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UNDERTALE starters
  • “…But nobody came.”
  • “I… I’ve changed my mind about all this. This isn’t a good idea anymore.”
  • “YOU! You’re standing in the way of everybody’s hopes and dreams!”
  • “I don’t want to break their hearts all over again. It’s better if they never see me.”    
  • “Despite everything, it’s still you.”
  • “Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.”
  • “Go ahead. Prepare however you want. But when you step forward… I will KILL you.”
  • “It’s me, [name].”
  • “Wow! We haven’t even had our first date and I’m in the friendzone!”
  • “It pains me to say this, but… you should probably never come back here.”
  • “Maybe looking at this nice lamp will help you.”
  • “There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.”
  • “They thought that he had killed the child.”
  • “Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off.”
  • “We’re all counting on you, kid. Good luck.”
  • “Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… Perfect weather for a game of catch.”
  • “You can certainly find better than an old man/woman like me.” 
  • “I do not know if this is pathetic or endearing.”
  • “Oh. My god. I didn’t expect you to show up so soon! I haven’t showered, I’m barely dressed, it’s all messy, and…”
  • “You’re way better at dating than I am.”
  • “Get dunked on!”
  • “This is the power that the humans feared.”
  • “They must be here, playing a joke on me. I’ll just wait until one of them admits it…”
  • “…You really like hot animals, don’t you?”
  • “It was nice to meet you. …Goodbye.”
  • “On days like this, kids like you should be burning in Hell.”
  • “Remember. DON’T kill anyone. …I can’t believe this is a REAL thing I have to remind you.”
  • “…Why are you still here? Are you trying to keep me company?”
  • “You should be smiling, too. Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you happy?” 
  • “Don’t worry, my little monarch, my plan isn’t regicide. This is SO much more interesting.”
  • “What makes you think you’re in control?”
  • “Never come back here. You are not welcome.”
  • “Why does someone as great as me have to do so much to get recognition?!”
  • “You made your choice long ago.”
  • “Don’t you realize that being nice just makes you get hurt?”
  • “So you finally made it. The end of your journey is at hand.”
  • “I didn’t cry! I just… caught something in my eye!”
  • “You know what would be more valuable to everyone? IF YOU WERE DEAD!”
  • “Look. [Name] didn’t come to the meeting today. Say what you want about him/her/them. H/She’s/They’re weird, naive, self-absorbed. But [name] has NEVER missed a meeting. And no matter what time you call him/her/them on the phone… Night, day, afternoon, morning… He/she/they ALWAYS answers within the first two rings.”
  • “Anything you want to do is important enough. Even something as small as reading a book, or taking a walk… Please take your time.“
  • “[Name] hated humanity. Why they did, they never talked about it. But they felt very strongly about that.”
  • "If you… If you think I’m gonna give up hope, you’re wrong. ‘Cause I’ve got my friends behind me.”
  • “Perhaps we can reach a compromise. You still have something that I want.”
  • “Always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.”
  • “No matter the struggles or hardships you faced… you strived to do the right thing. You refused to hurt anyone.”
  • “This is why I never make promises.”
  • “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “
  • “Honestly, fighting you IS pretty fun… So even if you ARE a sicko, I’ll take it!”
  • “Maybe you’d be better… at not killing anyone? Crazy idea, huh? Let me know how that one goes.” 
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time [name] flirted with me?”
  • “Now, I understand acting in self-defense. You were thrown into those situations against your will.”
  • “You’d better watch yourself, kid. Things are lookin’ real bad for you.”
  • “Are you ready? If you are not, I understand. I’m not ready either…”
  • “Oh my God! Will you two just smooch already?”
  • “Don’t you get it? There’s no such thing as happy endings. This is all that’s left…!”
  • “The internet! I’m quite popular there!”
  • “Do you think even the worst person can change…? That everyone can be a good person if they just try?”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Most of us have tried to kill [name] at one time or another.”
  • “Wowie! You did it! You didn’t do a violence!”
  • “Not everything can be resolved by being nice.”
  • “Don’t kill, and don’t be killed, alright? That’s the best you can strive for.” 
  • “Oh no! You’re meeting all of my standards!”
  • “Anime is real, RIGHT?!”
  • “Maybe you’re wondering if I ever get tired of winning… Wanna see my answer?”
  • “Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though.”
  • “This is all just a bad dream… and you’re NEVER waking up!”
  • “Down here, it’s kill or be killed!”
  • “I can’t come back. I just can’t, OK?”
  • “I so badly want to say, ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ But… You know how it is.”
  • “Would you smooch a ghost?”
  • “The truth is… [Name] wasn’t really the greatest person.” 
  • “Well, if I were you, I would have thrown in the towel by now. But you didn’t get this far by giving up, did you?” 
  • “You’re not really human, are you? No. You’re empty inside. Just like me.”
  • “Are you bored? I should have given a book to you. My apologies. Why not use your imagination to divert yourself?”
  • “I’ll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach… and then tear it away just before you grasp it.”
  • “Come on! Step forward and let’s end this!”
  • “Don’t you get it? This is all just a GAME.”
  • “Are those two robots…?”
  • “If you have some sort of special power… isn’t it your responsibility to do the right thing?”
  • “Stop plaguing my life with incidental music!”
  • “Self-defense? Please. You didn’t kill them because you had to. You killed them because it was easy for you. Because it was fun for you. Do you think it was fun when I found out…? Do you think it’s fun when people’s family members never come home? Is that fun? No. “
  • “I wish I had eight legs… so I could wear FOUR pairs of hot pants!”
  • “The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.”
  • “I can’t go to Hell. I’m all out of vacation days.”
  • “They just sort of showed up one day and…asserted themselves. The town’s gotten a lot more interesting since then.”
  • “Our king is really bad at names.”
  • “If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never gotten past him. But now, with your help, he’s DEAD.”
  • “Then why’d you kill my brother/sister?”
  • “I’ve done everything this world has to offer. I’ve read every book. I’ve burned every book. I’ve won every game. I’ve lost every game. I’ve appeased everyone. I’ve killed everyone.”
  • “What did you do to him? …What did you DO to him?!”
  • “…I don’t have the heart to tell her what you did. Do you know how she’d react?”
  • “You didn’t even need my help, which is great, ‘cause I love doing absolutely nothing.”
  • “I’m smiling and I hate it!”
  • “Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you take another step forward… you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.”
  • “If we’re really friends… you won’t come back.”
  • “Did you really think I was gonna be satisfied… killing you only ONE time?”
  • “I remember when I first woke up here, in the garden. I was so scared. I couldn’t feel my arms or my legs…”
  • “Even after all this time, you’re still the only one that understands me.”
  • “Why do I always get the freaks?”
  • “It’s possible that you may have a problem.”
  • “What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth…”
  • “I’m nineteen years old and I’ve already wasted my entire life.”
  • “If you’re so scared, why do you keep winking?”
  • “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Words: 1584

Jughead X Reader

A/N: I’m going to write a part 2 to this if anyone is interested. I almost made this a lot longer than it is too, oops

    “Jesus Jughead just admit you’re in love with her already!” Archie laughed at his raven haired friend across from him. Jughead chewed his french fries and glared at Archie. Sure,  Oh Jughead had feelings for Y/N, but he’d never admit it. He was always known for being quiet and self reserved, and for as long as his friends have known him, which was practically his whole life, they’ve never once seen him crush on someone. That was until Y/N came into the picture. She hadn’t been in town long, only a few months, but that’s all the time Jughead needed to become her best friend, and ultimately fall head over heels for her. He had become so close to her in fact, that she knew him better than anyone else. That scared him, and what scared him even more was how quickly and hard he had fallen for her. He didn’t want to mess up this friendship and push her away. He’d rather just stay quiet and suffer, and that’s what he did. Until his friends caught on that is.

    “I’m not in love with her.” Jughead said plainly, and Archie’s head fell to the table and he sighed.

    “What’s wrong with him?” Betty asked, sitting beside Archie in the booth.

    “He won’t admit his love for Y/N!” Archie cried out, sitting up. Jughead leaned over the table and put his hand over Archie’s mouth.

    “Could you keep it down? It’s bad enough I have you two, Veronica, and Kevin bugging me about my apparent feelings. I don’t need the rest of the town to join the bandwagon.”

    “Too late,” Betty said, stealing a few fries from Jugheads plate, which earned her a death glare. “Wow, sorry.” She said, throwing her hands up in surrender and laughing.

    “What do you mean ‘too late?’” Jughead asked, trying not to let the worry show in his voice.

    “Everyone and their moms know how smitten you are for her. Try as you might Jughead, but you’re not very good at hiding your feelings for her.” Betty shrugged. “Not that you need to, everyone can also tell how smitten she is for you.”

    “I’m still surprised someone as observant and smart as you hasn’t figured it out.” Archie chimed in.

Just then, Y/N slid into the seat next to Jughead.

    “What has our Jughead Jones not figured out yet?” she asked, looking around the table. Archie and Betty looked at eachother, and then at Jughead, who looked as if he were about to die of anticipation. Sitting there, he quickly thought of a lie before Archie and Betty said anything.

    “My novel…” he quickly stammered. Y/N turned to him, and a look of curiosity came over her face.

    “What can’t you figure out about your novel?”

    “Well he wants to do some background on Jason, maybe for the beginning of the novel.” Archie started, and Jughead gave a sigh of relief. He made a mental note to thank Archie later for the save. “Anyways, everyone in the town knows that Jason was in love with Polly, but Jughead here thought it would be nice to write a bit on their love. Maybe about how they fell in love, and when they finally told eachother they loved one another, not letting their families, or even their own conflicting feelings stop them.” Scratch that mental note, definitely not going to thank Archie anymore.

    “That’s an amazing idea!” Y/N beamed, smiling over at Jughead. Jughead just nodded his head and turned his attention to the burger in front of him. Y/N reached over to Jugheads plate and stole a few fries, and he looked over at her. Instead of giving her the death glare everyone was expecting, he just rolled his eyes and smiled.

    “I hate you sometimes.” He joked, and Y/N laughed and leaned her head on his shoulder.

    “You know you love me.” she teased, and Jughead tensed up. Archie and Betty laughed, and watched as Jugheads face turned bright red. “Even when I steal your food.”

    “You’re the only one he actually lets take food off his plate, so he must love you quite a lot.” Archie said. Jughead kicked Archie’s leg under the table, and Archie gave a strained smile, trying to hide his pain.

    “You okay Archie?” Y/N asked, looking over to her friend. Archie gave a breathy laugh.

    “I just got a leg cramp, I probably just worked too hard at practice. It felt like someone kicked me in the shin.” Y/N nodded her head.

    “Maybe you should be more careful then.” Jughead said, smirking at Archie.

    “Anyways, so are you going to tell me what happened at lunch today?” Betty asked Y/N, referring to an earlier conversation. Archie listened in, but Jughead was too deep in thought to notice a conversation was taking place.

    “Well, I got asked out on a date.” Y/N said, and Archie and Betty’s jaws dropped.

    “Who asked you out?” Betty asked.

    “Reggie. I’ve barely talked to the guy except for in math yesterday and apparently he liked me so much he wants to go out.”

    “Well are you going to go out with him?” Archie asked.

    “Um, well I don’t know.” Y/N gave a nervous laugh and glanced over to Jughead. Archie and Betty caught on to the glance and stared at Y/N. She looked at her two friends and saw their suspicious looks and turned her attention to the table. Betty cleared her throat and Jughead turned to her.

    “So Jughead, do you have any thoughts on this whole situation?” Betty asked. Jughead gave her a confused look, and looked around the table.

    “What situation?” he asked.

    “Y/N got asked out by Reggie today.” Betty said, sipping on her milkshake. Archie and her watched Jugheads face for a reaction, which he gave. Jugheads gaze quickly turned to Y/N and a mix of jealousy and sadness flashed over his face for a quick second, but was soon replaced with interest.

    “Well, did you say yes?” Jughead asked. Y/N played with the ends of her sleeves, and looked over to Jughead.

    “No, I told him I’d text him about it later on. I don’t know what to say.”

    “Maybe you should go.” Archie chimed in. All heads turned to him, and Jughead gave him a death glare like never before. “What?” Archie asked. “I didn’t think he was going to actually do it.”

    “You knew this was going to happen?” Betty asked. Archie nodded his head.

    “Yeah why do you think I was pushing-” Archie stopped himself before he outted his friend. “Anyways, a lot of the guys on my football team were talking about liking you Y/N. They made a deal that the first one to ask you would call dibs, and it looks like Reggie beat them to it.” Y/N looked down at the table again.

    “She’s not some object your numb skulled friends can call dibs on. And you shouldn’t go out with someone unless you really know them. Relationships take time, if you rush into them then they’re bound to fail.” Jughead said, looking over to Y/N. “don’t do this unless you really want to.”

    “I’m not sure what I want.” Y/N stammered.

    “How could you not know what you want? It’s not that hard, do you want to go out with Reggie yes or no.” Jughead pressed, jealousy obviously present in his demeanor.

    “It’s not that simple Juggie.” Y/N said, her voice catching in her throat. She quickly stood from the booth and turned to Archie and Betty. “I have to go.” She quickly turned and stormed off towards the exit.

    “Y/N wait!” Jughead yelled, sliding out of the booth. Betty stood up and stopped Jughead from chasing after her.

    “Let me go after her.” she said, walking after Y/N. Archie stood from his seat as well, and turned Jughead to face him.

   "What the hell was that?“ he asked, and Jughead rolled his eyes and sat in the booth again. He leaned his head in his hands and sighed. "You really handled that well Jughead. I’m proud.”

    “I could do without the sarcasm right now.”

    “What? Jughead doesn’t want to be sarcastic for once? You really must be upset.” Archie said, sitting across from Jughead.

    “I’m pissed.” he grumbled.

    “At Y/N?” Archie asked.

    “No, why would I be pissed at her? She did nothing wrong. I’m pissed at myself, I made her uncomfortable and upset. I’m her best friend, she’s supposed to be able to talk to me about these things, how is she going to trust me again after that outburst?” Jughead rubbed the bridge of his nose in attempt to release some pressure.

    “You need to get your jealousy under control there buddy.” Archie said, and Jughead glared at him.

    “No shit.” he huffed and Archie rolled his eyes. “Sorry, it’s just that’s kind of hard to do when she’s got the whole football team making bets on who can get in her pants first. They aren’t good for her!”

    “Just tell her how you feel, she obviously is confused on what to do because she’s in love with you.” Archie reasoned.

    “Maybe you’re right.”

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Crossdressing With Your Girl

I’ve been asked a lot recently (and in the past) about how to approach your partner about crossdressing. People have asked this with both male and female partners, however I’m mostly going to talk about girlfriends as I get asked a lot more about them.

I’ve covered this before in a fair amount of detail; today I’ll briefly go over how you should tell them, but importantly how you should act towards them once they know.

Telling Your Girlfriend

There are a few ways to do this, and it mostly depends on how well you know your girlfriend:

1. Just tell her, she won’t have a problem.

2. Ask her about crossdressing, it’ll give you an idea on how she’ll react.

3. Probably shouldn’t tell her, you know she’ll hate it.

If your girlfriend is quite liberal, pro-lgbt and doesn’t believe in gender stereotyping, chances are she won’t really care about your wearing dresses and you can go with option 1. Obviously you will need to have a proper conversation with her, but she won’t actually mind.

If you can’t tell whether your girlfriend with mind or not, take option 2. Ask her about seeing a drag show or watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, or joke about wearing a dress. She’ll most likely give an opinion on it which will help you in deciding whether you should mention crossdressing or not.

If she is heavily against LGBT and loves you being a ‘manly man’ , go with option 3 (and consider leaving them for their updated mentality). A lot of the time if your girlfriend is like this then she probably won’t appreciate a guy that’s so in touch with their feminine side. I know it’s not nice to hear, but unfortunately not everything can be solved in a simple way.

What Your Girlfriend Will Ask

Once your girlfriend knows it’s very unlikely that she’ll shrug her shoulders and not ask any further. One thing to remember is that she will ask questions; this doesn’t mean that she has a problem with it, she just wants to understand fully what you’ve just told her.

I’ve told 5 girlfriends about my crossdressing and, despite they’re individual reactions, they have all asked the same questions afterwards. 

1. ‘Are you sure you’re not gay?’

Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between; allow me to introduce one of the biggest misconceptions around crossdressing.

It isn’t often that I tell someone about me crossdressing and the don’t ask me if I’m gay. Obviously I don’t take it as an insult (after all, nothing wrong with being gay) but it is something I correct them on.

However, when your girlfriend asks, it’s an entirely different matter.

Tell her how you feel about your sexuality, and be honest. I can imagine for the majority of my followers that this applies to would be either bi or straight, but if you’re not 100% sure you need to let your partner know. It also greatly helps to reassure them why you’re dating them in the first place, and that if you didn’t find them attractive, both mentally and physically, then you probably wouldn’t be dating them.

2. ‘Do you want to be a woman?’

Again, another question asked by every girlfriend who knew, although this one is more understandable.

Let me get this out there now; crossdressing does not equal transgender. They are two different things and should be treated as such.

Just like the sexuality question, give them an honest answer about your gender identity. When I told my current girlfriend about crossdressing I also told her that I felt like a combination of both genders (which I now know is genderfluid) but that I’ve never felt a need to transition.

3. ‘Is this a sexual thing?’

Here it is, the question I just laugh too.

Every girlfriend has asked me this and every girlfriend seen me give this look:

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I don’t crossdress for fetish or sexual pleasure. I understand that people do and as long as they’re not harming anyone else or being overly perverse then that’s no problem, but it isn’t me.

However, the reactions from my girlfriends after I’ve answered are what surprised me. 

  • Two answered with exactly what I expected: “OK good, I don’t think I’d be into that.”
  • Two said something along the lines of “Well, I’d be willing to try it if you wanted…”
  • One however come straight out with “We’re trying it, go get your makeup on.” Didn’t see that coming…

Regardless of how your girlfriend responds, tell them why it is you crossdress. For some of you it might be a sexual thing, or it might be that you (like me) appreciate women’s fashion and the art of looking feminine. Whatever your reasons, just tell them exactly why. It’ll make them feel more comfortable about you crossdressing.

Ok I tried to keep this one brief and I think I sorta kinda succeeded maybe probably not. Still tried though, that counts for something.

Thanks for having a read! The magazine is still going ahead and I’m hoping to have the first issue out in September (finger’s crossed); if anyone is willing to help with anything just drop me a line and let me know.

I’ll be posting tomorrow with a photoset of the above outfit. Until then, don’t forget to ask me any questions you have and to like and reblog the post!

- Jessica Blaise x x

I’m sitting in the student union building, and I am really probably not in any condition to write a coherent thought at the moment for many, many reasons but I just want to say - I have to? need to? I don’t know, but I want to –

I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano! and the Naritaverse at large over the last few days. I say consumed. I likely mean it, too – I write this post for I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano!, of its world, its characters, its concepts, everything. 

I write this because I have never, ever, been so invested in a fictional series before as I am now. As I have been for the last several years. It has been years since I first was introduced to Baccano! (via the anime, of course, as so many of us were), and I am still here. 

I am still here.

Over the past several days, I have been consumed with thoughts of Ryohgo Narita’s world - love for his world, warm and vague and diffusant. Well, I am always generally filled with love for his stories, but these last few days I’ve been drifting, scattered, buzzing on the edge of conscious sobriety - scattered thoughts of Baccano! and Vamp! and Etsusa Bridge, and so on, so forth, etcetera, to be continued. 

I did say I am probably not in any condition to form a coherent, sharply conscious thought at the beginning. Do keep that in mind. 

I say this: I have never been so invested in a fictional work as I have with Narita’s works.  

Most of us started with the anime. I did, too. It was one of my first anime, in all likelihood. Perhaps in my first ten - certainly in my first twenty. 

And so, I watched the anime, young, teenaged, drawn in by its premise which seeme right up my alley. 

I watched it, and I wanted more.

So - so, I ventured forth, sought out the light novels - the fan translations, of course, for this was long before Yen Press even hinted at a license - and I read them. I read them, and I wanted more

I reread them. I visited the wiki. I visited fanfiction.net, then AO3 - I know I did, I must have done. I rewatched the anime. Later, I’d rewatch it again. And again. Subs, this time, or some time, at least. 

I wanted more.

I joined tumblr - joined it as a language/linguistic blog, one that I have neglected for months but still exists - and while I was reblogging posts on language learning, on Greek, on French, my eye was on the the fandom side of tumblr. 

Of the Baccano! fandom. 

And eventually, I created this blog, agallimaufryofoddments. 

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me - realizing that there was a tiny but vibrant and active community of Baccano! fans on tumblr - that there was a community at all. 

There were people posting fanart, fanfiction, analyses posts, aesthetic posts - there were people who loved this series and invested their time into it - that was astonishing to me. 

And over the last few days, I have been scattered, drifting. Vaguely overwhelmed with how much I care.

Once upon a time, I watched the 2007 anime adaptation.

Everything began from there. 

I read the light novels, read fanfiction, visited TV Tropes. Rewatched the anime. Eventually I’d join Tumblr, and realize that a fandom existed at all.

Eventually I’d become an administrator of the wiki.  Eventually I’d start to write fanfiction of my own. Analyses and speculation of my own. Eventually I’d start to transcribe the audio commentary. Eventually I not only emotionally invested, I monetarily invested. 

And God, what a wonderful lot the community is.  How diverse it is, for a fandom so small. How wonderfully diverse. 

I have never come across a fandom so small, and so, so, talented. The range of interests and specialities across such a small fandom is breathtaking.

There are those like @toushindai, devotees to the 1700s, to Huey, to Monica. To Elmer. To Rosetta, and Jacques-Rosé, to Majeedah. 

Those like @houjicha and @grandpanacea, who champion Firo Prochainezo, he who is “main character-ish.”

What about @lua-russo, celebrator of Lua Klein and Ladd Russo, Goose Perkins and Spike. Or of @birdschach, who celebrates not only them but NIck, lovable and underappreciated?

@vilatile is the one to turn to for Christopher, for Rail, and the Lamia.  Looking for an Ennis fan? @eyes-like-a-gentle-knight has got you covered. @sarcasticdebate too, though don’t forget - she equally promotes Rachel above others. Meanwhile, @thegoldenhigh is forever a spokesperson for Maiza, and @insertimaginativenamehere for Elmer. 

@maitressepatria - Luchino, Niki, Fermet feature the most in her fics and thoughts, and aren’t we lucky.  @pippenpaddlopsicopolisthethird for Jacuzzi, I should think. 

What about Felix Walken/Claire Stanfield? You’ve got @chancellorxofxtrash and @memethighs for major Felix advocates, among other favorites of theres (and among other Felix proponents, I’m sure)

And of course, who else could one associate with Dallas Genoard but @the-youngest-gandor-brother, who is certainly the most vocal supporter of Dallas that I know of. The Gandors, too, are his bailiwick. And if we are to speak of Dallas and the Gandors, we must of course think of @avvos as well. 

Even the Runoratas have a representative - in the form of @hrh-gwen - lover of Sham and the Runoratas, fond of Renee and more besides. 

@lizalaforet - take a guess.  Innit great, though? 

Isn’t it brilliant? 

There are more I haven’t mentioned above - more members of the active fandom, I know, but rest assured, I’ve been planning a relevant post to that for at least two months now, so - so, if you don’t see your url above, rest assured - I am thinking of you, and you will be mentioned in said future post. 

I just had to share my thoughts and feelings now, before I burst. I had to. I had to.  I adore how diverse the active Baccano! fandom is in terms of their interests, adore how the fan content produced as of late - fanfiction, fanart, aesthetic posts, analyses posts, speculation posts, etc-motherfucking-cetera is so varied in content, reflective of the diversity in fans’ specialities. 

I have no idea if anything I’ve written up till now is remotely coherent. It’s likely all rambling, as I tend to do. Babbling is probably the more apt term.  I said at the beginning that I’m likely not in any condition to write anything coherent, and I’ll stand by it. My heart has been racing all day, and I’ve been present but not present, and I have been a functional and emotional mess for the past several weeks, but I really, really, really had so many recent strong feelings towards Baccano! and the time I’ve put into it and the time the fandom has put into it and the diversity of fandom interests and the pot has bubbled over at last.

I’ll likely regret writing this post in the morning for its incoherency and overlong rambling, and in all truthfulness I have not been in the best of headspaces over the last several weeks, motivationally speaking, emotionally speaking, functionally speaking. But I say this: 

I am still here.

And I’ve meant every word of what I’ve said thus far. I have never invested as much into a series as I have Baccano! and the Naritaverse, and I certainly have never seen a small fandom as diverse and drenched in talent as I have with the fan community here. 

Perhaps I’ll grow out of Baccano! someday. (If I live that long for a someday). But for now - at this very moment, it seems impossible. At this very moment, at least, I must acknowledge the impact it’s had on my life. That it’s had an impact on it at all.  That you’ve all had an impact on it. Because you have, all you wonderful people with wonderful ideas and creativity flowing out of you in spades.

You have. 

Thank you.

Just Beg Me To Stay (Part 2)

A/N: So this has a character introduced in to it that we have seen in Season 8 but she’ll probs be better explained in the next part! Just FYI. Song mentioned is MOVE by Luke Bryan. And yeah… I think that’s It lol. One more part to go!

Part 1 is here

Dean x Reader, Emily

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:1700+

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You honest to god had no idea where you were. It had been over a month since you had left the bunker, and you had been on autopilot ever since. You never stayed in a town to long, frequently picking up your clothes off of shitty motel floor and shrugged them on, escaping the “conquest” of the previous night and praying to whatever high being that the dude wouldn’t wake up as you made your way out. It had become a routine. Drive. Eat. Drink. Dance. Sex. Sleep. Drive. And so the cycle went.

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Quartet Night Live Evolution Pamphlet Interview Translation

I’ve seen some of the scans of the photos going around but nothing about the interview part and as a QN trash i am, here i am translating it!

But first let me translate what these seiyuus wrote on their respective sign
Morikubo Showtaro: Tonight for sure, EVOLUTION!!
Suzuki Tatsuhisa: For everyone’s sake
Aoi Shouta: From now on, forever
Maeno Tomoaki: We are Quartet Night!

(Long post ahead)

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Shut up and kiss me - Auston Matthews

A/N: HIIII! This one is a request by my bb @itsall-aboutthat. I’ve enjoyed writing this waaaay too much and I hope you like it. I might start taking requests, who knows…

Word Count: 1130

Warnings: Mild swearing.

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

“What do you want to do today?” Auston asks from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist on a tight embrace.

“I’ve never been in Toronto before, we should go and explore the city” I answer while pouring more pancake batter on the pan. I’ve probably made a hundred pancakes by now, but the pile wasn’t growing since Auston kept stealing them from the plate and eating them with his fingers.

We have been dating for two years now, but you won’t deny that living so far from each other makes things quite hard sometimes. You trust him and he trusts you, but it is hard not to get jealous when models threw themselves at him all the time and you are an average girl from Michigan. It is the first time that I have gone to Toronto to visit him and I am beyond excited about it.

“Do you really want to go out?” He pouts and I can tell that all he wants is to stay at home and just cuddle and watch movies and be couch potatoes. Not happening “it is cold out and it might rain and…”

“Stop whining, Papi” I scowl him and he frowns; only his mom can call him Papi. “I really want to see the city. Your apartment is nice, but I want to see what Canada has to offer”

He rolls his eyes and I know I have won; we are going out. We get ready, Auston still whining while we walk to his car.

“We can go back, it isn’t too late” he says before getting in the driver’s seat.

“Auston, drive and don’t stop until we are Downtown” I glare at him and he stares at my face, trying to figure out if I’m kidding or not. I am not. He sighs and starts driving.

As soon as we are on the highway he links his hand with mine and rests them on my thigh, eyes on the road. I take my time to study his face while he is focus on the icy road; he is still the same Auston, but I can tell he is more of a man than he was six months ago when he left to Toronto. His jaw is slightly more squared, his hair is longer but better styled, his cheekbones more prominent… and yet again he is still Auston.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” he asks, squishing my hand lightly and I blush. Ugh, busted.

“You are just too handsome” I answer sincerely and he turns his face, gifting me with a smile that makes my knees weak.

“I needed to keep up with my girlfriend or some bastard may try to take her away from me” and I frown.

“Never going to happen”

“I hope so” he looks at my eyes for a second and brings my hand to his lips and kisses my knuckles. Ugh, he knows how to make me go insane “we are here”

He parks the car on a private parking lot and we walk out, hand on hand. Toronto is prettier than I expected. It has a New York vibe but much more chilled and I enjoy walking around surrounded by tall buildings.

“Ugh, I think I’m in love” I declare as we sit in a restaurant after walking and shopping for a couple hours. What can I say? I couldn’t hold myself and Auston was there to hold my bags for once.

“I thought you had fell for me long time ago” he raises an eyebrow and I laugh at him.

“With the city, dum-dum” and now he gives me a major side eye “I’ve been in love with you for two years” as I run a finger all over his hand and arm.

“Good to know” he smiles and I do the same. Ugh, we are so cheesy.

We get our food and we eat as we talk, or I talk and he listens, or more like I talk and he is completely zoned out. He has always been on the quiet side of the spectrum, but normally he is a good listener. I frown, but he doesn’t notice it and I decide to just let it go. He pays the tab and I whisper a thank you. Everything was going so well and now we are on an uncomfortable silence, walking around the city.

“Want to go up there?” he asks and I snap out of my thoughts, following his gaze to the CN tower.

I nod, but I don’t say anything as we walk to base of the needle looking building and get inside. It is warm and I let out a content sigh when the warmth hits my face. Auston buys a couple tickets and I give him a dirty look, it is my time to pay, but he just waves it off and puts his hand on the small of my back and pushes me to the elevators. The ride up is suffocating, neither of us talks and the tension between us is palpable, you literally run off as the elevator doors open. And then you see it, the whole city at your feet. The sight is breathtaking and you can’t help it to turn around, looking for Auston so you can share the experience, but he is on front of the elevator, looking at his feet.

“Ok, I’m done with this” You whisper and walk towards him “what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting up so weird? What the fuck happ…”

“Move here with me” he blurts out and I stop talking.


“Move here with me. Come live with me. You love the city, you like my friends, you love me…”

“Yes” I say, biting my lower lip.

“You can find a job, or not, I make enough money for bo…Wait, what?”

“I said yes, Auston. I’d love to live with you. I’d love to wake to you each morning. I’d love to make you pancakes every morning” I smile as he wraps his arms around my waist and spins me around.

When he puts me down I grab his hand and walk with him to the glass. The Sun is going down and the sky is tinted with reds, pinks and oranges.

“This is so beautiful” I whisper, leaning against him.

“Not as beautiful as you” he puts his arm around my shoulders and squishes my frame against his much bigger body “hey, I’m so sorry. I was an asshole and…”

“Shh, shut up and kiss me”

And he does, and my knees go weak, and my heart flutters, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to get to call him mine.

  • me: *in bed, minding my own business, starting to fall asleep*
  • my brain: hey
  • my brain: here's a vivid mental image of a murderer breaking into your house and busting into your bedroom, and, upon you screaming to your parents for help, stabbing you in the throat – your vision goes black and you lose your senses as the nothingness of death finally comes for you
  • me: what the fuck
  • my brain: ;)
Sebastian x Reader: Secrets

(Y/N) was wandering around the garden of the Phantomhive manor, her (F/C) dress trailing out behind her. Running her hands along the tree leaves as she passed by them, she slowly took step after step onto the green grass. The sky was a rare vibrant blue color with small white clouds speckled around its surface. Her beautiful (H/C) hair was fluttering in the light breeze that passed over the land like a shallow breath.

Humming a small tune, she flittered around the garden like a butterfly. Her grace and elegance would make any of the local women green with envy, if they should have been there to see her.

At a glance, (Y/N) seemed completely normal. Content, even. However, all was not as it appeared with her. She had a slight problem that she had been keeping to herself for a few months now, but it had been becoming almost unbearable to keep her feelings a secret. (Y/N) Pratt, cousin to Ciel Phantomhive, noble women of good standing, had fallen completely head over heels for a butler.

Sebastian Michaelis. Even just thinking the name made her heart skip a beat. He was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen. With his raven black hair, his blood red eyes and that small smile that often adorned his face, it would have been hard for her to not fall in love. Sebastian was always kind and polite to her, but (Y/N) knew that was what his job as a butler required him to do so. She wished with all of her heart that he would somehow return her feelings, but deep inside she knew that even if he did, they couldn’t be together without Ciel’s explicit permission.

With a loud sigh, (Y/N) sat down on the grass and stared off into the distance. She stayed there for about half an hour, lost in thoughts and worry. The clouds moved by and the sun moved across to the center of the sky.

“The others were starting to worry about your whereabouts, Lady (Y/N). You didn’t show up for lunch.” a voice said calmly from behind her.

(Y/N) looked behind her to see Sebastian standing behind her.

“Oh, hello Sebastian.” (Y/N) said, her gaze turning back to the landscape in front of her. “How are you today?”

“I am doing well, thank you. However, it is you we should be talking about at the moment.” Sebastian said. “The young master is very upset that you did not turn up at lunch. He was actually quite worried about you, which is quite unlike him, as you probably know. You are very dear to him, Miss (L/N).”

“(Y/N).” she told him. “You can call me (Y/N).”

“Well then, (Y/N) it is. I do really think we should stay on the subject, though.” Sebastian said, politely trying to turn the conversation back on to his main point.

(Y/N) let out a loud sigh.

“Is there something bothering you, (Y/N)?” he asked the (H/C) sitting in front of him.

“It’s nothing important. And besides, I wouldn’t want to burden you with my silly problems.” (Y/N) avoided his gaze as he kneeled down in front of her.

“Do pardon my boldness, but nothing that could be making you this upset is certainly not nothing. And you couldn’t bother me even if you tried. So, if you don’t mind terribly, would you be willing to tell me what is on you mind?” Sebastian took both of her hands into his, causing (Y/N) to blush furiously.

“Alright. I’ll tell you.” (Y/N) said begrudgingly. “I’m in love.”

Sebastians eyes glimmered a pink color upon hearing these words and his small smile turned into a grimace. This lasted only for a second before his face returned to its normal, soft expression.

“Is that so?” he asked her.

Still averting his eyes, she gave an ever so slight nod. “Yes.” (Y/N) whispered quietly.

“Does this person know of your affections?” Sebastian questioned.

“No.” she whispered, quieter still.

“If you don’t mind me saying so, I think it would be wise to tell him of your feelings. It is near impossible for any sane man not to desire to court you, (Y/N).” he lifted her head to eye level with his own.

“I can’t tell him.” (Y/N) gave a small sniffle and wiped at her eyes. “His master would never allow his cousin to date his butler.”

Sebastians eyes widened in surprise. (Y/N) gave a loud gasp and covered her mouth with her hands.

“No, no, no!! I didn’t mean that! I-I misspoke. I mean… I-I would never… Oh god.” (Y/N) started to cry.

“Well then, that is just too bad.” Sebastian tutted.

“W-why?” (Y/N) asked between sobs.

“Because, my dear,” he leaned in closer, making her heart race. “If it were true, I would most certainly be happy to do this.”

And with that, Sebastian slammed his lips onto hers. (Y/N) sat their in shock for a couple of seconds, but then tentatively began to kiss back.

This kiss lasted for about thirty seconds when Sebastian broke away and cupped her cheek in one hand.

“I do apologize for my boldness.” he said in a small tone.

“It-it’s okay. I really don’t mind.” (Y/N) stuttered.

“Well it’s about time!” someone said from behind them.

(Y/N) and Sebastian turned their heads to see Ciel, Bardroy, Finny and Mey-rin standing a few feet away.

Ciel had a small smirk on his face, while the others were giggling and smiling at the two.

“Oh I’m so glad! You are so adorable together, yes you are.” Mey-rin squealed.

“Honestly, I thought you would never show weakness such as this, Sebastian.” Ciel said, still smirking.

Sebastian stood up and bowed towards Ciel. “I am deeply sorry for my actions, my young lord. I have acted with such indiscretion that I have failed my duty as a Phantomhive butler.”

“No, no, it’s quite alright. I was actually hoping you two would get together sometime soon.” Ciel waved his hand in a nonchalant manner.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this?” (Y/N) chimed in, standing up as well and brushing the grass off of her dress.

“Like I said before, I was wanting you both to admit your feelings. It was so painfully obvious that anyone could see it.” he have a small chuckle and motioned towards the manor. “Now that that’s all sorted out, I believe that it’s time to start on dinner preparations. Sebastian?”

“Coming, my lord.”

“There is one more problem.” (Y/N) said.

Sebastian turned to her questioningly.

“Who’s going to tell Grell?”


Happy Blog Birthday 🎉

It’s been a year. In celebration I thought I’d put on a little buffet of my favourite pieces.

I thought my first year had been and gone but I had a notification from Tumblr today. I should probably get more fresh air. It’s been a lot of hard work and learning curves. The Voyager episode ‘Basics’ paint was one of my first digital pieces and I’m constantly trying to improve my technique.

The top Janeway, is my newest and I haven’t quite finished with it yet but it seems fitting to post it now. I kinda blasted on a colour scheme and it still deserves some tinkering.

Most of these pieces are available at my Etsy shop:

Banana Pancakes

PARINING- reader x avengers 


WARNINGS- non unless you count fluff as a warning :P  

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my last post, it makes me feel all warm and happy when I see you guys have liked what i wrote, now I have another one for you yay!!! Although I should probably be doing my Uni assignments whoops, all well, I hope you like it, you can read this as a continuation of Moving in which you can read here  or you can read it as a stand alone, what ever floats your boat :) anyway here it is, hope you guys like it! 

I also made have made this slight Bucky x reader, but i am so Bucky trash at the moment forgive me 


Originally posted by discountabortions

The mornings after a mission that didn’t go so well were always the quite ones. Having gotten a decent amount of sleep you knew that today would be a day of reflection, a day of wondering what went wrong or what you could have done better. Of course the rest of the team felt the same way, but they all displayed their disappointment and anger in different ways, something you picked up on very quickly. You’d be one of the first ones up, which surprised even you; normally you would dare fight anyone who woke you up before 10am. Only the likes of Thor, Bucky or Nat would be brave enough to step over the threshold of your room and risk a flying lamp or well-aimed shoe. But eventually you would be pulled out of the warmness of your bed; Thor had learned that physical force was needed on the odd occasion and it was no strange sight to see you slumped over the God of Thunder’s shoulder in defeat as he carried you into the kitchen.  But on these mornings you would be up well before the rest of the team.

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Pick Me Up - Kraglin x Reader - SFW, all fluff.

Pairing: Kraglin x Reader

Word Count: ~1,900

Summary: A very cute request I got for a fic where Kraglin gets bad pickup lines from Peter in order to help him flirt with reader.

Warnings: hints of sexual things. (Is that even a warning, idk)

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Skin Deep

Spencer Reid x Reader

You wanted to cry. Five days you’d been out in the field on one of the worst cases you’d been involved in and you were finally on your way home. You just had to survive the last round table debrief with the team and then you could go home, cut and file your nails right down again and then hide for a few days.

For the best part of the flight home you’d been resisting the urge to do it; to pick and pull at your skin. You’d been doing so well recently and the majority of the wounds from your last bout had healed nicely except for one which just wasn’t closing. But the stress of the case had got to you and on the jet home you’d found yourself giving in and slipping your hand up your sleeve, starting to pick at your outer arm, until the tips of your fingers and nails started to feel damp and you knew you’d broken the skin. You’d been staring of out the window counting the squeezes, the nail scrapes it took until you felt the sting and the relief that came with it. Swiftly followed by the guilt that you’d given in to the urges and that you hadn’t been able to manage the stress in the other ways you’d been taught how to.

It was a never ending circle though. You’d pick and feel relief, and then you’d feel the guilt and stare at your body, your left arm covered in faded scars from when you’d damaged the skin too deep, or developed infections in the past. And then you’d feel ugly and hate yourself even more. You’d talk with yourself and convince yourself that it was the last time, that no one would want you with your arm looking like that, especially knowing that you did it to yourself. And then you’d stop, for a while. Until it all got too much again.

Today was one of those days. Where it had got too much.

“Okay, that’s it for today. Guys you did a great job. Get some rest this weekend.” Agent Hotchner dismissed you all and you stood, reaching for your full cup of coffee that you’d neglected to drink and straightening up, turning to step away from your chair. As you did your colleague Dr Spencer Reid moved from his chair, knocking into you and causing you to spill your coffee all down your white shirt and cardigan.

“Shit…” You pulled the fabric away from chest, thinking that at least it wasn’t scalding hot anymore, that was something.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. So so sorry. Are you okay?” Spencer was looking around hurriedly for something to mop up the mess with, settling on some scrap paper he’d been absent mindedly doodling on.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. It wasn’t that hot. Rossi, can I use your office to change? I can’t be bothered to walk all the way to ladies.”

Dave nodded and you picked up your go bag and slipped into his office next door, shutting the door behind you and peeling off your sodden clothes. You pulled out your spare shirt, cursing the fact that it was short sleeved.

It was then that you caught sight of the number you’d done on your arm with your finger tips and nails, blood crusting around the edges of the small circular wounds you’d made, the damaged skin suddenly becoming sore as the fresh air hit it. You sighed and pulled on the dry shirt, jolting when the door knocked as you were closing it up. They didn’t wait for a response, opening the door as you spun around so that your back was to whoever it was as you finished fastening the buttons.

“Y/N?” Spencer’s soft voice came from behind you.

“Hmmmm?” You reached carefully for your cardigan, cringing at the thought of putting something damp back on, and knowing that the wool was likely to stick to your weeping skin.

“You shouldn’t put that back on you know, and you should let me drive you to the drop in medical center. That mark on the back of your arm is infected and I think you need some antibiotics or topical steroid cream at least. You were doing so well, what happened?”

You spun around to look at him in shock.

“H-how… W-what?”

“Excoriation disorder, right? A girl who was in one of my college classes used to pick her skin terribly when she was stressed or anxious, or even just heavily concentrating. It was like she didn’t even know what she was doing at times. You’ve been working here for a while now, and I’ve seen you so many times slipping your hand up your sleeve when we’re out on a case or on the way home. It’s always your left arm too. You haven’t done it for the last two cases though. What happened?”

Spencer came and stood next to you, placing his hand lightly on your left wrist and raising your arm, studying it. If anyone else had done this you’d have yanked your arm away and told them to mind their own business. But there was something in the way Spencer was talking to you and looking at you. It wasn’t with pity or disgust, it was with understanding and concern.

“I… I missed my last two therapy sessions. And the last case. It just…. Stop looking at it please, it’s so ugly and horrid.”

“Cognitive behavioural therapy? You should call and reschedule the appointments ASAP, Y/N. And you need steroid cream, I’m quite certain of it. The drop in medical center is open until 10pm. Let me take you and once you’ve got some ointment, we can go for a coffee or drink and we can talk if you like. Talking tends to help and I want to help.”

He was right in that you needed steroid cream, the mark on your arm probably was infected and the wounds you’d caused today would probably go the same way, you’d dug so deep. You didn’t have your car today either. Morgan had picked you and Penelope up from the mall where you’d been shopping together when the call had come in about the team having an urgent case.

Reid rummaged in his own go bag, pulling out a shirt and handing it to you. You looked at him confused.

“I’m guessing you don’t want the others to see this which is why you always wear a jacket of some sort. But the fibres on your cardigan will stick to your arm and make it worse. I’m sorry I ruined your other shirt, so wear this. It’s still relatively clean, I rinsed it out last night in the motel and left it to air dry. And it’s got long sleeves. More importantly, it’s cotton. If you put your cardigan over it, and tuck it in, I doubt the others will notice.”

You took it from him gratefully and turned back around, quickly changing. It was way too big but once you’d tucked it inside the waist band of your pants and adjusted it slightly, it felt okay. And he was right. Cotton over the exposed wounds was better than wool. When you shrugged your arms into the jacket, you could barely notice that it was a man’s shirt.

“Ready?” he asked you.


Two hours later and you were sat in a coffee shop opposite Spencer. You had prescription strength cream in your bag and Spencer had stood next to you whilst you called your therapist and rescheduled. She’d managed to squeeze you in for the following morning. Reid had stayed with you the whole time, except for when you went in to see the nurse who prescribed the cream for you. It was one you’d used a thousand times before.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Spencer asked you, sipping on a hot chocolate.

“Not really.”

“Okay. You know that I’m here if you do want to talk about it though right?”

You smiled softly feeling so terribly emotional right now, tears building behind your eyes and one trickling free. Seeing it, Spencer quickly slipped out of his seat and moved into the booth beside you.

“Hey hey hey… Don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” He touched your cheek, catching the tear.

“Oh god. I’m sorry it’s just… You’re being so nice to me and I just feel so crappy right now. I know I shouldn’t do it but I can’t stop it, and then I look at my arm and think that anyone who does see it will think that I’m a weirdo who abuses themself and no guy would ever want to be with someone who does this themself. And it fucking stings right now too.”

“Y/N. I don’t think you’re weird. The team wouldn’t think you’re weird. Your other friends wouldn’t think you’re weird. And as for guys. Well, I probably don’t count and all but if I liked someone then I wouldn’t let this stop me from being with them. I’d try to help them and let them know that I’m here for them. I’d drive them to the doctors if they needed a ride and… if I saw that they wanted to pick, I’d do this, to distract them.”

Spencer slid his hand over yours where it was resting on the table, interlocking your fingers with his. You stared at them linked together, his hand warm and soft.

“This condition doesn’t define you, so don’t let it. But you should talk to us, maybe not even me if you don’t want to, but someone you trust. And you need to keep up with your therapy.”

“I trust you. That’s why I let you take me to the center. And I know you’re right. I get on top of it and then something happens. And then I just feel so down about it sometimes, which makes it worse.”

“I know, I know. You’ll get on top of this though. You’ll find something that works. And the right person won’t see it as an issue, they’ll help you with it.”

“Like you are?”

Spencer smiled at you, squeezing your hand.

“Like I am.”


Part Four: Surprises: Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine Series

Part One HERE
Part Two HERE
Part Three HERE

Summary: The evening before the official ceremony to make her a Healer, the reader is faced with more than one surprise, and some conflicts.

Word Count: 4675

Warnings: angst, champagne and tipsy-ness, mentions of the deed (nothing explicit), mild language

Originally posted by nellaey

Two months later, the day you had been waiting for so long was almost here.

Tomorrow you would become an official Healer at St. Mungo’s at an evening ceremony. You had worked so hard. Perhaps finally, you would have regular hours. Or at least, reduced hours. The summer was over, and paperwork was left to trainees. It was almost impossible to believe; all the years of studying, all the time and sacrifices had led you here.

You had done it.

But there was not only a sense of pride in your scholarly and career pursuits and accomplishments; there was also another reason that made you glad you were finally going to be a fully trained Healer.

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Ear biscuits is probably the best thing that I’ve come across in 2017. I’m slowly going through listening the seasons 1&2, but it is so much more interesting to witness this season straight from the oven.

Today’s EB was planned to be the first of the season, but instead it was released today. This biscuit was special in not just being the first of the season, but also in being an unusually personal and deep conversation between Rhett and Link.

It’s easy to forget, watching the guys be happy and care-free on GMM, that they have lives outside the show. They don’t talk about their everyday lives as much as they used to in the early seasons of GMM, and I think it’s healthy and unferstandable to keep parts of their lives private, as much as we fans would like to know everything.

Being too open makes you vulnerable. Then again, being open can also help you get support and maybe help other people in similar circumstances. It’s a two-way road, but like Link said, talking about the difficult things helps you get them out of your head, where they would only be doing these vicious cycles.

The episode started with their stories about having hemorrhoids and aging. They’ve been suggesting having this “condition” on GMM at a point or another, so I wasn’t surprised they actually had it. We always laugh in my family about how old people talk about their health issues when they meet, and in a way, Rhett and Link comparing their experiences at the butt doctor reminded me of all my old relatives. Rhett said that it’s not having the condition that proves you’re aging, but having it checked out by a professional is. Well, I think it’s talking about having it checked out that shows your true age.

I never believed I’d get to hear a story about their rectal exams in quite as much detail as I did today. Link didn’t seem to mind talking about his probing experiences, while Rhett was a bit less open about his. I should probably say it was TMI altogether, but I’ll admit they gave me a million laughs talking about it.

I also think they should consider getting themselves hemorrhoid preventing chairs, since they spend most of their time sitting on their butts. Unless they’ve already got those. (Getting health tips from overly concerned fans must be a major pain in the butt. Pun completely intended.)

The latter part of the episode was deeply touching. There’s nothing as upsetting as seeing a family member suffer or go through painful procedures. I don’t have children of my own, so I don’t know just how hard it is for Link, but it must be a million times worse than seeing your parents in pain. It was heartbreaking to see how Link was almost in tears talking about the upcoming procedure, and how moved he was by Lilly’s mature way of reacting to hearing about it. I know Rhett said that the way a child’s personality develops has very little to do with how they’re brought up, but Link and Christy must have done something right to have a daughter like this. I truly hope that everything goes well with the operation, and that she has a speedy recovery.💟

I love the fact Link chose to share this part of his life with us. I vaguely remember him appearing more serious than usual at some point earlier, and obviously I started to think if it was because he’d just heard the news about the operation. It must be hard to stay positive on screen when stuff like this happens, and it’s good to know Rhett and Link feel able to share things with us and maybe make the burden of keeping the sad stuff hidden feel a bit lighter. It’s ok to be upset sometimes, we all go through bad things in our lives. If anything, it helps you value the good times even more.

I know that I value the way Rhett and Link put all this energy into giving us happy moments every day, even when it feels like a struggle. They help me get through my personal struggles in so many ways. I only wish we had a way of helping them in return.

Under One Condition. - Chapter Four

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Hey, so, this is the latest chapter. Sorry it took so long to upload, I’ve been so busy. I hope you enjoy the read. Sorry it is a fair bit shorter than the usual length of the chapters in this fic, it is just a get back into it chapter for you all. A new, full length will be up ASAP.

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Jimin x reader x Taehyung

Warnings: swearing, mature content, kinks, smut, teasing

Word Count: 1,047

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Chapter one            Chapter two           Chapter three           Chapter Four      Chapter Five (In progress)

Upon arriving at your apartment, you both go inside and you watch Jimin gaze around the room lazily.

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Sparrows and Iron (Part Fifteen)

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

A/N: Hello there! Yes, this series is still a thing! I’m just as shocked as you all! Now, I don’t want to linger in the alternate timeline for too long, but I hope this part doesn’t feel rushed! Sidenote, I do not hate Pepper Potts, I totally ship Pepperony, but that is not how this story is going to go, so I’m trying to avoid demonizing her as I go along! Please do let me know if I’m not succeeding a that.

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Previous Parts:

Previous Parts:


Word Count: 603

(Y/N) Xavier descended the main stairs of her father’s–well, hers now. Her mansion… It had been for quite some time, but she still never got used to the fact that her father was gone, the school now hers. When she reached the foyer, she paused, smiling wistfully at a group of kids a they ran by.

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Tomorrow, Today

Oh my gosh guys I have so much love and appreciation for these boys. JJP’s new MV brought me back from so much stress and crap that I was dealing with. These lyrics legit made me cry ok? The MV was so amazingly beautiful and I’m so proud of our boys for working so hard on this album. I will cherish it forever. We all need to take time out of our lives to sit and truly appreciate how amazing this comeback was guys. Just waves of greatness. These boys deserve the world and I will fight anyone who says this comeback of JJProject was not perfect ok? I don’t think I can really put into words just how much I take the lyrics of Tomorrow, Today to heart to be honest. Recently life has been kinda every where. Whenever I used to think about things in the future like college or what I wanted to do with my life (yeah the deep cheesy stuff I know but I also know that everyone worries about this so you probably feel it too) I always used to think “what if I’m not gonna do that, or be here for this one thing. What if I move on to a different place or quit this thing” and I’ve driven myself crazy with so much stress that I should not have at this age. It’s songs like Tomorrow, Today and these types of amazing lyrics that artist put into their songs to help us realize we shouldn’t worry as much and that not everyone knows the future that really just get to me. I don’t wanna make this rant too long (whoops too late) but I just want to emphasize I LOVE JJP AND TOMORROW, TODAY!

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