i probably shouldnt have


im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

before I start talking, Congratulation anon! first person to get blocked in this blog! woooo-hooo, what an Honor isn’t it?

Now Let me answer you, because tumblr block only work so you didn’t disturb me again but you may be a nosy or hypocrite person so you’ll check this blog to see if I answering or not, or may be you still check to enjoy the blog after you sending hates, *shrugs* who knows?

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Love Love Lamento Gakuen Translation

In light of the recently released english patch for Lamento, there’s been a renewed interest in the translation I made a couple of years ago of the drama CD “Love Love Lamento Gakuen”. 

To make it easier for the new fans (and the old ones too) to locate all the translated tracks in the right order, I decided to compile them all into one single post. 

Be aware, before diving headfirst into it, that there are major spoilers for the game in the CD, so if you haven’t played Lamento yet and don’t want to have all the surprises ruined for you, you should probably not listen to the tracks until you do.

Also, this was translated from spanish. There are probably many mistakes and no doubt a lot was lost in translation. It is right-ish and it’s understandable enough, but it is not, in any way, a perfect translation since I am not a native speaker of spanish or japanese (not even english, for that matter). 

Well, now that you’ve all been warned, here are the tracks:

I hope you enjoy this drama CD as much I have! Have fun! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

now that I think abt it I probably shouldnt have been so nice to u abt it. ur almost an adult and u should know better. ur ignoring children and teens with that kinda trauma and put them at danger by normalizing and romanticizing adult/minor relationships jst cos u cant let go of ya ship …….

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"Welcome home" I say as I lay seductively across the dining room table upon which a nice home made dinner is made. The table breaks and I snap my neck; my death is instantaneous.

ok so i probably shouldnt have laughed so hard at this fuCK–

i hope the scene where emily and ali finally confess their feelings for each other contains crying and arguing and hushed whispers and comforting hand rubs and soft looks and blushing and hitched breaths and i hope the conversation covers everything; the library, the kissing rock, the locker room, the snow globe, exactly what they meant to each other pre, post, and during ali’s disappearance, exactly what they mean to each other now, why they mean so much to each other, their exes, 5x05, when and how the feelings came to be, and every tiny little detail in between

basically i hope the scene destroys me and simultaneously mends the gaping hole inside of me that emison has left, ultimately leaving me a sobbing mess

idk i think we deserve this after years of BULLSHIT and breadcrumbs js

just got 3 wisdom teeth removed, and they were giving me bags to throw up in, wheelchair, etc. but actually I’ve felt way worse from just sleep deprivation before and have driven in those sleep deprived conditions… so yeah :p

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“Oh c’mon, you act like I just murdered someone or whatever. It wasn’t even that bad, don’t be so dramatic.” It was basically from this sentence that it would be easy to tell that his emotions were pretty much dulled down to the basics.