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Love Love Lamento Gakuen Translation

In light of the recently released english patch for Lamento, there’s been a renewed interest in the translation I made a couple of years ago of the drama CD “Love Love Lamento Gakuen”. 

To make it easier for the new fans (and the old ones too) to locate all the translated tracks in the right order, I decided to compile them all into one single post. 

Be aware, before diving headfirst into it, that there are major spoilers for the game in the CD, so if you haven’t played Lamento yet and don’t want to have all the surprises ruined for you, you should probably not listen to the tracks until you do.

Also, this was translated from spanish. There are probably many mistakes and no doubt a lot was lost in translation. It is right-ish and it’s understandable enough, but it is not, in any way, a perfect translation since I am not a native speaker of spanish or japanese (not even english, for that matter). 

Well, now that you’ve all been warned, here are the tracks:

I hope you enjoy this drama CD as much I have! Have fun! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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hello my friends, i am poor so here we go:


please contact me at cac7719@gmail.com - you can message me here on tumblr if you have any questions but business inquiries should all be through email please!

i will not draw nsfw but im open to almost anthing else from ocs to famous people to tv/movie characters to just drawing a portrait of you: idc (if you send me a suggestion that i am uncomfortable with or that i feel i cannot fulfill, i reserve the right to reject it and ill let you know)

all payment will be through paypal (see: how to pay)

i am extremely busy during the week and weekends are the only time i can get art done so it may take some time before i finish (i will let you know and keep you posted if this happens)

please send me at least one reference image - i want to make sure i meet the idea you have in mind

most of my example images are portraits/busts but i will also do full body for the same rates ($3 extra for styles in the first slide)

additional characters cost extra (usually ¾ the price of the original) as well as backgrounds which i charge based on complexity

let me know if you have any other questions i didnt answer here, thank you so much for reading and considering my art!!