and can’t escape etc so that the ending to the game as a whole is better? If that makes sense

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this probably sounds dumb but can you explain why everyone is so upset? I literally started watching about a week ago and finished last night.

about shameless you mean?

s5 was a train wreck basically and they ruined all the characters not just ian and mickey. they pretty much made mental illness a joke, they promoted “gallavich” for s5 made us think it was all about them where we basically only got 2 min of them per ep. and at the end have them break up. they called bipolar disorder a “disease” Noel said he wasn’t coming back and surprise he is at the table read. this all some sick way of prompting the show or whatever. and pretty much everyone is done with how they use us. the writers are sick and disgusting!

and on top of all that they didn’t give Ian his jacket when he got out of prison. not cool bro.

the show has lost all its meaning tbh, it’s not the show we fell in love with, it stopped being about family and how they help each other. they basically killed everything that made us fall in love with the characters in the first place. and i doubt they can fix that in s6. as far as i’m concerned shameless for me ended at 4x11

Companions from Origins and how sad they end up if you romanced them
  • Alistair if He King and your Queen:HAPPY LEVEL AT MAX
  • Al If Your his mistress:That probably ended badly when you rejoined the Wardens
  • Al If your both Wardens:WELCOME TO HELL BOTH OF YOU
  • If Al died for you:Your sad and he gets to watch you be sad. have fun.
  • Leliana:Pretty sad, she's sadder without. But I'm sure you'll met again if your alive. might take awhile.
  • Zevran if you're alive:Probably pretty happy? Like odds are you meet up a lot
  • Morrigan if you lived:The happiest after King Alistair
  • Morigan if you died:You monster why would you do that to her.

  Had a bout of artists block so I just started drawing and then this happened.

  (and then I made it transparent and put it on here for some reason)


  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:The Carmilla series usually has a teaser preview of the next episode at the end of the episode you're currently watching but at the end of episode 15 they just had the Carmilla title card instead of a teaser so what is it that they're hiding from us? Have they left it out because it's gonna spoiler the rest of the season? Have they left it out just to troll us? Have they left it out because the next episode is gonna be even MORE emotional than this episode? Is it just an editing fudge up? To be honest I'm probably more worried and interested now, seeing that there's no teaser for the next ep, than if there had been a teaser. This lack of information and change from what I usually expect of the Carmilla Series has really gripped me, whether it was meant to or not. Is it Thursgay yet I need to know what happens.

In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

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Hiii did Harry and Louis interacted?glances or whatever

Anonymous said:August 1st 2015, 2:25:00 am · 15 minutes agoDid you see any larry moments?

There were some quick glances, and A FUCKTON OF MIRRORING!!  They all seemed very tired today, but happy over all :) (Liam or Niall that said they officially finished the album yesterday, so they probably were busting ass to get it done.)

ANYWAY YESSSS.  At the end of DFWYB they were standing together Louis/Niam and then Harry was on the lower part of the ramp and at the end of their little formation, Harry looked at Louis maybe to make sure he was watching?  Then tried to lift himself up on their level with one leg, and Louis was watching, and looked at Harry with raised eyebrows as he tried it and stumbled a little and Louis continued watching him until he landed safely :)

I got good video oh my god I am going through everything and will upload this one first!!!!

  • Friend:I stopped watching death note after L died
  • Me:*screams internally*
  • Friend:nothing will ever live up to L what's the point
  • Me:oh well I mean there are some pretty cool new characters like...
  • Friend:oh that blond chick and albino kid they cameoed at the end?
  • Me:(getting kinda frustrated) yeah they're actually really-
  • Friend:L will always be the the best, they're probably just some shitty replacement

I just realized that Steven’s clothes are strewn all over the house in “Coach Steven” (at the start of the song) because he was just inside looking for sweatbands and probably emptied out drawers and stuff, as you do when you’re trying to look for something you don’t usually use (because it ends up at the bottom of containers), and then rushed out without cleaning up once he found them.

Somehow I Ended Up Watching “Disney Descendants” Tonight (Minus the First 30 Minutes) And I Have To Say: I Quite Enjoyed It.

Yes, it being a Disney Channel Original Movie made after my time there were parts that I cringed at and thought were ridiculous…

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But: A) It’s not made for me. And B) It was really fun to watch. I mean KRISTEN CHENOWETH WAS MALEFICENT!

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Angelina Jolie ain’t got nothing on Kristen Chenoweth.

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So, all in all, a surprising enjoyable watch probably partly due to low expectations, but still.

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this isn't a request so much as a random question... if a gryffindor and two ravenclaws got caught and sent to jail, what do you think the crime was they committed?

Probably not something too major (like a bank heist or mass murder attempt). I’m thinking probably something involving fireworks, or at least fire.

The Ravenclaw’s wanted to see what would happen “for science” and the Gryffindor just wanted to watch shit burn.

Or possibly breaking and entering at like an abandoned hotel or something. Ravenclaw’s curiosity and Gryffindor’s adventurousness could lead to them ending up caught in some strange places they shouldn’t be.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)