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Hi, sorry i was wondering if you have any suggestions for otp names? i love your blog is very helpful btw

i’ve never had a request like this but i’m super excited to answer it?? they’ll all probably be song lyrics ( some adapted to work better ) because i just find that easier and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse ( whichever you wish to call them ), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different ships and brotp’s: 

otp: thinking out loud, otp: wish you were here, otp: stay with me, otp: love me like you do, otp: as long as you love me, otp: where are you now that i need you, otp: never let you go, otp: nothing like us, otp: stuck in the moment, otp: die in your arms, otp: somebody to love, otp: catching feelings, otp: heart wants what it wants, otp: come and get it, otp: love will remember, otp: you belong with me, otp: i knew you were trouble, otp: back to december, otp: everything has changed, otp: bad bood, otp: our song, otp: i know places, otp: all you had to do was stay, otp: pictures to burn, otp: how you get the girl, otp: the story of us, otp: see you again, otp: when i look at you, otp: can’t be tamed, otp: 7 things, otp: someone else, otp: wherever you go, otp: give your heart a break, otp: gift of a friend, otp: fix a heart, otp: two worlds collide, otp: shouldn’t come back, otp: this is right where it begins, otp: promised myselfi wouldn’t let you complete me, otp: is there somewhere you can meet me, otp: didn’t mean to fall in love tonight, otp: could we pretend that we’re in love, otp: something that we’re not, otp: let’s cause a little trouble, otp: maybe you could devastate me. otp: we wrote a story in the fog, otp: thinking about the feelings that we hide, otp: would it really kill you if we kissed, otp: loving him was red, otp: losing him was blue, otp: no one has to know what we do, otp: swallowing my pride, otp: i realised i loved you in the fall, otp: i swear i’d love you right. otp: you’ll be mine and i’ll be yours. otp: your eyes look like coming home. otp: it used to be mad love. otp: bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. otp: they are the hunters, we are the foxes, otp: i’ll take care of you, otp: dealing with a heart i didn’t break, otp: best i ever had, otp: we’re running out of time, otp: set fire to the rain, otp: make you feel my love, otp: can’t make you love me, otp: is it too late now to say sorry? otp: missing more than just your body. otp: falling in and out of trust. otp: no one’s ever left my quite this sore, otp: once upon a time you were my everything, otp: you always be by my side, otp: knew that i’d love you to the day i die, otp: we’re a secret, can’t be exposed, otp: heartbreak girl, otp: beside you, otp: long way home, otp: english love affair, otp: what i like about you, otp: heartache on the big screen, otp: everything i didn’t say, otp: close as strangers, otp: wrapped around your finger, otp: the only reason, otp: love in the sky, otp: where you belong, otp: they don’t know about us, otp: midnight memories, otp: summer love, otp: last first kiss, otp: crazy in love, otp: drunk in love, otp: best thing i never had, otp: bed of lies, otp: right by my side, otp: one last time, otp: love me harder, otp: almost is never enough, otp: just a little bit of your heart, otp: best mistake, otp: break your heart right back. otp: be my baby, otp: next to you, otp: don’t be gone too long. otp: we found love, otp: love the way you lie. otp: hate that i love you. otp: better together, otp: everlasting love, otp: feels like vegas, otp: scars to your beautiful, otp: river of tears, otp: focus on me, otp: good for you, otp: girls like girls, otp: never forget you, otp: how deep is your love, otp: every time we touch, otp: all the small things, otp: here in your arms, otp: she will be loved, otp: teenage dream, otp: say my name, otp: since you’ve been gone, otp: this love is a sure thing, otp: the one that got away, otp: unconditionally, otp: thinking of you, otp: international smile, otp: not like the movies, otp: it takes two, otp: lay it all on me, otp: stand by you, otp: the trouble with us, otp: fire and the flood, otp: on my mind, otp: the girl is mine, otp: wildest dreams.


so recently i reached my follower goal of 1,200 followers on this account, whoa !! first off, thank you to everyone who decided to hit that small little ‘follow’ button, i really appreciate every one of you guys and i would take a bullet for a mutual lbr. but, in celebration of my goal, i decided to write up 100 VERSE NAMES for your ships !! they’ll all probably be adapted from song lyrics because i just find that’s easiest and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse (whichever you wish to call them), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different connections:

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“and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

Draw your OTP - Bookcover

Okay, you all know these super kitschy romance/erotic books that no one reads/buys but they exist and there’ll be more so someone has to buy them?

I challenge you to draw these covers with your OTP!!!

And just in case that you need some inspiration:
(Some of them just get really awesome with the title)

(probably not this kind of books, but I was in tears)

list of janiel videos i need in my life

- a real boyfriend tag w daniel
- in bed w janiel (pt2)
- daniel teaching joey to speak romanian
- more janiel gaming videos
- more janiel pranks
- janiel vs ~insert couple~
- more travel vlogs
- more date night vlogs
- boyfriend does my makeup
- janiel reading fanfiction (pt2)
- chapstick challenge (pt2)
- more award show vlogs
- janiel x ~insert other otp~ vlogs
- janiel innuendo bingo
- janiel reacts to beginning of their relationship / early videos of them
- janiel reacts to fan made edits
- getting another puppy
- janiel filming etn2 on set vlog
- yoga challenge
- janiel recreating cute couple pictures (even tho let’s be real they’ll be cuter then the actual pictures)

feel free to add anything on and tell me what you agree on / don’t agree on

My newest hobby is applying every single one of my otps that I have ever had to Troye Sivan’s “youth” because it is the most perfect otp song ever

If you did not start shipping zalfie until after they were confirmed they you don’t know the actual struggle we went through, how it was painfully obvious they were together but it wasn’t confirmed so we couldn’t be 100% sure, how they looked&acted around each other, how there were barely any good fanfics of them on tumblr, and how only a small amount of people posted on the zalfie tag each day, and how shocked we were when they were outed, and how ecstatic we were when they were confirmed. This might seem weird, but I’ve shipped them ever since I saw their first video together, and I’m so very happy zoe and alfie are starting off the new year with someone who cares for the other one. I feel strangely protective over zalfie, idk I know that’s weird, but it’s probably because they were one of my first OTPs. Zalfie is literally one of the tags I check multiple times during the day. you read all of this, congrats, but I just felt the need to post this.