i probably only think so bc they are all male sub

I’m feeling so much pain for my trans siblings and fellow females right now

Today I saw a post that really set me off, it was something along the lines of

“Trans men/masc ppl love to mis/degender themselves to discuss misogyny and to gain access to women’s spaces / time / resources / bodies and that’s fucked up” then obviously the discourse descends into the “trans men are our privileged oppressors, they’re so entitled, stop talking over us you assholes” and all that crap. If you don’t think this is complete crap I’m going to deconstruct it for you and explain some of my own experiences with this line of ~reasoning.

1) First of all, the absence of femininity and the performance that’s expected to come with femaleness does not make someone “masculine”. Trans masc ppl, in my experience, are females who’re trying to distance themselves from misogyny and femininity. How in the fuck are you gonna tell me that a gender non conforming female who doesn’t even pass as a man (usually) is “misgendering” themselves by referring to themselves as female? I’ve even seen ppl discuss this like “Today i was read as a cis women and X happened to me and that’s misogyny” and then get shouted down for ~speaking over transwomen, the ultimate arbiters of misogyny dontcha know?

2) Even if a trans guy passes and doesn’t experience day to day interactions while being perceived as a female, transwomen will be the first ones to shut down any repro justice debate for being exclusive of transmen. Gender non conforming females and trans men need just as much access to birth control, pap smears, abortion, natal care, etc as any other female, (probably more if they’re on T tbh) BUT Drs have no fucking clue what to do with us, we’re educating them, walking into things uninformed, receiving sub par medical care all while these same Drs are cutting into us. Statistically, gender non conforming females have no voice when it comes to this topic and receive the worst medical care so don’t you dare call us entitled for wanting some fucking respect when no one explained to us that we’re experiencing vaginal atrophy or when we can’t go see our gynos for routine checks bc if you’re not having sex with a man they don’t have any business with you or if they make the whole ordeal so unbearable for so many of us that we never go back when we need to.

3) No trans man ever ~demanded the energy and time of women for anything didn’t effect other females. When talk about our experiences of misogyny, you better fucking believe that theres another female out there listening thinking, “OMG I’m not alone, I really thought I was just imagining it” because what else are we supposed to think after living in a patriarchal society that dismisses our feelings and experiences so often? The amount of females from the trans community who’ve experienced sexual violence, esp at the hands of trans males, is STAGGERING but I only ever heard about it from others after leaving the community because females in the trans community are silenced by everyone so we can all listen to what transwomen have to say, the same transwomen who are abusing females behind closed doors in my experience.

4) I’ve NEVER seen a trans dude ~demanding access to women’s bodies. If you mean labeling our bodies as females like… wtf our bodies are female, our uterus functions just as any others females does and that word has a meaning…? If you mean leading a vicious horde to attack a women’s who said she didn’t wanna sleep with one of us because our anatomy, body etc wasn’t attractive to her, I have NEVER seen a trans female doing that, even though we all see transwomen doing that crap all the time.

5) If you think it’d fucked up for you to have to listen to someone unfeminine talk about their experiences of mysogyny, how the fuck do you think it feels to constantly be told that your feelings don’t matter by the community you thought understood you? We come to the trans community thinking we’ve found a safe home only to be told that what we’ve experienced doesn’t matter and in fact that it’s proof of our privilege, that what we’re feeling is wrong and that we should be ashamed for not bowing down to the males we ~oppress ( who hurt us), to be attacked and alienated by the ppl we felt safe around when we speak up about being hurt only to have them back our abusers, to be attacked for asking questions; THAT is some fucked up shit. Also some bearded gamer sex and anime obsessed dudebro telling women to kill themselves bc they’re not respecting “her” pronouns, is totally not at all fucked up either 

6) Lastly, I’d like to talk about how this is all just a silencing tactic. If non trans women and trans females were allowed to really talk about our experiences of misogyny it would show that the misogyny of transwomen is a farce. If we were allowed to question their logic from our opposite perspective, it would be obvious that their ideology makes no sense when they don’t have answers. Instead we’re told from day one that anyone who questions is harmful until our brainwashing of transwomen = female and all that crap sinks in THEN when the questions are asked, they don’t make any sense and all we know is to spew our radikweer crap.

This last point is what really set me off today because the person I saw make a post like this was themselves a genderqueer female. They’re hurting their fellow trans siblings, they’re hurting their fellow females, they’re doing what they think is right on behalf of those who would hurt them and they don’t know it because they’ve been taught not to listen. 

I’m crying again. I just want you all to be protected and to be free. I love you all so much. 

ps sorry if this is kinda rambling, I’m very emotional 

this post is HIDEOUSLY long, so if you want to reblog it for one or two points, feel free (in fact, i encourage you) to snip out all but the relevant bits.

before i get into the credits animation itself, a couple notes:

  • some people have mentioned this already, but… i wanted to reiterate that in the scene in johns bedroom in the pre-credits, the “camera” (as in: we, the audience) are standing in the exact spot john was on the first page. i dont think the cut to the phone on the bed to transition into the credits ruins this, either, since… john was looking in that direction on the first page! were standing in his shoes, seeing angles of his room that weve never seen, but he has. and, of course, the rest of the flash is using the exact ambient track from homestucks “title page”, and instead of leading john out of his room and out into his lawn we are moving in the inverse. a perfect bookend.
  • ascend is absolutely the perfect track for this animation (i keep wanting to say “flash”, but were not in flash any more, are we? flash doesnt exist any more, if thats even what this was animated in; its called adobe animate now). i loved everything on volume 10, and there were a lot of tracks that would be suited to a traditional credit roll - conclude, renewed return, thanks for playing, even some tracks off older albums like the remaining tracks off symphony impossible to play. but none of them would fit the mood. first off, its kids talking through snapchat, so… obviously an orchestral number isnt going to cut it. dubstep it is. its appropriately epic, but its also feel-good party music. i had a LOT of complaints about the music used for act 7… this one is right on the money.
  • also did you know that the flintstones theme is in ascend? it is true. right around 4:36. a shoutout to silvagunner, presumably. i will say it is absolutely flawlessly incorporated (i didnt notice until it was pointed out to me) and a great spiritual successor to toby fox using the king of the hill theme song in the blind prophet.

the credits themselves:

  • kanaya is actually tearing up holding one of the first grubs. the human kid to the front is definitely a rose/jade baby (roses bangs+hair color, jades everything else), the one to the far right is identical to the jake/roxy baby dirk drew early in act 6, the one to the far left… definitely a strider baby from the face and the sideburns, im gonna say dave/jane bc it kinda looks like her hair. in homestuck hairstyles are genetic
  • oh yeah thats DEFINITELY a rose/jade baby. she even has roses hairband lmao. in homestuck hairstyles are genetic. dave/jane baby is wearing sunglasses too gotta set em up early
  • oh man, new baby. looks like a dirk/roxy baby? The Secret Fifth Strilonde. since they have a seadweller baby & no seadweller ectoslime im assuming this is the product of the matriorb somehow? also LOOK AT KARKAT, HES SMILING, HES TRYING SO HARD TO PRETEND TO BE MAD BUT HE IS SO HAPPY
  • fuck you im going to figure out all of them. the one at the front… could be any combination of john/jake and the strilondes, but im betting its either dirk or dave (not for gay reasons, just look how fuckin sharp that hair is.) its parted like daves but the back looks like dirks… eh i guess it doesnt matter. a couple rows back, im gonna say dirk/i feel like its probably jade fsr? on the right is definitely a roxy baby, probably johns since it has his bangs. next row back, impossible to tell but its definitely one of janes bc of the glasses. second row from the back: a baby with jades bangs+cowlick; a baby with… what looks like a hairband but i cant be sure? and janes bangs, so im banking on jane/rose; a baby with jades hair and square glasses (not necessarily implying incest, just maleness, since Boys Get Square Glasses)…. and in the very back row we have, to the right, what looks like daves hair, and closer to the left what is most DEFINITELY dirks progeny, look at that hair, jesus. no clue who the other parent is.
  • since dave renounced time travelling, im willing to bet this is his first time doing so since collide… and maybe his last time ever.
  • this looks like the scene we saw in act 7.
  • the kids (and presumably the trolls, since karkats in the photo) are ACTUALLY revered as gods.
  • OH THANK GOD THE SPRITES ARE ALIVE. i do… have some questions about the “kingdom”, though. homestuck pretty solidly established the evils of monarchy and the virtues of democracy, right? we dont need any more kings or queens. im betting this is a crystal tokyo situation - wvs monarchy is still in place, but the kids are celebrity figureheads.
  • rose and kanaya are Known Gays so im ASSUMING the juxtaposition is hussie telling us “callioxy is canon” without actually saying so.
  • what the fuck is happening here? you know what im just going to go ahead and say theyre at pride. consorts are gay.
  • jades face…. jake put down that gun karkats not god tier
  • matt mcconaughcake is well and truly killing me
  • dirk is just as sick of the decapitation joke as we are. look at his posture. this is a “looks at the camera like im on the office” shot
  • absolutely everybody has talked about the rosemarriage so im not going to. look how happy they are, though.
  • i am LOVING calliopes cute little dress. and dads suit. a hat for every occasion
  • as i posted before the tricksters are doing the horah, a jewish folk dance. also, were trickster mode under what i assume is an appropriate situation - its a wedding, youre SUPPOSED to be partying, so obviously this is going over better than in the middle of Hell Death Game. johns trickster mode is old news, but daves looks like a canonization of an old popular fan design. jades nowhere in sight but i assume shes taking the picture. also, beta kids get kirby-style blush stickers rather than cherubian swirls. is… is dirk smiling?
  • so i saw this shot and i wasnt going to comment on it. like its cute, haha, karkat cant fly and hes angry about it, but theres not much to say. until it transferred into the next shot, which is a snap from dirks account, what i can only assume is a direct response to daves snap. and i realized, that what dave had typed in his initial snap was, “bro check it out”, which means, that dave is calling dirk bro now, oh my god, im having an aneurysm
  • OK THIS IS…. obviously this is communicating a lot of character & relationship development from a shot of Dirk Socking Jake In The Face. when last we left off dirk and jake they werent on speaking terms, their relationship had collapsed because dirk was too overbearing and intimidating and jake couldnt handle it and shut down. and we did finally see them talk to each other in the pre-act 7 pages, although we didnt get a sense of what their conversation was about. so we knew they were on speaking terms, but a breakup that rough is obviously gonna leave aftershocks. but here theyre… in a fistfight with each other. what? oh yes. what were seeing isnt just a full reconciliation, were seeing a friendship(?) thats even stronger than it was pre-sburb. dirk and jake arent just getting along well enough to talk to each other - theyre getting along well enough to get in a fistfight with each other. which is what jake wanted all along - a bro to get into friendly fisticuffs with. this is basically confirmed by the next shot - dirk wiped the floor with jake, but jake is having a laugh about it.
    • jesus, theres so much here i gotta go into sub-bullet points. think about what this says about dirk, too - remember his last major conversation in all of homestuck? that long, long, drawn-out, several-dozen-page conversation with dave? where dave told him, point blank and in no uncertain words, that dirks tendency towards aggression and ruthlessness and attraction to conflict hurts people. dirk, at the end of homestuck, is more aware of his flaws than hes ever been, and hes trying to fix himself - which sounds sad, but its not, because its something hes working through with the support of his friends. dirk, who at the end of homestuck was so hyper-aware of his tendency to hurt people that he closed himself off from his friends altogether, is now at peace with himself enough to get in a fistfight with jake - and not go easy on him, either, since jake gets his ass pretty soundly whooped.
    • theres also the englishbot, which… im not sure what to make of it? the only thing i can think of is that the kids havent fought le, and they INTEND to sometime in the future, so dirk and jake put this together for training. but thats… not a very happy ending, and it goes against just about everything else were seeing here: these kids are happy, theyre free, theyre happily living out the rest of the youth sburb stole from them. so i dont believe theyre going to go back and fight le. anyway look at gcatavross smug fuckin face.
  • john likes con air again! we saw him go from a 13-year-old with a wholesome, earnest, and what most would consider embarrassing love for a mediocre 90s action flick, to a moody 15-year-old who was so angry and upset that his nostalgia had inflated the movie to more than it was objectively worth that he had a fucking meltdown over it (granted there were more factors to his emotional episode than con air not being very good - but con air was the trigger)… and now, finally, on his 18th birthday he found love in his heart for it again. it reminds me of a 17-year-old swamp wizard who was so high on homestuck fumes he stayed up all night on 10/25/2011 to watch cascade on a school night and evangelized homestuck to anyone who would listen, who grew up into a 19-year-old college swamp wizard who was increasingly disappointed by the direction of act 6 to the point of dropping his following of new updates entirely, who is now a 22-year-old swamp wizard who is so high on homestuck fumes he stayed up all night on 10/25/2016 on a work night writing a post about homestuck. its relatable, is what im saying. homestuck is con air.
  • dirk and jade are arguing about anime. i believe this and so it is true.
  • hussie has just GOT to make sure we know that nepeta is dead for good.
  • i feel like i should say something about terezis vriskaquest, but again, thats something that ppl much more invested and knowledgeable in terezi and vriskas respective arcs have written about than me, so ill stick to what i am good at, which is: human kids, and the gays therein
  • ok. this is… is jane the mayor now? (oh, god forbid, is wv dead?) or is this just a mantle shes assuming for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, of what is…
  • HER OWN COMPANY? this is the ultimate resolution of nannas arc… while beta jake ran away and was free to adventure and fuck movie stars and not only amassing a fortune but inheriting the corporation that by all rights should have been janes, jane was stuck (at home, if you will) under the condesces abuse and had to settle for marrying a nice man, having a kid, and opening a little joke shop. she was happy, but it wasnt all she could have been. now jane - different, but the same - gets to helm the corporation that bears the crocker name, wearing a snazzy fuckin suit, and presumably also while being a lesbian. a real boss butch business bitch.
  • which doesnt mean jake doesnt also get to be a cream faced business boy. in fashionable business shorts.
  • JAKE ENGLISH DOES IT AGAIN: REALITY S(TAR?) BILLION(AIRE?) interview etc etc etc. so jake isnt just a rich business mogul but he also has a reality show. i am presuming it is some sort of crocodile hunter deal where he wrestles big animals on television, because the alternative is that he is like donald trump, which is the nightmare timeline. karkat is flipping him off for some reason. he just hates that juicy behind so very much.
  • “jakes ass is on tv again lol” for quote of the century, also, karkat is still angry. dave looks like hes… eating chips? maybe fruit? theres a pixel of green at the top, but maybe thats just a background artifact
  • rose has a new shirt.
  • dirk and jake are together for this shot even though there is ABSOLUTELY no narrative need for the photographer to be jake in particular, weve already clarified that jake and dirk have resolved their issues, like they are the Kings Of Consort Island Or Whatever but surely you could show dirk interacting with someone else; anyway we only have to assume theyre living together since thats what all the other kings & queens are doing which has got me thinking…. its got me thinking…..
  • ive been staring at this shot for a good minute and a half trying to figure out if thats a smile on dirks face or not. its got me thinking
  • jesus kids youre getting photographed for the newspaper cant you wear something a LITTLE nicer than, like, A TEE SHIRT
  • who is taking this picture.
  • i can tell you this is the exact moment where i started crying for real and a sob heaved out of my horrible body
  • and it only got so much worse here. oh, ive seen it already and AGAIN i am tearing up. jesus god in heaven.
  • ok, i dont actually use snapchat very often (im old.) so i had to google if these emojis mean anything. and they do!
    • baby indicates that caliborn only just added john, probably to dump on him.
    • fire emoji (dave, karkat and jade) indicates that john has snapped back and forth with that person every day for the number of days indicated.
    • pink hearts are best friends - john sends more snaps to dave than anybody else, and dave sends more to john than anybody else.
    • grimace says that… karkat ALSO sends more snaps to dave than he sends to anybody else. because, they are gay and in love.
    • smiles (jade, rose, terezi, roxy, jane) indicate best friends, but not #1.
    • sunglasses (kanaya, dirk) indicates a mutual best friend. (gonna take a SHOT IN THE DARK here and say its probably rose and dave/roxy, respectively.)
    • smirk (jake) indicates… jake is sending john a lot of snaps, but john is not sending very many back. oof.
  • heres your gamzee you tools. exactly where you were told he would be. now please shut up about him forever.
  • ok whats killing me about this is that lil seb is like, waving… hes having a good time…. hes just saying hello
  • ok, what the hammer smash reads as to me is: this is confirmation that john & co. are not going to fight lord english. they are done with his shenanigans. they have found happiness. they are free from sburb, free of any obligations to the alpha timeline or to anyone.

    and english cant come after them! caliborns threat is empty. he cant reach them here - they are, like every act 7 interpretation post ever has said, outside of the narrative. sure, this video is being shown on mspaintadventures.com… but its not being told to us by a narrator. its not inside the “frame” of mspa, not even in an altered way the way act 7 was.

    the medium of snapchat is important because the KIDS are sharing these stories, with each other and with us, the audience! instead of being a voyeuristic party to suffering as controlled by a narrator (first hussie, and then english by way of his control over the alpha timeline), we are invited by these kids to see these moments of happiness in their lives. theyre taking the pictures, theyre writing the commentary. this is all under their control. and caliborn - even though he now has complete control of the narrative of homestuck… is still trapped in that very narrative. the kids are outside it, and they are sharing the world they are making with us.

anonymous asked:

Ur tumblr is my dream stream. K real talk I'm 29 and I've never had great sex. Now I'm afraid for the moment of being with a hot guy and having to confess at some level "k I need you to lead this" that feels like really vulnerable and it's not the vulnerability I'm afraid of it's the handing over of power and maybe getting hurt again. Advice for the moment of? I feel so many people have this

Hi! So my first question to you would be: what makes a guy hot, for you? Because in my experience, the “hottest,” like model-y hot guys, aren’t the hottest, like makes my pussy so wet I douse that. I absolutely infinity percent believe in chemistry, pheromones, soul mates, magic, wtv you wanna think it. And it’s my experience that I only know if that’s there in getting close to another. Sometimes someone’s language is enough to do it for me, like three emails from Ales & I knew (or hoped), but I lust for language. Usually, I have to kiss the person. And from that kiss I can usually tell whether the sex will be great, or not. To figure that out I’ve kissed then fucked not greatly. I’ve had more not-great sex partners than great ones, but I’ve had more great than not-great sex, cause when a partner is great, I fucking cling. So, maybe try kissing, making out, going slow into it with new partners? There’s no need to rush. Making out can be sooo hot. And if it’s not hot, I doubt the sex will be. It’s possible – anything is possible! – but I doubt it. Does something switch in you when it comes to penetrative sex? I remember before I was able to come w/ a partner, I could get really turned on in the foreplay, and in fantasy, but once we got to heavy petting and penetration, I would dry up, turn off, freak out. I wasn’t comfortable. I was all in my head. I worried I couldn’t perform, that he would be dissatisfied. What helped me… Being on top helped. Playing by myself helped. Smoking weed helped. Music helped. One thing I wished I’d done was make a hot thing out of my vulnerability, my virgin quality. I’ll even role play at that now, like oh I’ve never done this dirty thing before oh mmm no one’s made me feel this way I’m so inexperienced teach me please &c. &c. Your sexuality is your’s, and any partner is lucky to be sharing it. They should meet you where you are, as you should with them. Most men I know would loooove to be the first to make a woman ‘x.’ That power trip can be toxic, but sometimes it’s just nice. All to say: be yourself and be honest. No expectations. I think I did myself a disservice by wanting to be the femme fatale when I was the virgin ice queen. You’ll only be a virgin ice queen, or however you’d like to think of your present self, so long – try to enjoy that stage, every stage. Change will come. Be where you are now, play with it. If you deny it, it’ll probably bubble up anyway, but in a way you don’t have control over, or, that’s what happens with me (have to keep saying this bc limits of experience, can’t speak for all blah blah truth). Next question: are you absolutely straight? Because unfortunately most/many straight men I’ve known are lame, or, lazy. To be a great straight male lover you need to study, to zone in, and to respect – again, IMO. You need to communicate. That doesn’t have to be verbal communication. I also very much believe in the hot power of non-verbal communication, mind reading in sex. It happens. It happens through sight, scent, touch, and sound. Men need to listen to – a woman’s breathing! That can tell you soooo much about how she’s feeling. (Btw, how is your breathing when you’re doing it? Do you notice yourself holding your breath? Breath is essential to orgasm.) Great male lovers are hard to find, but they do exist, and they can be made! In my experience, those who identify as queer, or are comfortable with some non-normative masculinity, are better lovers. I think that’s because they’ve struggled w/ being and becoming, they don’t take what is for granted, so they’re more open to learning, to difference and change. Some women aren’t attracted to queer men though. It depends on you. You mention being hurt, fearing that happening again: I wish I knew more about this, had context. I hope you’re okay. It seems humans are programmed to focus on hurt. Maybe some evolutionary survival strategy? Remember harms so as to avoid them later? One traumatic memory can overwhelm years of great ones. Even in the course of a day… This is banal but: I had a great night out last night, great great great, until the last hour when something shifted & I freaked. At first, I obsessed over that shift, considered the whole night a waste, chastised myself for bothering to go out. Then, I thought to relax. I thought: I don’t want to feel bad. I replayed all the great that had come before, and felt grateful… On power: it’s never so simple as one person hands it over, the other has forever. Power is always shifting. One thing I love about BDSM is that it’s explicitly about power dynamics. You role play with power. There’s an understanding, when BDSM is healthy (by my standards), that this power play is contained to the sexual exchange, whatever that may be; the participants don’t assume it outside that “safe space.” You master this by talking about it, defining terms, setting rules. The sub and the dom are in equal control of what will take place. Both agree to act out a power imbalance. They rely on one another. There can be love. BDSM can be very healing. Maybe worth thinking about? Even if you’re not into pain, discussing power with your partner is – again, I believe – key to a hot, lasting sexual relationship. Especially for straights because – 


I don’t see that ending – global-culture wide – in my lifetime. That’s a real fucking bummer, and yet – there can exist little utopias of equality. My primary relationship is that. It is bc we are both very aware of how patriarchy functions, and that as much as we would like to be exempt from it, we are not. His experience out on the streets, on the Internet, in work, is different than mine, because of gender/sex. It’s different for many other reasons too, not just gender/sex, but gender/sex absolutely informs it, us. We talk about that allllllll the time. Men open to discussing stuff like this do exist, and honestly I think they are the only ones worth fucking. Reward that! Imagine if all women stopped fucking men who were ignorant and/or exploitative of patriarchy. Strike Sex. So cool. 

I hope this wasn’t way too long, or off the mark. I’m hung over, it’s raining outside, there’s ice cream. I enjoyed this. 

Oh one more thing! Are you on birth control? Or any other medication? That can affect your libido. If you’re not, and you’re bio-sexed-female, maybe try paying attention to your hormonal cycle? I know I’m horniest during ovulation. If I can, I like to time first-time hookups for then, bc I’ll be naturally more into it… more into my body. Good luck, have fun, be safe. 

* D’oh – I read back & realized I assumed you were female. You don’t specify. That’s my mistake, projection. Still, I think most of this holds. xx